The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1952
Page 11
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FRIDAY, MAY 23, 195S OUK BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoop I. e SAD, CfW*M KSHR f] f?lDICDLOOS.' RJT I'M AN OLD SCOTLAND j AMD I'M 6REWIMS A JlM-DArODV ID(=A Trtws eu&6 MA3c* ? A BAMDAfOMA LI THAT 6£M fHI6*! HAD AiJD SEE wweee rue DOS SECRETES Political Announcements Subject ' *o Preferential Election July 29, 1952 For County Judge OKNE BRADLEY PHILLIP J. DEER I. D. SHEDD For Circuit Clerk GERALD1NE L1STON For Stale Senator BEN. LEE BEARDEN HENRY K. HOYT WILLIAM H. (BILL) WYATT For State Rep. KENNETH S. SULCER For Post No. 2 Boy Has Little Tractor Just Like His Dad's DBS MOINES, la (AP> — Four- yc-Rr-olci Ronnie Prey has a tractor Just like the one belonging to his dart: It has three speeds forward and one m reverse. The miniature tractor is powered by a halt-horsepower washing machine motor. The pint-sized tractor was made out of old automobile parts and bits of metal. The real wheels are from an ordinary car. ALSO BOTTLED IN BOND YELLOWSTONE INC., LOUISVILLE, KY, BEAUTIFUL CUT STONE HOME Open for inspection, Sunday 1:00 to 6:00 p m fahown by appointment during week days 3 Bedrooms 2 Baths $30,000 ThI, lovely home Is qaality throufhout. Beautiful U-shaped klt- wSiJn AiT mT" CaMne " W " h "" "" ««»««*«, j£l« "•>» Jrt£ m £ D i' hw ? sher - »""»* ™m, .paciou, lining „„„ ik - S" *, n " rr ° r fl "I> l!l<: «- The J bedroom, h«ve Un» 1'toraee T "i ",""* C '° SCtS ' B °' h the baths h "« <=«lo«7 fixture, fetoraxe-plus In large floored attic Large terrace In back with bar "'" 1 " ke th " spac """ lw * m "• ^a^u ' WiU Set or call JOHNNY MARR, REALTOR Office Phone 4111 Res. Phone 2596 II El BMfTHEVTMJ! (ARK.) COURIER NETTS — • ~ OUT OUR WAY PAGE ELEVWr FRICKLB AND HiS FRIENDS -^ «. . Wholt routine would » ruin«d-^ e spends the best part of every afternoon looking for my typin errors!" A goldfish put alone in a bow will become so lonely and frustrate as to actually wind up a "ineiita case," Get The Best Factory-trained mechanics nslnt genuine parts are your assurance of dependable service when you bring your car to T. I. Seay Motor Co. ... on Main Street. Try our friendly MTTICC next lime! T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plyroomth Dealer 121 K. Main Phone ZUt CVPCDT CArtnl 8 HflLTCRS OUflLITY SHO€ SHOPI • Z^ W. M R I M ST. THE STORTi Jack lln^c... « prlvmle decretive, I* Bmrrirre* hnm* of Or. Zlmmer. in,* . ,,-t ehlnlrtm. T»« .nmc nlKfci K.ik- un"r 'Iri'ttHV < "" 1 h ""°- "" vr Mel' k "II !T"« I*." d*'?! Vo ml <ir hla r.tlrnl., ,.d Slenk*! I..~! rcncc. • itocr, !• poUnMcd. fcvr ]• JlT^'shnw""'. ck " Tl< "" l>e«" C"""'" *"k"' '"'" «» n™»VTk* XXVIl" (JHARLOTTE DEAN went on. "Mr Yorke wasn't in the least uneasy He didn't stammer even hesitate or anything like that. But lie did seem a mile— weary all ^vening and rather silent As ror LV. Zimme'r ." Charlotte smiled. Has thai man ever been ill at ease in his lire? He's always the perfect host, genial and considerate, as ready to listen as to talk but never at a loss for a word when Ihere is an awkward pause And so vastly civil, as they said in the 18th century! He wears his courtesy like armor and it makes him quite impenetrable to ordinary •mortals like myself. But I do like him. And Mr. Shaw was very attentive to me." "You've forgotten Mrs. Mann" said Gisela. "She was just as usual. Not very profound in her conversation pcrlinps, but always amiable and smiling." Charlotte's own smile was rueful. "I know this is not the sort of thing you wanted to hear. Dr. Willing, but as nothing else happened, all I can report are these gossipy little details that csn't have much interest tor you 1 won't sny I'm sorry, a would h.ive been dreadful if that idea of yours about Miss Shaw had turned ;out to be the truth. I'm glad If ;l vc helped you to prove It waant Basil's face was grave as he answered her "My dear M: fs Shaw notning has been proved jet. I've warned you of possible danger. I«t me repeat that warning." "Oh." Her eyes clouded. -And I thought it was all over . . ." "Have you thought any rriore about this?" From his desk Basil took the scrap of paper they had found In Miss Shaw'i copy at Keats. "I havent had time, really.' Charlotte fumbled at her iabot and detached a long, slim, Italian lorgnette. Daintily the peered through the lenses at the grubby scrap of paper. -All those letters and figures—4C104WS— the combination of a safe?" "It looks more like a receipt for something that costs $30," said Gircla. "Something indicated by 4C104WS. Don't department stores use code numbers to indicate the type ana size of clothing or other merchandise?" "This isn't a department store t.i= or sales slip." answered Basil "There' printing. Just a handwritten scrawl." "Then I really have no Idea what it is." The lorgnette snapped shut and dropped to dangle from its black ribbon. "I'm sorry to be of so little help to you!" "Oh, but you have been a great deal of help," returned Basil 'More, oerhaps, than you have any idea. And lei me remind you of your promise not to mention this slip of paper to anyone It would be dangerous." AS soon as Charlotte had gone, Gisela turned to him In amazement "You didn't tell her about Stephen Lawrence!" -It would have altered her Impression of the whole evening and distorted every observation she made," he explaned. "It's strange the hasn't heard about it already from someone else." "You think so? Lawrence Isnl Joing to talk about mmething that might be construed as his attempt at suicide or his daughter's at- empt at mcrcy-kiiling. Neither It sht 1 shall not report K u> an/- one as anything but accident, for I have no evidence that It was anything else. Probably no one who wac at that dinner last Friday has the slightest suspicion of what happened to Lawrence afterward—except the person responsi- le for H." Gisela looked at him In consternation. "So they're all going to dine together again Friday nightl Can't you do something?" Basil did not appear to be listening. He was looking at the grubby scrap at paper witi its scrawl of letters and figures—4C104WS That ev«ning after dinner, he went to the bookshelves where he kept the old books he had Inherited from his grandparents and look down a slim volume In mottled boards with spine and comers o. leather—the sort at binding UMd in the 19th century when a magazine or pamphlet was bound at the owner's expense. He was so absorbed that Gisela finally looked over his shoulder to see what it was. "Dickens! Of all things! -Mrs. Urriper's legacy • I never heard of it." "It's an interesting story—or rather an Interesting collection of stone*—told by Mri. Lirriper's lodger.. One of them i s curiously modern, with the atmosphere that preceded the French Revolution doubling for the unrest of our own limes. Yet my grandmother bought "•=5 on a railway station 1870." taw him reading the book jeveral times in the next days, but H was not until fniiay afternoon that he put it clown with a new look in his eyes —a look of decision and excitement. "You've got an Idea!" she cot- claimed. "Several Ideas." "Tell me!" "1 think I know why Duggan was killed and how." "Did you get it from something 'erdila omitted?" "No. From something she added. Jnneccssarily. There isn't time to alk now. I've only a couple ot hours before these people meet igain at Dr. Zlmmer's. Do we lave a srreel map or Manhattan?" .(Io B« Continued) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Be*t Price* Kirby Drug Stores FOR THE BUY OF YOUR LIFE- See Us About OVERHAULING YOUR ENGINE Blytheville Motor Co. Phone 44JZ CONCRETE CULVERT TILE fint at In J« l^ Metal CulrerU Stm ap U 84 In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood. G»tc. C.ncr*t« « MeUI Septk Tamkt 8«w*r Tito B«rt rri«t w> — TO SEE A. / LIKE 6UV ON A Ea& IMv •WATSHLrr ... MACHINE OFF AN 1 \ TMerTL'TMMOk: "^illr^^ NEVEB. GEF our or t-teRE AUVE/ —...,—. , GOT "MS/ / DOOR: OPEN/ Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads CHRIS )4 our! I'VE 60TTA HELP HIAI! •SPATE SHIP TO A PLUS OH THE -MTS JUST THE THING FOR A VOUNG FAMILV.' VES, MA'M. THAT'S -WHAT GIVES IT THE EXPENSIVE FLAVOR/ ? COZY... BUT WITH AN EXPENSIVE A COUPLE OP U& RICH I wow RvneNTS OETAKTEP THIS EARTH WAS EV ., --W. .— v L.-L- ^ I_I_N /vil^Kfc USEPU- JP •jtXJ COUU7AWSVVER TAtLlrJG YOUR FWBjrj me PHONE YOUXSeiF' HSHT, I'LL GET IT WHAT I 7BLL. YOU.' tel^l ^ M ° \ «?!>*.I"*! «?»'"•» I WASN 1 HERE-. BO T ° f IDE AN' TH 1 WATER'S MMBE IF I'D EXACTLY,.. \ U5 MUCH.MISTPiH. WE'D SOMEWHERE INEVAH RWD 'IM AMOusjl PF CAP&7 HUNDREDS OF MMISROVE SABLE; / ISLANDS'. BESIDES. IT'S SO MILES ftWAV..,ACRO&r ME? I NEVER FIRED A, SHOT.' THAT'S Ol MARION A-eHOOTIN ATCHAI BIT O' TMKOSMN' -JA'LL PO T'P«Y, ciCEeo/ PUT TOV6 IM TH' BOX XO V\\M "\OW6Wt - Tele vision- Ton ite, Tomorrow WAICT, Memphis. Channel FRIDAY NIGHT, MAY 23 6:00 Ezio Pinza 6:30 We the People 7:00 Big story 7:30 Aldl'ich Family 8:00 CavAlcade of SDorta 8:45 Bill Day 9:00 Around the Town 0:30 Big Picture 10:00 Clinrlie wild 10:30 News 10:40 Lights Out 11:10 Playhouse of Stnrs 11:40 News 11:45 Sign Off SATURDAY, MAY 8:30 Test Pattern 8:45 News 8:55 Morning Meditation 9:00 Kids & Co. 9:30 Survival 10:00 Big TOD 12:15 Film Pciiturette 12:30 Super Circus 1:30 Playground or the Sun 2:00 Pulitzer Prize Playhouse 3:00 Youth Wants to Know 3:?5 News 3:30 Rootle Knzootlt 4:00 Quiz 'Em 4:30 TV Recital Hall 5:00 TV Teen Club 5:30 Lone Ranger SATURDAY NIGHT, MAY 6:00 All Star Revue 7:00 Show of shows 8:30 Your Hit Parade 8:1)0 oic Am. Darn Dance 9:30 Wrestling 10:30 News 10:35 c. A. Preview 10:45 Ken Murray 11:45 News 11:55 Sign Off SUNDAY, MAY 25 9:30 Test Pattern ' 9:45 News 10:00 Bishop sheen 10:30 Candy Carnival 11:00 Frontiers or Faith 11:30 American Inventory 12:00 Hals in the Ring 12:30 Free Enterprise 1:00 star or the Family 1:30 Beillah 2:00 Here's To Your Health 2:30 Hall or Fame 3:00 Zoo Parade 3:30 Hopalong Cassidy 4:30 World's Greatest" Stories 5:00 .Royal Showcase 5:30 Meet the Profs 6:00 Comedy Hour 7:00 Playhouse 8:00 Rod Sfcelton 8:30 Stu Erwin 9:00 I Love [,ucy 9'30 Hotel aires 9:45 Washington Spotlight 0:00 Names the Same 10:30 News 10:35 Toast of Town 11:35 News 11:45 Sign Orf

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