The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 10, 1954
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER, 10, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE The Cigarette Controversy Jury' Hit from Both Sides by Expert Testimony in Fast-Growing Battle (Second in a Scries) smokenf. Statistical studies of hos-, time. None of the tumors was can- is that city people smoke more, men .cmunmunibgf otiol: m TitrnM i RI*K'F<!IPF pits! paticms added much weight cer of the type occurring in hu- Another is that city air is less m tlu-ir jobs tlia n .women. By ALTON L. BLAKLSLLE ' , ... ]rf b evidence clean or mire. "0 doubt that si Uu'Re in evidence nviUlubU*. If criticnlly cvnlimttul, Uot'.s "fit fit vept Hint t'oseiii.s (i major lai'to l\\ scioulUie utui mi. 1 there have lont; been or the con- uikmi; rep- iicstionlugs. evidences and coimtc about ihe role of clKurc-tte.s in luMilth. To the publk'. which could not be jiwiire ol nil ol the tindiums beinp inside, some ol the reports had to come with bombshell effect.-;. (Toinorrou: Itt>|>urt.s of heart di- lia/ard, and smoking',) 'how to anil Shrine for Gather RED CLOUD, Neb. tf» — A move has been started here to make the KU-lluwd home of the late famoui author, wllla Gather, a national shrine. A committee has been nam- Salt cnn be used both lor freen- ed to advance, plans for buying the inn. us in untieing ice cream, and I home lor a "Willn Gather Shrine." for melt inn. as when placed on | ' icy pavements. Read Courier News Classified Ad». in a Scries) By ALTON L. BLAKESLEE AP Science Reporter NEW YORK (APJ — Cigarettes seem to be on trial. You are the jury. The charge; Cigarettes are harmful, contributing to cancer and heart disease. - The defense: That isn't proven yet; others call cigarettes innocent pleasure. The bits of evidence of your verdict are coming from scientists, physicians, statisticians. This is expert testimony from both sides. There also are declarations from zealots on both sides, people who attack or defend smoking on emo- j tional grounds. [ The trial came to full public at-j tention only within the last two 1 years. Here are some main rea-1 sons: ' Statisticians found an "alarming" increase in lung cancer, particularly in men over 45. They said the increase was worrisome even after allowance is made for the fact more Americans are } reaching the older ages at which cancer becomes more common and that cancer nowadays is diagnosed more accurately than in the past. These two things—increasing average age and better diagnosis- could account for some or much of the increase from 3,900 reported lung cancer deaths in 1939 to about 27,000 in 1953. A few physicians and statisticians say these two factors could account for most or all of it. But the majority by far see a real increase in lung cancel- deaths. Some find the rate doubling every 10 years, and predict 60,000 American lung cancer victims annually by 19GO. If there really is an Increase, what is causing it? From their own observations some physicians blamed cigarettes because most of their patients were smokers'. Statistical studies of hos patients added much weight lo this view. Cigarette sales increased sharply during the years when lung cancer was rising. This, to their view, was a pretty suspicious association. Others, doubling, pointed to an increase at the same time in sales of nylon stockm'gs and automobiles, and in taxes. Then came more than statistical evidence against cigarettes. One was the skin-painting experiments by Doctors Evarts Graham and Ernest Wynder. Concentrated tars from cigarettes smoked by mix- chines was applied to shaved skin of mice. After a year of treatment, many mice developed skin cancers — evidence of a cancer- causing chemical or chemicals in the smoke. Similar experiments had been performed before. This one cau the public eye fairly well. It was pretty convincing evidence to some doctors and scientists. Others still doubted. They said skin cancer in mice is not the same as 'lung cancer in humans. The tars concentrated Ivom smoking machines might not be the same, anyhow, as larscollected performed before. This one caught j same, anyhow, as tars collected by a human smoker. The speed and heat of burning cigarettes in the machines might yield different chemicals or distillation products than those the human smoker is exposed to. The doubters could point to at leats one experiment in which mice were exposed to daily, measured amounts of cigarette smoke, from adolescence until they died and were compared with other "non- smoked" mice. There was just one case of lung cancer in 132' "smoked" mice—not significant j statistically. ' But cigarette accusers could point to a similar experiment in which 19 of 32 mice exposed to smoke got tumors after a year's \\ , time. None of the tumors was cancer of the type occurring in humans, but this could be evidence of how smoke can alter living tissues. Some scientists asked: Was the discrepancy due to some difference in the genetic strains of the mice used? Just what did it mean in regard to human smoking? How well can mice be compared with men? Hcnzii.vrcne, a chemical which induces cancer in mice, has been identified by one scientific team in smoke aiid tars from the burning of enough cigarette paper to make 80,000 cigarettes—an 11-year supply for a pacU-n-day smoker. There is still some question, though, as to whether a human smoker might get enough of this 10 cause human lung cancer. Benzpyrene also has been found ih the polluted air of cities. Some researchers suspect polluted air as a cause of lung cancer. Some say the rise in lung cancer might be coming from a combination of tilings, includin agcigeettr smoking and polluted air. Some studies find lung cancel- more frequent in cities than rural areas. One explanation advanced is that city people smoke more. Another is that city air is less clean or pure, Some scientists question whether people who smoke may be constitutionally different from nonsmokers, more tense perhaps, with a different production of hormones. Hormones can influence cancers. But there's no evidence that really answers this question. Sex nnd Jobs are elements in the evidence. * * • Many women smoke, have smoked for years. But lung cancer is at least four to five times more common among men than women. Why? Several explanations arc advanced. One :Not so many women smoke. Another: Most women have not smoked as long as men have, and it is argued that it takes 10 to 20 years of smoking 10 induce lung cancer; Chat in the future the cancer rate in women will begin to rise. Yet another: There is a sex difference—men may naturally be mors susc'eptibe to lung cancer than women. As for air pollution as a cause of lung cancer, it is argued that women breathe the same air as men. But it's also argued that Jack Webb, M. D. Announces the Removal of his offices from the Lynch Building to the new EYE CLINIC 520 W. Main Practice Limited to the Eye and E.N.T. Office Hours 9 to 5 Daily Kxcepl Thursday Afternoons and by Appointment men .(.•mummirnbgf otiobM-.sunmu in tlit'ir jobs than .women. There is no doubt that a large number of chemicals 10 which some workers are exposed ran product- cancer in animals. A leading expert on omipiUiomU hazards in cancer, Dr. \V. C. Hueper, of the Nutiuntil Cancer Institute. Bcthcsda, Md., reports .substantial direct ant 1 indirect evidence thnt certain kinds of industrial fume.s and other agents can cause human cancel's. Men alinust exclusively are exposed to these rmxiircls. he MIVS. But in av le-ast one case whim men and women workers were exposed equally, they bolh tended to become liable to lung cancer. Dr. Hueper feels the total evidence indicates Unit not one bin -several , "atmospheric pollutants ure responsible for the cuub'.Uion of lung cancer." His studies lead him to conclude thnt "while It is possible cigarette smoking has played a contributor role, the total Thank You... For patronizing us at jl n . Sycamore during the past year. We now invite you to bring your friends & family for dinner and dancing at our new location in the NORTH STAR Building, Vi mile from Blytheville, on N. Highway 61. We'll be open soon! 0. C^f I \eb ecca MONEY-SAVING - PRIVIEW A ~\ \ Buy ALL your gifts while prices are lowest, selections are greatest! PREVIEW SPttlMA mvifiw SPECIALS Men's Iwtfiir Walltri ALARM CLOCK 6-DIAMOND $£1)50 Bridal Duette ONLY... Wail lill YOU sec the brilliance $1.50 WEEKLY 6«g«o« Cntfflt liwilns Choice of many CHARGE IT 3-PC. 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