The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1935
Page 4
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j>AGE FOUR THIS BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE.COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS • ' ' ' 0. B. BABCOCK. Editor H. W. HAINK3, Advertising Manager Solo Natloiial Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago Detroit, St. LouLs, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Si A/ Emcicd as second class matter nt the post, office «t Blylhcvllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by Hie United Press SUBSCRIPTION KATES By carru-r In the City of Blythevllle, 150 per week, or 56.50 per year, In advance. By mall, within n ratios of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, 51.50 for six months, 85o for three months; by insil In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $0.50 per year; in zones seven nnd eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Civilization May Lead to a Simpler Life Ik'njjiniin Franklin has been culled "the first civilized ^mericiiii"; nevertheless, wise old ninn Uiut lie was, lie WHS never entirely sold on Ihe idea that the civili/.cd man is really happier than '.he uuliiuifM savage. All lliis comes to light in the discovery of marginal comments by Franklin in mi old book owned by the library of Congress. This .book, published in 1770, undertook to review the hapiwies.; which civilization bring;-, and .Franklin .scribbled his dissent, 1111 the edge ot one of the pages. "The (iiil'ertnce," he wrote, "is not KO great a;i. may be jum^mcd. Happiness is more generally and eijiiiilly iliiru'iwl mutiny Kitvages than in our rivili'/.oi! .sot-Julio;;. No Kuru|)ejin who has once U'sled savage life can al'ler- wai'ds bear to live in our societies. ''Tiie care and labor of providing for artificial mid fashionable wants, the sight of KO many rich wallowing in supedluoiiii plenty, whereby so ninny arc kept poor and distressed by want; the insotente of office, the snares and •plagues 01 law, the restraints of custom, all conlribtilo to < them with what we call civil society." * t * Jf .Kranldii! found the leisurely pastoral society of his, day uncoinfort- «bly complex and conlnidiclwyi one wonders what he would have thought of life in the America of l!);i'5. Probably he would have yelled for a new sheet of paper and sat down to make a new list of the wiiys in which the savage has it all over the civilized jnim. "•'"'• For s.iv«t'cs, after all, do not get them'selvcs into the kind of tangle where people go shoeless because there are too. many shoes, breadless because there is loo much wheat, and money- less because there is loo much hard cash in the laud. Nor, getting themselves into difficulties, do they seek to remedy shortages of essentials by cutting down the available supplies of food, clothing, and other necessities. • : * * • » In tec!' matters, too, Ihe savage has the bulge on us. He does not have to road about Hauplmann trials; he does not have to listen to crooner^ nor does he kill 85,000 people a year in the process of moving from one place lo tinbllior, us we do. . He docs not have the infidelities and imbecilities of a Hollywood'lo support, nor must he listen to senators explaining Hint his i country will go lo the (logs if it joins the World Court. Is the answer, then, that we give the country back to the Indians forthwith, and woo the simple life while siiiiMlUiig placidly under n tree? Not at all. We simply might remember Ihul the society we hiwc today is not an end, hut a beginning. Hy civilizing ourselves, we have ..surrounded ourselves with much foolishness; our only hope is that we .shall discard most of the foolishness as we go along, and some day reach a stale which will repay us for the vexations we are going through now. —Bruce Calton. ihc Comptroller's Office Kliite. Comptroller Cirlllln Smith lias made iwllllcal ami pcr-soim) enemies, bin llic slulc has never Jiail In its strvk-c a more' alert, ellMeiit. useful, resolute <tmt unflinching official. Tlic abolition proposal matlu in a bill Introduced by HcprcwiHallve J. E. Bml'.li of llan- , dolpli county goes, however, Ijoyoml personalities. U ,1s In conflict will) basic principles of sound, biislncss-llkc public administration. Otacrvliis those principles congress made Hie coniptiollcr-ucncial of thu Unlteil States Independent of every department and even of the prraidcnl. As head of Hie general accounting office, lie piissra on nil claims "gainst, the Buvcnuucnt, audits all iiceounts, and countersigns every warrant issued by the treasury. 'Ihe very essence pj, an iimlUIni; agency Is independence. The complete and dangerous denial of lulequnlo' nml cfTlclcul niidllinc would be to lenri down tlic present independent. uenicy ami consign its duties to unollier dc- liartmcnt whose head Is a politically chosen office holder. The 1033 legislature followed sound principles when II enlarged the powers of tlic state comptroller nnd gave litin the duly of prc- lUidllliiB the legal validity and tlic accuracy of every wnmint issued, by (lie .slate; auditor for iKiymcnl by the treasurer, tr tills duly wen: transferred lo the stale auditor Dial of- llclal would In one caj)aclly pre-audit, approve and ixwl-iiiidll nil the business he transacted in anollier capacity. —Arkansas gazette. RcEintiitiij at 11:45, we'd tike to be resinning our normal lives as ordinary Americans —.Jolin Uoclllgcr, President Roi»c.vcll's new iSon-in-law, ut 11:15. * * * If 1 ivns a girl, I would never lot a bos- drive \vilh ono arm inoninl me. —Uddlc Cantor. When a,man Is out of politics, let, him stay out. —Alfic;! E. Smith. Fascism has contributed more than any olhcr factor to the feeling, of. insecurity that. 1ms brought the possibility of widespread war to the forefront. —Walter M. Citrine, general secretory ot the British Tnulc Union Congress. t * * We cannot eradicate all the shims in nil tlic cities of America, bnl w c can at least make a creditable start. —Secretary of Interior Harold IcVtcs. OUT ODE WAY By Williams J CAM'T \ A JOKE— \ MOT VOUR Jo^e^j \ PUT THOSE THrNSS RlfeHT BACH / WHERE YOU' / FOUWO THEM. / AT'S 3UST TM 1 WAY TH' STUFF WAS IM TH' CHftlR IT REMIMDED MB OF , HOME FRO A -THEM JUS' HAPPENED TO THIJJK OP TH 1 JUCr WHICM MADE' IT - BETTER- MUCH WHY .MOTHERS BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,) 'COURIER NEWS SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ^I^M^&i'.^ 1 i,'-'*!"««<«,^j i ,, ' •'-'':.. "•fM^-4 , .wfk'^nl Wjb^''- Belter Homes Mean Better Health, Experience Reveals MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 1035 Medical Association, ana of Hy- jjcla, llic Health Magazine Elimination of sliuns and pro- rental ot usvioiisiy the question of hous- ' mi 1 or more. associated ceo- (arc sick more often and-for longer 1 periods of time, and have In general a higher death rate, than do lu groups. tnaiand in Vienna, ' a, where greiit housing camp-liens' have hem undertaken, d good deal of >ui- MlgJl-l , C 1111- 10 I I, ... *.-,... I 11^ responsible for man 'Jisejise. Housing is, therefore, a nubile health vj'oMciu as well us o o which elves concern to the soclol ogisl, economist an/l educator. Latest in Koouvi'ar BOSTON (UP)-Here | S the latest on infinity's footwear, accordhi" to experts nt the Boston gii,^ Show. Tlio average woman buys about 12 pairs of shoes a year at, a total cost that ranges between . i lo £200. She usually wears a slue seven <in<I chooses four colors, black, brown, blue anil while, le. tiliun conditions. 1'or example, [of bud vcnlllation, dampness, insufficient sunlight, ami failure to Probably the most serious con- provitle! against t lmoll 0 [ b[ul j^,-,^, *"™ s c °' people in a room were 21-i times heart. " *" IS lo dye her evening slippers her gowns. 'I'iie Ficm.ii llic shorter vamp Is t;i- vnted among tjie nwre .smartly, drc.y.ved women. "Ik-said if I'd stay ( .n I hat diet, there's no reason wliv I shouldn't live li> he eighty." greater homes with less than onu each room. families liviny in person in Cleveland, studies were made Such diseases as the common ol ihc relationship of sickness jbcieulosis ami death rales to the amount 01 rent paid. The death rates varied from 15 for each 1000 people In cold, : sore throats, bronchitis, hi- ll«eir«i, diphtheria, scarlet fever, mumps, whooping cough, meningitis, ntenslcs 1 , pneumonia and tn- under conditions of overcrowding. overcrowding were paid, to t.'l for each 1000 people in the areas where the Highest rates were paid. Infant deaths were 110 in the urea with an average rental of We should consider also the vliich occurs in ele- s, schools and hallways, as well as on Die streets. Another serious menace in slum areas Is Ihc rat. Rat-proofiiij; is unknown in these districts. Yet it lias been shown that the rat is Ohio Potteries Boom With $4,000,000 Orders HALUM, o. (UI'J-PoUwlos in | liis custom Ohio ceramic section .re «(, capacity proiluc- lion, with potteries In four cities slmriliB orders amoi.nUni; to HOO!>,ooo...'Tlie cities arc East Palestine, East Liverpool, Salem and Wellsvlllc. More limn $1,000.000 in orders arc In the East Liverpool sector Hone: A 25 to 30 per ceul Increase in business tills ycnr over asl is anticipated in the culin: U Cll. ; . ^ j . A large portion of the 'orders •L-cclval by potteries were oblaln- "d at the D5lh annual trade cx- Hbll of the Pottery nnd< Glass Uaniifactiircis' Association In Pittsburgh. Januar = Jersey Gfcy, W.T., incorporated . ley, explorer, 855=Panajm'Ra road completed jote about Congress iQSS-Jokc about 0 Congress celebrates loo 1 ?" * Ohio U. Center Scores 667 Points in "51-(Games ATHENS, O. (UP) — Bernard, six-foot, center on the Ohio University basketball team, has scored -B61 points In 51 games for the Bobcats. With an average: or more Hum I points per game, lie 1ms seven jinncs yet to play, in Buckeye conference compelelion, Bcreiis scored Hi points in his aipho- norc year, U! as „ junior, 35 hi hrcc tjiiincs .so far this Mason. Cii;nc Mcchling,'. former star ol 3apltn| University, Colmnbus, is credited generally with holding he previous state scoring record 'f COS poinls in 52 games, ])layctl n three seasons. " Wasn't a Wild Cat PALMER, Mass. (UP)—Walter J. Cnrrtck, l'I-year-old rabbit liunlcr, lioii[-ht he was doing the proper liiiig when lip killed•« "wild cat" n court, he paid v. $25 line on a .'liargc of sliooMtig a pet angora . i'rarlicrtl l.n\\ 56 Years STEUIIENVILLE/O. (UP).—Jndw John ManMlcld, "who practiced aw here tor 5G years, dicu at Ma•ion .K»n.. where lie was visilliig, relatives here were notified. Ife was 80. Foe of Huey in Hot Spot Sheriff Robert L. I'cltll, a hove, la In a bot spo; as result ot tiia Square Deal uprising ID Ma East Ualou House, La., parish In which tlic courthouse wao seized by 5oi) nru:ci) i, )c -u re- sulltug lu troupf lv.|iis,,: s i,c,| u , Hie stcno dy liii-y LOU-; Ivuu I'eceiilly Jvlkrl UJLS 'in ir-n, VulUUUa llii J,;J,,J ( ; .... ,.',.>,,,',,,, ' n.Vl.l! llUXIIHIISn.V, nrclly -I rirk» In „ »|| k ,„,•„. S |* - " r I.rnllier, I'llll,. 10, . llu-lr Invnlld nitlirr. STUVK ,lli:Vi;H-S. nixes ,-vow co ox wrru 'nil: .X WESTJIOIIB sat bcforo tlio sliinliig now dcsl; K-itii Ita fresh greeti blotter, Us calcmliu l>ad irjlli a place for [ueiaorainla. Hie chunky, lint recianglo Hi which pens stooil poised, tlo touched (lie mimeographed sheets Ircforo him. iiiovci! tliem with restless fingers. Tliero was everything desk. Dvcrytlifiig in thq pleasant, sunlit onlce that tho well. appointed ollico slioiild boast. A cradlo tcla- lilioiio stood convciiicully at Brian's left: a copper asli tray on Hie I'lgllL Over against the wall stood a filing cabinet— with barren Illea. linen- liecansa ho had examined them. Tliero woro two cbalrs in tljo rooni beside tbo one ho v,'as silting In. both puslieil stlu'ly .'iBalust Ilia wall. Tliere was n large. framed photograph ot llic^silk mill on the n-all ivliicii Brian .facing and a mnp ol Ihe United Stales fit- ' mily ojniositc. '' In \lio ton detk drawer ou tho - / here was a inoul mid fine men Vail lo sec her, there i« Iho sill- «owi>ti, mill. "I wonilcr," lie .lilted liim&eli for (ho dozeuth lime, "svlint her name llKHK were ways to find out, ol i n rawer ou o course. There must tc. Why riglii -ras.a supply of fresh station- jronlitii't lies just go up to Hint big ery "fccdrtng. (lie mill letterhpacl. ! [o " ow !n . Ilia ' room where she "W>«1 and say. 'Tlrat sirl thtre- )"^3. tfco second ore from HIQ aisle. vvliai ' B llcr namo?" '"' al would l» (ho simple, direct vva - v - ou ' liu coulUn't do it. ilc . iuo warm; tbo ivholo plsce a blur, Wiiero'll ivc go!'" cf gray ;1 nd black -dizzy. whi,|ius! "There's a ,,ln« up the road ' -=!ie (old him. "[f 3 just n barbecue And there's that nice little jilaci there, too. 'There were pjncils frcslily'sliurpeiicd,- " And the tclnphpn'D dill net ring. No ouoikiiockcd on the doov. There was. no ono (o sit In tlio chairs. Kveii tho memorandum pail was completely blau!;. - c °ulda't because ho was lirian 'Vcsltiiore, whoso father hail liuilt ' 10 I " i "' vvho wcul(l otl<! da >' ow " I'rian pushed tho inimcostapliGtl t, , ; — ' — ' rages from him. lie slow] up and "' an(1 sil ° " as a mi " E frl walked lo o»o ot llic two windows. I "° could scarcely,balieve it. even Etarcd out nt the broad, brownish ( rc£ ' There were dozens ot mod space beitvccn MIC buildings and the I cllUcly well-to-do fiimiliu in the high wr.ll sinrounding the mill tolv11 - '''hey lived In atlractive lo l/ic slrcql. i; ivitli jerkins lingers. HE • Biwas, ou Ihal long hill nils side ot I'ikesville. There's a tutu at tho boUoni anil—well, Instead o[ tuning I hit n . "Arc you liurtr ".Vot a Bcralch! But there's something wrong will, the car. I'liey'ro working on it here at tho Hcmiu peoplo came along ••mil towed me (|i| 3 far. It's solus to lake hours and hours before Iho 'car's reaily—niaybo not lonlght. What 1 want to know. Brian,'Is «i« you coiuo out and get me?" "CK course." "AiiBcl! (int jion't say auyiliin R I tn Fadior aliouf it. He'd tie terribly J,Wc. How soda can you set liero'.'" '..looked nt his watcli. "I'm |a working man now." he reminded I'er, "It's n iiuiu nriur 4 o'clock—" "Nov» don't tell me you're doini 1 .itiviliins so Iniiinrlant yon can' set away! Tl.ia Is a tcrrllilc plac. -cow ;m,| din,- anrt iiismai. ( j ]( , asi conie right :iway. Ui-Unv Ho looketl at tile barn dcsS be fore him. • ' 3 I tcat'c." do 'sale "lie I'iglit out." It took almost an hour lo liud tin jSarnge on ilie Siir'rey Hoail. Vicky ''vrapucri in lior drown fur coat, i green hat slanting over ona eye was silting m a j,| g j, i,,,,,^ swllla ins her feet, when Brian slroili iuto the place. CUE jiimjiei) doivu. s'miliiiE. "jj, .hero!" she aaiil. .'"What wniilil '' evar 1)0 witlioiu you:' They're senit nig the car,in loinorrow: it won" to ready tojifeht. And. Brian, I'n hadn't been able to" heir"ivliai | s »'H>ly starved:" 'I'liiitcher snyiag because of tliej "Well, (lien, i puess i heltti uproar in the. room. Tho air Kas j "live something to cat. hadn't you' ' molioii and grating Thatcher said oil those girls wort ivcll-paid— Urian wished, suddenly, lhat nt: could, lalit to tho girl with llii: gr.ay eye;. Shn could tell him limits lio '.ranted to 'fenow. u«ir Millcrvills—•• "The nice liiile j.lucc near Mil 'eryillc wins." Uri,-m annuuncctl. They drove lo I heir roadstile res (atiMTiU Vichy was in nay splrlts- an excellent antldoln for Ilia long uneventful afternoon lirian had spent. The roslaurant was warn) 'pleasantly furnished and Uie food was well-cooKciJ. the telephono Uial never race. '"' CJ ""Scrod over coffee anc Ha had a report Thatcher had c 'Earets. Brian talked about I'.iria iven In'ni to read anrt he'd read it ! tol(l amu^ng anecdotes. Vicky v.-a; re ho was iu this ~ TJ sltinlni; new office 'with the (ioor on whicli uo ono knocked, the memorandum pad that was blank. A truck w:is moving aloni; tho |iavcd road lityond. A small luick. It mlsht Lolonj lo a grocer nr a dry cleaning place, or oven a florist. \V:i3 mere a Horist lu the town? Vc=, or com sa- Urian turned liis lack cu the truck =:::! forgot it. lie stared at Ui9 photograph nt tv.« rslll ami eaw. laaleati. .1 girl \vjth ijray eyes and dark, ii out on Wells Avenue or Itigston Street. He had supposed the elrl skating i [|a> '-" on the river that nislu «us one |"° lflie ' Ihronjh iwice. Tho wliole thing inisht Iiaie Lcen so mucli Greek, for all ho understood It. "It's only because lh!s Is Hie lirsl :la>-." lirian told himself. "U won't ot them. SJooner or laler. . . sure, he'd tun Inlo her al (he Conn Iry Club or ou a dowuiouu Ihis lomorrow." liern' ' Ll? 'clcphone raii^. , --- -.-.„, 1 "- lifted (he receiver, said | AIloai1 "'« I'oart an apprcclativo amltoncc. At ,r.,-i,, sha said. "This Ins been li:,,. has"n'1 It' JJui 1 suppose we'll have It U was rtarl; as they drove uacli (t Westnmrc. l,ig| U3 sllo , 10 here nnA la farm house windows rfway slretclied lik< — _,„ , - --......iij -in c*.v.Lit;u .., ~. uu v. ^ u .„„.,.„„„„ 51T ,- C1 ."Hcllo," ami tccognUed Vicky's r° CI '.'»«s ribbon, straight. „„. or out with somo crowd. He h.-i.ln'i: l '°" x ' " H ««''s ilia new caplatn of | . ve " n S- 1!f ian pressed on tlia ga: dr&inuid hn.'rt find hor !mr._i,, ,i,« i Industry!" sho demanded. l a " a " le nnlss of the wind, nhlnnlas dreamed he'd Had uer lieire—In mill. tint why she'd tun . . •'Sho looked praiy, he thought, «•• « ^ tB 8fll tac i "llnrdly ,t c-.iptalti," lie told lier More ot a cabin boy. How's tho ,.-*,... uu uJUUbl even lii that bluo ai>ron-llilng." Kul riuito aa (uclty ns sho tho Other Mlsht. siatujing |« lirellghl. with Brian I asaln lie ind blowing r 51 , ape( ) (rom her Italr whcio II |:,'L<} Iicr cap. and Hie l;l,i/,- UIHUI- color Into her chfekp AII.I yel she \\-ss tidercri about iliai. ,Mm girl wftli tlio mas eyp? and (lark brows anil tha head r-d so proudly on her shcmMers. tsaw her Hrh In t been plucky. Kent her head uiul tier nerva or he'd never heen alile minute be |fee Yes. slis'd ticeu fnme" to • She was out there now. in nmjln a banlj '<! i.'lictlter Iliiiite. sray ranisi . ivltli i> ra 10,111115. i "lall " asains* ji;e cottpe, grew tender. Vicky ssid, "I'm glad I didn't gc to Havana." Vicky laughed. "Brian." she salt! ' ," So a in I." "I'm Iji a mess." | ' ril ° «r rose to QH clbratlon and "U'lial sort ot a mesa?" ,l)0low Uiem the lishta ot llio towo "Oh. ll'a iiotbins so dreadful. Ou | !|110;l d out. Nor» tlie; were uc.trlng I? 1 ilun't want Father to tuow. Lla \"° ml11 village, wblcli tlio main »c!i. will you do something for I lllor ougbtBro cut neatly fa two. "••''" A '" ra - light flashed red and "Say Oio word!" lia fold lier. "I Hope I haven't committed myseli Anil jn had mcl t'l]l |ll :vf! lr {3 till worse llian or robbing the ;hcd nsiln. "Ale lire U. I! rian lialled the ear Just In time, illere was a group of men gain, ered together on the street corner, i-oud voices were raised. Angrs voices. Someone pusliei) lorivorft |««eii on i There ns tiil» Hie s-.liect. 111

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