Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 4, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 4, 1896
Page 8
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'"^ - ™- '' ;——~--r—. :..... .,,..,, , •••-••••••"••••*- t -'' ! »^"%^^^|^^''••••:• ^/-n;.^ei^ •••^v-' v a^4^ Day, For the Poor. For the Rich. For Anybody. For Everybody 1 /Our Eastern buyer;having purchased all the Aprons of a large Concern at a remarkable Sacrifice, we propose to give you Today-by giving you prices on Aprons *or less than you material. "t£/'W£ f '-L'~ IN WHITE. AND COLORED, Come Everybody and get an Apron at your own price; f ft E GOLDEN RULE. east, Straws That ^Show Which Way the Wind Blows Show that It must have blown a tremendous gale towards Fisher's, for they have straws of all the new shapes aud sizes, straws in straw color and any oilier color you wish piled on their .shelves and waiting to be called "tlie last straw" hi the newest style bought at Fisher's by every pleased resident of Logansport. Light Derby's, -light nobby straw h-ats and jaunty handsome bicycle caps are what we have a big run '-'.on now. flORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. Fire Works The largest aud most, complete ass'o'r> fn the city. ... -' •• Parties Intending having home .dis- of ti reworks conic to us and we rill flx you-out. •..••' . We have all sizes of flags, bunting, i .. . iurgmanCycleCo • Fire crackers 3c a bunch at Foley's. -'Pay yotrr natural gas bills before ,--.,10. • 'We Deduce our $7. .homespun suits to, *$2.98. SeeOrtito. •' &&, the Chicago girls race In, bloomers- »t the Driving.park July 7, 1896. -.-'.' Artificial gas companies,: makes the, payment of bills for'consumers using' Both kinds of gas much- more convenient. The person paying for natural ,gas who Is also a user of the artificial „. .. :can now pay both bUls.at the same time It; v^at the company's office, 317 Pearl street. AH bills are due and collectible on the Ttst of each month -with customary ten '-slays' grace. Bills for July, 1S9G now teingdue. .'.-.'-. [©;:•-• ; ;: Last summer one of our graudchil- "iren was sick with a severe bowel -frou'ble Our doctor's : remedies had 'failed, then • we tried , Chamberlain's .Colic,'cholera and Diarrhoea Kennedy,, : whldi gave very speedy relief. We regard K as the best medicine ever put on \tie market for bowel complaints—Mrs. •i''G. Gregory, Ffedprlekstown,;.; Mo. ; Thls certainly Is .the .bwt'me.dlclne ever . , 'put on the• market-foif dysentery,.'BUUI-.' il^-'iner complaint, colic and cholera Infan-'. F%l'^viun> 1n children^. It never; falls' lo give v.-«.s.'i-', jjpt.fciref w hen used Ih.'reasbnablu' f and -the plain printed directions followed. Many'mothers have ;cx- tncere gratitude 'fo'i 1 .the lected.. For sale by Bi P.' ;lst.;.. .' " . .-,'•; • THE NATIONALISTS. Bolting Prohis Will Have a County Convention. The Nationalists, coinprLsiug that wing ot the FrolilbliMon party which favor* the fi'ee coinage 1 of silver, at a ratio of s'teeii to one will hold a county convention at the court liouse Wednesday, July'15, at 10 o'clock Jn the morn- i»8- ' ' ' . ' ..'•"' .It will be rouieiuibered/that the Prohibition party lield a convention .two THE NATAL DAY One Hundred and Twenty Years Old Today. LET US GIVE THANKS thou For the Land of the Free and the • Home of..the Brave. One hundred aud t weal,v 'y cat's ago tO'Ctay ii'Natiloiv was'.born. The clang of the oid-Mberty bell,hi.the.tower-of Indepeudenicc hull pi-oelaiiined- to the work! that EngllBii. oppression hud been thrown down ami tmraplfid-und-er foot l>y the sturdy, cotontets who hud braved the Umxlishiiw oif'the wilderness.: foes- ttipe the +yninn-y oif tine l&lugfi of.,the iiw-tlier coiuita-y. ToAuy- we celebrate a-ucl ani'M the din of jfihe'-oxplotllng l\i:e- wurlcs let.eiieU hetirti^ive tJmuks Coivblie countay we live to, thnf/itv is/free, arid' iKintecis to every ninn the Bright to call -himself'a freeman. 1 ' : i; ,;'•"':•' : '"-; The siuaiH boy beuau hfc celebration early. Inst Jiigbt, and wBl'lie'.at hlsVnz- zimg and banking of crackers.a.iid :Ko„ imm caiidies, pto-wheeis,- "uigge'r-chasi-' nt wiLch the silver, men, I •ors''"a^8ucliinvai.tiloiw of thc'eylJ out; •h lai-gely in the niajcvrt-ty, wcro-J-aitoitated to-frJ«iliten (Sic liniici -feijiale.- INSTALLED.;.:,, • the I'egular, meeting of the Sister•' IJKJd of .'.ForesteiM, ...'Tlhuwday, ,July. ; 2.'. *h» JoUowing officere •were iinsbilled.to- ''«jrve rtihe-ncxit six mdnrtlis.:; -W. 'E/.-'Sl-r*«" EaUrl Stowa,nt; AV. V. P., Mi-s. A. /-N. .£$ Bue; Chap'.',' Mrs. J. M. Stanlc}-; 'Tre'a's:;.- lir FiVSec., Mrs^C. Mits..Eva. Si»l«ji' ; Mrs, -E. Behattoi'; O. G. Mrs! ,W,' G: ; Mi^'.G.- Waymer; '• ' .^ '•SHE.'WAS 'The-'.next - tth'c «lHor'aiid - kicked out and the ^oMltes organized the eouventlotL. . There were, twenty Tepresenjtatlives of tlie • party pifserit iuid of tills *weaty, twelve were for 'f.-ce .silver mnd tliey bolted. Tiie out- .couie is 1 tha'.t a convention lias been called for the bolting wing 1 aud the county will be represented on the silver issue im the ranks of the Prohis. : -EcWtor Fenton and Ills gold ticket will be •pcrinl'tted a place on. the ticket by law, whereas the Nationalists, if they get on at all, tiiu-st do so by petition, vat havlug cast any votes at the previous general election. .jFromi present indications, the Kangaroo ballot this Fall will be b%ger than a blanket mortgage and 1C It wei-e charity would Indeed cover. a. raul6itude of sins.-;'It will be large enough. . . ANOTHER ENGLISH VEKSION. • TlM sairne awkivTi'irdneas that made ,t;h:e Engllsb papei-s tell about, the loss of the si'earner "St. Loitls" when the 'cycloiic visited the ally of St. I^ouls made the editor of the Weist.mluteter Gazeibte print flue 'foltowJaig Inu'slmble paiwly on tlie recent .removal of the i)i.ukards of this vlduKy to Dakota: "Oiu: of till* most curious co. onies that have'...ever been- es- tablirflied on tlie Amei-fcan con- •tiue.ut-,-Is about-.to settle to.North Dakota, it Is .a'.colwiy of .drimkoi'ds. Tw,Mity-one drranknrds and:Uiair fauill- tas fire about--to move from Indiana and take up thfllii 1 , nbod>> upon the virgin .soil of. Nortb Dakota. T*.ey say they wJiil cstMblMi a 'uiiodcl -drunkard- colony.' Ali-taidy thej haie pin dialed 2,000 acu-es of laniil, amd ea<jli ; 'finnily will re- otlve am «Ua.tanant of a;bo.uit fifty ..acres. 'Tlve eoloaiy wiiU be wa,tc l li«j[l.wWi much It -.•' begiius •'. 'operati;ons~ this i-mon'th. Very likely -all the' colonists /v\-fli wan't .to abut .saiooins, 1 and then the questwtau adseis, wJw> will bt leady !"—Ex. THIS IS WIT. Sun If you cad Been Wm Keasier eating Ms dlnne<r Saturday at 'Loga.n*iKH-t YOU would have 1 hoy,'lit that he was at the podmt of starvation We could give Che bdH-of-farb that lie ;bad tor his dimmer, "bnit'.wie'ha've not the iiqom to poblMi It, because It would itake.one whole 6>lde of the papei "'-.';A-ftor he had dome eating, he went •;oiu pu.the ^-alk^rad as.'lie meandered ;up-iilie -atoeet gtateas at 1he tall build lugs',, lie dlidn'J doome Ubing but etuinp and wxnild lia^e Taillen If a cop had not :J -- : -' :L '"-- ANOTHER LOT ,, PJiPty dozen pearl jsbliit wailst sefs >;.' • f;> '•. .;firin ffo.ivn -the:strel' wJith-.n Woe.: uaibre- : JI^I'i^^ii^nTid'^t'^very .Jumpjln;the rpnd^sh^ IV*. : -s\ "'.' I^I^^MAI'I':t^fW'ulKi-.Jin/l '-nnvftr'-fnui^ll't''.^ into hysterlles andi sot the ddewby.-flrejr eais! ', Crackci's of all .sizes, . from r-thp; ha.by OhJaiese -to *he tugc- co'nibiniitloji; of paj)er and .jwwdeiv 'whiicli-. explodes with sufficlen.t foirce to scattei 1 rocks ana gravel wlitih h»niful .velo.cit}:, are - a-l- rwwly on tn'p ami their coiiistaait bboiu,- Jug aod.flzKinfi and criuikius has caused: more than, one The best advte tiblik:ean bo : offered for 'today 'te, don't drive: the family hoi-so. out. To heed thlsi.maj-.- save.' -broken limbs and pot5*i-bly ai life: Of . -cours? there's no use to adrJse; -the boys not to fool with the big ..crackers,, for there's -too -m'Uidi jolly noise-, l-n thc.-Wg fellows •not to set them going. ..'"•• ;•-'..•• ,'•::•Aside froau tlie two- \mx. '-ball' gajnre •tiUere'tenotljing of apuibllc ntvtore golrig •lu thiia. ciltj-. There .will be private pic-. Mk; pan-ltes gaUoixvlbut thoi'e's no fun in that .except for tliose .who are directly Tlie baiuks . -wil'll 1 'be . closed anil sto will the saloon?/ 'but 'aside frbm tluls evei-y otilier busliies.^-'wlll move along just as flhough tJie Naitlon was not .having a^ birthday ., As avlioliday for the -/most- of'.-tlho -tolilas'Jt-is a ';b6Uo.woiay'". and -tliere'. will not.be n.uy rest: John Fehrenbach Viciously saults John Herbert. HE USEI> A GAS PIPE Qalyeston's Sensat,ion«Two Wei Drillers Quarrel Over Pay --Fehrenbach in Jail. Yasterduy forenoon about 10 o'clock resLddnts in 'Galveston and llhe nalghbor were' greatly aroused over an as sauit wltti uiiu-da'ous Intont, made bj John Fehrambacli upon a- former em ployer, -JoliB-.Q..Herbert Botih Hcrbcr and Fahreniba'ch,- live at Kokomo, bii for' the last four we.ckis Iwve- been en gagfd In drilMiug a well at tlie resldenci of Ex-iUooasor Henry Fickle, • brothci of At;tarn«jjv'j)-., D. Fickle of this city •Herbert took the contract to drive fJic well and hired Febrenbacb to assist iiiiiu. After two uiLSu.cct'SS,l'ui attempts .Feliroiiibaeh. was dlsclwrged and John I-Icartigrove was hired to complete the ' work wlfih; his steam Ariii. Hwljei 1 ' ••owed Felirenbac-h ?21.l", and when tli 1 latter'donnuided payment, he was told II-L> would liave to wait until the well was completed-as lie (Herbert) would receive .no money rait-H that time. Fell reubaeh'says'that he -then adk'ed Her-. bert to give him an order ou Fickle foi Uio nunoimt of the debt,- u> be paid .when the well-was''done. He threatenet!, it is.c-Uilmed, in the : 'presohee of different .iu-eniibei-s of the Fickle fanvifly, tiliat un .tess Ills former 1 boss paild him he would kill 1dm. There.wa.« no thought Wiat .he would'be'g'ull'ty-of the uuinloi-ous as- sau'lt lie fe said .to. have conmnlttcd yesterday. .,..,.'.,.,- Tli-u angry ;iucl im-pa.tleut crudlror caine dowii I'rom Kokomo yesterday -mi«'nHn.g to-'collect tlie inonoy. Herbert and Heartgrove- were at work a.t the .well-.find-after-an airguauent with both the men Herbert told Folii-enbach that .•he would Imve to' w-liisllo for his money. Tills-..jrrently. aggra,va:ticd- Fetei-eiitach and he.solxwl a jMieceor incii-aml-a-quar- ter gas pipe ami .struck Herbert on tin: liehd l .''--HeiMiig i 'ro.ve sopaj-atcd t)be men, n Bd.lt seemed" the'ttrouble was over. Herbert picked up a pair of pipe tongs buit, was unable to use them before he rt-cialved- another blow on Dlie hen'di The two', men clhtcbed'-ani] i-ollcd .over-a fence, .Uuiln ; g.:.wihioli time Fehrcilbach lii.uidcd three'nioro-blows sqiuirely upon ittio head of h-is victim. ' • By this* time Herbert was .streaming ...i-i-th-blood-and Feliraubiicii, apparenitly feeling- satisfied, toft him. The wouiid- ed nian wa.« takcai into the residence of Air. Fickle ,-wiiere' bis "wounds were .washed'.- He then walked- bait a mllo to'the.residence-of. Justice John Q. Sy- jnons, where au aflidavit was tiled ami a -warrant placed in the hands of.'Con- stable'G. "VV. Conner. FelwenlMicli had been-.wending.llls : Avay toward Kokomo aJl this lime; ; and by tlie time Consitable Comi«i\and 'bis posse started tn pursuit he tod -u 'good start. However, S.- C. Herbeit, brother of the injured man', striick the -rlgbt.tKrU, a.nd was not long in locating '.tlife assallawt, at the residence of a main.named SewolT, who roles at Jewol,.a v,i-lla.ge three miles east o>f iXMvestofl. nic Sewollj'family refused to surrender tiie prisooer to^Mr. C.-Herbert anil stood hiiim off at the buslmess endrot .a, shot'gun;' Constablit^ Conner -wn* not.loug in arrlvimg with. TRADES ASSEMBLY BALL. Successful Entertainment for the Benefit of United Labor. About one hundred and fifty couples dinted last night at the illttk to the music of tlie Elite Mandolin.orchestra. It was, tlie':ilrst ball iof the Trades-. As r hcmbly, amd Jt was a most, enjoyable biiccces in all wa-vs The crowd was well handled T.lie proceeds, which ^ere tai everj way satlsfaclorj, will go toward the fnrntehtafi of the hall te- ooutly occupied by the Trades As- PLEASANTLY .ENTERTAINED; Mrs Henry Tucker is the teachei of 141 advanced class In, the Baptist Sunday school, and last evening invited all the manibeirs of her class to bring their wives or sweethiearte to her home on Market street Hecltatlons ind patriotic songs''were tendered by the members of tihe class Flrowoiks of all kinds we] e abundant, and afforded gieat amusement At least flQeenj couple enjoyed the hospitality of Airs Tuckw and report a nloet enjoyable time Just lecelved. wMcli "wp wlU sell at 25 cemts per aeit— The Golden Rule. S . a State. .wawknt,T-and the Sewells were ilvem to.uiudeiistaDd tliat Indljma wnrit- ed the fugitive •and tiiat they had' best •not Interfere;- '.-He was 'taken to tou, and'Erosecurtior. Hiile was tele-' piiraicdvfoiv -Deputo 1 -' -George Gamble was dispatched to ttic e.it ot «ai ^llie cluirge of assault aud battery with- intent to . commit murder 'was made against rtliranbach The east was called before. Justice, Jolwi- Q; Symons. 'Ill* defcntifi tvas tepievented by At toniey B B Richards He waived pie Hraitoa'ty examtoaition The prisonei was bauinfl overate the Cticuit court In Kihe sum of $1 000, and in default of ball was sent t» jail He was brought to the city last evening at 8 30 o clock bj Constable Coroner and placed la jail Ileibert the Injuied man, after walk Jug to the home of Justice Sj mons,, was completely c\haut,ted Di U Z Loop was summoned and diesscd tha wounds, which were found to be quite scntous Deatih, mlglut have icsnlted from any one of them. The skull how ever, wds not fractured, and It Is ifchougiht he will be all light again in a few days, unless concussion of the brain, or blood poisoning follows He appeared very weak yesteiday after noon, being scaireely able to move, but last night waa able to walk about tow n Herbert was 1 liroiwn from a bug gy the first of the week while driving lit his home in Kokomo and was still suffering from his injuries when "he •njas ajttacked by rehronbaoh He has a wife and cMld at Kokomo Fehien- bach Is a single man. ''Although excitement was Intense J among V; t)he residents of &ilveston, the feeltor fto either pttfty, Tvas not warmvowlHg^b'tlie tact that neither that Harry Frank has ever originated carried out, this one will surpass positively be our Farewell Pants P To give you an idea how extremely J°w will sell them we quote a few of the.-—-" Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and 5.50 Doeskin 2.75 Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots-- 2.25 Our $3 "and 3.50 Fancy Cassimeres t .75 Our$l and 1.25 Cotton Worsteds - 75 Our$l Cotton Worsteds. 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c CWldrens Pants I4e v . '\ •'' ' • • In fact every pair in the House goe& at tfOc on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country^ an opportunity to he'p themselves. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street. were residents of that town. Feliren- bach seenis to have a bad reputation In the past. lie «i,W that he 1 would plead guilty to the charge of assault and battery'but. denied the murderous intent.and refused to plead guilty to the charge put against him. He will probably be confined Jji the county jail until tlie Septeni'ber term of tlie grand jury. In the meantime-all will be Interested to the welfare of iris victim. When Deputy Prosecutor Gamble re turned last night from Galveston he brought with Mm the iustrumwit used by Fehiraibach In making the assault It te a piece of gas pipe about eleven and one-half, inches long, weighing something over three pounds. It is a piece broken from the end of a pipe and/has a knuckle on tlie 'endwhich makes It more dangerous .when used as.lt was yesterday; SECRETARY COOK'S ;QOINO, Resolutions Passed by the Ministerial 'Association. •• •.•'.i v ,-l.>';.-' ' i'Ue following resoJutions, were passed at the.last meetiiing of.'the Ministerial (ssoolatlou: "It comes to our knowledge bhat Mr. Earl M. Cook, for several, years to charge at itlie K. k Y. M. C. A. -in this city, has resigned Ms posittou.and -Is about to as- iiune a siiuiJilar but larger work to.Tor- onto, Canada. We wish. te» a\press our i-egrct, at hiis tUspartare.-a'nd our appre- clntton of hife gootl work -In. oat midst. We are moved tt> add that by: his .exemplary liife a,ml Christian .diameter, as wcdl ncs by bis (sn-ncst devotion to his especial work, he has won our respect uid confidence. • -We csteem.hlm.Uighly for the Loixl's sake. We are'sure his quiet and umobtruslye labors have kept the feet of -inany of our. ra.myay men from evJil'Ondl-.-wo-n t-hdr heai'ts for lirist. "life eouiteous- airia respectful reiartotis with'the clerRy of tlie city will sver'be remennlwre*!.-' It is a pleasure to recall the f requcn-t. pth-llege.. we . have enjoj-ed of jolniliig ia Ms sei-rlces,, and out tones. WUIng Mie story of Jesus lo^e stFOUK mtii. :We eomimend Mr. OookVwltli a God speed to the coimnuuity and to tlie i'iteljlaii bialhten among wlxom he fc turn, to labot as i woiKmiii who need othHot to be«sha.med?:aiid as worthy of :heli' esteem and confidence and love. THE MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION OF -IXJGAKSPOnT. ADDITIONAL. Fire ca-aickaK 2c:a bwncli at Foley's. Solid comfort and 'econloimy for a song at. Otto's. Home gnuwii uoiDajtoes, jx?as aud cu cttmbera at- Eothoriud'e, OJc for viMte diuck vest, not much more *han the Vrto of tlie buttons — O'tto. Wlin* looks .coolw:.tiian a w,hite .duck est w Itb a black coat aud trousers, 62c at Oiiito-'s f2 98 for M4utotei»' ' long Henrietta ctolth cooits and vests at Ottos, reduced Iroan $5 ** 1'ou cainmot reaUze \vliat a cut In waitets amid paraaofls we hiave made until you see the goiods —Trade Palace. Otto says the price Is the motor that will more m«rctaind!tee that gets slug gteh, but it takes nerre to ulaxigMer. Chaniberlailn's Cough Bemedy cures colds, croup and whooping cough. It la )leii«ant^ 4 Mu*e^iind re&ble. For sale > B. K. Keeallngj druggist.', / \\ 3.40 For Chpi£e; WOMEN'S LOW TAN SHOES, ;:ifLL 1 ,| THREE-FIFTY AND FOUR D^ri'5' ' :•:•?/ LAR GOODS, YOUR CHOJCB FOR TWO FORTY-EIGHT:'.;, -,• (?2.48) AT piuag .SHOE HOUSfc BETTER THAN 16 TO 1 TIMES ARE FILLING'S/; ' GAINS -IN SHOES-jni • GRADE'GOODS; AT . . LOW 'GRADE • ". PRICES. ''.-" •• THREE DOLLARS 'AND EIGHT CENTS TAKE.'CHOIOB. -f OF ANY TAN SHOE','lN-.: >;,% 'MY STORE.-. -•-.'' /.'-...V^ PILLING PLEASES THE WITH POPULAR '" This sale 'is cash,, and 'yoto- preclat'e the low prtees If ; you call,, and see what we tlie. shoe, man, Logansport, Tnd. This is the season of toV ywCwfan%Vi; the unpleasant but necessary work house-cleaning claims the attention ,0< § the. housekeeper and not a Uttl* d» ; " pends on the appearance of your'tact" -;^ curtalM as poorly done-npcurtUniipoU;^ the effect of a well-furnished ; ''^oin«i;^ quicker than anything else. W« tew-i^p experienced help tn this 'Class: of; WOTjk ; ;*ii| who do nothing else and.w« 101 can give you perfect satisfaction, are also making a specialty vthf of laundering shirt waist*, beln»,tt»» only, firm In the city using machinery exclusively/for the purpose., ffiv wW- appreciate your-pajronage.'.'---':' . w^f^S-iS!-.; 429 Market St. Are. You Out of Employment. 5 : ;: ^v:;^ . Have you a horse, bujjjy or other}'5'';|| personal property, or ^Acant.ioti'-; you would like to exchange •fotiig: business thatwllIsiT* big teturii?| Call at'703 L. Hu opened a. Fire and «— n ftnoa office at 410 Broadway/«pi lollclti a ahare of th« —*-"-• None but Flnt Claas •ented. •.- -,,, • •- : '.-. ' • "IT WAS.STIF.PNESS;h Hie • X-ray' Jn iurgery;;;;tev'a ng. For. inn^''y«Hr8'vJiistlc of the Supreme 'court;^' : b w:Wi a knee'-J not bend ; lt. scn ray. waVbTOugM'Into-u«;an teamed rigiiic.awaiy. that .stiffness;' what ailed -the knee. ''' hns'.nttV!eTi,worn' a;, corset, 1 lifc at^wi^ ' ' 1 ' • ''

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