The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1935
Page 3
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jANtJARY .28, iSS5 Quality Transportation at Low Cosl Stressed by Engineers. Tim dpninmi for economical quality rt[!-pcl«l niirt governed llic cnglnrnilng anii mcr- cliandMjij; poltcJo.s- of (lie Chevrolet, Motor Co., In dpslgninu the 1835 ll/i« ft! Chevrolet, cars. Thus Chevrolet develaixid two chassis models dUTrrlnR l)i jjrico, npiwnr- imcfl and luxury; Dractlcnlly even In performance nml nrwlijcnl for the purchaser who primarily seeks .transportation nl low cost, Chevrolet, wieljicor.s recognised Uie fact that DIP typical purchaser demands, fir.U of nil, knrii performance, meaning fast acceleration unU high speed, and wlic-n given a car Iwiving spectacular |»r- JOiroaiiee, the buyer will thr-u demand economy in gasoline consumption aticl in operation only to t point where It will not detract from I he alulily of llic car to perform at Its peak. Performance at Die desired economy i$ characteristic of the t\vo line.? of Chevrolet* for 1035 (he new Standard models and tfic Master, rx iMxe. models. Rigid , V nv- IiiK. ground. lists, performed before the. care were put on the market sliow thai at 30 miles per hour, botli 'the new Standard and Mas- Mr models will avera?e. from 21 }?. 2 . 4 . !"j lc .'' I""' gallon, while I ilm.Mcful of oil represent, the oil consumption per mile. At a steady speed of 50 miles per lion tlin performance wns even more rernarkabln couiparltlvily as belli « models average fron,.8 to 20 miles per gallon durinj fmm,n T" " l ™'' il)llS S l><*« from 20 miles ner hour to 70 mile Wr hour, greater fuel economy ],a teen developfd by Chevrolet en- lilriecrs, In spite of tlic fact that 1 e engines develop 23 ' )*,• „,, lilslicr maximum ), O r ssuo Pr ' "' 1 """" 1 in L « COuRIER NEWS of "High-Speed Safety" Plymouth Tlie Plymouth Motor corporation Is presenting a "hlch-speed safety" car for. li)35, Tl'l.f first picture of (he new Plymouth four-door sedan shows the iorpedOTShaped all-steel tody oi ihe car, which (Us over Om frame In an I'lHlrely new type of sjifely eoiislruction. Tlii> new !'!ymonm b loiiijcr than nny previous model—)8!l Inches from biimpei- to Ijnrnper. ' . ' '. ei-.itlon.s at Pord Motor company branches In St. lx)nls, Mo., Mem- Dliis, Tfiin.', Long neacli, Calif., inoinnall, O., and SI. Paul, Minn,, innkln sa total of 10 branclifs cdtiled for assembly opemtfons tills yenr. since 1913, when laxallon of 'gasoline was Inaugurated by Oregon to (Inance highways, motorists have paid n total ot $4,102,423.281 and $58,775,743 In Arkansas nlone. -/ Arkansas Gas Tax Was Heavy In 19,^1 LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 23.—Arkansas motorists are estimated to _ . ... ImvR paid S8.032.2G4 in state gaso-1 scnl ' c " recently and discovered line taxes in I9M nx compared' l ' rat ""dlxm once was practiced wllh Sli.fil7,S5I In 1S3H. It was re-'" '" Nudism Just an Old Massachusetts Custom BOSTON. I UP)-Nudism Is nil old custom—nt least In staid old Massachusetts. Dr. L. Vernon (Trlggs, slate alienist, did n bit of historical re.- round was In ,)ime, icr>7. . when Lydla Wnrdwcll niul Detomti Wil- BOH were tied u> the whipping jxist and beaten because they cnme to n , meeting "entirely divested of Ihelr clothes." The &H jier capita tax burden of the United states is the second highest in the worhl. England 1ms the highest, with France third iiiul Germany fourth. Miciwes! Official Says Small Dealers Now Rny- iiig Cai'loacl Lois. Ueelonal innniiReiii of the Pon- tinc Motor Co. eatlieivd nt th<> fnetoiy reecnlly, nsked for more Umn twice as many Pontlnc sixes nnd elgtn.s to lake ,.„,.<. , lf t i u , ,.„! qiilromeiiUi of the country din-Inn Die Hist three uionilis of this yenr as WWB shlppod ilurliiR the siainc period n yew- ,!,[[,. '(-i,,, 1(lsl , nm| ,. ter projection which key nirii I" the Held pjv.vnicd, culls tor •10.000 cars or more Umn one hnlf Ihe tola) production of Ifif- |m>. lory lust year. Willi hrlpf biilRliii! wlih evidence In (he tonn of <lpnnll<> fonunltjucni'i from dciilers K'Rloji- »l mnniiKers F. C. Hlljley of New rk; v. I,. Murniy of DelroH; Allen WrlBlil uf Chlcnro nnd T M. Hay oi Outturn), Ui|llf.. told Hie .same stnry or rcviv:il the country nnd tin- ported today liy Cirady H. Foifjy, 1 Cal| ed "rantors," the raiitlsls secretary of Hie, Artansas Oil practiced their crtcd by march- Dealers association. '"B »I> ami down the main streets Mr. Foiuy said lio nljtnlned the " npl " tl "fid ln(<!rrup(Ing prayer hifcrmattori froiii tlm stdtLiticnl " inf:t| nR.s. One. rase Dr. department nf (lie Americun Petroleum rnstlUilft at- New YorV:, nnd t)je state reveiiiie departineni. Tiie InstiLntn esti- raalerl total :.tnle frisjjliie ay. eol- lectloiw for 1934 ill $r>CO.M0,000, as compared with official collections of $518,195,712 In 1033. In addition, federal gasoline lax collections for! 1934 were estimated at -$170,001)001) as againsi, $181,128,383 In 1933. All IB figures were obtained from .olHclnl repoilK or reliable sources. According to Mr. Foray, the report estimated Hie • lotnl national S:isoline tax bill for 1034, exclusive of county and municipal 8ns- oline taxes, at $730.000.000. H also staled Uiat in the fifteen years Phono J HUIIC Increase Shown iu January Indicates Upward Business Trend. DEARBORK. Mich Jm, ,o treSTr 'l"" 0 * 11011 ° f the trend of business thk v c the home office of the ^ mi ? ny l " at rnr " sales fou the first 20 of business '""if. since UucU are recognized is business' 10 Ford (ruck sales for the ai we country were .,|,,, M1 „ . ™« ns great as lelall w i cs duf- " l ,, fWiy nnnound. that It hnd Increused Its Feb' 0 - n scjl ' edull! ' to 13 °' : :, cars and (nicks to continually increasing bll si° ness . Announcement, nlso,w« s made nf the vcsiimntlon of assembly op NASAL RRITATION Sluris 47% Fast er thin Uic o. s. Government require for its emergency equipment. y 30TOER & BONIPIBLD Tcxico Dlslribulore See the New PONTIAC Priced as low as AND ill- and offering the following fine-car features 1.' Solid-Steel "Turrol- Top" Itoilies 1) y Fisher 2. Hydraulic Brakes Triple-Sealed 3. Speedlined Styling 'I. Silvcr-'A Hoy Hoar- 5. 10 Second Sladinft fi. Completely Seal c d Chassis 7. Enclose il Knee- Action Plus Hnlnnrnl Wciglii S. Fisher No Draft Ventilation 9. Luggage antl Spare. Tire Compartment 10. Double K-Y Frame 11. Smoothest of Six a n cl Eight-Cylinder iMolors 12. Cross-Flow Radiator and Gusher Valve Cooling 13. Fnll - Pressure Mef- ered Lubrication 14. Product of General • Motors LEE-COPPEDGE MOTOR CO. Blylheviite, Ark. This Week's Outstanding Bargains In USED CARS 1932 Buick Coupe $375 1932 Chrysler Sedan . . . . $» 1934 Plymouth Sedan . . . $525 1933 Plymouth Coach . . $375 1933 Plymouth Sedan . . $385 1931 DeSoto Sedan : . . . $275 W. T. BARNETT AUTO SALES CO. PAGE! THHBS Increase of routine niu'e by I hp piililu\ Allen Wrlghl, hi'Rcl of (lie Mid- IVPS|. roRlnn under wjicve jurHllo- llon rails .the hiittii ngvlcultiirnl urea of I he MlsslwljinJ valley, re- ItoHcd that . worcs of smtill rural dealers who hrielofore lmvi> Iliclr cms one nt u Hmi' now iito nrdwIiiK ID .cnr|iia<| "lots, In ran* uf lils similliw, /oun iweii.i, tlmt nroiind Oktuhoirm oily Mr. Wrlnlit :ul,l Hint, n smoll (loaters \vlio nwr In their his(cry have Ijmishl. I'ontlaoti other than slnuly Imve pin red onlorr, for mnrte In over Iwn-thlrds of tiio countiy imlll Jniniary n, first (en day deliveries at retnll were four lltner, Bioalcr than (hey \vcre for Mini, period n year ago and W |iev ceni ahead nf the 1033 period. r.!..:?!- News Wiuil Mt rn\f( RalTliracr Senls Sli\dl«1 8POKANR, Wnsh. (QP ments In gio«ing sifflawr wed, from which nil oil used | n p a | n [ la derived, are bcliig inade In fipo- knne C.'ounly. 'Hie seed Is onld to tirmliice Hie, palnt-mlxev known. Retail ilfllverkv, :>f new roiillnn sixes nml elBhUi MiroiiKlioiil llm entire country (fir 'the, rival ten day.s of .Imitmry fur e.woed (li'nso of Hie siinu> ]iorlnil nf To-Nighi's Milk' delivered while c7',s FRESH in lime, /or your Phone Whatever make it is—and what- fiver's .wroim with it—our trnlnpd mechanics will fix. It, right [lie first, lime. No coming' tack for '.nrgwilciils mid ira<tjttstmcnl.s. extra-charge work without ' permission. PUSE-UTTLE CHEVROLET CO No your CRAIG'S DAIRY Phone 74 tics of Smiles^ with IIUG8AM TIRE t- BATTERY GO. W) • ."'Now she's slaried, Mary!" Ytni'ro mini of si ([tiiolt, novpr-fnilinjr stuVt WIIAT- I'.VKIi TIM-! WKATIJRH, whon you buy (ho Iwlterv al TWO; IIUDHAItn TIUIO & UATTOliy CO Wo. iviiry .siii-li imikos ,-is \Villnm iimi JMjustie I'.nltcHos, Known Ilimniflioiil, tlu> nation as DKI'IONOAr.hK And wc.roiHlur nxptsrl KUKK HATI'IOKV SI<)IWTC[i!. Ask your I'cllow-inotorisl. IDTIRE&BATTERYCO. AUTOMOTIVE DEP'T. REAfl HUBBARD HOWE. CO. t As a new service to our customers, we have installed the.Ford Laboratory Test Set, which eliminates all guesswork in diagnosing engine or electrical troubles on . any make of car. By defecting them before they become perious, if saves money on repair bills. Drive in Joday and watch if work on your car. *!• »cf«nt!fically des!gn«d machine i> olwaya tl^Sl, when It t.lli you whaf« wra*« with vour cngi^T" PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Dealers EVICE WE SUMMON YOU AND YOUR GAR We're going lo write oul a lio kol - - telling yon to appear al. I liis modern Service Slalion for $is ... oil ... repairing flats . . . anli-free/e . . . aiul every oilier service requirement!" Be sure lo appear - - or you'll be filled in terms of nmveee.ssary expense, ami di«salisfae!ioii. STANDARD -g GASOLINE per gallon 1 flOODVBAlt ANn AIANSPIEf.D TfRBS TERRY SERVICE ST NORTH HIGHWAY 61 AT TUB STATE LINE-

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