The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on July 4, 1885 · Page 3
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 3

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 4, 1885
Page 3
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v A Absolutely Pure. This ptywoer new varle. A marvel of purity, ttrroinh rnd wholwmMW. SI or - ?nonU;al tti in the ordinary kinds. dJ fan not be sold In exni petition with the multitude of 'ow u - st, short Weight, alum or pliosphat powder, "bud MMU boTALiiAU.tufUWI'CR CO., 1U6 Wullt H. Y. i QpflCIA - Li, . , lt encourage aleen, cre - I i . ate an at - pelite, braces up the ylem, and renewed nealtli is the result. Every cloud bam a silver lining HrxT's (Kidney and Liver KemkiiY cures, I'ain in the Side, Hack or Loin, (nernl D;bili(y. FemaleDiea:a,Disturbei Sleep. Losafot Appetite and Kright' - Disease. I - 'I It. "1 EVToFAlblr Shallow brooks arc often noUy." - KrKTSfKldnev and LlverT "REMEDY laniuelv veretable. ml meets a want never be fcre fumabed to tbe publlo. and the 4iiinot re - Lance may be placed in It. ; ' J4ea li toon shaken, by Hunt' Remedy taken. ' ' ' ' OFFICIAL 1 KSTIUOXY. I ' ' Po - t master. H. 8. Whitney, assistant postmaster. Putnam, Conn., write - : ! bav sunered, untold awony with ki'lney and liver com plaints; my loafer was Tery bail, at times! actually passed blood. llVHf (Kidney nJ Liirer) fck.Mr.pY has bene - gxd mi more than all other medicines I oseo. "Home lore l the best love.' 1 Town Clerk - ' Sir. Othfllel Gager. town clerk. Jfojrwfch. Conn., i;tT - tit years old. writes: "Foe years I have tuCare - l with disease of the kllneys aud bladder, and have uo hesitaacv In recommetidlug Hi nt's ( Kidney and l - iverj these eomplalnia." Punctuality begets confidence." Deputy Sheriff 1 1 ITldiiov and I.lverl KKMEDr la a won - tfct - ful medicine. I cordially reeoinmend iuusb to Ihr suttenna frjm dropsy or Kianey irouui - s. OeOk & ttoberuon. depjy ihtrlfl. Banger, Me. , wUllng heart lightens work." J . " Shentt . . i . Vr. Isaiah Cook, sheriff of Pkowhegan, Me., . WrtU - s: ' have been ailiicted for - over twenty yean srith a weakness ol the kidneys and liver. "The Orrt boi of Hi" NT Kidney and l.iverl kKJiaoT relieved all pains in uie oaca aud sides.'' Price fl.H Sen1 for Ulustra ed Pamphlet to HUra REMEliY Co. I'roriilence, R. I. . fold by all Druggists, ft X CRITTENTOS, Ueneral Agent. New York, 3 East AVaerilnirtoTi Street. Metal Poison. , I am a coppersmith by trade, and Surlng a series sf years my anna (helug bare when at work) hare 1 aheorbed a wotKlerlul amount of ' metal . poison. ( UavluA a scruiulottii ten - leucy from my youth, the email particles of eopir and brass would get into the sorea, and by this process the poison w as con - . , veyed Into BIT iblooit til) my whole system became Infected. I was treated with the old remedies of niercury and fcaluie potaaoiUm. alivatiou fol j towed, my teeth are ail loose in my head, my di - ; - restive orgaus dcratiged; and I have been heiplc In bed fcjc wer'a vear with niercunalTheutirat ism, My Jouita were ail swollen, ami 1 lust the uie ol my ' ( arms and lego, and became helpless as an tmiuit. . My tMittermus became so inteiu mat' It was im - v BOasible loe lue to rest. The doctors advised mo (logo to tue city hospital for treatment. This I eould not bear. A fyieud, who has proved a trietid ( andeed. urged mo to trv Switfu.Srs - ctric, believing tt would cure me. Others discoiraged ni;. but I secured a arw bottles, and have now taken two ( dozen bottles. The first efl'ect of the jnedicine waa to bring the polon to the surface, and I broke ont all over iu runuuii orea. They soon dlsap - ' peered, and my sitin cleared off. My knees. w tncU had becotne twice their natural size, have rerun ed their wual sise, and are supple as of yore. My arms and hands are all right iit - ain. and .can use them without pain. The entire disease has ' Ief all pans ol the body save two ulcets on my 1 wrtsts, which are healing rapidly. I am wcac from long confinement, but I have the use of all , try limbs. Thi. medicine la bringing me out of the greatest trial of my life, and I Can not mid ( words sufficient to express my apttreciation of its Virtues, and the gratitude I lecl that 1 ever hoard ( utt. Pktcr E. Uva. Jan. 9, l&aS. Auguata, Oa. JIalarial Poison. 1" Th drouth lit southwest Oeorgia last spring strled up the well, and we were compelled to use ' water from the cieck on the plantation. The re - enlt was that all were ' troubled with chills ad frver. I carried with me several bottle ot Swift's ' i Decide vd u lomr as I took it. I had perfect health. As soon as I ceased taking it I, like the1' est, was aftlicted with chills W hen I resumed its iu. I was all rirht acain We have used it in sir family as an antidote fur malaria poion fa tsroor three rears, and have never known it to tail In a single lustance. W.C Fcklow. , iumpter county, Ua., SeptSlL .! Treatlss oo Blood and Skin Dleaesnia!led( - - . fats Bwtrr Brxaric Co.. Drawer &, Atlanta, Ca. , Wehs - e - oadesKieetsItT'f thie erreUsnt ouOKIor ItOs IVV1AK for ytmn. We make nouuntr else, and produce eer - fecl loe ef 0 1, cea fort. Mjlef and the beat weariee , kaet that is msde. Coat do more Lnan la Miieral! V chartred for or 'tLnarrr ahoaa. and m 1 LI save "bO ursr or nl in wear. lso com. DO smioaa Any dealer ancter - t with a fair rt - oiit will oArm what wt nr. GivatbU) s trial. SDd yon will a aerataaral fVtead of THE MLAR TIP. Sewtare laailalteaa ewiW by Dtiuw o nearly .'s - eLar Tleaatoiiewlve. 1 rada - mark aiid "Joan tcaoaxai a CoV la ruli. la on sole of each pair. TENT - 1, lor sal and rent. AW'.N - 1 - NOS.water - proot coverings lor iO 1 - SSHOES mm "si,...s0r . ; I J 2 : - J.if V A trncksjan - arator. P - T - fr''L 1 i - " - it Tr - rii - hta. 1 4BuaJC Oairr JUt. Wt aat Wa - tuuanoa u. STATE KWi. The loci - sts, have nearly pa. - iel in all part ( f Indiana. sf . AM town having tclphone fxchari;.. ar; excited ovf the situation. A ,8tranzlr at E kh'irt jumped into the riverjsnJ di'owned Limit - if. I. b. McDonald hu soM hi interest in the Huntington Democrat to B. F. ISiiiter. High ri - nu, it, is compIaine - J in Martins Tiile, cause many house tostcn - l empty. - Tbe oil Dfi'aaw House at New Albaryr is to be reopened un - Jer the nam? of Occidentai. By aoy tber name, etc. A new democratic paper it shortly to 1 - e taned in .Fnnktnrt. It w.ll be! cf the traii - 'ert rnd itrictt fct - ct. 1 wo - ayacht, one s'catn and tlie'her aail, hn iwetitly been liuim - ln - l (n Turkey Lake ,r the Cedar Beach Association. The wheat harvest wi.l been in a tew days, and it promises t be - the ! this county hat iiad for some time. Lnporte jAr'ts. " Tiie story is to'd of a iree matl voting man fl at tie invited a youns; lady to g" rid - i itr with him, and left her to pay the Jiverv bill. A spring ha been found near Attica the' water of which posses, rcmarlia' - le cttra - : tire powers and the place has Iwonw quite a j r e - ort. "' .j The tax assessment of. Crawfirdsrille! is i75centa 'an the $10) and j) cents on each poll; also 10 cents ou each $KW for the sink - idi fund. Dafid Raiisbaclt, one of the tivo oldest native - born cni - usol " county, lielyn Thursday, aiy - r apr unified lilue. le w ia seventy - siix yearj - old. The Loucks - Louthaiu libel suit, on trial at I. Delphi, wa interrupted yesterday, one of the I ' ........ . . . - - - , - - i jurors becmniiiir violently ill .during the de - J livery of the judge's charge. - , 1 AV'illiain White, on his farm near Marion. bns a live year - ol - 1 steer that weighs pounds He expects to brills - it weight up to 4.0(H) jiouiids before he up lis it. ' John Adatnson, ae I fourteen, a son of James Adanison, living near lltintsville, Kandolph county, .was fatally shot yesterday by a younger brother" careless handling of In revolver. 1 The Plymouth Democrat has always been n good - looking papier, but a new dress has made it bloom out la its old aie as a - erlu. - t (.beauty. It is among tlw; best coun'y panj in tne state. " Ben f. I'arker; Consul at'Shcrbrooke, Can - ! ad a, writes bouie to Xew Castle that he - is collecting ma erials for a lecture on old Canada aud Canadians, scenery, custoiasj character and manners. D. Lamb, aged eiifhteen, was torn to jihi - tN in the beltint - llendersoti's floiir mill, at Blooniulr, Ind. yesterday. He waa fenchin over the fly. wheel to wipe the engine. La nib had been running the eiivine but one day. - I ' ' The shipment of raspberries from New Albany the present week has averasrei d oije, I li iSun - and a half car - loads per diiv. except on day and Monday, on which days two and a halt car - latls were shipped, a car - h - ail is 0,900 a - alloua. - ' Mrs. Sarah Florence Keed, of Xevf York City, arrived iu Columbus yesterday to find that she had been swindled out of - 1.000 bv a sharper in Xew York, named J. A. Brumf - age who sold hrr two pieces of properly to which he had no title. J . Harry Bobbins, a prominent photographer of Muiicse," accosted a man by the name of Ludwig; yesterlay afternoon, and demu tided the payment of a bill past due, w hereu pon be was assaulted ami terribly beaten, llis injuries may prove fatal. Lena Swallow, a horse bought two yean ai - o in Wayne county of Dr. Swallow by Frost, a Cambridge Citv jockey, for $223, ha been sold in Detroit tor t4,500. She was drivent last week in Chicago in 2:li. Frost old a half ' interest in her to Sells a year ago for $600. Walter Kerr, of Lawrenceburij, passed examination and was admitted to the. United States Military Academy as cadet for the Holman district. Loth boys at West 1'oint from this district are republicans, and won their place by, competitive examination over jjiany democratic competitors. ' Commander Foster, of the Department of Indiana, ha issued an order dishonorably dischargim? John M. Cioar from the (1. .V, it., he hating been found guilt v of debauching a soldier's orphan, an inmate of the Kuiglits - town Home. by; a conrt - martial of i. W. Jennard font, and sentenced to be dismissed. The Studebakcr Brog. 31 an u fact urine; Company have closed the. bargain for the purchase of a tract of land in tbe heart ot Chicago on which to erect the finest carriage factory in the world. - The property lies on Michigan avenue, a block south of the Iceland House, and It front!! the grand park and lake. j. Jamc Dennis, of Crawfordsville, convicted cbiefly upon the testimony of John W. Cof - fdv. the murderer of Mr. and Mrs. Mullen, : as the principal in that murder, baa been refused a new trial by Judge Britton, aud unless the Supreme Court or executive clemency interiere he will be banged on the 3d of. September. - Misa Myra A. Goodwin resigned a tutorship in De Panw University to work in the i'uvenile I department - of the evangelical ranch' of the W. ,C. T. U., and is sjending the summer in Michigan, organizing Bands of Hope and otherwise promoting the interest of temperance nnder the direction of Misa Jr ranees LYWillard ,the president. . Iast night Morristown, .Shelby bounty, wa visited by a second fire. The large seminary building, temporarily occupied by sirme feather" renovators, caught fire anil was totally destroyed, together with all the machinery a - ud twenty - live or - thirty feather beds. Isaj to the renovator company, $l,.ri00; on building, tl.000; insured for $700. : Last Monday the town of ' Sherijan wa visited by a destructive (ire. Among the buildings burned were J. M. Dye's dry goods and grocery store; loss $t,i"0, Insurance 12,000. AI Pearson, harness, loss $1,000, insurance $o"00. Mrs. Clements, millinery, loss $$00, covered bv insurance. Henry Thistle - waite, store building, loss $1,500, insurance 1,000. Report has it that thirty - three disguised horsemen rode to tbe residcuce of I suae O. looley, in the southern part of Harrison county, - one night last week, called Mr. D. out and took htm to the wqls and inflicted upon, hi bark several strokes with six - foot sw itches, and admonixhed him to pay more regard to sanitary measure about his premises and to treat" hi wife with more civility in the fnture. - ' I Jacob Kriedlfy. a pensioner'of the war of J 1812, and one of the pioneer settlers of liar - son cbunty, died of old asc near Betluuir, Mo., where he reide.l, a few day ago. 'lie was married near Louisville on thevsth of January, 1813, the day of the battle of Xew Orleans. He ws related to the Friedlevs of Harrison county, and to liev. F. A. Friedley, of Xew Albany. He retained all his I'acul - ' ties unimpaired, though ninety - one vears Old. " " r i Marton Democrat Klizabeth White, a colored woman, died iu Lbertv tow nhi a week ago, 108 years old. Mrs. u hue d:ed of old jig. She was never ill. Her hearing and eyesight never failed her. IKv memory was exoe lent; - Shew as - aa interestitig feature at a revival, 'where he wa alwavs an active worker: in thj ecstasy of her delig'its she was us supple as a girl of sixteen rears. She belonged to the denomination of Baptists.' . - The paragraph in The Xe'rs last week about two South Illinois street men who caught a forty - niue pound cat - fish and claimed that it was the bieeest ever caucUt in this stream exejtes the ridicule of various contemDorarie on the line. Ti e Piie County Democrat says: "This is much ado about nothing, whenveohipared with the fi - jh caught in White river near this place on a'trot - line. Last. month one was hooked that weighed aeventy - eig. t ponnds, and aince then two have been captured which tipped the beam at fifty and fjrtysix pounds, respectively. Last year theyj were caught which weighed one hundred pounds and over. Gentlemen of the Capital City, iring'on another fish." And as if this wasn't t enough, the Martinsville Republican sarvs: "Catching fifty - pound fish is not considered a big thing down ! here. Ther arc often caught weighing seven - l tv - five rounds, and onlr a ewuble of vear j aince an hundred - ponnder waa pulled" out. Mr. Xews, if you - want to bsb, come to .Mar - j l tn. I 1 (j - of of I j ot . are K K. I.. 0 - C hi 1 ei I t - tinsvilit." . j V. M. C, A. Note. To - morrow' 4" o'clock gospel meeting will be conducted by Mx. C. M. Ran Jail. Lvery - . I ' ' ' . body will 1 - e wrjcoiue. yet commercial traveler are especially invited, is the first Sunday of each month is commercial 'traveler ' Sun - dav at the rooms. ! Jiirin? next week n midsummer week of prayer will 'be observed i - njthe parlors of the association, and the ' o clock niornmc ifieet Hi will he conducted by the cut Lev. Jl. K. . Neighbors "will lead tors. ! ndar 1 morn in ;. ! Aniiii.eiiient. Professor Morris' dor show at .the Grand will "be the last' engagement for tbeyeaaon. ; The prize pony will be drawn to - night. Virfinue - a - enue skating 'Wnit' will, be ' closed after to - rd?ht for the mtniucr. Prince Wells wilt give an ex hlbition'of fancy riding ! on the bicycle to - night. "", ; The babv show at - the Dime Museum i cly;s to - nigbt, and will be followed next . week hv a rhildren's beauty how. for which ! ; many enirK - s nave oeen mane. a goou stage l per.'vrrnnuee will aKo be given. j Mr. Will Stone, after &u absence of thre years in New ork, has returned to Indinuap - ' oli. In - resxne to a geueral rejuet, he i will give an ctiteriainmcnl in I''s Hall ; next Friday evening and Saturday after - uoon. ijnd will be assisted by'.a'Mr. Frank Lincoln, ;ofthe Iotus Cluji, New York, a humorist of reputation in that city. Sundny to Crown Hill. ' Frr.nk T.ird's Transfer wiil run a line of busses to 'Crown Hilt, leaving corner of Illinois nnd Seventh streets at l:Jo, 2 and ,:30'p.' I.ettirning, leave Crown Hill at 4, 4:110 and f p. in. Indianapolis, Decatur K Springfield - . Ituilrond. - :iiuiun .i. - , ,, ni. m(eniulii aturday, Ju!l 1, leave Indianapolis at tnstea - i oi t:.'u, lor l acoia ana iaTe poiets. ThK - Frankliti - Fire Insurance Company this city is scoring some of the best points management known to the science of in - htiranee. IndjanajMilis and the Mate at lsn;e may be proud of the existence and solid thrift of this now one of the oldest commer cial enterprises it the city tliirty - tive. years, honorable growth. , THK MA It K KT XEWsl ludlanapolin Wholraale Marked. " Hif - iiu. - ss was largely su'i - cnd' - xl this forenoon and entirely s' alter diutier. lew developments reported, tl lie - 4i.Tuesj iu fujiars continues, while eoftW - j1 nre ilepresel. 1111 green fori - fgn lnyts souie - Jano. - s are iioVl. l'.uiiniias are liruier: oraiis - o - anil lenioiLs cyarett and stroiii;. l'rixlui'C is dull and Weaki r; egi - s tend loner buitCr weak. - ' lr i rods I'rints. American. SVIe; Allen. ri - vc; Arnold - - , tie; IVrlin. fancy Cilors, I'ocheen, - 1 - ivstoiie, fajiev. i"v: llaftel, fancy, t; Hmmlioir, Marine, fancy. w aMimmou I urKey re;l. I j ' j? I ! Ml I t THE IXDIAXAPOLIS NEWS, SATURDAY, JULY 4, 1885; llaruioiiy. 1'.; - ; Manehesti - r t.rinUv - ',; i Iai ne 1 viler, at the nolo - ol his.vario:s. ss - mjuiU bn.wii sh - - tini". Atlautle, Je; Atlantic 1. tic: Ap - j .Mi - isippi Hin - ei, llusi July i. p'.eton A, 7e; U site A I - "Jic: ontiiiental C, Of .c; Funeral Sunday, at 2 o'clock p. m. Fsieiids in - Clark'sA. .'.:.; Uwight Auehor, Mi inches. :; i vit - i. I ' - rrtiOt. - - ill. - I - I - l.rtilfw. - ill.. I I .'to - Iiiftiu! Im - ti - ir.t :Ulitifhf i:l .r -!! p 7e - I'. - tiiM - n - ll I tie; Siiransc, It. ;.: Pe.,rell '. - C I'M - : l'ep ihtcH I'M, 1 - S - ; blcaciicdabeiliiurs. Au - Jtwoiiiii ) Ti - - U.irti - r . mills, m llirhes Te Jta. - tlett F. I '4e; lJlatvkstoue A A. c; Chestnut Hill. & - - c: I C'liapwaii X. .ra2 - : Iw inut tiar is. Vic; Fruit of I tbe l - ooin. :o iuelies, 7Jv" Fitehs ille, Hill s ! .eiuer Idem, ;" locoes, T.'4e: Ho;ic, ti1'; Kniglit's caiiibrio.THc; Lonsdnle camiirnr. l ,e: Lonsilale, SO iuehes. V' - jC: W hlttiNU illert inehes, - : ': W anisiitia. llij inches. 10 c; Xew York Mills. T ck: uica ii - i. sc; voarse jcansj - muiavjrciiaru. '.jC: i Kearsarire saieeu, .'iC; - Xaumkcuc; sateili; sc: Kockport. Cc: Ticking, . Ainos - keas - . 1 A C A, 12c:, Amuakeair.'' plaid, 1J - ..C: Coiietoi - 'a (fold - medal, l - Sc: B K. lie; CA, llS;o; hetueket, S. 7V - .e: Swift River. li'.C: Minnehaha, ta'jc; llloll. 3t. inches, ll'.jc; "..' inches, lC'2c: J inches, llVe; "York. : iliehcs. li; jC: Omciia. 3 iticlie, IkV; Osnabiirgs and Cheviots.; Louisiana plaiot. 7c: aagtistu, ottowa. tic: Anioskea! - triies, bvf. plaids, f'i" - : lliunilton. lo)vc: Bates, 7.V,c; X ueasville; b'c; - oteh fin i - h. lo' - .e: Pacitie dress kos!s, 'three - fourths populin lusici , s c: Cashmere, three - nnar - lers - jij - jc: uiapnea itisier. in.' - c: Australian cre - ie, liie; brot - atels, luj.c; cash mi - re, A C, 22 c; gim - ham Lancaster. 7re. Cannel - oo - is Blackberries. VXHX: - beans, strinit, s,'sn '."c: lima, staudunl, SLi'sn soaked, Tmf STc: blueberries, St.lwiT.'Jtt; cherries, B, "sjc - .jil.00; loiistcrs, 1 th. - s '.ifna il'o; mackerel, lt. tfl.invai.lti; oysters 1 lb. Sl.oAvtil.lO: . ths. Jl.'.ssa l.y.": liK'ht. 1 ttVo - VnTlO: 2 ttis. sl.O - Vi - .l.'JO; peaches, standard. - lts. il.4ii - - il.j0; 3 It - s, Jl.T - xo, iM); - sccuiids. . 51.4iT..'iO; pie. 3 ttn. 9l.lVt l.."i, 0 lbs pie, Sl.'.SKf'ioo; pine applea Ualiaiua, iJ.joi7j; xtanilard. .' lbs, 1.75; second, JH'l'Sa.1.2.'); plums, damson, lbs. !ci - ,tl.l0, aoaketl peas, 7ou ve; raopberries, f l".lur l.'Jo; iail - mon. itf - . .'fl.iks.i tomatoes. :l R - s, ;."h - (.i I.i; Itevere. fl:S' - . Livingston county corn, 'Joe: Mountain Suiar. Sl.l'VrT; pumpkin. 3 lbs,.sir.aic. liro - ries Sugars Hard. 7'rftV.o; stitnilard A. i''.?6Tc: olT A, C'4i,f, - - ; white extra C ti - .yoe; extra I',', ievaiic: !"d vel - biw, n'giib: common to low. Va - fK. CVif - lee - Common to ordinary unule, n'fiS'ie; lair. 9a.oc; gtasl. I'kq rte: prime - . - lla'Til2 - : strictly prune, lJirt 13c; choice. Vk He; fancy. 14 l ie; Ooldeti Kio. iMai.;,c: Java, SKsi'. Koastc - 1 tjfee Arbuekle's lin4e; LeTerhnc's, 12 MiCune Kio, VJ? 4c; tiatea'a A No. 1. 1SV MpUuocs and - Sini Xew Cirleans molasses. 4 - t medium simps. 27 3dc; choice, 3 - Voc4ic., Ma: eh, 3! :;' - jc. Lake salt. S4c per car - load : is'ic, dril.uu in small ipiantities. Rice - t arfilina, i' y 7,"5c Clntc, uiat'ju. Coat oil, W10,.'I ai - cord - ing to grade. Fonij - n r'niits" and Nuts Piuen'pples, S1.7.VA 2.00 ir dozen; bananas, 1..W.2 5 '; tigs, 12 14e; raLsiiof,' Jndon layers. ai.MuJ.Jo; Muscaleb, Oouble Crow n, f2.tjOivi75 per box; Valencia.1 ! - 11c: turkisn - prunes, new; ' 4 voc; curnthts, lVfic forncw: Leghorn citron, itt2s! - ; lemons, Messina. l ooTa.i.UU a box: fancy, $i.0Kt oVanged, California. H.0Or4.50; Mceeina, f - LOiKsJ 4.j0; luii - cj - iaU, i$j.u0'a.j0; almonds, Tarra - fonia. ljvajje; new Brazil nuts, (s - iloc: filberts, Jrttl - lcd I vica almonds, lsc; walnuts, Grenoble, 1.V - ; KnJ - lish, Ima - llc: pecans, western. K - 8; raw; M - aiaus, white lynties4.e, 4gt6iC; Virginia, 5,s (8 V" eocoanuts, irta tc. Leading Urugs Morjihine. $XX3,UQ; quinine, Tot - isocj chinchoiudia! ixa.s;; UaaX. I2'al4c; camphor, iKa iic: alcohol, 2.2K5i 28: assafietida. ix - ii"c uV - nu, 3,'ic; chloroform, sC - f - .!e: copperas, per bbl.. SJ - oo; cream. tartar, ptiri', 40(a4.ic; castor toil, tl.ftwa 1.C0;. oil of ticrnauiot, tier pound, S.r 6i3.' j soda, bicarb, 5a i ; salt. Kp som. 4ft - .'; sulphur, 4(i.c: saltfieter, lOgLV; turpentine. 41'n Uc; fly(vrin. I vt,.oc; bromide of potash, 4 - 'i - ioc; lard oih t)0;7.V - J linseed oil, 61 M Vic - j opium, $4. i'sa 4.40; white lead, 6c; Iodide potash. S - LOO'n.H. - iS. ; llidc iTallow and tirt - a - - e Green cowhide, f.'c: steK ! - ,c: No. I cun - di N s';c; green calf, loe. do: Isalteil ealf, lie; dry flint. Ue; salt hides, lot. Felts Lamb, as - : ahearliiu - s. jMf.Ste; horso hides, SI WViiV. Tallow Prime. i'4e; ilo, 2, 4c.. tircase iirowu, 3iic. yellow, 4e; white, 4.: j Jron - 4llar iron, $l.v52.lO;" wrought charcoal bar, f.tjo - t - t lO. Horse sls Burden's, $.;.v 4.I5; rerkius's, :t.VOAki.lO: - Walkers, Stt'M.l.'?t mle r - hoes, (t.!K$j.l.'i: cut naiLs, .35 rates for tft.; 'steel nails, fi - Vi; horse nails, 'J0(a"J3 a pound: tore's, Pn - Vl 5c discount. " - Leathern - Oak sjle held at snr3Ro; hemlock sole held at W' :;ic: hanie, ani - c - : kirtuiK. :tujr:vs - ; ittrburi names. bridle leather er Ui Jtl'Il. 9JKii7"J; city kir: .'oiaic; French kip, Vc city tan. 8jc - !; rreucn can,' l.sfl. Inillanapolls Live Stock Market. Vsios; stoi"K Y', July 4. Catfle - Recclpts. l.'M) head; sliipuieiils, l"JU head. Heavy run of Kith llnrwuli .ami local. Qihtlity only fair for this markn utid prices 1'xS l.V lower, aud dull on common erades. Choiisa shippinz steers, l.t. - atol.Vah.$, - , frkn - 'V & M. - diunj to ifisjd steers, l.'j - 'sj to 1,:.') tb. r - 4Hs,j. - " ,vj CjnnnoU to fair steers, 1,100 6 l,LWIbs. 4 iVi I Mix kers, 7' toiaai tbs ;..4.. 3 j4 00 Choice cow s and heifers, l.lto to lbs , ..; ,. 4 01K4 7." Meilium to iKHleowanil heifcrs.,.. 3 fiKaS W ouiuiort cows and h - o - rs , , , , 2 i'xa' - ' " Veal calves.. ... 4 Bulls, .j,xl to choice tiyt:i .so Bulls, common to fair 2 "io( - ,;S U0 Coiaiuon to K - ssi n i.kcn... i" (so." - i is) H.ks Ket - etpUi. 1 .ouuhead: sliipments, ;si lica - 1. Qaslity e - xkl. Market oiiened aliotit jc lower nan vesteMay's price;; closiug strong. Select light - M 12f?4 Select medium - o heavy f Pxa t IS Common to fair light Is 7i)ii.l K Heave ruc!is.... .........J:t i'M3 ft") Pigs and skips ... ; . - . ... 3 oo3 - t shcei Iteceiots. i.' head; shipi. - t ut. I.Okj heal. But few here, quality commoas Market dull uiid lower. ' Cooice, H'J to UO t.U...... IB l'ki3 7,r 1 air to gool. is' to hi lb 2 sfi Commoii, f - ' lo 1k 2 is J Ob ioisl to choice 1 "i is.' 3 ;it4 fs'i Backs, per h. - aiL. . .( il oi - bi:j to InttlauapolU drain Market. There w a - iio (.r iin call on 'Change to - day, and the markets are .a statu vjao. The fiilowiiig were bids on 'Change yesterday: Wheat No. 2 Mediterranean. S4c: Xo. 3 Mcdi - tcmuieau. tKi - s - c: No. 2 red. Wc; So. 3 red, s'i. Com So. 1' w Jiite. i'ss; No. 3 white, no bid; N'O. 1 yellow, 47c;No. 2 vellow, 40;c; No. 1 mixed, no bid: No. 2 mixed, io.' ,C; no grade, no bid; sound ear. 4.'c. i - Oats Xo. 2 white, K'jc; light mixed, St'.' - r - "; mixed. o - ,"c. - . t - Bran H12.2S." - 1 . Havr - TimKthy, nohiiL . 1 UAirPatent. 86.2.'svi 5.50: extra fancy, Wi75(J 4.'.j: fancv, Sl .Vwi i.7:; (.hoice, . l iVi4..ri; lamilv, 4 KW4 Sk XXX. K..2.Va3.4.: XX. ii. - X, fi(0a.oo; aupertine, Jr2.'ii"7.: 'fine, itL3j,g2.6u i i t 1 Ml see Han eons Prodnc. - Dealers' Prices Ureen peas. ." - vSt.0n per bushel. Beans. 7"m - per basliel. (Juions, new, southern. J'i'ssaS.oO per barrel: Bermudas. Si.Vt 2.75 per buslu - L Potatoes, fnjii 5c per bushel new. il.7.Vn i.'jo per barrel, Hoticv, L'slsc per potidd. Cabbacu, new. 2.2."2.isJ per crate. Cider, waii.." per barrel. Beans, hand picked navv. tl.4ig 1.00 per'brishel; medium, tfl.Cu. Apples, new. f2.oo4j.uo per barreL Tomatoes. ll.ia.i'0 i.H, pr third bushel. Straw berries, H ou - ia er stand; T'C"!.?' - per drawer, iioose - t.errlies. U4 uuart crte. . facrrte. m S.' pe,r MH'.i'i. urra:nl. !1 ..' l.T.'i per 0 raw er. Htaiirie. s.iim. - V' t r ,:. - iuart. ' Ivarixw. SS'. - t". per ne - th:rd htishe! U.s. VVjJ.i enme. plant. i7"K - j$M' i - r one - tnir'I luhel. Water - int - i'iii. :J - ,K:x per hundred. lnitianaMlls l'ruvlion Market. Joht'insr ITices . - ucar - curea h irus. s ii'r: ettu hatn. '"Kei.ab.e'V brsml. 5c - . r.nci'. - n ort - a:u4l - Dttron. jve.oe oraiej. r.uK:LMi stioujiierx. f'vi'c: oaiii. cnr siiies. ineaniin. b 1, it; on beef. lo'i - : lanil.y ciear pdr barrel. potuwt. S. f 'i; tauti:y beet, t. - .'fl jvr barrel: wan pork", clear. Io. j: lara. pure kettie. winter renaerj. in ueis - e. . - 4c; summer Ireudered.'T'jC; haif tiRnvN. 3yt ou tfcireeS: bol'KTui. iu clotii. ',o; skin. c alva:iea be. Kccs. Hotter and ftmltry. Shippers ITi. - e Kia Je. itli lof uff: store, ll alje. i Hutter. crenisierj - fuiiey, lsc: d.ur - . chou e. yjia l.V: t:in y i - oiintr - n il - a: '.s - l"c; country. 'choice, frwec. irllbig (rum store al.i l'X": conitnon;i"re - ti. Poultry, .princ chicken. - . 1! M j.'j, Jl0V:nd:'lei tufkev hetis. ns a.ive. a mumi: roosters. i - : t''Tns. .(: ee - M. full ft - ah - ert - d, fcl.jO a Uozen: pinked. ::.uo; luck. old. SJ.."o. L 'I 1 Coal and Coke. Antliraeile, 5" - .iiier tott: Pittsburg, J ' - . - ' - o. Ja k - son eoal, .;.": Tiayniomt' i ity. i.l. - k. i inished soke. !. lr t'. - h. - l. nrT',"jwrljJ; . lump oke. jer busKel. or sj 2" per ioa - L, . L.VIdM WILL K - soW IT. The Kolc - o Company of Lo:idon.H.uglaiil, ore nieetihg With litipreCe - lente - l s - iK - with tli - ir loiiet Koli co. Jts wonderful uctiotA iu remi in tan. Mud - urn and - all discolxrations secure for n thel very lncle - t recotnuiet'latum. it i a pet a tie imported preparation, free from all inju - rk.u liubstanee - , ljuiies invitel to i - il raid tt - ceive fn - e - application. We will also liiive our rgi - nt fiill hi pcr - on ,on tlne sen - ling heir ad - drwi.i. J'arlor.V j. - n ItliM - k. The f'tVant" Cot.iiiins of The New. The rate for special wants in I uc New s, - under any ot tlie various heads is, w ithout exception, lo , ehch insertion, eoiiutihg the art iyle "a,". a w ord all abbtejiutions. and grous of l.yurvs or Uiitiala, Cmsrunl words count two. - . i - t! - .stiii! a - shulit advance In price over the former rate ot t. - r line, the increase i tar less than the ratio of Ulen - ased circulation. W 'ben T''e News' iiiainriiratci . - this special feature, tittceu jcars ago. 'other city"japcrs eharsed Uoutlu these rates, hud now that The News's cir - c - uliLtiotii. t:iu!tii.lkd .nearly tii:lit tinies 'over w hid it wa - then. 11 U believed none Will be found ! 1 to complain of a mere nominal advance, w bicjb is really u elieas niiiK of Uio cool, judjjed U" value of services rendered." .; Nujin:ii; w ill be omitted on tlfe part of the 'pub" lisliers to make tin s, - eluiuns more than ever the iK.pular UK - 1 mill ,ol iiite - x - haHt - e of the public j MiliKs lit the least l - ract leable those serve.t. ltesides iiiiluuierable errrtii.'.s done in 1 - o - t. i'ound, litll - nil - 1 hitiiutioiin secim - d, etc., tliesu coluiuus have been the medium lor sale and exchange pi property, in realty a u - l io'iial, uniouuting to a trallic f L - niiK - ;ii jaiiinuui), auu Is destined to grow indefinitely.. DIED. KKI.LiKIt John vik. infant son of John nnd. SOCIETY MEETINGS. t i - uii - a - ol u SOllfclY - The semi - auoual elet - tioti ihcers will take ilaee ou .MoiiMbv le - vt. July : also, elei - lioQ of ocu; trustet - : all iueniter all. - ii.l. I T. JL PoU l:i.l, s - ts - . .. .1 ! . 1 1 J 'jsUNDAY SERVICES. UMTr.I PlitSBYTEIUAX CHCKCH - Cor - Muas. avenue and FIu - sl st. Kev. J..1'. Cowan, pastor; jl'reaclHuit at lu - JO a, m. saobalb - sehooi at w u. m. . H I K I) C H RISTI A X C H C P.CH Home ave., b. - tween t'olleae ave. an 1 - Ash i. I. H. V. - .x Jit sKiK, pastor.' l'rea - - huis I - - .morrow '.SundHyi al loai a. lo. and s p.m. t Ntuiday - - etiool at V a. m. "VjKTllt tAPTIii" i iet'Ki 'II - HVr.T Cherry and . s iiriauwuests. itev. - n - i - KioiiHoit. pastor. 31orulnM service at - hi:l: suiijis - i. - Tije Fouuuati. - ns i of Ulierty." Twll.lii ta'rvioe utisJU p. m. uurlni; I tuesuiueier. - , i' C'Ux ritAi. ciiitisi Ia v ciH'm. ii - CorDeta. - waif aud fllilo stst ltev. J. . TayIaoi. of kan - aas Cityjw il. preut - h niuruiu ami veulni' at lhe umal hours. .Mornln suhieet: "The t. hi 1st of JlistoryJ All are eoruially hiviisL j L'llLsfl F;X.iJ.ilt J.LIIIKUAX' lIlCKOli ! JT C'orj of IVun. and Walnut sis. Kev. Jonv BaLTlV, pasOir. 1'reaeiiinj to - morrow at lut - t - Va. m. Kua - tay - siiiool at a. in. Tminslay evening lecture aind prayrr meetim 7:45 o'clock. rABKstXACI.K tlt UCU - tor. - SsecoiidaVid X .McijiUiau sis. Kev. J. Ai.hkkt Ron l.l H ai.kk, pastor. 4li: - s o'clock morulni' .hervhsss. 2:16 p.m. suuUay - s - hool aud Bible clusses. - li:) p. ra. liviUg - hl s - rviv.sJ - euLs free luroui - iioiit the house. 1.'IILsrpl'Ki - iSHYTEUl.VX' t llCll'.'lI - Soiiiti - west corner FeniL and New Yum ats. Kev. Vf 1 IIains - s, paaor,, - wiiI preach loiuorrow - at 1' - Hi a. in. The Srcond Jresbyterian ciiureb will unite in the eveuuiK service. PreachinK by Jlev. lr. McLkod at7:). : ' MKMiKtAl. "'FKteBYTElTrA.N - CHCHCU - Cor. Christiaa ave. and Ash sU Kev. H. A. F.i - sox, il, U., laistor. 1'reachini; serviees loal a. in. aud 7:4 p. in. suiMlay - - i - hool at - rlA p. m. In the eeuluie Kev. Mr. Bmows', recently ordauted a missionary to A:anit will preach. I itx'f ik - Ai. a v t' m." ii. i mv itc'ii - orTTiiitiei J sU ami Central ave. Hey. A. Maris: k, J. 1., pastor, s j'reai'iiliur luoruiiiK and evening bv Uie pAsior. 'IMoruliui subject: "Tne Fallacl - aniTii - l'liel - M of lauih - i.sti - Idealism." Suu(1hvm - 1joo1 at S - .I5 p. ui - Vounc peoples meetinit at "7JO p. tu. All Invited. . , EVFIXTH PKK.sBYTKItlAX CHCKCU - Cor. Celarand Kliilsts. Hev. 1C V. lll sxtli uaMor. bervH - eslat - lo::J a. m. and 7::i p. in. Morhiiut fhristjanily4 - A - lylllJ., FAeniutc subjwi: Xoiieoiiiormlly to tfie World."' - siinilay - school at p. in. - Prayer meeting on Thumlay evemUK. Allinvite.1. . - " MAYFi - 'JVVKIl OINiKWiAT - AL CJlt Rt li rit.i "lair m. near Fsi st. lov. X. A. Hvi.k. J. IX, asor. To - morrow will be observed as 'Children afunday." A sermon to tbe children at :joa. m. t - peeiai exercises In the sumlav - aeluHd at 2 p. m. I".ss. rations f.jr tbe occasion. The chil - Uren ami their friends are Invited. . "L'iKrVl" B 1' iisT Cll C ItC ti - - X. fie - ir: X. York" JT and Fennsylvaiiia, sts. Kci BkN JtKH KV. I. J)., pastor. Preaching by the pastor at louw a. m. and J:4i P. IU. sunday - m - hi - ol at 2 a. m. I - raver tueetiuKun Tburwlay at 7:4i p. m. Teachers' meet, inn led by the pastor, Frulttv 7: a, p. m. ' Ail are or. slially welcome to anyor hll tbesi service. MEBIJJ1AX ST. M. Ji. t llCKt H - S - 'or. A. i ork and i! - ridlan sis. Kev. John Ai.ahaktkk, 1. D.,;pastor. Cuutses at a. m. Buiiilay - scbeol at 10 a. la. Preaching by the oastor at II a. iu. and 7:45 ip. m. Subjects - Morning, "Soul - Ing." F;Venlng: "Kevolt of the Ten Tribes." Youug people s i meeting at :4 p. in. , You 'are invited. 1 L V Mo CT H Cll iTitC li - t.;or. Meridian andTC lock at.. UmcabC. JIiichjkh. iiastor. W'n. 1L Clahkk, orarauisi. Mumlav services at lu:.u a. m. and 7:V p. m. M or nine service, "The. christian Idea of Perfect Mauhitd." Keening subje - t, Vtieorgoi UloL" Suiiday - M:bool at ::!. Thurwlay evening service at 7:30. A cordial invitation given to all to attend all the services. . KOBhilTi. PAKK m7 j&'Ciiritt'll - Cor. ' Ueia. wafv aud Vermout iu. Kev. I. II. JIisJo.r - x kLl., pastor. Class v a. m. and s l p. m. 1'reach - .iug lujoa. ui. and 7:Su p. m. by tbe pastor sumiar. a - Uiool al 2 p. m. Yomur people's meetinx Monday at 7: - ". p: m. Prayer nieetuig on Thursilav at 7:4 p. m. Song service twentv nimutea belore "preaching on Sunday eveiilmc. Ail Invited ikiECoX;l PHkiSHYTKHIAX CllLKCII - l'or. . ' I't - ijii; aiid Vermont sis. Kev. Jam i s M Iao, I. !., pastor. - Communion servh - e al lie:l a. uu Aflcrnimiiat 3o'Cloc, ialant - tiaotlsni. .Lvening. al 7:4 will unite with First Presbyterian Church w itli s ruiiiu by Lir. McLtcou. Suiular - sx - hool. Bible ami Chinese classes at 8:1 p. m. Prayer meeilng ou Thursday eveuing at 7:4 o'clock. The public cordially invited. Iannouncements. SKK PoTl EU S display of pt - oUgraphs at Lleo erj ... I Dl'.INK ItAAUS kol'Ml - a Cold,,relrhlu aut strengtbenlni. I K. wfl I.I.IAM. - iX, JH', tlihK st. JJlsKasatTo A - " wuineti atld c - mldren a s(ssciaity. 1 F yoiijwani any nue ekea.cauatea and Ice ctssain. A fro 11 rnr.i". M I . i A. s o. op. .son n rflin. A. D" It J'. T. B'YI bai "reiufueor)tfWe, 14 West Hhlo st Residence, l - sl N - rlh Illinois st, ' I V. Bl" KN'S has moved his law ottlce lo Tja X WTastilinriou street, owrRitzlinfer's Bunk. - N EW" Initial put W uuibrelias, loe, during Julyl Paraert s uiubrella shop, o Ma - ssai - busetui ave. EI.lZ.tBF.TH KAt.l.rAFlFiLil, Atlorii.h, a Baldwin Block. Collections attended lo l - rolupt - l.v T". E HTEXikil Alii ( all and sa - e the machine Oiieraiiou. Busilirsi L'lllverslty, " Whuu mock l,sAsTElt SAV1XU AXU JjAX AStsocTA. 1j rp'ist io meeiinx to - iughu H, F - iskLk. 1'reaa ( ovkAl Ml Ll.lR. sec. - L'KoJl! JI LV 1 tor thirty days you can get tne X best catuneta in the city for 3 per dozen,. Wdg odge.'bsi 1a si Washington atret - c sT A - X TAX F.O L' C A B I N F,T botokranhsof children t - ' - uo per dozen, at Boa ion uaiiery. s tMsx auiugioit street. XK W" 1 . Y o K K " 'St' F. A M " l E X T A L COM PAX a have moved - to ti rand Opera Htiuse Bua - k. rooms i a&4 4. Teelh extracted for 3 cents. All work at reduced prices. 1 W. FL UXAS. al jAass. ave, plain and baicf k ice Cream aud Fruit icea. special atteution lo supply tua; nunilies. Ice cream dealers, tsli vais aud parlies. If you want the beat, give us a trial. K, W". Ffa.N ah, &4 Mass. ave. Ili - UlCK FLil'R,pr bbL,Kslo. S Ml r - ti .. , - . .'a lb. sack, l JO J ' ' ' It. aa - k. I iood Hour tulow a f K Fai.T. a X. Alabama at. tlUVV'THE Improved White Sewlim Machine; I vsi.iui now in use. Xeediea, oil and supplies lor any machine: machiui - s - iY adl kinos refialred aud w arrauted; . maehlne", V lo tlfi. warranted one year. ' K. ! MifHi:., ' 17 and 1 Masaactm setts ave. - fPHE Fourth of July la a very good day to select a X lot In t lirtord - Place, of some or tbe other "places. ' : i We have them all.' Thirty lots only re - niainiiuc from whh - h lo selct; piii - es from 75 to S - ii. After the loth the, prices mill be advanced - lr cent. Laxt call on ChBord Place. Oue - ihird liow - n, balauce in nine aiid eighteen mouths. 21 F'lela - her k buarpe Block. Wiulim W. W KIout o Co. I TOILi - T srisIiecorab - d. In large variety and very cheap, - ' at j V esseuger's. lua aan., oor. uh, .) A: " i ( I 1 1 'IXi 4 J. i l.a. - "ni j r ' ' l - ilr ! X (1 SI. X re re 1 Tow w'. p. I 1 a.l l 'JI taet ' i - X rH (' si J X W lit X ail X X ta U. In h of s. m ol d iX . WANTED FEMALE HELP. riV"j; illtL imml.tlr ai ;. N. st(l. .)! WH If K XKJK: - immwliatelv. wNuBh Ala' aji'.a X'VHsiF.AJlKl. I'm lit .r,t!4 fA . - Kast .Maries : rel - erene reir.rU "": TrNi f. 1K1. t l,t:h meUnlwU P1U!!C e.vr. A"t;lre - V rarp - .Nf .' '1J)D IflKI. wai.t - t to .!.. hi;. t. I iit staii work: luanouir. 1 - I Nt - rtti a - l s. Vii(K'l) "liKHMAN UIK.' lor kitchen.: work: suiuj! famiiv. 7C Js'crth.Meritiia.'i s;. 0" HI. for family of three - send adilres with ref erence. SJawelc. A'tdres. ( ' it, ews bllice. ARfiNTS tvltli liamlir.iue Cr.llren t - i ra'kat the Imne 31 - n - .ini ai nia - s. - " - is - Jotefc;S eji a - ftay. i0it.iitl.'t !.. K."iie:el lnni?i. - w - .ra:'.niuit ( .eruie we.l rt - eomUjetide.1;. Api'iy - It - i' o"ih ' Alabama st. I M ti 1 t'M dl Cl H IK'S l burn Hariitl m's eiil lM '1 wood arid kin dttnk; bett and ehai - u. - phoTie K: ' - T I ilHilj li I KiT lir"dTr ffeitf - ifal lumeork: a - '"! : rues" mui! we 1 r - s - of:nuein:e I. . rtii Aleriit - in. ; - " - : I'tiS" lilKLs for vaj - a - li.x 'naii.s: ;o,sl i - eers can make sau.iaeiory wau - nw ; . - piv at once liiojtv' - . pira noose. i Atll - t. i - epre - em - 'anil - eil our fe.eorat - ! situ i itary tit - t articles anil iis - - .siti - : icenteel em - pioyiiieni: e:iC'.r iy new: all the rae: fveryi - o - iy uvs: earn f 1 per.week tni season; - .leariy euipio reni: f I iiutll tree: - inii auvnip tur particular. Ad - t:res arniarv AppUaiiOi l'o..'CUu - ao, III. 'K WANTSMAKT. fXTKl.I(l'KXr LA fdW f - r - ti - At - i - - .iili - n: must tie aetive ami lrviM - worthy: i?fj (leerada.lou iu ourw.ra l - ula k - sm1 salary or lare c - - Miii,iis - t4i tirst - cias par:iis only: rompetetn - y - - eu'S - perriHii - iK y. i.'ail on om utl - - is F. Ki'ltKK - t . - 4 . l - t - nn - v l aiia t. WANTED MALE HELP. ''H HAMisO.MlM' i - HILjl In Jndianapolw to' i;et the priz at tbe Luiu'e luuiu uext - J - - K for lioiel:elorel prefmred:'eiiilil use man a'Kl wile mau as traih uiuu aird oiler. ilox Mie - doii. liL - i t j - . - - 'I'Wuull T1IKKK M KN to han - lli - a hoe of C'h - iIs Ibat - ls well - iuirsl. 7 - W. ,M Ibat - ls w ell eriatlishetl; i xoiVJ retereiu - e oiily - iuirsl. , . M asli. jl 'PWO 'KtltsT - lKA. - sS l UiAl'. MAkKlCS sini liii - n l - r - f. - ir.l. lull or adiiresi - J. Kiiask i.i x. tlox wi. ltiuvilli - , I ud. ' . ' iAlilxir - .M AUKKs. "t wo'" sirl - .ily lirst - i I isa y surkuiMitt i tunil wt - rk. 1'allnt 3 N. llltiiots HtriH - t iroia iu to 1 o i o K snu - iay anu 7 Lo 1 Mon - lay. . V.M A X in Iixliaiiapoiis io tuki - Jin oMiii - anil represent a niaimlacttirer. lol sell llit - retail and Jouhtug irale an emi - ely new liii1' of gKtN olil oy i r ros - r. uu - t w 1,11 rn - ei w lib r - n - ly siile: $, per - s: siiiull op Hit relnret; giM d...proiei - il Oy .lent. trale (oark. cop r.gai. etc. - l.treMH, w i:U siauiii. Mam uiTI kih, iloa Tit, West Aeu - u, WAN T EB - AC1 E jt TS. - L - ' ' Its Just wiinnerftil.Ther!"s it a V - tk - nothuiK like iu . fl rrTliAXliPMr T.NTKLL - HVkXT thrill. V1' dukn In - tUi - en - the Kes of two aud six yeai - s at Ihe liime Mus - uni. Api - onisyt. 'u Lit .TT P I ( TI" It K - . T ) T V V ; pnyi ngAv" oflr iir tlie - iiar - i tliix a .Mention lln imp. r. an 1 - lr i r purlic. Oars K. P. l.Kliol l.l k - o., Coli - loru, ..JI. "." "..' I1KFOKK KXliAlil.Nli KI. - sKW - ll Fl'.K all Iwlles. and ireiitli - men out of eiiiployment aud having aii4l ability, with a determination lo sileceeti. should call on or adore F. K. Clakk A L'u., - 4 . l'eniisylvania st. j WANTED SITUATIONS. )Y BOY 17. reliable an itiioi iroo.1 - ii biu: can sive B best of referenee. A.ldres. - i. Xew s mice. WANTEDMISCELLANEOUS. llOAUlltlUal Ui Xorth Pennsylvania, room, - da W W Y o Ji LKT nice from ork su .' KKA'f 14 - ox. Aocour aoaik ouiy oc; a m onUeriut J wo - sner. . ; . . 1 CAisH for a swond - baiiitpianoat 350 jil O'itl SoUlll u . - i Ult a liiil set o teeth at Fatrbaxl'a, 10 CjJ W aahlrikton st. (lAKi'KIs, an prieei, on paynieuia, xhux ai Co., j V7 jun Wjast.inKiou st - K1IUXJ.M s - r. l - , pu pay uieuta. duun a Co., V7 K. W'aabiltoll st. f 1,'iXfc'ijjLl.l - ' lLi - iX'a siivciaily a. Dr. isam e - sKi.L1 - .. over t X. Illinois st. "W'AXTKD r. - opli a of Xewa of June is and l'J t . and A nl II, IssS, at Xews ottiie. 1AKlAll s - l.l - .. , iiiets - s, s - lu ul paymeuu B'H. A Co., y7 East WashiUKlon si . 'IHJ TRA UF: arst - cuu - s phaeton lor "doiibleta - aiej bUaX3.i Addresa posteittee bv :is. city. - t'iXE&T 'IKV " Vl.ATat.""" VAMIM.T PHUTU - .uHAfos, J per dozen at Boston' gallery, UI K, astu st. j ' EVKltV BOilY'to see the vent ot iiie season. The CuiKlrc - n'a Beauly Show, alitlia lunie Museum - .vt wet - k. - V lAKriKS coutem plating p'cuit - s. journeys and pleasure Vri'is lo try Uie picnic bam. bold by grocers. ?. J - - i rjio BOKHOW t&.uio lor tlM - ee'or ave yeariC, Hiat - class security; no comiuiasion. AoxlxeMi M o, Aewi oilice. ' . - OIUiKUM tor picuk - hum; try it and you w ill le convinced mat it is tne incest thiuK bUl for bol weather. Sold by all croc - ers. L'V'KRVBODV Til KXOH tual the L.1011 stio a store has moved from "s Ka - t Washln - Xonu I'ennsylvaiua. lt M! Coav, i ton lo f'UfR 1X1 Hli VXFCKXISHKI U(3(IMsT,,f uoiisekeepiui uy a small falinly. In a private residence Iu norm part of city; will give guotl ref - erenee. Addrens M 24. care Xews. j . IVEKYBOHY Ttr" KXoW tn.l srAi - WMti - - j awake phot carrap her, at - t X. IVun. si , is luakuig strictly tirsl - class cabinet paoioi;raphs a.t per dozen, tor Ju days - only, and iluli't you lurget t EDUCATIONAL. WrRirisji; i.kssdNs t ht month at fhe lull dianaisilis BiiHiuesa I niveriuty;"W hou lilixk. ' opposiie Postolllce. . 11 ion sill()L SCIiuiKS are invited to 1 visit the Shorthand and Type - writiiiK School l the ImliauapoliS Businesa Coileue, Vunce Block. Special rates of tuition lor tbe vacation. Otttce w Nance Block. Take elevator. C. C Kos.HNka, Proprietor. 1 ' r)CK BOYS A X I i I liLi eaii proltiably spend a few bourn daily of part of tbe'loiig vaeallou the writing classes - of tue old reUahle. Induinapo - Bllslliesa College. Vauett Block.: Professor trail die. the instrncior, is conceded to be the .most suc - cessiui leucher in the United Slates. II Is collection pea - draw lops (over auto, tbe handiwork of him sell and pupils. Is I he largest and 11 nest exhibition of pen work In America. Cail and see tneut. Pupils received at any - time. Parents invited lo call. Take elevator. College otlice, u A auis? Block, c, C KokKNKR. Proprietor. VTI EX'fil).! AITEXTlO.s: ATI h.X'1 IO.V '4 he Sisters if St. Francis wiil open a Iiiku uool fur young ladies by September next, iu their elegant and spacious building on East Maryland street. Indianapolis, They wiil also be ready to relieve pupils of every age. from six years and up, as day scholars or boarders Pi their various depart - nieiits, from the primary lo the graduating class, iupita in music, painting anu fancy work will re - cieve particular a.iention. Very moderate charaes will la - made. For further Inloruiallou send Tor pprspecttis or apply at the academy. Address Si tkr s pt aioH, st, Maryji. Acadi - my, Faist Mary - laxul street. liMllanaMill.s. NEW ASSOCIATIONS. BCILJ)IN(AXII.UAX ASStXTATIUX shares bought aud sold. Hour. MmTiSiUAi.l - , Is Martiudale Block. ''HEBE will he a meeilrut of stock holdAtra Frank - X lio Building aud bam Association at tiieir roohis, Xo. loi.lrcle, Tuesday evening. July 11,7'tj o'clock, to elect three - lin - ftors for three years. Will - il money. Booka nov - oueu lor aulisenption st.K - k.,. hnh iterie!. r v. A itnonis, secretary T ',HK"ill'KWlFat SAVlXU AND LU.V.N ASsis lATIo.s issues U) shares, laird series. 1'avliir duesbegius July : Win. (ietzeihlauuer'a, Indutna aveune and Mlasisai - ipi at. shares obtained lioru lH - rk XieKuiu - r, 1VI Indiana aeuue: M. Ct. Brieu. Pres. Xorth aud Fayette Hi re Is; W". it. Slnuaer. tc 4Jt Xorth Mlasisriippl st. - riMIE riTAK SAVTXUS AX1" 1AIAX AsStK'l A - X tio.n oilers superior Inrtuceiiieius to luvesiois and to those desiring to build, or pay oil incumbrances. sbareN. SJuu; membership lee, .a - : weekly due, 2ac Share in the thurd series may be otaaiiir - J A. A. Heifer, Willtaui II ml ley, ajen Xew. l.eore Hammel, A. A. Mckaui, f, W". Crane. M. ). Ouiuuutks, 1. V. Burns, or Industrial Lite Association, X al the rooms of tuu o, 70 F - ast Market sirreu MISCELLANEOUS. 'IHjILET SKI'S on payiueau. X W'ahill( - tou St. - Boasi 4Cx,97 E. CI F'. LAY."OC E A i o.. contractor aud builders, 74 south Pennsylvania at, v HH)KlX(i slOVli: mil liueon pa) menu. Born v en o.. 7 FjkHt Washington ta. IMiTATlOX WaLXCT BEH - IUXM SL ITS on lutymeuts. W". li. Iis - Lnutu, lol E W ujo - lugion - a. C1S - AJ: Mr. Thomas's reputation aa an artist Is grow - iiig fast, fr the people can readily aee by coniiari - aou that be Is the only artist in the city w ho makes the highest grade of cabinet photographs for a.uuMr - iz e. l laOery. H! j Fi.t W aliigtou slnsrt. 4 L" BCY'C I lls.' ; ' Improved White t - ewlng Machine; ' oi).ojo now In u - C Xeedles, oils and nupplies lor any machine: cuachnies of all kinds repaired and warrauted; ; machlues .i to Sitlrwarranlel one year. ' r K. . STKCUKNa, ' 17 aud Is Maasacbuaetls ave. FOR TRADE. Ul'Y PROPERTY for vacant lota. Addrvxi X 21, Xewa atUce. . KWIXO MAi. litNE7or vuMr stove or drtaslng O bureau. Addre.n 47a X, Illinois. t'Ai'AXT U 1 la North liidiaiiapolfs or Bright v ws;d for horse i or slock ol any kind. Ham mqx l. is Virginia ave. L'oK SALE Ult Tit A DE Forty aur on t"hrford A ave.: also .4 lots lu - Kappee K NalTuer's juldiiioiL Will sell or trade lot inside ilroperly aud assume inciiuibrance or pay: cash diff fence. A. F. i'oTTs, trustee, l'.'r X. P - 'iiu. si. TAKEN UP, BY 1 UK bl'BSCKIBEK.twnaaiieasuthweMof ilayw.jod, July 1. laige w line cow, red ears and red nose, supiam - d to be eight years old. I iw ner can have same by paying expeuaes and proving property. John Hkarki. - .. REMOVAL, ri - HE I.ION SHOE STORE, ttoin 2s Fjtsl Wash - X li.glon lo 4 North Peuuaylvanuk it. M. Conav. FOR SALE OR TRADE. i IDE - BAR Bl'UfJY llsaav CKoasi.ASbs aior - O age warehouse, ,1s s - tmth Pennsy BOARDING. vaV - a, TI AT BOARDINO,j) Msesachneelt are. ara 1 A - r 1 laiitil roouAfl U rteslieil ' I - FOR RENT ROOMS. Vt New York streift,1 J,"l flXIwilKD t'.imM. 78 K. New Yuri, ') I') aCH31 sf .'the lower irt of booaa 1 I.KAAXT SU - .KI'IXU KOOM - sr 131 Xorth X AlHt - anta. 1 LKA.AXT "ItoXT IV K)iI, - IUfttHrtied. J7S S. X - taware. . , l I IX IMS. furnished or uufuriiUhad . i ! - Xorth IV Aiaoania. X ICK. esl. niifurnishsl front rooms. - Jss North . - - as .wisMissippL X' KNVl.Y Kl RNisi'ltb ltisiSi orlli S Tenlie - ti. - i - l. L' H H T - Ki.k.I HtCK7dow n tow iu t i as I 4 Xorsli KaM st. j : I0).M: also two fine parU - ra, "with both, ew k North M - rt - lian. I "CKN" ISHKII lloi: large t - niiiHls and atablVC A tail: IM - k' - rMe. 'pHKF.K ttixiM - 4. siillaole lor housiaeeplug; is. a - .stu - l.ll el ts a e. . sfKXIatl KiaiSls"cool and p'.easaiiC 1 - 4 Wet. New orKsl. 'I'HK II.1 HAXJ)Mt; T - KK - KUO.M, Jii Ma a t - nu - n.s a. - ; - ' 1 i . u - . . Cfcsl ItA Bt.K OFIt'lt. opposile iwsfomce; 1' rioiu. II. It. PlMtl t. I .1 , 1 OCN MAX. furmsli. - d fo.uu, private house. X K. - V.I 'North lea - varu ' IL f.M. - sIi!'.lisuiilurnn.!iea aiKl kitrl.en: central; pnvalv taituiy. Kust Mtl.t. L'T KXlsjli F.h ! OK '' L X Vl - JtX fs - H CTl UCMiM. - i JT for rent at IJK North I.liiio . st. 'IMIKKK OHJiAP H'"iiine.iiate" posst - sslou X lo iHJtl tl - Hltt. ,JOHS W. IlLOC 1 1,"UKNISHKI )R "CXFCKXl - SUKii XMS w itii Nuir - L. 114 XorthTennesse - - st. (sM)Ii Hul'sf:. ti - e ru'.mstdown townfi - entraily JT locatetl; ool cellar, il l l - jtst Olito t. FINK. FCltNI. - UfcI FKuXT KouMsi Lo ) M monta. t;t Fjtst Xi - w orlc. jtX)MN nl. - ely foriil - hi - i. with lirsi - ela baiti - k Inir, .l. Vi j - er week. 311 Waith M Tl.tian sL' I tflll.,Ul.K JFFl"V - S. id Mid :M Ooors alrc - t It lllock. I'.aAiNAKO Itoitir - oN. 13 V' llloek. li.VMistiMK si l l hS of - I rooms, at 2ti - Mass. mmi ave. i.Very convenience iur llahl. Uouaekeep - nii - . ICKtV H iiMsHF.I) "li.Xf.Msi, with tvoar.1 iv Fort W uvfie ave: fefereinHs civeu and re - siuirnt. ' ' IXit " KKXT - Two well fnriilslitsl rooms for Jl hotiiM - keeplnic. with cookinit 3A..VC Xew Jersev - Xonn lt I i 'KVKX - JtHJM. IIUI'SI, Xirth V '''' ' diauajiolisj. 3 - Vi'Kast W ashington at.'" I'. .V. VKRS. kJTUKF. Kf.WjM. Kuoil r - ia7r7i siimiTi feiiu. si. in - j quire i. .v. s1lltu IVun. st. I I "T X. - t'i'Unsylvuuia st iluun low n; sewer eou - r S lietlotls. Uo - areet - Car fiU?i'. Lulventity larx . M. Kill HKN. 'plIUEF; KtaiMS, ou second tli.or. soitahle lor X ofheej. elubn or lodge rMntn: gi.s and water. 27 South llliuom si. it. v . 1,'hki x. FOR RENT HOUSES. WOli KKXT - Houseof six r.Hms. s WcslWal - r nut st. 'll Booms' lor" rent, wi Masaacuu - X setts aft - , ! 1 1 i' Xortti Xew Jersey si'llve rooms; good t.J 1 J nr.ler. ('HEAP UWKI.LiXliS; oiie'tor mail ami wile. J John W. ili iki. 11.K ASA XT nilMsllKl) FIloXT I.UtiM;teiH ual iiN - atioii. 2s W si ew York st. (iFFICE 1'miM : fu" reur Bank 'or t'ouuuerceT . BaiiKiif Commerce. "J. ll., - TKWBr. ' ) i W. Pit ATT and' ilelletontaine; ) J U. CARVicHAri.. 2J West Pratt. i j ' 1" "T F:.';i.!. AVE,Ss: .c'llosnrook. ir:"Tiv4 i )t) - xiULh Alabama, f 1. - i.'Oiiuii'cu, la A irginln ave. . i : . . N O.lti X. XollI.E, two - atory tranie, tt rijoi'iis, t By LoakNZ, Si, ll mi or, S 2 South .Delaware st. 1 fc 11 r EES' - FCKXisllKD FRiiXT KiXlMS: also rear room lor Imhi hou - sekeenlna - . li Fust .New lork: :i . ; C'I'UltK If' KIM . 4 Kh - i nshniiitolt al; best bilsi - O ness lix - atiou In city; oilice room! second Door. i ohx s lilocli. J IsfKX rSHF.H OR rXFLRNIslfKD ROOMs; large bouse and yard: central location. AO - uress S '4, care Xews,. . - T HRF.E - sroitY BK1CK BL 1 1.KI Xli. 141 Went W asaiiurlon st: desirable buaiuvM location. C F. Muts. ci F .Market hu . . 'I'ilKKKHiioJIs.'uii i - - (mil floor. Millable for X otlices cluhs or lodue rooms: gas and water 27 South Illinois st. li. - W. Urkks. SEiti.MI - STtiRY FKO.V1". witn larxe ah - cT - v . suitable Iur two or luree gi uts; uear poslollliv; private family. Address T 24, care Xews. l - 'OIt RK;XT iiouses in tui puru of tne crilyTft - ouT X? ilo thai per month. Wuriri R n - irs. Agent, ' Eua - lUli's Opera House. OR HEXT I - sirable residence, 'No. 147 Xorth Peunajrl valuta street; turiiace. hath - room. John 8. tJCAJsS A Co. '. FOR RENT MISCELLANEOUS. "IHIF: OFFICE heretotore ocrunted by City Attor - X ney Denny, 2d hour. Vance "block. Iwiuire it Vance blx - k. - . 'ilRICE STABLE In rear of 217 Xorth Delaware X sr.: appiy at drug store, comer Massachusetts ave. and Delaware st. j . IalAXOts A.Mi OWlANs. at irom tljoto. per mouth, and the rent applied on tbe purchase. FkARaoN a M c sic Hocsk. l X. Pennsylvania at. MY FIXE AXU VAI.UABLF; FARM or 24a acres; abort unve irom city. For further Information see 11. B, llAaiioNU, sole owner,, on preniissn. HOARD, without room, by siiu - le geiiUemau in private family; must be rimhI, and within two squares ol Military Park: willing lo pay H - 1 per w eek.. Address 11, HI We..t Waauinirtou at. FINANCIAL. vi u AN - U OVER. C - E. Corns ft Co, a1 OXF;Ytt LOAX7 d. S. W'alfiiiT. North I'eunsylvaoia st. ' "O LOAN Special ruuda at to 7 jfier cent. Inter X ea. Alkx. Metzokh, MOSif on nrsi morigai - m ahy'auni deatrabla. John Kioij. 20 and 2 Thorpe block. ' I 'O uiA.N frivaie sums on ucoalt: sums to sun.' X URlKFITMctPi,TTl, hj X. Fenu L ', MOXfcV Tti 1AAX";. b iK - r ceuL Uokack alt KV, Room 11 Talbot x Xew'sBlock. MOXEY al Uie liweat rate otiniere. i. W. W ILLiAua t Co., 1 and 4 Vinton block. MONEY on mortgage ecuriiy, larin and itjr property. D. H V ilk. 1 Odd Fellowshall. MOXEY ou laruia or ctiy property; terms reia - sonablLTHo - . C. lln 4 Co.2 E. Market at ss? .",l I I ti I ou uiy or larma; iu very ioweai tJJ,JJJrule. u. W. Uoictt - cu, la Vugiuui 1.OAJ - Mouey, iu sums of fiiju, ifJuu, fj:j and X J, on real cstaie. W'.sll. IIammo.vs, M Vir giuia ave. M iAiAX Siouey at s per csiitTwii Marion'coiiip X ty real valaus. . W. - Mh R A Co.. W Fau( Market au j MOXF:V TO IXjAX ai 6 per ceuL, without coin - nnscion. Call on or address B. M. Buil ST. irviuxton, Ind. 1 1 i ToIaJAX upon city property at a JJJ low rale oi UHeresk luoa. C Day a cvi., 72 y. Markttf sl IOAX. - i XFjOliAl F.D oii Improved farm and J city pmtierty in Indiana aud Ohio. Joe. A. MoOKJt, 4m Fai4 Wanhlllgtoll su. .J 'Hj 1 - OA.N, in iuiiu ul i,uuu to S5,uuo, on tlrat X mortgage, Irom three to live year. Bank 4 W ls.Tk.Ks, over Fietcmr's lutuk. . ' . ItBlVAl'k i - LXDs lii Miuis to suit, on farm or . city proDeriv: low interest, stasitom asuiTT. iwi Xorth iM - laaare st.. l.ostou Block. 'po IXiAX Money on favorable terms ou liu - X prove.) city or larm properly. C. M. sTuihiako I o., 24 Wrights Block, Indianapolis. YVAXTEI) TO lRROW. one thousand dollar tt at s per cem, in ureal, lor one. two or three years, ou note with good aecuri'ty. Add rem i , ews oilice. ; ' Al'AXTKl) lor Bve yewrs; tti.ii nat 6 pvr cem. net, tt on hrsi - eiikxs city husiuets property worth - . - ""i; no commission panl. Aduresa IKitLU .Millar, care John, Kern, linllaiiHpoli.s. MtlXKY, H er cent,, on IiidtauaiMilts real estate; husinesrt and resiuem - e prot - ertiea and vacant lots lurmii - ; Iwrnalns: good lertiis. HkNUY t ok A i o Insurance. Iamii and Real Estate Agents Room I t MaxtiiMtale Block. - PERSONAL JsEE Polter'a display of phototrapba at UtBia'n. . . I ( I.L - V ii Indiana ave., tuubreliaa and para - Vy aula made aud repaired.. 1 K. FIIIElt,ti North IH - Iaware at! Piles and A olhl other; disesoMhe rectum a specially. lTANTED A tir - clas barber lo tun ahep In II Hotel Flngliah; must have rueaua; big Inducements om - red to the right man. Apply to Oku. W. Jackso,., Manager Hotel FiglUh. . 1ADIFX to call al the Xew York Hair - 4,'o.'s par j lor.:s.S Fjut WaaliiiigUin at., aud see the 14 - st novelties in hair goods; aulies' hair dressing Imlie)' and children's hair cutting a specially. Maua SllXIK Bhowx, Manager. 1 4 C BCY C THE J . lini.r proved W hite Hew ing Machine; ' I iyui now in use. Needles; oil and supplies for any machine; Biachlncs of all kinds repaire.1 aud warrauled; niacbinea as to f iu, warranted one year. t It. E. STKPH KX4, : . ' 17 and in Maosachrm. - tt - i ave. STRAYED OR STOLEN. L'Ko.M ARXODDs DAIRY, on Brook sld ave X. on night of J une 2, one w bite eow, with large r. il S - ois oui nines and neck; ears red and white lace: supposed lo be six or seven years old; long Mra.ght horita. Reward of ' tor her return. For arrest and conviction of Inlet, f - i W. ii. Arxolu, lair - inan. ; , NOTICE. iyOR at'XBCR - N' AND TAX use jltaag - s Creaos 1LOOI. skin and nervous disc - ases a speciaRyTXisT Deuke - W'altcr a, 28 FJast Washmgioa. 'po l'AKllEs wantiiig nrst - class pasturefor 1 stock by the three nnuiths or year, see W'. IL Hawmonu, 16 Virginia ave. LOST. WHITE C"JW, Ave years old: tlpe of born Return lo sTu south Meridian at. itewatd, ti. I ' , ." . t , i '. ISLOOMUSTGDALE . GLENS. Snecial Train, fiOY 81.50 FOE G - . A.. BEISNER, tf the old armofCarnplin&r.clsner. has opened a ne stock of Boots and F hoes at SO NORTH I KNN'SYLVAMX Si. The - s goods, havina been bought for cash at the present hard - line .prices, lie will make it to the interest of his old friend nnd others to call on him be lore pu rhasint elsewhere. 11F.XRY ICX RE, well knoKn to the trade. Is also with htm. i . ..... ... .. . '. ..u V.. u. - v L LJ1 - Jl - ea - asa - - - - - - - - a CHAMBER s 1 At Mamifactmer's Prices. INDIANAPOLIS CHAIR ; MANIiFAGTLRIXG COM. Salesroom. Cor. New York St. and Canal, r . MVP Q T WT W 13 import1! from Marsala, Sicily: - It U AllUilljA IT li JJ strictly pure wiiw, and is sold at a priot liitherto unjieard of ftr an iinportt - d wine. . ' I V FRANK II. CARTER, Drugist, 300 AIassacLHWtU Avenue. FOR SALE REAL, ESTATE. il'ty i'RilI'ERTY.larui - ., C E. C'oralX Co. 1,' I V K l. "i T - In ' NV. - odlaw Til Ad.tress W' 22,fews nice. : 1,'E city Tiouies must be aula. Ot'l. lia.WiHsl - lawnavuniie. N EW' - KIVE ItofiM "liVrTAHE. ll.So, Park avtC Lnquire St Hia - kfiirtl street. . ;t 'r'ti KA'sT KKuX V I.tiTSiin Riu - k le. 1st ween X Eighth and Ninth, Very cheap. 44 Asl I Ash Til. 2!! Field (il El - Elt HUt AVK.Xl'E. ilCi: 2! Fletcher avenue. fl,:: 47 Rates street. B..VU; ai Ixx'k - wid str(H - 1. S,..i. orsut ti, l. ' iiKinia venue. - i i. liiiig tiuie anu lerius. Iniuse Xn. 2tib Sonh V t Alat - utiia st.: house u. lut I'euiral ave.. acant Msnu N. - Tenne - we st. i i.avisiui. A KTi hkw il.'a - 1 W'ashina - lnii st. (lOl I AiK OK a "room's: a Is - uniilul Utile home j hi northi - ast part of elty. ST.vo; ami a Illicit isit - tagemi liavalsnii st., s roiinis, tCliiu, hesh1s nuiner - ous other bargains. Hamlin A .Lk.nsox, Jb .. IH - lHWaiest. rTJlr - .l .K.. - sAl.K OK VALI ARI.E" It EA L E. - 1 TATK - 1 w ill mi W'rsines.1ay. the 22 - 1 iluv of July, iswi, at 10 o'l - liK - k a. in., at ibesoutli ilinrof Ibet ouri H - iiise in nuhuuaiHiliH, In - 1., sell at piillc aia - tinn lo the biuhesi btibb - r ftir cab lu bainH lite following real estate, to - w It: ll :ai - In HubliariK Manliitlale A MiS arty" . sub. ofJuta I ami 2 In square l.i lu the sf.iitti - ast arl - liintii tu liKliauapolla. Lot 12 In Michael Van Hlarleuut'ssuh. of outint 2, west i.F While Riveru - . West Indianapolis, and lot 12 in Hubbard. Martiudale A Md any sstih. of lots 1 and 2 iu square 14 In Hut - bard, Marttndalc fc Mc farty'a suIa southeast adtlltlou to IimIuiiimjioIIs: and I will al the swme time and pla.e ottvr l,.r ratle at public aui - uun for casti. to the highiat bidder, all the unpaid notes and account. in my hand as trustee of James Lodge, all of said real estate Is lunging to his, estate. I1. K, lb Nik KR, Trustee, - " Rnoms in, H ani le Thorpe Hloek FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS. JARD BARRELS, at IIbvce's bakery. JHEA I'.TiKs? nsh aq'uariuiu. 24 KTililoaC " JA RUE SA 1 EcheapT 25 CtrSe "5T - f.At7W'olil RF - SlIiliTar cbw'aiid calfrgTa milkw KTrf a JT stabler . . V IT E TON ED. I'lANo, f - oetave, cheap. - 217 farjt ve. j ' I'OR C'A.s - H, soda fouuiaiii i - omplele, fur tliii; ifi Douglass street. II - . l'RITTi STAND; - I. .lug goott business; goou X sioek. 5us. liittiiii&ta SA FE: good order; cheup: couibiuutiou lockl Ad - dre - ia V 22. care News. I IN E COW S; w ith - ulves;' apieud id - milkersT X J. M. Wiaiw, 25 Circle W. ) k N DIANA - A VEX C K : ) V . " guat bllltou shoes, tUl K SHOE STOHfc Mlsaes A ' I 'H h. iaiKi - sl siock - i. everyiuiug, on X 4ikn Co.. 'J7 E Washili - 'lcii st. paymeuka SJ ER V H'E - s OK J ERSK Y ill l - U . J. U C. butler O recora.EalLCreek A . iilmoia - a. V.NEW AU'fl IMATU' j S E W l.Ml M ACH LNE, cheap. Address E '22. sew s u II a:e. V F I'.K I A 1 1.. ni.ur and grain, tin. - uniPh - eil all kimls. w N. Illinois, j Niiki. Iiafs, STEA Msfii i Tick Eisaii all lines l.iweal nice3r Alkx. MKTZokK.iNId li - lkmi' UalL N Arttil'St on Dnruiau N. liavidsonoTfiOAsI William II ai ikli.. IimIihiihis.iih. TWO oia ID C W S, one Rill banal J. rs. v. si - onii X house west of Beimoiui on Washington st. A. .Naiii - u ; ' I . V - NO. 1 LAitiiE tow Vith calf two .Uy old? splendid lAiilker; alaoi largo eate, cheap, it Circle st. . ON ACClil'NT'orold agejl olT.r iheTRilianapolTs l'aper Box Manufactory fur sale, cheap. A. N.Tavi - ok. t J T A l.N Vt BKiHtut M k:trmaWeTul71iSi: tt on payuienta WiWi. A Walkman, 21 E. Washington at. i DRl 14 STORE, In thriving town eastern part o? state: atm'k at - out S2.ujul a. kiama Co... AI.S IT MAS Bi.K - Tiit - r.raiT it li' II level plate aiHl toilet glaas, only - , at M Ka - :.'GIH'i), Kll K W'ablliKluii. KE - s'I Al'll.VNT A.VU IiiEXTtEXxT - ARLOlvM"; a giKnl location, business) part or city; will be soidala Iwrgain if cailed ur soon: cheap rent and long K - aae. Joiinihin tt fmiutM.N, M X. Delaware. i'" i "I AROE number ofrb(aiitiiu building lots on M.A toii;iisu avenue anu JiHlos street, lirsl Mora east of i'tilou atre - t, ami aj ititniiier lu EieU - htr s W oodiawu, very Cheap, j Hauiltu k Leunon, L North Delaware street." j BrsIN Kiss mat auy lady niayeniage in, thaucan invest to easn, or part property and cash, to tne amount of l,J. lle. - tM) per month, half Iirotlt. This ts a. rare chamss lor some enterpruung adv. Hamlin liinon, M Nortn Delaware atxeeu Tjl - T iLoi'lt,s pruee - a. ptM 7 X Rest Hour, roller proceas, au.4a All kinds ot feed. ','Tlone mewl, imperial egg mod. . Crushed oyster shells a,,r chickeus. - - ' Bollom prices. At Retail. ..".. Nokl Brow., ' 1 - ' "I at Xorth Illinois st. " FOR - SALE Horses and Vehicles. jOOD UOUsE, cheap Wood's stable. (OOD FAMILY i U North i'uie. HOIfcsE and 2 - rs - ated buggy. t; - YEAR OLD' BLIND MARE; weighs lTauTibi 9 K AlftH'a Rtat4e. 1 EMLE DRIVINIl FAMILY lIO&SETCiii VI at 74 East Washington sl. fPYO PONIES; flat Diane audlbAii;oodrMHldie X aud drivers. Kkkk s stable. (s'OOD IloRsE for cash or p'ni(n:a. at Jtir. JI;l.;v"!. No. Ti West Market t. SfXXJND - H AND SIDEBAR BtTooY and good driving mare and - saddle. K KH4t'ir ntnbla. LMNE YOI'NU JIORSE AND i.tutrirorTn X trade for loU Address Warren, sentinel Co. f Ci HEAP, six - year - old horse; sound; good worker ' ainitle or double. Inquire Exuresstuan as. in In front Court House. 'I'Ht largest variety of bueciea. anriiiLr and AeL a nwery Walious iu citv or . - slate .1 i.rl. - a. - K down; call at 177 East Washington at. Davi'd UttAI.I.kV ilo. Co. LR SALE, leas than ei,"oneVm - ivy"aon7iTie X. aide - riar, piano - box top buggy, one open tun buggy; all new: b - st tuake. At HoLLoWav's Livery sialile, on Cherry st IfACitts art HKAKA.V, for mirn - ys. carnages, XJ phaetons, buggies of all kinds and atvlea. In REAiiAN wholesaUe and retail. Our New York wagon a specialty. 12 and 14 circle st. ; UORBINS JL Ci., ii Eaaltiorgia iriulldbS carriages, buggies, phaetons and wagons at lowest pr io: iuapeel our large stock of uew and old vehicles. W e repair and reuaint. - t D ARK BAY tiELDI No. IA handiThJgh and per .e. - tly sale for a child to drive; he la ont or at tuoroiighbred mare ewned by Wm. Cox, Brtgh. w ihmL IikL. by Lozan 1st. be br Rvarlike a - lis. . fine open gait and can trot In a bom 8J0; cants. oouguicneap. uati ai atauiMl - air tirounla, or 77 aasi Markt. at ouce. I tu LAP 4 new farm waenns. t second - band spring waguns. I s - jiuic toacijea, : - a. lol of aecoud - hand - buggiea, etc fir nub or on paj - meuta, at RlPLxv'a, Ho. "71 West Market st. FOUND. I tlALL AND SEE 18 BEFORE YOIT BCY. ' B - .RtA Ca. VT hM Waahiiigio ngionst. rPHAT BENSON tti. have tbe largest storage 1 laa - ttlaxft In I II A g.ita I rAi ar.a - .a4 Itk L... Il a - m - ... euw a .S.J , e - - w aiiiu a n XsVS. r etOUi 1 II i( lOO He 'IMiAt tilK HOlK ill be nuich iHr1y X . uioic picntc ham iiiM. of c - vuklnx; bot din - MTV. It Ia UCiH rUU eUlQ CTtlfHimrCaU, TtatOTH. , Isold by U P. HAiUTY. UMBRELU.AND PARASOL :iA.Nvj?rVonTJit Kit. 463j Virginia avenue, . Indianapolis, Ind. Repairing neatly and promptly done. ' Covering of all kind done to order. ' Tlie ' Standard Itemlngtrin emhrsvees the fiindaraental pnn. 1 1 nr., ss as IU MLMt Bin. pro vemeuta ill writing machines. yckorr, Hemmana k Benedict, I uie ageiita, a Indianapolis. 4 Eaat Market st. 5 T430 a. m. - EOTJIsTjD TEli? SETS AMUSEMENTS. DREW - , SACKETT & cas DIME MUSEU3L Fl - ECIAL AND IMPO.RTAJfT. To Parenus w ho have Children between the ages of two ani sivyear.: : . Owmg to the Iremendnns snccesa of the Baby Show, and the unanimous request of parents " aiiii patrons, we have Uejeruiiiieo to give a children's BEACTT SHOW" Xevtweeki Only children betsreen tbeagesof tsro and six yeara will be permitted to enter. Ho many Parents wanted tnenurchildren for the Baby fho - r w ho were aiove age that the Children's Beauty HSiiiT Is absolutely demanded. , LIST OF PRIZES. ' T ' - . FlrsT Handsomest and neatest attlrert child ra oetvlug the largest number of votes, a. - In gnlil. 'Second HanU - wmest and Deatrat attired child f cssivlng the iHs - ond highest number of vntea, Third Child possesslug longest, prettiest an4 beat head of hair, f.n Kiairth child mhlbltliit; the handsomest aasl neatest dressed doll. Sl - V. i . Utth - Haintsom - si and neatest drrssed pair t twins between tbeageaofZ and yearn, tii Entry books mm on - n. Appl v lu person or by letter to J. E. tAt KkTT, Dime Museum. . DICKSON'S GRAND OPERA H0USB. LASTMGltT OF THE SEASON. j FREE DISPLAY Or FrREWORKS From the Issleony of the theater this eveuinj, , i - niai a rawing hr m rni; i - onv. PROF. MORRIS A - SD UfSTAMKE tA ioc - adMI8SIOx itorwi rpn MIE ROLIaER COASTER." OPEN EVERY AFTERKOOy ? ! and eveninK, except SunUays. rOne aJinlsnnni and two riik - a, 6 centa. Music every Wedoesdar evening. j z 00. GILMORE'S , i NEW IRON THEATER MONDAY, J l' NE 29.1S8, - ,. All the week, and our Tuedav, Tbuiaday aJ t - aturdar: Matiuocs. . i - THE GREAT, THE ONLY i iGIBBONd oi - DOYLE' COMBINATION! Not only the blcccst, but the Terr best specialty com i .any ever seen at the Zoo. Mir Tweiity - tivc artists, all atairn, ail to I ior ana cena. A7IR V o, the 7IRGINIA AVENUE RINK. Open all day Saturday, July A Last daeef season. - : ttrat al tractions, in the evenin - L. Evliililtkms of fancy RUvrle riding by Prute W ells, aud race between J1JIV Ex ugtr on akatea auu rruira v riia oitawiicyi il m nn a . C0NCEh4TRATED f vVATEP - i SICK HEADACHE. - l I (X)NOTIPATION.O Tbe three "llhT that make Ttfe a tardea. proropuy ana poeuvaty rene - rea oy s - N'a.tureJ' Great IitmAx rRA'B OTtCliARD WATER. In nee Jbr 7b years BKs - efiilJy, and i - aoommstidssl by phjmiclana evat - jrwnere. , . - ! 1'rice 33 Cents a. Bottle. . OENTiTf F. CRAB OTtCHARD stALTS are only qld in eealed paper box packages at iuc and 2SC. r - - e that "Crab Apple" trade mark la on all label N o genuine Crab Orchard baits are sold in bul k. Buy only "Crab Apple" brand, sold by ail Artef. glsta, ' CRAB OTtCHARD "WATER CO.. PTMON"N. JONES, ManageT, LoulsvlHe Ky, Wholeaale Agcuta BitoWNLMi A eLOAJt, K1EFEK it CO. ' i RAILWAY TIME CARD. Jeftersnnvirte, Madisoq: at Iadlanapoile K. H. lepaxl: tltam, :Uaun, 1 Wpm. esaapm. - Atari SsluauiA, lu - t&aui, Juipm, ltt - 46pm. . . andaila Line. ..' departs f - Jaata. 7Aiaun. tim. 4 - SOpin. tOsftj Arrive, ajuam. H - Aavm, aapm, 4:Upm, tJOpm. Clerelandlumboji.t'liicSnnal.l Indlanapolla R.K. Di - paut: 4 - OUam. Hr.lQaat. ll - tttam. IJOptrvI lOpiaw Arrive: t tani, il - iam, 2uipm, fcl&pm, W - .Up - tk , Brightwood Divtaioa CbUaLkk . Depart 4 - uuain. auUoaui. llxuaoi. x:Uoua, ajO psa. 7rJJom. Arrive: e:suaAO, II .'anii, ripm, a - ' Vni. S ji pin, lu:k pin. ' tttH iniiaii. AuuianapoIia7fet. LouU k Cuioago B, ' Cincinnati Dlvlaloa. Depart: 40aul. ll:L.Sani. StSpui, aJAfanV. AXXlasai - a" - s - '"i " - ' III, t - i ipm. ' "' ".' Cbioago XMVawoo. iJepart: T:Mam, 12:lopm, SJOpm, 11 3r)pa Arrives : IXnii, lO - Kam, laipm, k:42pm. CUcaa - o. bt. Louis J - tttsborc R. R. ' Depaxt 4: loam, lliiuain, SOopm, sjapia. a - 4D Arrive. JMmia, le.4uani,U:4iavm,4jp - a, luAlaav ChKrago Division, via autiHsa i Depart: UOjaun, u - jupm. Arrives m,Uir Wabash, 8L Louis PaelUe R. W.;' ' Depart: 7 - Ajaun, tUpni, iitipiu. iinns, . ArItss ttsean, afluam, tiriaaiii, JepiAw luoianapolia A V iaweaneaR, B." Depart: kUam, 4AWpui. Arrive: Misoant, JOpea, ' CinctniAeli, jajuuuton A iMtianapuua at. K. 'Depart: 4 - ooam. USAiam, 42ipan, 4 - tire. Arzive II .Via m. e - uopiu,. AU:tpiu. iuoiaaa. nixonniigioai A Western R. flr. Depart: S.Liaai, fcl - Vio. ILn - pm. Arrive; a " - , Uaatav,.4iutA - Xaatera DlvlstoeJ Aiepan' sn.sarxi, aaAipni, eiaipaa a - 4iuai. lo - 3fcptii. - 4 Arrive; 7:eHVoi Indiana nolle, Decatur A ISpTiagaeld R. W Depart - amm. 41 psa. kul ua. Arrival s - ta aiiA, lu - Aipsa. , Indianapolla A Rt, Loiita - - a Departs 7 - Jbam, H - i4arn, - Jopm. UkJOoa - f - tinr iA - AtauiA, aAia, ' - pin Arinsi LoulavlUe, Sa AUMuay A Chlcaro R. w Chk - ago and Micuigaa Ul, IunT" Depart: H - iiain. eawpot. llum. itrt.. ajs iareed Ripple trains Sunday onW Tla - n.n - aaa am, Zuopm. Arrive: : 1 ge t EfITD,,rt: (Oonnax - Uoa made via Be. u . Deoart: S. - OOam. iiaTS.i - - - - - aon. f . ,M - 4e - Sa Arrlvei IXM - 1

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