The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on July 26, 1881 · Page 4
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 4

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 26, 1881
Page 4
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.Bargain Sale. I. S. AYRES & CO. vraii omit, piEEfJIIAIiTS IF CLOTH. !.iu seaw ' ; We have marked tbase away below cost to clear IMm m o uickiy. .xoa can get a reran ni in any length, from one to Keren yards, at about half rrioe. A rare opportunity 4o ret GOOD CLOTHS rt tremeJy cheap. All the balance of 'oar Summer Suitings, In light and dark effects, Xa be closed oat at freatly reduced, prices Come and get the goods bow. ,. La S. Ayres & Co., nroiAiAPOLis. K.B. We ah all k keen oar Urawmskinf, Depart ment ONLY A VKBT SHORT TIMK LOXQER for tac6umoier8M(m Ladiea wtahins; drees made br Madame HL'BBa. at JULY PRIC13, will do well to put their work In AT ONCE. REFRESHING. A a - - ' Tim contemplation of dose elegant but cheap ICE PITCHERS during thli hot weather lowers the temperature several degrees, and actual possession is a Joy anspeakabte. We bare lota of them. G IKBHAT.1, : WALK & IIAYHEW, 2 . 12 lEat Washington St EdgAb J. Hodgson, I Architect ud Stcperlntendeat, 4 ' : Boom 14 erer I 8.' Ayress. ; 1 Consultation solicited from all parti of the State, either tn person or by totter. 1 - 4 WILLIAM FIKE, Fine OarTiagesiBiiggies,Etc. MSepalrlnf aad Repainting aapecialtr. .1 , C8 Co1 Street, ' " . Between rennsYlianin and Delaware sts. "Old customers and new Invited to call. The LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSIT COMPANY'S fc revised and handsomely Clmtrated j - v;V ; TOURIST GUIDE - and BATES for 1881 is now ready. For copies " aad Information, apply td L. L. BU&XKr, Aft, '.JaUtHoaae Ticket Offlc. th,s,tu ismatar 7 ilp. m.... ' The salvation army has pitched its tent a Oak hill, Mr. Safford, master of transportation of the J.,M.&Lisintheeity. The aomme sight festival of theiMn aerehor will tike plaee to - morrow night ;f" The court 'boose janitors are doing their best to kill the grass by "watering it in the . The V Jli C A. " building - on Illinois street is .receiving much needed improve ' ments. . : ' j'. The womans exchange, IS Massachusetts avenue, will lserve ice cream and home made eake this evening. - J"; Mrs. Wm. C Mick, who was sunstruck on the 13th inat, is still snffering from the r carets, ana u nn yet boic yo ait vp. - rIt bow looiks - as though the Meridian - street pavemeht ordinance would be finaUf i ronsfderd ; next Monday; night by the al - ;'dermB."V.Jj' - ;v u i ' f The young people are holding a series ef , Interesting meetings at tie Central avenue church. ThejraefctiB to - night win be led - by Joe Conner,. . . The city engineer'! Richmond, IncL is receiving bias for the construction ?f bridges at Washington and 'Williamsburg ' ia syne tounty across Green'i fork. TLe 'state . board of equalization com - . pleted its arduous labors to - day and ad - jonmed. The m embers speak very highly, . of Mr. John Wj. Coons, who rendered very , efficient sen - ices as clerk , Jibe board of health and the water works' . company each j ta courage from the pro - - - eeediags of the luaaucipal legislature last evening. ThW health officers are jubilant . Ter Prof. CeOeU's letter. j Gov. Porter, accompanied by bis son Al - . bert, leaves for Chautauqua - this evening, eipectlrg to be absent until August 8. His - address - while absent - will - be Lake wood, Chautauqua county, New. York, - . . - '4 The L, B. & W. has secured the - right ef way. into the icity. Track - laying on the extension beHps at the Belt railway cross - in; to - day." It is said the trains will reach . the Union depit over the Bee line tracks. ' .1 Hcxm&o Tfcnsing will bnQd an $830 v frame dwelling on Morris street between West and Dakota atreets, and Alvin D.May will bnild : ' $7,300 frame residence on Park avenue between Seventh and Eighth streets. ,u , - fnUi it.v. The body eflthe burglar Cook; who was killed by Mrs. Mary Hnrt, iiear Greenwood, . en Fiidj night last eras taken from the grave en Sundf y night, and will doubtless reappear on. some dissecting table next ' winter. ' " - r . '. i Two boysBejeding the gentle: tapping of a mother a slipper more than so early an introdnctien to the station houye, were - T arrested this morning at the corner "pf Xew Tork and Alabama streets in a beastly state f intoxication. - - 1: i - - " :. : 1 Thornas C. iloore," joint ' agent ', of. the - has issued a nojtics that after August 1st all bills of lading (will be issued at the fast : freight line offices r by . the - local - agent ; Xonrarding thejfreight.v ;; ; : - - , : The favorite pastime of 'amateir sports - xeea im the north eaatera or Urnado diatriet . the city, is shooting blackbirds, of which - there areJmmtnse flocks.; The fosilade ia the evening assumes the proportions of a lair aired lonrta of, July celebration. - 1 I The time having expired, the Bethel A. M. E. church waa redeemed by Mr. K M. ; Cox. wio k eld the junior mertraxe. v Ha - has riven them' an extension of time for a . few - days to raise the remainder of the required f 1,500. 4 They have now oh band . $625.07, leaving a balance of, $674.03 to be ' iMiiT Virgil ani her daughter were ar - Jrestef,eH a warrsat swora ent byBebett Pf ttuan, Saturday. eharred t with 1 assault and battery tpoaiim. jThey were acqtit ted by the . majer - yesterday. Mrs. Virgil says shefwat kept in the station house SaV ; P?Jy aiht and was allowed to comninai - iifliiy25,l881, MOVED. ;T0i Tourists. eate with no ta,' She'tkinks officer Clark ia responsible for ber alleged ill - treatment,; aad states ike will onfcuft the gTtnd jury relatirt to the taatter, . - v r - Lait nkkt the Indianapolis achutwn ver - ein wai TonnaUy organized bj electing rYank Maua, president; George Reyer, Tioeresident; Ernst itz, secretary, and Emil Alaitin, treasurer. These with Fred Men, Jacoti L. Bieler and I). W. Grubba are the directors. Superintendent, Wil - liam Lenthyi . v ' - The Indlanapolia mercantile associa - tion'i excursion from Pent, which reached the eity just before noon to - day. waa the largest of all, consisting of no less than tw nty - fonr passenger coaches well filled. The erowd presented a fine appearance and are patting ie the day enjoying "the sights of the eapital; w - , A new tmnk line ia about to be built from Effingham, 111., on an air line east ward through the counties ef Eflllngham, Jasper and Crawford, in Illinois, and Sul - Iiran, Owen, Greene, Monroe, Brown, Bar. tholomew, Decatur, Eipley and Dearborn, in Indiana. The road is to be known as the Illinois and Indiana eoal and railway company. It will be serentr miles in Illinois and 10 - 5 mile in Indiana. The bonds are being placed on the market and the engineering corps will begin work next menth. ; The renerable mother of Dr. Charles D. Pearson, from Southern Indiana; is risitiug him at his reaidence,Ne. 114 North Tennessee street. She, with her husband, was one of the pioneer settlers of Indiana, beginning in the wilderness near Terre Haute. When Tecnmseh with his hostile were ransacking the territory, this lady, then a young woman, rode a horse through the woods to Yincennes, while her husband floated a raft with their good son board down the river. They had two horses, and sne courageously volunteered to save one while another member of the family took the other. ' An excursion to St. Pnul from Cincin nati has been arranged for by the C. I. St L & C. B. R.( Kankakee line) to leave Aurust 10 on all regular trains, tickets holding good until September 3. As the regular fare one way is $23.70, and the ex enrsion rate for both ways is only $1', the inducement of this trip can readily be seen, in addition parties can go by one route and return by the - other; that is to aay, they can go via the Chicago, Mil waukee & BL Paul railway, and return via the Chicago js or th western railway, or rice versa, and will, at their option, be allowed the privilege of stopping oyer four times, twice on each line, between Chicago and St Paul. Under the supervision of John Egan, general passenger agent, per sons can feel sure of having a good time. ' The Garbage Ordinance. Air. Xvaltner, the garbage contractor, is makine a strennous eflbrt with the counml I - . . V . . I and aidermanic boaru to secure an appro - pnauoa tv whicn he may cover losses already sustained in carrying out his con tract, lie wishes an appropriation of $430 a month for one vear. the council finance committee reported in favor of allowing him $150 for three months and the report was concurred in. Mr. Kaltner makes the threat it' some thin? i not done to reimburse him he will sue the city for breach of contract in that it has failed to provide him with a dumping ground according to the express stipulations of the'tontrarL He has legal advice that this can be dene. The - opinions of the mem bers of the upper and lower boards differ widely on this question, some being in favor of releasing Naltner from the contract at once and readvertising it; others preferring to make the appropriation in order that, the ordinance may be given a fair trial; while xthere are still others who favor the entire abandonment of the ordinance and allowing the citixens - to dispose of the garbage as they may individually arrange. The impression most general is that it will be better to make anether effort in some way to carry out the ordinance.' State Hone IS'otea. A second atone planing mill was unloaded this morning. The one i ready in operation works to perfection. Work. laying the new - switch track on the cast side of the building began this morning. The walla on the west sile of the building have reached such., a height that the "traveler" is no longer of use, and the trestle is being removed. ' A seventy - five foot derrick, the highest ever erected in Indian vpolis,Vs placed in position on the, western projection J - his morning. ", . . The small railway track for carrying the dressed stone to the' various parts of the walls is being rapidly completed, and will greatly faoiliUic operations. ; " A collar connecting the shaft of the saw mill with that of the planing - mill slipped this morning, putting a stop to the work for several hours. : An immense quantity of stone is now in the yard, and rapid progress will be made from now on. The four piers of the dome are nearly level with the main floor, and the remaining floor beams are being placed in position. The Cigar MaJtera' Strike. Yesterday afternoon the ciear manufac ,ftirf rs appointed a committee, consisting of Messrs. Keimeyer, Steffeu and Bauch, to - consult with the president of the cigar - maters' Union and submit a compromise price - list to - the strikers.'1 A "conference was held, this morning, sndlhe anion acted upon the price - list submitted by the "bosses." - There was no essential difference in the price demanded and that ottered, yet $1 per thousand on "seed cuttings" was deemed sufficient cause by the strikers to . indignantly reject the compromise, whereupon the strikers' demands were 'acceded to iy the - following firms r Fred. BiebleT. - F. Mucho, II. Levy, A. Bharpe. (). T.Wells, J. Schmidt. P. Padan, C. HoUiday, Suits & fccnniailtioitK, j. eleven, - Ueniun - ger, F. Hamilton, and CoSln - - employing in all about 58 union men. ' " 75 ; l Messrs.' Steffen, Kauch, keinieyefj and one or two t other; large firms, employing in aU vpwards of W men, stand firm again 8 the strikers, i u y - r;''4 "?i - ';'V :S '. - t . Par Water; uThe movement set on foot in the board of aldermen last night, to have . drinking fountains la the central - part of the city, , fed from wells driven be lew chance of surface pollution, thewaterto be pumped by machinery at a cost of a few cents a dtty, meets with' general commendation. ' Tne well in the circle Is just about deep enough to get the drainage of the vault of the governor's house that used to stand" in that vicinity,' and the various" pumps' along the streets furnish water that looks and tastes well, and is cold, bat it soaks from the surface through all manner of pollution and ia thick with the genus of dUease, "worse, ia many eases, than even the hog - wash. Jar nished by the water works. l: w i' - Bnad, Crnggtii and Bobbed. '. ' Four masked men, about 12 o'clock last night, entered the house ef Mr. Marvel, ear Traders Point, ten miles from: the cn U - Ijuayette pike,: and rob - him 9t - $tt30, " r Pefore ob taining . - the - money .' they v bound and gauged both Mr. Marvel and his wife, after which they ransacked the house until they found the money. Mr. Trader is seven ty - seven years old, and was unable, through physical weakness to ofler re sistauce. "He came to the city thismorninj and informed the ehief ef tpolice' ef.thet robbery, but - conld not furnish a - cine tff - .Hhe 4 robbers. He did not see iheirfacea on account of the tskav. - . - r Air - ri :.' ; i - Tk Nake rctJ ' Governor Porter, being surprised to read an interview with him published . in " the Jonrnal of jesterday , morniu and desiring to . correct certain 1 inaccuracies, had himself formally interviewed yesterday afternoon. The results are given in the morning papers. The governor goes over the charges made by the Saturday Herald, and reasserts that he has made no effort tg secure a foreign appointment for; hie sen, and in detail - relates his fl'orts heretofore to secure Captain - Johnson a consulship snd other positions in. the federal service. Ike temper of the governor s statement 1$ altcgether kind. - " THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS: TUESDAY; JULY 2Gf 1881. LICENSING SALOONS. Ordinances Introduced by Messrs. Morri - on andStont Laat Et enlng. Two ordinances were introduced in council last evening, providing for the licesing of saloons. As they difler somewhat in their provisions, The News submits them for public inspection. Mr. Morrison's or - dinsnee is as follows: Pec. 1. Be It ordained, etc.. thnt It shall be unlawful for any erson to wll. barter or give away in the city any intoxicating, spirituous, vinous or mtit liquora, williout having first obtained a license therefor as hereinafter provided. Bee. 3. All appUeatfons for license shall be made to the mayor, who mar grant, or rclae to grant such license as to Aim may oetn bert for the good order of said city. Kvery such license shall expire (n one year from date of Its iwuo when the full licence fee is paid ; bnt on payment of one - half oi the license - fee for oqc year, the mayor In empowered to isure a license for six months from the date of its isme. When the mi - or nil a 11 grant a license in pursuance of this section he shall give to the person or persons applying for such license a certificate of the same, signed with: hi name. And for inch certificate it shall be the duty of the mayor to collect the sum of fifty cents as his fee there - far; and said certificate h to be presented to the city treasurer, and the ciy treasurer Is hereby prohibited from receivins money for any uc.ii license from any person who 1ocr not present , and surrender to him such certificate of the mayor. 8uch license shall be posted up iu some conspicuous place Dytne person ana on tne premised specified in said licence. See. 3. The rate for license, fee is hereby. oxru niu winmjnitti n u:B sum vi mi - iwo dollars for a full year. It shall be the duty of the city clerk, whenever an application for a license shall i have been granted by the mayor andl the applicant shall have. .paed inus the city treasurer, the nam provided ifor mch licence, aud oue dollr to such city clerk as hi fee thereon to prepare a license for nuch applicant, qcctfyln(? tiie 'wurd. street and number where such business U to Ik carried on, and he shall also keep a record of all SUCH iicewe. Such liceiiM) shall not be asienahle or trans ferable, and such license shall not inure to the benefit of any other pcrsou than the llceniwe therein named, except to the person or perron wno may nave purcaasca tne siocic oi aucn licensee, and shall carry on the bunineesSt the place spec! lied in such license, and then only upon the written conneut of the mayor endorsed on t - ucli license. Ko license &hall be lned to a corporation, but where a corporation dexfrtw aucIi a lieenae, mch license may be issued to the presiding otiKer thereof, and all licenses shall be signed by the city clerk an! scaled with the corpurate seal of the city. Sec. 4. Any person violating' the provbtians of uns orainance hnan uc nnea ia any t - um not ex reerilnir tn dollnrs and pju li riav tliat unr nxr son - hll violate the provision of this ordinance shall be deemed and held - to constitute a separate ofletise and they shall be (fried accordingly. Sec. 5. This ordinunco shall take a fleet and be in force from and aftor lis passage and pub lication one day each week for two consecutive weeks in the . The following waa the ordinance mtro duced by Mr. Stout: , becuon l. I3e it ordained, etc., tliat any per son licensed to jell intoxicating li'iiiors within the corporate liniltt of said ciy - oi Iudianapi) - lis, under and by virtire of any law of this state, shall pay to ."aid city a licence tax of $100 er year, and when so paid such perwn glial 1 have the right find privilege to sell intoxicating. liquor wivnin tne corporate inuius oi sal a easier one - yer from the date of Mich payment. Any person violating any of the provisions of this ordinance (bail be lined in Hiiv sum not more than $100. to which may be added liiipruonment for anv terra net exceeding thirty davs. Sr.! iThis ordinance shall take effect and after the parage. .fropi It will be seen that Mr. Morrison makes the license fee $f.2 a year and Mr. Stout $100. The ordinance differs also in the matter of penalties. The New Comet. - Prof. Swift, of Rochester, writes thai this new comet was discovered by J. M. Schae - berle, of Ann Arbor, Michigan on the morning of July 11. Swift has since seen it several times, and says: The comet will soon pass into the constellation tf the Lvcx. then into the Great Bear, when it will ie the brightest, and then turning southward will pass through lrgo, and dis appear south of the equator.' Fortunately, stihetimeof the nearest approach to the sun it w ill be nearest the earth, and atiif more fortunately the moon will then be ab sent, as was the case wheu Donati's comet, - in Iop, shone with such magnificence. The comet is approaching the earth in an almost direct line, which causes it to increase in size, as well as brilliancy. Al ready I see indications - of increased activ ity in the head. It can now be seen with an opera glass, and in a few days will be visible to the eye without any optical aid. To find it look low in the northeast in the morning sky, where will be seen a very bright star, lapeiia or Alpha Auriga, some six degrees below and a little to the left is another star not nearly so bright (Beta Auriga.) Now, by the time this meets the readers' eye the comet will be below Beta and nearly in range with the two stars, though nearer - Beta than between Alpha ana iteta. Tourists 91ust Look Out .for - Thaiuaelves. LONDOK. July 26. Lord Granville, for. eign secretary, nas addressed a circular to her majesty's diplomatic and consular agents abroad, informing them of the de - t cwuon oi tue government 10 maae no pe cuniary advances in future to ransom British subjects when acting in "no public cs pacity, in event of their capture by brig' ends in lurkey or other countries. : . 1 Dr. P.. W. Bula,the pile specialist. Oftice, room b over L. s. Ayres s. . ts s t Indianapolis Grata Market, Hheat lower. Corn, steady. Oats. Grm. Eye. ouiet Whean - Ho. 3 red, spot, cash, old.l.l7Ji(Sa.3tr; new, sufiALlT; new rlo 2 Mediterranean cash, $1.17kal.l(l. Corn, No. 2 white. 50938c; high mixed, 4'4f '4c; mixed, 4h.t4S. Oats, w mre, sc ; mixed, s&c. Kye s - (XJOc. 6.60; choice, $5.7T)(w8.00; family, 5.40&5.Gr: treble extia.a5.eoa.ViO: double extra, t4.083M.tO;' extra, supernne, - i03i9; Bne, - i - - - t Th FrovUSoa BtarkcS. The - " local waKesaie market Is Ann. Shoulders, ho stock' here; short xiba, y,e: generally ncia at ioc. jlakx, prime, no stock here. Bwect pickled hanu 10'410xe jpbtiing pnoes s. c nams,llai2ic; ac. uvujuctb, o;'ii j umuin en; dsuoo, clear aides, lie; bacon shoulders, 8Jc; kettle iaru, m nercea, u.?: : in xegs, ijc Markets by Telegraph. PHn.iDXLran. July 26. Wheat, cash. Il.2i: July. .'Uy'. August, tl4: September, fl.2ii. Corn, caih 57c; July, ftT - w - or - sc: August, 6Crt 07c: September, asie.. oats, cash, 42(5 sc tij e, can, - I ducaeo, July 26. Wheat, August, tL10; September. SLU1. Corn, August, 4.ijc; Bep - temfcr, 4;, OaU, Augi, tthfcl fieptember, 28c. Pork, Auguft, tl8.S; September, 118.3a Lard, Auguat, lL' i September, bid; (H.,t,fll.; hid. Hiort ribn, August liiiUiHJw; acpicm'XT, r7stai.. Baitimokk, July 26. Flour active, firm and wishout change. Wheat western raster, closing steao) ; o. i wuiter rea, fsoi ana juiy, si.2i auzum, liii.z4;v?; September, $iJl6U : October. - futeLSSK. Cajto, 42 14c; mixed. 41Ml'ic: Peunivlvania 4!e. Bye, quiet at &k8tc. Hay unchanged and dull; Provisions linn and unchanged. ButterrmiieL Eggl dull at Uc' lttrdleum unchanged. Coffc - e flra - and onehanged. - fltigar dulL"" Whfcky quid, rreignis . nnonaugea. - neceiota Flour. "AW oarreih; wneat, - ui7 ousucis; corn, ii,r. - ; Duneu; ontsiaunusneLs; ryeiOQj eu.i. Hhipmeuts wheats om mi he 1m; corn. 179,1 oiauieis. t saies, - - wneat, 9Si,oaj ousnets; coiii, ni,r buihebiJ. - 4 .J ' Haw Toxx. July 2t. Flour, receipts, 23.000 barrels; sales. U.000 barreU; dull and In buyei's favor. Wheat MtmVJc lower and mode. rate speculative business sales of S6 00O bush els o. 1 red - JoTT at M - 253ai - )Vi; L16,000 Aurm - t, i ber - f iL29f3il shade, stronger; mlted westtrn apot47 - V(c; sales of 80,000 bushels includinir No. 2 Oetober. at7). .Jk:il firm and - in iait dewiaadrorb - tirm and qtuet; spot, new. mess H8.Zi.. Ird bfgber and Urong; cteam rendered, Bui ter unehanaed and demand lteht. - Chaeae' dull at tUo. - Sugar steady - and quiet ; lo - ' loses quiet and tincsanged. Pctrolenm firm and quiet. ' - Rice : steady ami trade moderate. Coflie steady and untet. - Freikhts firm.' i Soirits tunntina - dull at 41. Rosia tuiet.' 'Tallow uiui ai vr&c western eggs. nominal at uygibc, t Kw Tork Stock and Money Market.' .'I krw Toxx. July 20. Money Is loanlnf at X) SS perowuu Trimo mercaaule naper.SA4 per cepL Bar silver, lll.'i. Exchange steadyi 'fee losw) 4.81 'i lor slant. eovernmeata vn chaiJ. , - tiiates dulL , 5 BaUroads - iiiactlre. Moras smceuie u. otjocx maritev nave been weak and prk,edBclined f to 8: per rent. MIrfpuri, PacLiC. Northern PaciCc 'aads . Rio Craiide. Colorado. Coal aud DenYefr atid Rio wesum mcso v ana nrra ; niuea, spot ana July, MySiXC', August, 67j."4".?'ci cptenilei;6cWc; steamer. K? ra.ri2?ic - UaUeav: western wililc. st m. - n'Am. - xr ics.ouo buaheis Sep - i Corn .caih - anl Jnlv a downward movement,' 4Jfs, Uii; 4 - s, lie; Fa&fict's of 8, ISO bid. , 1 Roci Island l - VVf First preferred 13 Panama ofTd... 3 I Bee preferred.. - - 9 Fort Wayne.: - l.'!9 ia. C, B A W.... 80 Pitteburg,. 1) Alton A Ter. Haute 4" niinoU Central i:W f Preferred otTered 9 ChL, Bur. sQuin...l6!14Wabaah...4.M.. .... 414 Chicago fe Alton.13i Preferred KWj Preferred ..150 .Hannibal 4 St Jo 90 New York CentraLH2' 4 Preferred . Vy2 Harlem.of d .....'i - t6 ,Iron Mountain . St Lake 6hore . ......12 t. L. & isr Fran. Canada Southern. 64 j Preferred 74 Michigan Central Fint preferred l'Xi W4n 1132 n Dl f. ah n Erie. Preferred ........ . , . , W. , J m. ..M . S - i'.Kansaa&TexMord 41': ...122'VUulon Padflc.. J2W Northwestern.... Preferred ...1374 central ratunc . .....lOl.Texas Pacific .Vr 130 iNorthern Pacino . 1 . m ft A .Ui.Mlt.HM,, Preferred 1 , DeL ALack Morris A Xfesex .. Del. A Hudson.., N. J. CentraL..... Beading ....... Ohio.... Preferred...... Cbcs. A Ohio.. ..First preferred " ' i preierrDU ny 12S H Louisville A Na8h101 lOTU'Nash. A Chat,... 79 RAlLoulavtlle A N. A ; 68 (Houston A Texas.. SV'ieuver A K. O.... 108 St. Paul A Omaha 9 - 1 S9 2 t Preferred ... 10 37' 'Buft, Pitta. A W.i 4.1 70 teec preierreu I Memphis A U S4V;. Western Union., 91 - 4'Pacillcail MODlie&UtUO., Cle. A CoL.. C. C. A L.C. i I Adams. $Ttf Ohio Central. 26 iFarjro.. L. K. A Westprn 54 Peoria, D. A E 40 Ontario A Water. 31 I., B. A W 47) !AU1DIK.U,,;,. ; United 8tatea.... .Quickailver i. Preferred 8J .. OV - , 14 Hew Tork Cotton Market. Jlrw Toaz, July 26. Cotton quiet; sales 2T.I bales; uplands 11.1 116c; Orleans, 11.15 - 16c. Futures steady; July, 11.74; August, 11.77; September, U.H0; Oetobee, 10.67; November, 10.45; December 10. 46. To Tire Lami. Mra .1. John has opened a first - class dressmaking establishment at 107 N. Tennessee st. I - adiea arc cordially Invited to call. Cutting done by the Taylor system. I Fresh Invoice of linen pants just received at Famous Esgle, 5 and 7 West Wanbinston street. u I.ytTin E. rhiktem's Vegetable Compound will cure all displacements and the consequent spinal Tcalncs. and is specially adapted to change of life. ' . 52 Anvtiusg ill the way of oils, soaps, toilet articles, sponges, paints, glass, perfumes, extracts, pateut medicines, etc, can be had at Jfrowulng k Sloan's. N. B. Prescriptions a specialty. Its Attend the grand clearance sale, for bargains inelegant clothing, now going on at. Famous Esr1c,5 and 7 West Washington street, as we must; have plenty of room, for extensive anticipated fall and winter purcnases, and the one price sys tem to be inaugurated by August 1st, n s Saratoga Geyeer spring water lor sale at Henry Schwiiige's, North Pennsylvania street. tn j The Wallace gold - mining company's office ia at William H. CraftTs Jewelry store, .No. 24 Eist Washington street, where the boolw'are open for stock, and will be sold for tne prcient at fifty cents a share, the par value is $1.00 n s W. H. Craft, secretary H. Lleber A Co., dealers In frames, pictures, looking glasses, a well as photographers' and arUn materials. Art Emporium, 83 East Wash. hs K Arrived! THE WORLO'S CHAMPION (Five - Cent Cigar,) HEADQUARTERS, II North Penn. St. 0HAS. F. METER. SMOKERS OF FIVE - GENT CIGARS tt - rrT. nn vvi r ta tv rv ,HRAND FRED RIEBEL, I 1G - 8outli teridian Street tu.yi,s i. Nov to Keep Cool: REFRIGERATORS, ICE CHESTS aad GASOLINE STOVES .' :'...'.; OF - .'.,,. JOHNSTON & BENNETT. kti.thj 6t Kast Washlngtan St. Aiso5 e. nuuta. wnxiix x. oalziss, HARRIS & CAIaKINS, A : Attorneys and Counsellors, ' 1 Booms S, t and 4 CI ti tens' Baak BuCilag. Find it pleasant to shop at Ji JY The itorc is lvcll; lighted and cool, Tlic , goods are newfbrautiM and cliCiip. Some special bargains are not? being offered In White Goods, embracing all, of the thin cool fabrics now so iwpiilar. - You are cordially iinited to inspect one of tlic iribst ATTRACTIVE Stocks of Dry Goods ever offered ia Indiana. J. 17. HESS & CO,, ia' j 11 mmr - war . ' r - i . W firande lcadinc the HAIL AH Mo ie adies Li xna 1 fit Hasningion tsu . TOO THII TJIL WRAPPEJLS, THIN DR AlVERS, Tinx COATS, xniy TESTS, THIN GLOVES, THIN S00KS, FOR THIN" WEATHER. AT J. A. BICYCLE ail UVffl TEDS LACE PKONT SSI RT S White and Colon, yitn and Youtlts', at 8 aad 40 West Washington SU Goal and Colte IS LOWER. Now is the time to have your orders booked. Call and we nie and avt prices before yon buy FRANK M. BELL, 'l (SaccessOr to TTm. OaU,) ' 27 East Georgia Street'. mm, ATTHX JEWEL PALACE, , . i . . ....... ' Are just opening the finest line of SILTEB CAKE BAJSKKTS, CASTERS, BUllrER DISHES, FICKLE CASTliBS and CAED STANDS jet brought to the city, and offer them at prices to suit the times. ; ; 24 East Washington Street GENTS' ; Bolld Gold Stem - Winders $35.00. LADIES' - J - v - Bblid Gold Stem - winder, faiw, GENTS' , - ; Solid Silver Slemnvinder!, $15.00. ROGERS'S KNIVES, Set, 42. SWT Watch and Jewelry repairing. 4 N. Pennsylvania St tu,ttr,s .1 ' - t'i ; ; isv.f r . ;'' HAS BEGIT9 A KATTLXTO 8.UJS 07 I very Hat has been marked down. Including every kind oi Manillas. , - ' - (; f K9. 16 EAST WASHIUBTON STREET. BAMBERGEB . ! ' - - TIIE 3IERCANTICE AI5ENGY, v R. G. DUN & CO., ' ATIIXXAM HARD IE, Manar,: RemoTed to 6 Blackford Block. C0:.!L!ISSI0;i.A!ID STORAEE OAJIBNa J1TINTE11 & co Flour, Grata, Feed ajid'Froducdi sWAttple - Storage room mi1 nousehold goods and ssetehaadlsa, t a ' tt - . - ". w'Ji' - Homwpatliic HedUiciiios 23 West Waiaiairtoa 'St. 1 - ! srphyslclaa and FsmHi 8appUea.M . 1 0 1 IN MCKENZIE'S John Winimer BlBERGI STRAW HATS Gontralliiarniaiiy; BUTLER & BROWl EDTJOATIOITAL. Indianapolis Classical School. Aa tsrorporatee school for born. A. W. Baa - drlcks. Baa.., Preltnt at th. Ko&rd af Trvmmf. Tbeslxth yrarwUloprn Reptnnb - lth to the school btiiidlDg corner North and AlubHtnsJsuC PrejparaUon for Harvard aod aia ana ltHtirr tX)lfegesandScieoUttcKhools a spaoialtyj The CUmiics are taafhi In accardanc with taa limi methods of liaxvard aad Yal. Hpecisi uiiloi will be paid lo Physical Training In the.boot (innnulum. by aymnaMk. in rharza of Frofettnor Pertuch, - and itliltary - Drill. Th. h sowsu win ian Litaratora. special atteauoa to noma reauin. wk - keeplaa, mduate of this year have entered Hrrrd(I. Yule and Cornell. 1 Primary DeparUneot for boys undea twalva A series ' of monthly evening lectures w!U tx Jlven In the school chapai. by Professor JJ. 8. ordao.Rey. Mrron W. Reed. Ray. W. A. Bart - lett, Dr.ThtopbUua Parrtn, Ir, Henry Jaiaeaoa knd athen. whlck will ba nraeadod and foUawed by music and wtu ba fraa to members of - thm achoo). For farther information and thtrtypag Catalan, address ute madnl, r. 1 mwau, N. Imnsvlvania sUaat. I Grace hours at residence. 5 to S p. m. as BRYANT & STRATT02T" Telegraph Institute. rsriBi ifiucn IOKQ Practical. Profltablaand Useful Ed oration.! K tuelexs studies. I as traction Individual aad by Lectures. Students advanced aa rapidly as their abilities permit. Origins and leading in every department Makes No Idle Claims; but reliea on tha produced results as shown by a proud record of overt S yeara. Ko. other jschool r college has started srt many yonnj and middle - aged men on the road to suc cess. T The school Is open td all, and eordlallyaearnestly ritfls all before entering noon a course 01 study to visit 1 1 and Inspect its every detail. Call for estalosma and full ttartlcnlara at tha ColWs office, Sates Block, opposita the PoatOfl.e J C. C. KOERNEft. Pwtii.' x Jm4Umaplls, Zm&m.,s ( Tha Hadle; and Roberts Acidesiy, yo, tOO IT. Meridian St., Indianapolis, Is a Private Schoal of high order for pupils of both sexes. The school year,! divided Into lour terms, opens September - a. ! The School has Primary and Intermediate Classes, and English, Classical and Budnem Courses, and is providing for Music and Art. It alms to give educational' advantaere not excelled by any similar school in the West Please send for circulars giving full information. HIRAM HADI.KY, J. B. ROBERTS, j. Proprietors.; Pennsylvania Military Academy, 0HESTEB, PA., ' Opens September 14th. Civil Engineering, Chemistry ,' Claiwlcti and Enrllab. conferred. Applr to Lionel TiLEO. HVATT. PreaidcnUf Col. Hyatt, President of the Pennsylvania XU - itarv Academy, will be at the Grand Hotel, in Indianapolis, on Friday and Saturday, Autpist J 19th and 20th, from 10 a. m. to I p. m., and will be hapiiy to see patrons 01 tne Acaaemy ana others on oflklal business. . to tin Hanoyer College, f Forty - ninth year begins Wednesday, Sept 7th. Qasaical and gdentiflc coursea, with Preparatory Department. Open to both sexea Tuition llree, Ko saloon a Boarding low. Locatloa 'beautiful and healthful; oa tho Ohio river, near Madison. .For catalogue, address tha Preaidesit, jSer. S. w. HSHSR, 0. DM Hanover, lad. , Albany Law School Fall term begins September 8th, 18SL Tor eir culars. address HOKAUS OJUIOi 141A vr. tn,thj ouTTrr w r T Dean, Albany, If. T. . , The Balds Houso, IlTOIAfNAPpiJS. ; Enlarged and Hemodcled. New Entbances, A - Kjj orrics ox oboujjd fuoqr. PASSENGERELEVATQR Hew Dioisg.Boom aad! Ordinary. Beat location la tha city ; south and east fronts. W. O. SHKBMAN, Maaagani IL STOVESi .. - - ' i rg . - Use Water - whiaiMxptoerTa,lnodoroBa; Perfecticn HeabHght OiC fadiamtplli ob TaUtkLlae Co. ; NEW BOOKS. Aprietoa Guide to Summer Besorts. - ' , , PP - .50Cii ' ' Kew No ITameVolume. $1.00. i" "Ajrearfai BespoB8iblUtir,w ii ...... ., 'j W.JD..HowlIls$l.M.l Black's New Storj, A Beautiful Wretelk, Boweri, Stewart & Co; 18 West TTaallnxtoa St. '! MertCfli ' EVERY VARIETY OF PAPEK ' Tiie naner noon which The News is nrlntad Is timriahed be this Company." . ii cum fn nyioioy win jrmrd v. Iladree. Urn. Kay w ric If i - iitm ml tha rim In Knd r - itii X3T mm Lath; Shingles. Sash, Doom BltadYand Frames. Wa have tha Oldest. Larreat and Cheaaaat Tard aBdVlanln vm fa tha eftr: Wi wanrul and handle everything. . we have mora ry ImbeislinidaTir two riaalnx Hills heceaadi Michigan City than allthe ether mills In this cttr put tofethee,, r . i sasr - j juuueoraia streei, noruei xorro uanwuepoi. ', i - - r - - ,:,'..: .., C0BUiar& JONllndlanapolll ONE RMSOS?WHtT3 - . - 15:E r - AJJE TEX XX3T is, that only the best materials are used la the msanfaetnre of them. FN 1 17, FLftllHER, in iiOi.inoUi'i, 0 - To male1 room for but TALL STOOT. . Will yu ftiauis, vwuuuu mil iiuquu uivsi. M nil M.niaizXeiL mi - - - ": - !.'!. .1: - : . - .! ' j ; : - : ' ! - 1 1 ' " : i " ? ! i j i - h : 1 Imported CREo4j";' mim FOB HOT WEAT1IE CLOTHING - - H - - 34, 36, 38, 4Cf ai:.! 42 N. Psa. St. SEE! SEE! Tin TT Silont Gas Eng ERBIC3S0IT! (lev Galsric' PospLij Ecjlna. W tQ descriptloas. 01 bud tor tale at COST at tfteofiee tf be UdlaaapoIIi Bam UzMl aa Coka jCompiay.iJ SoireunUAU si. be mm AXD ft IflllieJaM. - - ;r. - i - i - Ou Sunday. Instead of brolllnc over the klten en flro to cook dinner, procure from you grocer can ox " ; - . . - a - - t iff - . . ltiTit t tT 'T at e.f 1 1 1 li It is delicious, nutritious and econo FOBABELISH, Get s TnTftbier of Archdeacon's Belishe variety Is laxieend thaeondimentsare exq T . 'ririTii - a - ' rt s rrrrmf ' Try Archdeacon's Table Sauce. . a Is eor of vegetables ana Bptcea, u nou aeaita - sppeaaina. and adds seat to any arUcia towhichiilsappUed jj - rt: j ' . l. i - A H. it 1 - . FOB 'ABEYEBAQET 1 re a bottle oiXrcMeaoon's Fnre Xtmoa Its makes a halt gallon of delidoaa lam onade, and is heaithrnl and gratexuL t Fprpicnics, execraiotn, tourists sod trivalera axaciMaieespataauysvaapwo nowi oy au ' - ". - i : rufi i a Ghmmi and Tarn will Ba Hapfyt Rcasi6!i ;JaYa an! 2d, 20ca poani V ' - ' 1 f - fc v IT . aad Cantral Awawte, - CS7 Karth LUlaoU StraaU. lit TUe aYaraeC. Ctmtimmmtl OAU. .AiJjsorf smith; The typa aa which thss paaae is aaa apova Youalry. aL. ia a. ptiatodls Tl! AH Xb2i aTo)'aj Hii JTttU . Xmrutisbeaoi GnazaAteedJlBsj 1 : I Horth piiuoia st., IX annaxos aortfi at WashlngtoE n, wen aaa. I t. t JILlPHOtt, HACaU. Open Kight ":ari$ Diy 1 . . . sen tr Thirty hava" oar - eatire, UH LiCK . , I .. - s 4? rll" - ;' CHEAP, AT,THE.; V '' - ' WlM; STORE, BBB - ; If ! 0 i .11 - a - i GAS STOf EiS I ST T !' si' Tha iaUeat 1 nosed enuren ful and otkod Procn visid. tunc fTooers. A 1 1, V,'4.i 5 'a I m it - - a - - sssMsaaaajwaasaaswssawaaaMssssa,, 1 m 1 a 1 ' W I Jwf .i - JaJLaJp LA : - - t - 'jt ia 4 .1 3 11 lie, 15

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