The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1935
Page 2
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fAGE 'TWO _BLYraBVlLLK,'- (ARK.)r'COURIER NEWS LeiLT^. Social Calendar TUESDAY'S? EVENTS i\{rs. J. Nick Thomas entertaining .Tuesday Contract club. M>s \V. o Hfgglnsoii having Young Matrons Bndgc club. ' Y. W A, tifst uttpiitc di'iirel) meeting'with Mrs. sani Njamu, 7:30 J'. M. •'.-•'••• WEDNESDAY'S EVENT*? Wednesday Bridge ciim meeting with MM. w. K. • Mlnynn}. President's- Ball, • city auditorium,- 0:iO p. m, Junior O. A.'s First Baptist cluircii, : 4 p, ni. uL clmrcli. Business women's circle, First Uaptist, cnurcn t> p m, at church. husic (leparimeni Woman's' ciui, meeting, 3 P. M. THURSDAY'S i EVENTS Mrs. Russell Philips hostess lo Thursday Luncheon, cliib. Thursday Bridge dub meeting with Mrs. Roland Grc«n, Mrs. G. E. Keck having Thursday uontract club. HIcl-WccK bridge club meeting uitn Mrs Harry v,- Halnes Women s Democratic ciub meeting ai Jioiel /vouie. a:3U SATUttLMY'ts Kvfn'l'S Children of confederacy liavin^ luiicneoti meeting at nonieool Mai tha and bill 'jiomilra,- of Sicelc, 12, M flimiood Cemetery assoclnllo. with Mrs. J, 11. o,nim 2 30 P" ty i-r.iioc i/jjmplo al the cpuntr club, 8 P. M nt honic'ul 508 North l<-i[(li street. A son was born (o Mr*.. ai}cl tvfrs. Joe Craig early today at their dome. The baby,'who weigh); nine txwncls, has been named " " 'Use Craig. • * * Il»». BJrfhd-iy Parly, Nine girls and boyu were v^-ov* oj Jo))|iijy Oeun Lendewite s«t- nrday afternoon when lie cclc- braUd his ninth birthday. After games and contests the guests .were served ice cre;i»i, oil individual red, hcnils,' and blriii- «ay cuke. Tho host's mother, Mrs Louis, J-cndennle,-was asslsie'd by Mis. "B. II. CnUhrell and Mrs «"iil liargett. t . t 1!. T, U. Meeting I'oslpuncil. ,'fhc inciting cf tho Baptist rralnlrig Onion, scheduled for • hnrsday evening, has hccn post- ,JOII«L until thursrtny, Fcliriinry ', when the group will meet ul Antiore|. Roush-Rylee. Mr. aim Mrs. W. c. Rylce have announced the inaulage ot their aaugmer, Jupe, to Mr Qttls Roush son of Mr and Mrs 0 A Roush' ol this city The ceixmonv was neifouned In Hie Her M A Mnssey, pastoi of ihc rust Methodist church ai Sleele, Mo, Saturday acnlng Mrs Roush Is xvell known here •where she amended the city high SCnQQj Mr Rons is a citutiintc of the Potosl, Mo , high school and Speedway Bushies.5 college of SC Louis He ii now manager of tho local radio station, KLCN Ml Roush^and his bilde are no\v Help Kidneys S?i Ni *l *?* N«rrmMo.n, Bti.Qmitl* • Puna, Stm&Ms. Baming; Smutior Itcklnir, a Aclditp ttr tb. luvKtoll DMUir'«PtMctlpilonCyHn(3m toil Cystex 3 Bits oj Neves Mostly Personal known here where she visits t\* II'C guest of Mr. hnd Mrs If HlglillJI. •, - ls ' I'' S.rt '" Jo " wbol '° Way' 'ami i uestiuy. ' - , Arkansas convention i>f BapUsts. The Rev. Mr. .-. ...... I cud the foreign mis- ilon report. Miss Dorothy Rylce had us her guest Sunday; M!s s florlne Smith and Miss Mui-y 'Walker, of Hernle, Mo. pr. and Mis. Charles Galling and son, who \inva b fe jj vcildlne In Klrksvllle, Mo., for the,past two years, arijvca : yesterday , for a visit v:ith. Mrs. Qndin'g's mother, Mrs. 0. 6. BariiM, Dr, Oarilng Bi-adliatcd Wday from the Kirks- vlllc College of Osteopathy and from hero will go to The Md)tjg ^us the lirsl fcclf-po^ ercd tvasb- cr for homea vithout ciectricity — first to he equipped *ith an in- huiit gasoline engine. The square, cast-aluminum, lifetime tub, and other Maytag advantages appeal particujar- lytofarm homes.Toilay you can buy the famous castr«duminum, Model 31, Maytag, jyith Caroline Multi-Motor at a LQW Cajl on or .phone the > nearest dealer,' There ' is an. easy payment plan available, < W^ E. B. GEB SA'jES .^Ci).,,INC. " Electric mod ell for homcj Arinorel Twins Die The Infant twins of Mr. und Mrs. Louis Stutters of the Armorel :omiminii.y tuccunibcd' nt 7 o'clock csterday morning. . Funeral services were held this nornlng at 10 o'clock. Interment .'. r ns made nl Sawyers cemetery iho.'U O. Moss Undertaking coin- any was.In charge of funeral ar- /ngcnients. ihey iiro suvvlvcd by their \Kir- nls and four brothers and sis- Mr. mid Mrs. Frank Jflulillll.. of liornci-ovlllc ulul Kcntictt. wirclnficr having become ill He mis 111 Die clly for Die ivi'di-cnd iiij.'iccompanlcrl hy Dr' Fred Ohil.i guests of Mr. and Mrs. 11, Illah-Kvho returned lo s t night aftci v s"U- ' ItiiJt' Mrs. Child and Infant daii2fi- . Ansiist .Litlle, of ,'ilke.ston, Mo.. - ' •- - - "^ '* vg " sjicnt yesterday here, r Ray Jnckson returned yesterday from tho Memphis hospital where lie underwent " tonsllcctomy. Jim Mnhan, of Mciuphts, spent thu week-end with W. M. Bcrugaii. Ricluinl Jicdcl has gone to St Louis and Clilcusn on a buying (rip foi' his store. Walter Roscnlhal Kwcll Welnbcrg arc attending to busf- iicss In Purls, Tcnn., yesterday nml today. Jue Lltzclfiilncr, who has been quite III from pucumonlii at the hoinc of his grandparents, I3r. nml Mrs. S. t>. Martin, Is' now much bzttcr. He and his mother plun lo leiive the-lust of (he week for Ihelr home In Washington after vlslllng relatives here imd In Car- uthersvlllc for- a month. ' Mr, and Mrs. Willie L. Reecw, late of Chicago, hnvc moved lo Memphis, Mr. Beovus having licen promoted to general freight agent of the Illinois Contra) rallrond. They -formerly, resided In Akin- phis ueforc being transferred to — — ••** *iii<4.iiv iia\iKli tei- who are ulso at the liospital. Mrs. W. s. OTowcisr und dauifli- Icis, Misses Horiu and -Tmojciw. are al Dconcvlfjc. Ark., wlicro Mrs. Ciowder's son. Walter. | s critically ill at tlio tuberculosis sanitarium. Ermaii Lultrcll has rcturncil Iran a visit j» st. .„,„„.. , Mrs, o. p. Tucket- h;ii .gone lu Maude, Miss., to be ivltij |i(r uioihcr, who IB critically in.. MI- Tucker, who accompanied her, is lo return lodny. , • William Luna is In st, Loui.-; and Chicago on n buying (rip Mr. and Mrs. 7,. j ie d c j s))em yesterday In Portngevltlc. Mo. Mrs. Charles Oros has gone w Ccntralla, MO., to Jol n iyiiv-Qros, where they arc nmklng their home. They have opened a ladies' readv to wear store. .-•-,,' . ' Sir. riiul Mrs.- Wolf M-[R|I ami HIII, Alfred, motored to Cape 1 Olr- nrdcaii. Mo,, ycstevday to visit Mr. and Mrs, Phil Fclnberg Miss MJldred Lang (s now out following an operation for appcntli- CltlR. , • : . H ._ The Rev. and Mrs. Alfred '. Carpenter have returned from [•ir —.. • - - ---s, —^-v..b.i .- ^i,*vtj miru i tstiifi licit - norn i 3 ii IP •J. 1 ^ Chicago. Mrs. Rccvcs^jvdl |BluH where' they attended, the 1 • -' • ' - * -i-— ---J i JLI ja +4Ui!lt 13 Goodliuc,'Minn. He attended the 1 Missouri school for , two years before going to Tulane at New Or- [leiins and later re-entered college at KlrksvUlc. , Mr. imcl Mrs. J. A. liiggintolhom and- dniighter,. Miss Jane, and son, fonncrly of Clai-cnctoii, Ark., have arrived here (o make, their home. Mr. Higglnbolhom' is connected will; the Higlinil implement Co. Miss DorolJiy ii V a,, s , of - Sl _ LUUIS, Is hero for n visit ivitli Mrs. Anne stovwis J'otl-r Neal aoodman. of MemplilK, spent the week-end here us eiiesi of Mr. and Mrs. Pal O'Uryanl _Don^Smlth, • who attends s'l. Don't Experiment if you have mi itching skin get a bottle of, BROWN'S LOTION from yoiw clniyglsl. today; a liquid remedy for ITCH, ECZEMA, 1MPET- IGO,), 1 (sores 011 children) AtH- LETE'S JEOOT,; TETTER, POISON IVY, -BARBER'S ITCH; ^MOSQUITO or,! CHIGGEtf BITES. Itching and .lofection.arc" checked by (he first -application, DtiiVt use messy salves mid bandages. BROWN'S LOTION • is sold by Kirby Dras j Stores—UOc and $1.00 bottles. Pirsi bottle sold with MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. _ Adv . Louis University at St. Louis u spsnifln^ sevci'iil days with his pvaiils, Dr. and Mrs. F. D. Smith. Airs. Whit Goodman and daueli- ter, Lcc, will arrive home tomorrow from Memphis where they Imvc been spending several days. Baptist Leiiders Here To Conduct Training Sejj<)6l /in'away of Sunday sotioollead- ers in Arkansas Baptist Churches hnvo arrived here la" direct tlio workers' training union of the First Baptist cliiiivh to'opca this evening and conllnue through Hie The school is to be • hi elinrse of the Rev. Edgar Williamson of Paragould, widely known Sunday school specialist. lie will be assisted by the Rev. A. C. Rurtlolf of I'ii'golt, who will lead (he a'dult group, the Rev. Alfred CnrpciVtcr host pastor, who is to direct- the young. people's group. Mis. Hugh Rfgan of Little Rock, who Is to teach tlic group for intermediates, How's Your Stomach? [P you're troubled with stomach distress. Kas, 'heart-' ... burn, why not fry . Dr. I'ierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Mr. J. L. Morris uf '521 Rose Si., Waco, Texas, said; "I -, couldn't do a tap of wort for nearly two uii wli accnunb of my dijjcstivc OTS^IIS - luil no sloruwh itcmtd to lie co:ii|ilculy upsti I ha] hnnlrarn bailty at limes, too. tiiu I Itll betur a[| t r I l»il used Dr. ficKc's CoMcn McJicjl Dis- tovei>: only a blioil wliilc, so I conliimcd Its list anil was soon able lo rcjumc my work. I Invc not liad any Momlch trouble since— llut was sonic yeara a go." Alt Utusyists Wrilc Dr. Picrcc's Clinic,' Uuffilo. K.'y t«r hcc medical advice. Mrs. E. Rnwllng.? of Little Rock, who has churgo of the juniors and prlmBiy eroup, 1 a,,d Miss Willa Mabry of Little Rock, who heads the beginners and cradle roll group. : The classes will be held al 1 p.m.; followed' by ".ah assembly pc- •Ipd a(,. 7:30 \yhcro there will bo n brief'seniionetle. .Those not, car- Ing to lake any course arc Jnvlled cb lh eassembly' period..: More than 100 have"'already enrolled. ; ',''.' , . HONDAY, JANUARY 28/936 ., MUSE. !(l|p)_i'ctcr ;'Tyler, sleeps-'In : one Mown nncl cats- In iuiotlii'r, iiiiiioiigli he doesn't leave lib l wm e. Tyler's .louse Is on the'boundary line be- -wocn this (own and Lenox ' Voiir own drugsist it iiilhoriicii la Mul[|i refund your money on (lie spot >u in not xlicycd t» Cteomulsion. ''*'* > * t f ROXY Last Time Todai MAT. & PJiTE—l'Oc - 25r Hospital Note* Admitted: Mrs. Walter Stcwiri"' Pi-omlscd Land; Mit s -cium Stan con, Dell; Miss Celia EdwarJlV city; J. T. Jean, Manila. ' Novelty—"The Band Age" Comedy—"Sporting Cockl;uP Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. D mam - • i Smokers pf Chesterfield are "funny that way, you can hardly move'Jem. They • evermore,. like 'em, and theY* evermore v * > ^ * > - * f' * - * ' stick to 'em. Chesterfields artimlder-tbey taste better* % . > \ GREAT ^ EXPKWIONi With Florence Reed, Alan Hale *nd manir others. Directed by Stuart Wallitr. A Stanley Berjtr- man Producllpn. Pfcjtnled by Carl .A'UNIVERSAL PJCIURf.. Fox News Sport Comedy Mubical Short Milk Is taken lo market in i )ani boo milk ••bottles" 011 the back of n donkey In Tibet, ot Blue Sta. Ktiis The Itch Germs . To i!cl i-ici of lldi, rasli, letter, (mii itch, rli])jn p nrm or cczcniji, cover wflh soolhins liluc Star Ointment wliidi contains tested medicine. Hint melts siralis in quickly •mil-hills liic ii c t,.'. Money back If first jar fails. lEJTZj 'J'he iMiitinec Will Sfarf Aloii- «a.>y -Tuesday, Wednusriav, Ihursiiny and Friday at 2:00 I'. i\I. Matinee Starts Saturday al 12:45 and Sunduv i iMiitmce Starts al 1:45 ' : LAST TIME TODAliJ c, 2:00— IQc and 25c "' Nighl, (i:45— Iflc and ;i5e BERT WHEELER ROB'T wooisirl KERNELS V/ith MARY CXRtlStE SPANM HcfARUND N 0 A li BEE f, V cltJ III Cmrg, S RKO-RADIO PICTURE. il usual Shbri—"Soft and Sfl eet Music" with Geo. Price Hind Sjhia' Pross TUESDAY NIGHT ONLY —On I he Stjige In I'erson— Miss Majorit- Diickett-s" I)AN 7 GG REVUE 35—I'upilsi— -.3n..<:- ! In the Mos't Aiodernviind ,• Beautiful Dances - | j Beautiful Costumes, Beautp fill Lighting Effects . '' Ail mission—15c. and '10c, —ON THE SCREEN—" 1 SANG TO HER FOR 5p'.YEARS .-i. .NOW AMERICA KILL SEE HER' i ,»**•».• -/*w-.V/ '* "i \i ^ >*•, 'Wnh World- Jeronic Korn • and Oscar Hammerstein II Songs;,. 12 STARS AND IS-UUS.-.GAI. Q R E GRACEELANOREBEAUTYSHfiPPE OFl 'S'KS;i; LA " by Viviuu Giai P R E E / } D ill »" ttll ' r ' «^l'crl- cosiiiu'ticiui); ,. , . r -'°b|nt,il in Chicago. A coniplctu ihin an.w his anil ;uh R O on ,,11 fc kin conilitioiis, auch : a, ACTO, Pimples, lllark-headb, Saving, Musics, Linu-,, etc., «tll bs gi\c,i without obligation.;' : , PiiKni; 22i) i 'or Appointment • BE5

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