The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 17, 1948
Page 11
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MONDAY, MAY 17,1948 BLYTnriLLI OOCBI OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams, Our Boarding HOUM with Maj. Hoopl« FMCUJM * MM ranm* atoth EGAD.SWSTLtMtKS? IT gRIriGS A HAPPY SMILft ITO MV FAC6 TO •04 C.' —AS^ibO KKlOW.THt ST6ED CLOSED AT e\)Er^, DOUBLE- YOUR. MOieV— HAVt / IOO AFTB? MISSIWGF UET'S MOT TMA.T So To I 81.660 AUOMER LOOKS « THfc ABOOT I>*»W ~~ XM. QOICK--OP6M TH- DOOR .' THE' B*£,S ARE BOSTlW BUT I THWslk. I CAM GET TH' EGOS TO TH 1 SOFAI WOW'T ANYTHING ELSE; M MOW l>OJMr IT SOLWOS PHONO' VYrtY MOTHER* SET GRAY cord. »*oo •» ««*». »nd «*>••• ilraight away back to London. Only tfeM, at cour»«, would b« plumb crazy. Whcr- the bla would h« itort looking tar hw? A4/n/sf er Wfio *5i(/v/sed Sergt. York Is Dead JAMESTOWN, Tenn.. May IT (UP)—Word juat came out of the Cumberland HilLs today that th? man behind America'! most famous soldier of World War One U dead. He was the Rev. R. C. Pile, TO. He »as the one who told Alvlrt C. York, then a conscientious objector, to go tip on the mountain and "pray it out." and thai if York wa« sitofied thai the Lord wiw willing for him to go to war, the church would be satisfied, too. York did, and later went on '* becomfcjtht famous Sergeant Yovk who single-handedly wiped out 1 German machine gun companv. General Pershlng described th« Congressional Medal of Honor winner as "America's outstanding soldier o( the war" (World War One). Fiiends ol the Reverend Pile didn't think anyone else might be Interested in their pastor's death at V/olf River, a community »o tiny that most maps of Tennessee don't show it. The Rev. Mr. Pile died 10 days ago, two days after suffering faf stroke. But only simple funeral l^rvices were held at the old Wolf River Methodist Church and llttl* By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BY RENEE SHAKN; DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE. INC. "I XXXV I remembered •* »n «»U»n«l/ stern \fISSHELENsat " . " •"•«• tie "Do you know Uii* Un« maybe thi» wa« th« M*6»rn m»n- well?" 'she asked. ner. And it w» «.U; Paul smiled. f»ct<"7 to flnd that thtt y< -Very well indeed. I travel up wai relaUd »o him. and down it every day." "I think p*rfa«{>i w« JhouW te- 'We've got a niece who comes troduc* ourselva*," the »aid warm- up to London three times a w«ek," ly. "Our n«ni« ta Melvilla. I'm alwayi Mi» Helen MvlvilU, and this fc my sister. Mis* Altec Unfertile." How do you do," sakl Paul gravely. And UMO be smiled, 'Though that's a little late in th« Political Announcements The ' Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic : primaries July 27 »nd August;.10.^^,-,, . . ....'... * COUMTT TMAStlHEB ' Frank Whitworth COUNTY COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blyth« , FOK OOKONXK ' - -t'-v E. M. HOJJT . FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen STATE REPHESENTATTV* " Jimmi* Edwards L. H. Autry H. K. "Bud" PUher Leslie N. "Dukie" Speck For County Jrign Roland Green - Tielder Peery Far Circuit court. Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABLE (Chiskasawaba Township) J. Robert Crosskno said Miss Alice. "She "catches this train home.' "Really!" said Paul, with what he hoped w. just the right show of polite interest. "Maybe you've seen her," §ug- gested Miss Alice. "She's small and dark and ralher shy looking." Paul aaid—quite untruthfully— ;that he couldn't jay he'd noticed her. But then so many people 'traveled regularly by this train. i "She should have been with i [this evening," went on Miss Alice. '-"In fact, it's because of her we 'nearly missed the train. You »ee I •• "I don't suppose, Mr.— Mr, "Taylor. Paul Taylor." "Thank you. I don't mppose, Alice, Mr. Taylor is interested.' "Oh, but I am," said Paul easily. "She'a really been rather naughty little girl," .aid V Alice. ; "Alice! Pleaser said Mia BeJeo severely. Miss Alice colored uncomfortably. "You're not by any chance related to Canon Taylor of Saffron !Waldren?'V. asked Miss Helen, changing jfc« r subject. . "My uncle," said Paul, wondering how be could get back to H. "Really, but how interesting!' "You know him?" Tve met him once or twice," said Miss Helen. "Such an interesting man." "He's not a bad old boy." THINK Td r»tr.«r ta,lk et •onwthing els*, Alice," aaid Misc H«l«n firmly. "Of course." sakd Miss Alice. 'I'm sorry, denr. It's just that I'm irtle unhappy about her." 'She'U be back tomorrow *H right," said Miss Helen. But U she Isnt, Helen?" wM Miss Alice tremuloutly. Ah, that's a point," said Paul. "Supposing .she ten't? I s«y, 1 IUPPOM I can't do anything *o help?" You're v«ry kind," b«i»n Kits Alice. MiM Helen looked at bka, «M shook her head. "Oh, no. I assure you «h»t "Now get right off to tchool—• married iw«n 23 y»«r» . old thouldn't «v«n think o< playing hooky!"- day." And then, quite disarmingly: "I'm delighted to meet you . Mis» Alict m»d« a little BytUr- I though my jister may sound a lil- ing gesture. I tie anxious, I'm not really "I don't know how we'd havt | ing a< al(. And, know how we'd havt got on without you. We'd most certainly never havt caught this train." Paul seized thta opening. "You'd have been still waiting for the naughty niece. Tell nv if it isn't impertinent to ask — ar« you expecting her to travel down by the next train?" Miss Alice shook her head. ing a< all. And, ai I've Just aaid, I would r««lly much prefer not to discuss ttie »ubject any further." Her expression changed, and a rather forced brlgntnen spread across her face: "Tell me, Mr. Taylor, do you Hv* mwch farther down »h« )in« than Oakley? I'm only asking because it occurred to m« that possibly you might eare to come over V> tea ----- ----No. We're afraid she's staying with us one afternoon. W«. would away for the night We'r« really [be so happy « you could. I'd b« HELEN blinked. She wasn't quite sure she approved ol this jocular way o< al- M ISS very worried about her. 1 Paul was aware o( a sudden, and, he supposed, quite unreasonable, anger. CoMpled with a very real uneasiness. What *h« blazei was Patience up to? "I suppose you know where «h« is?" he said. "Well, no, w« dont Yem see, she's been away for the.week-end. That's why we're so a«xkws," said Miss Alice. Paul started. H« remembered Patience in that box at the theater. Patience o«i the stage a* that party, so clearly put out because just for a moment she'd been parted from that doggoned actor fellow. Patience being shamelessly and most fervently kissed goodby by him on the platform. His anger deepened. He knew desperate urgency to do some- pTOVeU DJl IPII^ JWVUKIL w aj w« oa- in^i/t* *»«•«- «« ^>>-*«'-j -— — « -™». — luding to the Canon, whom she 1 thing. To pull the communication glad too for you to meet Patience." Paul said he'd be delighted. H was really most kind o< them. He'd b« h-ee the following Saturday. He eouU easily slip ovw by ear. "Wei expect yo« Ihen »bj>u1 4:30. Our addceaa m &OM CoUa«t, High Wyck." Paul smiled. "I'll remember that easily." - ' "We shall look forward io seeing you," said Miss Alice. She glanced at her sister. Was it possible that something o* what she had said was Influencing her? If so H was the first time such a thing had happened. Miss Alice felt a secret satisfaction. She was delighted that this very pleasant young man was coining to tea on Saturday. And she felt almoit certain Patients would like him. (To Be Continued) WM said about it. The church a few years ago was the scene for part of the filming of the movie "Sergeant York." The Rtv. Mr. Pile had not been active us a. minister for several Fritd Chiekan River Catfish 85c Choice of 4 moats V«gttablet - Salad 50c Goff Hotel Coffee Shop Roofing Contracting Patching, Coating, Re-roofing No Job too Large or Too Small Phon« 2536 For Prompt Service Eddie Saliba years but had • served as Sunday School superintendent at Yorlt Ch'pel. He liacH however. conlimnJ his work &5 a farmer, general store operator and postmaster for vVolf River. The community is only a few miles from Sergeant York's home U Pall Mail. ment for the .school's new basement and raised $1,900 for construction work. While their menlolk do the heavy labor, the women plan 'te cream socials and rummng* .sales lo raise mofe money. Take Direct Action PLEASANT GROVE. 111. IXJPV — The citizen* of this town got tired of waiting for authorities to improve their district school. A team of 17 families already has laid ce- Remembcr Rothrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 Display and Storage Cases Reach-In Refrigerators Freer.ers • Self Service Display Cases • Beverage Cooler* • Market Coolers Williams Refrigeration Co. ll« Lilly St. Phone 4397 Blytheville, Ark. GET YOUR NEW CAR NOW! , Drive a KAISER or a FRAZER Today "61" Molor Company (Home of "61" Implement Company) North «th Street Phone 2142 UPHOLSTERING-PHONE 4297 AUTO AND FURNITURE Seat Covers - Seat Covers $20 Front and rear seats tailored to fit. Covers made from pleasing, durabl« straws and fabrics and Installed at no extra cost. Our Seat Covers will never rip. When in need of seat Govern, come In and assure yourself of these super values. Our convertible tops are unexcelled and our h»»d linings will b« your delight. ' We »« most pleated to offtr you a furnilur* upholstering i»rvic« that will bring a lasting pride to your horn*. Com* m and ttt our wld« selection of beautiful, modestly prlctd material!. Larger Cars Slightly Higher THOMAS J. LILLY & SON 112 S. Lilly St. Phone 4297 HERE'S SAFISTORAGE • For Fun • For Wooltni Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Strut Phon« 4474-4475 ,,~:£^'. PRISCILLA'S POP to this... "Surely *& tf» rrajor parties draw* lines ff tfif impending politl** ^ ztruaalf... * ** Kindergarten is nothina.l By MICHAEL O*MALLEY and RALPH LANK Who? OoomeT IV( PtCMD A MAUT1FW CHUMP fORWU.SILK. COMING TO Wf COAX ROOM n«OH TOWARD KXJCATIONOf SPWDfR, Will VOU «T 1H* JMII W HAT-ONfWWf WA«"I •«« * YOU, VK* TNIRE AB« ONLY TWO MtKEO VOW lITTlf SKKH.MR.RINT-- ESPtCIAUY THAT MOUT WHAT VOU'RC SONS ID DO SVrtM THE 1HOU4ANO- DOtlAR CUKK. 111 OVf HIM A QUICK A "Chump" With a Stamp WASH TUBBS StfJCE TOUTO MTETCiTtp »» ruwt*, coweoT.Yoj wo*r STAfie ROBBERY' HE LUCKY EPITAPH R-fDER LEARhSS THAT THE SHAFT IS SALTE.D V011H LATfLS, OFCOtlBSf . HE HfP KCO»e ^UD tOTH ARE (ORU SHOWUSN HO OTHER SCIf MI*Tf*5 Wt KttACK TOK CNTU^Wa \«t Y»OK1.T>'9 I«»4INM!0*I WITH HI* KMMIMfr ICHe^S. MHR9UK SUM* TO K AS U«IP« PICTABVf At CROC** WMSf 17.' ieo MM OUICM MM VAUI»H(C> fHOM MS S(E HIM KK BftlMttM ROOM HONOR. WKW Ml MAX MANKINDS T HAT-HE HALT M5 WORK. AND *0 Off SOMEWMtM TO SOtKl IxK)k» H«d for Our Bojr I WW4T MS IXF>L*«ATI<PN Ttft MU»T CANCy>RIA A PVIHUTCWC >W FIDPUS- AHOIVXANT IT Br EDGAR MAR BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES M, * toot-coat

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