The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1955 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1955
Page 5
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MONDAY, NOTEMB1K 91, MM (ARK.) High Pressure Tactics of GM£° ;r Subsidiary Told by Witness WASHINGTON (AP) — A Boston manufacturer told Senate investigators today that general Motors Corp. is providing "almost insurmountable" competition for small firms en- jaged in rebuilding auto generators. Albert S. Holzwasser, president of Arrow Armatures Co., Boston, assailed the marketing policies of United Motor Service, a GM parts distributing subsidiary. His testimony was prepared for the Senate Antitrust and Monopoly subcommittee, which is holding public hearings ki General Motors operations. Holzwasser said his firm sells rebuilt, generators to wholesalers for (Ubstfintinlly leas than United Mo (or Service — $6.95 compared will (8.95. "But," he added, "we have hard time outselling them and in lome oases keeping Ions-established customers to continue to buy from us." Holzwasser accused United Mo tor of using high-pressure tactics He said a United Motor salesman told one Arrow customer in Mas: Bchusetts. "Yon have two lines o armatures on your shelf . . .What will it be. Arrow or Delco-Remy?' Delco-Remy products are manufactured by a GM subsidiary. Not Fair Share The witness contended too tha small manufacturrs of electrica parts are "excluderi" from getting a fair share of defense orders. "Discrimination, if I may cai: it that, persists," he said, adding, "And the damnable part of it is ... it is costing' the Kovernmeni many thousands of dollars too." He said this situation appliec "most particularly in the case of General Motors parts." Another witness was Harold T Halfpenny of Chicago, counsel foi the National Standard Parts Assn. a trade organization of independent manufacturers and wholesalers of auto parts and supplies. In his prepared, testimony. Halfpenny said "there has been no appreciable change in General Motors' pricing" on highly competi live replacement auto parts. But he said "GM has substantially in creased its list and net prices" foi items not subject to great competition. Halfpenny suggested the subcom- niittee determine whether GM has used price policy "to stifle the competition of independent manufacturers and distributors." The nation must decide, he said, "whether it is time to invoke di- MOX THEATRE On W. Main St. In Blytheville Phone 3-46^1 Weekdays Show Starts 7:00 p.m. — Sat. & Sun. 1:00 p.m The Finest in Cinemascope Presented in High-Fidelity Optical Sound! LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature "DADDY LONGLEGS" Fred Leslie ASTAIRE & CARON In Cinemascope and Technicolor — ALSO — ROD CHKRON- JOHN LESLIE CMLL wins -IM missal A REPIWUC pieiim PLUS CARTOON TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY Double FeattfVe .... ~ .*:;~:v -./:.. ^~*~ .?' SAMUEL GOLDWYN's I New Musiccl Wonderfilml I Mans I Christian if Anclersem I _. .*** 1 TECHNICOLOR Danny — AND — "Man Who Could Work Miracles" AI-SO CARTOON NOT THE QUITTING TYPE—Paralyzed, by polio. Don Kollar. 20, ol Cleveland. Ohio, punelu-s out words of encouragement to his R-llow polio patients. The former scholastic basketball sl;ti, who has spent two ye;irs in Cleveland's City HospiUit. uses ;\ gadget designed by his fnthcr to type articles foi the ward's mimeographed publication. The device is u stainless steel rod with a rubber mouthpiece and tip which manipulates the Keys ol the electric typewriter Mis most recent article urged the patients to have hope lor Hie Inline. Kollar wears a chest-type rcspiraloi. tube of which can be seen at bottom, center. 10-Year Foreign Aid Total: $51 Billion WASHINGTON </Pi-~The United States has provided more than 51 billion dollars in foreign aid in the vestiture proceedings limiting General Motors and the other major vehicle manufacturers to the manufacture and sale of automotive vehicles and trucks, leaving the manufacture and distribution of replacement parts . . . to'the independent service industry to provide such services more competitively, efficiently and less expensively." Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission 15c & 35c At All Times LAST ThMES TONIGHT Double Feature AND TUBS.. WED. & THUKS. Double Feature last 10 years, a Commerce Department report shows. Of this total, 40 billions was in the form of grants and the other 11 billions as loans to other nations. Some of this help went to Russia and other nations now in the Communist orbit. This was before the cold war set in. The study showed that the 40 billion dollars in grants was divided into $25,686,000,000 for economic, technical and like aid and 814,663,- QQO.CQO for military help. Western Euroepan countries and their dependencies received $33,409,000,000, or nearly two thirds of the S51.336.COJ.OOO spent on foreign aid from mid-1935 through mid-1955. Of this. $24.737.000,003 was in the form of gifts. The area also received credits totaling SB.072.000,000. Arthritis-Rheumatism Vital Facts Explained FREE DESCRIPTIVE BOOK As a public service to all readers of this paper, a new 44-page highly illustrated book on Arthritis and Rheumatism will be mailed ABSOLUTELY FREE to all who write for it. This FREE BOOK fully explains the causes, ill-effects and danger in neglect of these painful and crippling conditions. It . also describes a successfully proven drugless method of treatment which has been applied in many thousands of cases. This book is yours WITHOUT COST or obligation. It may be the means of saving years of untold misery. Don't delay. Send far your FREE BOOK today. Address The Ball Clinic, Dept. 4204, Excelsior Springs. Mo. vin Again Convicted Of 1951 Slaying TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (ft — James Ludwig Colvin is under conviction for a second time in the slaying of his University of Alabama roommate in 1951 but the defense has announced it again will appeal the verdict. A Circuit Court jury yesterday found the Lincoln, Ala., man guilty of second degree murder in the Easter Sunday shooting of Luther Jerome Veazey of Greenville, Miss. Colvin was sentenced to 10 years in prison and was placed in the Tuscaloosa County jail. ' ., Colvin was convicted of second degree murder at the first trial and was sentenced to 15 years. The verdict was thrown out when his lawyers appealed the case. Colvin testified at last week's trial that his roommate had threatened to kill him and was advancing on him with a knife when he fired in self-defense. Testimony was that the shooting followed a drinking party and a fight between Colvin and Veazey at the apartment where they lived. Carpenter Held ForMunkr'Gf Mother-in-law TAVEBNIEif, Pla. WP) — Conklyn Meriwether, 37-year-old carpenter and former baseball player, was held without bond today in the hatchet shying of his paralyzed mother-in-law and the wounding of two other persons. Meriwether, who was on the St. Louis Cardinals roster in 1946, was taken to the Monroe County Jail at Key West after the killing in his modest bungalow home at Tavernier yesterday afternoon. No charges have been filed. Peace Justice Ralph Cunningham said Meriwether killed Mrs. Martin Ellen Mills, 49, a paralytic for nine years, and injured his father-in-law Charles N. Mills. 55, and his brother-in-law Paul Mills, 16. Both men suffered head wounds. Meriwether's wife Ruth, 28, fled to a neighbor's home with their three small children. Meriwether threw the hatchet iu- to some bushes and Was pacing up and down in front of the house when deputies arrived. Mrs. Meriwether said her husband was subject to violent rages. Maryland Ends Guard Segregation BALTIMORE (fl>> — Segregation wus on its way out Ln the Maryland National Guard today after an abolition order by Gov. Theodore B. Mc- Keldln. Maj. Gen. Milton A. Reckord, adjutant general of the state unit, said he would "Issue the proper directives" today to carry out the governor's order. McKeldln instructed. Reckord to "initiate without delay all such steps as are necessary to bring an end to racial segregation in the organiza- ion of the Maryland National Guard." Guard officials said Maryland Is the first Southern state to drop racial barriers in its military service. A group of 15 Negro officers who formerly served in the Maryland Guard recently announced plans to ask a Federal District Court ruling aganist Guard segregation. The Negroes saifi they were integrated With regular Army units while serving in Korea but preferred to remain on inactive duty upon returning home- rather than rejoin .segregated Guard outfits. McKeldin's directive said, "The awaiting of court action would result only in an unnecessary delay Abo*t WO Heero« HI two »M-Negro transportation units in Baltimore will be affected immediately by the order. The units are the only Negro components of fche state Guard's 36 unite. Reckford Looked for "a smattering of enlistments 1 ' but added, "I don't think it's going (a mrAe too much difference. I feel sure everybody will take it in stride." N «v M Up Sir* ASHLAND, Ky. W— Prime Minister Gamal Abdcl Nasser of Egypt Is stepping aside to lei a Kentuckian make Egyptian history. William Marsh, an employe of Armco Steel Corp. here, will receive the first suit from Egypt's new popular- priced clothing factory. After reading about the factory, Mash wrote the Prime Minister, enclosing: a check for $8 »od bk measurements. The Prime Minister had Intended to wr.r *w HHt MM, but h* MM thut Murah could hurt Uw wjr flril one. Bead Oowler News Classified Adi. You fed cocfec. KKXhi* help torn the my fint dme. Cloffiaf pbfeOi it looeencd, you breathe deep**. CREOMUCSKNC Bishops Seek Federal ASd for Private Schools WASHINGTON i.-?) — The nation's Roman Catholic bishops have urged again that private and parochial school students be given a share of government-sponsored benefits "manifestly designed for the health, safety and welfare of American youth." The bishops said such schools "exist by right" and that "discriminatory" treatment of them is unfair. Graham Ends England Revival LONDON i>Pf—Billy Graham turned his attention to television films and sitting for his portrait today after winding up a 10-day revival in the university towns of Oxford and Cambridge. The American evangelist is making films for Britain's new commercial TV system and having his portrait painted by British artist Frank Salisbury before leaving for the United States Nov. ,29. Graham preached liis final sermon in Oxford yesterday to some 1,000 persons packed so densely into St. Aldgate's Anglican church that they could not kneel to pray. His message was relayed to two other churches filled to capacity. Graham's aides said one of the first- to answer his apepaL for "decisions for Christ" last night was British miler Roger Bannister, first man to run the distance in less than four minutes. THEATRE OSCEOLA YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE Northeast Arkansas' Most Popular Theatre Escape in Style HONOLULU (/Pi—Two inmates escaped in .style Friday from Oahu prison. They scaled a wall and drove off in warden Joe Harper's sedan. IMPORTANT Medical Facts For Every Man Who Has Passed His 40th Birthday Men Joo, Go Thru "Change of Life 1 DOCTORS CALL IT "MALE CLIMACTERIC" RefeisKfTlirii Unite!/Wisls — AND — •DieKitU'sXcetj 4)-^^ ifim> *«>-• BOGART Qj GARDNER V! BHREFVOT CONTESSA Cartoon "Duck Visits Lake" H?w Safe Discovery Compounded For Counteracting Effect on Body and Blood Changes Due To Usual Deficienciai That Often Occur During Middle Age. Coders, employs and scientists ill jgree that it!:i the iiisl 40 years, the human bjdy uncfeigcei Important normal changes. TMs change occurs in MEN as *e!l as WOMEN! Men, if you are over 40, in good haaMh...:bijt lesl ner.mis. physically »'a?k in lag;, tnch and arms, can't sleep, find it difficult to make decisions .. .are quick-tempered, i-1 ways tiled and suffer trom Itial leriible "what'i the use" leelirtg ...chances are you are going thioueh "ctianga ol Itle," or as doclois call it, MALE CLIMACTERIC. 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