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Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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80 'v. 9 City Coldest Spot in State Staley Re-Elected. President THI DAILY TELEOtAM Eau Clair Wisfoniin 1 Friday, Dec. 4, 1964 Storms, Cold Sweep over Much of Nation NFO Plans Frequent Withholding Actions Move to Drop Burch Splits GOP Leaders from 3 to 6 Inches for today. from a Minneapolis hospital Eau Claire, with 4 below, bed while recuperating from Monday night appendecto- my.

The NFO seeks contracts with processors for higher By RICHARD McFARlAND -MINNEAPOLIS (UPI) Hie National Farmers Organization (NFO) resolved early today to make a "continuous battle" for h) gher farm prices, and carry out frequent withholding actions. A small segment of the 9,000 delegates took the action as they worked past mid DENVER, Colo. (AP) Republican governors split wide open today over a pro prices. On Oct. 1 the organization "recessed" a 42 day had the lowest temperature reported in-WIsconsin early tod a y.

Mihvaukeer had 26 above. Other lows Included Superior with -2, Park Falls with 1 above, Wausau 8, LaCrosse 14, Lone and Madison 18, Green Bay 1 9, Burlington 21, Racine 24 and Beloit 25. The noon reading here was 16. posal by their chairman, uov Continued cold weather is forecast for Wisconsin through the weekend with temperatures expected drop to from 2 above to five below in the northwest o-night with readings around 20 in the southeast. Highs Saturday are expected to be from 15 to 25.

Sunday's outlook is for fair in the with some cloudiness in east with a few snow flurries in the extreme east and north along with continued cold temperatures. Three inches of snow that action of withholding 1 1 e- stock from market and block Robert Sraylie of Idaho, that thev demand the ouster ing trucks to keep others from going to market. Two GOP National Chairman night to finish the business of their annual convention i Dean Burch. Wisconsin NFO members RACINE HAD the highest died in the action. the Minneapolis auditorium Staley, who has said the livestock withholding action But the state executives were nearly unanimous agreement that something drastic has to be done to lift their party out of the abyss of the defeat it suffered Delegates were spurred on in their price battle Thursday night by NFO President mignr De resumed at any Ik if W7v fell early today in the Bur time, called for "trip -ham.

Oren Lee Staley, who called temperature reported in Wis-consin Thursday, with 3 de-grees. Eau Claire had a high of 18 and Superior 15. Bemid-ji, had the nation's lowest reading with 21 below early" today while McAllen, had a high ol mer" withholding actions in for trip hammer" withhold a -'continuous -batfle" ing actions after he-war re contracts. elected to a 10th term. DELEGATES responded STALEY SPOKE to the later by adopting a resolution Nov.

3. Smylie, who said Tie would accept the national chairmanship if the party wanted him, declared in a speech prepared for the opening session of an extraordinary conference that the gover convention by telephone lington, Milwaukee, and Be-lo it areas brought slippery highway conditions in the southeast. Roads north of a line from Prairie du Chien tp Port Washington were generally clear and in good winter driving condition. Snow fell through the morning in the southeastern part of the state with a forecast of Stormy weather, with snow, saying in part: ve it resolved we carry VA ISlM -fUL JhaJHU sleet, rain and strong winds, swept nearly all sections of the nation today, continuing the climatic pattern of out the continuous battle which calls for holding a tions at frequent intervals Civil Defense to Be Improved nors ought to the stamina to recommend that the national committee "consider past several days. with interim periods of mar Below zero com again stung keting cooperation until complete victory is won." making appropriate changes in its leadership." northern Midwest states.

It was 19 below in North MADISON (AP) Civil De Seven Traffic They urged that the secre fense facilities in seven Wis The Idaho governor said, tary of agriculture act- to "We. are a defeated party The snow, sleet and gusty raise and maintain all farm i cities have been selected ior improvement, the State Civil Defense Bureau Accidents in winds raked broad acres from New England Into with defeated leadership." Hp said the GOP presidential nominee, Sen. Barry 1 d-water, as a defeated candi reported today. Owen Monhls, bureau al rector, said the federal gov date, "is the symbol of a re City Checked prices at the highest level of parity permitted by law n-til. are in a position to activate this NFO program." The NFO says' it has signed contracts with some processors but must get a certain number before they can be activated.

ernment had notified him that jected alternative" to Demo n. Ml I it; d3 improvements would be made cratic President Johnson. Eau Claire police investi NOTING THAT Goldwater gated seven accidents Thurs in Stevens Point, Racine, Su-p i Sheboygan, a Claire, Fond du Lac and day and today. Total estimated property damage was $550, Driving conditions in most of the-states hit by snow and? sleet were hazardous and warnings were issued Weather Bureaus. The u-reaus also posted heavy snow warnings in Midwest areas, already hit by falls up to a half foot or more this week.

HEAVIEST snow fell in the central part of the nation covering areas in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Madison. had said four years ago that Richard M. Nixon was "just going to be a Republican lawyer," Smylie said that Gold-water is in a similar category now. Refinements will Include At 9:08 a.m. police went to The convention also went on record in opposition to "all the 10 block of S.

Barstow St violence in future holding They said Sharon Casper, 26, better fallout shelter proteC tion through increased ventila tion and an auxiliary genera actions. Rt 5, Chippewa Falls, was The NFO board of direc tor. Government contracts backing into a parking spot. tors was to meet in 1 Her auto was involved in a "For that reason," he said, "we really are a leaderless party, because no one has earned the right to that leadership by winning an el will be let as soon as site re quirements are determined session today to consider plans for resuming the livestock withholding action. Iowa, with warnings of heavy amounts in northern sections of Illinois and Indiana minor collision with a car driven by Thomas Klose 64, of 313 N.

13th St. provided the cost does not exceed $4,000 at each location Staley was re-elected by a the cost is between $4,000 Police went to Clairemont But 1 i 's "dump Burch" demand ran into in vote of 4,763 to 679 over Lynn E. Bowe, head of the Sher and the southern third Lower Michigan. A wind-blown snowstorm whipped south central areas federal approval is re Ave. and S.

Hastings Way at quired. stant opposition. 8:53 a.m. today. They said burne County "Minn.

NFO. Gov. George Romney Bowe had distributed mlnr Thursday, dumping nearly a Ernest Gorey. 54, Rt. 1, Delat Delta, Ohio, started from an eographed statements to del Michigan said on his arrival at the conference Thursday arterial and stopped.

A fol Lucey Outlines egates criticizing the Stalev nignt mat tne tdano gover lowing car, driven, by Harris administration and saying nor's proposal for adoption of Party Function foot of snow In Englewood and Elkhart, and Guy-mon, Okla. Rain and sleet slickened streets and 1 h-ways southeast of the snow zone. More than five Inches ol Ntv programs "constantly a resolution recommending Burch's ouster was v. Moen, 54, Rt. 1, Ladysmith, struck the rear of his auto.

Damage was estimated a $120. have floundered and failed because of poor strategy. MILWAUKEE (UPI) The Smylie idea, and I won't comment on it." rain drenched Tallahassee, Democrats' main function under Republican Gov. -elect Warren Knowles will be to At 7:43 a.m. today police Komney, saying he is a THE NEW LOOK The use ol English in the mass was just one change to greet Catholics when they attended mass last Sunday in Eau Claire.

Most found the priest facing them across a free standing altar, usually portable. The use of a lay commentator was another change. Rt. Rev. Msgr.

John Pittz, pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, is shown celebrating the mass at the akar facing the people. Charles Berg, the lay commentator stands to his left at the pulpit. The altar boys are Mike Ryan and Bob Connell. Sacred Heart was the first Catholic church in Eau Claire to make use of the lay commentators. Father Pittz is making use of a substitute altar until the new portable altar ar- went to the 1300 block of E.I Scholarship to in a six-hour period.

Fairly heavy doused team player and not a politi Lexington, Blvd. They said a preserve government pro cal "loner" as he has some wide areas in the Lower Mis car driven by Michael Chns- grams initiated in the past six years, Democratic Lt. times been described, said sissippi and Lower Ohio. topherson, 18, of 906 Second Be Awarded Here The Eau Claire County As "This is not the time to read slid into the rear of a Gov. elect Patrick Lucey anybody out of the party." stopped car driven by Patri (Staff Photo) said Thursday night.

rives. The important thing, he cia Stroot, 22, of 1503 E. Lex sociation for Mental Health is offering a $500 scholarship Our attitude towards a added, is to bring all 1 ments under one tent. to either a January or June, Republican governor differs from the Republican attitude ington Blvd. when her auto stalled.

Damage was estimated at $120. In contrast, Gov. John 1965, college graduate who is New Hospital to Be Dedicated towards a Democratic gover Mass Change Favored by Most of Catholics Chafee of Rhode Island, who A MINOR mishap was interested in pursuing gradu ate study during 1965-66 lead nor because the Democratic won re-election by the high checked Thursday at 10:50 est plurality scored by any Party of Wisconsin is not built on patronage," Lucey p.m. in the 300 block of ing to an advanced degree and a professional career in The religious dedication of our gubernatorial candi Grand Ave. Police said a car told a meeting of the i 1- the new sacred Heart Hospl mental health or a related date, said he is willing to waukee 11th Ward Demo area, it was announced USIA Library Raided by Indonesian Youths JAKARTA, Indonesia (UPI) A mob of Indonesian youths stormed the Un 1 1 States Information Agency Library today, tearing the American flag to shreds and hoisting the Indonesian standard in its Shouting "down with American imperialism in The Congo" and "crush (Congolese Premier Moise) Tshombe," the approximately 3,000 youths a a bonfire of boolts taken from the library.

tal will take place Sunday at 10 a.m. in the chapel, it was cratic unit. Lucey said tlfe defeat of announced today by Sister M. day. Applications for the' scholar ship will be taken during De Gov.

John Reynolds by Patrice, administra Knowles "saddens us deeply. tor. cember, and January. The driven" by Thorvald Lokken, 32, of 333 Niagara struck the rear of a stopped car driven by Clarence Wieg, 48, Rt. 5, Eau Claire.

At 5:28 p.m. police went to a minor collision at Wisconsin and Dewey Sts. They said a collision occurred 'as Richard Gleni, 20, of 1419 Main started a left turn onto. Wisconsin as Ervin The Rt. Rev.

Msgr. Charles W. Gille, LaCrosse Diocese administrator, will be the We can only pray that his defeat does not discourage those who follow from his courageous path of deadline for receiving scholarship applications' is February 1. Application blanks and further.information can secured from Dr.f Young, chairman, Scholarship Committee, Eau Claire County Association- Aor en t-a 1 He said Reynolds battles with the Republican controlled" 'Legislature "hurt back a resolution demanding Burch's On the other hand, ov. Cliff P.

Hansen of Wyoming said "no useful purpose would be served" by any action of the governors in demanding Burch's ouster. "I think Mr. Burch will resign if he doesn't have majority support in the party," Hansen said. Sen. Thruston B.

Morton of of the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, voiced the opinion that "this is no time for blood letting." "Our "blood is too thin and there is too little of said. Morton said Me will use what influence he has to keep Burch' as national chairman. celebrant at the high mass. The Reflection will be by the Rt. J.

Francis Brady of St. Patrick's Church of Eau Claire. The blessing of the house will then follow and be done by priests of Eau Claire and area: A luncheon is scheduled Eau Claire and area Catholics responded with deep interest last Sunday ta first use of English in the Mass and to some changes in the procedure itself. The changes which went Into effect on the First Sunday of Advent, the start of the new Church year, has been heralded for months. It left many people with mixed emotions which many will still have when they attend church this Sunday.

In some parishes extensive efforts had been made to acquaint laymen with the new changes to come. One of the first these was the Sacred Heart Parish. Under the guidance of Rt. Rev. Msgr.

John Pittz, the -congregation began singing hymns In English at 1 masses about a year a o. They also started responding mentator or lector. This position was taken over by laymen of the parish six weeks ago. The response to a layman before the congregation was generally well met by the parishioners who now have grown accustomed to it. Sacred Heart, along i most other churches, now uses an altar facing the people.

"When the celebrant faces the people it becomes evident that the sacrifice of the mass is a dialogue and a meal," Father Pittz said. "This position allows more direct communication -tween the priest and the people. It allows the people to participate better visually and maire actively in the mass," he reported. He added he will still use the regular altar on some occasions. Father Pittz said the lay commentators have been well accepted at his parish.

him politically. He knew it at the time he waged those bat 60, Rt. Eau Claire, started a left turn onto Dewey. An intersection crash at Third Ave. and Lake St.

was Health-irrBrewer Hall. 250, tles hut he did not shrink Eau Claire State University. from his task." checked at 5 p.m. Police said for noon in the cafeteria. A Student Confesses "To the extent that Warren Knowles adheres to our standards, we will support his efforts," said "To the extent he falls short- of over 70 Burglaries it involved cars driven John Bolnger, 71, of 409 E.

Madison and Linda Bartholomew, 17, of 212 Third St. Damage was estimated a (UPI) A wit if special dedication plaque will be unveiled at the luncheon. It will hang in the main Because of the limited seating capacity of the chapel, guests to the ceremony will college student confessed them we will oppose 1 m. Our posture as Democrats4Tnursday to more tnan 70 aIt' TAr. efhr1 HnKc tn nut i col" er-school jobs to put himself $115.

A procession of ducks waddling across the 400 block of Water St. was responsible through school all burglaries. He said Monday and be by invitation only. They will be conducted on tours of during the next two years must not be that of a vigilante committee. We must, instead, be guardians.

There is much to guard." ai a to.the priest in Latin. The re- He feels the commentator for a minor collision at 1:30 p.m. Police said d.w a Knesley, 66, of 1104 E. Lexing- the building after the lunch eon. sponses were changed Sunday iha eonca Wednesday nights were his favorite burglarizing hours because he had a light class tdri Blvd.

stopped for the "'(security when leading them the mass itself. Responses hvmna nnH nrnv. Goose, Train Collide NANTWICH, England (UPI) Two women passengers were injured by flying glass Thursday when a three-coach train collided with a wild goose. There were remains, but engineer-Arthur Hatton identified the victim shortly before impact. ducks.

A following car, drlv- mora nrm rl Hinn Kf a mil; iui iiivi ij mviiv, tjj iii- Buses to Serve Len by Rodney. Hoy 54, of 310 Cuba Recruiting Scientists Abroad he serving at HE EXPLAINED that hei load the next day. Ralph Salter Martin, 24, an English -major from Corpus Christi, was cor altar boys mass. S. Michigan struck the rear of his vehicle.

felt the people get more out kjpw Hncnitnl of the mass from the LONDON (UPI) Cuba has started a recruiting drive nered in an office building Matching eerrlngs evaJUble WHILE ONE priest was celebrating the Mass another priest would act as acorn- commentators, who explain what the mass is and the near the campus Thursday City buses will serve the in Britain for scientists to man its research center in He had a list of seven or eight new Sacred Heart hospital on other places he planned to a limited basis, it was a n- hit before dawn. nounced today, with service provided Mondays through Havana. Advertisements are now appearing in the British press offering research positions at the center at minimum salaries of $11,200 per year. Fridays but not on week ends. The schedule will be gome effective December 15, Fashion Favorites TORO and ARIENS SNOW THROWERS Convert to lawn and garden attachmnt.

YEAR 'ROUND USE CHET McCANN AcroM from Hillcrt Golf CourM Hwy. 12. the day after the hospital be gins, operations. Buses will depart from Bar- Christmas Trees For Sale by Boy Scout Troop 36 AcroM from Community Stat Bank on wideawake Water Street. stow St.

and E. Grand Ave Work on the center is to start early next, year, and the first scientists in this new form of brain drain will be moving to Havana Almost immediately if they come forward and acecpt the Cuban conditions. at 6:45 a.m.; 7:30 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. daily.

They will ar by meaning of various parts of the mass. Father Pittz credits i two young assistants, Father Mark Walljasper and Father Joseph Sullivan, for help in preparing the congregation ior the new liturgy and to making first use of the -lay commentators in Eau Claire. Neither the use of the 1 a commentator arid of a free standing altar facing the people is mandatory. It is left up to the individual parishes. Their use, however, has been recommended by the Constitution on the Liturgy which the Second Vatioan Council approved and Pope Paul VI promulgated In December of 1963.

Most Catholics who expressed an opinion said they approved of the change, 7 rive at the hospital at 6:55 a.m.; 7:40 a m. and p.m Buses will leave the hospl tal at 7:05 a.m.; 7:40 a.m.; 2:25 p.m.; 3:37 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Truman Gives Advice to Nation NEW YORK (APt, r-J mer President Harry Tru-man says the States can survive anything "if we don't lose our heads and throw away the one thing that makes country great and that's our free-, dom." Truman, speaking on a taped television program to be shown nationally, i cussed the Communist-hunt-1 ing periods of the late 1940s and early 1950s! which, a led by the late Sen. 1 seph R.

McCarthy, R-Wis. "What happened was a slfame," Truman "There were more than a Nrtillion names; reported In this spasm that the country had at the time and it was a terrible thing and it should never have happened. "The McCarthy outfit nev-l er did get enough evidence to convict a single person or to even have a single per-: son tried." 'men) Franco Reaches 72 MADRID (AP) Gen. Francisco Franco celebrated his 72nd birthday quietly to wnue a minority aid not or day as Mi El Pardo Palace reserved Judgment. residence.

Add new brilliance to jour "Fiihlort with the ageless elegance of an Eltenberg "Drop of Ice" pendant. each 5 Premium Determination AUDITOR insurance currant opening to fill a rponlbl, challenging potition for ono of th largest national Mutual Insurance organizations. This Is a technical field position working with Business Poliyholders In determining final premiums earned on audited type policies. We desire an ambitious, mature young man who is capable of advancing beyond this position. College graduate or equivalent experience with interest and proficiency in Accounting) andor Business Travel is required Western Wisconsin territory.

Car furnished. May headquarter In Eau Claire or adjacent community. Complete training program, liberal salary and excellent benefit program. letter Inquiries should be sent direct to: Mr. J.

E. Regnier, Tertonnel Manager SENTRY INSURANCE 1043 Dixon Point, Wisconsin, Phone 344-2345 19th ANNUAL Mole Chorus Concert Saturday, Dec. 5th, 8:15 pm SCH0FIELD AUDITORIUM WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE FEATURING HENSLEY, Guest Soloist Single Admission $1.25 Students 75c Season Ticket $2.00 Tkkth AvaUabU From All Mmbwt ot Chorut, BoUr Jtweta ono At Th Door, WE Party Banquet NoV CALL wUS United Rait'(llt ClalrMnont Aw. (Hwy. 12) FHONI S32-148I Hotel lew Clair Kid.


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