The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1935
Page 1
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"ttl'ftt fry f he United Press ;vnn VOL XXXI—NO: 2fi8 Blylheville Courier Blylhevllle Dally News lilylhovllte Herald Mississippi Valley Leader ARKANSAS. MONDAY. JANUARY 88 1935 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OK NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST Leads Women Against Huey ••-••-. -^ \ —: ... . ........ . —".xi «ia y v i fnV TJVJli UiJifS ID WHEN TRUCK PLUNGES INTO BAYOU 'Square : Dealers" Tipped Off to.His Plan lo'Seize, Their Records'. . BATON, nOUOE, Ln,, .Inn. 2fl.' f UP)—Serin tor lluey P.- Cpn'g'.s ef- foH to stamp out his newest opposition with military force ended hi signal failure because opuosi- lIon lenders; had been lipped nil lo Ills plan: and., had hidden nil pertinent records of their - Square Deal association,., the United Press wris told' today. Tim tip 'chmf from a member of Long's -closely organized and tilKhly doinhiated politlciil ma• (.-hirie— a,.man "who would break '.vllli Huey If lie on!; dared"—Ule United Press ivr>s Informed. Mem- p >' ' "—•"""""' bershlp rolls showing ihe aswln- ii*.." 8 , dcniul11 " the wraih or -lion's extensive organization thru•out • fcoulsinna', -which- Long .'represented 127,624 Bales Ginned Prior to January 16 ( Mississippi noniily eln'iiPtl 127,- tet bales or 1034-orop ration |irlor lo .liuiunry IB 1935, 'Dm C0|irioi- News was hummed today byChes- lei Diinehowrr, l,nxoro, census'bii-. Vpi.< lopi'e.sei.Uiljve In this coiin-l ly. The Ibnire compitri'S with )37,-' 474 ualon ginned ,jn the. county I prior lo ihe .snnm. "diUn a year ngo. o Indications arif, Mr. Danohower OpOllS sild. ihai [he n'nnl total for (he county this year will be about 1 •I130.COO bales. Jluey I one and nis military was- ,? rCM ' Mrs - J - s - Roussel. tiny Vine eager lo ob- t ^ ll " n - ha " i «l Bacon nouge worn-' ,„ i,,i~ f—i—»— •**•> 8HOWQ nere addressin** ipanoa- 0 .,,, i "•"• """'"sing an l-Lon- "" Lo . ns e ntl ienn s , beads ttia fourth r°M?,"° """'""-I of .Ui8. 'tain, worn taken Into Tangipahoa parish, mail . vlolenlly anti-Long parish • of. Ihe anti-Long fmii-th r _.,,_, _ congressional district.. t-ouisinna Square Den) Declares Ifiiey "On Run" ', aHainsi ^ ! '," S " Sen ln revolt : Had the rolls "fallen Into Long's ^ aulal the I'Ong. dictaiorabip. jhtuids many Square. Dealers would have suffered reprisals, the Itifornmnt said, ami Lone .would have an inkling of .hidden Olsloy- hlly within-his own organization.! ': "Long is on the run," n Square I Deal official said.' "He's desper- Alc. WeVe got. him scared. We'll make him and Allen (Qov..O. K. Alien) and some of his oilier boys Chm-ofl b v Chance to Talk sor lo Committee -R.ROCK, Jan, 28 (UP) — Facliin determined opposition 3on- .'ilor J. S. Hall, of Scolland MUd he would ask to re-refer his suloi -lax .bill back to tho,- educational .tommlUee late today; i-: Seiiaiot . noil's m6v«; bcciimo _iown as Senators H. 11 llardey of Qi'cenbrler antt Atirtt.n,. r rv\ia j v*uie Government ^ Manufacture °f "Sumta/ Might -' : Na-S W^ Wll liona! Defense Says Dern !tn " a "* -"J 11cal . ls for a » per cent WASHINGTON, Jnn. 28. (UP)--' -»™,, t , 1 ' e I"'"*"™"- The levcnuo' Eocrclnry of War:aeorge H Dem-f,m, 9 ' ro "">'°» "-drool iufii-ttn/i n^^n,,,,,.._ i. i_ ,. mnu, warned congress today that env- "-ViT,;. ,, „ ! -nent manufacture of,munltV« J^ffi^^ te '\F^™*™*™*& ••*• "i"»MJ tivfalll C UJ, . mUll! might undermine the national de tense structure. •llminntion resolution. The res>- iutlon would authorize. Inn preal- 1 dent, to fix price. 1 ;, control pur- iliity." •Attack on Wnsson Ixiontg' \ An nntl-ndmlinstratton-awe .b?i ««•,. >v HA jjncra, control piu-- '"".'-"""""istratton-inoie bT- chases and license nlflndusti-les In "!"?. tn ° r( '. "pparjut lodny. with lime of national emergencv. " : •'.P'Mlslenl.--reports Hint. ,|lie bank'-The manufaclure of all'muni- «>mmlsaion-would be the^next stnlci 'imic Iii om-nb-K^.^^.i , . CIPDllHiiiAnJ m>.i.._ ». . . , . "_• wn. * R '8 flls Urid e> Cotton Ac.e- ase Contiacts Will Rt> ry , , C •\VCIertnincd in '•'-' .With Senator Long en "route to Washington with his fatally, Union noVige-ailempled today rlo readjust ilRjniode 'of llvliig to conform with • U,,::ord«rs/pj;,-.iuarU3l'JA.w.,i •-.'' •.rae. iuatton has nton -The-trtlzenry slood In -siisijenso ?i'ealcd>'ln louiG here because of as the. Square Dpm Association -confusion ma lesponslblhties un kept >its. niovemenls Jhiouded in; der.laken bj landlords under foil" mystery.; aiid Ooy. -p. ' k,' : Allen erol AAA contracts t I sliinrnohed aildlllonhl gijarUsinen A number of tenants \\a\a re ' " - •• - t •.Considerable. litiuatton has nton i'' degartmcnl niidcr''leiiihHw'ffiT ; — - -. , -._. „„.„ „„,„, «ould —,' wl " hitiodutc Ihe ntlnrk I' probabh iemo\e any objectionable!" 1 lhc talrt minii _ l ""-M fealure that maj lm\e deieloped plalls aro time of |>eice Dem said, Poi*on Whisky Takes !, Lives of 16; Two Blind — ^ H Jnn , 2S (UPJ, , ' lollUoda\ umojig p Mio «)Wfciixctlni(lj drant n <moii ^(),)ipcjlqii dHl,r)buie lootleg^i^t, f ft»j ISD Wlit-ky fclxiccn ttrrt ) 'l(iioKii»,U>n(i, Hirer Km In critical rondllfoiilfliid Uo linlid Into com I on ])|ll)llci tntoKl oillmi tliiugM KPII slrlcken blind r-4 />"sn' . h TT~ ;'^ Lompamon Escapes After '• Machine Goe? Into 20 ' tT? . e iv/ ' ii- I of Water. >T . di r i • —— Giceii,Asks $50 a, Month foi 'Aged, $25 a Week feel betler aheadv prouaoij iemo\e any objectionable l ™ " nnt ranmlssjo,, i f e " /,,,, ., """». feature that maj lm\e deieloped plalls aro executed conld iini vlliusa nt F In connection Kith ll)e munitions }? doleimineu fndlcations were apfpnsc npolnst charges of lining im Indnslrj bill Ihe le^ull might, at ,.,. slat c ; officials .win, in-eater In "' Ls I" 0 '"" tn ^» i" comt while Ihe same lime be detrimental in COI '"™1 asplvntloni; ?»nv i,« ii.j Altomev Tlmri T?UI,OI i,» i«_i - ,„_. his national defense sponiors Bills werc i n t r od UC e tl last neck 1 l » wmptroOer, !' ns trlbllllflj bank Lom -•' "'ii t^i ctner may be tlip, Altorne> l!o\d .Kiiiijii.jLicki uiLkiLiiuiiiii ^iiuju^nim ^^ mimi-tr or tenants ha\t* re to lhc ; s(nte.c-aiMiat v lo qiie'll what fused .To'quit farms nl the renUe«" r, ""' t ""™" < ""' " •'••- ""'-"• ?1 '^dlord^^en Ihough thev pn- ColpOiatlOll Commission llruno Houptmnnn nimonncnd ntler nt F'lemliistoiii N.^J., in Us owt murdered Ihe IJjidbergh baby he conferred \Ulh Defrnsf lie looks «mllingly relleieii at ha\ih? 'n load off Ids-chest.,' . v he termed; "armed ^insurrection.': :: •. ploo.lslieil,Avetled-. >•,-• . The ly Says OH ie , Counties [' Need Reassessment hnU a conhncl f 0 ; the v .^ LI -.••"••'-•"^'^ ":*y! 1 ^ :py ,. l n>- :'vr. j^- ar > i- In, Ihe belief lhat ceilhln oral .puard. .atVthe-'airpbi-t v -IrieJau>es:-lh the acreage rednctlo Hie. up.iLslng of. .some 100 citizens contract, signed b\ landlords fm agala-il.lh.(;. dlcta!pcshlp,or..Senatcc;»ic : l!?.W-35 p(,, lo( i p re;ent liipm Long, were .nt.'llbeiiy .(oday after.from 'r'emoilng nnj knanl pmcer.v>yho:iold.'ih^ launder" mitjcr airral., .; , (Jil.Bod, '(hot they can remain even "~ ••—••"-•'"• »• "" rem ami per- move He ' Icon ""U';«^.J". PoUmt «>»"'> le l"?. atio " Bank plouer Marlon Was-son ' "' 11 Highway .- , ' 3LvC8lM asr Not folk Coal •rfi -••••-•--• •• ••• -^u"". mat tncy can remain PVPI The . ciliezns ,hnd mobilized .at'though thp\ hn\e no personal con — •—•vv »< rouiM>n conntj the alrporVj armed yi!lj;:Sli6Umw i ! f P £ : t -foi-thB sea, As I "esuK i Iollo " in S « P^llc Iicarmg at Ita - flhfl OtllfH- H-flflVirtne n.irl 'I,™,! .II^'.: 11M.,,K,,,. _^ .... . - *tanil. I Helitu™, T^tJ-._ ..... D • . •-- •! , . r TT. ;• ;vj ;, .r•»"»*"*«•*;;" r.~ • «•«> mi--> > fill rts g rGSlllt 1 "•» ** (jiiunu, iiuiiimg n\ J Lilt - *> iihd other weapons and had plaii- numbev of unlawful detnlne, sou, rhi)llt B Friday will ha\e a benc- «a\ llrrl '-nn •tlltnt-nnUiln «_I_ -L .r ii__ I I, , ~. . U^.VHII1H ^Ulia Hninl n W i ... , «^M\. J ROOK Ark-The p.e- SSm W r " 5 , th , ft A ' kamas Cor - , PiW he '* oiiu ni ^ k the h«'. nM v „, „ portion Commission in ordering n depa.lment m an indr>nn r MH Tliree Norfo!! "ai-ges Imve been ±!rf:™"t of "l™"" n »" I**- ™' He hope, a iegffi'e „ "!"' °? d ' 0 C(last of °e'»M« - ion wtn folio* v 1th a lass of!3 lues coast guard Political ncmilles of the iil^li "^^l 11 "' 6 ^ here snld todaj - dt\Won ciwlnecrs >,„. i". . Ihey vve.e the T J HoopJ cap R Bw v IU " ntue a benc - Aas <»t\Won engineers has ^^^.'^.^"^""anani.ied (he u.ath o, *£ _ . •- i —— "•"? *"*« i/niii- ••"•""LI ui niim\\nii. ueUilnei nca an autompbije. Invasion of ihe I have been filed cspecInlK in com '"""' '-'"^ "i^» tax assessors and cmicd MIC umt>i «r <T 1" t«'««J «> ucc ^^±^^-^::^ ! ^. ?- -t p he^^ ^^?; r > = ^^ ^.r;»» V* - «2 - ^ Qf tlnec :aii: Sillc ^^ with a were:'slopped . by n , company:, of, have' been summarilv notional ;giiards(npn. j |; |:.-;'; Eeve-" 1 ' -.Henvy cRSlYaltWi were''nnrrowlr 'slai nverted aj in.e,,^(j0 icltlzeiisi and 75 olhcra rtefendant teinnu irn », guardsmen face'd each ollieV in deilein" arc a( ~ '"' talned bj Ocoige Phillips -- at tlnec UIL Pattlt _. captnlued by Fred Folielte, have been summarily ejected In m Pmn Ji k J" g , ". e 193a assessment legecl use of Hlghnny funds nnd etle c «P t( " lre<i °y Fred Folielte, several cases ultl. ^l lc niing « of ^t» , . « he COInmL ' iS| o» "nd automobiles lo drhe flroi.nd to w« cra ° r lvu) nnc i stcel ^1^ No si.itutor.v- bond by landlords, In °'nf ' itille olliclflls belle 'e "tlcal inpetinm W 2 Wplalnert by Leo Reed crew of olhcra defendant teinnls are -.1. qhe r e-a^e«men( uas ordered five 'statutory bond by 'SndloiS 1 temnls arc- ipung lo mn! e cross bo'ids D ..,.. — ,,t*^* t i".tv:vi taun omul' l|J lit- i irLl ployed battle formation, but after'the :° or a « 46M( , ix,nd-i u r s ;rb Markets Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T losV-B Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel .. Chrysler - Cllies Service .... Cocn Coin Oenernl Am. Tank General Electric . General Motors . Inter. Harvester . McKesson-Pobbins Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Pet. Radio Corp St. Louis-S, F." .".'.."" i ^j Simmon sBeds ' Standard of N. .j j, , , Texas Co '.:'"' , s J'| U. S. Smelting ...."" ,„ ?•? U- S. Steel ;•; '^j Zonile 'V 4 SElHIFLiu'IED kT ^c , "t"Lc ov[iuyi ul.SmCI rvKIc lit , ,te •perfected 1 bo!',' ^'^ ^^ L ^'cy pri Six Homes at Manila ,, - ~ '~"~- """• " amu- l Ion . in-.varying degrees '"">'' other ' The Pattlc Morrlssette and the 1 J Hoopei were reported mlss- ^ng off Hie Delaware breakwater •m the slorm Inst Thursday night Tlicy. were loaded with, coal bound for.New York from Norfolk. Steel Bai-ge No. 2 was bound for New York in tow of. ihe. tug Brooks Scanlon when It- sank Saturday night, off the Delaware capes foi Snwyer, 3d, tenant fnrm ; upwri Ml)! Bn>o C Ji|bfld«e d 'o°" ,[|!p AshpoiL Pcuy roaV tito about 20:S .driver of U.e =k ^iydc Bqheare , WASHINOlON Jnn vhnngc? In (hf ty* s««ne of tliA'cfc'ldcnt, whlchj occiirred about slSo) thi, ; mor ^| (UP)— of '« « of. ;rnllon of Labor t ... eritlcl?e4 both the nn nnplojmeiit, Insurance and pen- occm.-ed fetsfie'iVii "wi,n'"i t'u.t'wn 0 ' l " c PC " lUni - m *-A'"°\ »S h f5 °~ i%'iTl?^?52^^fe%^ >>a ^^ menl benchfs up to t!5''n ueek ' An lit drftw'/i «? i» ^ ' could be paid. .Tlie.tai.^ropoKd 'slfp'pi river l fl °c? "and'"' " JS: ndmlnlstrnt(on-la llhree'per the^' -.. .ashed lhat old age pensions biake-) on ue ?50 n month Instead of $30 tear wheel locked" .Standards should be written Jin- said, to )m\>s> said to Ihe bill so lhat states could not drl\er lost go below certain nilnimums ,for unemployment Insurance Green The Joft Besheares Is tha Farmer, [Yaqui Indians Enlisl Revolt in Mexico Captain Joseph E Wood vetpran comn.andei 01 Hie iloet Monav,k tried vainly to oeacA , — " .— -^..--.rj^.i ni>u l:|cw hilo life touts following the coltl- slon o(f Sea Clri. N. J ' Seaman-Tells of Trouble onds. were sold In-died In•:the"parniM W >h«' , ^ ,t," °' bn Opinfon "ported Jeamair 161IS 01 IfOUbLC r^So^l-mSttH^"^^ 50,653 In 1933 . after Youne B,a inum !„, „,.„„„ 1'"'P..? 1 '^ '°..« d :'" .» «volt ..„ „.-— ....... go below certain nilnimums , for 03 It l.imberYcf'omcT the truck svreWed and i ie center of tlw Ihna only » n»rww Money h Probleni (The entire truck r^ WASHINOTON, Jan 28 (UP)— 1 submerged In the acneral willingness,' of at»t«s to Be«heares snld that" th« «,,,» cooperate in ihe federal old Q6,: .fell on (he lefUide and he'reach pension plan but sam<i doubt V «l uiwa.d oifl ncross Sa\w« lo to procuremedt of n-esfarj funds Mt* Ihe finss out of tK ri»i» «howh today ih preliminary j! ""d cab window 1 and in him n* frrttn a sunty ' ( self ' through and lo/the to"b™f the «aler Acoprdftfe to friends B^heares said he believed Saw, foot 01 he cllmbed°out of Ih'e'cal/ SfvSir«'"*- Bddy Tfi Molorlsts 'arrived at iiir. n • • • lnc Claims Accident Was Due to Failure (o Keep Machine in iRtpan Trial of A P Brinnams p°r- sonal ..injury- suit, against Trinity- farms Construction company. In .arms (jonstrucuon company. In "•"-•'» oawjers body could which .lie'seeks $3,000 for Injuries rrac hed and freed Efforti ^ !!_„_,ii.: ',"i_t i • - .. *. ii . ., nrtit* *Un. i u ._i. . «j**«na allegedly: sustained while operat Inj n deicctlvc-truck, was lo open In circuit court here nils afternoon. Branham was driver, of-a Trlnitv- fanns truck that ( ran nff Highway 18 ehst of Blythcvllle in December, 193S, Injuring Brannam nnd a companion, Jim Rogers, Roger- sued the constmcllon company for damages as a result of his in [rlo/l nn,nl» . ««"« - .. 0 \,j n.> u ll; ul Ills 111- afier\rmf ac " "'* itil » JurlM but n J" 1 ^ 1 returned a vcr- , r.f fC "Jl S .. r ' a ,^ er£ nn<1 ««> <iict In favor of the defendant. Manila's Main Street Clucarto Wheat open high low close May 96 1-8 06 3-8 95 l- 4 n5 *.„ July I 3-8 88 5-8 87 3-4 Chicago Corn NEW YORK, Jan. 28 (UP>Cotton closed steady. ' • - open high low close March ... 1240 1240 July ...... 1241 1243 O"- 1232 1234 1227 1232 Oec. ..... 1237 1244 . made of all .he property In the county." 1231 1235 1237 1240 .Jan. 1234 1240 1240 1239 1240 1240 .open high low close May 83 7-8 84 1-4 82 3-4 83 July 70 3-4 80 1-8 78 3-4 78 1- 8 AK^O^^. O ito—A~ZOO-w>und piece ot concrete brO^i loos"' trori Iho flooring of n high bridge h°ve during a noo nhoiir mul fell ion feet into the valley below No one happened to be underneath. : .-.u jt-ji/ -i^oy i,itu j-Spots closed quiet nt 12<i(l. off 5. ! Wew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 28. (UP) open high low close '^^ * *~ causing a j-e-s.«essmem to ••- .i-i-'-°-- La ^° Alfrc d. Fin,, nnrt n vice inquiry today. Captain Ea'mund Wane, of the , Talisman, expressed the opinion, , , however, that only derangement of the automatic steering apparatus Increased Dartmouth Mail Forecasts Winter Carnival NORTIIAN5PTON, Mass. (UP)- „ He'd rather not have his name V mentioned nt present, but tho 'ty poslmasfer here knows thai the, -ei Dartmouth College winter camt- an al Is near at hand. Ifow does he know, you ask? The sudden Increase In lelter Orange Seed Blamed RIec-styx acnt. Mrs. Maud Brown, of Ar-, Cias h e rt head on into'ft car driv' could have caused the fatal accl- - —-—-« j»^ic far.Doth of Child- .Both ... ._ _.. jwere hurt, but not :ur Victim The Ledbetter, Gosnell, oi Tuberculosis , son of Mr. ... _. the defendant. Kow Brnnnum, the driver, is suing, alleging thnt the accident \vns due to defects In the truck nnd negligence of Ihs company in not repairing II. J. T. Coslon of Osceola. I 5 Brannam's attorney- and Reid, Evrard and Henderson of Blylhevllle represent the construction company. Trial of n replevin sutl Involving a pair of mules occupied court this morning. Ernest Wilson was plnin- tlff In the case and L. A. Hornbuckle was defendant. Claude P Cooper wns attorney for the plaintiff nnd Holland and Bnrhnm for the defendant. Reported Death of Vance Dixon Denied A report, received here early this afternoon lhat Vance Dixon. son o fp. T. Dixon, well known farmer livln-z south of Blythevllle, had been killed In an accident near Walnut Ridge was definitely denied later. orange seed d Mrs. Loflonl Complications' sffallonin? of a number of Miller Baby Dies II! with time. . auray .. , , .-'"- t " O ' cloclc ' He had «*« -- the -^ de ^- plant ?" otl -" =ar - been rc bpllevc ' d '" " ovc 1244 1215 .mi 1234 1237 1237 1229 -• his death, services were held here several times Injtsad of Vance Dixon as at first reported, According to reports DJxon was Dorothy Mae Miller. Infant «* *Hu£±"vwZ Erb^oflver, '7^%^^^ I ^ of Mr. and Mrs. Law- RJ'fm and Clyde, and four sisters "I tne emmJ «5 «»mM ^" ler of the Number Nine Mrs. Lllllc Mae oo B »r ai..i.' 11? 'he ground He scrambled to tuberculosis for, some He Is survived by his parents, "i .ijorotny Mae Miller. Infant »ve Brothers, Hugh, Erby, Oliver car Then >,r M 'hi h i . V? vc daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Law- RJ'fm and Clyde, and four sisters i»l tv?! 0 J?,?,J elllwhls hea t, strli: - rence Miller of the Number Nine Mrs. LIHIe Mai cwwan, S M! f«t g tat l n n^/7"!? led l ° n oommunity. died at 6 o'clock Sun- Josephine and Ruih. Funeral ser- few m.LKi PPed dead '" " Inl dny Hindi, nl. UK. iim.,.i nr 1,0^ vices were lir>lri m 10 .i«i>,<. .1.1. l " minuies. 1241 1243 1233 'writing from the Smith College 10 o'clock IM« , I , t S 0 """ 11 "'^. dl =d *'• 6 o'clock Sun- Josephine and Ruih. Funeral ser- glrls lo the Dartmouth bovs was wo, made ni v'° r Jl B "" y '" gl " nl lhc Iloll>c of " er rtces wcro hem al 12 O ' clo <* this the reason for hit t^^d' ip.«t;- ,.,.;. ™ e " l Numbci- Nine c«ne- grandfRthei-. S. M. Miller. mornlne with the Pov iw,. m, 0 i . $9,544,935 on : her ... forecast;" Each'ieTy. "'TI^ £ S"?S* r S"? ?$?' Sn " AMh ^ » '"- M«!er. "'«""»g with tho Rev. Mr. Chal- OTTAWA Can «iS"_c.,,n,H year at carnival time the Smith compaiv w^ ?' f 055 Ull(i(!1 , Ulk "W , Fu »=™' services will be held nt ">nt officiating. Interment — -- .'..*• ... ":. A up )-Ca.nada students shower the Hanover boys nrrangement • gC "' Cr oek ' ! " s after uoo» with the m«dc at North Sawbn xcf Ih moll D ftfin-rj^ I n f* tf. *u- .^«.v '.'j r w. , .• . ***• u. Q. MoSS UfldGrtoklllZ hi charge. Interment will a .„.»... at aiders cemetery. : _ ; . -larrangements. " °" "." '~'"":|previous"year, was u, 1933 sp'snt militia, S^£~Sei, i V«^ ta v»l Sawjers body could te. > «hcre drag the truck from , «nter «e:^ still underlay his nr- termxm It House Keeps Alive : i Captain^ NEW LONDOV, 0-room house Sl cnai,i Cant h Capt on tho mansion In ISM, but (UP)—A on n hill the slorv ot prummond who built was mm--. ' out - his i gentleman. Although (he consin ornmmond wi "aid have planned a «,(.!,» plantation 1 was killed Just nfter the * ; as completed. Botanist Finds Indian Relics in Arboretum •?« ST D > ! lUP) - pr °fessoi Frncst' iunfe. ^H r . Hana ' d coll °^ itanM, collector and r( assistant in totanv at the >,~ > ifro^h;ads, stone hatchets aiu ^her nrtifBcts In his famous c ar- Because of Its location, Professor £SS!\ *?'"•* »* >taST " tnfe place and started to 'Of » trace of soms kind, olgglnj painsiaUngly, ne altered tne arrowheads and " r Implements used by the rcd- !- 1 men. WEATHER cloudy, warm, - er tonight. Tuesday partly cloudy, rising temperature. Memphis and vicliilh— F&tr and warmer tonight. Tomorrow fair.' ...—,—. „.. iit . The minimum temperature hare navy, airforce and" other last night was 20 Yesterday the ;nts of natirmol ri n f»,, c . maximum was 38 X minimum 30, clear, according to Samuel F. Nor-'- official weather obssnen '

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