The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1931
Page 6
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ULYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COtilURU NEWS CLASSIFIED, ADS Two cents a. word, lor'first . Insertion aud ; one cent a ., word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken (or less than 50c. Count the words and send the oath. Phone 3.06 ,. FOIl; SALE FOE SALE-Bahy chicks." Pay. f fall. See us about plan'. Marilyn Hatchery. 9C-TB FOR SALE—Good,- dry cook wood Buchanan Coal Co., Plume 107. 11P-CN FOE SALS—Stone'vllle cotton seed No. 1 First year from Brcecle U. a Dci'.t., Agriculture. Test 4157 Germination. 5:1 CWT. B. P. Sum mcrour Hall« and Half First yea Binned .M'.t 1930. Test Gcriniimiior i)D%. $2.50 CWT. C. E. Fisi:, High way. 61, Stale Line. .. P-K-1 FOR SALE—1,500 bushels yello feed corn, 75 cents per o'ushel at crib. R, N. Trimble," Lilbburn, Mo., Phone 1C. .. ' 13C-K27 PAGE SEVEN 6'uh'BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern; <: TUI1AY • .' <;VF5Vf McllltlDC: ID-rrpr-nld 'NUT. lark. irpiti, wiirrlcH JIM : \VAI.I<ACE • Ike day nflfr" «bv .*£«•' 'him nr ihr home -|>f fccr irVall*/ cun.In, ANM-: TIIOW- BRIUGE. G>v> Jirc-H • JiHtd »>. ••AIMN.'CVUkBV..I«l rrluiord -4. ft ar au4 «• halt In I'nrl , flHuecV, kad briihtii Ihflr t.-ncat;r- lui-3IJft Mttrry n lYMllllilr-r muL. Jim nail (i}t»«y 1:0 lu rurc*i t'ily where Jim ban '« ' (brlrlnK IniY tirnrller. I1U retallvci, imrllru- lnrlj AU.V1 1 i:l.l,i:N.nhi> iia» lirvt lioukr tnr |L]IU, nri: hOMlllr En <i?|Ji7. Thry 4nuT> brr. .Aunt : l^llfa NKit^rn 111 u tutlnzr uf IIIT ann. MAXIMA - I.OIll.NC, Jim'. forurr fluMc-rr, Mat/In UtKiriC J'llll.l.U'S. nilllhiorilrf. .on. llrtnlha pn^M nnd nr»« romrji Ikal Urnrk 1'klllhil. bnn lirrB klllrd In n f::ll frum n hiir.i-. . 3l:ir- rl.i^rrluriiN In 'l"'uri'*t .Cil T- ^hp '* VunnBltji Jim nhnul licr (1n:ii\rhtl nU.ilt. 'aud iulrr. iclU kjiu krr iMa.crt»*« -tp Pkllljpii ^VHM n mil- lake] $Vr drrlnre* j«br onrrv ual]r d.r him. Jla> lrlr> 10 rnm-iln ln>ul '•} \ FOK SALE—Rou'den Cotton Seed. ' Welch Fosiei-.'-Thc Granrl Leader. . HC-K20 i-'Git KENT FOR UEJTi—3 loom turnishiHl Hal, garage ana coal house. . Call 618-W. FOR RENT—Three, five and six room residences, also a fui rushed house. Ur. J. A. Sahba, Phone 41U, FOR RENT—Apartment in Ingram building. See Purkhurst Company. 9C-TF FOR RENT—5 room modern apartment on West, Main St., Arcola heat. Phone 417 or 479-W lOc- - 'Inlk lit Jltti bnl i-u uni>n >l^rc!a trrr n«kM Mm . -Sbp c. Ou Ili . I'omrH nnd ftirjr ilrtte ' rnniu. llr swux lo fc ,Ttow c;» ov WITH TIII: STOIIV (MlAl'Tlill XX.XVI1 rrMIE gii'l'a shoulder loucliwl Jim's She was silting low In the read ster, leaning luck, cliln raised t the wind. The faint odor ot per fume reached his nostrils. Me slol a glance at tho pale, clear-cut pro- tile. JIarcia's lips ime like a, 5asli oi crimson. He could jusi see the gold ol bcnealb tlie lint brlui. - "Where are oiiiDS \vcre not prosperous. IVii<*c!< tigged drunkenly nml cbEckcus llcil lis at (lie aiittroacli Hink to tlie rock. "Sit £cmn, Jim," Ho dropped beside her, took out Ills ctgarcl ciiso'aml offeved It to tho Sir!. Sho decliued. Jim touk a lUbler fioiu his [locket, applied tlio name lo lib ' own cl^aret and kanod Uiiek, smoking Inlcutiy. I •till shrill f Ihc foaitsler. Marcia looked ul the surround ngs with obvious distaste. "I euii- lose you're rljilit," blio said after n lause. "I'll have to go tuvay." "But 1 don't want you tu do thai 1''s uo need for it!" 'riMHO situation was hardly ro- U^'she'sSLd'Z't^! * ' '«• ** » ,o,,«l Mare,. .iifiaile palhos liehlud Unit Fiiille. jO'cd the young man disapprovingly. 'Oh. my-'dear!" file saiil. "It's lln-! llic-u she aahl. drawing nearer: only way. I'll BO away and you can . -Like old limes. Isu'l II? Do you •orgefnie. That will he best." .cm^er lln> lust time wo were "I'll never forget you, Mnrchi , . You kuow that." ! lic ' e , . , I Jim unilikd. "Haven't been here riiMEV rode In sllwiro for ti!V>i!!!. s '" ...., I "\ar. !ike<l me then. \<m dhlu t * minutes. The frown i-cnml-ieil want lo 6e ,| d mo mva} ._.. between Jim Wallace's eyes. l'res-| "l d a i>'l want lo send you away cully the girl said, "Well, lt'3 set-. now. Slay hero! Tlieire's no reason tied. I'm going. 1 uun't know | fd'_)'ou lo leave. If nnyotio lisa to v.'heve but I'm'solus away. Do jus-t this one thins for mo. Jim! Lrt's drive In Hie Ledges. IVc're nearly liall way there, anyhow. 1 want Oils ILLKI afternoon, together to be some-- ihiny to icmeinlier." glanced at the sky. The suu liacl been hidden from vieiv all afternoon. In the west the clouds were darkening. "Guess we can make it," lie said. I don't like (lie look of tliose clouds thonsli." Tho Ledges was the name sivcn lo an ancient landmark live wiles west of Forest City. Jackson Creek. we .going?" March FOR RENT—One of the . Mille: Apartments at 10th and Walnut hot 1 and cold water, /.rcqla heat garage, shade tree's, 'pretty lawn Apply to Ike Miller. lOc-tt FOR RENT—Three room 'apartment with ' bath. 810 West Ash street! Call 510. ' ck-10 FOR RENT—Modern five room fur- 'nisned. -bungalow. Call '40. p!tl8 FOR -RENT—Two' furnished light housekeeping rooms. 113 W. Mis-, sour! Avenue. 15P-K18 WANTED i'OUT/TRY WANTED—Market pri ces, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 211) S. Fourth St. • 8C-TP POULTRY WANTE.D — llartct prices paid ut C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad .St., .west of'courthouse, J. E. Fisher, ^n 64'."'" ".'''-'I"J."- "-'""24C- WANTSI) —- Gravel .'haulers from. Burdctte to Clear Lake Farm F. A. Rogers, Route 2, Box - 81 Clear Lake Farm. C-K-17 WANTED—Reliable party wanted to handle Watklns Products in Blytheville. Customers established. Excellent opportunity for righl man. Write The J. R. Watkius. Company, 70-56 W. Iowa Ave. Memphis. Tenn. PERSONAL GENUINE DUCO Authorized refinishing station. C. T. Shamlin with Dcnton Chevrolet Co,, Main at Franklin. 3P-K24 Have your shoes rebuilt at our True Blue Shop, 322 East Main. All work guaranteed. 10p-kl7 NOTICE OF INTENTION TO AI 1 PI.Y FOB ORDER OF SALE Notice is hereby givcri that the' undersigned, as Arlministracor of the Estate of R. E. Anderson, deceased, will apply to the Probate Court for the Chickas'awba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. . on the 25th day of April, 1931. Cor authority to sell Ihc following lands belonging to said, estate, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to-wit: The undivided one-half interest of the deceased in the Southwest Quarter of • the' Southeast, Quarter of Section 33, Township 16 North, Hangc 8 East; and The undivided one-halt interest of the deceased in four, more or less triangular shaped, tracls of land, being all of the Southeast Quarter ol the ).1 REPAIRED] FAY O.DAVIS Alwaler Kent Dealer Phone 421 Invest With Safety 6% paid quarterly 'on : full paid stock, ?100 artd up. •'."•'•' Guaranteed by first mortgage loans on horn^S in Blytheville. Secured and Insured. Bfytheviile Building & Loan Association W. M.-Bums,-Sec;-T ;o 1 ran Lu the ouo to do It—" Man-la's fiiiKcra Blolo over his "Please iluift be cross, Jim," slit, cuaxeil, "when I'm only trying lo dn vvhut you want me lo. I've trlet so hard, dear! 1 knew It was wrotit lo tclcpiiono this afternoon hut hadn't seen >ou for a whole week ami the bonso was full of those women talking and sewing am making so much noise. I had get away from It. Aud 1 dldu' thiuk there'll be any barm In »eo- lisa you tor Just a tew minutca—1 "Hut il's Just as I've told you, Jim repeated. "\Vo mustn't go o with this sort of thing! No matte winding its circuitous pathway, how harmless it seems it's wrong. IhrougU a region of roll- 1 Marcia was quiet. Presently sue Gypsy was grttef'jl. Tt.h»il been ». day in which ihluga; «nd gono' CHI- was In (he UHdiC'H neil nlnrn. iug when Hio 'telcrilLOD^ Vang. [atltih urns nilxluE pa^Uy-doufeh. "Til to," Gypsy t»ld ami hurried-' i'to Ihc lialL .lOwls'^Jiu. '•* ,"'i'lmt you, GypsyTVho 'tisked. Say how would It bo It I naKedv, iarrlaon to.coino to (\liiucr lonior-- ow cveiilus?' I've Jusf'tound-put , --, . '' "'t ."•*.-•• ic 3 leaving town nc^t^Kcek.'.tor riultb a. long slay.. .VVo've'aover'haiilj linr out. you Vnoiv. Do.yoii suu-_ w " you could manage It'i" •, • 'Uy, of course. l-'UjioVo.t'). IIEUM illii Mine." • .-.-. •"•.'•''£?,': '' .• '!•' "AH right.' I' up, lor) to; orrow evening.'ilKeb. Il's lha. only.chance beeauVh'e Ins a lo^ of' oilier' cnRagomenUi.-'.', 'What ttino My? Sli-thlr.iy!» ,uld lilin.C: JO'woutil be rlilit. ppliojie. Oypsy bcgnu lo Plan ^:ilgu of activity. She \vas » Hint ilio Oluuar for Mr. Hnii-k-on should •:• lip '• juat rlfihl. GVpsy liad Iho greatest udnilratlou am! respect for Iho • ngeiU lawyer.. She \'M\ seeu him licbtslouiilly sluco Iho first tiny slid li;id gohc to Jlui'i oflko aud each limo lier orlgiual Imprcasion liml bccn-strenglhcried..' Sho liad, turUierniore, i-fccllng that'' Harrison was her frlcud. • '' : " The wliole houso must bo Bpot- less. Tbero u-aa the menu to plan, Gypsy decided lo hnvc Iho dinner -rtcxe-r c AT' EPoOM ' PAV I .WAS STTRArfS AMP I ."OLD -To A asked without glancing up. "SVzl-eto. Marcia, we can't go fn like this. You shouldn't h.ive telephoned me this afternoon and I ought not lo .have left tho office. Eon't you see Il's dangerous?" "Dangerous? Perhaps Marcia Phillips was pleased with the word. She did not sneak for several moments. . Then..she said, "All riclil. -You'd heller turn around and lake me back." Jim drove as. though ho had'not •heard. "It isu'l just today I'm talking about." he said. "We've been seeing too much of each oilier. Marcia.-'Vou kno,;'Forest City as well as 1 do. Someone will t-ay soaie- {jiiiig ODI; of these'days and then 'tlie whole tav.f,' will -start. Vou know what Micy'll say. I'd bo a fine - one to let you in for a lot of ma- licious'gossip—" ' "Are you thinking of me, Jiin?" "I'm thinking ot all of us. You and Gypsy." The name slipped -ftoia him 'nncotiBcidusly. -nnd' he 'loSkcd slightly embarrassed. "Oil, -y\iu kno\v"'joursclf it's-the ilgbt -thing!" ho v'o'und up weakly. "It's mostly because ot—her. Isn't it?" .Marcia asked slowly. "Do you think sho suspects anything?" "That's not the point. .Marcia. It's the \vrong lorck ot the thing— where we're drifting!" "But if- she doesn't know sho •can't he hurt, can she?" ilarcia per' • sisicd. "Xo one must be hurt!" he aald Srmly. "Why. this sort ot thing cau lead—anywhere, 'I see it ' court every day. Tragedies. Misunderstandings. It's playing with lire. >Ve can't do it, Marcia." The girl's face was averted. They bad turned from tho broad, slate highway into an unpavcd cross road. On cither side stretched farm ' laud with ^-ero and there a weather- tcateu house. Tee dwellers in thoso ing hillsides where layers of sand- i raised eyes that wore wlsllul. ndor- iivojc-ctcd. occasionally In I ing. "Tell me,"— her voico was a slabs. The sandslono had | wbispcr — "If it weren't for hurting r.evcr been used commercially. In! her— would you care the samo woyT sUmo reat fall Iho brownish stone surface Would yo-i. Jim?" lilended with the riotous ucarlct.). Jim snuffed out his clgaret. lie atid gold of sumach anil cak leaves and underbrush of n dozen varieties. In spring the Ledges were visited every Sunday by scores of "hikers." family picnic parties and young men and women carrying cameras ami forever faking snapsiiols. There was sentimental allachcil lo Ihc Ledges too. There was a flal rock high on the one hillside which rose taller than the others and overlooked an abrupt drop. You could faintly ECC Hie white tower of Forest City's highest building from this height. On this rock could be traced numerous itials carved in pairs. Sometimes the Icltcrs were surrounded \iy the crude outline of a hcnrl. Here and there beside such an Inscription ai '-'Sally and Bob" or "Esther ant John" there would be the day o the uiouLh aud year. Neatly carvei anil frauicd in a square, ut thq north corner -of the - rod; wcro llu letters''')!. L." and ."J. W." which Jim bad cut there on a high schoo picnic before -ever he bad had til courage lo nsk for a "dale. A private road led from the m:ii lighway across a field, the nearcs iliproaeh to tho Lciises. Jim swiii: t!ie car into this lane, driving can fully. The road cmled 50 yart from the hillside. "Want to get out?" be asked. Mnrcia uodiled. They walked ove lo the edge ot the bluff aud &u veycd the dislance. Jackson Creek at the base ot the hifl was a narrow, wavering stream. Beyond the countryside sweep of greens shading. from dark fo light. Occasionally red or yellow of. a bam or farm house stood out against this background. The neat fenced Gelds of corn seemed to make a patters of. great squares. as not looking nt tho girl. "I'll hvoys bo fond of you," ho lold her, [ haven't tlie right to bo anything tse." "I'll never forget that," sho told im solemnly. "It's golug to help a ot. "Suddenly she buried her head gainst his shoulder, her arms Urns to him. "Oh, Jim," tlio girl rled. "1 love you. 1 love you so uucli!" His arms were around her. Her varm nearness was a challenge. He Id her closely. Then Marcia lifted ',er bead and Jim's lips crushed icrs in a loug kiss: They looked at each olhcr. then Jim's face was drained of color We'd bctler go back." he said. served ou the porch it tlio day was warm. Slio telephoned to Cora nud Jirrouscd to have the weekly clean- Ins done next day. Tben there was a session.wlih Matilda, a hasiy sur- — .vey ol food suprliea, a trip lo tho; nnrkct. . • t-'-\ When she came In from Iho'trip '. io>vu town Gypsy look of! her liat aud surveyed herself iu the hall mirror. It occurred to her sho needed a shampoo. Sbo went to ihi:.telephone anil arranged for nu. -ippolnluicnt at Louise'3, . .. .. "I'll have asliainpoo," fSypay tnin lierself, "and a fln£cr wave aud manicure. I'll wear. Iho printed chiffon tomorrow nml I w.'iut .tp look my best." Sbo liurrled through the lest ot her list'tit ho on time for the appointment at tho l_eau[y 'parlor. ' arrived promplly. Thcro was a wait of several mlnutos oud tli'cu a tall girl willi a mass of let BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martiu' He hclued tho girl to her feet ind they started back toward tho roadster. Several times Marcia Slanted at him. puzzled. not read the expression on his face Wlfen -I hey wcro car she asked him cautiously, — arc'you sorry?" "I'm a fool!" ho told her harshly. U \v.\s ibe only answer she re- cei\cd. Ml tiie wny lo the clly he drove recklessly. It we.s forlnnnte there wns all day, Southeast Quarter of -Section 33, Township 1C North, Range 8 East, except the right-of- ivay of St. Louis Southwestern Railroad Company and Honey Cypress Ditch, containing thirty acres, more 1 or leia. Said sale is to be made for the purpose of paying the debts ol the estate. ' ' C. J. EVRARD. v • Administrator. Reid, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys. Singing Sheriff Writes j Songs for Campaign I JACKSON, Miss. tl)P>— When Sillis Gato, south Mississippi sheriff, started . campaigning for railroad commissioner of the. state he ote a number of songs about himself. - . •. . At each town where he was scheduled U> appear he would make his "stage speech," strum his guitar and sing, his songs. Most of them were about himself and told of his desire that voters work for him and nominate him for the com- mlssioncrship. Gato, .a veteran (Mice officer, is known as the "singing-sheriff." Tokio Interpreter Given Picture,of Hindenburg • BERUN, tUP) -•- President voi •Tiincienbtirg, according lo a delayed |Rnonnccmcnt. made here, sent his r.utographcd photograph to the interpreter, of -the German- cmbai-.y Sn Tokio, Sr.kc.saburo Misawa this year. The unusdal occasion which prompted Hindenburg's altcation \yas-tlifi interpreter's- ECth anniversary .of .service nt. the embassy. Now 71 •]'£ tins .seen, duty, .under, nlnc- GerinRtv ministers .and ambassadors ,tp ?Japan. .Upon nl$-. 35fn year of servce, liCjiecclvcd the- Order Qf the Prussian ;> Crown, .- -... ... NOW . SXNKVEO , t'vSt OOWtO V) MOC'A Tftt MOTOR TWE. . UtWV V-OPD OV .PSOKRO j\6 SW4W.W6 OS fK 6\CKtri\Ki& \2WE Olr rY . TKE , DD\AP - ,!}ltick bair led her.lo u curtained booth. Louise's shop was the most «spcnsivo In Forest City. Tho walls and curtains were green. and (he .furnishings green niii},, Ivcr:". ' :ir<jrest City's society ajwjiys.liad ' Hair d»oo at . . . . . " Thfi Ull girl worked desirously with Egap and wnlcr and. rinsing sprays. She rubbed- C!ypsj T s head with pungent lotions. Then sho lircs,Kcd the wet hair fnto \va\i i. mid. pinned them In place. Fhnuly QUICK , ^00 r J. sji'e.,bouud the girl's, head wilti little travel. The suu, hidden suddenly emerged from Ih clouds nnd sbono lo rected Oypsy to a vacant hooih and ft w.i.1 nearly six when he let Mar- adjusted the limr dryer. For an hour Iho gtrl ; .sat before the scorching electric -.heat liefore tho operator reappeared aud snapped oft the current. ;', The droning buzz of tho hair cia out at the cottage. "Good- night," she said, smiling aud extending her hand. "Good night, Marcia." It did not occur to Jim that though it had lieen a farovfcll drive From beyond tho cur- hail tbe words "goodby" Uiiued wall of the nc-n booth a wo- That evening he Eccme ''Itut have you heard about Jim \Ynllace?" tho Toica was "He's going to lease his wife!."(To Be : ConUnacil). He praised tlio dinner anil j to sec tbe new Fairbanks picture FRECKLES AND HIS FRIKNDS E US HAS A CCUTcH I'M> SOWS TO LAMD RIGHT TV1ERE THAT FIELD." CRUTEH IS AU. THSRS OUSHTA BE ONE,BUT I'VE ALL OVER AM' "MIS OS1LV QMS CASl FIVJO. 1 . 1 MJWO cou'- ! TWAT;'gE? HE'S I 'FLYIV1' \-Cfil, . I TOO.'.' AMD \WHAT IS GO\U6 To HAPPEH' TO •2. THE SUMMONS! I tUESS I I.OOVCS SUEK-OVI, \fASH TUJiliS 3£ti& HOJSE, wistft ( SHUT OP, wr &IN\ME KSH^IC. fc'.i , vitliCME. E'J'fWlNO.'S \ SOME SPofHY CLOTHES, Ml' FIK ME WU ££M>Y TO- WO AM' MISS OE.ViV BULtV BOVS WIT ^ COOPIA ROOMS.. To MOMt RIGHT M1KS, JM1KIE, GOT Wtffi HIMfEUTo N6EPT3IS, , HEGOltV •^M ixa; seu«T-EVE. sou BETTER •feVt OW 80A.T, lAK I 5AV, ftN 1 GO LIKE 6V THUNDER. THERE'S ONLVOfJE FA.CE. TEV: rt • AN- GOOD ' S.UXK.

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