The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1935 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1935
Page 8
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PAGE 517, Swamp Bulldog 42 to 11, &.1 Mi* Many ing Chances off Oene Blackwell slipped under Ihe basket, took si perfect tlyow and sent the sphefo through. After flirting with a fieW' goal'fev- eral times without.' success,- l.'ynfh retrieved the bnli and drlhWei) the entire | M igt!i of Ihe coiir!,, p^w lo niako trnliltiB tfjm coiinlril Thwarted on n play ll.n • Chicks "'""' for nil opening. Tlpioji .. to' Knenlr-r and iwb mori> ixilnu. were added .a.s the irlei|. ficorc; - - -• ••" on : da•• .">,• in the wcoiul quarter hold. "18 the visitors to a lone, fleiil lionl J '• "IF Nil ll'SStl^c/of^,^ »„,?« ™.'aft! wl( " Ul ? lr '"* °" 1 "' Chicks Are Hot .„, .-.--•-;°"l nfiif lhc> rest per. 1*1.(Jin-Maroon and While ran riot wllli Tipton • leading the A seasons hinig up.last night by.the c- .ville Chipkhraws ns tlicv defeated Ilio Wll^ii hlch seliooj nulldors liy n -cfie of 4>,n n t the NI- llonal Ciiiiird armory. » was Hie Hist time- the Irlbe lias lirni ,iblo lo ii'.uh HIP foity mail- during (he uinc-nt cani- )>ifen Tuenh} HUM at, Uixoui lltcy clinked up 18 points, and rmniied 3-1 limes against Shiwnw ftuly In the season, foi (he nearest approaches. Deipllfl tilt faet they ( mmted hcfnlly the Chick!, should have Lawmaker Froiri Ranks of Athletics ... . • .-."»... <tl vm; jmiuur «Kit. four field goals. The Chlek- s .scored nine neld goals and fi-eo Khot.s in (he clgia. mliii ntes.iMany'of Ihn baskets came us a iwiilt, of perfectly cxrenteil plays from thn center post. It wasilhi! liiicsl exhibition of 'team ]ilay 'this In (III) Him! [icj-Jod Coach"•ill In a new team with, the , sank foil! Held B0(1 i, lrl ( ',, c hilf Koehler found the inrec limes f,o,n i) 1P floor «, •><li!ctt a free toss Aftci beine held lo a lone chanty ehini)- Dle^ noil on ,, .coihiu spree In the •wond statin loopiny fnilr . nc)d „, ,,, f. 011 R ? ofc <-oah and another foul % hoi Koch- w , ' OV " le (mmn: I enpnhly I ? M " 11 ' 1 IT." n Iosm ' / . vy ' sl >t'ci 1 lntciHlcnl of i^ ', ia Yl "' l "° n»icl«lwl . In ! (! " m ™' c ' 011 Rofc " r tho Wilsoii- r r , f , c , "lev I.. , ^f' c > ' " 1Sl K rnlnk liim.m MO ' f r ' ' f r _addcd__twa more biskols and Purlle a Held e oil iml two of the (ifl viriply I'jnch md make wcic the only Usllois who weic abl« to hit Die hnslct with iin> snccc'-s rach knjrd a couple of two jwlnleis- while Unch ako «coicU (wo foul hols Shaw accounted foi (he ollun Uulldoi! point ullh a con- ictsion aflci a foul AltlMJuah Inillj out elnsscd fioin J^'J/i'"' the bceliinlnii. (he elrarees of Ocne Kwll!cr ' ° lliuih ml"-eil ninny points bj their failuie (o mike «ood Iho chances „ fl the goil altei fouls Out of fifteen free tosses Ihej were able *n make hut tine,- B(KH I on Ihe olhei liaiul. ilic clileki sink sK nut of (en "frlbe <lp(s Riarlpil Farlj With (lie plonsniixl Koehlci ens- .15 commanding the tip off, the Chlcknsa«s staited the bull lo .oiling soon afiei HIP oiwnlng TO FT PP TP Burning Up the Ice- • 9 11 TO PI' PP.-TP: 0 2 4 0 12 11 10 Totals IB., .fi 13 43 Taiii^, Blackbird Mslls School MADISON. Wl.s. (UP)—A taiin nhWIc -Koeliln ( tie« nisl'bio'otl school hcr/nml necks nl I'V'lmTmv ,^ l .°^;h . lI H^J' B l. I '«« a "'"i 1 »* '"«^"et hlin ln' U r feed- him while he perches 01 theli hands o. slionldeis Ho i look n piss on n perfect plnj from (entei aiiri coinitcd Dtako scored for wl^un bill Pintle nnd Koch- lcr reHlinted \\lth one aplwe 'Jlp- lon fouled Lyjich nnd (he sorrel- lopped. Buanl ooiuerled Ljuch got It bick on the Ohlck gunul by holding on Ihe next plav nnrt Dick Hored'ouc On a mn^nlflcent tip .epiilcd to be vc.j fa(\ In among (he MIUOIII, To safcBtuud join Itfp fun in loiq lints the advke qf Sir A. thin Thompson famous Hiillsh biologist SALESMAN SAM ~ ~~ ALMOST RIOHT, SAM! Hv Small BOSS SENT M6. Ob-r^ HCR6. ^ OKfiH [ ( LLT^Ke C^Re WR.MWU LETTER.-/OF IT BUDl TH H£ i*MTs To 6-&T iTow Tit 1 7 puuie uewesw PLAMe EASTV /ftBQUTBW HOUR I // ^—1 Hows THE. ou p,in MP,H_ Tuese ' RltJHT WITHOUT - I've Been in Ii> lull night on, flashing steel Wades. Vhl-Aim Hultcti, Swedens foremost fwcy sVatcr I, shown here warming up m prepnrat.oi, to. i ill) lo the United State, silt Ls to dbptoi he, talent ,t Mirtison Sqime Gaulen, "Mnich 13 and torn the countn WINNING -By Nati Holmari Ills' Is, a forward-to-gnanl. play rom center formation.; • ' ' ,Xr3. the guiffd, bluffs' at play- ng his man. O.-3, in for the tap, NUk Pine 1 Bluff Drops Paii- to Jonesboro JQNESBppO; Jonesboro high Ark., Jail. ." 28 _ school won two o games from Pine Bluff, last year's state high school basketball [champions, : here today. The nf- Iternoori score was 41 to 3G. in -an extra-period game, anil 35 to as tonight, In the afternoon game Ihe regular playing time ended with HID teams tied, 35; to 35. Capl. Dorse Keller of . Jonesboro ' lert Ihe scor Ing with 19 •; (Mints. I| was' (he nrst defeat Jonesboro had ever handed Pine Bluff. Keller again Starred in the nlcht fiame. but made only, cig| U |)01 ,, |s High scoring honors wont to lie nett of Pine Bluff, who marie a" total of H points, followed bv Pee- zor of Jonesboro with 12 ' * lo sprint toward Hit continues he basket. '-. The tap Is mnrtc to the forwarrtT X-2, who re-tops It in midair to X-3, who Is cutlliiB down (hc^cen- ter of the court. KtNSTON, S. C. (OP)~A rat, hiB milk out ot ti broken bot- sawed hts neck across a sharp , cut, his.thrQat,:.and..blcd to death, according to Lemuel Tny- or, member of the Kin.ston Naturir T1C wholesale business 8 "* lo [•nsl Matmen Feature Legion Card; Miller and Parker in-Opener . Hoy Allen, .who sticks more or to sclentlllc' ,-WTesiling nnd Rnlpii Smith, who likes U by grips or. blows, meel : 'in '•• Uie feature natch of Monday . night's Ameri- cnn Legion wrestling show 1 at the irniory. ; : , -, ,;... In (he preliminary Waller MU- lei and Jim Partei t«o blgccr malmeti with a decided lendeney foi Ihe rougji side of the racket will GH together Atteu fus appeared, here several time 1 ; nnd is considered onr of Ihe most sclcnlltio of the griini. and ticnners performing {\\ ih e local ireni He lisis a (enctencj to wilt under iough punL$hn\enl howeier &mlili K -m aeiobattc soil of wrestler who cm al^o Indulge in iough stufi Tin. meUtng k likely' to bo a conic (, of grlpr in-tead or blows' i\llh tolh fau actor^ Hlllcr and [>a r kei on the'other hiind are hMij inrt'-loft In com- pirison lhe> will likely depend uninly on blo« s and socks Thej are down for an hour or less two out of thiee mils and Allen and Smith to. two hours or Ifss two out of Ihice fills Tall Cagcrs 0. K., Bur The^Pi-ovide Woiry For Coach IOWA OITY.-H'svn-Bood Idea n" vim- co !" p ! e - ;o rs ood .'W* ">en basketball team, 1 coach - -, •• ...lams of the Unlversilj of Iowa .agrees, .biif ; y i>u :have your troubles with (hern; Tnevertlielfi.? •W'Uliamviw'hbscSHaWieye squad is .leading the 'Biff. Ten Conference, ; had;; to work • oiit" a • 'plan whereby his team.couid travel bv day. because Ivan Blackmer. 6 leet 5 inches, and Mat Walsh, 6 feet 6, (riches, couldn't g doubled up In Pullman Jlfght, •CO-LEA-NOR THE SOUTH'S JBEST COAL Phone 700 WRESTLING ARStORY, MONDAY NITB ROY AI.t.RN vs. RALPH SMITH S dm of S Palls. 2 Hour Limit WALTER MILLER vs. JIM ', 2 Out of 3 Fills,; I-Hour Limit , Ch'ilcfren Free" When"Accompanled"by"parenls ifilSH«!C IS "'me Bwf camera, and V«i*Han tevWhah did fairly If.B-oiild seem that Doyle's bie-, handicap- as a flhg star Is thai he has a splendid tenor voice Sent ffi t fci s^' '*" ' hn early effort, a, at lea"'.should no" te /lenvjsary fo f Hlm tn s ^ ^ _ pliyment as a doorman «,.., .. ' -•• ' - ?-' ^^^^r^e {«,- ins' : Withoiit iVjaijx ,-Oiiis|ari(j- inj> Competitors Oici-'iVc- iand Now Coming §ack BV JIMMY HpJSIAhUli' i nXSJU 1 '^'"* S *° rtS WfiltT BOSTON, Jan. 26; - Mournlnn sons of rrfland . who bewail • the fact thai, there Hi; only • one c'eltiii '"• - champion, Jimmy McLar- era (0 the 0 e he ton ami tt. ft , .hom. *<" that land of - of the ii (i joust' lii'''Boston, wiiere " trlsh athleies E o over ^wilh a Ijsns. ShootF (be .Works' ornmg cnamplpn, Jimmy Mcl^r- °' M ; 11ll °™y. 22. scalfng 220 and uln; Mint thire \ Isn't,-;a f.wrestier. n.'^i , P r "iwrt|oned,, threw. rt m ly of anv nnlfi 'nt rnd, «VI....,"L Pitwk tvn™ •t_-o...•_-...>..•..-- .-. .- kl In Battery of uny nnla 'of Irish extraction 1 and that,, Notre. Dame football teams have' keen •'monoptilizocl':' by )le.s and f?li\v.s, take cheer : Joo Hiilllvah. now illi-..wlii; cap-' aln the Notre Bamn varsity nexi _ twice in '22-'minutes y *'.'tteccmplbhrd. willi lils "Irish Whip" rls,.will, his grasping his \LA f\CJ\\i Tllt-lnl ^->_i »'_ i . 28 y nex • foil, ,/ocl; Doylo is coming over T , Emerald - - : In America;! . . , lien's right wrist 'arid Jerking 'his ril/nl fn*n,n*,l r...._ . . f 1 *" ' ^ rom tliR Emerald -Isle .- to : wage ,11 y ' a ( Wly- che rings, ija'iilel „,'," nntl ' 1 "hlinself • O.Mahoney, a neat chunk :-of> a .„ alo " ey ' ! ""J then whirled ovr-r ' ' ' ' wnr ^ . Instead of being y ' a ( Wly- chelek, the other " - pulled past Mick fresh from' the 'oiSiTsod/is^'-S 1 ' ...^ lek ' s shonlW In a flying being built up as a wrestling at- m $f.?- usually spells finLsh traction. '' " K'«» i— "-«ia..y .->ijcji-s iinusn o Mahoney has an original idea •niere h^n't been anytlilng like SJffl* '° llis campaign in the flnce the-New ;Vork-Irish shout- .™ te ?, sta . t «v Carried ojit, i t W0 iij(i I, 'Coffey!" when it was- Hnie'i M * n , 1 ' s t ra " 6B flld « d - - ' >r Jim Colfey, the Roscommon ? Mahonc J .Inshts that he will iant, to sidle through the nemo "° , BrnDplc:..hiore than The neht eame ran =far,i „ v,rl' week'and I J'he Territle Tenor Doyle, 22, Is .hot : a stranger to listic fans. Few Americans have ^een him, hut the rest have read T his exploits in'England Jack .f' w °^. ? S of 37 professional tarts by knocko.iLs. Try to name heavyweight with a record like his. Jack's 37th -bout, resulted In fouling Jack .Peterson,; the of ils Dane. If Doyle lives up to half the' filiation English sports Writers ve given,'hun-he. once .vCas'de- lh ,^\ a n8htin « monster " lh conohed. eyes awesonie in vlclousnes.s with' which thev oared flre-'-hc shortly .should be nocklne at (he door. The British 'rote and .said the .same thin" he SOO Abandoned Mines Sealed POMEROY, O. (UP)--Pive hnn- Ired abandoned mines in Melgs Bounty have beea-soal'wl -since lasli by FEBA workers.' Their . _ Is expected to stop the flow polluted water 'into streams. CROQIJIGNOLE OIL GUARANTEED WAVES SI Up - - None BetUr . Finger Wave - - usc Barret Beauty Shop last HDU.W on No. 5th Kow rotated at 101 North : Second : ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor Ml make, of rebuilt TyptwrlUn, main* M«hlnw and CalcuUtor. Bepalrinf—Pjrte—Blbbou. MR. and ihe budget "My other piece of advice, Copperfield," paid Mr. Mi- cavvber, "you know. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happf- ness. Annual income twenty.pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds, aught and six, result misery. The blossom is blighted, the leaf is withered, the God of day goes down upon the dreary scene, and— and in short you are for ever floored As I am'" . . ; - •' '••••'•"! ':'*}''.'• :* '' '.*-.'-•• ; : '' ' '. ; ''-•'''"•• Take it from Mr. Micawber, or from any; one' of thousands who know it. for the', truth, there's no friend like cash! And there's no way to be: so certain/of cash as to spend within your budget; Begin todayPSay to^yourself— so much will go f or omuch;:f;oi;rent,-som'ucl^pr& charity: Stick; within your budget and you'll" find it bountiful enough to leave you something over! v rte of the best ways to budget as you go is to read the advertisements ; in this newspaper.- Daily, as in a .parade, the goo'd.values of the good stores mardli'-be- ; fore you. Roast beef or chops for Sunday dinners, a .SP^cia] styJe-in^en's shirts, new' drapes for' the. living-room ... the advertisements wil I help you clioose thetn all, an'd' often at a saving! »

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