The Courier News from ,  on November 21, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from , · Page 3

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Monday, November 21, 1955
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER Zl, 1998 """ BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREI Stevenson Put Finger On Demos' Top Problem By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (APj — Adlai Stevenson himself, without saying so, put his finger on the No. 1 problem facing the Democrats in trying to persuade the voters to throw the Republicans out in 1956. gram. On this subject he seems crats for generations. "America," he said In a speech Saturday night, "is well and strong above all nations i i all times. We are the luckiest people in the world and we know it." If that's the case, the voters might ask, why should they take a chance on changing adm'nistra- tions in next November's election? Ste"enson's reasons seemed to add up to this: ''We can do everything belter." He was very vague on how. That can't be held against him at this time. This was his first speech after announcing he wanted t be president. It was just a general outline of what he'll say later. No Surprises I kl J I D & It was also pretty much the out- MOQGIS rOStCf line of what the Democratic party will be saying. There were no surprises. It was pretty much alon« unusually hazy and, if he has a solution, he has kept ; t to hingself. He was critical of the administration's foreign policy but did iut indicate specifically what was wrong with it except to complain there was too much tough talk and backing away from it. And—th're •••as no surprise about this—he accused the Republicans of being the part?: of "special interest,' 'meaning it was too cozy toward big business. This has been a steady conr laint of the Demo- Ike's Grandson COLUMBUS, Ohio IJl — Dwlght , David Eisenhower n, grandson of the lines on which the Democrats j tne president, has been used as a already have indicated they will] model to illustrate a poster in con- attack the Republicsn. It was just enough of an outline to show there are no fundamental differences between the two parties and that the differences which do Stevenson complained — or seemed to be complaining — that this country was not giving enough foreign aid to nations outside the Communist bloc. If he pursues this line he may suffer some embarrassment in 1956 because it is almost certain his own Democrats will try to ram through a tax cut in the election yea" Cutting taxes means cutting revenue. It is "i vd to see how the Democrats could logically call for a boost in foreign aid if the government has less tax money to spend on it. Stevenson took pains to describe his views as "moderate," although anyone who listened to him in the 1952 campaign must already have readied that conclusion about him anyway. Since President Eisenhower is considerec' a moderate. and is popular in that role, Stevenson could hardly make himself unpopular following the same line, which also happens to be his natural one any- wav. nection with the nationwide observance of Safe Driving Day Dec. 1. Copies of the drawing distributed by the Ohio Highway Safety Department, were sent to 419 televis- exist are matters of degree more j ion stations throughout the country, than of kind. j said U. C. Felty, department head. | Stevenson attacked the Eisen-! The poster shows young Dwight j Christmas Music hower administration's farm pro- seated in a soap box "auto." He's saying, "Grampa says we should EVERY day Safe Driving Santo Storv Didn't Work CINCINNATI up)— Police related thought she found Santa Claus in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. She rode downtown on the bus and there she found Kudolph in one of the department stores. She said Rudolph gave her a musical dog doll, a scarf, a pair of socks, a Peter Rabbit story book and a box of crayons. Apparently the police didn't believe in Rudolph. They took away her musical dog doll, the scarf and the pair of socks. But they let her keep the Peter Rabbit story book and the box of crayons. Then they brought the lass home. make Day." Mouse in Drink MIAMI, Okla. OPi — Robert, G. . Smith of Miami has filed a S10.0KU idamage^suit in District Court-here { against a soft drink bottling company for what his petition describes I as "permanent mental and physical injury." He claimed he found a mouse in his bottled beverage. Good Eggs TOKYO UP,—A tea shop will play recordings of Beethoven's nine symphonies oil Christmas Da5'—and is virtually sold out for the seven-hour event. "DON'T FEED THE A-BUG"-That' s the slogan at the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. of Canada's plant in Kimberely, British Columbia. And this is the A-Bug. the "A" standing for accident. It has three red plaster-of-Pans eyes, the third underneath the chin to warn of ground hazards. Saw-toothed upper lip represents stabbing and cutting dangers. Hooked lower lip reminds workers to beware of clothes-catching dangers. And a "helicopter" propeller on a pole sticks from its back, emphasizing that the accident bug lands easily anywhere. Body is made of plywood, neck of rubber hose and the whole works is wrapped in painted gunny sacking. At left is Frank Barradough, the creature's creator. Ten Killed In Nebraska Collision Pauper Was Rich LOS ANGELES (£>)—Sidney Langdale, 69, who xvas believed by ao quaintances to be living on an old age pension was found—after death —to have been the owner of more than $110,000 worth of US. Steel stock. All efforts to locate relatives were unavailing until a brother, Arthur, of Salt Lake City, telephoned the pubUc administrator. Read Courier News Classified Ads. WATERBURY, Neb. iJt—A head, on collision, believed to have been j the worst in Nebraska highway his- i tory, snuffed out 10 lives last night i — those of six teen-agers and four' musicians. Col. C. J. Sanders, head of the Nebraska safety patrol, said he could recall no other accident taking KG many lives. ' The teen-agers were returning to j their farm homes near Ponca. The 1 state safety patrol said a front tire j apparently blew out. Their car { rammed head on into one carrying j the musicians, 'bound for an en-! gagement at Norfolk, Neb. j The car carrying four members : of the Jimmy Palmer orchestra, j James E. Martello, about 30, j Springfield, 111.; Jack Renn, about j 25, Pittsburgh; Lou Case Jr., about! 25, Rock Island, I!!.; and Don Shef-| field, about 25, of Vermont, burst into flames after the impact. The Nebraskans killed were Rodney Hanks, Gary Stark, Robert Rakow, Perry Book, Richard Rahn and Ronald Nobbe. I Agreement Signed Spruce Up for the Holidays With Hudson's STAYBRIGHT DRY CLEANING Have your finest garments ready for the holiday whirl. Hudson's STAYBRIGHT restores the original lustrous colors and makes your clothes as gay as the season. Phone Hudson today for prompt pickups, expert cleaning, lasting press. When You Think Enough of Your Clothes to Want THE VERY BEST! NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OP THE ESTATE OF No. 2,353 WELCH FOSTER, deceased Last known address of decedent: BIytheville, Arkansas Date of death: November 7. 1955 LONDONDERRY. Vt. fJP) — The! An instrument dated May 28, automobile of W. Harrintgon Hem- 1955. was on the 18th day of No-j enway of Adams. Mass., was wreck- vember. 1955. admitted to probate ed when it overturned but four doz- as the last will of the above named I en eges in the back seat were not I decedent, and the undersigned has broken. Hemenway was also injur- been appointed executrix thereun- e[ j _ der. A contest of the probate of the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the time provided ! by law, ! All persons having claims I against the estate must exhibit Corner Proves A Hot Spot LOUISVILLE. Ky. W> — City detectives yesterday found 23rd Street near Market a hot spot. They reported they were arresting a youth in a stolen car when another auto with three boys in it zoomed around the corner and squealed to a halt to avoid plough- ing into the police car. One of the youths got away, but the officers nabbed the others. All were charged with car theft. Cop's Holiday ifer Cleaning •The Hudson Finish • 8 Hour Service (For The Asking) HUDSON Cleonei - Clothier - Toiler llyth«vill«, Ark. Steeli, Mo. ROCKFORD, 111. tfv-While Loves Park policeman Gerald Fitzgerald was visiting the Rockford police headquarters to check on fingerprints, a cop put the finger on his car for a parking violation. I didn't see the sign that said through the cell bars and playing an old upright piano. And in between the jam sessions nowadays, BOGOTA, Colombia i^—Colombia has signed an agreement with the United States guaranteeing future U.. investors they can take their profits out of the country. The pact, effective immediately," is designed to stimulate the flow ot American capital to this country. the inmates are entertained by a parakeet, who accompanied a new prisoner to jail. them, duly verified, to the under- no parking from 3 to 6 p.m. until signed within six months from the after I got the ticket," officer Fitz- date of the first publication of this gerald said. notice, barred they shall be forever and precluded from any | benefit in the estate. This notice first published 21st day of. November. 1955. BILL HELEN FOSTER, Blythevillc, Arkansas. Executrix. Oscar Fendler, Attorney. 11. 21-28 Fun House CLAREMORE. Okla. Ifl — Inmates at the Rogers County have a piano and a parakeet for diversion. Jailer Frosty Gflrtrell says the prisoners for years have entertained themselves by reaching fime- Wohk,wi GE Appliances C-t AUTOMATIC TOAST!* $1 WEEKLY 6-1 STEAM AND DKY IRON $1 WEEKLY JJJJ95 C-I PORTAIll MIX!* $1 WEEKLY 0-1 VISUAUZfl WON $1 WEEKLY VJ2 95 M TIim-WHlr MIXEI $1 WEEKLY G-l SANDWICH OKIIL AND WAFFU '«ON $1 WEEKLY J22 95 DREIFUS MER! llrmTns %- \V(!ar Iliiimniiik .{IliULST \I\I\ Si. No Wonder Mothers Love THIS RELIEF FOR SUFFERING OF COLDS Does More Than Work on Chest Nothing works like Vicks VapoRub-the proved medication that acts two ways at once. When you rub it on, Vapo- Rub quickly relieves muscular soreness. At the same time, medicated vapors bring relief with every breath. Soothing medication travels deep into your child's nose, throat and large bronchial tubes. Congestion starts breaking up. Coughing eases. Warming relief comes, lasts for hours. So when colds strike, depend on- VAPOR UB Viet* and VapeXub or* Keg. Trade Ma/ki. NovAEnjoy the Miracle of Push-Button Sewing 1 TRY THE NEW PUSH-BUTTON HECCHr AUTOMATIC TODAY! uru/i ntlf ! >AV SEWING AU BY ITSEtfl • MAKES WLIMllfD ! AUTOMATIC EM3RQIDERY Just push a button . .. if makes buttonholes! No other horns machine in the world is automatic enough to do this! Just push a button .., if wakes tapered monograms! Just push a button ... it mends and darns /o- you! Just push a button . . , c it makes unlimited embroidery! Parti and icrvica efwoy* available. Franchised Dealer For i weekly FREE! Dreiimaker Tap« : given to you . when you get your fre*_, demonstration! Sales & Service SEWING MACHINE EXCHANGE GOO Chickasawba — Phone PO 3-6127 BIytheville, Arkansas PIECE LIONEL STEAM LOCOMOTIVE . TRAIN SEI,**S: BUY NOW AND SAVE SPfC/Al PR/C/E ONLY We Have Only a Very Limited Sup ply So LAY-AWAY or Buy NOW! SANTA SAYS: Boy$ and Girls, Don't Forget Me! I will be at the LAD & LASSIE TOY CEN- TER Saturday, Nov. 26th and I want to talk with all the boyi and girli in the BIytheville arta. LAD & LASSIE TOY CENTER Main at First Phone 3-6308

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