The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT J BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS .FEUD SHUT! UPSET MS. II DiMapgio's Tiff Wilh Lazy-en, Crosetli (Recall Other C'ub Troubles, By mCHAltl) McCANN N'KA Service Sports Writer NEW YORK:—Experts agree that the Nev.' York Yankees will win the American League pennant again this £eni2«t;r if they don't fall prey'tu overconfl:lrncc an:l dhsinr 'ton 1 . Rupjiert's Rifles, uccorrtin-; ;6 the bo-s, ne=d fsar DQ foe, but their cwi dear HUH s?lv«i. , Well. • as regards ovm'cmflileiic^ any. thou'!''t thitt the oroud an.l proE.i;?rou 1 ' Yankees would he Minm ntout vlc!:rv and sUlsfled with tt-;ni"lv!s disappeared like a pay check ;dn r in<»,tb? •jxhibUion serhK down soulh when they tihivcd every cue of the Insignificant citrus belt panics right up In the lillt. Np chins were do-in in these ganus bin lh!> Yankees u'avril for keens Eagerly they leaped into eacli battle, lapped 1111 the on?nr.'s bloo- 1 snd hungrily licked thetr chops as they slaughtered bo:h miior an miner league pitchers with savage* Vclortii] observers were rath"' •fiu-priscd to hear the nroi::l worlJ champions dl'mss th» strength find veakncssrs of II j mi"ir lemur r-lajers they weie facing on the •morrow. And so there have been no charg- •ei of oicrronflrtence preferred f"«lust the Yankees. I.ill'e llaly Seething' However, there arc dink hints. 1-e'ard around an;l nboiit, t!ml thcrr I" c onn l"l»rml rtK^nstrm on tlv flu 1 '—specially in t!!c Little Ita!' scr-'or. It s"eins. nccoidln'V to s-oiri" what ttldcsin-jij ami c.-n-^hr.!''! >"lia"iis woiJ. thai Giuseppe Di> M-isgio no splk En«l!j'i. -jr miv Itiing pks f-i r that ninitiT, to An (onto r.iirarl a<i.-l Fn»K r>i»i'" his Mlow lciimmli>«. folKv fiai Franciscans, an I felb-.v c-mnlrv- men It's not. exncHv a HafWrl-McCT feud, this cohhi"^ bsl vccn l!i thpe r.r~,t Unlmns .but thorp's 1 n- doubt that flu lads have a goo- hat? on. Enjue of Ihe - -r'ts. as w? "ti' lefCr^ Invn an ' Ic.i thil t-ls!lll tie bit of :«nhRp'->iii3s:s in "t'>» nn-r hauny Xanu'v is <?ctng Iri wor'' ngafiut the Yankees' chanc:s of repealing.' Tt'sv BT '..n-fnVvvl t\\ i the Yankee- "nv '"avs IV.eir fl-;h nvthc dr^sin-; loom. •" . Hmve- ei the history of fniiiiH; {fliifi J K | -l.s a"d in Lf utc.i In ba^li'ii' doesn't- suu'iov'. !>>is v^r. R^MI- of our very best teams have had n couole of boy.i vringllng down Die 1 ome stretch . J . • " v •• How about • foi instance. Jo Tinker arj Johnny Evers? Your never EIISP°C' to vitc'i the «r- the famed Tmte-r-lo-Evcrs-to- Chnnce double pla'y combination was marred by h.Ue for 0112 an other Tinker an I Evers were, par- haps, the gicatest second base par o[ all time : : , And yei they v ere about as harmonious as two drunks nt the otlie'- end of the bir They didn't speak to one anothei for a coiiple of comDaii-ris. F\ci> Year Thcj Fi*hl Bringing it mars »-j to date, al least one p-mnant-wimior in enol- of. the last four or fiye wears his T-n I's dugout or clubhouse enlivened by a nice, olrt-fashioned -hnlr-pulljng on the part of two or more players. Bsn chapman an:l Babe Rut'- sneered and snarled .fit each other throughout the Yankees' 1332 pcn- ntmt-winning drive: Goose Go, :ini J02 Cronin almost came to blo»s tx\ice dining the washing- tens' 1933 championship battle; the Deans—Dizzy and DalTy—bal- Ikd vilh tho entire Cardinal team before, during, and after each gam? of th» Gas House Gaivj's'pennant dash in 1931; and Rflo'ib catchjr Walter Stephen™ ana shorlstoi Billy Jurges swapped punches on the .uen:h In the heal of tha Chicago cues' successful flag flglu o! These are just a few—recalls cfThand—of the inlsr-cluh '.feu that have smoldered and flared \ 011, championship chibs. There ha., b;eh countless more, disproving th belief that a bit of a clubhous srjuabble;, wrecks a club. It would be best, of course, t ha\e all milk and honey, it. won! be best if DiMiggio and Lizzeri and Crosetti had a good cry on one anoth3r°s shoddcr ana forgave and forgot. Bui it's just about impassible lo Presideivlial Pitch At Baseball Beirut for a mighty heave, Uueky Harris. resident Roosevelt llfteil his nn in his uniform n.s manager of the enators. and qiilMical Connie Mack of the Alhlut cs looked on. Thc president lei fly al a group of aycis from both learns and the opening game of the year was on between Washington and Philadelphia al the nntton's capital. Philadelphia won, 4-3, In 10 Innings. v-t 23 men together, make them eep together, dress together, travel Jjtther. and ivork tosethi;r wltc- ui.lmvlnsr'n dlsagic».'ineiU here id there. Southern' Memphis .... Huitl'anoona llnnta tile iiock •. ew Orleans ncxvllle .., irniiiiilham aslniile. ... L. ['ft. ! .7M i .7r>b 1 .7, r !0 2 .500 a ..MO a'.250 .3 .250 ' 3 .250 Today's Games Kriiilhcrn League New Orleans nt Mem phi!!.' Atliihta at. rCnoxvllle. BlrinliiKhain al Lil,tle Rx>ck. ' •Chnttnnooiui ut Nashville. - American League . Chlcngu nt St. Louis. Washington nt New York. ' Boston at Philadelphia. CU'H'tand at Detroit. ,\;I|]IIM:I| l.caguo St. Louis at ClnclnnatL Pittsburgh nt Chicngo. New York nt Brooklyn. Philadelphia al Boston. '•: S. U. Nine i(, T,, llr BATON ROUC1E. L:,,-Loulslan!i State University's baseball team Is lillitiMi-liln York ; I'lnnnhig (o tnkc n swlu, around National League the HI. Ten circuit next, spring W. 1,. Pel.' Oiunes have been tentatively soiled-' ,2 n uwo >"«1 '' with Iowa, Northwestern .1 0 l.noo Minnesota and Chicn°o . I 0 1.003 ' Helena Raising $600 . lor Horse Show Prim HELENA. Ark. <UP)—Civic committees this week started the' sale of tickets to raise $800 for urines and trophies In connection with tlie Harne.'s and Saddle Horse show to be held here May 23. • "' Dr. W. P. Jeflett, president' of the Phillips County Saddle. Horse Association, estimated that 150 entries will be entered In this year 1 '; show. The Phillips county show is expected to attract a mnjor_ portion of the horses displayed the proceeding -week at the Conio^Miss.. show. -'. i...'i " One feature of the show will be tha. riding of Night Rtder;by [\itss Helene Orr, owner. Nig'iifliider in ill shows has collected 110 prizes. Kansas once had lictiVe' volca- lipes.. One cone is; visible jirsi west of nil^y. Kans. Jackson Senators, Alexander's Independ cuts May Be Opponenls ny j. r. FRIEND JupHer Pluvlus only partially si;ollcd the first practice of the lilytlievlllc Giants, yesterday but did a complete Job of it for today. Kaln that fell during the night and 1 morning definitely eliminated all chances for any sort of a workout nt Walker Park, and unless a suitable field Is located, Manager Ufisliell Bobo.' will he forced to give his boys 'a holiday. He is inncful thiit the' weather, man will let up In order to maintain tin: fine physical condition' matn- Initiecl diirln» the three weeks at .Irsenwood, Miss. , Fifteen answered the first call yesterday, nil hands reporting ex- rent Miller, first baseman. Bobo -said that the giant first .sacker Is said that the Glanj fir't sar>"r i- Krank Mancnso, Houston, Texas, catcher; Marshall Hetnphill, nrecnwood, Miss., Thomas Pulllg, McNeil, Ark., B. A. Llngle, Char- 'otte, N. C.. Jack Kelley Hartford, Conn., Julian Harrington, Lcwis- ''ii, N. C., pitchers; Guy Davis, Montgomciy. Ala., Ralph Robblns, Covlngton. Tenn.. Pete Pavidge, Ctmtsworth. N. J., Charles Byrkett. Iticliniond. Ind., Russel Stewart, Memphis, Tenn., Lee Roach. Manila/ Ark., and Bobo inficldcrs; Carle ton Lannek, Rochester, N. Y.,' and George Pratt, Memphis. Tenn.; outfielders. All but Roach are under contract, Tlie Manila youngster, who is a candidate for third; bare, performed with T.epanto list yenr. and Is here nt his own expense. Due' to ' the uncertain condition •>( tfe field the two hour work- iut yesterday was limited to hlt- tlni>. ; with a bit of infield and outfield '• work sandwiched In Ileiuphlll,' Pulllg, Harrington took turns on the mound tossing 'em over to the hitters. About n htin- cht'd rail birds were in the stands The, Giant boss and Sccretary- nusincsV Manager Fred S. Saliba have 'several deals out for exhibition games before the North- past Arkansas League curtain Is raised May G with "Osceola here The 'Jackson Senators of the Kitty League arc tentatively booked for a contest. May 2. Mnnacer Dutch Welch said over long dis- today, j lance telephone yesterday tjial IIL ,.j;i , I was due down in this, part of the UY HAIWY ORAYSON' Sports Editor, NEA Service Jerry II. Louchelm laying Edwird Rllcy Bradley 511,000 to S-O.OOG that his Pompoon beat? the "kiinnel's" Brooklyn In Kentucky Derby, May 8, recalls lieclaciilar horse for horse bcls ind plungers of the glorious past. Sizeable private wagers passed nit with heavily swelled purses. It has been some time since Jookmakcrs were attacked by a >l?h roller on the order of John 'Bet-a-Million" Gates and his partner, John A. Drake, Pierre ind Georges Lorlllard, the Dwycr ^'Others, Lucky Jack McGuIness, 'at McCarren, Pilley Grnnnan, 3avy Johnson, Pittsburgh Phil ""inlth, or John Richardson. The (inlet, mannerlv. and ao- Jrenlly impassive Wl dcncrs, "Vhitneys, and Vandcrbilts have ^placed the old sporting gently hat was so passionately Intense •ntt reckless. Practically all horse for horse lets of more recent years have >een of a sensational nature. While handles frequently are •ific, pari-mutuels have reduced WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21, 1<)37 Louis ' 1 ,o l.OCO Inclnnati • ...o 1 ; .000 I'licato ...d i .000 rooklyn 0 1. .000 osUm.' .... •.'..'.,._:..0 2•', .OCfl American LraRiie : v • W. L.-IVI. ^troil .-.( ....i 0,1.000 Joslop •., .1 o 1.01)0 Von hlliultlphin l. 1 l 1: ................ o o' t. Ixmls .... ........... o 0 e.w York .............. o I leveland ........... ____ o 1' .SCO ,500 .000 .000 .MO .000 There are HOT miles of railways vilhin the boundaries of Rumania. SHIRTS stores vitality ,., stimulates the appetite. SEE PAGE 5 THURSDAY BKF.R DISTRIBUTING DISTRITtUTOKS PhmielU Osrrnh.Ark. Hic CO., Styles of Tomorro w TO-DAY The New English DRAPE Collar T HIS is it faithful reproduction of one of tlie creations of the English ciistoni-shirtniakers, famous all over the world for their ability to create something new. Note the wide stitched, KofI drape of this new low collar. No stiffness— No sl.irch—The material is light weight chiimbrny in soft solid (ones of blue, grey, ami wine. THE LCNDRO UICRK again the Knglish accent is found " in this small short point collar so popular with the then Duke of Kent. Slightly wider antl shorter points make this a popular Spring and Summer stylo. Available in neat, small white stripes alternated with blue, grey, green or Helio. Sizes l.'P/j to 17. Tropithin PAJAMA TKOIMTIIIN—Cool hreezy cloths designed for Summer comfort, in solid colors. Grey, green, white, or yellow. Also available in cotton crepes, always preferred for warni summer nights. As usual the best buy i s always at MEAD CLOTHING Co. 315 WEST MAIN STREET BIytheville's Headquarters for Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes !"<• 5. 10, and 15 variety. Tlie sport of kings has become hat of the masses. Bradley Lost on lllue Larkspur Blue Larkspur was Colonel Sradley's finest and remains his favorite, which probably is one reason why the master of Idle Hour Farm is so fond of that am- nnl's son. Brooklyn. Bradley was lust as high on Blue Larkspur even years ago. There was plenty of feeling in 'he Blue Grass In Blue Larkspur's >rby year. for. Charles T. Fisher ad lib Clyde Van Duscn, winner •oimtry within a few days! and in ill probability 'would close the 'rat then. William V. (Lefty) Alexander, former New York 'atikec and Cincinnati Red, has rganized a club and wants to ilav the Giants this.Sunday. Bobo =aid that he was quite anxious lo ilay and would lake them on. lexanrjer was out of town Tues-. lay and could not be reached for' =onfirmation.| Official announce-' •silt will be'made tomorrow. The Icnesboro Giants of the NEA loop lave requested a gnnic but ho ate has been set as yet. of the Kentucky Jockey chih Stakes, entered. Hradley did not believe that Clyde Van'Diisen belonged in the same event with Blue Larkspur. The famous gambler safd that the son of Man o' War was too small to carry Derby weight, and (hot lie lacked speed and endurance. If the boss was willing to bet that way, »o were the boys at Idle Hour Farm. The play was heaviest on Blue Larkspur, but Clyde Van Duscn was mighty well liked In and around Lexington. Bradley bet that Clyde Van Duscn wouldn't finish in the first three, hut it was Dine Larkspur which failed to get there in mud that came with a hundred ton of water, and the diminutive gelding from Fixlana Farm won a thriller. , The Loiic'hhelm-Bradlcy agreement Is thai belli Pomiwon arid Brooklyn must start and thai one 01 (hem must.finish in the money to make the bet binding. "Ilet-a-Mitliiin" dates Itoally Did Accounts of match races In this country in years gone by would Till a book, 'they go back beyond 1624, when Eclipse beat Sir Henry for $20.000 a shb. Every Yankee who could find a Dixie player had a bet on Ihe race, and Ihe converse was true. A southerner bet 200 Negro slaves on. the outcome. John Randolph bet his southern c.slnie against a trip to Europe. Tlie great races between Ten Brocck and Mollin McCarthy, and Ten Broeck against Parole and Tom Ochlltrec saw immense private fortunes wagered on the results. Congress adjourned to see Pare'" repel Ten Broeck and Tom Ochiltree. "Bet-a-Million" Gates made the largest, known wager when he took more than million from British bookmakers on Royal Hush. John A. Drake took a million from American and British bookmakers in the early days of this century. Pat McCarren beat New York bookmakers for $300,000 in 1002. Hiley Gramum ran up a stake to S100.CCO and had it all on Lord Dimraven's Desmond when that steed ran out. Michael F. Dwyer wagered $180,COO on a race and lost it on a fluke. He'd dropped $90,000 on previous races tint afternoon. * • * Took If Away In Wheelbarrows Old-time plungers didn't confine their activities to the tracks. John Richardson, en route to the original Santa Anita oval, broke every gambling joint In Reno during a brief layover between trains. That was in the gold boom days, and express comV , pany men carted the gold dust/ hed won to the train In whcel- bfirrows. Prince Agn Kahn, on the other slrtc of the water, and Ainu'ld Roth- 'li'in and Nick the Greek Don- clolas. on this, liked to chuck it n. but a number of our relatively few latter day li] g |, ,. oners slcm ,,, clear of the ponies. They realized thai they couk! beat a race but not the races and that all habitual hoss plavcrs mist die broke. The EYES, NOSE and MOUTH of (he pleasure-loving typo fonesboro Iij SealsW" Game With Local Club JCNESBOHO, rk.-Th'.' Jai)»v ''oro Ginin.s arc anxious to play ' -e Blytheville Giants In an exhi- ftjon gain? b-sfars lha Northeast | President Roy Bal? s n' t. h " i-:i| <-''i>) !s s"-kin<! n ijame with >Vvth'>- ' He lo be played at Joneslnn on 'iril 2D. he has stated. Tliurrluy ;•>'•( Iha Jotrahr-'-o ch'h iind ii "Wen, Mo., scnilrpro f-ini will ime at the Anprfcan L-^ion park BUI Blefe-.. li-htimnlM pitcher from Blytheville. has rtnrn-.l *o his horn-; afor r2-onin» h cre last week. He has ml si-ned a .-011- traet. whcth-r or not he will return is not known. Andy Pasierb. EhorlEtnn, from Ncrth L'tll« Heck, also has i-?turn«1 to his horn;. Paslerb's depar- . lure was unevuscte:! anj oflhials Have announced that.t!-?v will not release his contract. It? hit .2-iO last vear and was one of lln ] ; 'a:l- hig shortstops in the league. Perfumed butter is -served in many Parisian restaurants. . F.vor.vlliine Fnr Your Knl«(aln- nifint nnd Comfort Weds. - Thurs. lOl/UANE'UABiUIWEtl EDUARDO CIAHNEILI JANC BRYAM- JOSAIIND MARQUIS « MAYO MEIHOF »».n J.nlh, . John Lilil • B.r, W.Wih •, O'K.III- K,,a,i by Unyd Boron-M«ltt onj l-rft, ty Hnr^ Won.n i Ai O..fcm. A full Ncl'l Pitlur.; Also Paramuunl News and Comedy NOT HECOJIJIENOED FOK CHILDKL'N If yqu are one who appreci- ^tQS.lif^'^ fine straight Bourbon you'll not want to'miss. Made in Kentucky, it is "double-rich"! TUESOAY, AI'RI!, 27— 5125 BANK NIGHT! II.css Stale Tax) C. Abraham was palled for the S100 last night—But he not, Present — Making JJank Depnsil :cxl Tuesday. 5125! .-!, ! Artmission—Always 10 & 2Cc Jlalinccs Friday, Saturday, Sunday Show every nighl. Friday and Sunday Mnltnecs start at 2:15.' Saturday Matinee at 1:15. . - Thurs. PAL NIOHTS! 2 Adults Admitted Tor I'rirc of / All Children—Idc A GIRL ALONE In Iht ihndow o!' ih» Vniv '00 much nbout lh< DISISiBUTOES, IMC., N.Y. KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY

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