The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1956 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1956
Page 15
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THURSDAY, MARCH 8,195« BLYTHEV1LL1! (ASK.) COURIER NEWS New Way to Deo I With Shrimp By CECIL BROWNSTONE Associated P«« Food Editor NEW SHRIMP RECIPE! One we lice » much we are putting It on our list of favorites. It boast* ao unctuous sauce of-an attractive olor—the sort we remember eating n Paris. Another Inducement: no separate cooking of the shrimp In water for this dish. Flavor? The sauce has a .slight bite to it. All the better, we say, 0 eat with the bland seafood. We served this shrimp in seal- op shells as a first.course for four, irihgin'g' on 'plenty of toast for sauce-dabbing. After it came broiled lobster tails with melted butter, 1 big salad.of romaine, cucumber and ' P^ehch dressing.' Dessert was an apple cobbler with a soft cus- MOUTH-WATEKING-»«i«-m»" i.mnu •lumlder touched up with rice and BHuhroonn. Pork Shoulder Chops Offer Low-Cost Meals ard sauce made from a packaged mix with brandy flavoring added. Roast chicken would make a good- followup for this shrimp, too. And dessert might be omitted hv.favor of cheese and fruit. .,' Or use • this- shrimp »s a.-main tiurse, serving three. Spoon it over . rice, if you like,. instead of :oast: Add a .cooked greerl vegeta- jle—green- peas, snapbeans.- broccoli -or asparagus.' A fine main cqurse you'll have, this way, lor ,unch or supper. -; one word of advice: this recipe calls for 'curry powder, and these powders, vary in flavor and By GAYNOK MADDOX NBA Food »nd M«rkets Editor Meaty pork shoulder chops provide hearty servings at low cost. Three-quarter-inch is a good thickness for the round bone shoulder chop. The blade bone chop should be about '/4-inch thick. Braising and long, slow cooking is required to bring them to their most delectable state. They are ideal, also, for cooking covered in casserole and other combination dish favorites. . • In cooking these economical shoulder chops, treat carefully. Brown well and then add-a spoonful or so of water. Cover and cook slowly until tender. For 1-inch chops allow *5 minutes of unhurried cooking. A tomato-and-onion Creole sauce is fc favorite for the long, slow cooking of these chops, or slow- poaching in canned condensed cream soup*. For i hearty meal-in-one dish combine shoulder pork chops with cheese, mushrooms and rice. The chops bake on top of the rice mixture. Pork Chops with Cheese, Mushrooms and Rice (Y)eld: 4 rtrvlngs) Four shoulder pork chops, %-inch thick, 1 tablespoon drippings or salad oil, 14 ' cup finely cut onion, V, cup finely cut onion, ft cup finely cut celery, 1 ID-ounce can consomme, % cup water, 1 teaspoon salt, V4 cup multipurpose chees« spread, 1 3-ounce can mush- room pieces and liquid, % cup uncooked rice. Brown chops well on both sides in skillet. Remove chops. Add drip pings or oil. Brown onion anc celery. Add consomme and water Return chops to skillet. Cover am simmer for 15 minutes. Remove chops to one side. Add salt, cheese spread, mushrooms and rice. Lay chops on top. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes or until chops are fork tender. This Old-Time Recipe Still Sweet, Refreshing Old-time recipe — still sweet an refreshing. Ingredients: 2 cups cooked rice (chilled), 1 cup drained pineapple tidbits, >/ 2 cup heavy cream, & cup confectioners' sugar, 1V4 tea spoons vanilla, maraschino cher ries. Method: Mix rice and pineappl together lightly. Whip cream unti almost stiff; beat in sugar gradual So»p'n water will clean up youi feel—but they won't clean up ATHLETE'S FOOT! Make Ms easy t«tt. Get T-4-L Solution at any drug «tore and «s« for S days. If not well pleased with results, your 40c back. Today Kirby Drug Stores. ceeterihire »auce, chili »uce and cream; stir constantly until thickened and simmering; dmmer 'or several minutes but do not boll. Sauce will be on thin tide. Metn- while toast bread and spread with butter; cut each slice into * triangles and keep hot in low oven. Spoon shrimp into 4 tcallop shells or other individual dishes; perch 2 triangles of buttered toast at tides of each shell; accompany with extra toast. Makes 4 first-course servings. Or serve with toast or rice for - 3 main-course servings. Note: u ,c the shrimp that count from 24 to 28 per pound for this recipe. Shrimp Notei Know what a real live shrimp looks like? It resembles a lobster, in miniature. The claws of a shrimp are small and the "head" contains the vital organs. Only the edible tail—shrimp as you know it in the market-is sold. Shrimp varies in sUe—from tiny to very large, . . A handy gadget for removing the shell and deveining shrimp may be bought. The gadget is fine to use When you want to shell and devein raw" shrimp, but you can't use it for shelling and deveining cooked shrimp. In buying fresh shrimp, make 'sure-that the flesh adheres to the shell. Flesh that shrinks from the streneth. Find! curry^pdwder to E hell is usually a sign of undes.r- your lasts. Cine we particularly like able age. is imported from India. Saucy Shrimp ingredients: 1 pouno shrimp, 2 r , tablespoons butter, 1 tablespoons butter,- 1 tablespoon flour, % teaspoon salt, Vi teaspoon celery salt, , y. teaspoon curry powder, spoon paprika, '« teaspoon tea- Wor- spoon pa, cestershire sauce, 2 tablespoons chili sauce, <A pint (1 cup) light cream, Tabasco sauce, 6 to 8 slices bread, butter. Method: Shell and devein shrimp, using cold water to clean; dry well. Heat butter in • 1-quart wide-bottomed saucepan- until it hisses. Add Shrimp and cook over moderate heat, stirring; gently until opaque through and tinged with pink. Remove from heat. Sprinkle flour, salt, celery salt, curry powder and paprika over shrimp. Return to low- heat and stir to coat; add Wor- Broiler main" course: squares of cooked ham or luncheon meat are put on skewers and broiled along with drained canned'peaches. Both ham and peaches are basted with a sauce made by simmering a cup of the peach syrup with a couple of tablespoons of lime or lemon juice and a dash of nutmeg. ly and vanilla. Fold into rice mixture.. Spoon into sherbet glasses and top with cherries. Serve at once.. Makes 4 to 6 servings. Here's how 'to cut an oblong sheet cake. First slice the cake in half lengthwise. Then cut diagonally, starting at one corner, to make wedge-shaped pieces. Finally cut diagonally starting at opposite corner. Serv* ftONCQ spaghetti * mataron *ma£fs1jfie, finest - Mni> P#»-Y ^4 REVOLUTIONS NEW COFFEE DEVELOPMENT V > v*^ to give you \. * ^-~ ^ <*f*s- * l«ore flavor- •^ The magical roasting secret • of the rotjsseric-whose even J*~~*- heat and self-basting principle ,. •. bnnKS out all ti* flavoi and aroma of good meat ihas now been applwd to ManhattanCoffeet .,.,, Here's MANHATTAN'S giant "Rohsser- ra^^»izer" where the coffee beans whirl IsilOB" 1 roun d A coffee bean has hundreds of. tiny flavor cells Regular roasts develop only T5* The evk penetrating heat of the "Robsser-aev develops them all releasing the deep flavor, the aroma, from even the nch center cells And not a bit escapes from th« pressunzed' Rohsser-izer" It's all sealed in the can to go into your cup. Compare "ROTISSER-IZED" MANHATTAN with regular coffees You'll say you never had cofct » good befoie, Go get a c»n tod*yl HEAVY MATURED U.S. GOV. GRADED ROUND LB. 59c U.S. Gov't. Graded- Western Lb King Cotton 390 SAUSAGE U.S. Gov't. Graded SIRLOIN STEAK L , 630 BACON S A . ........Lb 390 King Cotton King Cotton and Krey H Grade A Sliced Lb. U.S. Gov't. Graded T-BONESTEAK u 690 FRANKS™ 0 r£390 U.S. Gov't. Graded King Cotton «»» GROUND BEEF L D 290 PICNICS ReadyloEat 290 SUGAR DOMINO 5 Lb. Bag 39t Duncan Hines Standard Pack MKEMIXESSL, .B»250 OREEHBEAHS MS ^ . 2 ,,250 Argo Sliced . AUIPeT DATATACC Large 2'/i can t&A PINEAPPLE ".':"......'....2 ,,290 SWEET POTATOES 190 TOMATOJUicE "c£350 ciANBEHRrSAUCE^^ . 190 GRAPEFRUIT Pink Meat Full of Juiet Each 2c RADISHES R Z d 2 ££190 TURNIPS NEW POTATOES Purple Top . Lb 100 70 CABBAGES 1 , L D 60 390 CAULIFLOWER ffif 390 BEETSS2 BU nch250 GREEN ONIONS S SL 2,^250 PINEAPPLE Frcsh Florida Jumbo Cuban Sibe Each CORN p f cr " ms ' y " 303C - n 2for 25c CHEESES! 2 t490 BLACK PEPPER ^^ bo, 50 PRUNE JUICE DelM ± Q, 370 WASHING POWDER™ ^300 RICE R S nd 3 £ 290 GRAHAM CRACKERS PARKAY OLEOMARGERINE 29c Eggs Humko GracU A Large Dos. 3Lb. Can 45c Gum Wrigley's Box 59c 79c Dial Soap x 37c W« R«s*rv« tht Right to Limit Quantities FREEMAN-HENLEY SUPER MARKET 2016 W. Main - Blythevillt

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