The Times and Democrat from Orangeburg, South Carolina on November 14, 1997 · 20
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The Times and Democrat from Orangeburg, South Carolina · 20

Orangeburg, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1997
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aui'ff top-, U I tlftmrtrrttt IP IW1 r"sn r u Raphael starts her 1 5th season, still seeking success rl,ll"l"l " tU't,l'WM By FRAZIER MOORE AP Television Writer NEW YORK - With Sally, everything they say hits home. Their struggles, hard luck, desperate choices - whatever guests disclose - strike a nerve within Sally. As the host of daytime's oldest syndicated talk show, and one of its most-watched, she is more successful than ever before. Yet with "Sally Jessy Raphael" entering its 15th season, Sally still receives her guests as fellow victims. Her sadder-but-wiser style is what sets her apart from the macho paternalism of Geraldo, Maury and Montel; from Ricki's kid stuff; from the cynical abandon of Jenny and Jerry; and from . Oprah, who, of course, looms larger than life. By contrast, Sally, even after all these years, retains a human scale. She doesn't leap off the TV screen, doesn't overpower you. Once you get past the trademark red hair and glasses, what you rec w t.iMiiiv. 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All you have to do is relax and enjoy the most important of family holidays. 00 -m ' " Buffet served Thanksgiving Day $9,95 Adults S8.95 Seniors S4.95 Children 6-12 Kids 5 and under eat free For 531-4600 Located in the 1415 John C. Calhoun ognize about her is what she's been through, and learned, in getting where she is. For hers was the long way around to stardom, a late-gained stardom she can't quite accept. Sally, do you feel successful? She seems thrown by the question. Then: "Uh-uh, I don't. Uh-uh. I'm grateful for what I've got. But would I say I'm successful? No, in all honesty." So, at age 54, she wants more. Reaching beyond daytime talk, she is a producer whose first project to hit the airwaves, the four-hour TV film of Ken Follett's "The Third Twin" (starring Kelly McGillis, Larry Hagman and Jason Gedrick), will be seen on CBS Sunday and Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST. After that, she wants more still. But on a recent afternoon, Sally could be found at her day job at "Sally" headquarters on Manhattan's West 57th Street. She is preparing to tape the day's second episode, within shouting distance f talfi a mm JTdtl Sunday Only 11-8:45pm All U Care To Eat Shrimp hfu T.t.fWKOC tt l 3pc. Chicken Dinner $3 white meat extra Grits with Adult Eat In Meals Only No Refills Now Serving Crab Legs Dinners & Combtfs served w baked potato or trench fries, coleslaw & hushpuppies Drive Thru Service "'W-J .. Crab Cakes Shrimp Creole Garlic Pasta wScallops & Shrimp Rnked Pntam ACT Rice !Lr". 74 Hush Puppiesh' &More 4 ! from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm Dr 25 A of her 3,500th. "It's another year, and I'm actually glad to be here," she says. "I mean, it beats not working." Even in her cozy, curio-filled office embedded in a fortress generously favored with her name and smiling likeness, painful thoughts can force their way in - Hke thoughts of those 18 broadcasting jobs from which she was fired, leaving "scars of rejection that just went on and on and on." "We've had three or four good years, but I didn't earn a living for 26 years into my career, and there's always a sense of why -when somebody comes on and they're an instant success - why didn't I have that luck?" And there are thoughts of the accidental death at age 32 of her daughter, Allison, in 1992 - just weeks after her son, J.J., then 19, was critically injured in a car crash. Hard times for Sally and husband Karl Soderlund, her manager and soulmate of 34 years, who is sitting on the couch just a few feet away. He points to a painting on the wall that shows Sally and Allison, who was a chef, together cooking. "Allison looks ethereal," he tenderly observes. 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"We just did a show on a father who married his daughter and a mother who slept with her son," says Sally, sipping a diet Coke from the can. Haven't talk shows done this before? "The topics repeat," she allows, "but the people always change, and the people make it different." So those people from the margins are granted center stage, where they hope to be alchemized by television into some preferred new state. Maybe they will be healed, enlightened or validated. At the least, they can expect to be heeded. And cared about. As long as Sally books guests that her audience is capable of caring about, "it doesn't matter what the topic is," she says. "It just matters that we care about them. "Besides, if you're out there and you've got a roof over your head and a meal on the table, you might be a little more grateful every day that you're not in the bad position that some guests are in. If your husband isn't beating the heck out of you, you may feel a little better about yourself. If that's so, that's another good reason for watching." These might have been reasons for watching "Sally Jessy Raphael" in recent weeks: An agitated young mother named Nicole sought a guest psychic's help in identifying the man who had raped her. Food & Spirits "Mm.- ?a,! 4fim. 6km 516-8005 1-26 & 601 (Beside Comfort Inn) lIum-4: Mon.-Thiurs. llam-2:30rtn & 5im-9:M)pm rri. ft- Sat. m-10:lifnii; Sun. I2ntmn- 8pn Try our homemade bhnmp Pip - aooeh'zer for J2.00 with T-BONE 12.95 TAKE-OUTS 536-2060 SPECEAiLS - SA T Take Out or Eat In 1meat& $749 (plus tea & tax) 7ZZZZZZZZZZZ3ZZZZ. Corner of 301 & Bleakley Orangeburg, SC 531-1033 Orangeburg By Walter & Pattl Bates Gfjt. , it it cH o i (i it ii i rT ii n i vc m at- m am. JaT mm mm mm m a ajaal mt m W im m. m MX aV . ""Tm.w,J.MimCTl ...,'!',... i n-u. ii,uj. ii.. ' -""" ' !if"" "" """ ;" 1 '' 1$ . ' - ' i iL TV talk show host Sally Jesse Raphael stands in the audience of her syndicated show at its New York studio in September. Raphael, whose show enters its 1 5th season this fall, remains on a human scale and is almost willfully ordinary in living with her stardom. (AP Photo) Gabby, a promiscuous 15-year-old, flounced on-stage pooh-poohing the idea of protected sex, then saw the light by the end of the hour and pledged to mend her ways. On a show entitled "I Must Reveal a Shocking Secret," PJ shocked her fiance Chuck with the news that she was breaking their engagement to continue her affair with Randy, who in turn was shocked to learn about Chuck. "At least it wasn't what I thought it was gonna be," said Randy, looking at PJ. What was the shocking secret he feared? That "she was a male at one time." And you might have seen 36-year-old Debbie, who, after leaving her husband, settled down with her father David. Marriage and children were in their plans. "Do you see anything wrong with that?" Sally asked David. "No, not today," he replied. "When she was 16, 1 had a different viewpoint than I do now." An unseemly couple? So what? Declares Sally, "It is elitist to say they shouldn't be seen and they shouldn't be heard." And as for talk-show critics who have said just that, she wonders how many have even watched the shows they denounce. Two years ago, former Education Secretary William Bennett launched a campaign against daytime talk, blasting it as "cultural rot." But as the busy Bennett later conceded, his firsthand knowledge of the subject was limited to two-mfrrute clips his staff hand-picked New Beauty and Beast' tells tale of Christmas with striking villain By MALCOLM RITTER Associated Press Writer Disney is offering a new chapter of "Beauty and the Beast" on video, and this time the most memorable character is a villain through-and-through: an evil pipe organ that's a delight to watch. "Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas" is told as a flashback to Belle's imprisonment in the beast's castle. She is determined to stage a Christmas cele- Special Prime Rib ty5 Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 12 P.M.-2:30 P.M. and 6 P.M.-9 P.M. Sunday -12 P.M.-2:30 P.M. Reservations Recommended j BAMBUKCEB Only VyV J L for him. A few weeks later, Bennett moved on to a new cause, taking public indignation along with him. But what had been accomplished in slapping down talk shows? Zip, says Sally, insisting nothing changed in the way she does her show, a show she'll stick with as long as her bosses "let me be here." Nonetheless, here on Sally's show, Sally finds something is missing. Despite all the dues she has paid to get here, something has escaped her grasp. Call it respect. Prestige. Or simply clout. "We had another lesson in how life ain't easy," says Sally, wearily recalling what it took to bring "The Third Twin" to fruition. "Did we make a million sales calls? No, we made 2 million. Finally, here we are, eight years later, getting something on the air. "It's interesting: Oprah can produce movies, Montel can do a television series. But I didn't have the power to get anybody's attention." Is everybody listening? "I think there's still a chance that, one day, my time might come," she says. "Maybe somebody will say, "Gosh, we ought to use her for something more than she's doing now.' " Who among Sally's viewers hasn't voiced the same dreams? Who can't identify with Sally's doubts? Little wonder her show has such a following each day, even as she yearns for the day her time might come. bration even though the beast has forbidden it. Meanwhile, Forte, the pipe organ, wants to get rid of her. Forte is Disney's first villain to be animated entirely by computer, and the effect is hypnotic. The viewer can almost feel Forte's great bulk as his face swoops and his towering walls of pipes shift in the shadows of the darkened music chamber. His voice, supplied by Tim Curry, gives the right touch of bottomless evil. Another new voice is Bernadette Peters as the tree ornament Angelique. One of the four new songs in the video, "Stories," is especially catchy as Belle sings of her love of books. The animation during this sequence is like a high-flying good dream. All the main characters and voices from the original come back to the video, including Belle (Paige O'Hara), the Beast (Robby Benson), Mrs. Potts (Angela Lansbury), Lumiere (Jerry Or-bach) and Cogs worth (David Ogden Stiers). "Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas" hit store shelves Nov. 11. The video is unrated but it is suitable for all audiences. SOD-VrA .I Mr-'I BURGUNDY PORK ROAST pork loin and wine pot roast served over rice CHICKEN FRIED STEAK with gravy & onions SOUTH WEST TORTILLA ROLL-UP

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