The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE F6UR THE -13LYTHBWLLE COURIER THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS • ' . 'Oi-R. BABCOCK, Editor H. \V. HA1NE8, Advertising J,fan»g f r ' Sole National Advertising . nepreseittatlvw;- Arbniuus Dnllles, inc.; new York, -. Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, ballas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Kxc.ciii --Entered as second class-matter at the post ofllw al Blythcvlllo, .Ai• kaiuas, •'under acl of Congress, Oc- lohr-r 9, 1017. ' ' . ; . Served by Ihe Untied Press RATES By carrier In the Clly ot Blytlievlllc, IDo jwr week, or J6.50 per year, In iidvsiicc, By nwil, within 11 ntciiLS or 50 miles," $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 85c for three moiidui; by'inkil In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $8.50 per year; in zones seven ami eight, 510.00 per year, payable In advance. The. Comptroller's Office Despite Uie dufciil of im ill ;i<lviscil attempt to prevent ";i vole upon u pro- ])<j n\ to iibolisli lliu slalu compli'ollw's office we (.nisi Uicro is no (lunger of tlie general assembly dfsgnicing itself and (ho slate of Arkniisasi by doing away with lh;it vitally useful .service, Tlie comptroller's olticc did valuable work • under (he administration of iiowm'ti Kced. Siiici' Grilfin Smith took cfl'ice it's powers have been increased and its usefulness lias been expanded. The economy plea for its elimination is 11 poor mask lor tlie real motives of its enemies. H has saved the stale and the taxpayers of Arkansas many times its cost. Thai is where the pinch comes.Men inside and outride the stale government, accustomed in (he past'to look upon the stale Ireiisur.v a,s fair prey, have found that Griffin Smith is a luird man iq slip anything by. The lire-audit system, us administered by the comptroller, liais slopped illegal i-x- liemliturbs' oC publiu money and has put a strong curb upon cxlriivogniit and wasteful state expenditures of nil kinds: Naturally the licaiefieiarios of Urn old system of easy access to the public till don't like it. ;. C.'iiffin Smith is a funny kind uf politician. He reads Uiii knv and It.ielts II, icniiidiess of whose Iocs arc stepped on. He has miitle enemies of m.bii who tiling that high place entitles .Uioin to bntcial coiisidcnitioij. Tiiuy ivcnild like to yet .rid of him, uvun at the cost of abuh' hing the essential olfice which lie fills. But it is. hard to believe Unit Ihe legislature .will foil 1 0 see Uirougli the game. And if Ihe people of Ar- luintas are awake to their own interest;, they will let the 1 legislature k,i, 0 yv Jio» flioy led about it. (ARK.) COUR1EK NEWS More Labor Trouble Ahead ^ Tim "labor' front" in Ihe United States was full of alarms ami excursions last spring and summer. In one way or another most of the difficulties were finally smoothed over—the textile htiike wa'-i; ended, and threatened blokes in the slue! and auto industries did not lake place-but il bwumes in- ueiibiiiKly. evident that Ihe si.itlenient was to a lai'jfe extent, temporary rather than permanent/ H is reported now that labor leaders OUT OUR WAY are propo'siinf jjjj u ||ian'cc among em- ployes of livi aixiat Industries—textiles, oil, sleel, nutos and tobacco. Sponsors of the mpve nosert that employers !n these industries are organized to light unionization, and predict Umt the workers must be "moblliwd to'light for llieir own Intercsla." All of which contains Ihe possibilities-of large-scale trouble. The admin-. '.istriUion would be well advised to start now to work out some plan for a 'I'leiicoablc solution of all difficulties. Mow tho Schools Might Get More Revenue Various new methods of rulsinp, more money for tho rural schools arc under discussion. Bul Mrs. George T. Pyc or Sweet Home, n member of (he Piilnskl County School Hoard, told the Senate EducHlloti committee Una one way to provide part of the needed money woulil bo to enforce cniilliible flsscamienl and full collection of the existing tuxes on property. At (lie request of CrlUcnden county oltlclals the slate Corporation. Commission ordered a reassessment there which has already added iibbul $2,000,000 of valuations Co Hie tux hooks. The Increase in tlio Hulbsri Special School District alone Is equivalent to $14,400 of iiddl- tlonnl .school revenue 'lit 18 mills. Witnesses testified In federal court at Joncs- lioro lhal. In Poliisctt county "\vo don't jxiy "any tuxes on personal properly unless we "wanl to"; IhiU.H stores In the county were .not nsscssed; that 1,083 registered automobiles and trucks vrere not assessed as personal prop- city; Hint, comparable farm land was assessed [il 510 an acre on one side of u road mid $3.25 mi acre on Hie other side; that n fnrni worth 530,000 was assessed for $000 ami imulhur worth $10,000 lor $510, Alonn. with unscientific'usscssmciiL In Arkansas noes u tlcllmiucitcy rate that imiounlcd to ill .3 per cent fur nil classes of properly and 3II.U per cent, (or pcrsoimlty hi my. ' Taxes due.mid iiii|)iii(i al llio close of (lie iinhiml tax-paying iicrlod have averaged $3,- iJKI.OOO for each of the lost three years. A hree purl of the, $9,000,000 total was delinquent, school lMCS - ' . . , —Arkansas Ganeltc. Ally iillrinul «i (lie riitkuinllzndon of shipping ou an lutci national basis must liikc Into uccomiL <!iu Hidden factors of trade. uml dctciisc. — n. J. Baker, pi-esUlL-nt, Ainerlcnn Slcnmshli) diviicrs' Acs'ocialjon, .* * « , Ut me tell you 'people that there Is one sure way. to avoid H"cy Lone for pvcsldeiit-nml only onci if i live— mid (hut .is by adopUnt; God's laws, ,T»ko llicm ami 1 pass Inlo insliuil- Jlcnncc. . — BctmtOi- iiuey i\ There's no way for us to keep out, of European tiucslioite It we l: ot |nlo the World Court. — Scuuior William u. [ do not want Philippine independence to be n reason for sonm niillon to gobble iiji (lie I'hilipiiincs. —Pedro aucviini, Philippine ivsl- tlcnt coiiiiuissloiicr in U. s. ' * * « Decisions are exacted in baseball, but every lime you blow your whistle In a hockey game, you're a bum.. -Bill Stewart, Nntionnl League umpire and lee hockey referee. » . * » I liale an alibi, especially in politics. — Speaker .loseph w. Byrns. t t * One ol the BreiU'.vl values ul niitsic— Us power !o uwikc In us moods and stales of fccllni; anil of beine-dcpcnds greatly upon dynamic contrast inul tiradunlion, -Uuixiltl Stokowski, famous conductor. ' ' • Bv Williams GOOD MOR,\m.:'_HA-HA- (ERE'S AMQTHER REftSoM THER CAM'T NEVER BE NO UTOPIA CM THIS EARTH- THEN STRAW BOSSES THCTT TH 1 OL! MAM \uoui-D 8E OPF FGR WEE«S, WITH HIS RHEUMMISM- NOVJ -THEY CAM'T snovJ TH 1 BIG 80SS HOW WELL _ TKEV COULD GET /SOMETHING 1 NOBODY WITHOUT j~—A^WWTSTO BE RUM. HIM. fi'VP HE'S THEIR AIL RIGHT, PER us JES Keeps ROtLIM 1 ALOU6. MO, THER CAM'T BS NO HEAV/eN OM EARTH,AS LOM6 AS EVERY80W WANTS TO SIDE GLANCES By George Clark , ~n»»j" Ifllfff § ft rf.\~ & •$ .'i»,-' / N-7 ^.r-'tvU f i- i..,;.o..?^.,.. -fe-yy>\ A Ar BV Dlt. MOKHIS IMllur, Journal of Ihe ei Assocfalli)]], and ef Hy- scia, Ilic lleallli BJaxiiiliii.' II. G. Wells, in his uutcblosni- phy, mentions Ihe very interesting fiict that his grandfather, his father, and his brother all died suddenly In the same way. He says"In 1910 my father woke up very briskly one morning, delivered u cnreful instruction on the proper wuy to make suet Bidding lo his housekeeper . Daily Chronicle 'Tor years he couldn't relax \vi(h coiuimn.v around." The banana Is u frull when ycl- low, « vcijclablc~whcn green" Sudden Death Sometimes Results from Slow Disease SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, filiinccd over (lie und prc- . ... lo gel ll|). Ha nut Ills j egs out of bed mid slid down by uio iide of the fjcd a dead man. "There is an Irregularity hi our family pulse, it misses a beat ever and again and sooner or later it misses-more limn one and Hint is Ihe end or us. "My grandfather had leaned over Hie gate lo admire a sunset and then in Ihe .same tiusliiun ceased to live. This last, spring us I m-Hc (1933) heart stoppage came also lo my elder brother; as he got up from his breakfast, he reeled and Id) dead." * * * Di'.'ilh due primarily lo sudden stopping of the heart occurs under two different circumstances, first, when a heart has a pro- 'ongctl struggle against overwhelming difficulties it generally plays out; second, ivlicji the; heart, while still performing Us work, suddenly stops. Playing out of the heart after, a severe infectious disease, ns'pncu- noniii, or as ail Infection of the heart itself, is an easily understandable condition. However, Ihe circumstances associated wilh sud- den slopping of the heart hi (he midal of iij>|ijir«nt health amuse inucli more curiosity and Interest. Usually there is ti disease ol the lieart muscle and obstruction of the blood flow in tlie coronary arteries which supply the heart with nutrition, ft may be Umt these changes avc taken place gradually over n long period of time, and thai il is an accumulation of Ihe changes which about death, suddenly brings II has Ijccn suggested that a sudden riscjn ihc blood pressure, because of cxcllemciil or .some similar reason, may overwhelm u heart nlrcady crippled )jy disease. It may also be that some sudden suasm of tlie blood vessels, associated with nerve stimulation, may jbe responsible for sudden stopping ol Ihe heart. There arc also in which heart blocking occurs wilh failure of Ihe li«it of (he heart lo be carried properly from one portion lo another. Of laic, many sudden deaths have occurred due lo Ihc sudden Mocking of Ihe blood vessels of Uie heart. There hus been some discussion as lo wlicllicr coronary thrombosis or sudden blocking of Ihe heart is more frequent lhan formerly. Some investigators find llial the condition occur* In younger Individiuils nowadays, but most doctors assert that il occurs in those past middle nge, mul that lliere are more cases because more people are living longer. TO, Hint New Fouiidlandcrs Share . New Zealander's Iis! a lu HERIUN'G NECK. N. F (m,, Thlrly-llvc natives of 1)1)5 ,is]|j m " community arc sharing in un es late of a wealthy New ZKiiaffti businessman whom they never have seen. Al! are distant relatives of the late Join) Esau' Miles, a nalive O f Herring Meek, who died intestate in New Zealand lasl summer leaving n fortune of $500,000. Miles left Herring Neck as ., .voutli shortly after the close of i he- Civil War to settle in New Ucahiirt lie carried on a successful busiucv; there for many years. He never married and hLs estate levcrlud to his numerous relatives here. It is conceivable, Tiowc.v,, ....... new conditions of life and industry arc responsible for new types of stress and slrnin, which curry library oP 7000 \/o]« curies bou^H by the UnitaTStafces. 1975'lnventor perfects Self-stopper fc halt automobiles-*--"-"-- -*;nals. Physical Supervisor Gives Tips on Exam Health UOHTON I UP)—If one follows lie advice of Ruth c. Uiiltcv, :upcrvisor ol physical nctlyillcs fo: women nt Uoston university, one should gel nil "A's" in psamina- ions. Tlirf essential for go'ixl murks ure: One—Do not ;;o hi lor inld- ;ilaht snacks ol pic and codec if j'ou [eel hungry while studying for examinations, if you mlisl cat, try nilk mid cookies. Two—del iu least, eight hours sleep the night before nn exam. Study Hint is "crammed" lu the early morning hours is not worth a great deal, for il lakes loo much out of n student both physically ind uiciitiilly. /rliitc—Get ouldoors ,ul Iciist one l)6nr a dny. do skating and const- Ink if you gel the ctiiincc' but if not, liy rv brLsk wiilk. I'our—cm your smoking down .0 a'minimum ami be sure lo enl hrce wcU-baliinccd mciils » dny. Kvcn if you enl. )hjli(.- hurried undies nl oilier times, take lime during exam period lo have a lonrishing, bul nol necessarily heavy lunch. ; Five—Do not study tut many lours In (.Hi-cession, but like itmi: oil once In n while for recreation. Woman Caricaturisl Draws "New Dealers" WASHINGTON (UI'1-Mlss i'l't;- :y Bacon, America's smallest caricaturist, hopes lo lift the faces of all New Dealers. Miss Bacon has been commissioned by a magazine lo perform mijor operations—with a pencil- on the heads of many of E'rcsi- lent Roosevelt's lieutenants. She Isurcs about 1!0 minutes lo :\ fate. Miss Biicuii believes SciTctary uf Agriculture Henry A. Wallace's lace displays Ihe most character. Thu mosl tuii she ever liad was vhen she tinkered with Urn COIID- cnaucc of Senator Theodore Bil)0. IJcmiicrut, Mississippi. Apropos ol the Ullbo drawing. Ihe liltlc iirtlst wild .sin- liwkcd 'orward to drawing Scnalor itucy ". Long. Dcmocnil. Louisiana. "They'll make a Brail pair," Kli(! said. So fnr Mrs. HooScvcll atul Hcc- reuiry of Lnbbr Fiances Perkins uivc cseaiied. They have refused a |X»c for licr. She has sworn, low-ever, lo corner them. Man's Laziness Blamed ' , For Death Sentences WAsklNOTON (UI')-.Man |., too asy lo. devlfic u "sensible" way to leal with criminals, M> hi- kills ihcin, says Dr. Wlltliun A.. White. s«|wr- .ntcndcnt of St. B'tenbcth'.s ha,jiltal here. \ Ur. while, one ofi (In- country'* outstanding ixsychologjils. believes capital punishment cxfcls in tnosl counlrlcs simply because iiiavi'l's iialnrHlly lazy. He .viid .silch inn. Ishmcnl would lave bJ-n '«bol- Itlicd long ago if it weren't, [or (lib I fuel. ', - Tlie fcupt-ruueiidciit dwb not be. llcvc In taking a life lor :l . ii( c in his opinion, "ma,, ts w ,.J ZJ . Uu( he wont put his u U , s lu llllf Jol oj ngiiriiig out some way of i-ndliiB cr hue and so pinging u,,, « 0 , 1(1 „, crlmljials. 1 ' ; ir the , , c-gelher at:: | (ll , (( bym( . , nt , a » vc way o dealing with the nJoulcm," U' sad. --iher,, HOKkMl r, need for capital pmil _As ,t b, w e kill uur Sl " mi1 l'«rfy iwr .«!«.• of (hi- . 'mi*: 'xcur lu fir,,, dwelling cli fires caiiiins $w,uiH),ttxJ worth of damage '?:"'/'©»33 NEA SERVICE, INC. V .. u •lilt mill, sin- rtni lifr lirulhrr, I'll! |, II). «ij.,| M)r | lln-lr. Invallil I.'HIur. STIiVB MKVUIJS ulic, also U'"lvH In (lie rnlll n'1<* linl,--ln iii:irry bhu. Sliv immilai.n t<, K lvu film im iin»miT In n fi-i> tin)*. Tlnil iHulil Onlv BVLM kkiiilr, K un ihf rlvi-r. '1'hi: feu lirrrLk* niiil wile H rcm-uril Ipy UIIIA.V ^Vl!S'r- .W]in:. iiiu,, t fiiihi-,. >ln ,c a,.,,,i Ijulll U»> iiifll. llrliiii nt*kK Cnlc in unit wlillc IIL- uvla ]iU i-jir Iiul l^licn ^«- rrturllk nTiL- h i;i>"c. I'll'KV 'I'llATCIIIMI. ilaiiirhlct lit llOIIIJII'r TllATCIli:ii, Ki'tiucnl inniKiKi-T. nr rliu mill, ihnltcx ulmrn In rnotlTiilc 'IIMnn. ; HUH* CHII.-l.-mi 1,,,-nk, n ilnl'i! Hill, I'Jlll (ll-ll'll.OIIII II, k VC |, ,,H,- «nii ui> yor.Ei,. i,i,a 1-1,11 ,,mi t:j i]li:itrcl. l.nli-r l-hll KIU-I. In n injHCerlnn* ntvcllnir uicri uidcr inlll AvorlJt-rs. SOW GO OA 1 WITH TUB S'J'OIIV CHAl'TEK IX 'T'llB morning sunllglit Blaule(! throueti (lie (all, wlilo windows niiil fell In a bright palli acrosa (lie cai-Lietcil lloov '.'..Cell ou (lio beavy, vollshet] Oeslf. striking llio silver paper wclglil shaped like ;i sea K"l), llio lc.illier calendar nail and (lie Black of opened Idlers addressed to Mr. Robert Thatcher, general mau- nger of Hie mill. Thatcher sal at the iicsk, very slrafglit, tlio uahns ot hia Iiaiids pressed together. When be apoke the words came crisply. "Jly dear Brian.'.' lie was saying, "you know wo'io all ulart to EGO you back. It's a Hue tiling—n sou slopping ialo his father's slices." Urlan Westnioro said iiulcklv, "I'm afraid it will uc a long time before I can do^tlmt—It I ever can. Ot courso ilia whola thing ; |g new to mo; I've- got'so inuch to'learii. Hi!I I'm ai|Sious to get started— nioro niwloiis tlmo 1'vo ever ueeu about dnyltiiuE befoic " . Tlinlclier'^iioildei] "Ilial'c (lie Bpiril." ho uppio\eil Brian leaned forward. "My niolbcr told me." ho mid, "how wonderfully you've managed every- tliliiS-TkcepInp^eaiployra -on anil Wj'iiig llicm'liie scifne 'wai;e3 In siiito o( the fact'tiiat' tiincs^aro so had. t waul lo Itnow bow you did II." Tlio older man raised n hand dcii- iccnlingly. "Just kccplns my band on (ho rudder. JJrlan. Tlieso last eight months bavo been trying ones. lu Hie Industry nt larpc, I menu. Hero In oar mill w,<' 10 ] Ja ,] 0!Jr jjj. ll(> flurries, but nothing more than tlmt. Notliinsf to lo alarmed about." "In I'aris," Brian said, "t read a lol auoul Uio new experiment tbcy ro Irving out in tills country. About llio v ay t\, C fn (ackllng Uiings at Waslilnglon, trying lo orsaiifzo (ha country on a new economic basis, Riving the workcra a c.ncmco to stand on their own feet. 1 want to know how U' 3 being done— Thatcher's liyj UsIiK-ned. Hlj voice, neither roan tior lowered, but H look on a hniiliiesa as ha'ldler- "Ves, ot conr»c. It's all very Interesting, lAtictiicty BO. 1 imp- liose.l m a conservative juan, JTJriaO. At least solus vcoplo would call ms co. But r.vo bcon (rained In n liftrf BCliool. Bouid or || 10EO ,, ew vcu . ttim-well. t,,,,,kly r must confess Iiu skeptical about them. Nol opposed, you understand, but Ekepll- cai. until Bomeono can show uie a belter way r prefer to go along as wa have leeu here, mceliig B»oW«m* as luty come ut. 1 think," uitb a slgli " lfcilt lesul13 "mier. ins m have beeu lalrly eat- Isfactory. "01) 3E5, Mr, Ihian sal at ihc new i!cst(, lih arms what I've been telling you. Jlollier says you'vo done v.-ondorfully." * » * «!AU!" 'Jhalclicr pinilccl. "i'rol- • £i 113." lie went on in the clear, hard tone, "have- leeii BJ-atifj-ius. And \™ liovo no If.bor troubles. Ollr worliers aro like -> peaceful, conlt-ileil family." Tlio >MDg jitari Ejjd cascrly, "Hut that's becaugo you're paying llieui honest H-agej for (heir work. What ia the wago scale, Mr. Tlialclicr?" "\Vcll-" tho general manager moved restlessly, "ot courso It varies. Tliero aro our liighly skilled workers and llioso who liavo been with us for years: .(hen there nrc (hoso who uro beginners. The- government has set a minimum scale for ih'B textile Industry, aa you per- Iiap3'knonv I can say that all our employes ore receiving ;m amounl well above the iulniuuiin." "You'vd cut working hour;, jel yoh'ra. keeping up Ealarkj?" "Why—why, yes." Brian Bnilleil. "ilcthcr loid uio tbat, but I was afraid to believe u. I thought. 5Lo.might |ij v( , gotten tilings raised up. Mother hasn't lunch liead for business. That's why slio Is BO gralernl to you for all you're done. And I'm grateful loo, Mr. Tbalclier: could sec you today and liinsw smilcil. "I've been In (his mill 15 years, my doy. I ouglil lo know something ahont 11." Ho put u hand on Brian's shoulder. "We'll work logetlier." he said, "Yon and I- You're, going lo be n. great help lo me." 'J^KK in in n too lalcf ISolieit I'liiilclicr-'aal at his desk. Tlin door leadiiig into the- «eil olllcn was closqil; tlievo wan .no one clss in Uie roniii. "1'hp foneral malinger reached for tlio"t'nionboue. but li?-. rota lio raised ft his lips format kj linen words. \ • "IVy/iig young pup!" ho satil. Tl.icn.ho nicked up tho iclephone, gavo some instructions'and n-aiteil. Presently tlievo was'n knock al Ihe dooi. ••"' • 'Conic In." 'rlialclier called. , A , hcavily.biiilt. red-faced mar. ntereil. "von n-aiiieil to see me, i. Tl;at?hcrV" ._ "Yes, I'nrsons." 'Ihe man crossed Uio room, halted before tho Eciieral inunngt-ra desk. "The young n, ;1 i, | 3 here." Thatcher aaid...wilh a iioil lon-ard lite door on:tlio right. "Wo'vo been bavins a uik. | „„,,( yoll (0 fv . member. Parson;), what, i told yon last week, [f 1,0 «-a,ii s [o see ns- ports, lisnrcs, anylliing—lie's not lo see diem. l[ e -|i | ln ,-o onls lliu statejiicnls 1 litruover lo lihn. IJn- (lursltirul? if lie conies lo yon with qiiMlions, put him off. anil then Id 1110 knoiv. I'll tell yon what lo do. You woii'l forget?": "iVo. .Mr, .Thalclier." 1 Don't under any urciunslauccs. answer nucslimis about thn payroll or ahoul (bo number who are work- ins In Uie mill. oil. and another lliing—I want to, know wlio he lallis lo when.he's away from llii.i oflice. If he seems lo bo selling friendly wlih any ot tho men I'd LUIUU hce yuu louay ami I;ii6-.-,- Uiat 1 " t - ll "ij «iin any or you're going on- with tho business j li!;o lo lltar al '"iil it." lio established. I'm EIIIC bo'd bo | Tlio refl-fncod '"»«-nodflcd. "Yes, proud of you. Brian." ' JIr - Tliatclicr." ho saj ' "Thank son. I'd like lo think '"''''fit's all." tliat. ilK general manager eat lack - and ru'hbecl Ills lianda logcllier. "And no\v ahout getting a place for you to work," lie said. "I've hart tho oflice nexl door put Inlo shape. It's (|iiil6 pleasant, I think, bul If there's anything at all you'd like changed, just say so. Shall we havo a look nl 11?'' He was on his teet. Brian arose also. "I wasn't oipectini; an oflice," lie Kiiil, licsilanlly. "Xot now. Tell yon -what I'd thought, Mr. Thatcher. ., I'd llko to begin In Ihe mill, doing whatever you put new workers to doing. I'd like lo work- in all tlie different departments and liuil out how the different jobs are done." Thaicher's voice cut in sharply, "But this is Ihe place to learn tlw business, Bn'au. .I'll call lu somo ot our esperlE ibis afternoon ami llicy'll explain the. processes lo you Id a short lime. Ko. I think ii would bo n great mlstako for yon lo go Inlo Uio mill. I— I'd bo very much opposed to it."- •.'Only .loo glad lo bs ot service. "THa WOI'UM wouldn't u,,,|, r . IV UOy. Ulnv Inn pln,|l' f cl^,,^ " tri.^.^i ... ... . . my hoy. Only loo glad! "C should ha\a ueeu here uiy- self—" Thnlcher's narrow (ace seemed lo lengthen. Th.ilclicr picked up n letter anil read It through. Hf> rlid not lot;: V ui>, as the door closed on the \A-M faced, man. Tiie telephone, rang several tin;ei during llio next bait hour and " ..^..w .....^ ugur ;inu 1 datclicr answered. Onco lie messed a bell Hiitl li| a secretary—a slim young woman wilh sallow clioelrs —entered, carrying some papers which she placed before liira, tlic-n willHlrew. Al lasl Thatcher r llio rootii ail ,] „„<,,„,,! lu(j uuol . ( lioriEM. "I [you'd like lo haven look around tlio mill," lie . crosscil i door on Htian, now—" nr 'an tat at . -._ sail] In might get started ,, ew ( , cs -,.. | n - 3 ,. "Good," he salil, "I'm anslous lo Westmoia name, about jour father. You want tbelr vesuccl, ilon'i ;- OU 2 . . lalWr's dealL."] Their coundeuce? Then you iiiu'mri lie said pompously, "was unei- go oul and i,y to i !3 „,,„ or „, ' jMcleil. Lt was. of course, »ery sari (You couldn't anyliow. you know >: thai you should h« so far av>aj! "Or tourse," DHan s^l.l f \ m \ v [torn boiue. Your fallicr was u?"if you're suio tliafa (ho « Jy \', Eplemlld employer. Anil a (i lend, i is—" sure he'd hs \ery Ijanujp If IIP I "rv,Mn,i r 7- m SU re." Tliatchei sec llio Hiey Btepneii inlo the corridor, ami HIQ tumble o( machine', inuf- lied behind closed doors, came lo them. "We'll go down this way lirsl," Thatcher enltl, inovitis alieatl, '• IJriau lollowcd. Tlicy passeil . down tha hallway and lurned n' corner. Tliafther, glancing orer his shoulder, said something but Brian did uot liear ttic words. Ha ' was looking al a girl who was coming toward Iilm-a gfrl In n lihni! apron-dress, n pieuy girl wilh gray • «ses beneath wide, dark brows. : Brian recognized her Inslanlly. Sh« 't was ihe- girl ha had talked 10 Rift Ihe river, tho ghl who bad gons| llirougli u,6 Ice. : Anl she worked here lu His uilllj,; (To Ue Coutluued) _i

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