The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois on October 31, 1909 · Page 28
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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 28

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 31, 1909
Page 28
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f o BUSINESS CHANCES. Bisiiess- , Money is never investei better or saler tiian wi-en invested in real 'goal land. ' . ' . '.'- I have 1,400 acres of exceptional Truck ani Frnit Farms located in ST. BERNARD PARISH. NEAR NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, that will pro duce Iron $200 to $509 and more per acre wnen orange and flff ".'or chards are In bearine. - . It lies . in the semi-tropical . belt close to railroad and harbor Cranee, fig and grape-lrnit lands sell In the thousands. I oiler small . tracts, with dralnare and Irrigation ditches completed; for $50 an acre on easy monthly payments. I guarantee every acre to be as represented. Here' is a chance for good profit. The more you know about it the more you will think so. Write me today. . ;. . : joihVg. pollak, . : 1282 Kflwaukee Ave. 'v';- ; ... aicago, I1L V, , H. P. ADDISON CO. Restaurant in elegant location; old stand: money- aaaker: aacrtflce. ( Delicatessen store: elersnt stock and fixture.; old atand; bia; receipts; living rooms ; sac-tOce. , For a Ie Grocery : cash business, fresh stock; Id atand ; owner mutt sell: hc it. . . , For Sale RoominahoM in cbolc location: good -furniture: room, rented;, ail drat claaa tenant; - sacrifice for quick ale. Patent for Sals Invention fully protect) by a patent havlna an unlimited Held of operation; ... thoroughly demonstrated.; an opportunity for In ve-or- and manufacturers: will rell state rixht ourtxbt or on royalty; call or write and make . offer. , . - Furnished flat In choice location ; food farolture; cozy little home: racrluce. Poolroom; olj atand; decant location: complete equipment; Die; profits; owner has other business. Poolroom and barber shop; g-ood patronage: prac- unii man can make a fortune: sacrifice. Patent railway tie. No. Jt3fi.433; tasted: money saver: cnance for investor. Patent milk cooler. No. 934.227: dally demon strations; make oner; aacr'.nc. Bakery on N. W. aide: Fish rotary oven: decant location: bisr race-lots. Grocery, market and bakery: 3 stores: A 1 flx- tnres: receipts S day: sacrifice. For Sale Patent shoe closer. No. 994.340; dally Cem'rnat rations; make orrer. . Partner wanted with JU for aa exceptional enterprise: lnvestl-ate. - - Fruit arm In Ohio: price tS.000: 38 acres; fine land: bis; money maker. Delicatessen and n-h market on X. W. Side; els-Kant fixtures: bis; profits: price, tuft. -37.0C-) takes excellent farm In California; near railroad; rood hour and water; chance of a Ufa-time. - ' ' -. Eleaant fruit farm with timber lend In Indiana; bar-rain; not waste land: Investigate. ' plumbing chop In South Chicago; sat. IS years; FoU-h locality. - ' 5c theater on Sooth Side: elegant location; big receipt a. Elegant business property on 8. W. Side: Una . Investment: good repair: good rents: tlO.ooO cash; balance easy. Employment bnreau: eho!e location: big receipts: est. 10 years: price 3750. -Jewelry and rents furnishing btihlne-s; So. Side; old stand: splendid opportunity: price $1,800. Excellent farm in Kansas: all necessary lmpl. ments. etc: (!. 000 takes It; sacrifice. 6 room cottare. Raven-wood: modern r furnace; cnance tor poultry raiaing: price ss.uuu: ternia. Eiearant csfe in prominent Iowa town: enormous i numneKs: owner reilnnr. Heat market: choice location and money' maker: old stand: sacrifice. , B-ntllnr Uant In Oklahoma: complete equlp- Kent: enormous bn.lness: your price takes it ' Harber shop; etecant locat Ion;. cheap rent; onion . price.; Mtcrinee. ,. J2.KK takes prominent hotel In near by nilnols io .i: ntooern: money-maJter tne year rmina. . tJrocery and market;-cash business: Una locw Ron: rood fixtures: bir nroflts: saciiflce. a kwn: best location In town: bl stock; rood eiiiy trace; mil stano: saenne. . Co?f'f tonry store In elerant location; old rtaad: fresh stock: barrat. ' . AECDISO.V. 118 Dearborn at. " THE LAST GREAT METROPOLIS OF NORTH America Is now startlnr on main line Grand Trunk Pacific Transcontinental railway. Fort Georre Is lei-noons or on line or an railways bulidlnrand - projected In Central British Columbia, the "lani - of last rrcat opportunities." Fort Georre la Junction of rreat water ways on which steamers ply hundrecs of miles north, south, east west. Tens -. w minions acres oest arrtcuiturai land: rioheat - irold. silver, copper. c)al mines; billions feet tiro- - ber tributary. Fort Georre. reoe-raphical and straterlc commercial ' center of Greater Inland Empire of Western Canada. .Write Quick for nr-iw, plans, official data and information of for- ium muini opponuniiies ana ruaranteed Invest ' ment-Himall or lance sums. .. NATURAL RESOURCES 8ECCRITT CO.. LTD..' ' ' - Vancouver. B. Ci - . FOR SALE LIGHT MANUFACTURING BU6I- . aesa. incorporated for -Su,O0O. Can be bourn t below par.. Market for product fully established and a practical monopoly. Easily conducted by any one pf ordinary ability. Now hnwlnr annual . piunn m e.iev. ana stesoiiy increasirr. . Clean vjufMiLiuu uiu nirniv satistactory in every way, - Unusual opportunity for safe and profitable Invest ment In leelumate and rrowinr enterprise.- Ad- . mr?mw pro pomn urea, inq. Jt7 SSTEKIJSIXO . IXTEUJOEVT Uiu wanted to re present us in establlshlnr household patented device. Exclusive territory. A hlhly . piolltable business Is certain to rirht party who can onranixe and direct sub-arents. tjnly smaif - .- . Mwu. Kumianeu; aeuinr utera- . PORATION; Sor.ntoAl'V. W FOR SALE. cAxo,"or"roSfbBu5Tte ,nlln -.-. j., Kreis he, Co ' 'MS LA SALLE ST. ' ? Opportunity - BMALL - INVEeJTORSr-THE BIGGEST SCHEME ;' fit1! Subm'itd.i wnt orraniia an Indus- iTui5nii5L22iiil Jnd Anrentrna. to build our j f01 cnrerton, developing timber. Iron in- - iM?,.ri.2 slmultaneoualy. Ask for booklet. S A ' - Sm! " Tlo,rke.r'bl0 - Kl- i'0" Byndl- CONy ETRTI BLB NOTES 6 NET SECURED , nrst Hen; option at maturity to convert Into property ahowtnr unusual profits; absolutely safe 6 roflts. certain: result ruaranteed. References' arks Dun. Bra.istreet. W. H. CORNELL. &56 Bouth Broadway. Lo Angeles. Cal. wanted-information REGARDING OOOD business for sale; not particular about character, slse or location; Prefer to deal with dealer only Oive-price and full description. L. DARBY8HIRE ' Room A. Am. Exp. Bidr.. Rochester. N. T. . . ' capital'fl'rnishhS - '. Industrial, manufacturing mlnlnr. oH." ana and railway stock snd bond Issues sold direct o in-- - vestors; commission basis. Samuel Graham A Co. -' BelDnr Brokers. New York Life bWr.. Montreal. ' FOR SALE-GROCERY. JIJBOO. LOCATED" IN beautiful, healthful and rrowinr Chlearo suburb-arocery stand 25 ara; One chance to start rirht; ; f.TheTnteToean' MhM luia"; AdJr" A THE NEW TARrFF m MAKING BINO MINTNG Ir2..p?nlib, .We r now openinr an excellent mine; Its stock la worth own In r. Write for oar- I BOLD tSO.OOO' WORTH OF STOnr in M-r ? S"TtP?y mix, Ino,"h.- If y aeeklnr capital hVoov'.u ni'T."?-. woicu explains m ny pla vnnoicnLna.. ivi a r-iaiA su. Kocbeater, ,N. Y. TO NET TO INCREASE THIS PROFTT- nb.e buMness we offer a few shares of our 8 preferred stock at tSi.M (nnr $1mj. Write for pax-c tlcalars. JOPLIN CASKET OU.. Joplln. Mo. WANTED INFORMATION REGARDING GOOD - money maklnr patent: only Inventor himself need nwr: rive price and brief description. Address B. M. M.. Drawer V84 A. Rochester. N. Y. - TOUR CHANTEb IN BUINES ARE DOUBLED TiJr?ura,1:!j i" f001 u 3 00 llc consult DR. BRINEY J12 8. Clark st. Hours 1 to 6 p. m. Fees To the poor, notlilnr; to others, 30 centa. :. "WANTED OOOD BTTFINER-. MONEY MKER--- any line; deal with owner only; will Invest in anv . rood offer: stats price and describe fully. Address C 460. The Inter Ocean, . - . HOTEL THIRTY ROOMLS; BAR: MOOERS. opp. courthouse and transfer corner; 811 iO Inhabitants: 17 railroads: lease expires May. lulS W. H PEASR. Fort Waype, Ind. . . ". WHEAT BUY ONBREAK3. BfLLON BULGEt. Bend for booklet, "Facts and Flrurea." and m&r- tet letters. -Osborn Grain Co.. Minneapolis. Minn. ARB YOU HEIR TO 'ATTPROP ERTY T PEVD lOo for leaflet on Laws of Descent. CUEHLNG aV CUSHI.NQ. 818 La 6alle at.. , FOR SALE COUNTY SEAT ABSTRACT ANT real estate business. North Dakota. REALTY CO.. - y-M Security bldg.. Minneapolis. Minn.- FOR PALE OR EXCHANGE NEW RfSUDBVCE r 2 flat btilldlnr for jmrroved or mineral land. ' 145 La Salte. room SIS. SCHOLTZ. 1 WILL GIVE THE FIRST TSN M EN WITH KiO ppoi-tunity that they cannot resial. Address 8 17. The Inter Ocean. BUG AND MOTH EXTERMINATORS. How Peril Intect Powder. 25c postpaid. Fureka Ir.becticlde Co.. I'i AVarbora it.. Cog. , HELP WANTEpALE SALESXEIK. - WANTED-SALESMEH OF ABILITT ""OR hts-h srade Coupon and Accumulative Bond Invest rrient. Abmlutt protection for Invested capital, ru-ineas property a basis of aaftty. No rt-k. Liberal arrangement with com patent m.n. I NTK H-FHVTEBNAU BEALTT DE VKLOPMENT CO.. 207 Broadway.- Kfw York. - SALESMAN" EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUKITT for one vl-Ulnr hospitals or druer trade to handle aa a side line clinical therm omet are and hypooermlo svrin-s; communication strictly confidential. Manufacturer. 77 East 124th sL. N. Y. city. WE CAN 1T8K BIX OOOD MEN ON TUB ROAD selltnr exclusively our Imperial Line of Calendars and Novelties; liberal eommlHlun basis, alakina oontracts for - lulu. Smart, ambitious men only apply at once. ePOTSWOOIl BPBCIAL.XT CO., Utxinrton, Kr. , . VANTED MLBiiMAH, TO CALL ON PHTSI-ciana. for outeloe city; established trade; an exceptional opportunity la offered for Immediate '?r,k:, 1 Be'lenoe. , Lock Box IJil. Philadejphia. - ' SALESMAN 'IDE I-TXE; BRAND NEW; TEN minutes sellinr; excluaiva one firm each town nets commission. Pocket sam plea. Kfecify territory and experience. E. F. It.. CO.. Newton. Iowa.- . - ' ?L.E8siEN CRACKERJACK- NEW ADVER-Uslnr novelty.; every drusrlst buys on strht; blr tsxnntUsluns; send for samples; riva reference and record. O. N. Me(UOU tjales atrr.. Fulton. 111. WANTEI GTTT AND COUNTRT SALESMEN to sell automobile supplies direct to owners. Lib-vrai oommiasiona. Exclusive territory to. riant nvn. cilBI.F.V. M Mlchlran av.. Cblcaro. . SALESMEN FOR FPECAL OFFER I.OOtt POST cards and standard Tower Display Stand free. We nay well for every one placed. Samples furnished. ' H. Q. ZIMMERMAN CO.. hU-o. . I A LKHM EN B EST COMMIMHION rTER ON fT?h. New ail retailers: samplea. Cuat uocktt. wwi v-iir. lowa. KXt,'BLLENT PROPOSITION FtR HKUAKI.K rompetent tock salesman- Mexican. Tieasurea. BAIJ5HMAX-POR UNOCCfPl KB TERRITORT "?'" atralrht commission. Box 417. Iowa tni, lows. - CIQAR KALESMAN WA NTED EXPERIENCE nnnecessary; bir pay. ilote Clrar Co.. Cleveland. O, SOLICITORS. WANTED TWO FIRST CLASS SOLICITORS TO iniriTBt people m rooa. square mintnr prifpoeition, Apply Room 627 OranyHo:el. Dearborn A Madison. TRADK9. WANTKD AN EXPERIENCED I.AWIK TAI lor: references required. Write MR. I- H. BAR JLB. t. Jusupn. Mo.- - MlSCKI.LABIIiIOlS. , AUTOMOBILE A re -wanted In every part of the Industry. We train men for the field.- We me the Dr. Ellis svttn of rradlnc the students and advance thena steD by stel. masrerinar e-h nan before uklaa u another. 'Our pic-ee are reasonable. Day and eveninr nasses. tll or write fur our rrea book on now u xx-lva an Antoraubile. . Grccr College of Motoring; 2215 COTTAGi GROVE AVE. Dept; A, Pnone Calumet 32S. HURRAH! MM TO tlSO PER WEEK. .GUT RICH QUICK. - ENTIRELY NEW. Goes Ilka nous an re. .Takes EVUKt fauh.t by storm: no ex perience required: luat nuatie: woney rolls in. FREE SAMPLE TO ACTIVB AGENTS- JtiUN llivnoi.11 TL'VW . .-.It-.. xiUil TA 1T - DAYS; made Mr payment on house, today, thanks to you." MRS. F. KoLKEN. Main: ''itend i once; oest minr ror women ever tnventoo." - so i roes an none tne una. i nrnr wnat a neidi A VACUUM CLEANER FOR Sd. Women have watched, wished. LONGED for It. Woman sold 4 on evenlnr: profit V12. A senia sellinr 2 to 10 every day: profit Ma to Mlmt- per wee. THE HOME VACUUM CLEANER; one parson operates: lA tnjtnv MA ' ' " - 1 - mull mattinr. etc. on door: air drawn throuah bodv and nber of carpet at terrific speed; SUCK a UP ALL uiKi, ana uRHMa into cleaner; no more sweeprnr. no more duettnr. NO MORE HOUsK CLEANING; demonstrated in minutes; cells on semoiurtraiiou; snow Ml famines, sail s: simple, well made; lasts lifetime; DOES SAME WORK AS I1UU MACHINE: welrbs 4 pounds; money bark if not as represented; sells at d. rent's profit 10O uer cent: wa create demand: EPECI FT TERRITORY QUICK. Write today ror full description. THIS WON'T APPEAR AGAIN. R. -kijnu am. tu.. an ALUS UUA1.. tl CINNATI. OHIO. MANAGER FOR AUTOMOBITE ACCESSORY DEPARTMENT, wholesale- and retail. One. of the larrest manufacturer's cblcaro branch. Must be an experienced, hlrh clasa man. Give reference M salary, etrtctiy conikiemiai. AOdreaa R The Inter Ocean. ... . Wanted For newspaper circulation work, two first-class men; permanent employment; opportunity for promotion; cood pay. Call before 9 a. m. or after 4 p. m. ; CHAS. G. GEORGE, Inter Ocean Clr. Dept. - WANTED ABLE BODIED MEN FOR THE IT. 8. MBrio. v wwiwwh iin mn os ji ana iw.' jaust Be native bora or nave nrst papers. Monthly pay aid to sow. janamonai compensation possible. Food, elothlnr, quaxtera and medical attendance free. After SO years' service can retire with 75 per cent or pay ana allowance, nervices on soar J hip and aahors In: all parts of the world. Apply at 260 & Clark sU 02 a. stata St.. aril. Hal- stad St. WANTED MEN TO LEARN BARBER TRADB few weeks required : wonderful demand for barbers; oest payimr work wunin reacn of poor man; an-usual ouDortunity to start busineaa of vour own: can earn soma money from start: poaltiona-waitinr. Hi to S2tf weekly: start before oar class is crowded. Call or write. - . 1KHEB BARBER COLLBGR - -. - - ; 4AS Wabaah ar.' WANTBD YOUNG - MEN WHO DESIRE TO earn better salaries and do mora eonrenial work. If atria to read and writ, and ambitious to suc ceed, era can ajuallfy row for a position as mechanical, electrical, ataatn. civil or mlnlnr enrineer.- architect, etc.. ete. 'Writ at once, statlnr- position wanted. L C 8.. Bon SfXNIG. Scranton, Pa- . , .. . . SPLENDID OPENINGS FOR MEN OF CHAR. acter and ability to writ life Insurance for on of the larrest companies; previous experience m mart una not eaenxuu.' aouitii si, 1. um fio. New ram city. - - GOVEIiNMENT PObITIONS BY THE THOU- anda In Census and ether departmental exaralnae tlona aoon in cnlcaro: run nartfculars as to aala- ries. dates, stc-, free In circular 175 of National Correspondenc Instltut. w ashlnrton, D. C. WANTED LADIES TO EARN 115 TO 125 PER week by leamlnr masaare. hair dresslnr. nvuii- curlnr and electrolysis; positions waltinr: tools and cosmetics free. Apply to MRS. M. A. PET- RAN. 16.1 etatn at., nth floor. WANTED BRIGHT. SOBER. STRONG MAN to take charre of a route, dolnr work amonr saloons: partly hlrht work; days to learn; tl.5( day and com. : references reffulred. Address R 82. The An tar ucean. AWYONB. ANTWHERB" CAN START A MAIL order business at home. No canvasslnr. your own boaa ftend for free booklet- Telia now. HEAOOCK. 1162 Lockport. N. Y. ' GOOD JOBS OPEN FOR HEALTHY MEN. IF ou are sick you can't work. Consult Dr. Brtney. 13 S. Clark st. Hours. 1 to 8 p. ra. Fees: To the poor, noihlnr; to others. 60c. - WANTED MAN WHO HAS ACCESS TO LARGE number of men employed, to solicit certain Ur.e of credit: blr commissions. Address R 6, Tb Inter Oceaa. WANTED ORGANIZERS FRATERNAL So cial Order of owls; not insurance: rood com mis sions. JOHN TALBOT. 800th Bend. Ind. SITUAjriOJSV MIJM7ELLAXKOUS. SITUATION Wf-VNTsrDeiAOT! M. NEAT Apnea ran c. - fair but slow penman si I (rtrt koowle.It bookkeetrlnr; rood, character; obect. . hwrn bui- nezs: raiary. your tuscreuon.- Aoursa a-iMZ. i. as Inter Ocean. - "- CORNHUSKINH WANTEDSTATE PRICE, particulars, If stock Corn. etc. 4 244, Inter Ocean. FINANCIAL HAVE TOTJ A SI .000 OR LESS TO INVEST In a producing; and paylnr proposition If I lay before you fact which Drove that vou can earn on an average of 80 each year for the first five yearsT a nave tne racta reaay to snow you. write, call or phone Central 8i.'iS. E. R. SOUTH. HI tchlller silnr., Chicago. lil. MISCELLANEOUS. WANTED tTVERTBODY WHO 13 NOT IN PER- feet health to ret cured by LR. BRINEY, 112 S. C!arh t. Hr-uis 1 to 5 p. m. Fees: Xo th poor, nothing; to Muera. U smui. . . MEN WAKTE1D) HELP; WANTED FEI.!ALE TRADES. WANTED AN BXPERIENCED SKIRT- CUT. r and draper: references. Writ MRS. X. H. BART LB, fct. Joseph. Ha - '. - , MI SCE LL A n EOIS, WANTE0 The rapid development of business necessitates the empiuylnr of a larrer force of operators at the telephone exchanrva. thus aff jrjlnr aa exceptional opportunity fur the rtxht kind of youn women. If you want work and are over id years of are. apply - - Chicago Telephone Company, V Room 1, 87 Franklin St WANTED INDIES TO LKAItN A TRATE that witt make you Independent la a few weeks; unusual opportunity to start your own business. Wa teavh hslrdreaslnr. manicuring, facial rase-sare, chiropody or electroiysla: rreat demand for Eraduates: splendid pay: money earned whl arninr: busy season soon: bewln now. Call or write. . MOIJ?R COLLEGE. tt Wabash av. LA DI EH AND GIRLS ANYWHERE CAN EARN rood steady pay wrltinr adv. letters for us at hoove; send lo cet for forma and full Instruction.: no mora money required; no canvaeeinr. AMERICAN BALES CO.. Dept. N. Delaware C;iy. Del. - . L " LADIES AND GIRL IF YOUR HEALTH 1N-1 erf e res with your work, ret cured. Consult I t. Rriney. 112 8. Clark at. Hours. 1 to 5 p. m. Few: To the pour, autblar: to others. 5itc. . - LA dTcTs a"nDGI RL3 REUABLK HOME WORK applying transfers; steady or eveninrr: (1.00 dosen upward; work ruaranteed. 3!i S. State. Juvm 312. THEWOST ORIGINAL PERiSON " IN "THE world wants a married lady assistant,. Address R SEttV. Th Inter Ocean. AGENTS WANTED. . WANTED FIRST CLASel MAN TO CAIA. ON manufacturers, merchants and professional mt. Introducinr a new tvtiewriter ribbon luat nut o the matket. and which brlnrs testimonials svery day. We supply Arms with trial rUbons and ruar-ante all or money refunded. Agents are credited with all orders received ftom thtir tern torv. Get In on tha rround floor. Act now. Ad dress KAY TYPE RIBBON WORKS. SU7 Grand av,. Milwaukee. Wis. . i ,- WANTED AGENTS; Mt.t SAMPLE " OUTFIT FREE: et-t profit; credit riven: premiums; rreirni paid; caancs to win MMAt In sold extra. Ist tb larrest w mile Mile arenc-y noun In la 1 nueu Mtate start you-la a prifltabla business without one cent of capital; experience unnecessary. Writ for free outfit at once. McLEAN. BLACK CO.. Inc., -3 Beverly .U. Boston. Mass. START IN BUHlNESd BE INDEPENDENT; I started as an arent: 1111 now bir manufacturer, luaklnr household neceiHatle: have hundred, of arrnts work ins: I'll Hart vour won't let vou fall arcnts or aollit) wanted taomit brancn omrea ana employ suoarents: write me fully ana Iran Kir t. BWAnlHA tun, Toledo. OhM. KK INDEPENDENT START A MAIL ORDER buniueea In your own home. We tell J on how and furnish eenthinr needed wholesale. An honor able and profitable bustneas for man cr woman. Particulars free. Many make 3.KsJ a year. MI R - - - - - ---- v.. nvw.w wan vm. WANTED AGBNTS: BIG MONEY: KXPENKKri pain; no exprrtenoa required: portrait. broinJd-s. photo nlllow tons. 3)c: frames at oar fa.-torv Prices: credit riven: catahncue and samples free. DenartnMtnt 2.1 Rittee Art KttMtbk. W. V. n llur.n. Lnictf., an. - . WANTKD I1KXEHA1, AtlfclNTit? i-PH'ltl. IN. ducementa to sell "Kmoire" kerosene mantle lamps; luu and scandl power; m totM profit; nu.tiers maainr fuany; every lamp guaranteeo. AGENTS SELI PICTURE FRAMES; BIGGEST money maker out. with our nricea: blc commis sions; sample case and cjtaloso sent free. Address N. M. FRIEDMAN A OL.. Mfax-. Box Nu. vio. aiartinsourr. jso. AGENTS 75 WEEKLY MADK FITTING EYE- rlaaMs; opticians la bir demand: easily and quickly learned. Write today for free booklet "17."Tella now. it in i-N A 1 urni-Ai, '.. eH. IouJa, Mo WE. PAT f-A MONTH "A'.AIIT AND FUR nlah rir and all expenses to Introduce poultry and stork powders; new plan, steady work. B1GLEM t-u., jl. k, epnnijiMiii, All. . a u vt-si wmit Tm r a oie a t oLvkt-i. In only 3 or S days' time each month: practh-ai irpumiw. autlAl. n-A-tJUtAiUb. Has. HTTSTLINO AGENTS' IN VEsfTlGiATB "World's Newest Wonder," Magical C-Brite; Sir money maker; samples 1V. Brit Co.. Boutfi tieaa. tnu. w WANTED AGENTS: . LKirnjTB SUBtrTI- tut for slot machines: patented; sens on alrht f jr n ; sens on airnt - Anderson. Ind. el ; particulars. AGENTS MAKE 5 DAILY SELLING HOUSE-hold necessity; sells 8 out 10 bouses; free particu lars. r-jB iurwA-a.i m r w. i v . iitisburr. JLEGAL NOTICES. SEALED PROPOSALS. n salsa Pronoaals am 1nv1t-t hv k Hoard nf tjommissioners or 1 OO IT cnuntv tnr all tha a-nrk embraced in the specification a for tb changes aad alterations in the offic of the Hoard of Aaauora Srd floor Cook Coanty Court House. Clark and nasblnrton Streeta. Chlearo. Illinois - a. u.r yimnm inn apwHirauoni prepareo oy wv uiuun no.a-blrd. County Architect, which nlaaa and MeiSra- tlons may be obtained at my office. Room 619 Cook County Court Houa. Contractors desiring to Crura on this work win deposit tb sum of tlO.O for olsns and sneclflca- tloas. which, must be in the form of currency or wimiwi ciwti, wnicn win d recipiea ror ana r- wnw w mtm upon tne return xn gooa oraer 01 ail plana and spec! neat Ions. Proposals must ba.mad on tha raatilar form to o ootairiM at this omr. and must b Inclosed In'anvelop furnished for tha purpose, which must ba sealed, properly Indorsed and addressed to Wil liam sscLairen. nunenntenoent runiiA snka Room B19 Cook County Court House. Esch- bid must b acconinanied far a dsonalt of $160.00. which must be In the- form of currency or cerlinea cneck drawn upon soro banklor Institution of good standing dolnr business In Cook County, and must be mad payable to ths order of w uuam tsusse, reatoent ot tne Doard or cook County Commissioners, which deposit will b returned if the bid Is re looted, or. if bid la ac cepted 'upon bidder uiterinr Into contract with Cook County aad rlvinr such bond aa may b required for the satisfactory performaac of aam wumn Hv days arter aste of notification that said contract and bond are ready for signature. Should bidder fall- to enter Into said contract and bond within said five days, amid deposit to b forfeited to the County. Bids will b received at mv ofnea uo to 1 :30 d. m. Monday. Nov. Stb. 10UP. and must be deposited In the box furnished for the purpose, said bids to be transmitted to the Board of Commissioners at 2 ra.. by whom they will be publicly opened. No old will b considered unless the bidder rives proof of his ability to execute the wdrk. Firms blddlnr will riv the name of Individuals comprising the same, and corporations bidding will glv the names of their executive officers and name of officials authorlaed to sign contracts on behalf of tne corporation. Bidder win stat urn in wmcn worm can 0 thoroorhly completed. - . 1 ne rirnt la reservea 10 rejecc an maa. Bv order of ths Board of Commisaloaara af Cook County. - - -. - wiuLiian aruanan, Superlnten-ient Pubilo Servlca. . Chlearo, Illinois. October 26th. lu. PERSONALS. SUPERFLUOUS HAIR DFWTROYBD. MARKS Sf age removed, expert operator. Also electric vibrator, mona ucuiey .-i--.. jwjbi. xriMi. . . 1017 Warren av.. near Robey SC. Chicago. Phone for appointment. - 1100.00 GUARANTEED TO POSITIVELY GROW hair oat bald beads and cur all dlseasea of the scalp. Trial treatment free. L. L. LAYTON. Scalp Specialist, suite 41Z. 8t State st Chicago. PERSONAL SICKNESS IS A MISTAKE: DIS- eas is crime: 11 is your uuiy iu u. wen; -consuu pr. Briney. 112 B. Clark at. Hours. 1 to 5 p. m. ; fin In the poor, nothing; to other. Sue. DON'T BB LON BSOMJB JOIN THE ONLY HB-liable marriare bureau In the world : send lOo for November paper, uos aeattie. wasn. MARRIAGE PAPER HIGHEST CHARACTER incorporated; fourteenth year; jp.CKX) members; memoers; Box loOO. paper sealed: send Denver. Colo. 10c 1 w. Ui v a. B 1 LLIP : A WD POO L TAB LES, - FOR SALB SECOND HAND BILLIARD AND Pool tables. We rent tables. withprlvilere of buying. THE BKL'NSWICK-R A LKK-CO LAVENDER COMPANY. 263 and Wabash av. MONEY MADE DAILY BY ADVERTISING. AND THE INTER OCEAN WANT ADS HELP TO SAKE IT. BRING I OCR WANT AD8 0RTEL- HONM'1904 CENTRAL OR TAKE THEM TO R BRANCH DRl'll KTOSZ AoKNCIRil THROUGHOUT THE CITY. - CASH PAID FOR SECOND HAND Rrl-MARD and pool table of all kinds. BRUNSWICK-BaLKJs-COLLENDER CO.. StS3 Wabaah a v. FOR SALE NEW AND SECOND HAND POOL auppUea. PAiSOW it SONS. 100 Waahmrtoa St. OPTICIANS. N. WATRY It C(X, rTJTT-'T a Vo TORIC BtTOCAL. B&EXTTACLtEB iAR OBLM. LManasse S Madison St.. Trlbnnebldg. Spectaclea, Eyeglasses, Artificial ayes. Eyes tested f re. tl BUYS THE BEST G LAPSES: FREE TEST; S2 ears experience- r . uwiiA.i, no uesroorn st. OFFICE SUPPLIES, ETC. LETTER FILES INDEXED. 8 rORftOG HORDrH'a STATIONARY STOHai. n La Salle. Sui Dearborn and 140 Washlnrton sta. TYPEWRITING MACHINES. P.F. BUILT TYPEWRITERS ALL MAKES. Bargain price, rtentaig st lowest rates. JHfc iinivvtuit-'t h-A.oiA.Niit;, -tlfl Daiboia S4. AVboi t 4v i-aJ'r Jon," . OPERATOR a:,Yc:3T c::::.:::3 nna est listed c:lc.t v;jll r.:::ivz fill i-f:h::at.:3 fjiis CT iik.iiij -ABSTRACT MAKERS. CHICAGO TITLE A TBI ST CO.. 100 WASH toctoa at. Phone Central WbA. . . . ACCIDEST A HEALTH WSrHAHCE. STATES ACCIDENT IN. CO., 10 DEARBORN ss. roan stanaolph SOia. tO.OuO costs 1 a year - ADDING MACniSES. BURROUGHS ADDING AND LISTING MA-chin. T Monro st. Phone Central ISoa. ARCHITECT AKD KGI.EKH. ' DAVID SAUL KLAFTKH. 17-fl UNITY BLDG. T Daarborn st. Tsisphon Central 80. ALlMIsCM COOKIKO ITEXMLS. In8UA,I'l!ln.1J'--M COOKING LTENSIL8CHJ.,"T5 -'" -wiony oiag. narr. 7!kis. wear Kver orani ' Ll'MIlM PXGl'MATKl FEET. f. . E" .t. ON. I5 FIFTH AV, ARTIFICIAL wiui nonratXtinr joints, etc. - AHTBSIA WKI,L COMKICTORI. IV u- OF'UKH. 465 OLD COLONY BLDG. PHONE Uarr. lbio. ripectai attention to sounding buildings. ARTISTS AND KXCKAVBRS. U8T'KMI.Ii c CO- 1" E- WASHINGTON ARTliTs'jArKHuir,',CtretW'' A ri. AflUuTT a- 1 i 1 7 m u iui a v rrt -u rTeld A Co. Cen.2lA4X iUilora.brurhMi,canvas. papers vnun.iEi t ( ul.SEI.OK AT LAW, EU,W RL J; AOKR. IOS LA SALLE ST. PHONE "' -""o. rm iiM in au state aud IT. at. Courts. Al 1IITUKI. : - . F. F. JUDD A COMPANY. 171 LA SALLE ST. ew-sjrjl.ej asrHIIU ' ' Jpn Z.H.. - AITO Aft. A 8H(H K ABfORREHJ. HERCULES AUTO SPECIALTY MKJ. CO. Shock absorbers: other specialties. -115 Uearuorn. AI TO IIHOKKHS. TIMES SQUARK AI'TO CO.. -Ml MICHIGAN av. VorlJ s isrgest dcalera; new and second aal .IllULIIKHr. r-HiefAGO .AUTO LIVERY CO.. S!K SOUTH r-ara av. au4 x-in Ml. hlsan av. Phone Douglas i-AITOMATIC KLKCI H1C PUMPS. THOMAS A SMITH. INC.. 17-lh S. CARPENTER 1. i-none aionice write ureal latlkiuAkL At I vJNOHIliK Jtf lllllll.. CHICAGO SCHOOL t)K M TtHING. ' F. K. ED- wurds, inatrut tor. U:. W abash av. Tel. Cal. ;MV4. AITO TIRES A TIKE PROTECTORS. an ttKHAN. i.WKNTIU.v x., JL Randolph. New and seconds; slso leather non skid shleiua. BAHBKHV IPI'I.IK. MOLKR BARHKR COLLEGE. -137 WABASH AVf f mini! narriaon -if -r I. - IIITHt. - ' NEW -NORTH KRN TURKISH BATH. 14 Wulnry st. Telephoo 1Im-za;i5 Harrison. - - -t RIR OS AD A XI HALS. VAHLB S BIRO STORK. LAKE A DEARBORN sta. ent. 5.G1. - Ail kinua Urdu. duns, roi-iush. etc. BKIKIlil AU HHUOM MAI HIXEHt. J. P. GROSS Jk CO.. JMtt AND S51 KINZ1E T. Broom :ora and broim manufacturers' inippile. MIU ASU HAT KATKHMIXATOHS. TRACKKTT A HA It A Co.. INOIANA-AV. Cal. M.w. EaUfrinination guaranteed or Pav. Ul ILDI.. RKPAIRS. . CHICAGO HI If. DIN. I AND REPAIR CO.. 40O Traders MJs., S.VI il Ma lie .1. Tel. Har. 77W. I AKI'KVI KK. JOINER, HKP.4IHKR. AI.KXAXDKK HENDRY, GENERAL tOX-tract.-. :KUt W. Inuiana. Pbonrs North illA-l-'A C AMI FOR OI.DHA.NDI.NSrHI.MKXT DIXIE MUSIC HUUSK. l.'M VAN BI-RKN .T. Lsed ba ni instruments bought, ao.d sad ex"hanra-L t'HAISS iPOW EH TRANSMISSION!. ' EAHL C. MOSS. KUOM WIS. 1 ADAMS ST.. for .Irlvlnx faux, numps. mtu.-binry and lineaaafta HlHOPn3. ?R,K'. jy.' EMANUEL. ' 1 WABASH' AV. Central rial. Corns, fck-ffnstant relief. Ec - I.ENKH A NO DIKH. DAVID WEHEK, 3021-2P xTATE ST. ' IHWN town store. :w Aionro at. Phone Douglas Ui. . UOMMKKt lAL PKINTINU. HERMAN HtWKXTHAL lt S. CLINTON .CT. Ptintinr that is satlsfartory. Phone Main a 71 7. . IIKFOHMITV APPARATIS. L. KEHTHALER. a5 WAMrflN'GTON " ST. Cantral WW2. r-i-riallt In flat foot sole. UETKCTIVB iUKftr. WICKS. PRIVATE DETECTIVE. ISOAWABAfirl av. Phone Calumet iliat. Honevt. reliable work. UESKS NEW AND 8EUONO HAND). H. A- OTIS A CO.. 123 CjUlNCT 8T. TELE-phone Main aTts DRESSMAKING SCIIOOI ' - ' - VALENTINE. O. V.. DKKSSMAKING SCHOOL. sd State at. Band. lout. Urenrc ultiug A lesirnins. ORLNsaKNNKSS. UHIUHI BIT 11 RE. DR. FRED C1JLRK. ils W. ADAMS. MONROE UWI. Particulars rre m plain envelope. . klkuihk; pimps. reach buss co.. 515 fifth av.- main 12u5. Automatic, slow speed, electric house puinp- - KI,KtTRIt'AL t OM'HAtTIXII. W. T. 8LAUSON A CO.. l.Hl-Ji S CLINTON ST. Main 3107. Motors. Wiring and Supplies. ELECTRICAL. REPAIRING. THAYER A LINN. DEARBORN ST. HAR. 21W1. Repairs on motors, dynamos so-1 wiring. ELECTRIC MOTORS REPAIRED. WAAUK ELKCTRIC CX).. 125 H . CLARK ST. Cant. 3482. Wlrlnr and .lectricml contractinr. - KM BROIO'RS. MAN NEILS, PK.WAST. OTTO LAUTEKER. 1K3-1KI E. MADieMJN - bl. Phone Main UK. Lodir supplies and fiage. ENGINEERS ANO CONTRACTORS. t. M. YEOMANS A CO., 4t E. VAN BUREN ST. Power transmlttlnr machinery. ENGRAVERS or EIKCTROTIrEHSi CRESUENT ENGRAVING CO., JM1-S S. CLARK St. Har. 7S. Catalog de.irnlnir and lllustsaun. FRATERNAL IN9lRNt E. JOHN r. WHITE. VZi. ISi DEARBORN ST- Cblcaro. - --. - . FREIGHT KOKWAKllue. TRANSCONTINENTAL FREIGHT XJ., 11J Dearborn sC Household goods forwarded West, ft.-1 ftl - JOHN GREEN. 161 STATE STREET. ROOM 42. Cent. 7145. Furs stored aad repaired. - RATEI4 SLATK ANI I I.N KAMfri.iu. ADVANCE ROOFING AND !BBT; MRrai. Works. 4719 Cottare Grove a v. Oakland BI76. GRINDING A N is KBISAiusu. C. A. NELSON. ISO 8. CLARK ST. CENTRAL e30. Saw fllinr and machine knives a specialty. HAIR GOODS. - V 8ARA BEIDT. OUR NEW 1.1H-1 t)-'. w Stale st. PJione Cent. 411. Tortoise abcll coaaba. HEATING APPARATUS. RUBELA CO., lid LAKE ST. TEL. CENT.S41S. Steam and hot water beatrnr apnaratua. HOSPITAL ANO llrt..s.i r . HOSPITAL AID 8M7IETT, ROOM IB, liti C Washington St. and 53:1 Wells st. Tel. North 10. ISPANTS' f'OOO IDIi'UHi wnsi. tin V KU ITU A CO.. 57 S. WATER ST. IIUIV Inson's patent Barley A Groat. Book fiw. Wrll. IXLAIO WOOD. ART MAHUETKIE SHOP, 4700 ONTARIO 8T. Artistic eneer ann tancy nietai aawmr. . . , ; I ! VALID CHAIRS iin.. - G. F. CHILD CHAIR AND WHEEL CO.. Z71 WA-baah av. Manufacturer to consumer. Cataiorfree. JEWELRY IH'FSU ax ntraiai-vwi. DAVID O. DAVIDS EN, 113 E. MADISON ST. Old jewelry made new. Established 28 years. - LAI NOR a wash uanr.i.9. LEON FREEMAN. 1-S21 E. VAN BUREN 6T. Writ for . I.OAX9. v MATioMtL- ri.VANrE CO.. R 431. 10. LA Sail St.. Loans to salaried employe. MAGAZINES, A.MKA1-. JOHN W. HUTCHINSON, 871-S DEARBORN BT. Current magaxlne at dub rates, send lor catalog. MANGOHOIS. ... . R ST NAT. ORO. CO.; 59 WABASH. CUHJtS direction or stomach trouble. Sample fnt. NAHCIHIAU. , MARGARET HARRISON. . 71 M'yiCKKIl'B Theater bldr. Manicuring; moderate charges. . MARINE MOTORJI (tiaiwiae). - - SLOAN E MOTOR CO.. MFRS. OF SIAJAAE Motors. 1-;mj W. Randolph sc. Main ISA. MECHAIaOTAi Kll.trl AMER. INST. OF MKCHANO-THERAPT, IOIO Masonic Tern. brulr heallnr: bloodies aurgery. MEDICAL DTlllTIOS. NAT. MED. UNIVERSITY. 553 - WELLB bT. Tel. N. 74:. Hoepltsl Sanitarium. Free Dlspunsary. MERCHANT TAlLOIt. LOTJIfl NAMETY. 17 DEARBORN ST.. 6UTTK 611. Phon Central ltw. . METAL Mr K. i'l iatT ires a a a iieeti. F HIE BEL A CO., 6215 WENT WORT II AV. Went. 2M. All kinds metsl specialty work. METAL NJOVKLTIES TO ORDER. ' METAL SPECIALTIES MFG. CO.. 18 W. RAN-dolph st. Mala 74.1. Dies, tools and metal stampinsT. ' giSTAli stujtriju. -ATLAS ST AMP-G A PLAT'O WK8-. 88 W. JACK- sod blvd. Har. 71R3. Anything stamped In metal. METAL SKYLIGHTS. AHT1-PLUVIU8 SKYLIGHT CO., 40 DEARBORN St. Main 4170. General sheet metal work. MILLINERY. MAtSON HUME. ST RANDOLPH 8T. ( MASONIC Temple). Pop. prices. French novelty Jewelry. Furs. MIHROH8, HESILVEHGO. McNALLY-POOLE GLASS CO.. 410 WABASH av. Old mirrors made new. Harrison Bwfl. MOVING PICTl HE RENTING, EXCH. UNIQUE FILM A CONSTRUCTION CO., 7 Dearborn st. Cent. 306S. New kind Films. : ' MOTOCYCLES. O. W. LYON, 170 K. 83D. -NEW AND SECOND hand machines. Reralring. free catalogue. MOV ING PICTl RES. DAVID J. CHATKIN. 41S.-TS DEARBORN 8T. furnish evervthlnr complete for 5c theaters. MUSIC PRINTING. THE BRETER PRINTING CO.. 190 AND 183 Monro st., Chicago. Phone Main S420. . NOVELTY JEWELRY. LEACH JEWELRY A NOVFT.TV mm " rvi 67 Washington Pt. Jewelry repairing and piatini! NICK i:L PLATING. M. L. UDWIN, T W. VAN BUREN BT. HAS. 4S48. Stoves renlckeiad our specialty. . PLUMBERS' SUPPLIES. PLUMBERS' SUPPLIES at wholesale: wi;i save you no to 44 par cent on every article. Writ for catalogus. Sam attention given small as large ore era. B. I. KAROL. 2P7 W. HARRISON ST. WE HAVE ALWAYS ON HAND A FULL LINK Of plumbers and KaKtitters supplies and are ready to save vou 40 to 73 Tier cent on anv order. L. LEVIN A CO. 71S Wells St. (old No. IS). PRINTING. 000 CARD?. 7C: STATEMENTS. BILLHEADS. noteheads. II : letter-hea Js. 11.50; bond lir.en. L75. J. LLI-P. 1.5 Ciark fit., Chicago. COOD PRINTING CHEAP, SAMTLKS FP.KK. uwu r aVvx.n i i.n i iin. a .', sj r.s r r. r. r.. 1 Vui "EYir.TT:::a fct eyzst::: OFFICE FIRSITI RE. MATLOCK :0.. S31-o33 WABASH AV.-eDESU. ohalrs. safes, tables, nc, both new and used. PATENT AGENTS. H.J.S .STARK A SON8.452 MONADNOCK. PHONE Uar. 717 71. Patents secured on reaaonabl terms. PATENT ATTORNEYS. ROBT. - KLOTZ ti CO.. Ull SCHILLER- BLDG. Patent secured and develoted. Tel. Cent. 4420. PATENTED DEVICES Ml ILT. RISSLING A MAHNKE. 115 S. CLINTON ST.. Chicago, maeb'ts. Ideas made practical. Main 4P9U. PHOTO BUTTOJIS r MIN"I ATl'RES. H. H. HURSEN A CO.. 133 S. CALIFORNIA A V. Catalorue free. Agenta wanted. , PUOl'OGRAPIIER. PCHOLU 1558 - MILWAUKEB AV., A-NEAR Robey. T. l. 73 Humboldt. Take pictures anywner. PHRENOLOGISTS. EMILY VAl'UHT-ROCINE. 26 K. VAN BUREN St.. Suite .1211. l-Eamlnstlona: How to Succeed. POHTHAITS A PORTRAIT FRAMES. THE OWENS PORTRAIT CO.. DEPT. U. J1S 8. Clinton. - For agents and dealer. Catalogue free. PRINTING (COM WEHUIAL). W. A. SWIOART A CO., 1201-5 WABASH AV. Cal. 370. HiKh grade wors: reasonable price. PRISMATIC LIGHTS. CHICAGO SIDEWALK LIGHT CO..- R 429. 103 Washlnrton st. Tel. Cent. IOS. . . - PRODUCER CJAS, SlCTIOSf. "OTTO" GAS ENGINE WORKS. 858-357 LEAR-born at. T. W. Snow. Mgr. Tel. Hsrr. Ml. PI BL1C STENOGR APHIC BI REAI. MISS 8PKINGKR. MANAGER. V6 JTTOCK EX-cnanre bids- Phuoe Main t. Alo mimsorrauhinr, PUMPS 4CKN1 HIFt G AL. DAYTON HYDRAULIC MACHINERY CO.. 832. 115 Adair.s ml. Phone Randolph luf. PUMPS (POWEMI. -DAVIS POA'ER PA MPS. ROBERT M. MILLER. Mgr.. 2,s3-1j:m Manhattan bldr.. 313 Dearborn at, PYHOGRAPHV (iOOOS. MUIR A CO.. SS WAaHINGTON T. KXCLU-slve Pyrography Store. - - HEADY ROOFING. t GERMAN AMER. PAINT CO..-161 W. VAX Buren. For st'cp roofs or over old shinrlea. -- REFINERS ANO SMELTERS. THOS. J. DKKACO-. 7 WASHINGTON ST.TAC- tory im Ontario. - enu zks and oi-tn-i4. - REFLEC TOR M A.N t FACTt RER. NATIONAL X-RAY HktrLECTOR CO.. X4&-24S Sk, .JHCMMS IHVa. 1.1. 11 AT. 401. -RPP'RIGERATOHS (ALL KINDSL BRl-NSWTCK-BALKB-COLLENDER CO.. 363 W abash. Har. Z2t. Batchers, hoteis. cold storage. REGALIA FOR ALL. SOCIETIES. T. C GLEASON A CO. -. - 18H-1TO E. Madison St. - REGULATORS f HOT WATER). -HOHMANN A MAUKER MFG. CO.. In E. Lake at. - HESTAl RANTS. KNAB-S. 35 AND S3 E. MONROE. 157 AND l'JW K. Banioiph st., ra snd Tl Finn av. Msinawifi. ' HI BRER BANDS AN O ERASERS. EBEKHARD FABEK. SU0-M. SUM STATE ST. TL Har. 64MB. RIBRER TIRES. CONSOLIDATED RUBBER TIRE CO.. A. H. Boyer. Mgr.. 43.' Wabaah av. SAKE MOVER. - - - - -. ABLE IHANbKEK rV. FRANK RYAN, MGR. SU Market el. Tel. Main 4?R. SALOOS ANO BAR FIXTURES. MERLE A HtA.NET MFG. CO.. Ib-1M WA5H- ington st. lAUHI.f UUStWAHE t SIPPLIKS. ALBERT PICK A CO.. 1M TO' Ml E. RAN- dolph st. - SAMPLE SHOES 4 Retail). A W. WILLIAMS. 711-13 MASOXIC TEMPLE. 4. .-.. snd Sd values for 2-5o and 5-S.OU. .. . SAND DEALERS. -WM. -E. DEE CO.. 214-215 ROYAL INSURANCE Wtlg. Tel. Har. SW3. SAND PA PER AND GARNET PAPEH. BALDER. ADAMtiON A CO.. - - - 172 Lake sL SCAFFOLDING AND PLATFORMS. H. f. EVANS. MGR.. 173 DEARBORN ST. CENT. 5653. Scaffoldlnfrs all kinds erected .hortast Botic. SCHOOL NI C LASS PINS. WINSHIP CO.. 705 MASONIC TEMPLE. BUT tons. pins, rlrurs. cuarms. medals fur schools. SCRAP IRON". MAX WF1NXTK1X A SON. FIRST NATIONAL Bank bldr. Tel. Kand. loo. SEALS Notary a si a Cer-)rattlaa. -AMERICAN --KAI- AND STAMP WORKS. 1S5 La Niile st. Tel. Rand. 1731. - , . -SEEDS'' - -. - - - VAUGHAN'S SEED STORE. W-M 1 RANDOLPH St. Tel. Or-C IM5. - - - SEWING AND EMBROIDERY SILKS. RICHARDSON SILK CO.. l.'2-222-224-ADAMS SETTEES ANO GENERAL SEATING.' ASEKItA.V SEA7I.a CO, -." 213 Wabash av. , - SEWING MACHINES AND SIPPLIES. "LEI WILLIAMS MFG. OO.. 46 JACKSON blvd. New and 2d hand. Repairing, narta. , . . SEWING MACHINE MOTORS. DrTHL ATFJ. CO.. 207-211 K. JACKSON BLVD. Tel. Har. 45. . . - SHAKING CRATES. M, H. TREADWELLCO.. - - 310. 113 Adams sc. SHEET METAL SPECIALTIES. DAVID JAMES A SON. 12J S. CLINTON ST. alaia 2A4i. Ualvanlxed iron tanks and cans. SHEET METAL WORKERS. F. COHTEZ WILSON A CO.. , - 280-141 E. Lake SC. SHINGLE STAINS (Iaanervlatsak. VILAS BROS.. ' .- . - 227-22 5th av. SHIRTS TO ORDER. 4TELLESOE-STHEIT CO.. 20 ADAMS ST. HAR. 10U1. We are still making meos shirta. SHOE POLISH 4.MURS.L r. F. DAILEY CO.. LTD.. 147 TH AV. TEL, Main 1772. Shoe polish and dresslnr. SHOES IFOR TENDER FEET). S '"' PETER-'ON'S. 151 FIFTH AV. MAIN 2505. Our shoes make your tender feet hatrpy. SHORTHAND REPORTER. NEIL SATTERLEE. 716 CHICAGO OPERA House hlor. Tel. M-tn XX.1S. - SHORTHAND SCHOOL. ABBOTT SCHOOL OF SHORTHAND; 46 E. VAN Buren. Har.g21. Type. writer free; call; investlgat. SHOW CARDS. BEFTON BROS., 112 MADISON ST. AND 133 Clark st. . , SHOW CASES. .--.-.'--'.-''- CURTIS LEGER FIXTURK CO.. 24S-24S B. Jackson Wvd. Tel. Har. 645L . . . SHOW PRINTERS. -CROSS A BANT A SHOW PRTJiTINO CO.. 327 Dearborn st. SHUTTERS (STEEL ROLLITlG. KINNEAR MFG.". CO.. 1312 THE CORN Exchange Bank bldg. SIDEWALK CONTRACTORS. SIMPSON CONSTRUCTION CO. - T04 CHAMBER of Commerce bldr. TeL Main S&3. - SIDEWALK CALKING. ' "l A. W. SHERLOCK. 217 CHAM. OF COM. BLDG. Franklin W-4 and Lincoln lhart. Also 646 Osgood at. SIDEWALK LIGHTS.' AMERICAN LUXFER PRISM CO.. lttui HEY worth bldr, TeL Cent. 1643. . - SIGN s, -- ' THE MEYERCORD CO.. CHAMBER OF COM-msrc bldr. Tel. Main 14C1. Decalcomania proceaa. SIGNS (GLASS). ATTRACTOGRAPH CO.. 1S4-200 CLINTON L - Har. 2K6, Complete line glais slsns. SILVER, GOLD at .NICKEL PLATING. HANDY SPECIALTY CO.. 1x3-8 E. MADISON ST. Main 2So5. We repair and retlnlsh Ilk new. - SILVERWARE REPAIRING. SERCOMB KMPANYV 185 STATE ST., AN0142S Wabash. Phone Randolph 372 and Calumet T. , - SIMPLEX PRINTERS at DUPLICATORS LA WTO N A CO. W. H. KL'RTH. Manager. Suit 01-802. 50 Dearborn at. - SLOT MACHINE 4.M ASiUFACTCREBS). BILO GUM CO.. Third floor. 127 Market st. . ' SMOKELESS FURNACES. JA9. MCMILLAN A CO.. T9 MARKET ST. TEL. Main imi. Patented. SOAP LIGl ID (MFHS.y. , , ANTISEPTAL LIQUID SOAP CO.. 96 B. CLINTON St. Main 2iM. Greatest on market, writ. so ap mfrs. si pplies. Central commercial jco.. 223 Randolph St. Tel. Main 733. SOCIETY EMBLEMS, WATCHES, ETC. L. Q. COBB A CO.. 1US STATE ST. SPECIAL proposition aganta, W rlta for catalog No. 73. v RUtikll UUUUS. A. P. rOSTETt. FORMERLY G.' P. FOSTER SON A CO.. 171 Waahlngton st - ' SOCIETY SI PPLIES. -K. A. ARMSTRONG MFG. CO.. SIS TO 321 WA- bean av. . - SOUVENIR POST CARDS. ?. SCHMIDT A CO.. 1030. 534 DEARBORN ST. si. Har. 64. SPORTING GOODS. VICTOR SPORTING GOODS CO.. 15T WABASH av. Moore A Evans. General Agents, SPRING HINGES. FOMM ER SPRING HINGES. 48 LAKE ST. J. V. Wise. Agent. SPECIAL MACHINERY TO ORDER. A. O. MATHISON. 215 S. CLINTON BT. HAR. 5854. Designer snd builder of tools aad machinery.' STEAM SEPARATORS. DIRECT SEPARATOR CO.. 40 DEARBORN ST. Tel. Randolph 1401. Also on separators. STEEL EQUIPMENT (FACTORY!. LTON METALLIC MFG. CO.. 1022 MARQUETTE bids. Cent. &42. Storage racks, shelving Md bin. STEEL STAMPS, 8EAIJS. ETC. MEYER A WE NTH E. 00-62 DEARBORN ST. Ran. ri0. Stencils, seals and badge. STENOGRAPHER C O.N E NTIONS. MISS ANNA M. CREWE. 12C5 1ST NATL. BANK bldg. Typewriting and Notary Public. Cant. bdoa. SAFES. . .HALL'S SAFB CO.'S SAFJ0S . DONX1-I.L BAFe'COMPANT. ' I00-2v2 E. Washington at. . r Formerly 62-64 Wabash ar. Phone Main 27x2, HERRING-HALL-MARVIN SAFB OO. Hall's standard safes and vault. Good seoond-hand ssfes also. Salts onened, repaired and painted. l&4-lfe Washington st. Tel. Matn 14S2. - HUNTERS of Pafei. not Bir Game, will And It a Safe Gam to H tint for Safe Bar-alns at The Sabata Safe Co., 1S E. La asst. Call or write. SAY YOU SAW IT IN THE INTKR OCEAN. : PICTURES FRA I ES, ETC. ; r . J. cni'r- ; i 1 v x u n 0 r ha? u . STEREOPTICON-S. - ' CHICAGO 8TEREOPTICON CO.. 66 FIFTH AV. Chiraro. III. . STEEL FrRYITCBE. , , ROGER A. SIMON,srN A CO.. 27 K. MADISON t. TeL Central 34U2. . -STOCK FOOD. " INTERNATIONAL STOCK FOOD CO.. THIRD noor. iau taito sc. STORAGE. ALEXANDER STORAGE WAREHOUSE. 8010- .01. Wabash av. Tel. Calumet SUBSCRIPTIO-I AGENCY, . BENNETT'S NEWS PAPEH AND MAGAZINE Agency. 171 E. Randolph St. SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPPLIES. DAVID C. COOK PUBLfSHIXG CO.. 204. 34 AND as vta-mnrton st. J el. t ent. so.o. TABLES CALL KINDS. ' ROYAL MEDAL MFG. CO.. 1S1I-19 DEARBORN U Tel. calumet M9. TANKS (WOOD AND STEED. WENDNAGEL A CO., 22D AND JEFFERSON Sts. Tel. Canal 2140. TAXIDERMISTS. W. C. KAEMPFER. M STATE ST. MOUNTING of birds, deer beads, etc . t TAPE MEASURES. GEO. M. EDDY A CO., 142 LAKE ST. H. H. Munrer, Agent. ' TAX ABSTRACTS. - CHWAtUl TAX AH8TRA?r CO.: 22. 113 8. Clark st. TAILOR. -JOHN A. JACOBSEN. 824 REPUBLIC BLDO. Stats and Adams sta. TeL Bar. Sd-ia. - TAIUIKs (LADIES SKIHTS). GROSSMAN A GROSSMAN. MAKERS OF tailored k irts. 606 Masonic Tern. Phon Band.864. TEAMING. MERCHANTS' TRANSFER CO.. a B. WATER si. jei. ..nt. km. - Also macnine and sas moving. TEAS. - SHERM AN BROS. A CO.. 22-24 S. WATER BT, Te Central 8325. , THRASHING MACHINERY. THE ALTEN MACHINERY CO.. 2234 W. RAM-dolph st. Tel. Main Str.T. . TICKET BROKERS CUT RATES. DAVID LYONS. 278 S. CLARK. PHONE HAH- rison 2750. Excursion tickets bought aad sold. TICKETS, TAGS, LABELS. BA LIS BURY MFG. CO.. 84 MONADNOCK BLK. TeL Har. !&. , -. . . - , TILE HOOFING. - . - FEDERAL CEMENT TILE CO.. S10 FORT Learborn bldr. 1J4 Monro St. - TIME RECORDERS. - -' ' J. B. WILSON SUPPLY CO.. 40 DEARBORN ST. Cant. XAS.. Supplies and repairs. All makes. TIRES (FOR MOTOR VEHICLES). IMCDI.'AA? Urrhs-klk 13 an r a a.ai4vak TT lint. V- . a 8li Monadnock bidr. I OiaiS I AUK1A"B. , - AMERICAN TOURIST ASSN. - REAU OA MP bell, tienerat Msnager. 14IS Mamuett bldjc TOILET PREPARATION'S. ' ", wye L- u nr.-1 t-v n . . u o-n Chro.,nif ra. hlrh rrad toilet articled Agt. wanted TRADE MARKS. - MIDA S TRADE MARK BUREAU. 3D FLOOR tuz ueamnm st. . THA5Pi:R COMPANIES. FRANK E. SCOTT TRANSFER CO., 401-410 W a bashaw Tti.Harr.4H2. TREES AND SHRUBS. PORTER'S-NURSERIES. 125 LA SALLE ST. Mala 2414. Land-rap plans. Catalog free- TRUNKS. BAGS, SUIT CASES. C. A. TAYLOR TRUNK WKS.. 30 RANDOLPH St. A Cii Msdlaon. near Leaplain. TeL Cent. 2T7S. THINK LOCKS ANO HARDWARE. EAGLE LOCK CO.. , . v - : 110 Lake at, - TRUSSES. HOTTING ER TRUSS FACTORY. MILWAUKEE av.. cor. Chicago av. Tel. Monro kdtfT. . .. : . TWINES AND CORDAGE. CEO. B. CARPENTER A CO., . ZOQ-auS S. Water at. rXIFORMS. . JAS. H. HIRSCH A CO.. " 212 and 214 Market st, I PHOLSTERERS, CABINET H'OW'E. JUT. ICS BKRBltCUER A SONS Ct., Suit Su. 33 5lh av. VENTILATING PASS. ANDREWS A JOHNSON CO.. ZT9 ipartorn sr. VERTICAL FILING CABINETS. ART METAL CONSTRUCTION CO.. 1113 MER- fcairta' Ian and Trust bldg. C. W. Dealcka. Mgr. VETERINARY INSTRUMENTS. HAUSSMANN A DUNN CO wn a. Llant st. VETERINARY SURGEONS. CHICAGO VETERINARY COLLEGE AND VET ertnary Hospital. 2533 and Z5SS Stat at. - - 4IBHATORS. FH ELTON ELECTRIC CCX; S10. S3 RANDOLPH it. Tel. Central 3S20. .... ..... , VIOLINS AND STRINGS. : WAGNER A. GEORGE. tlOS-S STEINWAY Hail. 17 E. Van Buren st. Har. .104. Violin dealers. : WELDING Al TOGENOUS). KTAKDARD WELDING WORKS. 477 WABASH r. ' .far. 6277., Metal castings, all kinds welded. - - WILLOW AND RATTAN BASKETS. M. J. TILLMAN'S SONS. 224 W. ininolsst. - WINDOW CLEANERS. COLUMBIA WINDOW CLEANING CO. , WIN-dows rleareed. R. 22. 152 la Sails. TeL Main 3053L WINDOW SHADES. ACME SHADE CO.. 120 DEARBORN STREET. Cent. S44W. Shades cleaned and repaired. . WINDMILLS. -THE AERMOTER CO.. CAMPBELL AV.. NORTH of 12th at. Phone West 1 S3.. - - -WINDOW SIGNS. - - ei-, - PALM, FECHTELER A CO., 45 LA SALLE ST. Main 8169. "Good Ad" anj translucent. WINDOW DISPLAY FIXTURES. ' SUPERIOR BRASS AND FIXTURE CO.. 733 W. Jack, -n blvd. . , WIHK FENCE. " PAGE WOVEN WIRE CO. AUSTIN CLEMENT. V. P.. 2i0 K. Monro st. - - WIHE CiLASS WINDOWS. HARRY C. KN1SELY CO..- 606-509 S. CANAL. Tel. Harr. 4279. ... - J WIRE SPECIALTIES. WIRE SPECIALTY WORKS. 640-M FUT.TON BT.' Main 4VK Anythlr.r in wire manufactured. WIRR RAILINGS. E. R- LAN DON WIRE AND IRON WORKS. 113 S.May st. Tel. Hay market CS5. .- WIRE ROPE. MA COM BER A WHYTE ROPE CO.; 807 AND BOS 8. Clinton. Tel. Harr. 606S. - -, WIRE SCREENS. E" T. BURROWES CO.. 335-336 MARQUETTE bldr.. also Portland. Maine. WIHK SIGNS. " A. KLINTZ A CO.. 626 W. JACKSON BOULE-Yard. . WIRE AND IRON WORK. BARBER WIRE AND IRON WORKS. -44-46 Dearborn. ' Tel. Cent. 6277. Geo K. Rix. Manarer. WIRE WINDOW GUARDS. -NOVELTY WIRE AND IRON WORKS. 2083-5025 N. 41st av. Tel. Irving Park 173. .- . WOOD CARPET. CHICAGO FLOOR CO.. 14 E. MONROE ST. TEL. Cent. 1K75. WOOD CARVERS. 1 . CHICAGO WOOD CARVING CO.. 1500-1511 N. Halated. Tel. IJncoln 482. . i WOOD MODELERS. E. KOPRIWA CO.. 1700 CLY BOURN AV. TEL. Lincoln 2726. , WOOD FILLERSrTAINS.VARNTSIIES CHICAGO WOOD FINISHING CO.. 1210-1214 Elstoo a,r. WOOD PtXLBYS.- - - - REEVES PULLEY CCX 9 N. CLARK ST. TEL. Main 2048. WOODENWARE MANUFACTURERS. RICHMOND CEDAR WORKS. 43 6. WATER ST. J. Shepherd ParrUh. Manager. WOOL. i -H. T. THOMP60N CO.. SOI TO 209 MICHIGAN St. Tel. Ceat. 1986. WOOLEN MILL MACHINERY. R. R.. STREET A CO, " . . lR4-lSSWsshtnrton sL WOOLEN AND COTTON CLIPPINGS. B COHEN A SONS. 45 S. CANAL, HARRISON 3575. New Woolen and Cotton Remnants. WRAPPING PAPER PRINTERS.- R. J. K1TTREDGB A CO.. 642-866 W. SUPERIOR; cor. N. Green. Tel. Hon. 722. - WRAPPING PAPER AND TWINES. WEIR BROS. PAPER CO.. ' B64-45S6 W. Lake st, , WRECKING CONTRACTORS. -BARNEY BENSON A SON. 60S AND 610 JL Green st. Phone Monroe 1681. WRECKING AND SALVAGE. " K. R CARR WRECKING CO.. 3006 S. HALSTED. Phone Yards 12SH. . - WRENCHES. - . PARMELER WRENCH CO.. 2515 W. MONROE St. Phone West IMA . - - WROUGHT IRON PIPE. THT5 GOULD CO.. OHIO. 3. E. COR. FRANKLIN. Phone North 4185. - - . . - X-RAY COILS. 8CHEIDEL WESTERN X-RAT COIL CO.. 199 Madison st. TeL Main 176. . YEAST, .. - r ' : UNITED STATES YEAST CO.. : ' 155 Wendell sL' ' YELLOW PINE LUMBER. HTNE8 LUMBER CO.. IJNCOLN. SOUTH OF Blue Island av. Call or write. . ZINC DROSS AND SKIMMINGS. LORAINH SMELTING AND REFINING CO., 810. 115 Dearborn. TeL Central 4xA - ZINO ETCHERS. , - ' JOB. H. BARN ETT A CO.. 334 DEARBORN BT. TeL Uarr. 13fe. TIE: BARBERS' '"CORfflR FOR BATl-3450 TAKES CP TO DATE 3 CHAIR barber shop, one pool table: owner dead: bis bar al n. KLEIN. 81 Clark st. Tel. Central 70tto. WE HAVE SOME VERT NICE SECOND HAND barber's furniture at reasonable prloea. MEL CHIOR BROS. B. B. CO.. 2w5 B. Madison St. - - - BILLIARD AND POOL TABLES FOR SALB and rent. AKAM COMPANY. &- Wabaah av. FOR SALE A TWO CHAIR BARBER SHOP; very oheap: must sell. 2213 Michigan av. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. HORSES WINTERED AT HERTZ'S STOCK farm, near Deiplalnes, Illinois: beet feed and care: 112 box ataJl. $10 slr.x'.e ata.l. andj shed t per month: horses cailel for an J returned without exea oharir-'. llr.NRY L. HERTZ. Aid Federal Jjal.olr.rf. a'sJophon Harrlsga 47i.O. - jKsri co::ds. DUDLEY A. TYKG BROKERS i4 la sali.f: .--r . Chicago. P1IOV I M I v l.7-:,sft-.i:.. a i :-rV-,- 1 WK MAKE A bl'l.i'IALTV Of. LM-l-TFO fnXM-'KS OK ALL Kl.VI'S. IF YOU WI.-H Til BUY O.-l KKf.l. ANY i- IlKTC NlVT IVC1 ff.i.i IN OUit Ll.-T WHITr; I S A-ND WE WILL' WB OFFER. c.l'BJr.-r TO CONFIRMATION." . l.tKM AUUAMCO MIXI-:S DEV...'. ,JU iz AI.HAl liH. IHJV KK A CO tO.nO 2.000 AI'KX GOI.'l) W.A.-ll .. l.t AKIZr.NA Ctil'I' ! Lla BIG KTI.-K f!i H.L. ......VZ ' i huck H.Kar; frAj. H).0. BLACK MTN. CfH l r'rt ' ."" AiltANUT INDttHtN'I.KNT."' 6.0UO CHloA'A CO.NsuUUAIKD... li.i il.i.i4 win m v-a .24 M .04 AKl .U-V 1.5V - X.UU0 COPi-EH B a! L T uisiii SCO CUPPER HWNVARijiy": 4:S l.VX) FAIRV1RW MlZI'AlY 31 13 o, ,W FIDELITY COiPKH ffDA.L. AI 60 GBR. 'AMER. COF r Efl A75 "6 GT. LAKKii RADIO 4.K ao.wjo GT. WErt ERN O. R. A P. L. .OS 'ft lM GHCTT HALIOO.V HILO..... J.tsX HUBBARD-r LJ.IOTT S.U INDIANA MNG ...! - 2..l INTER. BANANA FOOD - KEUJCR-INO NASMiiLTER '. -0RiZA -It 16 1 SO J.? rF?v?--4.pi V''1HH1,a : LLANO CXim:H 15 i.-K) mksa rica gold .if LtM) MIS-JON MrNl.NG ... . .A :& Pqoc5....v.y...... 1. VrO OCTAVE tARlZ.) ,.......! 2ts OMKilA PORT. CEJT,....V. lO fSK) PA ft It Y ScM.'ND LTD .0 PITTSBURG ELT ... 2. ftK PLUMA (H. H.... ?5t PORCUPIN43 .....TS...V.. ... .& RAMRUKK CAP............. .I0 RAMIiLEH M. A ft. ....v....! RAWHIDE VICTOR 10.OUU SCAN D! A MINING 8YND.... SILVEKTON MINING ....... B.:i! .00 tM .45 .27 .10 .5. .25 r. rjj.-vtjnjt b.vrKAu. . . 1. 2 fOXOKA COPPER IMEX.).. 6,25 Hl'IfA.NAAni-UNA ...':; .11 W UNITED WIRELESS " 3.000 UN I VE RS AL " "pNTEli." W.OOO VERDE G'RAND'eVaRIZ.',": "Tr A v3 . 24. OO .13 .10 WE WILL BUY. SUBJECT Tb'cbNFlBM'ATIOl - o.coo Aetna Mines (Wyo.L - 5o Airuanlco altnea. ; . - -,0i0 Apex tiold (Wish.) . L5Hihof Creek. " -' V . . l.iu Black Prince Cop, .- .- 2.5ik Blue Fla Coio.). ?:, - - 3,(si0 Bonni Ciar. v . - 20Chl. N. Y .fcl-e. Air Lin. . tt Ger. -Amer. CofTee. ' ' - J.OftO Globe Minlna- Arls.). - - -l.K Indiana Mini Co-. . - , . l.OOii Kins-Solomon T. D. - - . S.l La CobHxa .Max.). - " '- -, Lucky Calumet. ... .- . l.toaj M.aa Rica Goli . CO Motaorvna-o Co. . ,i I.0. FrancU Mohawk. ' . - - ., - - I.OkO Nevaria Arlxona - K OU Dominion (Sheldon). S.OuO Parry Sound. ' ' ' Penn-Arisona. ' - .? JV" Princeton Cop. M A S. , - , . IO.tjO PUts'exTS r3y. : 3.t Rexall Gold. . ' 2041 Snow-torm. ... . . - . ,; S'ljit I'nlv. Pnen. Trans. -. S.'siO Welllnirton Mines. ; - " "... 5.XJ Winona G. AC. - - , , ? Yankee Girl B. C. SUBMIT US YOUR BTDS AND OFFERINGS PfirVlHH , PLACING YOUR ORDER KLSli-WHBPH . WB ABE IN ToUCH WITH ALU WAnk'ETft DUDLEY A. HHG & CO; 184 La Salle SL, Chicago. WRITE OR CALLOU1CK AND GETIN ON THB around floor. Mexican treasures In copper: own 165 " claims. Address MEXICAN TREASURES, Suit 224 Reaper Block. - - - TOUR STOCK IN LIFE WILL RISE AS YOUR health Improve-: consult Dr. Briney. 112 S. Clark - st. Hours, 1 to 5 n. m. Fees To the poor, nothing) to othera. Sue. - B H. BCHEFTELS A CO.. JSlAi.Vj PUJtJJi BKUKKIUS. 122 MONROK ST.. CHICAGO. O.RIEB- GREENE COIIPA NY. i casweii Block, atoek Brokers Milwaukee. Wis. GET OUR QUOTATIONS BEFORE BUYING OR selilnsr any unlisted storks, harry 8. I.KWlfl A CO. Gncoroorstedl. 1st La Salle st.. Chlcaso. STORE AND OFFICE FIXTURES. JIOJUS BENDER. 230 and 23ft W. Madison st. Compl-te Hst of new and second hand store and office fixtures at lowest prices- - RAILROAD TIME TABLES. , "DAILY. EXCEPT SUNDAY. tEXCEPT SATURDAY. texPT NrAJ-, . ' J-s.. I C- I L. RUA X V Al - . rf AV . : IfiCNDAT ONLT. l : tlcrlh Ucslcrn Oallivay Tleke . 212 OUrl--et. (Tet-oaoae Osatral TO) aa4 Welle Street St at lea. lafoi-astlna Saraaa. IsAsvhas'a Mala asi aad Aatoaaetie 4&SS , Leas sen re tlAtiaa- MUwaak MadUsau 1--Up aSUtjaaa MUwanfc. Bhebo-saa. MaaAf wo f7ApsA tlOOasa 4 Rock ford aad llmml , Ill pas aa(viaKlui frS-At-as s .jg-l Mdi-on.LaCro--,Wls-a,Mlsas raM,aotaaadtADakea SaBpa afMOaai Milwaakaa. Oreea Bar.Msaoaila- Asspai e si58t. Paal aad Miaasasella. Beloit.1. rawJaevUle.Madiea. J , tAOaaa Marahfleld via Merrillaa........ 40aa t suaat Bock ford via Bar-ard t jfrpxd i asEcoH.waiHianTOH MhfUs 4 Limited Portlasd aad I'tia-C boaad Belata KhMaaa Osea Baaias. Dea Molaes .... 346 mfwant FJ (ia. liaokf ord. Fre-aort t 44 pas tllSBsx MUwwakea. Oman Bay. Mean-also arsAu-en lUDut Waasshs. Rasta. MUwaake .. 44-JAa tISAlpsi Oadar Banida aad lataiai-diate..... XstBsa p-iivi?.0:?...- "o- t .40-aa Milwaakasaad Madlso alllJtaas Ifllpat MUwaake. Or a Bay. Meansal a' t llltipss attaisai MUwaake, Madiera at6-x f4U)sai B-loit.daaevlU. kladia-a t tffiaat 4jUp-b Kaaniha. B la. Mllwaaa-a..-.. 4-jjDpa tldSpaa Elsia. Keck ford. W re sport. taas p- j rjr""'1? ifDpaa Oaakoaa. Wsassa. Marahaald.... aHnaax rt-B Dea ktelaea. Osaaha, Sleax Clty I'-Svaaa fMpsa N.rth-TW lows aad D-Ju-s :6aak MUM pas DaluAh. 8pTle. Jsasstlll... 1aa bWatpss aUcl n. Roekford. riweport 1l2J5as I SO sai( NORTH SHORE 8 FECIAL . a.Ua . MUwaak aad kasia I Jam. CdOpx MUwaake. Maaltowoe, Orea Bay k'Udipaa I San Fraaoisoa, Los Assal as ....... ) tjpsi Milwaukee. Hooshtao. ManiaatU DOasm t BtOBpss Baalim. Mart iTkronah Blumtl 72&aaa 80B-a St-Paai. Mlaaaapolta. Madtaoa.... 4 :5aia iMpam La Or Wlnoaa. Black lulls.... IJOaaa M1. CMIOAC ?5rpTlAllD KhWsaa 4 a f '11 4 sat t Portlaad aad Paset Soaa4 potata.. Paset Soaa4 poll KrJOpss S.Paal. MiaBa-ollaaa4Dalata Aaas lOAIpsa Mllwaakee, Green Bay. rnsaa.. IHOaai lOHtpai Osaaaa. DeaMolasa. Deavar ...... 7J0aaa JOitfpsa Oa-aha,8ioaxOlty. Black BUla.... flJUaaa ma I Salt Lsk. Saa Fraaei-ea- Los As-1 . a-sn.-. 1 s.le. Oa-aha. Oadar ItipTis f 3a0aa lAvxapm northern lowa aad S. Dakota..... 1 4 aa I M ilwaakee, Aah lead. Ma-qwott. I .-v, . ""JWaaaaa Manktleld. braadRapiaa,1"- s bmi i Belolt. Jaaawllle.Madl--a.St JaL t-mm. 1 allaaa-psii. SaiMWios aad Dnlavh oaB IHOta LaCre-aea-d Wl a . . a) Ually t'hlwe-Milaaka. (h) Boaday T:t . ra. uu sroaa ureaa nay oauy. ILLINOIS CENTRAL R. R. All throueh trains from Central station. Lsk Front and 12th rt. City ticket office. 117 Adams st. Phone Cent G270. :44 am N. Or leans-Memphla Bpaclal :.' pm 6:20 pm 10 W in 10:40 a:u 1 :0 pm 8:44 ain 7rO0 pm 7.-4AI pm Evansville Limited MemphiaN. Orleans H. Sptts, t-leepin. cars only) Blrmlnchana A Jacksonville (lleeplna earsonly Coaches onlv. New Orleans. Memphis. Hot S or its. Jacksonville. Blrmtn-ham. , St. Louis and Sprin0cld Davlisht Special... Diamond Special Cairo Loot!.... Southern Fast Mall Fvnnsvllle Wattoon. Decarr. Carh'dale Hloonilnrton A Chats worth Bloomlnxton A Chauworth Cairo and South Kankakee and Chamnalsn Minneapolis-St. Paul Ltd... Omaha-Counril Bluffs Ltd.. Duhuoue. S. City. s. Falls., pubaoue A Ft. Dodre Exp. Fast Mall. Duhuoue A West ' 1:80 pm 10 2 am 10:15 4m t:5 pm 1 :27 am - -'in am 2 40 am 20 am 3:60 pm 8:13 am 6:M pnt 8 :3 pm e 4 :.'trt pm e 3.J pm e & -OO pm e 6-00 pnj 8:10 am e 2 SO am JrSrtam 2 0O pm v S -0 pm '"e'aoain l:m t m t 9:.M pm . T 1 :0T. t,m S .-rl mm 10:llt Blir. am !o am 8 :h am 8 2J Dim 8:56 pm - W-ioiiiri tl2:35 pm 30 am Minneapolis and St. Paul... Rock ford- Pa asen ser t S;15 pm Rockford. Freeo't. Dubueiua OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. ANCHOR LLNB. NEV7 YORK, GLASGOW LONDONDERRY LIVE RPOOL. Columbia ...... .... ......Nov 27, Jan. 23 . ..... . Dec. 4, Jan. 1 Caledonia...... .....Nov. 13. Dec. 11, Jan. n California .....Nov. 2v Dec. IS. Jan. IS Saloon. $67.30 to 172.50; SeronJ Cabin. fl2.uO-.n4 r..0o: Steerase. 3 ft) and 2.7S. 21-25 6HKRMAN ST. TEL. HAHRIW'?".' REDUCED RATE FOR SHIPPING HOUSEHOLD foods to the West. Judson Freight Forwar Una-Co.. 443 Marquette bids. Phone. RanUolpn il-.i. GRAHAM A SONS. STEAMSHIP TICKETS AND money 14 W. AUunua it. Opca evun.L.t,

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