The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois on October 24, 1909 · Page 24
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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 24

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 24, 1909
Page 24
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UP! P WANTED MALE. mm . re ilfWJ V SCIENTIFIC INSTRtT- Tiicnt, and laboratory apparatu,: technical training nece.ry. College graduate w K sale -perUnce preferred. Permanent position. State ase, duration. experience and ealary. Address 20. The Inter Ocean. - " Salesmen wanted on commission ok $75 and up per month with expenses, a per contract: experience unneoew-ary. . " rUEaJl'iH ClOAR CO.. Cincinnati. OWo. - ,. WANTED SALESMEN SIDE LINE: BRAND new. Ten Tnlnutea selling; exclusive erte Arm each town net- 20 commission. Pocket samples. Specify territory and. exp. K. F. R. CO.. Newton. Iowa. s WANTED HALE8MEN-BEST COMMISSION alter on earth. New: all retail-? ; asmp:e. Coat pocket. "Prontsble." Iowa City. Iowa. SALESMEN FOR UNOCCCPIED TERRITORY; f at ecller ; straight eommlsaioiu National ilercan- tile Co.. Iowa City. Iowa. - - .. . CIOAR SALESMAN IV A NrED EXPERIENCE onnecersary: bis pay. Globe Cigar Co..Clcvcland.O. - .-- .... . BOYS. -.. WANTED BOTS OVER 1 TElARS OP AGE TO wnrKln wholesale woolen home. Apply MASON HANSON. 4th noor. .: r raaaitn it. MISCI-LI-AX--OU8. AUTOMOBILE , M Am .nrnrt In .r.r nart of the IndUBtrv. We . train men- for the Beld. We uaa me Dr. Kill system or grading tne stuaem, ana iotiuc. inn . ates by step, mastering each part before taking another. Our nrlre. .are rearonable. - Day ana evening rlaue. Cell or write tor eur free book o How 10 Drive an Automobile. isi iu um.j ui ' mvwi log. 2215 COTTAGE GROVE AVE. Dent. A. - Phone Calumet 325. Wantel For newspaper clrcali tlon work, two first-class men; permanent employment; opportunity for promotion; rood pay. call oeiore 9 . . - . . a rr. r r a. in. wr aaiwi t y. uu - wuu v. WANTED ABLE BODIED HE.V FOR THE U. 8. . -u.rlr.a roru between tne a a. or l ana . aiaai be native bora or nave nrai papers, aioniniy pay 1 to C. Additional compensation 'po.elbla. Pood, quarter, and medical attendance free. After 30 yeara aervlc can retire with T3 per cent of pa and allowance. Service on boarl ahlp and a.hore In all porta of the world. Apply at Ma & Clark at.. Su2 a. State at., or 8 K. Hal-. td at. ' ' WANTED MEN TO LEARN BARBER TRADE; few week completes: MOLER irraduate command bla-heat waa-ea; our diplotnaa reroamlae4 , ororywhere: .hop experience and waare while learnlDC' more calle for a-reouatea than can be aur-plled. Don't overlook thla opportunity. , Start now. Call or write. - MOLER BARBER COLLEGE. 4.13 abaah a. ' ' HIGH-GRADE ADVERTISING SO LICITOR WANTED. Moat bo able to approach the "big fellow" on , a hla-h claaa propoeitlou tnac will appeal 10 any aovcrtiMr. iunn , iim h mm . LADIES AND GIRLS ANYWHERE CAN EARN ood. steady pay errltlnn adv. lettera for a at home; send lo centa for forma and full lriitiuc- uona; no money roquiren; no canvas.ina. , .. AMERICAN SALES CO.. . Dept. N. Delaware City, Do!. GOVERNMENT POSITIONS BY THE THOITS- anda In census ana oiner onannmnn r.inuu .n i rnirini. ruil Dartictilars as to aal- a He, date, etc.. free-In circular 17S of National Correspondenca Institute. Washington, u. tJ. wivTfWvviiffl -MALE OR PEMALE: hotels, private homes, etc.: factory and -foundry Jaborerst good wajrea: no trouoie. uaiesounr cm-ployment Bureau, eo Pabllcaouaro, Oalesburg. 111. GOOD PAYING SITUATION OPEN CASH .i kl w mimAm nuivln. rharkiner. attendlna- adver. tl.lna material for your locality; no canvassing. I DepC 113, Pandora Mfr. Cor. London, Ont. ANYONE. ANYWHERE. CAN START A MAIL ordor bu.ineei at homo. No canvassing. Be your own boss. Kend lor iroa oookiou vii. w, . HKACOCK. 11 Lock port. W. X. WANTBDr-BCILDINO LABORERS. APPLY contractor Ulth si gat Pullman , car works, Pullman. III. - - ' 1 SITUATIONS WANTED MALE SITUATION WANTED BARBER IN COUNTRY town. THOMAS jutamiw, no. r ui"w . .AGENTS WANTED. ' WANTED FIRST CLASS MAN To'cALL OJ Introducing a new typewriter ribbon Ju.t put on the market, and which brines testimonials every oay. ve supply urns n - an tee ail frooda or money refunded. Agenta are credited with all orders received from their terri tory. et in on toe jrrouna now. ac n. .-dress KAY TYPE RIBBON WORXjs. Wi Ornnd ' av., Mlisraukee. Wis. . - ORANGE GROVES FOR ti PER TREK. IN-clndlng tho land: farming by proxy; etrong company: tree planted and taken care of for three yra: we . want reliable men In this territory ta represent ua: write today for particular, hand-torn book. etc. v TAMASOPO ORANGE GROVE CO.. new security bias;., cnicago. WANTED AGENTS: VI- ID SAMPLE OUTFIT rHEs: w pront: credit given; pre mi ui : xretant naia rune, ta win auuu in ma fun extra. Let the lnr..a, arbckJeaala aaaaev houea in the United State start you in a printable bualneos without on cent of capital: experience unneceesary. write - for fre outnt at once. McLEAN. BLACK UU.. Inc.. 22S Beverly at.. Boston. Maaa. BE INDEPENDENT START A MAIL ORDER business In our own home. Wa tell you how and furnish everything cetded wholesale. An honor able ana prontauie Du.inet. ior man or woman. Particular free. Many make 13.000 a year,. MUR PHY HNiu. CO.. Boutb Morwai. ujm. AGENTS WANTED BIG MONEY: EXPENSES paid: no experience required; portraits, bromides. pnoto pillow tope, auc: tranie at our rectory pricea credit riven: cataloerue and umttlri free. Depart' ment 23. Bitter Art Studio, W. Van Buren. Chicago. AGENTS WANTED FOR A ' HIGH CLASS. beautifully printed and illustrared dollar-a-year woman a magaains. t ominiriion, ov cents on eacn dollar eubecription. Write for agent'a free ootnt. , American tiooi Monthly. JLi ispruc at , ew xora. AGENTS BELL PICTURE FRAMES? BIGGEST money-maker out., with our prices; big conmli-' rlons; sample ca.e and ratalogue sent free. Ad- dree N. M. FRIEDMAN Y CO.. Mf gs.. Box 010. Martlniburg. "Mo. WANTED AGENTS TO SELL ABSOLUTELY new land proposition; good commissions: hustlers can earn C3.U0U next r-lx monthsr references re. ejuireu. pecan-Alfalfa Production Co.. Clinton. Ok. AGENTS FOR RAPID SELLING HOUSEHOLD CDeclaltv: every woman will buy on slsht: no tslk- lng: goods sell them.elve; write now. MARSHALL MERCHANDIZING CO.. Marshalltown. Iowa. AGENTS THE NEW GAME. 'THE RACK TO the North Pole sells on sight; no talking necessary: agents make (lO a day.. Address MONROE NOVELTY CO.. Monroe, lad. . EVERY 1IOUSEW1PS NEEDS IT; NO SEWING: mending tla.ue. Sells like wildllr?. Twenty other fast sellera. Big profit. Address C. LAM. 212 8. Wth St.. Omaha. Neb. WANTKD GOOD AGENTS TO SELL TOWN lots; will pay commission: a line nrnos'tlon; don't fall to Investigate this. M. R. HEMPHILL. Has- AGENTS MAKE ti DAILY SELLING HOUSE-bold necessity; sell eight out of ten fro particulars. EMERALD MFG. CO.. Pittsburg. Pa. WEEKLY MADE FITTING EYEGLASSES; quickly and easily learned; write for free booklet 17; tells how. National Optical College. St. Louts. WE WANT AGENTS AT ONCE OUR PREPARA-tlon sella In every household; big profit: write for sample. K. E. STORMS CO.. Minneapolis. Minn. AGENTS CONDENSED MILK CAN PERFORA-tor and seal; good for (100 a week. SANITARY PERFORATOR CO.. Box B. Los Angeles. CaU .. . A CHANCE FOR MEN AND WOMEN TO EARN t$ dally: special work la our advertising depart ment. WOMAN'S ERA. New Orleans. La. WANTED AGENTS; LEGITIMATE 6UBSTI-tut for slot machines; patented; sell on sight far 1. Particulars. OlijHA CO.. Anderson, Ind. AGENTS DISTRIBUTE FREE PACKAGES starch (outside Chtcaro); .alary weekly. BLL'MEH, . HZl Lincoln av.. Chicago, ill - BAY YOU SAW IT IN THE INTER OCEAN. PLUMBERS' SUPPLIES. PLUMBERS' SUP. PLIES at wholesale; will save yon SO to 1!) per cent on every article. - Write for catalogue. - - -8am attention given small as large orders. . -:. . B. L KAROL. 231 W. HARRISON ST. - EN WE HAVE ALWAYS ON HAND A FUJ I. MXt: C plumbers' end gdlittr-re' .upi-l-en and arre'. 15 tve you ) tf T"i per cert cn inf r,i jer. 1. I ;.: i a, w.. li . e-.a su tvii i-.-i. SP FEMALE a-ASEOUS. v. MpftpiSard;& Co. . WE REQUIRE v: - .'k 200 flORE YCUNG WOKEN ADDRESSERS -COPYISTS - BILLERS ETC . . . . ; Ample opportunity, whether experienced or not; profitable employment, pleasant conditions, both down town and North Side. ; - , . Fair education, plain, rapid writinr. neat appearance, and ares t7 to 25 preferred. - i- v-o A rood chance for permanence and advancement witb a rrowinr and successful house, if you are ambitious and capable. - Acolv early Monday mornlnr at Michigan ay. and Madison sL iMONTGokERYTWARD 4V CO. Wanted Intellircnt woman for two hours an eyeninr to canvass for hlrh-class publication; bir inducements. Address S 205, The Inter Ocean. : -: n-ivecn f icini v I.C1RN HAIRDREHS- ing. manicuring, facial maasage. electrolysis or chiropody: largest and moft complet institution of the kind In the wcrW: few weeka complete: aoma mom. earneil from .tart: hlirh claaa beauMr alto pa tn connection; too la (Inn. diploma, granted. call or write. MOLER COLLEGB. 485 Wabaahay. WANTED I. A DIES TO EAR.M 15 TO $26 PER week by learning- maaaace. hair dreaalnc. nnl curln and ,P-ltlona IUn; tol and coametlca free. Apply to MRS. M. A. PiST- RAX. tVl 8Ute at.. tn noor. . wTcn unracicFCPKR HJtFINKD. RE limhin frr bachelor: auburb: ti. no wa.hln; cour- teoua treatment: exencn prei. ; aiaie ae. Addreaa a 1 ne inter ticean. LADIES AND GIRLS RELIABLE HOME WORK - . . --i a. . a.Aa as a aw a ax 1 1 arat ' K 1 fkO fAfln uttwmra; wori rmntf.e.rj. atr o- ciov-. .w.. BUSINESS; CHANCES. , ti o inmrv a co. Restaurant In'elegant location; pld stand; money maker: .acrllW. ' . . : : Tuii.aiMiiK .tnn - .T.t f wV and tlxturo. ror tale tirocery: caen ouhphi, . old .tana; owner mu.t ee.i; ,e it. For Sale Koomlr.g-nouj in cnoic tocanoo, r furniture: room, renten; ail nr ciass iimu ..pi fW. mi r 1, ..I. f'atent for Faie invention tuny protectee rj m patent having an unlimited neia or operation; thoroughly democatrated: an ooportunlty for ln-lcomh9iM mri miiiifiiilrtri: will .ell atate rights outright or on royalty: call or writ and make offer. - .. .. Furnished flat In choice location: good furniture; Hir IlrtUb hrtm . .ar-v4A , Patent gate. No. 83.m:iB: money maker: simple. nomhla mnka nfTn. In.!ft V . Blacksmith than In prominent etlDUrb: cnes Mnt gwwl kltainatoal aIoI At at VJK t- t . T -- Poolroom: old stand' elegant location : complet equipment; big pront. : owner naaotner Dilemma. tolroom ana barber anop; goca patrooaae; pmr-tlcal man can make a fortune: sacrifice. For Sale Eight room hat : rent ; isonn oiae; Mwul - - ' InMtLn. .... so.atr, uiaes ssiooa aei ihiuih nine, -vh." per oay: transfer corner; a oargam. isoarfiing-nouaa in a,vaBMoa. rea. e-, ere: price goon. - - Partner wanted Wltn ntjuu tor aa tinraw.i " titvnrta.? Inv.atlaate. Fruit farm in unio: price n.w 84 acres: One - Del'lcatesren and Sh market on T. W. Sid: -mnt OvturMr hla tvtvtilta; nrtee. gOfiflL Sl.tKAf taaea exceiiewi larm n v n . railroad: good houea and water: chance of a llfe- Elegant frnlt : farm with timber land In In diana: bargain: not waste lana; invesiigata. - Plumbing ho la South Chicago; cat. 16 year. He theater oa Sooth Side: olegant location ; big r. Eneg'aat business property on . W."Slde: One Investment; good repair; good rents: gio.uuu ca.n ha 1. nra .r Employment bureau: choice location J Mf re- eelpts: est. lo years: price TTK. . Jewelry and gent furnishing buslnees: fj. 8tde: Excellent farm tn Kansas; all necessary Imple ment, etc. : tagee it: sarrince. - room cottage. Ravenewood; modern: furnace; chance for muitrv raising: mica t.1.000: term,. Elegant cafe In prominent Iowa town; normooa pu.inee: owner retiring. Meat market: choice location and makarvold Hind' urvtfltA. Bottling iJant In Oklahoma: complet equlp-aent: enormous bu.lnes,: your price tske. It. Barber shop; eieaant location: cheap rent: union nrire, : .arrlflc. 12.000 take prominent hotel In near by Illinois town: modern: money-maker the year round. Grocery and market: ca.h boelness; fine- loca tion : (Moa nxtures: big pront.: sacr:nce. raloon: best location In town; big atock; good whisky trade: old etaad: eaciiflc. Confectionery .tore in elegant location: old stands Ireth stock: bargain. - ADDISON. IIS Dearborn ,t. .., READ PRESIDENT TAFT" fPEFCH ABOUT CALIFORNIA OIL LANDS. . , -IN NOVEMBER ISSUE ' f OF OUR PUBLICATION. - "CALIFORNIA OIL FIELDS." - FREE SAMPLE COPT. FREE! - GET POSTED ON OIL INVESTMENTS, mnin s- iinuis Tth Floor. PHELAN BLDG.. SAN FRANCISCO. FOR SALE LIGHT MANUFACTURING BUS! neas. Incorporated for ('JO.OOO. Can be bought below oar. Market for product fully stablieh4 and a practical monopoly. . Easily conducted by any one of ordinary ability, now arrowing annual profit, of SS.OOOl and steadily Increasing. Clean preposition and highly aatlafactory In-overy way, Unusual opportunity for aafeand profitable Invest. ment in lesritimate ana growing enterprise. , drees Box 283. South Bend. lad. SMALL INVESTORS AMBTRICA N CAPITAL for South American enterprises. Lnltaa states, Braall. Argentina, bank, rallroacp. timber, iron in dustrles; the biggest scheme ever submitted to American investors; asa tor oonatei. . r. a., Paranaenes Syndicate. Suite 821 Singer bl5g.. N.T, WANTED INFORMATION REG A RDING GOOD business for sale; net pari ten tar eooui cnaracter. t!ae or location; prefer to deal with dealer only. Giro prlc and full deecriptton. L. DARBYSHIRE. Room A, Amv Exp. Bldg Rochester. N. T. -..- CAPITAL FITR.VIfHED. Induntrlsl. msnufacturlng. mining, oil. gas and railway etocg ana Bona issues eo a aireci to in-vr.turs: commission basis. SAMUEL GRAHAM A CO.. Selling Broker. New . lorn uit blag. amimi. " -, : THE NEW TARIFF fg MAKING ZINC MINING very profltable. We are now opening an excellent mine: Its stock la worth owning. V rite for particulars. LYON INVESTMENT CO.. Mine Op- eralora. Joplin. Mo, - . ' - I SOLD fSO.OCO WORTH OF STOCK IN MT company in six montn.. at you are screama caiutm write ror my tree uooa. wnira "i '" DARBYSHIRE. ltI A State St.. Rochester, N. Y. TO NET 0. TO IXCREASS THIS PROFIT .ki. Kn.inM. r r.rr.r a f w .hares of our 1 pre- ferrd stock at SS7.50 nar J0ii). Write for par ticular. JOPLXN CASKET CO.. Joplin. Mo. WANTED INFORMATION REGARDING GOOD money making patent: only Inventor hlroeelf need answr: giv prlc and brief description. Addles U. m. M-. urawer to a. iwcuwwt WANTED-GOOD BUSINESS; MONET MAKER ... ii... ... i .ith na-aar onlv: will Inveat in am good offer; atate price and describe fully. Address C tw, xne Anter utran. - , . PIANO PLAYER WANTS S50 TO GET OUT 'Handwriting on the Wall" with other expenfi iv wriiinics a ii' t vau ..v . Th Inter Ocean. - ' ' " - " ' ' wniiT-mtv nv RRItAKg. SELL ON BULGES. Send for booklet Facts and Figures, and market letters. OSBOHN GRAIN CO.. Minneapolis. Minn LUMBER .AND COAL YARD IN A THRIVIN3 1 KREtS A CO., 2S La Ball it. IflS f or leaflit oil Law of Descent, CUSHJNG CLBHIAW. Z1S J-r Baire St.. voiciiv ' . . n .tnir. w. MITtTAfTTIR Ing outfit. EUREKA GLOVE CO.. Hammond. Ind SAY YOU SAW IT IN THE INTER OCEAN. LEGAL NOTICES. r,uiriAri ncrnprB te idm THE COOK COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE COM mission will hold examinations as follow: iT. sr-hi.r r,f Medical 8taff at the Dunning la tf-.K.p 94 ltttfft and contlnuina from day to day until completed.. (Local resides 8cop of above examination will be technical knowledge, assumed stale of facta or practical teat. ""Assistant Physician at th Consiunptlya HosplUl t Dunning. November 1. 1900. , ' -Bcop of above examination ' will b technical k...UitM mrtA arnririrMa Class B Superintendent of Sab-StgUons (County Agent's omcel. uctooer zi. iiruu. - - BAna of above examination will be .Dedal .ob Ject (dutle. spelling, letter-writing, arllbmetla and penmanemp. . - Also promotion examination for Clerk and Buyer in ouhlii. bnln rwrartmint. October 27. 1VKIO. Thla examination will be open to all sixth grade clerks now In the service. . ... finmt of above examination win be spelling, pen manahlp. arithmetic, letter-writing and special tub jct relative to the .duties of th position to be Those desiring 40 it J - r.f the above examinations must file tbeir anon, ation with the County Civil Service Corn nieelm. Room MI Court House, prior to date or -t. CH A -I J '!A"TFTe:TJ. SECY. OFFICE Gl'Pi LIES, ETC.- IVDFXFTT 8 i ; !"" .-. v . yyi, HELP, 02 La . -. . TUB ; INTER OC12AN, SUNDAY. 3I0RNING, OCTOBER 24, 190t. mm (AHYB03Y DESKtlMS AMYTKIXS K3T LISTED BELOV VILl RECEIVE BY ADDrlESSIsa JHE "EVERTTKISa FC1 EYERYCC3Y" ABSTRACT MAKERS. " CHICAOO TITLE A TRUST CO. 1M WASH, lngton st. Phone Central 034. ACCIDENT 4k HEALTH I.l r.. STATES ACCIDENT INS. CO.. 10 DEARBORN at. Phono Randolph HOIS. A3. 000 coaU (12 a year. - ADDIXG MACHINES. BURROUGHS ADDING AND LISTING chin. 77 Monro sU Pbon Central 1532. ARmtTHrr im rkrikeer. . DAVID SAUL KLAFTER.II17-e21 UNITY BLDO. TO Dearborn t. Telephone Central 30. - ALCMIXUM COOKIJIO TJTKJISILS. -'. THE ALUMINUM COOKING UTENSIL CO.. Ota 11 Colony bb3g. - Harr. itsoa. wear n,ver ALl'MIMIM PJIErnt ATIC , FEET, j .. JAMES 1 LYON. 2a FIFTH AV.. ARTIFICIAL limbs with nonrattllng Joint. te. ARTESIAIV WELL COHTHACTOHi. B. GEtGER. 4fiS OLD COLONY BLDG, PHONE Harr. I7. Special attention to sounding buildings. ARTISTS ADD ENGRAVERS. OLSON. EMIL C. A CO., I3 E. WASHINGTON St. TeL Main 1710. All kinds of cuts A electrotype. ARTISTS MATERIALS. . H jnnrvrram t w A RASH AT. OPP. M. Field A Co. Cen. 24-13. Colors.bru.hes.canva,. papers ATTORXBY at COUNSELOR AT lAW. EDWARD 1. ADER. lOS LA SALLE ST. PHONE scala zooo. Practice la ail stale tmru. vwn AUDITORS. F. JUDD A COMPANY. 171 LA SALLE ST. Telephone Randolph 2W0i AUTO ACC. at SHOCK ABSORBER. HERCULES AUTO SPECIALTY. MFG. CO. Shock absorber; other specialties. lis Dearborn. ACTO BROKERS. TIME. SQUARE AUTO CO.. SO MICHIGAN av. World's largest dealers; new aodeecana nana. AUTO LIVERY. - CHICAOO AUTO LIVERY CO.. 2020 SOUTH Park av. and MO Michigan av. Phone Douglas S. AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC PUMPS. - THOMAS SMITH. INC . 17-10 S. CARPENTER Phone Monroe 210O, Write or CSU tor AUTOMOBILE SCHOOL. CHICAGO SCHOOL OF MOTORINO. T. E. FD- waro.. instructor, issa watrata av. in. .,i.wi. AUTO RAILS. ETC. IHaad PlatedlL FD WALKER. 18 W. RANDOLPH ST. MAIM la. Hand plating In sliver, brass and orelde. ACTO TIRES efc TIRE PROTECTORS. KTTTERMAN INVENTION CO.. 245 Randolph. New and seconds: also leather bob akid shield. BARIIRIK' ItiPPI.IRt. MOLER BARBER COLLEGE. 43T WABASH AV. Phone Harrison 2232. v HATH!. NEW NOHTnrnv V TtTBIftSH BATH. 1 Qulnry st. Telephone 11O0-2-4SS Harrison. -v BIRDS AND ANIMALS. VAHLE'S BIRD STORE. LAKE A DEARBORN ta. Cent. 8731. All kln!s birds, doga. goldfish, etc. BRASS FOUNDERS AND FINISHERS. WILSON HARDWARE MFG. CO.. 107 W, MON- roe st. Castings. We make anything in brasa. BROOMS AND BROOM MACHINERY. P GROSS A- CO.. 14 AND 231 KINZIE ST. Broom corn and broom manufacturers' supplies. BfO AND RAT EXTERMINATORS. V. TRACKETT. ABAR A CO.. 22RS INDIANA AV. Cal, AtttO. Extermination guaranteed or no par. BUILDING REPAIRS. -- - CHICAGO BUILDING AND REPAIR CO , 0 Trarim hMr. T A Ball, at Tel. Hir. T7ZV. CARPENTER. JOINER. REPAIga.aU ALEXANDER HENDRY. GENERAL CON- tractor. 320 W. Indiana.. Phones North 2120-21 JV. CASH FOR OLD BAND INSTRUMENTS DIXIE Wl'Sir! HnPfiJC l.Vl van BUREN ST. Used band Instrument, bought, sold and exchanged. CHAINS (POWER TRANSMISSION). EARL C. MOSS . ROOM SOS. tut ADAMS ST- (or driving fana. pump, machinery sad lloeehafta. CHIROPODY. . . " PBfir wm miwirrT." ino WARARH AV Central 2121. Corns, tic: Instant relief. Eat- 1&I. CLEANER AND DYER. DAVID WEBER. S521-2 STATE ST. DOWN towa store. 36 Monro st. Phone Douglas 62., COMMERCIAL PRINTING. HERMAN ROSENTHAL. 1S 8. CLINTON 8T Printing that la aatlafactorr. Poon Mala ITlt. DEFORMITY APPARATTS. L. REHTHALER." 3 WASHINGTON ST. Central 212. Specialist la flat foot solea. DETECTIVE AGENCY. : - WICK 9. PRIVATE DETECTIVE. 1S00 WABASH av. Phone Calumet 1100. Honest, reliable work:. DESKS (NEW AND SECONDHAND!, H. A. OTIS A CO.. 123 QUINCY ST. TELK- phon Mala 2709. - v ;- , ; . , DRESSMAKING SCHOOL. VALENTINE. G. V . DRESSMAKING SCHOOL. !MJ state st. nana. iota, vreescutung at aesigntng. DRUNKENNESS, DRUG HABIT CURE. PR. FRED CLARK. 618 W. ADAMS. MONROE Z3o0, particulars (re la plain avalop. - ELECTRIC PUMPS. - - BEACH RUS3 CO.. 213 FIFTH AV. MAIN 1203. Automatic, aiow speea. etectn nouae pump. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING. W. T. SLAUSON A CO.. 180-82 S. CLINTON 8T, Main ZIOt. Motors, wiring ana ouppue. ELECTRICAL REPAIRING. : THAYER A LINN. 428 DEARBORN ST. BAR. 3101. Kepetra on motor, uyaamoa ana wiring. ELECTRIC MOTORS REPAIRED. WAAGE ELECTRIC CO.. 123 S. CLARK ST. Cent. 382. Wiring and electrical contracting. EMBROID'RS, BANNERS, PENNANTS. OTTO LAUTERER. 183-18& E. MADISON ST. phooe Main iw. Arooge auponea ana onga. . -. ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS. I. M. YBOMANS A CO.. 48 E. VAN BUREN ST. power transmitting anacainery. - ENGRAVERS aft ELECTROTYPERS. CRESCENT ENGRAVING CO.. 341-0 S. CLARK at. - Har. 7a. cataoog aeaigBing ana luusurating. FRATERNAL INSURANCE. JOHN F. WHITE. 822. 188 DEARBORN ST.. Chicago. - ; FREIGHT FORWARDING. esivsmxriXEKTAL FREIGHT CO . tie Dearborn st, Houaebold goods forwarded West. 1 . FURNITTTRB t PIANOS REPAIRED. JACOBSON BROS.. 23T WELLS ST. NORTH 630. Upholstering, repairing aad reflnlshlDg. FURS. .' JOHN GREEN. lt STATE STREET. ROOM 42. Coat. T 1 4 A. r tin norea asni repaireo. . - GRAVEL, SLATE AND TIN ROOFING. ADVANCE ROOFING AND SHEET METAL Works. 4748 Cottage Grove av. Oakland T7. GRINDING AND KEYMAKING. C A. NELSON. 160 8. CLARK ST. CENTRAL tOM. Saw filing and machine knivs a apse laity. HAIR GOODS. SARA REtDY. OUR KEW LOCATION. t Stat St. Phone Coat. 4181. Tortoise shell comb. HEATING APPARATUS, RUBEL A CO.. 118 LAKE ST. TEL. CENT. 8842. team and hot water heating apparatus. . ., - HOSPITAL AND DISPEKIARY. HOSPITAL AID SOCIETY. ROOM lO. 16T E. Washington at. and 333 Wella st. Tel. North T43. . INFANTS' FOOD 'IMPORTERS), JAS. P. SMITH A CO.. bT Bv WATER ST. . HOB. tX.eon patent uariey . wnaw wa iraa rrrna, ixi.Ain wood. - ART MARQUETRIE HOP.'4700 ONTARIO ST. Artlatm Veneer ana innvy mri aawiaa s . INVALID CHAIRS (Mafrs.). " d F CHILD CHAIR AND WHEEL CO.. 2TI WA-toaahav Manufacturer to consumer.' Cat log f re. JEWELRY (M'FNG at REPAIRNIGl. nivin n riAVIDflEN. 113 E. MADISON ST Old Jewelry mad new. Established 23 years. , LAUNDRY WAiBLAiinu. ' . LEON FREEMAN. 218-221 E. VAN BUREN ST. Write for sample.--. ; , .. ... LOAM. v NATIONAL FINANCE CO.. H. 48L 108 LA gall st. Loan, to salaried employe. . ' MAGAZINES, CHEAP. JOHN W. HUTCHINSONt 371-3 DEARBORN ST. Current magasinea at club rates. Send for catalog. MANGOROUS. FIRST NAT. GRO. CO.. 58 WABASH. CTJHB3 Uidigestlon or stomach trouble... Samples, f re.- - MANICURING." ' - - -MARGARET HARRISON. TI M'VICKER'S Theater bldg. ' Manicuring: moderate charges. . . MARINE MOTORS (Gaaollwe). BIIANE MOTOR CO.. MFRS. OF SLOANS Motor? 18-30 W. Randolph St. Main 188. MECH A NOTH ER A P Y.' - wrn INST. OF MECHANO-TI1ERAPT. 1010 laasonle Tern. Drugle.s heallne: bloodies surgery. - MEDICAL INSTITt TIONS. - ' VAT MED. UNIVERSITY. 533 WE'.LS ST. tj k Tea. Hospital Sanitarium, Fre Dispensary. METAL, MFR. (Tlau Iroas ui Sheet). F RIEBEL A CO.. 6213 WENTWORTH AY Wat 281 All kind metal specialty work. . METAL NOVELTIES TO ORDER. ' METAL SPECIALTIES' MFG. CO.. 18 W. RAN. dolph et.. Main 748. Die, tool sand metal stamping. METAL PUNCH PRESS WORK. -. QUADRIGA MFG. CO.. 18 8. CANAL ST -eHGO. Bles tool,, stamping and special slxe waibers. - ; B4KTAL STAMPING. - ATLAS 8TAMP0 A PLATO WKS . 88 W. JACK- aoa blvd. Har, T183. Anytoing stampea in metal. WRTAL SKYLIGHTS. " ANTI-PLU VIU8 SKYLIGHT CO.. 40 DEARBORN at. atata v.... . ' wWi. MILLINERY. MAISON HUME. BT RANDOLPH ST. (MASONIC Temple). Pop. prices. French novelty Jewelry. Fur. MIRRORS RESILVERED. - MrNALLY-POOLE GLASS CO.. 418 WABASH rV Old mirror, made new. - Harrlsoa 8888. - , HOVUU rilllliEi nnitsi.-iu. iiAvn T-VIOUE FILM A CONSTRUCTION CO., Wi Deartrorn at. CenL W8. ew kind rilma. . HnrnfrYCLEl. - n w f,YON,- 170 E.-38D.- NEW AND SECOND hand machine. Repairing. re. catalogue unVKO PICTURES. nAVID J. CHATKIN. 416. TO DEARBORN ST. furnish everithlng complete ior oc tneatara.. afliSIC PRINTING. , THE BREYER PRINTING. CO., 70 AND 182 iionroe at.. Chicago. Phone main . . - ; , NOVELTY JEWELRY. LFCH JEWELRY A NOVELTY MFG. CO.. 87 Washington St. Jewelry repairing and plating. ' . KirKEL PLATING. u I. UDWIN. 70 W. VAN BUREN 8T. . HAR. 4olS. Stovea renlckeled our specially. , . OFFICE FURNITURE. MATLOCK CO.; 331-833 WABASH AV. DESKS, chair, safea. tables, etc.. both new and need. - fiUTTICR- AND SCHOOL PADS. . CHAMPLIN-YAKOfcKY CO.. 209 MICHIGAN ST. Cent. 41. C -: iio, jiom uuurb, 6JCVVJAAU ls:, ti. P ITKVl' AGKT. T J ST V KK SONS.lii rOXAPXlX'K. PMOXE j -, Vi'.i. i ;.... i-..utl t:i ft.-.-'. : t .5. H. - K. T. ! PATENT ATTORNEYS. - R0BT. KLOTZ ACO.. Oil SCHILLER BLDG. patent, secured-and developed. 1 el. Cent. 44". - PATENTED DEVICES BUILT. RISSI-INO A MAHNKB. 113 6. CLINTON ST.. Chicago, mach'ta. Ideas made practical. Maineuw. PHOTO BUTTONS MINI ATI" RES. H. HURSEN A CO.. 133 S. CALIFORNIA AV. Catalogue fre. Agents wanted. PHOTOGRAPHER. - ! SCHOLU 15S3 -MILWAUKEE AV.. NEAR Robey. Tel. 73 Humboldt. Take pictures anywhere. PHRENOLOGISTS. , EMILY VAUGHT-KOCINE. 28 E. VAN BUREN St.. Suite 8. Examination,: How to Succeed. PORTRAITS et PORTRAIT FRAMES. THE OWENS PORTRAIT CO.. DEPT. U. 21 8. Clinton. Fot agents and dealers. Catalog Ire. PRINTING (COMMERCIAL). " W. A. SWIGART A CO.. 1201-6 WABASH AV. Cal. STO. High grade work: reasonable prices. PRISMATIC LIGHTS. CHICAGO SIDEWALK LIGHT CO.. R. 429. 108 Washington at. Tel. Cent. 108. .4, PRODUCER OAS, SUCTION. M ' "OTTO" GAS ENGINE WORKS, 333-357 DEAR-bora at. T. W. Snow. Mgr. TeL Harr 84L . , PUBLIC STENOGRAPHIC BCREAtT.-MISS SPR1NOER. MANAGER. 828 STOCK E lA-chaagebldg. Phone Main 80. Also mimeographing. PUMPS (CENTRIFUGAL). ' " " -i- DAYTON HYDRAULIC MACHINERY CO.. 833. 116 Adsms st. Phone rtanooipa uw. .,- PUMPS (POWER). DA VI 3 POWER PUMPS. .ROBT. M. TSy' Mgr.. 23-238 Manhattan bVdg.. 318 Doarbora U PYHOGRAPIIY OOOUS. MU1R A CO.. 89 WASHINGTON BT. - tw elve Pyrosraphy Store. . : X '. READY ROOFING. ....' ., GERMAN AMER. PAINT CO.. lai vr. ' Buren. For ateep roofs or over old ehlngles. REFINERS AND satKix. i THOS. J. DEE A CO.. 7 WA8HINOTO PT.r.v lory 4..4 Ontario, cent, zi "JSi'omrD - lirirlCUTOH xtAStr - NATIONAL X-RAY REFLECTOK CO.. Jackson blvd. Tel. Har. 6441. REFRIOERATOHS r..j.w,. . PRUNSWICK-BALKE-COLLENDER CO . WI Wabash. Har. 8220. Butcher, hotels, eoio etora-a. REGALIA 'UH Abb ; - C. GLEASON A CO.. .... REGISTERS. " " H. A C. 8TEEL REGISTERS. O. t. ww bury. Mrr.. 13-17 Jksst. ' ' RCMILATOK, tHUT HOHMANN A MAUBER MFG. to., lis Lake st. - : . ..,. REGULATORS (TEXrtiiA.i. .,.'' POWERS REGULATOR CO.. 312. 40 DEARBORN t. Tel. Cent. "471. -: RESTAURANTS. .... KNAB'S. 85 AND 83 E. MONROE. E. Ranlolnh at., ou ana 1 1 "'''"""' . ra a t RI HHKR BANDS AND ERASERS. EBERHARD FABER. 800-ICJ4. 218 STATE ST. TU Har. IM'Jg. -. -T. . RUBBER TIRES. - . . CONSOLIDATED BI BBER TIRE CO.. . Boyer. Mgr.. 43.1 Wsbesa av. - ,- JBUVKUS. ABLB TRANSFER CO.. FRANK RYAN. 88 Market st. TeL Mala 4216. , . . : - - SAFES. - - i - , , TRUMBULL AFS .AND Y.ApLT CO.. llf, - Lak ?V IL VU-;. a Aa a mmw - ah ara ' wm an gaa. iags.m at at, aa. aw a MERLE A HKASiEYlMJM. CX1.1 188-100 WASH- """ . ; , . iv. aloos utmywxnn iturRT nrr a n , iw rr So E R.- dolph st a AMPLE; inilEl! RwstI) A W. WILLIAMS', lf-12' VASONIC TEMPLE. 84. 63. and 86 values tor si.fcu ana sa.w. iik n bRii.K Rt. WM. E. DEE CO.. 214-215 ROYAL INSURANCE i ., Y.t ... eeri- . "-'"-"- . .. .ci tAAUrArKU AA v. usn.AS' - BAKDEB, ADAMSON A CO,. . m Tjlk. . V SCAFFOLDING AND PLATFORMS. " v.. . ... um. m r-A n aoRV BT CEVf. 3S33. S-af.oldlng all kinds erected shortest nolle - SCHOOL AND CLASS fits. WTN8HIP CO.. 706 MASONIC TEMPLE. BUT-tea, plna. tinge, charms, medals far schools. U HIP IHON. MAX WEINCTEIN A SON. FIRST NATIONAL Bank bldg. - TeL Rand. 10O4. SEALS (Notary aael Corwo rsit lost) AMERICAN SEAL AND STAMP WORKS. 1S3 Salle at TeL Rand. 1I3L V SEEDS. VAUGHA.VS SEED STORE. 84-88 RANDOLPH it. Tel, Cent. 1886. SEWING AND EMBROIDERY SILKS RICHARDSON . SILK CO.. . 8241-222-224 " ADAMS SETTEES AND GENERAL SEATING. AMERICAN SKATING X ; - . - t 218 Wabash a v - SEWING MACHINES AND SLPPLIES. FOLEY A WILLIAMS MFG. CO.. 46 JACKSON blvd. New and 2d hsnd. Repairing, parts. . SEWING MACHINE MOTORS. DIEHL MFG. CO.. 2DT-211 E. JACKSON BLVD. TeL Har. 4HS3.- . - SHAKING GRATES. . M H TRKADWELL CO.. . - - 1 - 814). 118 Adams at. " SHEET METAL SPECIALTIES. DAVID JAMES A SON. 123 8. CLINTON T. Main 2V41. Gnlvanlsra Iron tank and cans . SHEET METAL WORKERS. P. CORTEX WILSON A C. 238-241 E. Lake at. " SHINGLE STAINS IaaBrrlma). .- VILAS BROS;,, lo Aliae.jj, 8th ,. SHIRTS rW'0rtT!R.J(l", hellesok-streotJ TWH YOOIDAM8 ST. HAS. 100L We are still eiMnnn s shirts. SHOE POLISH (XCaLI ; P. P. DAILET CO.. LTD- t47 8TH AV. .TEL. Main ittz. : enn rmnrnsrd nrrrsrng. SHOES (FOR TENDER FEET) PKTERKMCS. 11 FIFTH-AV: MAIN 2302 (mr snr-s man reur-rienoer reet nappy, . . BHORTHA7-D. REPORTER. NEIL 8ATTERI.EP:.". 774' CHICAGO OPERA HoawbMg. TeH.Nilti'FJaw.' X -.-i . SHORTHAKDt scuoofs,:: ABBOTT SCHOOL OF SHORTHAND. 48 K. VAN Buren. Hir.mi. Typewriter. Ire: can: Invest Urate SEFTON BROS.. . IL' Mji5180?( BT. AND 133 Clark et. ..,.. .:.,(.. . . , . HOW CAIES. CURTIS LEOER FTXTTRK CO.. 243-246 K. Jackson blvd.- Tel. Hsr. 643L . , , B HOW PRINTERS. ---.:-.- CROSS A BANT A SHOW PRINTING TO- 827 Dearborn et. - , : SHUTTERS (STEEL ROLLING). KINNEAR MFG. CO.. .1312 THE CORN KX- chanr- Bunk bldg. SIDEWALK CONTRACTORS. SIMPSON CONSTRUCTION CO . 704 CHAtfRCl of Cermmen-e bldg. Tel. Main 883. . ... . SIDEWALK CALKING. A. VT. SHERLOCK. 217 CHAM. OF COM. BLDO. Franklin 034 and Lincoln IftsA. Also 646 Osgood t. SIDEWALK LIGHTS. AMERICAN LIJXFER TRISM CO.. 1606 HET- wortn nifig. TeL Cent. 14-. ., . SIGNS. . - THE MEYERCORD Cf).:-CHAMBER OF COM- mere Tel. Meln 146L Decalcoroanla oroeesa. SIGNS (GLASS). ATTRACTOORAPH CO.. 194-2O0 R.- CLINTON st, 'Hr. SIM. . Cnmp'ete line glens ,igns. SILVER. GOLD A NICKEL PLATING. HANDY SPECIALTY CO.. 18S-B K MADISON BT. Main 21V We ren'ri-") reflrl-h like new.; ; SILVERWARE REPAIRING. -SERCOMB COMPANY. I"5 STATE ST. AND 1428 Wabash.- Phones Rsndnlrh 372 snd Calumet T. . SIMPLEX PRINTERS A DUPLICATORS LAWTON A CO. W. H. KURTH, Manager. Suite 80I-3O2. SO Trearbem et. - SLOT MACHINE (MANUFACTURERS). HILO GUM CO?. - - Thirl f!evr 1.7-Market L SMOKELESS FURNACES. JAS. MCMILLAN A CO.. 70 MARKET ST. TEL. Main 2-704. Patented. , .-. SOAP LIQUID (MFRS.) : . ' ANTISEPTAL LIQUID SOAPCO.. 08 8. CLINTON St. .. Main S0WV Greatest on msrket. Writs. - SOAP MFHS. SIPPLIKS. CENTRAL COMMERCIAL CO.. 226 RANDOLPH at.. Tel. Main TO. SOCIETY EMBLEMS- WATCHES, ETC. L. G. COBB A CO.. 103 STATE ST. SPECIAL proposition- a rents. Writ -for catalog No. 73. . SOCIETY GOODS.- A. D. FOSTER. FORMERLY G. F. FOSTER SON A. CO.. 171 Washington at. ... . SOCIETY SUPPLIES. E. A. ARMSTRONG MFG. CO.. SIS TO 121 WA-bash av. .-i SOUVENIR POST CARDS. T - P. SCHMIDT A CO.. 1030. 834 DEARBORN ST. rL- Har. 5845. - SPORTING GOODS. .'---. VICTOR SPORTING GOCDH CO'.. 1ST WABASH av. . Moor A Evans. General Agents. - SPRING HINGES. BOMMER SPRING HINGES. 48 LAKE ST. J. V. Wise. Agent. ; - SPECIAL MACHINERY TO ORDER. a t imiflAu sir a rr.iNTnst UT. HAR. 8354. Designer and builder of tools and machinery. STEAM SEPARATORS. DIRECT SEPARATOR CO.. 40 DEARBORN ST. TeL Randolph 101. Also oil separator.. - STEEL E4AIIPMENT (FACTORY) Lyon metallic mfg. co.. io3marquette bldg.- Cent. S4 ri. storage racks, shelving ana Dins, . STEEL. STAMPS. SEALS. ETC MEYER A WENTHE. 90-02 DEARBORN ST. Han. ft). Stencils, seals and badge,. . ITUiUullArnbH ii.umniiiunsi MISS ANNA M. CREWE. 1225 1ST NATL BANK Typewriting and Notary Public. CeaufiOOS. , ITKREOPTllOK.. CHICAGO STEREOPTICON CO.. 66 FIFTH AV.. Chicago. 111. , PEEL FURNITURE. - ROGER A. 8IMONSON A CO., XI K. MADISON at. Tel. Central Siltt. . - ATOCK FOOD. INTERNATIONAL STOCK FOOD CO.. THIRD floor. J33 Lake St. - , : .: - . STORAGE. ' ALEXANDER STORAGE WAREHOUSE. .8010 2012 Waba,.. av. Tel. Calumet 667. - STOVE REPAIRS. - " NORTHWESTERN STOVE REP." CO.". 70 LAKE St. Tel. Cent. 67. -ai HSUHIPTION AGENCY. rtT.NNETT'3 NEWSPAPER AND MAGAZINE Agency. 171 E. Randolph ,t. SUNDAY SCHOOL SIPI'LIES DAVID O. COOK ITBI.!-30 Wash-yen ,t. T-i. ' ' TA- . - t.U i. ' ROY A I. y. r. PA I. 1 ;. v. at. 'a . .. 1. . --i-' i 2U4. 31 AND . L-EAF.150RN FULl ISF0HHATJO3I FREE BEPARTUEMT.) TANKS (WOOD AND STEEL). WEXPNACEL A CO.. 22D AND JlbFFERSON Sta. Tel. Cansl 2140. .. .TAXIDERMISTS. '"";.' ' - W. C. KAEMPFKR. SS STATE ST. MOUNTING of birds, deer besds. etc .. ;. . r- .-' TAPE MEASURES. GEO. M. EDDY A CO.. 142 LAKE ST. H. H. Mungvr. Agent. . - . .. TAX ABSTRACTS.' CHICAGO TAX ABSTRACT CfK J. TAILOR. ' : - - JOHN A. JACOB8EN. 374 BErTOUg BLOJU State and Adams sts. Tel. Har. wias. v ; TAILORS (LADIES SKIRTS). GROHXMAN A GROSSMAN. MAKERS. OF tailored skirts. 808 Maaooic Tarn. Pbon ttaaa. w. TEAMING. "- ' MERCHANTS TRANSFER CO.. 86 S. WATER Itl, UU. em, jiiao maenme iini mmw uw. u TEAS.- i. '-"--, ":' "'-j.'!" SHERMAN PROS. A CO.. -2 S. WATER BT, TeL Central 882A. ' THRASHING MACHINEHX. ' THE AUTEN MACHINERY CO.. 2224 W. RAN-dolrth sf- TL Main 8027. . , "i - TICKET BROKERS CUT RATES. DAVID LYONS. 2T8 S. CLARK. PHON EH AJl-rteoM 27 SO. Excuraloa ticket, bought aad sold. TICKETS. TAGS. LABELS. SALISBURY MFG. CO.. 264 MONADMOCK TeL Har. 1063. TILE ROOFINGr ' FEDERAL CEMENT TILE CO.. 610 FORT arbora bldg. 134 Monroe su . . mmsn BirrnanEni.' . J. H. WILSON SUPPLY CO.. 44 DEARBORN ST. Ceat. 8358. Supplies and repairs. All make. TIRES (FOR MOTOR VEHICLxfi. AMERICAN WOOD TIRE CO.. . ..u. Sll gOOHrHK. vrk TOURIST AGENTS. " ' ' i .' AMERICA V TOURIST ' ASSN. -READ CAMP- beli. Geaeral Manager. 1418 Msrrjuette bldg. . TOILET PREPARATIONS. Chgo., mfrs. high grad toilet articles. Agta. waatod TRADE MARKS. - MIDA'S TRADE MARK BUREAU. SP FLOOR. 303 nearbom sC - - f -. . TRANSFER COMPANIES. ' ... FRANK E. SCOTT TRANSFER CO.. 60X-4IO Wabash av. Tel. Harr. 482, TREES AND SHRUBS. - . v 1' PORTER'S NURSERIES. 123 LA SALl.Br HT. Mala 2414. Laadscap plana. Catalog free, TRUNKS. BAGS, SUIT CASES. ' ft A. TAYLOR TRUNK WKS.. ! RT . U. St. A 637 Msdlson. near Deeplalaea. TeL Cent. 2778. TRUNK LOCKS AND HABOWAB. EAGLE LOCK CO.. . ... ' TRUSSES. HOTTINOER TRUSS FACTORY. MILWAUKEE av., cor. Chicago av TeL -Monro zwi.,- ,: TLB B CLEANERS. CHICAGO ENGINEER SUPPLY CO.. ' . .. . .... j, . - . - I1X-..S ' TWINES AND CORDAGE. r". GEO. B. CARPENTER A CO.. M , gUO-jCtai O, v,a w VJNIFORMS. : :'?''- .i..v,v..-:ei JAA H. HIRSCH A CO...." . . - - . . ziz ana i. UPHOLSTERERS, CABINET H'DWK. JULIUS CERBECHER A VENTILATING-FANS. ANDREWS w - 1JW. 1 umnnrnp ' wwwr,r-al. rii.tTen CABINETS. ART MRTAL CONSTRUCTION CO.. 1113 MER- chaats Loan and Trust bldg. C. W. Denicka. Mgr. . VETERINARY INSTRUMENTS.. 5 : HAU8SMAMN A DUNS CO.. VKTEHI1 t8Vl'R(iEOIfc -;'. CHICAOO VETERINARY COLLEGE AND VST-ariaary Hospltsl. 2i33 and 2538 Stat sL . VIBRATORS. . HELTON ELECTRIC CO.. 618. 36 RANDOLPH SU TeL Central 830. - vini.m A8U STHINGS. WAGNER A QEORGE. 1106-6 " fTETNWAY Hail. 17 K. Van Buren st. Hsr. 6304. Violin dealers. WELDING ACTOCBNOUS). i FTANDARD WELDING WORKS. 47T WABASH ay. Har. 6277. Metal casting, all fclada weleUd. WIRE SPECIALTIES. . WIRE SPECIALTY WORKS. 649-53 FULTON ST. Mala 4SO0. Anything la wir manufactured. : wiris M ATt. -... ... w. p. SMITH WIRE AND IRON WORKS. 168 Lake st. Factory. 1630 to 16SO Chester St. , . . wibh MAILINGS. E. R. LAISDON WIRE AXD IRON WORKS. 118 g. May .t. Tel. naymsxaat wa, wmH HOPE. - MACOMBER A WHITE ROPE CO.. 607 AND 800 8. Clinton. Tel- Harr. ousa. , lariRis arRKEKl. E. T. BURRO WES CO.. 833-336 MARQUETTE bid., also Portland. Maine, um K iigal A KLINTZ A CO.. 526 W. JACKSON BOULS- WIRE AND IRON WORK. ...,? m, AND IRON WORKS. grborn! TeL Cent. 527T. Geo. K. Rig. Manager. TwiHE . WINDOW GUARDS. NOVELTY WIRE AND IRON WORKS, 2023-2023 Al, t a V. 1 ru arving rara I WILLOW AND RATTAN BASKETS. M. J. TILLMAN'S SONS. ,. " 224 W. HI lapis st. WTNDMILLS. ' - - THE AERMOTER CO.. CAMPBELL A V- NORTH of 12th st pnoa e aoj. , s, . " WINDOW SIGNS. PALM. FBCHTELER A CO.. 43 LA SALLE BT. Main elOU. "Good Ad" aad translucent. . , WINDOW DISPLAY FIXTURES. -SUPERIOR BRASS AND FIXTURE CO.. 733 W. Jackaoa k44. . . . WIRE FENCE. PAGE WOVEN WIRE CO. AUSTIN CLEMENT. V. P.. 200 E.Afonrot. ... WIRE (.LASS WINDOW. HARRY C. KNUKLY CO.. 606-508 S. CANAL. TeL Harr. 427a - . . , WINDOW CLEANERS. " COLUMBIA WINDOW CLEANING CO, WTN- 6wa cleaned. B. n. 1st La sada. A ei. aula auu. WINDOW I1IAAIBS. - - ACM 8 SHADE CO.. 126 DEARBORN STREET. Coat. 8448. naa cieanaa mmm repauwa. WOOD HAgrBT, ' CHICAGO FLOOR CO.. 14 C MONROE ST. TEL, Ceat. 1876. - WOOD lAHfEltl, - CHICAGO WOOD CARVING CO.. 1508-1311 N. Halsled. TL AJncoia 483. . . WOOD MVUKLKBI. - - - - KOPRIWA COl. 1708 CLYBOURN AV. TEL -ola X7ZC WOOD FILLERS.STAINS.VARNISHKS CHICAGO WOOD FINISHING CO., . uiu-Axi siatoa av. WOOD PULLEYS. "" REEVES PULLEY CO.. 8 N. CANAL ST. TEL Main 3048. - WOODESW ARB HAHtr AtTiHEaSi RICHMOND CEDAR WORKS. 63 SL WATER ST. J. Shepherd parriea, aianager. . WOOL. - H. T. THOMPSON A CO.. 201 TO 200 MICHIGAN Tl. Aat. UMHV - --WOOLEN MILL MACHINERY. R. R. 8TREACT A CO.. . . ? t84-I8 Washington L WOOLE-C AND COTTON CLIPPINGS. 11 PllHRN A BOX8. (85 B. CA.NAL HARRISON 2373. - New Woolen and Cotton Remnants. WRAPI'UU PAPER rnl.M'bHl. R. J. KITTREDGE A CO.. 342-836 W. SUPERIOR. . Aireen. leu aaon. e-WRAPPING PAPER AXD TWINES. WK-IH UIUL I APB CO. - 004-oen vv. a,t sr. WRECKING CONTRACTORS. BARN EY BENSON A SON. 508 AND 610 N. Green sL Phone Monro lOhl. WKElKLiO AAU BAA. V AUC. TI. B. CARR WRr-CKINU CO.. BOOK B. AAALiBTKD. Phone Yards 1204. . - WRENCHES. - - PARMELEB WRENCH CO.. 2315 W. MONROE I'hone wear ves. . WROUGHT IRON PIPE. THE GOULD CO.. OHIO. 8. E. CvjR. FRANKLIN. Phone North 41S3. - - . . - I-HAI AUllrS. BCHEIDEL. WESTERN X-RAY COIL CO.. 198 Madtron at. TeL Main 1766. . . - UNITED STATES TEA ST CO.. ' 100 nwqcu u YELLOW PINE LUMBER. HINES LUMBER CO., LINCOLN. SOUTH OF Blue Island av. Call or writ. ZINC DROSS AND SKIMMING. I.ORAINE SMELTING AND REFINING CO. 610. 115 Dearborn. Tel. Central 403. y ... IIKU STVHISHa.. JOS. H. BARNETT A CO.. 834 DEARBORN ST. TeL Alarr. im i of Reliable Firms' ! CLEANERS AND DYERS. - COOK A M'LKAN. 54 Drbora. Cent 3021. Oak 838. - DIAMOND BROKERS. --. T. K. DONNELLY A CO.. 118 Dearbor. OLD GOLD BUYERS. A. LIPMAN.' 99 Madison at, Inter Ocean Bldg. " TOWEL SUPPLIES. SANITARY OFFICE TOWEL CO.. 105 8. CANAL at. Clean towl, supplied to ofllcee and waahed la our own laundry by the moat sanitary method a. Tel. 46S3 Harrison. - - - TRUSSES, DEFORMITY APPARATUS. DR. WOLFERTZ CO.. SPECIALISTS. 00 5TH av. Expert truss litter: rupture snd deformttlee nosttive v cured with our latest appliances: truases. else, stocking, abd. sup s. bunaay, 9-12 a. m. Oai-ef-tvn-n reader v iio do xtot find what they want In this directory, adJreas Want Ad Orpt, The Infer Hcm n, ("' I -n " r. IP' MEDICAL. ' . Vna Desnofident Com to m for relief from your ailments. The beet known ar.d uret method, used. Never falL No mosey accepted un-lef a cur If aerored. Private maternity home, with trained nurses, for confinement casee. Free consultation and examination gladly extended. . DR. HOFMAN. 113 8. Clark St.. Siite 304 (3rd Fluor). Hour. 8 to L DR. HASEN CLEVER, 182 SUte St, Room AS. Regular family phylcian. . IS year' experience. Treats skillfully anj reliably all disease of long or recent standing. Re lief guaranteed of all caae accepted. Maternity home provided for patient, before and during confinement. Consultation and advice fre. Hours: 8-3. Jff-fc THOSE SUFFERING FROM WEAK- VJ Deuel which sap the pleasures of life . f, should tak Juva Pill. One bog will 6 rlA 0 te:i a story of marvelous result. Tola medicine baa mora rejuvenating, revitalising fore than haa ever been offered, bent by mall In plain -packages only oa rwosipt of Mad Wita originators. C. C Hood, proprietor Hood' g Saraapartlla. Lowell. Mas. - 1-. LADIES' ASK ' YOUR . pRUaGIST POR Chirhtr Pills, the Diamond Brand. For 23 year known as Be.t. Safest. - '"'A'ifA'n your druggist. Take no other. Chichester DUmoa-i brand Pllla ar aold by Druggists every whor. DR. J. P. BENNETT DISEASES OF MEN ONLY. - 48 K. Van Buren at. Honrs. 16 to 6: Toe., and Sat.. 10 to 8: Ben. .10 to 12. maternity home for patients befors and during conflcemetst.' Roarduag and adoption.-Call or address DA. PEW., room 304 Chicago Opere-fcooe bldg. . for blood poisoa. skin eruptions. wk-neaa, etc.. see mo. Medicine bOeent. Dr. ferloey. 112 Clark, su. Hours. 3 to A CHICAOO EAR, EYE. .NOSE In,t.. 167 Doarbora at., suit 614. AND THROAT Hours. 12-4. 7-4. .rR. OALVERX STOMACH TROUBLE. CHRON IC ailments, wis Lrow av. rwin."-- OBSTETRICAL NURSE ATTENDS CAKa AI her hotr.e. 17 Lincoln av. I'hone Lincoln heil. THE BARBERS 'C0R!iER; SaoOBUYS BEST TOUTPPED B ILLI ARDP . finest location. North Sid, slxbl Room for four barber cbalra. Will net 800 monthly or more. Address 8 228. The Inter Ocean. WE HAVE SOME VERY NICE SECOND HAND barber's furniture at reasonable prtcea. HKlr CHIOR BROS. B. S. CO.. 2 B. Madisoa St. 81 8 (WORTH DOUBLE) TAKES CHAIR IN loop barber ahotw rent. 610: bargain. K.LA.1N. A Clark L Telephoo 7006. ADY BARBER WANTED: STEADY. F. WURMBTEOT. Valparaiso. Ind. - -- SALARY LOANS. EAST MONET HONEST PEOPLE PEOPLE EMPLOYED permanontly may borrow from us CHEAPLY QUICKLY. SECRETLY. on their wrisn riB" unKOR and CAN . : AFFORD TO ;? ; . PAY .. ' OCR RATftV ' -'.. repay the loan In email payments. , it wiu pay NVE3TIGATE TRTS. ; . STATU FINANCE CO, ROOM 638. 78 DEARBORN BT. CUT, RATES ON ALL SALARY AND -v: FURNITURE LOANS.; . ETERTBODY CALL i Room . 7, 161.W. mcisoBu BANKERS TO THE PEOPLE. TOTT CAN borrow money of us In email ram. as well a large Men and women Employea oustnee men. too we win give v . , li ' Chicago. LADIES of reputable family raayeeM.y borrow oa their tan, and promise. Tel Central 7064. or call private offlceat eventh floor 123 Monro at., comer Clark. WEST A COMPANT. - QUICK LOANS ON INCOMES OF ALL K1LMJ to hlrh ciar, MEN and WOMEN: confldeatlal: LOWUT T-IUli: Snt IDWrnrn IT Ji . i .Tt, . vats wsiting ana tiir. rwm, . . - - - . .noafrteV. LA SALLE FINANCE CO.. 803 Ta- coma B.dg.. Madison and LaSall,t. ' .- SALARY LOANS. LOW . r r,v iv? .1.1 rut navmeats. NATIONAL FINANCE CO. (Joint stock company). 431. 108 La SaUe aU BAY TOD SAW IT IN THE INTER OCEAN. PERSONALS. iiramnniiiiinTrOTO POSITIVELY GROW hair oa bald beaJa and cur all diseases cftb scalp. Trial treatment free. L. L. LATTOA. Srain SpsciaUsu suite 412. 88 Stat St.. Chicago. SUPERFLUOUS HAIR DESTROYED. MARKS of as removed, ex pert opera i or a mw "' " KMrnr sr-i B-1 4U. MME. LEHMANN. 1017 Warren a v.. near Robey . Chicsjro. Phooe tor appointment. , - , a naiinr'pi PRR HIOHBST CHARACTER: ncoriorated: 14.h year; 80o0 irmbera: paper sealed; aend 10c I. O. Leva. Bog 1600. Denver. cote. DON'T BE LONESOME-JOIN THE OM-iits. Halite mamas Bureau in tne wov . October paper. Box 231. Seattle, waan. ATTORNEYS AT LAW. re A. BEREZNIAK- ATTUREI ria COV N8ELOR AT .LAW - LEGAL BUS IN ESS 1 OF OFFICE. 818-619. 134 E. MONROE BT. .iwvDrwr .niuinrjl CORPORATION A collections; eaar term,: city and eMotry: advte free. JONE-A 82 Ashland Ploea. t-ent. MAX YOU SAW IT IN TH8 INTER OCEAN. PRINTING. 1 000 CARDS. ISC; STATEMENTS. BILLHEADS. noteheadaTfl .23; 'letter-hed. 81.60: bond llnaa. $"13. J. LUPP. 125 Clark aU. Chicago. -r.r- DD1-TIVA PHITIP MXrLCB ritLC r-.r.i,r. ha-. Faatu.43 Dearborn. Tel. H.WI. t HORSES AND CARRIAGES unnapa nrivTr.itnn AT HrTRTTS STOCK .- FAatAji p ThPi PlAlnd-A. 111.:. .rood fe4 and car-?; box tail. 91. ani Timii, aim bIiw, v cao address: HEN RY L. HERTS. 40 Federal PMir. TlPTP07s4- inBIISRCPTI aje.i8. STORC AND OFFICE FIXTURES. -JULIUS BENDER. ' ' i t 530 and 2 W. Madison St. . Cmmnisto ll.t of new and second hand store and ernce lixtores at lowest prlcea RJRJiACANDJJ SO .PER CENT FUEL . SAVERS DOTLAIR Stoves Furnace,., hot wster and .team beaters. See demonstration at 213 Randolph st. uw GLOBE HEAT-POWER CO. GUIDE TO C ALIFORNIA 128 PP.: ILLUSTRAT-ed- copyrighted lOOS: postpaid any address. 10c BEAR BOOK. 318 Centrsl bldg.. Los Angeles. JTPEWmjJNiy rrrULTTTPEWRITERS ALL MAKE. Bargain prices. Rental, at lowert rates. THE TYPEWIUTER EXCHANGE : -819 Dearborn at. Phone (OttJ Harrison. . o RAILROAD TIME TABLES.- riAtT.V. ' ' ' tEXCEPT SUNDAY. , i EXCEPT SATl KDAI. EXCRPT HONDA X. . ITl'ROAT ONLY. ' ISUNDAY ONLY. .' KcrKi Ucdcrn Rdlnay Ticket o(Bee. 211 Olark-et. (Tetepbone fleatral TH 1 aad Well Htreat Station. 1 . lai In. If mia -r,rrhnasa Mala S aad Auuwati 6id6 . . I,-, Arriv t lUraa Mllwanka Madlaoa.: .. o i6m a8Oaaa M 11 a-.nkee. b hatxr, aaa. Maaitoeae ee7paa t Ifflial Boekfovd aad fie. port ,. lit aspm I UA turn .la Kiala. 1 1 4A aaa e ajK.i Maison.rOroaa,Wloa.MIano.l. ., AaaMeote aad th Dakota ) P attHOaaa Milwaakaa, Greea Bay, Meoomlae (Spaa -.. 8. Psa aad Mlaaaapolis, Belolt. J. " jaBesvUl.Madiaoa . j ""Baa t-SOaaa MarakBeJd via Merrlllaa.. ....... 608naB (BaWaaa Bock ford via Barvard 7 4 iOREOOM -WASMiMCTOal . , TlMlTfO Pertland aad Paaet boaad Points lOOOaai Cedar Bapida. Dm Melaaa ........ (4laaa tUOIaai Elgia. Baekford. Freepovt t6paa tn vxzz. rvtarr: mis: ttlaOasB Mtlwaako. Or Bay. M.aonlaee 484Daa lll0a-a Keaaaha. Kaeiaa. Milnakee....... 1404sa tttdDpaa Osdar Bapid aad UAaratediata. 1 1 1P- 0D.d?aa:iVl t lOOsm Mile amasaaa eSMpaa alOOpaa Mtlwaak ,Or,ea Bajr.Moaoai MUwaak. Madiaoa .-, Belolt. Jsaaeviile. Madias,-.... Keaaaha, Baalao, Mllwaad-sa. t 40paa atOMpaa' T 444 aaa t (iBsat 4ipsa tnJOpaa BdOaaa 1 43a Elgia. iioekfor. gr . : I Mllaaaihoe. Hbeborcaa. Maaltowo. I a a an aaa 88B Ih-u, Jew Ashiaa. i " , 6i8 poa O-Akoaa. Weasaa. MarahBeld ffaVaa- 40sa Dae Mai aaa. Omaha, Blows Clty. laVaaa tijtpm Kerthsra Iowa aad Dakota, .. Jiaaa I6a Dalath. Sopartor, J,ai,rlli... 1xaaa M6d6paa AJgia. Uak-ora. Frup nrt fn-Tif-8 f NORTH HOKE SPECIAL ( J3a MUwaak aad Baetao. I 4 JO sea Milwaakaa, Maal-swoa. Oraea Bay UTI 1la e aKn.i NOBtTH WESTERN LIMITEO t e BJOaaa ' "i.Paal. MUasapolla, aT.di-nai.... ( 9Mm. ( Baa rraatotaee. -, Aagaias. ) tmpm MUwaakao, HoghtaB. MarQeatt.. 160aai t lOSsa, BaaH Hta. Marie IThrswh Bla.s.rt Nldtaaa 804 pm SU PaaL MlaaeapeJia. Madiaoau. 646aaa 6AHpaa LaOreaae. Wlaoas, Black BUs.. 106 aaa 1MIIGO.P08TA8D ) ' -Dpai . . SPKCIAk . . . lla ( rortiaad aaa Paget buaaa puna. 10-JOpaa SU Paol. Mlaaaaaolleaad Da hath. 68aat KaOpaa Mil-make. Oreoa Bay, Fssaaaba 1fi)a Uhttwm Omaha. Dne Motaaa. Dearer . . 79aaa KAifm Oauha, Biou City. Blaefc Bills "130 aaa M-if8lt Laka. Saa Fraaetsoa. Lss Aa-1 s aan ABBpamj mmlAmt0mLk coder Kaplda ) oaoaa t-M8paa hoelh.ia aa4 Re. Dakota . tdiaxa -i Lry-- tlOOaa, LaOroeae.nd WIoo. ... .. tSipm (a) Dally A-hlrage-M Dwaak. (b) Saaday rX6 p. aa. tki Frsss Bans Bay daily. - ILLINOIS CENTRAL R. R. All through traJoa from Central station. Lake Front aad 12th ft. City ticket omc. Ui aU Phen CenU BZ.O. ... 9:4)1 am N.Orlean-Mmpbi Special t 9:40 aaa Evanevlll v.-. ( Limit td Meo.phla.N.Oriea-1 TMpmlH. Spga. Ulccplng earsonly) 70 pta 5 Birmlagham A Jacksonville . . , I (sleeping car ooly ) ' 1 Coaches only. New Or- 8:50 prnj lean. Memphis. Hot Spfga. I Jacksonville. Birmingham. , - feu Loo Is and SpclngfWld eiOM anal Daylight Special........ IHSOiMk . scu pas 104O ana lo:o ata " , - J 1.-08 pi 7r2S gaa 7:27ao e 6:20 pm, iv: is poa 1 uuhom rpeciai .......-... a:iaana uairo Lrocai... ... 2:40 am Soa them Fast Mall 2:40 am Evarsvllle -- e :so am 1:06 poa ? 8 :30 pm 16 pna e 6:30 ana. 10:Oa ana e 8-.30 an e 8:30 an 8 JO am 6.-20 pot ' e t -M BO eiiViVi'ii tll:36 wa 60 pm Mattooa. Decaf r. Cerb'dal t 8:13 am Bloomlngtoa A Chat, worth t 60 pm Bloomioarton A Chat. worth B:3V pna tjairo ana pouta... .... 4 :30 pot Kankakee and Champaign 6:30 pm Mlnneaoolls-St. Paul Ltd... e 6:00 pm OmahaKTouncil Bluffs LAO- :UO pm I'UDUQUff. a. t-itv. .n... 8:10 am Dwbuoue A Ft. Dodge Exp. IMta Fast MslL Dubooae A West IS :30 am Minneapolis end St. Paol... I CO rem Rock ford Paasenger.. 8:16 pat Rockford. Freea'U Dubuaue qcEyijTps ANCHOR UNc. NEW YORK, GLASGOW LONDONDERRY LIVERPOOL.' Columbia OcU SO, hov. 2i. Jan. is Ca le! on La N OT- I. Dec. U. Jaju California Nov. 20. Dec. 18. Jan. 15 SaoooT607'80 to 872.30; Secenti Cabin. 842.30 aad 40.ov; Dteeraga. . - 21-23 8HERMAN ST. TEL. HARRISON 3335. FRjlGHT FORVVARDING. - R EDUCED Jl A TE FOR SHIPPING HOUSEHOLD good to th WeaU Judsoa Freight Forwardlagl Co.. 443 Marquette bldg. Pbon Raadolph 2135. STEAMSHIP AGENTS. GRAHAM A SONS. STEAMSHIP TICKETS AND money order. 14 W. Madlaoa au Open evening. SAFES. HALL'S SAFE CO.'S SAFES. " - DONNELL SAFE COMPANY. " - 2O0-203 E. Washington u.: i . Formerly 52-64 Wabash av. Phone Main 2782. ' HERRING-HALL-MARVIN SAFE CO. Hal!' a atandard aatea and vaults. . -Good eecocd-hand aafe alo. . -. , Safes opened repaired and painted. 184-106 Washington at. TeL Main 1482. ,., -. -7 HUNTERS '"' ' ' . " ' ' of Safes, aot Big Game, will And It a Safe Game) to Hunt for Safe Bargain, at The Sabath SateCA, 188 K. Lake at. CaU or writ. - - SAY YOU SAW IT IN THE INTER OCEAN. CLAIRVOYANTS. LEARN THE KEY TO SUCCESS. HAPPINESS and future by consulting C F. LEON. Howra. 9 t!lL-&&iqAN av. ; KMC JOSEPH A HENRY JOSEPH. PALMISTS and Medtume Ladle 23c. Gewta 60c: never mora. 1147 W. Madison su (old No. 8M. nr. May, upstairs ILUARD AND POOL TABLES. : FOR BALK SECOND HAND BILLIARD AND pool tables. We rent table wUh privilege, of buy-fng. THE BRUNSWICK-6ALKBOLl-NDER COMPANY. 2M and 205 Wabash av. ; MONEY MADE DAILY BY ADVERTISINOND THE INTER OCEIAN WANT ADS HELP TO . MAKE IT. BRING YOUR WANT ADS OR TEL-KPHONE 1904 CENTRAL OR TAKE THEM TO OUR BRANCH DRUG STORK AGENCIES THROUGHOUT THE CITT. . . - t, CASH PAID FOR SECOND HAND BILLIARD and POtJl tables of all kinds. BRUNSWICK-BALKE-COLLENDER CO.v2C3Wabash av. m FOR ALE NEW AND SECOND HAND POOL tables; lowert price: easy terms; full line billiard supplies. PASSOW A SON8. 190 Washington at. EULLIARD AND POOL TABLES FOR SALS and rent. AKAM COMPANY. 200 Wabash av. S-GSS. -4-sl Ak y--r-t-4l4-lfr. 4 -1 . I m t wisri i.e nroaay Pllla ta Ked aad AiaAd amlKcN tna. .lain, with Bms, Albbr-a. Taaa m othej. Bay f jrewr 1I, Aak ftC lillnU-TI KIAatWMD) bra KB) PALLS, e A4I eanlnmatatSAramKeaa .scu tt legists nim'ii and YigorDus. A S3.5D Recipe Cures Weak Men FREE Send NaniV aui : v. -,? .:':,' -P- Strong X har in my posaeaalna a prescription ior nervous debility, lack et vigor, weakened man-1 hood, falling memory and lame back, brought . oa by excesses, unnatural drains, or the foUlea of youth, that haa cored so many worn and nervous men right la their own bom without any additional neip or meaicinea tnai 1 umx every man who wishes to regain his manly power and virility, quickly and quietly, .nouia have a copy. 80 I bay determined to send a copy 01 the presenpuog rree 01 coarse, in a plain-, ordinary sealed envelope to any man wno will write me for IL . Thla prescription cornea from a physician who has made a special study of men and I am convinced It la the surest-acting combination tor the core of deficient manhood and vigor failure ever put together. I think I owe It to my fellow men to eend them a copy In confidence eo that any man anywhere who ta weak and discouraged with repeated failure may atop drugging himself with harmful patent medicines, secure what I believe 18 the qulckeist-acting restorative, upbuilding. SPOT-TOUCHING remedy ever devleed, and so cur hlmaelf at home quietly and quick.1-Just drop me a line thla: Dr. A. E. Robin-- imc 1 -ir Ttiiiiriine nerrolt. Mich., ana I will aend you a copy of thla splendid recipe in .lain ordinary envelope free of charge. ' A greas ?nany do t-rs wor.M chrge (3.00 to W t;r ,.. r. jy -.vr;:'-. ) . ,t prtscrlpuon like thla btt .' ,.J U irta.

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