The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on July 26, 1899 · Page 3
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 3

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 26, 1899
Page 3
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THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS WEDNESDAY. JULY 2tf, 1899. 3 tiv Y.03K AT RIVERSIDE PARK Tin: n in in hoidwat are LUtlVti COXHUlCTIitl. " . Neve S;i(rsi of Ptle - Prtvt; Flow the rrk Look A I'la - o for - the Dr English'. Thr. Bu. r r V.'rwk on the darn end roadway t Faveri.J park hat been teg - un by the juyeiei - Ja Ccr.HtrucMoa Company. The rrt work wm d,n this anernoon. hen M. rr. Ceary introduced, a new thin In local eon. - iructJve work by driving Wake - f.ii ! i - lUrg wi - Ji a swivel " driver. Tho aho'.o e. - .sine jind drivtrg mashinc. may Vo jvru:: t; any position. About 1.004' Ieet of V.'aV.efleM piling will be "driven." The term In this .e U Incorrect, a. CIr - ary wiU try for the first time here a new method. Instead of driving the pU - Irs", as of o!.!, he win precede the point of each pi' w ith a .pipe and make an xravation for each pile , by hydraulic pressure. "Driving mil only bo used then to IpvpI the r'i;n?. - Wakf.fl xilir.r. for tbi use ef which .Eur - e nrj'en'itnl 'fpir, of the park board. ctred a Is mad of three oak : Uiar - x. in by ton la hcs. They are rai.el ti' Ko - 'htr o that ach three make a - .' tunu cn one iM .and a groove on the ether. They ore driven together a flooring Is laid, thus maklrga water - tight barrier against the stream, j A camp tas been pitched on the west tark of the river, and work on the - abut - ir.ent will b - - trln this week. Superintendent IZ. W. OrifM, of the Riverside company, eayg the dam will be rtady to be closed by October 1. and wlU be com - ri - ted by October 15. It will be of stone tcr d concrete. Th - work r.n the driveway will begirt tomorrow nrd will be completed next H - - rlv.g. The driveway, acting as a levee Icttn the to old Thirtieth street, will be t.o miUs lurir and forty feet wide. "Tr.A material for it will be taken from tho rier. except where it will be economy for th city and for the contracting com - I r.y to make large excavations east of It river. The?e exf - avatiorw will be made at a "; : r;,i''t where Superintendent Power has piinnd a lagoon. At this point a twelve - ix't Is to be made for the roadway, and It Is the superintendent's idea that enough excavation for the lafroon be made without eifr.M to leave the rest f the work no burden to the city. Mr. power proposes to feed the lajroon from the canal so as to keep it unaffected by the fi'ictLi.u!,on ef the river volume, and Trrr!t the construction of permanent - It - ndlnirs about its edies. This lagoon v.i.1 be about three - fourths of a mile long rd from one - fourth to a half - mile wide. 7 It wlil discharg into "White river. - Th rci.iwuv north of Crooked run and "t cf t.'ie river has been completed, ex - Cipt for the gravel dresKins. The road is f.i;y reel v.o - ar.d f;iows tb river - . I :;. to a p":r.t cj polite the Country r.LiO. where it make.4 a sweep'n curve, tnrer'.'.u - tfrs r.f a niio long. This road - v - tiy be compiflrd this a.on. The rondwav on the. st Bide cf the river, and so;. Mi of Thirtieth street, leading - to tr.e river f r.l. litis been completed, but i at r.'t bercme packed enough to be com - J ,rtiit;v traversable. I.iveriii i'tiric is rapHly itiumlnir a r'' - (fiarafttr. Fersltent work haa c. - tr'd it untJ those who. a year ao. t!'.o.;;r.t It tr.e rt!it;he!it pjxit in the eoun - tv. r : " in It an unexpected ba.uty. Su - trir.tetnfietit 1'ower aavs croud fare been and that if tHe city per - - vervi the new park will b:fi?sorrr some cv and vln - ucate thw who1 ax strug - jr .rtr to d - vr - lp it. Mr. I'ower says tne j irn 4 tr versatile, unii. tnt carrlaires rn.iy ro where they will. Over l,wr e - - it k tri; - .utd in the jrrovi s. a shelter - l - " twn built north cf Crooked run. and Mr. l ower says the 4 - ark U fit for I t" y i'.'t;; ii. i. ; ir. .P iWer has moved Into the brick jn'jsf fo - merlv occupied by Austuit acker, in Thirtieth street. This will be the j - . - home o? the park guperintend - f.s the hord desires htra to be. about the center at trie re w park. ... Mr Power has niH.Ja an lnclosure with a fieven - foot fence. The lnclosure has water. trass and slones. and next week r - lne dee w ,11 be put in it. Pnrk Commls - : oner tlne'.l. - h. who is in northern Mlnne - et.. writes that he wiil buy three bears ti er, f.nd such other animals aa be can :f r the park. V ' DIEli. V TZ Louia Mirl W.xs. Iniant duunhter rf iii '.ry M - its, i toward st. i"uaeral Thur Ju.y IT. i p. m. VI p'rWll'iim' W!!", c - elrhteeo r - nti.e, at iT U ethnrit it, . jn.. VeJn - cay. July it. Fanciil 2 p. m., 1tui - dajr, Juiy I.", fnra r;tinc. r.u.i Mr: rtoi r.i", wMow of w. t. rii.i, .t r.. - ,r hme, 21..1 Htxh'.snd Piac, Tu - e - iv fii:V lit 7 o'rioca. iiiyeral ThurJa mrnm, at t o'clo k. f Th.mae S. Sick, of the plumbing ff - rrj i,t M,'(,er fe fi.'K, died st hi reideru - e. i i i:. Temn t . July Zi. fnnn n ttck of li.'Kw. lortal a.t Letn.m, Ind. I'ITlP. - I3!a A. llurr. In her seventy - third j - .ir riMl services st her lt residence. . tenit ., N.. Thuri - lay. t 4 p. m., to h; - . - . trleiiti r Invited. Burial pr1vr. ArvOIR - Miry E. Atwood. diel Tuendsy, J j.y K. st I p in.. tf ixty - lliree years, st h ii:eof hej - eon, J. K. Atwood. 8i0 Ptspsct i. yunrat VeJhedav avrnins at 8 p. m. t 11 . m., Thurdy. at Ruaavlila, la.l IRushvlile pier pleajw copy.) - . IHl.KOTTU I.aura, dauzhter of Henry a - id ' V.arKaret rumkotte, I uea - lay evening. Jt.iv age f!i:iitfii y. - ara, two nunih9. t.crty daj Fineral from reaidanca. 12IJ h urm v, Tlmraday. July 27. at 1 p. ro., and from r in t Genr.aa Ket.nned churca at I p. n:. yr;c:i.l Invited, Card of Thanks.. T." ds!re to x;rei - our heartfelt tfcanka to o - :r many t. - nn i' ar; l n - 'ifhlxn - a for tdeir acta ; k.z'.r.i - and t - .'krna nf sympathy during ti.e j - KT)fiw ar.t after tha deatn of our dear 4 - jf..r ant hut, 'i'rri M. t'Mh, and aao t Ij.T.fia fjr hi wxtiia of cumfart and c - iJijs.'ii k n. 1 I'ARHXTS AND TrtOTHEP.a. T i X : ;(AU I ;'."!" 'H.STX'n - ; WIT. - fiH, ua - . i - r: i - .. I. - V. Market at. Tel. in. H.U t - tU KTORSA DA M S A KK1S p - ' L. 1 V. I.i )', - ft Te! - ihorie 11i4. ! i s 1 J '11. ! J - !. KAOs - DAIB aV Mo - t i - r.ijii.t Mi4u:huell ave, 11iona y s; - .a i, i , f e. - - . t' - .' ' - e N o rlvr : - ;? - u'i &. bchns. No. i YC, MArkot at. ,w ffv: !, l'i " ; - i - tsi THANK A. 1; AN' :AF:I, I r vrukT. La iy a'.ien - tant. F - ;.n?.'t - - - sr ':r r;d N. leiaaara. t i. .r ( " i'l : rv !frl - e. f ), .'N iiAL 1 ' V. kr 'iPi Jit - N !, !. MVAKI ST.. y : T V t : r i : . N N. ITJ.TVOT5 gr. . s - t ur - rrr ANaX. LAI - V LiiHAl.V :.. - t. F - r t. aji - .l cr.i. - iren. N. Ji.:ri. m m. Tel.M (.one Ml. l's - s at iweat prevaiiing prices. !iM t r:Ts. K IKK PATRICK ri. .n' - t. C - i e ..v. Th J ! . i" Kri ly. w - ..M. '. I'.' - .5 - l;.n ! ' hou - a. ; - 'J X .Vw ; - - - f . e ii a;'.sr ". n !vn K i. ! y lever, D H V - r.r,, - AMtrti - ' - ;;. . ! - r.: . 1 - .s j - .e!y ' oa c;m.ia. - "i . - in - ' T . - ': '. .it IM - NKIt, 4S E. Wash - ' . '. ' i T - t - - - et trisea. iX. H. FAR - i. ' - 5 P. P. - ISi, , a r - . it: ; - 1:: n. wi - .w. I ' 1 ; n j u 1 A ' " r - . ' - ' - ! - r.NTrLipAR - ' - ' 1 ' - ' rt - Ca.l end gel r.t t : - V' - ' T: ; J - ,,V; ,l . , .r - ,,,: rr. 1 K i t IP. - ' '" - ' li.J . MiLa.B St.. V A TE D F C M A LE. W a NTKJ Tlh - l - mlnv V A.NTFr - - Firt - clia ck jU X. I'lirrfta at. W A XTilLe tilri tit (enerai huaawora. i7 E. WANTCI - At onca. J a at. good stti at Kb B. St. WaNTKIwt - urnuure mutad pT load. Tala - t tx.oa lii. , . Vv AM KLi oirl. about siztaaa yaars old. Ill B. Weat at. WANTED Girl for taneraJ houaework. 1460 ii. A.ikir.k at - . - . "ft' A VTKIV - Oanarai bouaaworfc "and cootina. i v at. VT A x'rSD Girl to do (enerai bousawork. 1M Wetidll aa. WAXTEl Klrl for fxunX houaawor. not X. Meridian at. W A N'TED f, u batltuts) ataoocrapbar, M X. aia - rtdian at., room 11 - - WANTED Yours; trl to w.irk. 311 X. Liberty. WAXTEDTSTuta cooaa. alat with bous dlabwaahar; . food ill .N. iillnoia. . . WANTED Girl for houaawork; must ba good rook. 447 X. llllnola at. - WANTED Fixpaiienccd glri' for folding In bj odery. 150 E. Court at. WANTKD White girt or woman for general houaework. h?,i Broadway. W A NTE L 6 ma rt colorad girl to wait taola andjaaaiat. 233 X. pelawara. WANTED Girl for houaework; m small family. Addreaa B 1. car N, WANTED Girl to aaalat with housework; no - waahtna;. lojii X. Alabama at. WANTED Tan girls for beat famillaa and bo - WAXTED Experienced overallai makers; work . at noma. 74 Maaaachusetu ava. WANTED Help: cooks, genarai houea - work. ' ara; Immediately. 1I X. Eaat at. , , W AXTED G irl ; houaework: 27 8. Alabama St. : midite - ay - d woman prefarrat. WAXTTTD kjod girl for renaral houaawork; bo waohlTrg or Ironing. Vi X. Bast. WANTED Good girl for general housework; small family. tS W. Twenty - first - St. WANTED A young Isdy demonstrator. Ap - ply Thursday, room ti. Denlaon Hotal. WANTED Garman girl; general houaawork; email family; good wagec. Ill X. Etutt. WANTED Beet tooth powder. 6TOCK1CAX. Druggiat, oomar IliiiKHa and Mlchlgmn. WANTED Wild Boaa Bloom. STOCKMAN, Druggnt. corner Illinois and Michigan. WANTEr Duff Hair Powdir! STMAN. iTugTl't, corner Illinois and Michigan. WANTED Strong girl or woman for general houaework; good wages. XZ10 Jefferson ava. WANTED Experienced pints - maker. THE LONDON TAILORS. US Maaeachuaetts ava. WANTED ExperJsnced marker and sorter,' at once; good wagea. Addreaa X 1. care Xews. WANTED Epetienoed aorter and markre la laundry buinga. Addreaa A J. Xews offioe. WANTED Good girl for general housework; reference - required. Apply 223 E. Vermont at. WANTED Help: ooolta. general hounework; email family; German preferred. 117 Dewey ava. - WANTED Lady aolleltora; "Life of Admiral Dewey," good, aaay seller. Address O L car News. t W'ANTED Tounc lady who will appreciate rood home in fatnliy of two. Can before I o'oiock. 1 . , WANTED Teeth extracted without pain. TAFTS DiiNTAt. BABXORS, 2 W. Wash - Instcn at. . WANTEIa Ldlee' sklrta taii. r - lnade suits on weekly payments. CONRAXXS, til Maiaa chiipette ivf "WANTED Experienced cream dippers; good waree and steady work. Call ELMER E. XI' .'HOLg CO. - ' . W A NT E I VMRi RTEVENS'S private home tor ladtea before and during confinement. 4Ii N. New Jersey t WANTED Girl for cooking and general housework; imall family; good wagea; German preferred. " - X. Eaat. W A X TED A white girl who has had some experience In general housework. Three In Jamily. tint Broadway. WANTED - Gentleman to occupy two nice. pieaaant room in modern house; private family. u6 Senate ave..t X. WANTED Pupils In" shorthand; reporting stle for the start; beet private achool la tha city. Addreea C I. caure Nmi WANTED Mldoie - aged woman for general housework; Heady place snL,good home. H. H. GP.OVB, Sclrclevllle.'lnd. WANTED Woman In need of medlcsl stteo - tton or advice may consult (free and In ccn - fldence. DR. BfLA, 7 W. Ohio at. WA XTEI Good girl or woman for cooking and irenTaJ h iieewrrk ; private family. Cail at .MKs PAXTZER'g. !:S E? Michigan at. WAXTEI iteapectabie woman or girl aa - nurse for - children; German preferred: to leave city; freferencea. S3 X. Pennsylvania at. WANTED Girl. In county - seat, near city, to keep house In order; no washing. Ironing "or cooking: Uennu glri preferred. Apply 111 Fletcher ave. WANTED Pawn loan. Private office. CENTRAL LOAN COMPANY, room 7 Tal - bolt Block, northwest corner Market and Pennsylvania at WANTED tUenoaraphers to lem typewriting by touch; taught only at Voriea'a Bueineee College, and lncreavea their salaries; twica the work done hy this meth"! ir. same titer. We hold the world's record. Investigate. WANTED We sell all trimmed hata at rery low price. Have left aome very pretty patterns and all wlil go. from $1 to 4: also great harralna In all mtliinery goods, at G. FRANK - MUELLER'S, 19 E. Washington St.. at Beaten A Lansen a cloak - house. JVAj TE D SITX' A TI O X S. SITCATION WANTED - By colored coachman or housework. ZS Spring at. SITUATION WANTED Colored. girl; general hoiMwwork. t:t Roanoke st. SITUATION WAX TED Reliable girl for general housework. 811 EHIaworth at. SITUATION W ANTED Nurse for InveUld or family. Address T 1, rare Xews. S I TV ATI 6x W AXTPDBy experienced ste - nographer. Address B . care New. SITUATION WANTED By bookkeepers all or part time. Addreaa V X. cau - e Xewa SITUATION W ANTED B y experienced cook: restaurant or boarding - house. 12 W. New York. r 6ITUATION WANTED As aeejnstresa ' In families; can cut and fit. Address L t, cars News. sTtUATION WANTED By lady etenograph - er, wlLh soma experience. Address X 1, oars Xewst SITUATION WANTED As cashier, bookkeep - er; can do atenographlo work; reference, lull Dawson at. i I T UATIOX WANTED By German glrT; orH'kicg and geserei bounework; reference. 115 X. t - x.'t at. - - SITUATION WANTED Nurse girl or light work; mors for boms than wagea 13! W. Washington at. I SITUATION WANTED ReturA3t or boa - d - r Ins - house; flmt - claaa womnn ccKk. 44 E v. a. - ihinrton. r"m t. 61 TU A Tl'6'N - WAVTED Respectable and ex - parien. - ed girl; general housework; refer - enoea. tej X. Penrmylvanla at. fclTL'AT I N WANfi.'D By young maji; twen - ty )eare of aae; have fair business eduoa - tl - n; can furnish best of references. Address Z J. care Newa. SOCIETY AJTD CUB MEETISCS. SOCIETT Nineteenth Century Lodire, Xo. 470 K. of P. meets evry Thursday night at Senate ave. and Vermont st tVme. C. A - PATTKRSON. C C M. n. PHlFtD. K of R. and 8 . . SOCt ETY rteu;ar meetine; of Philoxenlan Lcie, No. 44 I. O. O. F., this evening at t o'clock Grand Lodge HiiL Vialtors Invited to p.eet with us. FRANK JOHNSTON. X. O. O. M. BARNECLO. Keo. Seo. b'H'ir.TY Nineteenth CenfJry Lodge, No. 470. K. of P.. "meets every Thursday night at nate ave. and Vermont r. Installation of oCicera to - morrow nlrhl. Come. W. E. SHILLIXO. C C, M PHIFL. K. of R. and S. "TciTY Special meeting of Madon Lodra Nr.. ii. F. and A. M.. Wedaeaday evening July J. at - .30 p. m.. for work la tne first a - grve. Vlautore welcme. DAVID K. bOtTIUN. W. M. m0 H J. I'HUM Qr, SH'retary. rv lr.'i'Y Klrt ' Spiritualist Church Thers wiii be a social at the home of Mre. Bar - t' - in - ew. In Irvinarton. Thursday evenins. Juy for benefit "f Lad lee' Aid. Ptnunrera w - :, - r.e Coiiectn.3 cr to end of Irving - ton rr 1!"., soit.e one aid be at car to meet the fn.emls. "Tt'TT - MA. - Nir - epecial meeting of Cen - t - r L - ise. ,N,. gy y.. nd A. M.. thii f" i ) slenlng. 1 :t o'ciock. for work In the - . n i d - it - e. v Viaiang brethren will be Cvfd Ui.y ei - i.nied. . f - FtAS. K. JONES, W. it. ! - cre;ary. t . ."i . ; rT Marion LU - . No L K. of P., - ea in reitular aenioa Wedrves.lsy even - ) July 25, at I o cix sr sharp. Work In the t.vr - 1 rar.k M.onSers of the teaun are expected to N i - e - er.t witot. - ut fTrter notice. "is;tlng tr - , - re : - 'T :a. W. fi, I'ANFl MLI C. C JA H M K. of R. and S. r l :"TT - C.eo. H. Charnian - Post, N fv. O. A. 1'.. ar.J W. H. C.. No. 1 will hold their srr.uai teeet pl nic at KairvieW Park Tbuna - f. . v sltftmiten and, Juiy 27. nie md : . - iur tkef wil f. ;J. A good time It , . - anteed y ail th - - .e that Join si in this ! t A. R. SEWARO. Commander. . - i - ,. S'.VIFT. Adjutant - H KM OVAL. r . , 'V vij n. k. kt.'LFj, to s. piinu at. vvaiVI' H. I 'YD to room 1 BaJdwin 1 1 n. - . c,rr,r Liwrt aod Markat. Oxy - a ill a.; in ttSii. WAJfTELWMALE. TiNTin - Rocactsar. ' W A X TE 1 T I mea cigar. WANTED THh - 1 - p.lngo. WANTED Barber. 41 Mclean IMace "5 T.K IrtrZ?'J,'W'" !.blga at. WAS:Ttl Dairy hand. E. Tenth st. V, ANTED Colored boy. JV X. Illinois st WANTED Barber. 1401 E. Washington at. WAX TED Binclmmlth. . PARRT MFG. CO. A ANTED Horae; Dot too small. Ill 8. Dataware. . WANTTOD Experienced waiters. BLTWETTS CAFE. WANTEd - Whits cock; go to lakes. 121 Ji. Illinois. WANTED Flrsv - eiaas counter man. liM W. Market, - WANTED A good dairy hand, lift W. Ray - mond at. WANTED Furniture moved tX per load. Telephone 111. - J WANTET First - class w altar; no other need apply. 19 N. Illinois. WANTED Carpenter to build shed. Call 1710 Bellefontalne, after WANTED Gond German man. aa portar. Ad - dree E K, care Xews. WANTED Den tal work done on payments. VIZE. 140 VVrglnta ave. WANTED Straw hats bleached. BAND. The , Hatter. 140 Virginia ave. WANTED First - class, experienced pantry man. BURXETT 8 CAFE. WANTED Men and boys' hair cutting. Iflo. 1M Virginia ave. MORQAX. WANTED Good barber to locate point of De4 - avwara st and Madison ave. WAXTED Xeckbands put 00 free. PROG - RESS LAUXDRT. Telephone 112 L WAXTED Two rood, all round tinner. HAD - ITT A WALLER. 144 Kentucky ave. WAXTED Molders and machinists. THE Mo - F.LWAINE - RICHARDS CO., Xoblesvllle. WAXTED Good, all - round chair - maker; steady job. JA3..A. PLCMMER, Vlaoennes. Jnd. ' WAXTED Experienced hotel solicitor: white or colored. GEORGE? B HOTEL. 121 8. 1111 - nols. , - . WAXTED Board and room for reined young couple; In private family. Address - Q 1, oars News. - i WANTED A young man; this is a bustler; capital required about 60. Address 1, care Xewa - : WAXTED A first - class homeshoer and blsck - smith. Address H. BIXKLEY ft SON, Tipton, Ind. - WANTED General blacksmith; must be a good horses hoer; at Broad Ripple. WM. BESSONO. ; WAXTED German boy. about sixteen years. to work on farm during summer. Apply 127 Commercial Club. WAXTED - Flrwt - claea, body - finisher; none other need apply; good Job 4ar right man. PARRY MFQ. CO. - - WAXTED For Pale: Splendid, two - chair barber shop ;. will bear a full Investigation. Address Q 15. care Xewa. - WANTED Trimmers, top - makers, body trimmers, eto. Apply or addreaa BROWN CAK RIAGE CO.. Cincinnati. O. - WANTED To cloae out S00 pains of tailor - made pants at $1.50, 12 and $3. W. O. SCHNEIDER. 44 Monument Place. WAXTED Model and patterns, wood or metal ; mechanical drawings. GLOBR PATTERN WORKS. 10 W. South. 'Phone 2536. '.WAXTEQ A man traveling Indiana to sell belting and mill supplies on commlesloo; ell man preferred. Address t t, care Newa. WAXTED Piles. Treatment easy and successful. Best city reference of persons cured by DR. Bt'LA. 37 W. Ohio st. No experiment. WANTED Experienced canvasser for feather renovator at once. Address FEATHER CLEANING CO., poet office boa IsL Lebanon, Ind. WAXTED Experienced advertising solicitors; good pay to flrsc - daa men. with - references. Apply 1 il p. m.,: or t to 10 aw m. R. 17s, Batea House. WANTED Pawn loans. Prlvats offloe. . CENTRAL. LOAN COMPANY, room T Tal - bott Block, northwest corner Market and Pennsylvania at. WANTED Salesmen, on familiar with lubricating oil trade preferred; state salary expected and give age and experience. Address X X5. care Xews. WAXTED We ttl have a tew aants enoco - late calf, welt - sewed. 13 goods, B. C. D and E widths; coin Joes. To out at ILSS. KTSTXER. 135 8. Illlnola ; WAXTED Salesmen; school furniture and supplies; desk war Is on; trade brisk: 1100 monthly and extra commissions. Experience not neceeaary. K. O. EVAX8 A CO.. Chicago. WAXTED Copyist; young man to do writing at home; flS weekly; no canvassing. Bend 10a for copy of the Bachelor and full partloulara BACHELOR PCBL1SHIXO CO.. BC Loui. Mo. J - W AX TED Salesman; a firet - claas salesmuut to sell our lubricating oils and specialties m the Stat of Indiana None but men who know tney can get business need apply. Addrc - rs MASON A CO., Cleveland. O. WAXTED Men to learn barber trade; 140 monthly guaranteed after eight weeks' practice. Can place 600 graduates on palace train, hospitals or city shops at once: Write to - day for catalogua. MOLilR'8 BARBER COLLEGE. Chicago. 111. j WAXTED Toung man. Industrious and of good general education, to exchange services for complete course In shorthand and typewriting. Call for full particulars THE SHORTHAND TRAINING SCHOOL, i 14 Thorpe Block. 147 E. Market st. WASTED - MISCELLAKEOIJ. WAXTED Times cigar. WANTED Tish - l - mlngo. 7"" WAXTED Moving." $1 a load. Tel. 111. . i WAXTED 6,000 old brick.' Address 8 i. care WAXTED Paper hanging 1 to per roll. Sit Locks st. WAXTED Smalt restaurant. Address F 1. care News. WAXTED Paper - hanging, to roll. UO Ft, Wayne avs. WANTED Cash paid lor nousenold goods. JU W. Washington t. WAXTED Jl funeral carriage. BIRD TRANSFER CO. FRANK WAXTED Second - hand safe - desk. Addreea E 1, care New and standing WANTED - Beit photo buttons or cabinets. BEN N ETT3. 18 E. Wash 1 n gton. ' W A NTKD Teet h, to. SELLERS. Dentist. W. Wajuhlngton, over New office. WAXTED Creejnery ; three - can .cooler preferred. Addrers Q 11, care Xews. WANTED Neckbands put on free. . PROG - RESS LAUNDRY. Telephone 1121 WANTED Rooming, boarding - house; partly furnished. Address W L care New. WAXTED Paper to hang. 11 per room; work guaranteed. 41 X. Delaware st. all WAXTED Occupants for front rooms; mod - ern; SiSQ day boarders. 7"2 N. Iiiinols. WANTED To buy horss and wagon; suitable for peddling, on easy payment. Call 111 E. Market St. WANTED To buy stock In ' Mutual Home and Sav'.nga Association (In liquidation. Si Vlrrtnia ave. WANTED Leaky cisterns cleaned and cemented, 11.60. FRANK BUTTZ, 433 Indiana ave. 'Phone 1791. - WANTED To buy second - hand lady's bicycle; small weekly payments; muat b reasonable, Addrewe H 1, care Xews. WAXTED Have 1J00 to loan on first - mortgage for one year, at I per cent. No commission. 1.1 ... . V ' WAXTED Twenty - two caliber rifle: Marttn. Remington or Winchester; extra long barrel preferred. Address B li, care - News. WANTFIe Pawn loans. Private offloe. CENTRAL. LOAN COMPANY, room T Talbot t Block, northwest corner Market and Pennsylvania st. WANTED By gentleman, room and board In good, private family; well located: ' borne where ST1 pod German la apokan preferred. .Addreaa V 1, care Newa. WAXTED Ws make wood, brass patterns; any trick or device; manufacture patent articles. INDIANAPOLIS PATTERN WORKS. No. 21 8. Pennsylvania at. . WANTED Persons to Join a personally conducted excursion to Atlantic City, Auguit i. via C. H. & I., and Li. A O. Fare SI round trip. Ad'lrees 2 1. care Newa WANTED I want to buy a alx or aeven - roorn house, north, on lift to Ke monthly payments; no cash; give full particulars; thoroughly responsible. Adores V 25. car New. WANTED Oentieman and wife would like ao - cummodattona In Quiet, reflne - 1, private family, who have nice, modern home, in pleasant location; references. AJdres M 24. car News. WANTED To sell or trsde an equity tn mod - em new, five - room house; Jut completed, on Northwestern ave., north of old Twelfth st. W ill take cash or dear vacant lot. lit K. Alabama st, . WANTED See V before you order your suit or trousers. We can give you a better vaiue than you can find eisewher. A few uncalled - for sun very cheap. W.. O. SCHNEIDER, 44 M'r.ument Place. . WANTED If you need a loan on your piano. household goor, horses or wagon, try tha easy paymant pien and the kwrat rate of the INDIANAPOLIS MORTGAGE LOAN CO., room 10. 117 E. Ma. - tot st. M'A ." TK - A G E ST 5. AGENTS WANTED PVw mors arsnts for veterinary ac.ence company. btavenaon Puildrng. A GEN I"S WANTK'Di - ii w.mjr.'ui. new, In - candesi.'ert gasoline luO - ranale - power lamp; daily cost lc; mono; - M;s d(en - .ayfj; goes rke wiisrjr. KA - DIAXT Mi G. CO., Dept. , at. Lou. FOR 8ALK RKAL ESTATE. REAL ESTATE METER A CO. REAL ESTATE IXDIAXA TRUST CO. REAL ESTATE INDIANA TRUST CO. buy and eetia real estate. REAL ESTATE WEHB A CO.. 823 Stevanaoa Budding, eighth floor. REAL ESTATE Se - auction sale of real aa - taat. IX A. LEMON. REAL ESTATE Ten acre of iand near city; cheap. Addreaa D 1. car Xewa. REAL ESTATE If you want a bargain, see J. W. LOSH. 10 X. Pennsylvania. REAL. ESTATE Private money to loan; ( per cent, c. r . tAiLJt:a. K. Market. REAL ESTATE Choice land near city. Address E. BOMGARDNER. Alllanc. Ind; REAL ESTATE Bought and Bold. MARION TKU8T CO.. Market and Monument Place. REAL. ESTATE Eight - room bous on Tan deal t.. .at a sac rifle. Cail or address 1210 Bells - fontaln st. - REAL. ESTATE Property of all kinds. HENRI H. FAX, IV E. Washington, over Bis Four oOloea. - - REAL ESTATE Fire Insurance" rentals, loans. A. J. METER A CO, laO E. Market. Telephone 130. REAL ESTATE tiiOO and upward to loan on Indianapolis real estate at lowest rates. EPA XX A CO. . REAL ESTATE Have two very desirable tenants for dwelling north, C. W. OAKSS A CO.. 133 E. Market. REAL ESTATE Vacant lots and improved property for sals In any part of th city. GEO. WOLF, second floor, Leracke Building. REAL ESTATE 2010 Ash St.; nine rani; this property must be sold. Owner non - resident. Make offer. W. Ev STEVENSON. 12 EL Mar - ket. . REAL. ESTATE First - class, six - room cottage; North; cheap and easy term: take good lot In trad. SHIRLET. 141 X. Pennsylvania st. REAL ESTATE H acres adjoining city west. Equity cheap. Must be sold - this week. Do you want 117 P. J. GORMAN, SI and U When Building. . ' REAL ESTATE 120.000 business property; center of dty; - leased one tenant, paying; i per cent, net A. B. G ROVER, 4 E. Market St., ground floor. REAL. ESTATE Choice corner lot. Broadway and Twenty - third st. Pries, fl.200. Look this up and make me an offer. J03. W. SELVAGE, 73 Lombard Building. REAL ESTATE Good lot. 37x120; southeast; - Minnesota St., near Shelby: will take IJoO cash If sold at once: well worth 1350. ST1LZ A MILLE H. 151 E, Market. REAL. ESTATE Nice, seven - room house; natural gas; had and fru; ail in good condition; east front; near Kt.. Clair; bargain at 12,000. P. L. TALBOT. 610 Lemcke. - REAL ESTATE Choicest lot on Kenwood ave., near Twenty - eighth St. Price for few days, 10. All Improvements paid. JOS. W. SELVAGE, Agent. T3 Lombard Building. REAL ESTATE Or Rent: Eighty acres, best Isnd, Johnson county, beautifully situated; good buildings: ,1, miles west of Greenwood. Address WOODS'S FARM. Greenwood. Ind. REAL ESTATE 60 feev with good brlclt building; down - town: price only 170: 13.000 will convert Into flat earning 11.200. This will certainly go soon. DUG DADE at DONEY, 630 Lemcke. REAL ESTATE Large bargain In dwelling; Ash St.. near Nineteenth: eight rooms, bath, tabis; lot 6"xl35: owned by non - resident. Offered at 12. W0. on paymenu. SPAXX A CO.. 148 E. Market. REAL ESTATE We have a lot on. X. New Jeraey t. near Twenty - fourth; asphalt pavement and cement sidewalk made: 40x136; east front, at : only 1200 cash. SPAXX A CO., 14S - E. Market st. REAL ESTATE Finest location In city for suburban homes; Central avs. and Washington Boulevard; sere lota; east snd west fronts. Can be purchased cheap If sold now. JOS. W. SELVAGE. 73 Lombard Building. REAL ESTATE - One of cholceat building lots on Broadway, : near Twenty - aecond St.; 43.4a 177. All Improvements and natural gas connection paid. Make me an offer on this lot. JOS. W. SELVAGE. 73 Lombard Building. . REAL ESTATE Choice, east front lots; Park ave.. near Twenty - second st. - All Improvements and gaa connection paid. 11.225; third cash, balance long time. per cent. Interest. JOSW. SELVAGE. Agent. 73 Lombard Building. REAL ESTATE Choicest building sites north, on Meridian St.. near Twenty - ninth. Lots are (0x150. and are rapidly Increasing In value. Buy now while cheap. Por price and terms, call on JOS. W. SELVAGE, 73 Lombard Building; . REAL. ESTATE To a flrst - clas physician, will sell half Interest in established sanatorium: monthly Income 12,000; price I.0OO; will yield large, certain annual Income; orre epondenc confidential. ARTHUR B. GROv VER. 4 EX Market at. REAL ESTATE Down - town residence property, corner E. North 'st.; two bouses, one of six and on of four rooms; la good condition; rents 123 per month; alwsys occupied. Price.. !2,500; a 10 per cent, net Investment. SPAXX A CO.. 148, E. Market. REAL ESTATE Special bargain In a property on E. Ohio st,, west of Xoble; two - story dwelling of eight rooms; lot 4sxl30; corner of alley; asphalt street paid; lot worth 13,600. Can be bought for 13,100, on payments ft pa vv a. rv - i lis f vj . r . REAL ESTATE Greatest bargain of this ri.wv lut . uiue - room nouse ana complete bath; Wa.nut t., near. Meridian: lot 47 feet front; all Improvements paid. Will accept third cash, balance easy payments. JOS. W. SELVAGE. 73 Lombard Building. REAL ESTATE Bargain In a new. modem dwelling of nine rooraa, furnace and bath, oak finish throughout, rooms all handsomely decorated, slate roof; DeAware St.. Morton Place. OfTered for a few days at 15.600. Easy paymenu. SPAXX A CO.. 14g E. Market. REAL ESTATE Money to loan; a large sum of home funs left in our hands to be loaned In sum. of 1100 to H.OflO and upward at lowest rate of Interest: can furnUh money same day 4T,0" pp!jr: 1ay bac wh,n you please' jL METZGER AGENCY. 101 X. Pennsylvania. REAL ESTATE The - Rose Hill Farm," A fTst - claaa praJrte farm of 250 acres; one mile from Terre Haute. Fine brick dwelling; on mile of hedge fence. This will divide into Zmlr r c - ! J1 ? ,, at twlc h Price now , asked. HENRY H. FAY. over Big Four ticket , fnoe. 1 READ ESTATE The Morris lota with all improvement - - made and paid for; are the best vacant lots In the city for the money, within walking distance of the business center of the city, natural gas guaranteed; only one left on Alabama st., and a few cn Central ave.. 44 feet .front. SPA.VN A CO.. 148 E. Market St. REAL ESTATE COMMISSIONER'S BALE) OF REAL ESTATE. . Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned, as commissioner appointed by the Marlon Superior Court, in, cause No. 6. 944 win sell at private aale at my office. Xo. 714 Lemcke Building. In the city of Indianapolis, Ind ; on Wednesday, the 2d day of August. 1S98. at 10 o'clock a m., the following described real ea - tate In said oounty and State, to - wlt: Xoa 2, SM and 130 Hoabrook at., and described as lots numbered 3f2 and 13 In Fletcher, Stone. WMtt. Taylor and Hoyf subdivision of out - lot numbered ninety - six (!).: ninety - seven 7). ninety - eight 9"0 snd the south half of ninety - one (11). of the donation lands of the clty - of Indianapolis. Terms of sale: Not leas than one - third cash In hand, the remainder In equal installment In nine and eighteen months respectively, deferred payments to bear per cent. Interest, and to be secured by mortgags cn said real estate. The said real estate will be sold as a whole or In parcels to suit the purchaser. If satisfactory bid be not received for said real estate oa aald day. the sale of the same win be continued at said place from day to day until suck bid Is received. ROLLAXT T. VETTCH, ' - Commissioner. AlCTIO SALES. AUCTION SALE T. J. 6EMAXS, real estate and general auctioneer. 107 W; Ohio, AUCTION - SALES G. W. McCURDT, real es - tats and general auctioneer. 2o W. Waahlng - ton. AUCTION SALE W. D. JOXES. Auctioneer. 20 8. Alabama t., sells real estate and all ... . , . ..t - .u.h 914 c . Asorns St. AUCTION 8 A LB Of Improved real estate, will be sold on Thursday, A u mist 3: at 4 o'clock p. m.. on the premises. Xu. 1211 and 1220 X. West at.; two cottasrea. three room each, natural gaa In both bouses; lot 40x150; alley aid and rear: terma, one - third cash; balance In on and two years, with ( per cent. Interest; secured by mortjare on the property. .Jltle perfect. Clear of incumbrance. Sale positive. I. A. LEMON. Agent. U. W. Mc CURDY, Auctioneer. AUCTIOX 8ALE Furniture, horse and phaeton. I wlil sell Friday, July IS, at 1:30 a. m.. at 4TS N. Alabama; one parlor suite; four bedroom suites: upholstered snd willow rockers, pillows, feather beds, brussels and lnirreJn (crita, portierea. ruxw, mattresses. iprlUKi, hades, picture, decorated chamber sets, center tables, wire cots, hah and stairs carpet, mirror. ; easeia cork stove, wuh reservoir, heating fctoie. kitshen utensils: aim at 11 o'clock, will sell one phaeton and harness; one bay horse, seven years old: gentlo; anybody can drive. Sale positive. Parties moving to New Tork. Term cash, T. J. SEMAXS, Auctioneer. ! FOR SALii: or trade; rOR SALE OR TRADE Restaurant 171 8. Iliinotjit. j iNT - RSALE OR TRADE Smith typewriter. 17 3 Montcalm t. FOR SALE OR TftADrt 10 equuy In four - rooraj h - ue, for a 'last driving horse. CM Vlr - ginla ave. . FOS SALE OR TRADI3 Small wood - working piant. with bti'ler and engine. Bargiia. Ad - dreee T 1. care N'A FOR SALE OR'TItA Dii - Iju - g - . gtaUonsry esw - mlil In nperatiod; price 171ft, L. AKll - F TiiONG. Om.1 en. Ind. FK SA LE OR TKADi - Neariv l'O acre Weil tmprwed farm: Ji northwe&t of Indl - anaiolia. Adlrees K 1. care News, FOR SALS Ott TRADE jseveral email farms near city; a. larr. - er o - , we.l l atd. borne choice b - sains. BOOTH, 144 E CXurt St. 'thoa IujoZ. . V POR SALE MJSCELLATIEOI'S. FOR BALW Oak folding - bed. 01 Talbot t. FOR BALE Butcher tos - box. 4 E. Ohio. FoR SALE Moving, 11 per load. Telephone 2j3 FOR 8AL3 Trunks; cheap. 30 W. W ashing - tont FOR BALE Two barber chair. Ml Massachusetts ave. ' FOR SALE Email grocery. Inquire . Virginia ave. , FOR SALE Traveling bags, 11 and up. K W. Washington. FOR SaTlE Value bis patent Issued 111. Ad - dreas Q 25. car News. . FOR SALE 12 funeral carriages. FRANK BIRD TRANSFER CO. FOR SALES Smsil grocery; bargain If aold soon. 63a E, Georgia st, FOR SALE Square piano; li5; easy payment. Address G 2. care Xewa ' FOR SALE Dry wood: prompt delivery. PAR - RY MFG. CO. 'Phons 1267. FOR SALE Two good, fresh cows; good fam - lly mars, bay. 2 Mi X. Illinois FOR SALE Trunks: cash or payment. COX - RAD'S. 331 Massschusetts avs. ' FOR SALE 1150Bright wood lot; eOo per week. Addres O. T. C. 810 Park ave. FOR SALE Second - hand floor - mill; cheap. VONNEGUT HARDWARE CO. FOR SALE Two grocer' scales and electrlo motor: cheap. 101 Indiana ave. FOR SALE Best photo buttons or oablnets. - BENNETTS, 31 E. Washington. FOR SALE Fire - proof safe; medium siss; good condition. 144 X. Illinois st. FOR SALE Xeckbands put on fre. PROO - REftS LAUXDRY. Telephone 1111. FOR SALE Furnished rooming - house; good paying; established. 821 X. Illinois. FOR SALES Rout of 100 Indianapolis Xews customers. Address "M 1, care Xewa FOR SALE Paper to hang. 11 per room; all work guaranteed. 48 X. Ielaware st. FOR SALE Grocery; old established stand; good trade. Address V 24. care Xewa. 1 FOR SALE Fine baby cab; almost new; very cheap If taken at once. 120 X. East t. FOR SALE Upright piano; fins tuns and 00 n - d 1 1 Ion. lvO N. Naw Jereey at A barraln. FOR SALE Good Wheeler A Wilson sewln - mschlne; price, M. S15 X. California sC FOR SALE Full - blooded white French poodle male pup. Telephone U2t. GUS SAFFELLt. FOR SALE Your family groceries. SCHRA - PER & - GROCERY. 4.S3 and 457 Virginia avs. FOR SALE Boys' canvas outing shoes, leather soles, 49o and 9c - KiSTNER S, US S. Illinois. FOR SALE Cheap; household. furniture: bed, carpet, chairs, kitchen utensils. 41 Athoa t - . FOR SALE Good corner grocery and meat market; doing paying - bualneaa; $700. Addreaa a. a. care .tti, ' " FOR SALE Stoves and furniture at M. P. AXDERSOX'8 STORAGE HOUSE, corner Hosbrook and Cedar sts. FOR SALE Millinery store; old and well established trade; tn Indianapolis. Big bargain. Address C 1. care News. FOR SALE Square pianoa from 125 to ITS; ayment. 15 cash, 11 week. CARLIX A NNOX. ( to E. Market. FOR SALE Small grocery stock, with lunch counter; cheap; must be sold; party leaving city. Address 8 24, care News. FOR SALE Drug store; doing good' cash business; Interested parties writ or call on J.B. BINDLEY, Monteium. Ind. FOR SALE Modern rooming - bouse: newly fitted and furnished: centrally located; rooms all rented. Address P 22, care New. ' FOR SALE Boy's bicycle shoes, leather eolee, 6Sc. 7C: rubber soles, 40o and S0c KIST - JfER'S SHOE 8TORE, 135 8. Illinois. FOR SALE Groceries. STANDARD TEA CO.. Washington and New Jersey, and 151 X. Delaware. See Friday's advertisement. FOR SALE Pawn loans. - Privats office. CENTRAL LOAN COMPANY, room T Tal - bott Block, northwest corner Market and Pennsylvania ata. FOR SALE A 13.0CO stock hardware lor sals. in a good location In central Indiana; good reason for aelltns. Address ail commutUca - tlon a 14. car Xewa. . FOR SALE Twenty - horse, fir box boiler and engine; also sorghum - mill, ' doubts back geared: all tn good repair: cheap for cash. Address postofflce box D, Bridgeport. Ind. FOR BALE Standing desk. office table, chairs, stools, typewriter and stand, to be sold at once. THE MARION TRUST CO., northeast corner Monument Place and Market street. FOR SALB Grocery and meat market; fresh atock: fine - location; H. East; now doing over fiOO cash business sreekly; price !l.t0v cash. See McMORROW A FLANEDY, llS - lil E. Market at. FOR SALE While the Learners are nere buy your coffee of A. B. COFFY. 430 Massachusetts avs.. that they may drink real fresh, roasted coffee. My own roasting. 'Phones: Xew. 1621. Old 1 on 14260. FOR SALE Pianos. 150 up: sawing machln - s, 15 op; Hickory bicycle. 135 up: steel wheels, 15 up. Supplies for sewing machines and bicycles, etc. See ns for bargains. IND. SUPPLY CO.. 114 X. Delaware, corner Ohio. FOR SALE To a flrst - claeis physician; will sell half Interest In established sanatorium: monthly Income 12.0U0; price 13.000; will yield targe certain annual Income; correspondence confidential. ARTHUR B. G ROVER, 4 - B. Market st, i FOR SALE Ons ten - oorse power traction en - gins; one power hay press; on seven - horsepower Thomson. Houston electrlo motor: on worm gear belt power freight elevator; all second - hand: in good condition; cheap. PARK - HURST BROS. A CO. FOR g ALEHORSES AXD VEHICLES. FOR KALE Good, general horse 741 B. Erfst FOR SALE Fin bay pacing mar; 36. C28 N. Dilools. FOR SALa - Plano - box buggy; 110. 1717 Col - leg ave. FOR SALE Horse, buggy, harness; 125. 27 Temple ave. FOR SALE Columbus phaeton; 5 cash. 2210 X. Illinois st, FOR SALE 126 buys good, gentle pony. M W. "Weehlngton. FOR SALE Pair heavy work mules; cheap. luS'W. Maryland. FOR SALE Good mare; tin roadster; nice ags. 732 X. California. FOR SALE Good phaeton; 140; quick. 201 N. Capitol. bargain; FOR SALE Big, young work horse, slightly lame. 150 W. Thirteenth. FOR SALE Horee, harness, covered wagon, for 12S. 23) E. South St. FOR BALE Private cab and cut - under sur - ry : sale or trade, sol B he iby st. FOR SALE Shetland ponies, mares, 00 its and broke ponies. WOOD'S STABLE. FOR SALE Gentle, spirited family mare, htr nees and phaeton ; 1140. 125 X. Alabama at, FOR SALE Horses psstursd; called for and returned. Telephone 7tA 11 N. Alabama at. FOR SALE Fine road wagon; been used only two months. Call 74u Fletcher ava Cail aXtsr P - m. 1 FOR SALS Cheap, two medlum - slxed workhorse; on drtvsr; on i.fruO - lbv horse. LU.4 W. Rayt FOR BALE Xew. 'J etyls buggy; high back; been run twenty mil; at second - hand price, til Vinton. FOR 8 ALE New, ' style buggy: hlgn - bok. been run twenty miles; at seoond - hand prtoe. 130 W. Walnut. FOR SALE Two milk wagons, on painter's wagon., on good dray. 210 Kentucky ava JOHN GUTTDELHOEFER. FOR SALE One apring wagon; on open buggy, one phaeton; ail for 110; or wlil sell separately. 15o4 Yandes st. FOR SALE On piano - box end - spring top buggy; good as new; 00 Moyer wagon; also deilvary wagon, at 124 X. Alabama st. FOR SALE - GIB1W A CO., Commission Dealers In horses, carriages, harness and all kind merchandise. 16 - 17 X. Alabama. FOR SALE One Columbus cut - under surrey and one Columbus buggy: both new; will sell at second - hand pric. Inquire at stable, rear HI 8. Iillnola t FOR SALE If you are looking for something nice tn the vehicle line, at a moderate price, you will be well repaid In visiting our repository. 354 S. Meridian st - COiiSTOCK A COONFE CO. TOR SALE Carriages, phaetons, buggies, rubber tires, all modern Improvements; strictlv prime; repairing and repainting solicited. ROPblNS A CO., 3 E. Georgia at. Hearses always In stock. FOR SALE Six - year - old bay mare: sound. city broke: lady can drive; one stylish. Seven - year - old brown horse; sound, arood driver; one surrey, nearly new; ons fine phaeton; three eta ancle harness. All above In - first - class shape. loS Virginia ave.' FOR SALE I have two fine, all hand - buffer top carriages: one ha rubber tires, to sell for leas than actual cost: also doctor's Stand - hope'; very fine; many rig, such as rubber - tired phaetons, and end - spring buggle, with rubber tires; soma good, second - hand work at almost your price. See me If you would buy anytning at bargain Am closing out. 123 W. M - trV - t st. PEN JACOBS. FOR SALE BIO' CLE S. FOR SALE Bicycles bougot. 12 8. Meridian street. FOR SALE Gent's wheel. GEO. A. LYNX, 1 ( 11 Cuts wa ave. FOR PALE Lsdv'a Crescent bicycle; good eondl - .lon. 1 1 Bnsht at. FOR SALE! Good bicycle buelneew; eti - ap If e'd at once. A - Mr P 2. car News. STOLES. STOLEN ' Wsverler. No. 130. ni; 14 - tnch frame: Ilyht brown saddle: 84 gear. Liberal reward at .Nsws cfiice. Xo question sskid. FIXAXCIAX. FT NAN CIA L Wanted; First mortgag paxxr. SPAN X A CO. i T nXAXCI AL Loan on watches and jeweiry. WlLr'N. rt E. Washington. F1NONCIAL Mortsage loan; ( per cent. fePANN at CO.. 14 E. Market. FINANCIAL Loans j on household goods; trlciiy confidential. yq lemcke Building. FINANCIAL 4 per cent, money on real estate. GEO. WOLF, ecoortq floor Lemcke Bui. ding. FINANCIAL Money to loan. HENRYH. FAY, 1V E Washington su, over, Big Four officee. FINANCIAL C5 and 175 private funds to loan; short lima AMERICAN CO., 6 Ingalli Building. FINANCIAL To loan 1300; first mortgajre security, no commission. J. H. BERNLOEJAR. 9 P em tiros e Arcade. FINANCIAL M oney on farms and city property: terms reasonabi. THOS. C. .DAY CO... 125 - 330 Lemcke. FIN A NCI AD Money to .loan; lowest rates; bulidlng association sharss bought. NEW. TON TODD. Ingalls Block. FINANCIAL Money to loan: 4 and 1 per cent. It costs nothing to Investigate, MEYER A KISER. 06 Indian Trust. FINANCIAL i per cent, and psr cent. money to loan; low oommisetdn. JOHX WOCHER. 1 Aetna Building. . ' FLNANCIAL A large amount 'of privats , fund. FLOREA A SEIDEN STICKER. rooms L 1 and 1. 27V, S. Delaware st. FINANCIAL Money to loan Lowest rate in the city. See us before renewing your loan. MEYER A KISER, "4 Indiana Trust. FINANCIAL Money to loan; private fund; 12.0W); on Marlon county real estate. CL1F - FORP ARRICK. No. 6o4 Lemcke Building. FINONCIAL Loaria sum of tiio and over. City property and farm. C Hi COFFIN A CO.. 150 E. Market St. FINANCIAL Money , to loan on street Improvement bonds and other collaterala of like nature, MEYER A KISER. tA Indiana Trust. FINANCIAL Loans on farms: 1100 and upward; home funds; lowest rate: no delsy. A. METZGER AGENCY. 101 X. Pennsylvania at. FINANCIAL Money leaned in sums to suit, at lowest rate; private money; get ' our rate. MolXTOSH A BON, 141 X. Pennsylvania street. FIXAXCIAL Money to loan on p - reonal . property and household good J. C. ERTEL, room 44 Lombard Building, 24V E. . Washing - ton at. FIXAXCIAL Leans made on chattels: at 4 per cent, per year: small commission ; easy payments. THE PEOPLE'S LOAX CO.. No. 27 Stevenson Building. Telephone Xo. 2259.' . FINANCIAL Solid, safe Investment at ( pr cent, net guaranteed: p. - ererred stock: Ta.1 - bott Place company. For further Information call on W. E. STEVENSON. 124 E. Market St. FINANCIAL Loans made to salaried people holding permanent position with responsible firms upon their own name; easy payments; strictly confldtntlaL 107 Indiana Trust Bulld - Ing. " FINANCIAL i and per cent, money to loan. according to security offered. Home funis In any amount. Psy back when you please. Xo delay. A. METZGER AGEXCT. 101 N. Pennsylvania st. FINANCIAL Loans made cn Improved Indl - anapolla property, with privllesa of prepay ment. at 4'4 per cent., according to amount wanted and character of security. SPANX A CO , 148 E. Market st. FINANCIAL Money In rums to suit, without any delay wtiatever: you can get It the sams day you apply; call and get our rates; can pay portion each year If you deelre. 84 H E, Mar - ket St., room 4. CHA8. w. OOKSUCH. FINANCIAL MONEY LOANED SALARIED PEOPLE, holding permanent positions with responsible concern on therr own, names, without Indorsements or collateral: easy payments. TOLMAN, 701 Stevenson Building. - FINANCIAL Gold - mining stock In undevel oped mines. In the u sshingtn and British Columbia mining districts: treasury stock at low nricee. HENRY H. FAY. comer Wash Intrton and Meridian sts., over Big Four ticket office. . 1 FINANCIAL Money to loon, a large sum of home funds left In our hands to be loaned In sum of 1100 to 11.000 and upward, at lowest rates of Interest; can furnish money ssm day you apply. Pay back when you please, a, METZGER AGENCY, 101 X. Pennsylvsnla st FTNANCIAL MONET LOANED SALARtED PEOPLE HOLDING PERMASE.M Pil - TTONS WITH RESPONSIBLE" CONCERNS. UPON THEIR OWN NAMES, EASY PA Yr MENTS CENTRAL LOAN COMPANY. ROOM' XO. 7 TALBOTT BLOCK. NORTHWEST CORNER MARKET AND PENNSYLVANIA STS. . FINANCIAL A NEW PLAN. W loan money on furniture, pianos, vehl cles. etc. without removal, on the building association plan. The payments sre arranaed In fifty amall, equal weekly Installments, thus allowing you fifty weeka In which to pay off your loan: H.JB Is the weekly payment of a 150 loan; other amount in - like proportion; In terest 7 per cent, a year. PERSONAL PROPERTY SAVINGS AXD . LOAX APSOCIATIOX. Room 4 Lombard Building, 241 E. Wash. FT X A NCI AL IF YOU WANT MOXEY. MONEY IN LA ROW OR SMALL AMOUNTS, ON SHORT OR LONG TIME. OX HOUSEHOLD FURXITI - RE, PIAXOS. ORGAN'S, HORSES AXD WAGONS. SEWING - MACHINES, or any personal security, to he left in your possession, on payments to suit you, to be paid back at any time, each payment so made reduces cost qf loan. COURTEOUS TREATMENT. LOW RATES. E. MARKET - ST. MORTOAGE LOAX CO., ROOM 4. 10 B. MARKET ST. Northwest corner Market and Delaware sts. FINANCIAL SALARY LOANS. . v Ws loan moneyl on salaries to Government employe, clerks, bookkeepers, salesmen, railway employes, school teachers and . all other persons holding permanent salaried positions. Loan can be repaid in small weekly or monthly payments. Business strictly confidential. MERCANTILE DISCOTTNT COMPANY.! Room 4, Lombard Building, I 1 844 E. Washington at, EI - VAN CI AD I MONEY TO IXAN. 15. 110. 115. 120, ISO, 110 and up. on FURNITURE. P1ANOH, ORGANS, HORSES. AND WAGONS. AT LOWEST RATES, AND THE DAY TOU ASK FOR IT. Property left In your possession. Loans . ranged on easy payment plan, thua giving yoo plenty of time In which to pay it hack. Loan may be paid In full at any time, and you pay onlv for the time you keep It. YOTJ GET FULL AMOUNT ASKED FOR. - Xo expenses or commission taken out In advance. Busrlnes strictly confidential. Call and Investigate before borrowing. SECURITY MORTGAGE LOAX CO., Room 207 (second floor) Indians Trust Building (old Vance Block), corner Washington t. and Virginia avs. FINANCIAL - TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS, to loan in sums of - W, 110. 115. 120. 130. 160, lino on . FURNITURE. PIANOS. ORGANS. HORSES AXD WAGON'S, at rates which honest people can aJTord to pay, the property to remain in your Undisturbed possession. ' A XEW WEEKLY OR MOXTHLY - EASY PAYMENT PLAN ON SHORT OR LONO TIMTd. A RECEIPT GIVEN FOR EVERY PAYMENT MADE. "Don't psy old friend double what w ask for the same accommodations. EVERYBODY WHO WANTS MONEY CALL AND BED US. W give you the full smoust of money you ask for; no charges taksa out In advance. The. transaction Is our to be private. Don't fall to as tas and get our rate. . INDIANAPOLIS MOTtTGAQB j LOAX COMPANY. ROOM 10. 147 E. Market st. FINANCIAL ' From 110 upward quickly loaned on furniture, pianoa. store fixtures, vehicles, warehouse reoelpta etc., without removal. Loan can be arrsnged to run from one to twelve months' - time, payable In small weekly or monthly Installment. We charge I per cent. Interest, and a reasonable fee for preparing papers, examining records, and appraising property. No other expense. Xo charges taken out 1n advance. You get full amount In cash. All business itrfcfly confllentisl. INDLaXA MORTGAGE LOAN CO . ESTABLISH ED U - 7. ROOM 4 LOMBARD BLILDTNO, J4V, E. WASHINGTON 6T. FINANCIAL MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY ' W are doing buslnem with the best people In Indianapolis, and therefore enjry the reputation of being - the MOST REL1ABLM, the MST REASONABLE, and the M'.ST RESPONSIBLE LOAN COMPANY In the city. MONET MONET MONET MONET We make loans on FURNITURE. PIANni, ORGANS. WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS, HORSES. WAGONs, . etc.. without removal. Following Is our easy payment plan, which pays out In ten montha or forty weeka t?0 loan payjible 12 monthly, or 60c weekly, i - to )on payable 13 monthly or 75o weekly. !0 loan payable H monthly, or 11 weekly. 3v0 loan payable 15 monthly or 1L15 weekly. Otter amount In like proportion. W - i.!so make loans on WATCHES. I 'I AM. .VW. ' BICTCLES. SEWING - MACHINES, etc All bue'ness etrlctiv confidential. CENTRAL LOAN COMPANY, KSTABU. - liE!) l'i. ROOMS 7 and 8 TALBOTT BT.OCK, N. W. CORNER HARK1T AND PLNX. ST3. TELLi'liONE I.ii. FIXAXCIAL. FIXAXCIAL Loana from 119 Dp. to salaried people. TSi Lemcas Bunding. FIN A NCI A L Lon on household good - Ma - tuaiiy coar.dentiai. 1"! Lemcke. FINANCIAL Moet;ar Wans: lowest P. M: BARNARD, Majestic Building. FINANCIAL Mortgag lon: ( per cent. HORACE McKAY. 81 X. Pennsrlrsnta FINANCIAL Losns on household goods; strict. y confidential. 2 1 Leracke Building. - FINA NC1AL Loans to honest salaried pe - "p.s on their notes; atrictly private. U Lemcke. FIN A NCI AL Pawn loans: private office. CENTRAL IX)AN COMPANY, room 7 Tal - bott B.ock. northwest comer Market and Pennsylvania sts. FINANCIAL Money to loan on personal property, household goods, corporation stock arvd other securities; reasonable ratea; easy pay - rnent; falreet methods. Strictly Confidential. W. F. TILDEN. til Majestic Building; FINANCIAL 7 per cent, interest paid on paid - up stock: only a limited amount wanted: a fine Inveetmtnt. THE UNION MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. 13 W . Market st. Reference sny bank In city. POLITICAL Among Democrat the ofRo of police judge 1 apparently attracting more candidates thsn any other. The following names have bee surxeeted: Edward Littl - 'Squlr Walpole. Charles Re mater. Harry 8. Brown and - Jame Johnn. SOTICE. NOTICE 5Vsj business cards. 40c VICTOR. It ietaware. NOTICE For trunk repairing, telephone L. E. MORRISON A CO. NOTICE The board of trustee of th Central Indiana Hospital for the Inaans will receive sealed proposals anlll Friday. July li, at 10 a. m.. for furnishing a full line of supplies for the month of August, ISM.. Requisition book will, be on flie at room 4 State House, from and after Monday, July 24, ljjj. By order of Board of Trustee. NOTICE NOTICE TO BIDDERS': - Sealed bids will be received In offlc of II. M. Wright. superintendent of Buildings. Grounds snd Suppllea until 1 o'clock. August L l'i9. on the following furniture. L7) school deska Lfioo folding chairs. LeO klndergsrten chairs, larre 1.0.O kindergarten chairs, small 10 bo. 4t cast. roll - top desks. 15 teachers' tables. ' 35 teschere desks. 40 teachers chair. 64t more or less opaque window shadea Above to be delivered to and. set up ready for os In buildings designated by Superintendent H. M. Wright School desks are to be furnished without wells or casting, but bored to fit sample of csstlng on flie in said offioe. In bidding on bookcasea roll - top desk, teachers tabiea. desks and chair, the bidder met bid on sample In said office or on one equally as good. By order of committee on furniture or upplies., ALBERT BAKER. Chairman. STORAGE. STORAGE Moving. 11 per load. Telephone 7M. STORAGE STORAGE AND MOVING. Phone 1Q49. STORAGE Furniture moved, 11 per load. Tel - ephone 211. - STORAGE Of all kind at CHARLES E. SHOVER'S, 328 E. Wabash t. STORAGE And loans. New building, Alabama and Market - FRANK EHELLHOT - SE. STORAGE Packing and moving. S. P. HAMILTON, 11 S. Alabama ' Phono Special rates, i STORAGE SEPARATE LOCKED ROOMS. Packing and moving houaehold goods a specialty. 12 - 14 - 14 W. Georgia st. 'Phone til. HOGAX TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. STORAGE INDIANAPOLIS WAREHOUfss! CO., W. E. Kurt, president: H. A. Croee - lana. manager. &17 - 523 8. Pennaylvanl. Tele - phone 1343. WE STORE. PACK AND HAUL. STORAGE WILSON . TRANSFER AND BiuHAUE co. Housejioid movinr a specialty: storing, packing and baggagr work; separate, locked room a Storage huua. 434 8, Delaware. 'Phone bJ8. STORAGE The UNION TRANSFER AND STORAGE COMPANY la the oldest, largest, safest and cleanest (forage house In the cltv. EXPERT .PACKING AND , CRATING 0 HOUSEHOLD GOODS. Corner E. Ohio and . r ipir., line on iickon stand ) LOST. AA'bT A whit shawl, Monday. Reward U returned Hog Delosa: " LOST Persian shawl. Leave with secretary Builders Exchange. 17 E. Ohio st. LrT Lsdy - pocket bock; with name oa lb. Return to New ofTIc. Receive reward. LOST Goid - rlmmed glasses In Central ave. car. Tuesday. Return to New. Reward. LOST Or Stolen: Bedsprtng from Born' totf r Wr0r Mood1' W W. Washlng - LOST Tan colored pocket book on Central or New01" RwmTi - Address " Y 1. oar LOST Gold chain bracelet, with padlock. Return to W. M. JILLKOX. 1421 N. Delaware, and receive reward. - . LOST I. H. 8.. June. "7 claes - pln; lost Mon - dsy morning. Return to MARY MAY. 142 N. Pennsylvania st. Reward. LOeST Lady's gold watch; amall, with diamond in back and name "Lucille, In Inside of back. MRS. L. B. NICHOLLS, 44 N. Illinois St, . i LOST Initial rina, Sunday. Armstrong Park, Armstrong car or at Grand Hotel; ring split cn bottom. Return to JOHN E. CLARKE, 101 N. I - ' aware et. Reward. BUSINESS CHASCE. BUSIXESS CHANCE - 600 busin isss cards fog 4'je. v iC - roR, i - N. Peiawar. BUSIXESS CHANCE Party to back a pat - nt Mark'e't" pracUcL V'ONN A HOOTON. i VV. BUSI XEP3 CHANCE - Feed mill, doing paying cash business: 60c on dollar will buy. Good ressr - n for selling. Address M 16. cars Nsws. BUSINESS CHANCE For Sale: 2.60 stock of hardware, tinware, barnees, etc.; good town and good trade. Address J 25, oar News. 1 BUSINESS CHANCE Down - town drur tors; fine fountain and fixture; complete in every way; bargain for cash. R. H. EAST, 6 Talbott Block. - B.UrlNESS CHANCE One - half Interest in manufacturing and Jobbing bo!ne. Metal worker preferred. .WONX A HOOTON, I W. Market, BUFINES3 CHANCE 1L000 buy light manu - facturing business; protected by recent patent; good buslnssa opportunity. Address - 25, care New. . BI 7SI NESS CHANCE Splendid drug sua in cm in flourishing Indiana town . of 25 fx); last year's business tll.sOO; expenses 11.200; pric FOR TRADE. - FOR TRADE Clear lot for .buggy. Address D L care News. " FOR TRADE Good lot. Tuxedo Park, for Jar - Bey cattle or cattle and Shetland pony. L. MILLS, Thorntown. Ind. FOR TRADE 12.600 stock of name, hard - war, etc.. account of health; fine trade; good location. Addres H 16, care Xewa FOR TRADE Fl ve - year - old black mars, well bred, for rubber - tire; three - fourths Open wagon: In good shape. J. H. PORTER. 707 El Nineteenth St. - FOR TRADE Elegant, ten - room, strtctiy modern house, 1421 College ava: will tral equity for vacant iota Th'a is a rare cbano. FIEBER A RE1LLT. 144 Ev Market St. FOR TRADE Two well - located farm; will trade for good rental property in this city; also com good property In Anderson for sal or trad s - Address J M. MORKLEY A CO., 11 and 12 Baldwin Block. FOR TRADE Four groceries: stock dry goods; atock gents furnishings. tirniT and fruit stand; stock shoe, stock furniture; three bustlnes rooms; drug store; want city property. M. fcXOHNXIDETt 8ON, 54 Baldwin Block. PEHSOXAL. PERWAL - fno btistne cards for 40c VICTOR. 2S X. De'aware TO LET OFFICES AXD STORES. TO LET 8 I!t INDIAN' A TRUST CO. TO LET fa to re - room and dwelling. 1637 8. Meridian. TO LET Store - room and baseoseiit. . Court st. XI E. TO LET Three tore - room. Ccmtral ava and Sixteenth t. TO LET Desk room. Stevenson Buliding. Ad - drees S 1, car News. TO LET Location for a doctor or dentist. Central ave and Sixteenth st. TO LET Orocery stand: corner PeUefontaln and eeventeenth. P. REYNOLP. - v TO LET Choice desk room; te.ieph - - .ne; electric light; ground floor. 14A E. Court t. TO LETT Location for a barber: co.ored preferred. Cent ml ave. and Sixteenth m.. TO LET Location for millinery and notion ttore. Cer.tral ave. and blxteenth st. TO LrTT Iarx. deslrabie room for meat market: immediately nxt to old grocery stand, with eestabiii - hed traile; no meats of any kind handled In grocery. Cail at 4;i - U7 X. Nobis . TO LET Four - story brick build!.";. with 20, 0o0 . feet . floor space: enrine and boiiers; two elevators; swic - h for wane - house or t.iraxe of any kind. McINTOSU A BON, lil X. Pennsvlvanla. . TO LICT Rooms, sultohie for carpenter, painter, general c - ;.a!r sh. or I'.Kht mar;ufjtiir. Ins: g.oti iiitht and ventl'stlri: lArr etorare room in connect1' n: io. - Arin. Cret t vii. - lir.r Kt of postotTic. OKtl'JuitI A APl'ctl L.I E." Pirltrt. TO Li:T MlSCEI.LA.t'EUl'S. TO LET - Locstion for mualo teaching. Central ava and bixteectb su TO LET ROOM .. TO LT7T A J. MrTEf. - Oi TO Li - T Eigbt roma IjO X. L. n y t T LET See list. IN PI A N ATK! ' S T" T T" LET Mceiy furniiied room at 4m V,'. r - monl t . - TO LET Newly furnished room; bata; cbaap. N. liat. TO LET - Suite oa quire at l - . WasiiingUMi; . TO LET Fumiebed; light toaseaepir.g. 2 Ind. ana ave. .To LET Thre unfumihd room. Itiquins va K. Kouth TO LET Nice, singl roota lor gesuesbaa. M c. . - xew lora. TO LET Furnished and unfurnished rooms 13 W. Market si. TO LET Housekeeping and lodging rooms, i.e N Cs, pt t - T ave TO LET Nicely furnished room; modern. Capitol ave.. N. TO LET Four nice room, unfurnished, eil W. Washington. TO LPT Furnished room; first ftoori pieas - ant. 213 E. North TO LET 8 I rooms. Let E, Wasfungtoa St. A DH ERETH. TO LET Nicely furnished room, wltk board. J12 E. Xew Tork st. TO LET Modern Columbia B.ock suit. 5.W. t'.l W. Washington. ' TO LET Furnlehed rooms; - nuxiers oonvea - tence. 17 E. Pratt st. TO LET Furnished aloov roomi bata; prl - vate. IIP E. Mlchlgsn. - TO LET Furnished room; Btodera. i.jvjtc MER E. 106 X. Illinois. TO LET Rooms; modem: very tight house keeping, h X. Illlno t - TO LET Furnished front room; baUti xoita comer Eaat and Mlch'.s - aa. XO LET furnished rooms; iignt aouseaeep - ing; bath, lit X. Alabama TO LET Furnished or - unfurnished rooc. with board. 40 X. Iillnola j TO LET Furnished front rooms; ground floor, with kitchen. 121 X. Capitol. TO LET Furnished rooms; housekeeping or sleeping 111 X. Alabama t. ; TO LET Two nice, front room, wltn g.xd table board. 631 X. Meridian. TO LET One furnished room; elegant bath; private family. 711 X. Alabama. TO LET Neckband, put on . fr. RES3 LAUNDRY. Terione UIL I flLOvl - , TO LET Room. 11 up: board. 13: meal tivA - eta. R L"8 EIL' 8. 1S5 X. Ieiaware. TO LET Elea - snt housekeeping , rooma furnished complete. I1 Kentucky ave. TO LET Two ' furnished rooms: light housekeeping: down - stairs. 627 N. Nobis. TO LET Suite rooms, Moody Itiock, water, gas: 15 60. 3o X. Pe'.awara, room 10 TO LET - A pleasant, furnished front room; centrally located; 15. I'.O X. Liberty. 1 TO LET Modem, furnished and unfurnished; light housekeeping. 42 X. Illinois t . - TO LET rXirnished room; aew nouse; all conveniences; reaainable. 34 J!. Xew Tork, TO LET Pleasant front room: gentlemen preferred; private family. Address T L car' New. 1 - 'TO LET Furnished front room: suitable fr two or three; bath; board If desired, tst X. Illinois. ' ; . TO LET Two front rooms; ail new furniture: wHl rent cheap, with or without board. 0 rsrs ave TO LET Furnished parlor, with bath; u't - bis for two gentlemen or man and w.. ; N. Delaware. . TO LET Nicely furnished rooms: cool a - 1 airy; modern, with first - class board - 6X1 X. New Jersey St. TO LET Two or thre unfurnished rooms; modern house; raforenoss required - Addres R 1. csr New. . - TO LET Ooupls to take lower fioorf four rooms; bath; reaaona - bls; antral. Address Z 14, car Xew. TO LET Two pleasant rooms: nsnt Housekeeping; In privst family; modern house.. Soj Senate its. X. j 1U l.c.1 runipnra, irum , wu.c.v.w . . one or two gentlemen ; bath; reference, Ni. Ill Capitol ave.. X. , TO LET Elerant rooms, with bath: everything new; Haseltoa European liotal. Ut and Washington, st. TO LET Cool, pleasant room superior tab.; to desirable parties; Ulspbone; privats Xam - tly. 711 X. Deiawars. TO LET Nicely furnished rooms; modem eon - venl - nces. within - eight blocks norUa . of Washlngtoa st. Address X' X, cars N'aws. TO LET Two front rooms, furnished; modern conveniences; very desirsbls for man an! wife; reference required. 1018 Broadway. TO LET Furnished room, to two hul :e : mo - ! - ern convenience; breakfast and supper if wanted; reference exchanged. 104 Broadway. TO LET HOUSES. TO LET List. 11 Circle, TO LET MEYER A CO. TO LET Five room 121 fcle rt - TO LETT Moving. 11 per load. TsL 7M. TO LET 8c list. C. B. COFFIN A CO. TO LET L. T. LEWIS. 144 fx. Market art. TO LET S - lie. INDIANA TRUST Q3. TO LET SPANX A CO.. 144 TO. Market st. T6LET Eight rooms. Inquire 131 W. Ohio. TO LET House; six moms. H7S On - nell. X TO LET 2s31 Washington. tiX I Hubbard - Block. TO LET Furniture moved, $1 par load. Tie - thnn 111 TO LET House, se ven rooms I bath. 1.1 Xew York. TO LET Six - room bouse, 7'Jt Batty eC 811 Bwatty st. . - TO LET Modern house, sevas room and baLX 224 Walcott at. TO LET Six - room fiat," with beta. Inquire at 111 W. Ohio at. - TO LET Half double house; nv rooms. .l S. Pennsylvania. TO LET Convenlsnt, - dssirab.s Inquire 1914 Collegs. TO LET Two hlgh - grad fWta. Central ava and Sixteenth ets. TO LET 711 Senat ars. N seven - room bouse; both ga. - . TO LET Five roma, 410 W. Court SU Inquire V W. Washington St. TO LET Neckbands put oa fre. PfiOti - RFiha LAl'NDRY. ' Telephon 112L ' TO LET Ten - room house; modera; ail ooa - venlenoes. Key at 625 X. Deiawar. TO LET Six rooms, newly papered: pore a ; oppualte park. It Highland ave.; tit. TO LET Cottage on Bird st - t two - storr; s(0t rooms; price 116 a month. H. H. TO LCT Dwelling, four room. Ill 8. Eet St. HENRY D. PIERCr ffO X Mridln st. TO LET JSurntehed bouse of tsn rooms; bath. fumac. Call U Woodruff Plaee or teieplior 414. ! TO LET 7 E. Twenty - third t - ; thoroughly modern; Six rooms; large atfia. Inquire Lit Coilege. TO LET Modern, etx - mora house; esoefH furnace; la good repair; No. Iui4 Lavweon at f.t per rmnin.' TO LET Seven - room house; bath; gss; fur - rutce. Inquire US N. Let 1 war st - , of C E. KhKGF.LO. TO LET Furnishe.1 house: tx room; molern; '. cheap; two months; OUUgt Una Adlreas J a, csre New. TO LET First - class, aix - roorr. rst'nwi North; cheap to xood - tenant - t.aiKi - t - 1, 141 N. ivanl at. - TO LET 441 E. Vermont at ti rwiii a - 1 bath. Call. A. METZUER AG EXCT, 14 N. Pennsylvania t - - : ' TO LET Xew. double hou; swveo room side; natural gs; ail mdra eemvanieocesv. lril E. New York t - ' TO LET Dwelling, e'x room and bath: idr - cys Home Place. 12 N. I i'nois St.; lil. Inquire room No. 2.0 If - mcks ikuUUr.y. TO LCT House; three roorE: atti porcn, gas, well. citern. cellar; yard: 1U. b 1:7 W. Thirteenth. Apply "4 Ev St, Ca r. T LET Heven - ro. m. sine e dwe!' - !na: 14 W". Pratt; rlne eooaree north of V.'aentr.stoo ; $i. F. T. MeWHIRTFR. Kt E. MiHi.t. TO LET Peven - rolm n: Oiodem In every detali; - jlt of two rooms f or light housekeeping. McINTOfc'H A SON. 143 X. Pennsylvania - TO "LET Three room, up - '! - : r rate en. trance, Ki' isrge c. .' - ., 7 nstural gas; In good condition. ii E. Michk - g.n st. - TO Lrr Attra t:ve res. iecce; tirnnn - i; something more tnan a year; ampie nroun is and ehaje; honee and raT.aces ln - c.J ie.l; w.i e - MtPhman. ce - k snd hou.' - 1. if desire - !. HENRY D. PIERf'H, 20 N. Mr - nu.ta st. r at pr - mles, 115 N. ?.l.'H:n ert PATEXT ATTO R E Y S. PATENT ATTOItNT - 'Ys V. K LocKV.'OD, 4 15 - 4 it Lemcke Bu..iing, Ln ..acapci.s. It.. IV i. N PATENT ATTORNEY ' : i. 1. S. fcL.A'. r - ' - lioitor of patents. 1 - 4 V. juth si. !'b. - ne r.i - 4. . . " PATENT AfT'ortNETS - r.. T.' e - il.V - 1 ,": 3 A' CO.. 18 Talbott Bioca, v."i N. l' - i!!" - .r - St., New 'h"i f:i. r - ; r .fsdiities in patent. trai? - . - riir and c;: - i t bos:ns: exr - ert cira - s - ht:i?. HiOHlHAMJ AND Ti I ' V, 11 i 1 1 li. SliOR'l J" A vi a M TYI'i : ' r : v : , 'ill EW r - .iTT v. ' - 1 " :' Ta"r:t omy at ti i.iii. - . 1 . . - : N - ' C" - ". - T.F - ii, Nt'.T.itr'.nt 1 'e. l - t e . 1. : - 1 s - . - 1 In the w.trio. W e t. - y - i tfe rcrl. i. - : - Vesugata - Loth 'jlunes l - it, '

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