The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1956 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1956
Page 12
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PAG8TWILT1 BLTTHBTTLLE (ARK.)_CQtntIgB NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 8,19M There Is Plenty at Stake In Troubled Middle East By WILLIAM L. AP Foreign News Analyst Air raid sirens wail once again in the cities of the tormented Middle East. Mock attacks dvilians to cover More and More on both sides of the line, fears of war are heard civilians cover. MO lc K t . , . Q{ a yolc K ted ln Cm^o Wnrlri War II tne Middle tasi naa uceu uu me tu 6 v >/» « ,«.—..... — ,-.f — fury in 1948 subsided in 1949, and now once again rumbles even more ominously because \ fh°e b e! S ht rSees have created an emotion- J™-^*™^. *£ $"% offer of trms. The Kremlin leadership seemed bent on fomenting at the least, a high degree of ten sion, or at the worst a local war Such a war would do much to and other West to bulwark the Orient, the a potential a , against invasion or jumping-off place for conquest. The Western Powers have tried to keep a balance between the Israelis and their Arab neighbors. But recently a new element was rnmrmmist arms have been shipped to Egypt and othe Arab states, threatening to tip the balance and set off a war neither responsible Arabs nor responsible Israelis really want. Slow in Coming In 1923, the League of Nations granted Britain a mandate over Palestine. In Britain's mandate was a declaration by Foreign ec- retary Lord Balfour that Britain looked with favor on a national Jewish home in Palestine. It was slow in coming. Underground violence broke out after World War n. Britain, threw the whole Palestine issue into the lap of the United Nations in 1947. The U.N. came up with a plan for partition of Palestine between Arabs and Jews—two independent states^-with Jerusalem an international city. Britain annov»ced plans to surrender her mandate May 15, 1948. Just one day before that deadline, David Ben-Gurion, now Israel's premier oroclaimed the birth of the state of Israel. Haganah. the steeled underground . organization which fought the British, burst from its hiding places and was transformed overnight into an efficient army which brought to 'a standstill the troops of five surrounding Arab states. TJ.N. efforts brought about an armistice in 1949. Under the 1947 U.N. partition plan, Israel would have had about 6,500 square miles. At the end of the hostilities, Israeli forces had overrun territory, including the Negev Desert, totaling 7,800 square miles with a population of almost 800,000. There was no peace, however, The Arabs soon were to demand what they had rejected before the war broke out—partition Of Palestine more or less on the lines of the 1947 U.N line. Israel would make no territorial concession. Meanwhile, a cancer was growing in the Middle East, As many as 900,000 refugees, driven by the war from their homes in Palestine, are camped in hovels in Arab states. The Arab states do not want to assimilate thes people, on the ground this would be final recognition of the Israeli conquest of the land where they once lived. Israel, once willing to take back a token number of them— perhaps about 100,000—by now is unwilling to take any at all. The the balance of arms in the area and preserve the slender thread of peace. Late in 1955 the Communist bloc upset the balance. Egypt negotia cut off the West from the entire area. Bui even the Kremlin would be cautious about all-out war in the Middle East. It carries the danger of World War HI—the war for which the Communis' Social Drinker .iked Company ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. Ifl — A ,'arrulous fellow fell in line with axpayers waiting to make out their returns at the Internal Rev- nue Service office. Joking with those nearest him, reached the head of the line. 'hen, he headed to a rest room. In \ moment he returned and took his urn at the end. Again he reached the head of the uie. Again he left for the rest •oom. That kept up for a couple of hours. Finally a government worker railed him into the rest room and watched him lift a bottle of liquor rom his coat and take a swig. The explanation? "Well," said the mystery man, 'you see I don't like to drink alone, and I saw this line of people, so I just fell in." upscv viie uaiaiiw;. i^&y HV n^awviu.- • — ed a deal with Czechoslovakia for world Is not yet ready. Satchmo May Not Play Trumpet At Grace's Wedding PHILADELPHIA OB—Louis Armstrong, whose thumping personality and jazz culture have been some- tiling of a sensation in Europe, may not play his trumpet at Grace Kelly's wedding to Prince Rainier after all. The Satchmo, here on business, said it depends on his whereabouts at the time of the scheduled April ceremonies in Monaco. If lie goes to Britain. April 2, as planned, he'll play at the wedding for sure. And whether he fills his date inn Britain depends on the minister of labor, from whom he must get a work permit. If denied the permit, he said he would go to Australia and therefore would be unable to play at /the wedding. He Wanted Red Light to Change SANTA MONICA, Calif, (ff)—Police say Farel R. Johe* remained parted behind a fire truck and police car at the scene of an early morning fire and refused to proceed around them. . "I'm waiting for the red light to change," they quoted Jonee, an Inglewood accountant. So officers arrested him. The "red light" was on the police car. Jones paid a $105 fine. He pleaded guilty to reckless driving, a reduced charge. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as: Main Street, Luxora, Mississippi County, Arkansas. The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime Involving moral" turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that Tax Consultant Is Accused Of Forgetting to File LOS ANGELES tfP>— The federa government alleges that Miss Lee Webb, a tax consultant, may have filed all her clients' Income tax returns, but she neglected to drop hers in the mail for the years 196" and 1953. U. S. Atty. Norman W. Neukom placed two charges of failure to file against the 56-yeai-old woman, alleging she didn't declare a $7,000 income in 1962 or »n,132 in 1953. Miss Webb. was indicted last Aug ust on charges of preparing frau dulent income tax returns for her clients. She will be tried April 3. To Present Oscar HOLLYWOOD (!P) — Maurlc Chevalier has been named to pre sent the Oscar for the best song at the 28th annual awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences. the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, rela tive to the sale of alcoholic liquors Application Is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 8th day of March, 1,956, and to expire on the 30th day of June 19S6. WALTER HANNAH, Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1th day of March, 1956. EUNICE BROQDON Notary Public SEAL My Commission expires: Jan 17, 1959. 3/ STRAWBERRY PLANTS State Inip«ct*d BUkemore $6.00 per thousand Express Collect V. C. HUETER leachville, Ark. Ph. 183 SIMPLIFY SHOPPING AND SAVING WITH What do you Need? - Get it fast with a low cost want ad! Thrifty women — and men, too — read our classified adt every day for the best reason in the world: YOU SAY I! I Want ads in Hi it paper are a market place for everything you want to buy, Mil, or swap and — for expert services. . . . Get the classified shopping habit, now. . . . we will help you write the Ad! Ads placed before 5 p.m. will appear next day, except for Monday's paper when ads mutt be placed by noon Saturday. All clottified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS The horse, originally a small food animal, attained its present size centuries after men reachec six-foot stature, according to the 'ncyclopedia Britannica, Sparkman Raps GOP Farm Policy HAGERSTOWN, Md. (XI — Sen.' Sparkman (D-Aia) Tuesday night charged the Republicans have been an "absolute failure" in handling the nation's farm problem. Sparkman, the 1954 Democratic vice presidential nominee, told about 500 Democrats of the Washington County area the Republicans "cannot escape the fact" that in 1952 the farmer was getting 100 per cent parity and In 1956 80 per cent. The Alabama political leader cited the farm question as his party's best issue against the GOP. And, he toW the crowd, "we have got real issues." 'Oscar' Emcees HOLLYWOOD (fl—Actress Clau- tiette Colbert in New York and comedian Jerry Lewis in Hollywood will serve as television-radio mas- Art Expert Says Americans Have Ugliest Faces OMAHA W>—Heres a jolt! University of Arizona D«pt. of Art Chief Dr. Harry Wood offered the opinion last night that Americans have the ugliest faces in the world. Why? The lecturing Dr. Wood said "they show the marks of strain, tension and inner conflict you don't find elsewhere. And these form marks of ugliness." The big cities, he said, are the worst and New York is the worst of the worst for facial ugliness. Keep faster Holy BOSTON I* — Archbishop Richard J. Gushing of the Botson Catholic archdiocese suggested yesterday that "all the hustle afld bustle of Easter shopping should be out of the way, before Holy Week." He lers of ceremonies for the 28th an- said Holy Week itself should be nua! motion picture Oscar awards kept free "for prayerful reflec- March 21. tion ..." Reason Didn't Hold Water PUEBLO, Colo. VFI — Wayne H. Gyles, 21, was in a hurry. Police said they trailed his auto at speeds up to 96 m.p.h. before it careened into a fence. Then, officers said, Gyles sprinted down the street. "Why?" asked Magistrate Red J. Mack. Because, said Ciyies, an unidenti- fied mail had b«n wiling by telephone, warning him to torn the city. He said he Uiomht U» police etr wa« that of the mil? who had threatened him. The Magutrat* lima <W»i »!<» for reckless driving. BARRED BY CHAIN During the Revolutionary War, an enormous chain was stretched across the Hudson River to keep British ships from passing, accord- Ing to the Encyclopedia Britau- nica. DON'T BOTHER ABOUT PARKING! Hove YOUR Doctor Phone Us Your Prescription - We'll Deliver Free! We Fill Prescriptions From All Doctor* KIRBY DRUG STORES SPECIAL SPRING SHOWING MOHAWK CARPETS & RUGS A Mohawk Factory Representative Will Be In Our Store SAT. MARCH 10-9 A.M. TO 5 P.M. With A Complete Line of Mohawk Carpets And Rugs! See All the New Patterns In All Wool, Durlon and Nylon See the New Mohawk Evertwist In 12 Different Colors All Wool Tomorck JQ95 Bark Pattern 9 95 SqYd.^ NewTrendexAII $1A95 Wool Random Weave IU s q Yd. We Will Measure Your Home Free of Charge FREE ESTIMATE WITH NO OBLIGATION! If You Are.Not Planning To Buy At Once. See The Complete Line While It is Available To You And Select What You Want For Future Reference Mr. Joe Brown Representing Mohawk Carpet Mills Will Be in Our Store Sat. March 10—9 AM to 5 PM — SPECIAL — WOOL and DURLON TWIST 12 Ft. Carpet Solid Color Beige 6 95 & HUBBARD & SON Furniture Phone 3-4409 Blytheville

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