The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1935
Page 5
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- ( ^"s"r_"? / i JAfruAfrV £6, i?3B Mill Displays- Feature Proposer) Ho creations! Areas WFliK ROOK.—Acting under ihn advice of OoV. .), M. Pntrrfl, OM Arkansas Honorary Cenlrimlnl Cflebinllnii Commission Is revising liii jilsiiis for Us flrcieiulonn'l AroaA ffl thn'l n iir'rrnnnrnt exhibit, nf (lie Eigrieiiluiral, ami horticultural products of (heV state will br inalii- lalnrid at cadi of tlicni. Tills cliaiigi? will 'call for din constrtie- llb'h iif d large Imll at each Area which will bn nietdB sclf-siistnlmng through commercial flxhihlls where Arlt.msas products will he offered for sole. . The completion of the Areas has linen made a pnrL of the program of the 'Arkansas Planning 5teird for 1935, and Regional Director Vincent M. Miles has stilted lhat when the centennial commission hart grunted authority, l/.v the Cienrral Assembly, to peiler Into a contract with Hie government, and files its applications fur PWA funds, tl'.frro is little <toiil:i of ;l being 1 pawed upon favorably. The:' Arkansas Honorary Ceiilrnnlii! Commission orlijinnlly planned to have ten of the Areas, biit, v, r as aswrlalncel that this number would nrt properly distribute tliem iimone (lie different sections of tin stale. Hie number was Increased to 'twelve, ami eventually may 1)3 fourteen in order l!i:u some silts of outstanding brauty be taken in; These arras v;ill l«> opmleit by tlin rojjjjHissioii until the dose of Centennial year, when they will automatically become a part of the stnli! park sy.'.tem. The loan application will fcn mieler i)n> .self- liuuldatlng plan, and members nf the commission slate that complete occupancy (or one month will prc- dncesufficient revenue to care fo.- ihe annual payment. The recreation area plan calls for an expenditure of $75001) upon (he principal sites, with a lesser investment in (he move remote ones. It is probable lhat an area for colored citizens will } je Included In (lie iiragrhin! Should a •iiigjostleni 1 of national officials of the FERA lie considered favorably, ii a'lll.not be necessary to apply tor a loan of (lie mr.gnitmte first decided upon, as the government appears anxious !o supply a «m- (Sidewblo portion ol (he unskilled liil'pr .thai will b s . necessary in ihc complefion of the projects The loan maj tin, Le cleciciscd Horn '1,000,000 lo iibom $000.000 awl i laiuially reduce the mninl \m ments f H?{ .. 'A* Ihe cuisine of the a"rei dining looms \ ill be -\ feature depended upon lo ndicrtise them nil over the united States Mis Mm HOSton »ho conducts i tiinhns inrloi in Mris has bien asked to the oigdnirulaii and t> lining or a forc(1 ((J (omlllct them To Hit intent grnlitkitlon oi Clov Futrcil Mrs Ron ton has tliOTM inteiest. in the-'proposil „ B»K concerning the' Centennial cclebrit-km me belnfc piepaicd bj ft special legislative committee uncl Hill be presented to the General Assembly within the next ten dijs New_aod Exclusive Photographs of Worlds Most Famous Babies llrarty for nnytlring lhat thi.s itrnnne new world may bring them, the bright eyes of the nlninic quintuplets her head as the camera wnppcd* Marie, left, and Annet'e Woimr ,.ml Cecile Collon w».i qnlrt nml firmly nn "'"""• Orleans ewlmnge- In n A T Rn ^~~ Copper HUY1 8BW 1 ..x l >eelanllv. Bwm for Pm.lle w ,n to enjoy Hm ,, lw "(ilU -*••"—'~- T r"*-^— f — Run O\er bj Own irtieh iroUSION Tev (UP)—E Gibson who v,is i orking under his truck, asked i friend (o drne the machine fenittiel a f"e\v feet and then forgot lo rrmo\e his lool from the path of the icii uhecl dlbson went to /thp liaspitil . Nr\ ten tie til w«o thm foin lu.Rhle. eje.s or Uo sofler 01 mo,, ,o) 3 po.j „ au- Annette and y^onne piesenf he.r % old Nol, ,lu i,nj bmrrtet <ha,,,s, » Wcn hold ,denl,n, n tion.. flt ., .« ihae mnv bo no misiaie a, lo ,ho's tlRlu meihlli-i Papa Diouoc Saved Financial Worry by Picture Contract As a result of one of the greatest "picture scoops" of recent years, the photographic story of the famous Dionne quintuplets will appear in Courier News. The story'of how Courier News obtained these t'lcturra-- through RA Service, Inc., ' Is an Inter- sting ono. When the quintuplets were born (lie parent.-;, no le-ss tlian the rest THIS CURIOUS WORLD B _ AN MUST RErAAIN WITHIN ,32,OOO FEET OF THE EARTH, I SI dRDER TO BREATHE WITHOUT ARTIFICIAL AID/ IT IS IMPOSSIBLE AND WRITE WHEN A KING CRAB GETS TURNED OVER ON HIS BACK, HE RIGHTS HIMSELF BY RAISING UP ON . HIS TAIL of the world, ^vcre stunned by;the miraculous event. Bui Ovlla Dionne, the father, was faced with the stenvifact. that in addition to his flye older., children, :he must now: support <on .his rocky farm these five new ('laughters, who.'to survive nt'all, must have the most meticulous :oare. That Is expeiisivc, a prospect to dismay any parent, even hi better circumstances than these Frehch- Cntiadian dwellers on the edge of the great north woods. Many offers came to the Dlonnes, some within ; a day of the quintuplets' birth. But most of them involved, risk to the young lives in. which so Great an Interest promptly centered. Dr. A. R. Da foe vetoed them. His wisdom has been justified by the bright, healthy • condition-of the quintuplets tody:. They are fast developing Into , o'eautifiu baby girls, a .medical near-miracle— for no other case is known in modern times of survival of a mo ? ther and five quintuplets, let alone the babies' development' into normal, heajlhy children. Guardians were: appointed, and last year Courier News was able lo present, 'through NBA Service, fnc., exclusive pictures of their development. When" this arrangement, expired recently, representatives of other large American 'newspfctvire agencies rushed to Canada to bid for future rights to these absorbing pictures. " Alter long negotiations, NBA Service again secured the rights, paying a price believed higher lhan ever before paid for a single picture feature, and one that assured the parents of freedom from worry about the care and future of Iheir rapidly growing (laughters. •When the wonder babies, fed , ..)N GREENLAND.> UNTIL, THE WHITE MAN CAME IN, ESKIMOS DfiPENOEO OH AtETfOft TO RJBNISH THEM WITH IRON FOR. !M4 WVAWNG. TOOLS/ GREENLAND h as be cll the landing place of many large meteorites and from these great boulders the Eskimos pounded bits of !f ', ',,,',T C nakCS " ' ' whfch tllcy iMCr " lcd '" »>c cutting edges of (heir harpoon points. Admiral Peary brought a 36 l-S-ton mflllMiritn trnnt rimnv.1,... J * WAl nifitcorllc from Greenland, O.O SE (U IP «**§& M t ID V DAN THOMAS GEORGC SCARBO BUOIUIY Dl&OS CflME TO AMERICA ^^ IN 19O4- WITH A GROUP OP IRISH piAvees TO PUTCWASHOWATTHEr PERRY CLAIMS'.t' .,._._..LY GiRt. IN HOU.Y- ^HO'HAS''APPEAPeD ON ', SCREEN, RADIO A«3 TELt- ( . ---.,_.»_, jj fc'nv'vJriE^R WENONLY/nttARSOLa / , nwurcs, the. tures ever made nn eye-dropper, wHU . ,. _, . those first; days and weeks _. Iji.elr precarious life," il was considered by ^mcdlcDl authorities a near-miracle. Each succeeding week tlie wonder'grew.'. But the greater wonder is nl hand. The marvel of bare survival !s being displaced by the wonder of development upder -ideal conditions of care and .surroundings. As a study of whit can be done uy cpvtronnietlt for children born under adverse circumstances, this story is withfiut' a peer. Under the personal supervision of Dr. Dafoe, who will see that endangers the babies' »',.i' a !5' l '?? stor y w111 •» '° lc| in il baby plc- — ...««v available for lewspaper publlcatloji. These pictures, covering the lost Interesting periods of infant ;rowth,. including trie first teeth; ll «.wst.stcp, the first birthday, ra, icii na now they are cared tor, will surelved ™. ""de available .by' Courier of JJ|ws.. through its relationship with Approximately 2,656,000 Billons ot. water.Is used every week In !«?• aardens, London's famed bo- latiical enrdens, which cover 283 acres. The water is drawn direct from the ' Thames. roach<w tllc One o( the greatest authorities Si Hl * *<?lgnlng of aircraft, Igor , became inspired in the POWlWUtles of air while ' shlrts flap IN THE DISTRICT COURT OP THE UNITED STATES FOIl THE_u<IONESBOnO DIVISION OPjfTHE EASTERN DISTRICT OP^ARKANSAS. IN "THE MATTER OP ELFRIEU ROHM ANN CALDWELL IN BANKRUPTCY. fro i the creditors of the above named bankrupt ol Manila in ton* cjiunty of Mississippi. Division nnd District aforesaid, a bankrupt. [Notice Is hereby clvcn thnt on •mn. 8, 1035, the above iwnvd |w- tijtioner was rtnly ndjudso<i ;> Iwiil:- I'jtpt, and the first meeting nl I lie ci-cditors will be held at my office Hi IJie City of Jonesboro. in ss —.. .^.^ x^lujr Ul District ou Fcb 11, 1935. at 10 n. n}., n't which time 'the sold ciedt lore may attend, prove their claims, Appoint ,1 trustee, bnnkrupl. and examine the oilier ........ t .^,, «,,, w natliliVLt ^llljl utllLl buslne« ns may properly come before said meeting. I At ,'Jo'nesboro, Arkansas, this Jan. )t \f,if ' 25, 1935. F, 0. MOLUNIX, Referee !n Bankruptcy. o Juice. ,,0,1^11, V e. iMil'K. nnd liy Nc'.v vori( nillk- In Dclrnil. Ihe-y deliver innm- Today^s Markets OrleCHlS COflOn rrni ' ll ™« 1 '*rtn in today's short __ . Rowlon on Ihe stock exchange, Tlio ' Jim. 2fl (UP)- aliorl, si',«lon locliiy. Wcrn ililt>liiin«i'd lo poinls deiwn with Die new rrnp sliowjllifj the least, rrslsliuino. npra lilj;h low clow Mnr ..... 1245 I2'I7 12-l^t liM7 Muy 1U-I8 IMO" 1211) 12M •In) ):MO ISfiZ 1213 )2S'> O,Vi l'J4D 1S12 Vim YMi Drc 1W I'M '1241 I'JIfllj e'losrd .slendy nl iWXi, uu- Chrysler Clcn. Molora Int. Ihiryestcr New York Cotton NRW VOHK, Juil. 'M (UP- — Montgomery Wnrcl N. V. (.Viilrnl .... I I'nrkfin) Mnr May Jill Oct. . o|wn hlfj I-H5 la-W im I2fil 1241) 12.5) I2-W 12-H 1247 1257 low elor,n 12H ]24« 1247 ISSI 1247 I25I 1240 1242 1247 1249 Itadlo •Slumlord of W, .) Texan Co U. S. SjiieJlliio .. U.'S. Htefl ... , yjonlte S|»l.s closed slcaely nl Km, nn QPPORIUHIfy 'ANT-ADS May .lul Chicano Wheat open high low : 07 I'll !17 fi-fi 07 97 |.|j 110 1-4 119 3-4 89 fi'J i-.| Chicago Corn Mil}' Jill open 1)4 7-8 . 80 D-4 hlijh 85 .1-fi ill 1-4 low 84 3-4 an :i-4 close 04 7-ii ilO :i-4 Closing Stock Prices N15W YORK, .Ian. 26 (UP)-A majority ol Issues llnctiiated !n n 104 10S-4 30 3-4 :n r>-B i n-8 rm 1-8 S3 7-11 ai f>.8 40 1-2 B 3-8: 2(1 :i-4 17 3-4 '4 II-4 15'3-8 51-2 '« 20 108 •Xt 1-4 4 1-2 LPM.OIDD 100 yenrs ngo, Jho pnsseiiiier jilijeon was (he inbsi prevalent, bird In nl) North America. The tipcclmen died in the Oinclnnntl /oo on Sejit, J, 1D14, and Is now mountod In the Smllh- .sonlan Institution. 160-ACRE FARM • FOR SALE All In cuHlvatlon —u> mile from city limits iind highway. I.and has Bood cotton contract.',Tor. 1035 and buyer tan have possession Imme'dl- atyly.. J(!0 per aeie. G. G. CAUD1LL 'rimne Ml M? WASH SERVICE i tBJ '" -f OBITIONAl UB.T OMIY <CEACH y . • ' • ••-•'.] ' - ~ .".''• 1 ES, Hie world is growing: 'belter. ' Women arc smarter, too. They've' stopped U'Miring themselves out— getting old and haggard- hcforo' llioiv time. TlH-.y ronlizc they owe il lo- Ihemseh'cs— fo their Intshands ilnd cliiklren-- -to Id someone' do "the he'nvy work." KspecialK'' (lie Viish- jng— Un'ng (nnd : most mental) or ail •• housfihold (asks. Why should any woman war herself out— break down her sti-ength—ciHlanBei- licr health over the family wash? Especially now when we arc oft'crini,' Orimp Wash —the new home wnsliinjr ' aorvieu at i\ ii'vicc ^e'vcrvonc ean nlFord. ' . Just the tho»i(ihl of thut weekly wash is enough to Ynnke any woman tired. But imagine having a whole (iav every week for yourself— to do the things you really on'.joy doing. [sn (. that enough lo make you decide right here and now that you're through hcing n washwoman? That you re going to start saving yourself— and your money— by lei ling (he l.imulry do your wishing '! Of "coin-so Tlien phone tin, lo|l us what day you want us to call for your Dimdlc. Well wash your clothes in rich, warm suds of purest lionp with soft water. We'll rinse lliem in gallons and gallons of crystal-clear soft water. We'll send them hock hcnutirully clean— ready lo iron. And hero's the best part: We'll only charge you 20 cents for an R-pound bundle, nnd ./ celita for each uddilional pound. Which you'll afji-ec: i« a real "hnrgnin." BLYTHEl/tLf ^ LAUNDRY '.- •/ Phone 327 "Laundry That's Sterilized Protects Your Family"

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