The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1937
Page 4
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BLYfflKVlLLE '(ARK.): COURIER NEWS WEDMESDAV, THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS , THE COVaiEB NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS , 0. R. JBABCpCK, piltor H. \1. HAINES, Advert Uing Manager SC!B National Advertising RevreMnlatlvea; ArkRiisR? Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Bt Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entcied as second class matter at the post office at Blyllicvlllc, Arkansas, under act ot Congress, October 9. 1917,. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the City ot BlythcvUle, IDc per WCCK, or 65c pe* 1 month. By mall/within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six mouth-, ",Sa Jor tlircc months; by mall In postal zones two to 6lx, Inclusive, $6.50 per year; in zones seven and dght, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. No Inflation The strong stand, which President Roosevelt has taken with respect to balancing the federal budget next year should dispel the fears of any - who have doubted that lie would have • the courage to halt reflation before •_ it turned into inflation. It is not an easy Ihinji to return lo methods of economy after a period in which spending has been encouraged for its own sake—for the alimu- lating effect of the money which it forced inlo circulation as much as for 1 the purposes for which it was spent— but the president has Uie power and the prestige to do it. Naturally there will be involved the • abandonment of programs and projects, perhaps-worthy in every sense, upon which viindi'i^adniinislrativG officials, coitercssnieh ^ii'nd Cgrpupj; <$' citizens have set their hcsks. They.' should not make the lask harder'.bj', 1 lighting for appropriations which' the; budget does not pertnit. . s " There will • also perhaps be a noticeable reaction in sonic lines of bus,ine.'iS i an,'l employment from the reduced" flow of public money. Here will be an opportunity for those' who Imvc been contending that fear of inflation has retarded unsinoss activity; I to prove their point. Jf business has been waiting for a balanced federal budget it should accept the president's message of yesterday as a signal lo go ahead. " "* •••"'=• ' Why Should Uncle Pay For Memorials? i They arc having a good deal of trouble in Washington these days about the proposed memorial to Thomas • Jefferson. Congress is all set to put some. $3,000.000 of the people's money into the thing, but at that point agreement ceases. Some people protest that the chohen design looks like a cross between the Parthenon and a big city railroad station; others, that the Japanese cherry trees will have to be torn down if it is built; still others, that undue favoritism was shown in the choice of an architect. And while the battle rages around Ihtwe issues, it would be most refreshing if someone should get up in Con- OUT OUR WAY gross and inquire why the thing should be built at all. Washington is knee-deep in 'memorials right now, and what it will look like' -when another half century of memorial-building has passed is a bit terrifying to think about. And although Jefferson's is one of the groat names in American history, it is still a question whether the government has any eall to put up n trackless Grand Central Terminal in his honor. We have today a government that is floating uneasily around on a long- unbalanced budget. It is trying desperately to Have money wherever it can. (Well, theoretically it is, anyhow.) Why wouldn't this $3,000,000 be n good item to start on? We have this whole business of memorials wrong-end lo, most yf the time. A memorial is supposed to stand for an outpouring of admiration and love on the part of the cilixcns. But a memorial built by the government may stand for none of those things; on the other hand, it may simply moan that someone in the administration has pushed tlie idea through an obedient Congress. If we want a memorial to Jefferson —-if his fellow countrymen revere his memory srj much that they would like to see it immortalized in pillared marble along the banks of the Potomac- why not pass Uie hat a'mong the eager citizens- and raise the money that wijy? , " •~A memorial'financed in that manner would 'mean'something. It would indicate that the American people really thought enough of Jefferson -to dig down, in their pockets and put up 'Ythe dough for a tribute lo him.. "It , ^woukl be', accompanied by a publicity • campaign" wliiclr might have the excellent effect of causing some of us out what Jeflcrson,.really stood 'for and what his ideas about freedom, and democracy really were. Furthermore, it would relieve the , federal treasury of one more strain. H would bo a step, if only a small one, in the direction of sane federal financing.: H is not too late for Congress to back-track on thi$ Jefferson memorial. Jefferson's incmory might be much better served if it would do so. 21, 103? I am the dean of Die College of Inconsistency. I hereby confer a degree on Mr. Justice Roberts. —U. S. Senator Henry Ashurst. Arizona, who recently changed his mitid on the president's court reform plan. # * • H will serve to stimulate, organizing work ami to remove the fear Hint Is In the minds of a lot of workers. —William Green, president, A. P. of L., commenting on Ihe decision of Ihc supreme court on the Wagner Labor Relations act. • » * Among officialdom there must be the same eagerness to found families as among laborers. —District Leader Franz Schwidccoburg, Ponier- atila, Germany, instructing government workers to marry or lose their jobs. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark TRAILER ADVENTI IRE By Nard Jones © 1937, NEA Seivicf, Inc. . "Your wife said I shouldn't let you buy her any e flowers. She said she couldn't afford them and wouldn't pay for them." IIZZT;- WHV, CUELV :£AID\ [\ COOKY WAS ILL- W HE- LOOliS AU RIGHT TO ME By Williams UH -WELL, MVAM., IT AIMT HOW HE LOOKS- ITS \ HOW HE FEEl-5>.' AM 1 HE SlJRE N AIUT BEEN FEELIW' WELL 7O- PAY, AMP WE BOV5 THOUGHT WE'D LET HIM OFF FROM . OOOKlM' TWtftHT... AW IP IT WOUliDM'T -Sfe TOO MUCH TKOU&LE, WE COL)UP EAT UP AT THE HOUSE, WITH THET5 A LIE .' I'M.FEELUM'RNg AW THEM OL' FOSSILS KMOW IT/ I'LL HAVE THER SUPPER. THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson ONL-Y IDENTICAL TWINS ARE TRUE TWINS/ THE. TERM COMES FRO/A THE ANGLO SAXON WORD WHICH MEANS "TO CUT IN TWO." ONLY ABOUT 30 PER CENT OF ALL PERSONS •••• KNOWN AS ..TWINS ARE .. ' OF THIS TYPE. "Mr, Howison says Ihey picked it up in front of (lie abandoned warehouse dock where Speddon loft il when he took you to tlie waterfront. It was moved lo tlie Federal Building's aarage, bul Mr. Weotcs had our baggage lakjn out and sent to the hotel. And then—" Deity slopped, observing Martha closely. "Look here, Marl! What il seem ages siiici" you've danced?" Yes, Marlhu Britain thought, it did seem agpi A/.--; S m ce s | 1G 'd CHAPTER XXV QDDLY Betty looked at Marllia. Tiuc, Mart hart c;<jilcd as she asked, "U-r,'i three a crowd?" Bui il had been a peculiar, an .ilmosl billet' smile As if— but Marllia couldn't be jealous. "You musl come, 'really," put in Hovfison quickly. "Tomorrow— the. dinner dance a' Ihe- Olvmpic." "A dinner dance," repealed Bplty excitedly. "Marlha, doesn't ° n oai ' ln is wrong with you? Here we arc oul of a rotten mess. Here we pro all spick and span, and with the pcrfeclly good Haynes money Dad wired. Here o are ready to live again— and you mope!" "I'm not moping," Marlha insisted. "I'm jusl — sort of tired." 'Well, you can resl at the Olympic as well as here. The music will do you a lot. of good." WITH BETTY'S hurried help, Marlha . was ready by the lime Ihey were notified that the young oast guard .'officer was in the lotV ' ' "Well!" he 'said admiringly 1 "I knew you girls were' attractive— but I wasn't prepared for this!" "I'll have . to ..admit,"' Belly aughed, "lhat : wp . musl present in improvement over our appcar- mce when your .-boat joined Mr. '" '" ' danced that night at Del Monte with Gerry Ncai. And yet she remembered It so clearly, so poignantly. Would she, Martha wondered, ever forget il? Musl she go on. now and forever, remembering? Must she think of Gerry Neal whenever someone mentioned certain magic words like "dance" and "moonlight" and —and 'flove." Must she think of him at Ihe sound of such words, and {hen be slrucMc coldly, as she- was now. with the thoughl lhat he was E> criminal of flio lowest Thai against ltn> SOM! of Ihc only man she had c'.*:r I^vf' was iau! murder, and coumless other crimes. Must she thus always he alter- nalely exalted and degraded by Ihc memory of love, or would lime erase Gerry Neal from her mind? 4 * if 'THE evening of the next day found Belly Ilayncs admiring herself in Ihc lall door-mirror of their hold room. She wore a while sheath of evening gown, and her maize-colored hair was ycrfeet. "It ought to he, 1 ' she . replied in answer to MnrUm's complimenl lo lhat cfTrrl "! lold the hairdresser — 'I'm going to stay in here Iwo hours, so f.i ve me tbe works!' " She turned IrWii V.S^ glass. "You'd belter start getting r->idy, Mart. ; AR.E ABLE.THROUGH EXPEFTT ENGINEERING MANEUVERS, TO ROLL LAR£,E LEAVES INTO TUBES, WHICH ARE USED AS HOMES. CENTER. OF NORTH AMERICA tS LOCATED A FEW MILES WEST OF DEWL'S iJUKS, IN DAKOTA , The coast guard will L moment now." here any "I really don't feel like going, 1 ' Marlha said, rising listlessly jfrom Ihc davenport. "Nonsense! It'll do you good I've hung your dress in the closet . . . wasn't it nice of that Mr Weeks lo have ! our belongings ready at the hotel? These T-mer seem lo think of everything!" "But whcre'd they find the trailed" iznik's!" ... Howison ushered . . them to I'hc officer excused ttiemsolve<; to dance. Safe from Bclty't an--ious scrutiny, she felt less nervous She knew that Belly realized something had happened tc iic-i during (he li;ie they were parted. And eventually she must confide tc her friend—hut not now. It was all too close and too painful now. Grateful that Ihc liible lamp was amber iind nim;y s:iaded. she watched Ihe riant,.-i=. picfsu out Howison and i;eti.\ from among them. Plainly, they were falling really in love wllh ot:e a'lolher. It had been apparent from that moment in the coast cul- ter's stateroom. Martha looked up to see the head waiter standing by her chah. "Pardoiunc . . . wore you expecting s Mr. Weeks al Ibis table?" t t o '•WHY, yes. Ask him to—" She stopped. Beyond the waller was a handsome and smil- ng Gorry Neal, impeccable in dinner • clolhcs. Marina paled. 1'hcn, grabbing up her wrap and bag, she slarled to rise. He stepped forward quickly. "Please, Martha ... I'm really Guy Weelcs. I ucn't know wheth- er'you'll like it as well as tiic other mime or nol—but'there it is." Wilh a gasp, she sank bacl; into her chair. "Bul I. . ." Mnrlhu began weakly, and failed. "You see, I couldn't tell you al first because I—well, there in San Diego I wasn't sure but whal you and Belly were part ot Ciznik's outfil. Then, when I felt utterly certain you two were innocent victims, I couldn't take the chance of letting my identity be known. Things were getting too hot. They were coming to a boil loo fast, and I didn't want the slightest slip-up. That's why 1 didn't tell you even when you had me jugged lliere at Eureka." He slopped, looking hungrily waiting cab. "I saw- Guy. Weeks his morning. I .hate' to tell ypu his—but he .says you girls canfgo lome tomorrow, if you want. They'll take:your statements for the files on the 'case, and then you won't have to waif." "Tomorrow?" Betty, said, and there was a genuine reluctance n her voice. She turned to Mar tha. "I'd like lo slay a few days and look around Seattle,', wouldn't ou?" Belly's desire for delay was so *n; o luw i.-u, uniting i obvious that Marllia had to smiln. j!nto Martha's joyful eyes. i—j "We'd heller not stay loo long, j hope you'll forgive me for all Uie Remember Hint those news stories: I deception—for keeping you guess- got back home, and our families ing so long. Even there on the will be expecting anything lo hap- coast guard boat I didn't have a pen to us now" ,..''• "Even to marrying a coast-guard man!" said Howison,' Though his lone was facetious, -his glance at Belt Haynes gave his : words.a'bal-' ance of gravity. Suddenly realizing his implied favoritism, •- he turned to Martha. "By the way. Weeks said he might be able to join us Inter at the Olympic: I'm sure you'd both like him. 1 He's an interesting fellow."- • '.,,... >:. Marlha failed lo reflect his enthusiasm. Indeed, she was more than pleased when they reached the Olympic, and Betty and the chance to explain—and then I re- lurncd lo Seattle on Ihc Ciznik vessel." "F—forgive you?" repeated Martha happily. "Why, I—" His hand slipped over the while 2lolh. look Martha's firmly. "Could you talk better if wo danced?" "Y-ycs." But, curiously, Ihey did nol talk at' all. They slipped, into; each other's arms, tenderly, silently, fused by the magic rhythm of a tune they'd cUAiccd-to that night in Del Monte. THE END. 10 Years Ago From the Files of the Blythcvillc Courier News COPfL 1337 at ULs SERVICE. IKC. Identical twins arc those formed of one egg, which is divided in half and developed as two separate individuals. .Each half is identical- 'y alike. Unirientical or fraternal twins are those <Ievelcp:cl from two rcparale eggs which were fertilized at the same lime: These children ire no more alike than ordinary brolhers and sisters. NEXT: Whal does the grebe do with Us young »:icn clanger threatens? Thursday, Anril Zl, 1947 Tile Chicago Mill and' Lumber company of this cily received a Iel2|;hono message from their engineer, w. T. Kitchens, at Lilbourn. Mo., last night, stating lhat In his opinion Big Lake would ex- piricnce a rise of six feel-, due to water from the crevasse.s In Ihe Dorena and St. Johns levees. MEMPHIS—Flood terror in the Mississippi valley gained two new victories today with a breach in the government levee north of Greenville, Miss., at Stopps Landing, and wrecking of the Missouri Pacific railroad bridge across tha Arkansas river at, Litlla Rock. • OSCEOLA—Little River people north of Marked Tree in Poinsslt and. Mississippi counties should be warned lo get their stock out of Uie country and lo scaffold up corn and tools without delay, it was slated this 1 morning by R. C. Rose, commissioner of Drainage District 0 and 17. Teachers Mold Guide To Help Slow Students DENVER. (UP> — Public school Icachers here have prepared a monograph eonlaining suggested additions lo the present course of study which is intended to meet tr.e needs of students not- adapted to the traditional subjects, nrt consequently have been labeled as "slow." : '-.' The monograph of a suggested new curriculum atempts lo ac- eonvmodate education to Ihe needs of these sludcnls, rather than subscribing' to the old practice of removing pupils from school, according to its collaborators. C. L. cushman, 'director cf the department of research, who assisted in preparation of the monograph, said: "These who have workc:! with this monograph hava endeavored lo incorporate suggestions and illustrative material that will assist, teachers in providing for slow pupils experiences that will give them a feeling of luwing a rightful place in the school and of succcjdiirj at tasks that are of importance to them." The Icachers plan to introduce the cxperimenl in Denver schools in an effort to overcome "mass education." Music Aids Workers LONDON (UP)—Music banishes boredom among workers engaged in monotonous jobs and improves output. This discovery has been made by s. Wyatt and J. N. Langdon during an experiment bearing on repetitive work, wliicli they describe in a report jusl issued by the Medical Research Council. Change of Occupation or Climale May Benefit Bronchitis 'Victims — (NO. 193) Ily lilt. MOKItIS FIS11BKIN editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and nf Hygela, the Health Magazine In the prevention of bronchitis Mid its spread, much may be ac- 'cmplishcd by control of the gcn- sral hygiene and habits of the persons infected. Those .in eiusty trades should, if possible, be given outdoor work. People who drive trucks, or arc otherwise constantly exposed to the weather by their occupations, may 02 given Indoor Jobs if possible. If there is Irritalion from smoking, the person concerned should be absolutely forbidden to iulialo and, if possible, he should give up smoking. Clothing should be light but warm, and the chest should al- vrays be sufficiently protected. H is important also to avoid excessive exposure to dampness. In those who arc overweishl. Ihe diet should be controlrd to include less potatoes, bread, puddings, Castries, butter, nnd other i ; \tlv foods. For those who are well-to-do, life could be prolonged in many cases by moving to a warm, dry climate. Infections in the nose, throat, tcelh and sinuses should ak ix- leclli and sinuses .should also bo wise will pour germs constantly into 'the lungs. There are various drugs wliicli mucous membranes when the OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major liooplc drugs arc taken Intcrhaliy. Some people believe Incse drills are valuable in combating gsrnv> Hint may be on the surface of the alTcetr.d membranes. Other dru^s cnciur- agc a free (low of mucus, v.-jiieb serves to wash from the mticoi:i membranes irritating materials or germs. With the development of n:iv kinds of apparatus, tt now h?s become possible to look directly at trie wails of the bronchial ttib:s. A device used for this purpose is called a b-onchoscope. It also is possible to make X ray pictures of the bronchi. 13 determine the extent of charges that have taken pla;e. Iodized oils may be Injected into these tubes to enable the doctor to determine whether or not there is a thickening of the walls or of the tissues around the walls. With these devices it alr.o is possible to pul medication of various kinds directly Into the bron-hial tubes. It Is, of course, out of tlie question for anyone to inject :,'.;-ti substances directly into liis ov/n bronchial tubes. The passing of lh; tubes or of the injection syringes inlo tli? throat usually Is accompanied by gagging and coughing, which lakes place automatically as one of nature's ways of preventing 1:3 from choking. are' eliminated by the respiratory Nevertheless, in severs case.-, of bronchitis, a specialist in this technic may be of great help m applying such methods. TEP UP, LAPIES AUD dEKJTLE MEM ~- THE MEVT - & ABOUT TO SEE THE GREATEST •STAPES IM FLEACXDM—~THEIR ACROBATICS WILL ASTOUWO YOU —SEE CYCLOPS, WORLD'S GREATEST LEAPiMG SEWSATIOM, TUR.KJ FORTY SOMERSAULTS IM MID-A.'/P,™- STEP / THE -SHOW BEQIM5 AT OWCE SHOW A PLEA A HAIR, AWL? HE'LL LOCATE TH' DO<5 THERE'S A LAVV, BUT IT TOESM'T APPLY ro FLEAS / THIS IS Owe TIME A DOS STOLE TH' SHOW L^AX- EATS HIS CAKE AMD IT, TOO* j-.-^iruw*,,^—.,-*-, ^ <

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