The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1935
Page 4
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r..*," Lalendai 8un1je«|n6 11 » 'rn, ph,gp,|i, Methodist qhurch meeting 3 30 p m ot church Woman's Auxiliary First fr<E' tyt«r!»n church meeting rt shurch.. 2,30 p ir> „ Circles 1 3 and 4 W M U Kn 6 t Baptist church meeting at church, 2,30 p in Circle 2 at homo of Mrs O W AHIick TUEfalj<,> o EVENTS Mis J Nick Thomss entcituln- In? Tuesday Contract chib Mis W 0 Hlggiflscn Young Matrons Bridge club Wednesday Bildge olul) »|rh Mrs W H Mlnyaid . Presidents Ball, city a ? SC) p rj) -, Junior O As First Baptist church, 4 p HI at church Business ivvomens _clrc!c, F(rsl Baptist church 6 p in at church THUK3pAY'S , EVENTS Mrs, Rujsejl Phl|llr« hosier lo Thursday Luncheon club Thursday Bridge club meeting w|lh |vfrs Roland Green Mrs G E Keck having Ttuns- day Contact club Mld-Weefc Bridge club meeting With Mrs Harrj W Jjaincs FRIDAY'S EVlLma , \VonieJV« Democratic .club meet- Ins at ^o(el Wob)e, 0 iO j rq ' SATUKDAV'd EVKN1§ Children of Confederacy hiving luncheon meeting at home of tijar- tha and Bill Bobbins, 0} Slccle, 12 M I Solution to Previoui Contract Problem BY WM. E, NcKENNKV S«er«t*r)'. American Bridge l*a|ut You know how • arguments develop HI ihc bridge table a(|er a linml has teen played. Well, Ra!p)l Hirehbeiji, otic of New York Oity's younger • Blurs, was playing In a rubber Rame recently and urrlvctl at 11 s|x-henrl con- trad. After the hand was played on! one of the, opponent remarkeil, Well, you were luiki to mid three spades In each hind; otherwise, the cbntvact would have been defeated.' Whoreupoii HlrkhberK replied, 'I don't know Hint It would make any deference As a matter of fuel, I c«n make (he contravt wlicther North or Soiith has the four, *pades. If eoulli has the foiir spadeb I'll Urteeze him oil hpades nnd clu,!» und if Noi th liiis (lie The Rev and Mrt D B Cook, of r>(cv,port tiayc announced liio engagement ol Uieh daughter (Mildred., to ^fr Lee Worrtnglon, yjh (Of Mr 6prt M.n> Lee Wai rinkton of thl? p|ty Toe- i\e<d|pg vr{lUbe soleronije^ at aji eivly d.nte H f The br|de,e!ect has beer) 'rpaKlug J)er homo (n Memphis x but can^e .Sherc Japuan 1 to vWt*Mr <ond ^Irs \v o\\en Blue until her" marriage •»• ' , ' • J4r \Varrlpg^OQ }= » liieri\b«r Ot the cl(j police force ' l ' - *u qifr^ Radio rroffr^m , A ' broadcasting^ program will bo* gHen ,a( fh,e. Sunday .tchooi 'hour 9( the chuffh Sunday needs of Ihe f. ,_ Makeri up vja (he radjo $ broadcasting stolon arranged Ip the auditorj worm opetied (no jack of Clubs, vvjilul.^ fa6ut)i vvpn ytlnj MJO ti\fig S3oi)(n ( lic.u'happily p]uj&ed, (}o<vn coptTa^ fc|oale,d, ! ^'e didn't doii- , PfWam is in keepiji >the weeX of piajer apd. self a for foreign missions whlth Ifts b,e.en observed ip an 4 cl ltu> church th Garden Dop»rtmtnl fJa^is were made for forming a garden department (n a meeting of tjio Vyopiapi cjiib ft!(j4y af< t«rnoQp at th? h9"n« of ^r^ S 3. Sternberg Mmes B A Bugg Odls Shepherd, Charles Crlgger jr 8114 Ed.- win Robinson were appointed a - Comtnlttee (o qo Aip|eU arrange- rpents for the frmip ' J L9uls Cherry spoke oh gardens and plants and following his talk answered questions of flowers and &hrubE Other hijBjnwi t^kep Up inplud. ed report* 01 the iftenjrv department by Xlrs; Theodore Logan and of the musto department bj Wre M Lee (he resignation of Mrs Joe Dillahuntj ap (rdaturer otiose place will be filled Ijj Wi 5 r,, M Terry, assistant treasurer • * T I>r.«£by(erian Aux'j To Cor»jj«Je We«i ot Pra The week of prayer and >clf dental for foreign misfioni, which the woman's auxlUan of the First, Frtsbyterian chilrch has been car'>'"», Wt dWs yec,k, will be corn- pitted Monday in a , meethig at th« chlirch Mrs B R Allen Spiritual Life secretary, will be m charge The speoldl observance began Monday with a mefitin^ »t the church Tupsoays meeting ^as with Mrs Era Morrison, the midweek prnjer service 'at tho Uiurch WediicaJay evening carried out, the theme, Thursday members of the auxiliary met with Mrs C M Gray and Fnday at the home. of Mrs q C Holder -," - *,'"<" Cbrltt An)b^5}»dorS M^eL *W Cfirtet , AmtaSiadors of the Aistiiifel/ol wd churHi met faun- d&y evening , wHrVa good number W»«n1 'Owup No \ with ftept pavj^ 6ap|4ln, wa^ In cafe of the program. • Those taMng run, wrte, Jcliftnlo Darts VlrgirHop- ^WvBrt'Loonle atid Ed Bralcli.- tt, wl\o compose'd a ti\iartel-anu <«!!« a special song, Miss Mildred thi()d and Mrs Irene' Biiikley f Thost>ling , tin sick w ere -«»» -Dingey, v tots Ato, Jiminy prjjrtm ^ - 1 - bo^JHnst A«i S'.good o?jl service , Oroup .hiijV the > A}1 jrour.g ptpplf aje )rmt*d [p » ^ f - *V f \ (>| Declarer Holds Squeeze Against Either Opponent Knueq<e and played Ihe ncc r i hcArts from dummy, discarding a club a i ul picking up- North's lust tilimp—OIL quecii: The nino of hcaits now played.' declarer discarding tho queen''of clubs, nntt fiorlli was holpiess. - •• II tie discarded a spado, dc- claieri, kilg quccn-aeven- would be good Hhlle If » diamond iveic dtbiardctl dummy's ijiiccu of din monds would ht csliibllshcd. rtnrt now jou can easily tee HIM, If South had held tlie fom spades, fie would not have beep able to protect the four spades and Ihc am of clubs. (Copyright; 1935, NEA Service, Inc) goe Hie «ay p thc hand ' llic d|Bn|on,d, aic was a WJtl| tho fftfeo of hearts , ^ ,,ic qeclsrei s ,'ndj>t slay wai ^nftrfrf^rtfc'SavmUS? •n,g a, club A'?mall spade then «Sb vvor\ l|i durrfmy with, (lie ace ^A aniall, diamond was led fioni dummy and ruffed v\|tr, iho five 1 ' f\ sinal) club yias 1 ..' 6{ Wart*. w<S'% j«H of diamonds y urped and trumped with lie seven ot hearti Tho eight of hearts came nc\t nd as South Iiod showed out of 'i?a|!i befort, declarer Mfely ,fflefsed, (ho hty How |ho riecJarer started (he this scivfte each Sunday evening at b $ PHI * T + \i'Hor CompllnientEd. , Mrs Blocks Flowers of Birmingham, Ala hduscguesl, of her sis cr Mrs M o Usrej, was guest, of 0'ior at a bridge. rtU]ctit,on gHcn -,v ^^rJi B A lynch ana, Mrs Vn cy Friday at the TvjficU home Petted plunts, red tapers in sll- ;er holers on Hie eight, small uncheon lab]^ and lieirl Eliapsd allies deconj^d. thq house <1 nree course menu was wv«l with Urs o p Moss and Miises Mm- t ha Ann Ljnch and Mtldicd Lou rfuubird !isslsl.lng the hostess In tljo bridge gaipe Mn> Max D Illlei v\on n cheese traj foi hlgli ^ore second l\lgh prize, n baking -ish vvas awnrded Mr^ j A L"ech Mrs, ' gift vvas hosierj Today's Contract Problem potltl! lias (lie contract for six heailj West oreri^it smnll (l!afi|oiiil. Tfic ilcelsror rlayn tho hand naturally anil JlhenBos Hie lioiirls, loslnu (o the king. • Now, liow can lie Drevent- East from maklug a tibarl (rick 1 ; *KQ7I ,.. VQ7 ? » KS A ft 0 2 •M 3 <S J10S6 10 0 B 1 4Q10E * A a 3 *'4.71. .'-.. bplulloii |n next ifiiuc. '20 Mostly Persona! tyrs, John I/, Finley, jorniwjy of Iwe slid-now o( N(VV pile ' me K"?st.of Mr. i«id"tyr»; Mr. ant) Mre. Joe Dlllsrtunty and family plan to IHQVC Movie where Mr. D|Uah,unty .Is to. pe in charge of a rehabilitation . farm Mr. and Mrs, E. JY BJomeycr and family plan to moxe nest week which In being rernodeled^tollow- IIIB a life n year asp, v B. O. Patlon has'gone to'New- port for, the week en.i Sheriff Olaienw H \Vi[son lub returned from ^emphri where h consulted it (,pec|a|i$t ^garding hi: ojes He will go lo Memphis each Wednesday for tho present Mi and Mrs Julljui g Bells ol Memphis are lieje for several daji wltt Mis B«tl«' paientt, Mr nnd Mi* C M Buck Mis Dvvlght Bov\ep left jester da> for Hot Springs where Hi "111 spend u month Mis Whit Goodman Is In Mem phis for a few days Mi and Mrs Kendall Bern <" Manila have moved to this fily awl are t»t home at 300 South Jlst street B K Mason v>ho w«s ln »t,.n suddenly in tliib morning is now grcally Improved Maggie Bell. E. Houston OSOhOM, Ark.— AiinoiiiU'ciueiU WKS mndq Jicrc by ^lrs. Josephine Morris of Hoi Spring; of the en le nar tiag? of hep daugJilei; Miss niaz Motrls of this pity, lo Ml ,lorma.n E Houston of West. Mem plljs, Ark nio wedding rls lo take Place, l'0tpiarj 10, The bf(de is a graduate or the <?«eo|» high a.tjool and 1 for tivo iearf hai been • employed, as :-s'U nosraphci and bookkeeper for the Cartvvrlgh' »parel\vnrc company p( tills cits She Is n popular metn- Jer of fh.o Osceola younger sot "' Houston Is the son of Mrs. w flo«slo|j of- 6a.Kt'er'-Brings , sis, and Mr. w. H.-H6i|stor, o( Keber SprfngK, Ark., He •"•'—' grnduutql fiom Wrest • City t i'B» school «i(|i honors and attcnclen •He University of Arkansas for two imrn'diately fcllQwivig th c cere mon> (lie yoimg'rcoiiple 1 vvlll leave ior a honejmobn trip 1 '.to Ljt-tle Rotk nnd Hoi springs, nftcr which incs »lll moKe their hoipe in vieit- Mciflphla <vliQfq >p-. Houston is einplov ? d by th.i; Arkansas Pow er and Light company.'. . Springy Prhji I Bridge Parlj Miss Mildred Cook of Memphis Uiose marrlngc to Mr Lcc Wai- Ington will take plate toon vvir Urtt of honor M a bildgc paity ^ven last evening bj Mrs Clifford' CaU(t The attractive lallws and wrup pings o« (lie prizes wcrr In Iccp- ng with tlie bridal, moNf In the bridge finmes jilrt Jor' 3hanks won B makeup t6\ for ngh scprc Mrs Rophlo MftrSnal .ccelvcd a leather bound bridge -et fbf strond high ond Miss Cook was presented s|lver tall «nd pepper, ""-•• p?«n. pic, lopped with cream, ai|d cofffc,' were vl|l day s to people of Uie !'rc*b>ier|[(U In northeahl Aifcansas gather at the Hrst Piesty- i church of Jonciboio bun- for a semi-annual mllj J Patl«p,on of MorrllUin cloi of -religious cOuui- Is fu speak on_ Youth Has a c4' fof/the pflnelp^ addretb gfouiis froln Foricfl Ol(v and -oja nil) pre^nt demoiislra- oiu, Y , ' T)ie rally Is id begin a I 4 ocloiK n the after(ioon ana tupper will senei) he'Sey bluart H Salmonrvasv tor of, iht thijrcJi h«fc n will ae coinpiuv 15 menibeis ot the Feop|e v s orgVnl?aiion fieri * A, spring like dress'- of .•)iurc ! silk uepe ,ln navy 'btuef \v-Hh-: vfliilc prhrtea pattern..hsija^matchliig jacket lined' aud "'. trimmed' - with qlsp taffeta the^hlgh .'h Is soi-''" Osceola Society — Personal Mr and A , rs ww , g(tl mi arc the parents of a son bon January 35 ill u 31 pm 71,, $>ib> weighed clg^t pmmrii and !"' beep na'ned after his father Q White and W D Slovens L|!t|e Rock relurijM ( 0 (!| C | r Ho today af(«r a weel{E work In Osceola They arc mill tho Ark- •"iwiu Termite Co Uwighl BlacHwofld of Is an Osceola yWlor M» l rmjv Wllllarns | we mother ^ip, E n mon'la Mrs Bozeman ., lu Wr5 William', ire In rumca Miss at ihc home of Mrs Bowman <\awgW«r Mrs Sian 1 - *-••*> Jo$ Cottpn |eturii« aiina jf'riday night been for the pabl ,^ B Mrs, Pinley CartOTigljl j,, (1 nlr5 James Gail*right sr attended il,e Oiu I ombardo jierfomunic it tHc with and Mrs K Haraare ^nti Will Blackvvood }r was prtseni t- (Hi, ouy L9mbjrdo lllght at l,ha Bins . , tile next dav Mi and Mrs A w Young and Mr and Mrs L c B \ount\Vc III MejnpDji,, dav i,l^l MR We j»ckson was % M^ U This guest Thurstiaj w nW^Th^ Ta)l01 %HS '" *!«!»' Phis Thmsdiy ., Dr ^ J Sheddan wai, u, Mem Pi"'. Thn,bc!av 10 m DJ Trail' fiss Emma Co\ entertained her fom tablo bridge club at Ihe home 5f !vrn> sum Coble Thursday laf einoon Mrs fc, pdrkin^ vvpn lilg 'coin prize an tvenmg in Parts perfume, set Mrs Louie- Wallas won consolation a Spiing Timo in Perls iicrfumc set ana Mrs J i* Word received H compict District Club Leaders Will Meet at Memphis Ihc Ftincst City District of Wo mqii's clubs will have a board meeting Tuesdiy at Memphis it has been announced bv Mrs Jolin .^'"S' 0 '' of Osceola president Hip meeting v,lll ho a luncheon iian nt Lowensteuis 12 oclock Prcsldenti of Women s clubs in the 10 counlles of (lie dlsukl drc invited along vvlUi oftlurs of Hit. district troup Among matter, to be discussed Kill be the program for the in mial meeting of ihc district in Mississippi county, April 18 ost Cane Mr and Mrs Lewis , WagStei and Wilmu Bour)«»d N,K) Luther Parks Z W^gsler and bg m Parki ^ »* ' Alton McCann y Wagslcr a!id, J i ipendlns K few week , »h cou'er Ners tvet t Ads „ j .!.-.• -inTnvi CWUKCJt Wnrt'ay', ,,„„ ,. . pivlrie wstjlp, l() ini. (fermoii Iliepip;. "par? (9 % » p?!il?|." l.)!e of 9hr|it; Bible class, '8:30 p.m, ; - - ; .••.•' •. Evwlng ,wvrell|p, 7;!)0.p.m. 8«r- Law."' ', •';.'.•. A TOrdl^l r vve)foj))e Is to nil. f'IRST W*st M»ln »nfl : Seventh Church school,. ! 9;45 'a.m., Ear) B. snyder, superintendent. Morning worship, 10:55 a.m. Sermon by the pastor. League worship services for alt young people at 0:30 p.m, Evening 'worship, 7:30 p.m. ijer moil by tho pastor. Special nuislo by choir' at bolti worship services. Visllors Invited and welcome. HRS1 PKiSBVlEKIAN CHURCH S II Butoion P»»(er 0 45 a m, Sunday clmreh school S B Vail Supt 11 00 a in j Moining ^pr^hip Sermon, topfc- Our Marching Or-i No joung peoplos vespe) service as crowd will go \a Jopesboro fpr District Rallv, leaving chuioh at t ?0 p m ,1 730 pn\ EycrOng worship Ser mon topic Mercy for Mmderers (Les.?onp (or us from rlauptmann and, Barnes trials) CHRISTIAN CHURCH SMh and Main '\ Emmeit Butt«r«orlh JlinlsUr Bible sohop) Miters lively attendance contest 8 45 a in Scr|n.o)i at 1) ani ^mie Rtsr out) of Hi? prison Waidcn V<»|ng Peoples jneeting at 5 pm Marie (iiggtns leader iacrmon at 6 pm seivkc The Fall of Babylon Come l)elp us, to gpt out pf Iho red and up to par < MKt V t Chalfant bundaj sclioot 9 45 am Jvertop N{or)u> general i,upeiintei)dent Ohurch services Morning 10 W evening 7 30 oclock We begin our revival meet ing with [he morning service fei|bj=c' Revive U;, That— The evening services will be held at 7 30 cadi HlBht of Ihe vvecK excepting Sal UTfjaj Evening -object \I]VK Has prorr)|sed to Meet Us time for th,e ddily bervlce will be announced. Suiiddj w« are counting on the praverful co or elation of e\ery membci and frjend of th(i church !>l.COND WWT r/HtRLH W Miln at 18th ifrect J T Renfry Pd!,l 0 r Bible hchotil 10 am riionus NEXT Blythevilles Theatres '"i;he pjreWrd,' (he Bciwatlpnall Broadway stage success of a sen, i-ojj ago, hns made Its waj to the tcrcen In 'a (turning picture by Warner Pros., and l« schcduifd' to be fh,own at Hi? Rosy Sunday und Monday. , :, : ... .•'' ; The theme ijvolvcs about the strange and fatal fascination cx- erled by a popul«r, ollriough un- Ecriipuloiis autor over a beautiful young girl. ;' norn of a proud and aristocratic family, surroundqrt by vvealtli and luxury, iho 8 hl is educated mid Inilned with such 1 care and vvatch- fulness lhat her constantly suppressed emotions finally "btirst lo*ti| in a secVet and tawdry, although passionate romance, which mas In thp iiiysteiwiib murder ot the actor love^ Rlcardo Cortex has the role' of an cBotisllcal and insufferable actor who fir t attempts to lure the niolhei Into a clandestine (iftan, aid upon failing turns his attentions to (he daughter. Verle? led?clalo has the part, of the mother who (riej, to acrlpcc her own icputntlon and her very life to shield her daughter Anita Louise the daughter, is tlje flicbird while Lionel Atwtll Is the father Right oul of the pages of ulas- sic hlitorj onto the urccn conies Great Expectations the greatest, mpst absoibing and mast human story Charles Ditkens ever "wrote. Gre'Vt Expectatiopf, comes to Ihc Roxj thcatei on Tiie'diij 1 , AVcdiies- daj jnd Thursday The story of Great. Expecla- Ipiis" will never grow old. 11 l list as fascinating and ihrilllni pdwy as It was almost 100 "year ago! Mngwltch. Ihe convict; "Pip, Ihe. young njan of great cxpjctu lions, Eslclla, Jagsers, the eccen trie Miss Havlsljam, all slep oil of Ihc pages of Ihe past Into vivii living personalities. A cast, headed by Henry llul /Imerica's premier interpretive ac tor, Phillips Holmes, jane Wyatt Florence Reed, Alan Hale. Oeorg Brenkslon, Fi^ncis L. Sullivan, an' many others, interpret' three fain ous characters. John Wayne, screen' favorite o Western fans throughout, the coun try, offers another of. his thrillin poHrayate. teeming with action thrills, and suspense, in "Bin • . ,L'" a L< " 10 star Prodttclloi at Ihe Roxy Saturday "Blue Steel" Is ||>e gripping sto ry of a government officer sent l Yucca City to uncover a band o outlaws which has bean ll lc cans of much terrorism among HP eld /ens. Aided by Betty Mason, daiignie of a pioneer who has been niiir (lercd by Ihe outlaws. Wayne, F the oflicer, Ihrongh a series of col orful exploits, climaxed-by a thrill ing erase through the hill., man ages to rid the town of the out muni. ''" t6 '' C IlbMC to thc wm iiiiuiiiy. Siipporling Wayne in "Blu Him' "„ " • CBS ^"'» cllltl '»g Eleano ipniftn ti= -^ y a j;j n]a Q a A baulh.ern feud t. the basis, i for th? hilarious situations in Kenttioky Kernels Bert Wheeler ai)d Robert Woolsei s new Kit coming fo the RiU Sunday: aikl - ... utj serm?n W 7 oclock rheme J. The Unch4ng|n» Christ CHRISTIAN TTUdi Ib u, 0 subject of (he e£011-8c]T(l]Ori UhiCh ^jll In all Churches of ' Sundaj morning •, tl OUIOCK The Golden TtU is Te icli n hi tvay o Lord I will walk « W » r sm'' "" ite ( " ! ! ' C3rt lo ICJ1 Among tho c r ltfltions which com pmo Ihc L«<son-scrmon i, tht. lollowing fiom «, c B|0 , Q Provo all ihnigs Iwid fast thai vvh good (j Thesfaioniaiii 5 3) Th P !..«„„ Snm \i ^ Q i « w *-~ - -o' from the ian Science teubooj, Science and. Health with Kev to the scriptuwt fy Ma^BaSr w* E\ers day uwkes Us demands ^ip Z,, u tJ?/,,,^ her , »™< s ^ ccllcc niciiasc 5t eve ° Wednesday ajn ovei KLCN F1R5T tHVRCH OF TIIF W V ( P & (, 30 p in V^*^ lt ^**T£ Ekron i\ew$ Notes and Smith v i '«umej -.•T— "'"'dies spent Wednesday" ilghl wltli Ins brolhei, Ltpnard Dudley v ^^rs Janlc Qodtjard is recover ng Jrom an aliacS of Influeiize . . The inimitable comcdlani- poV- Ifav downTpn,the.|i-)uck Vaudeville magicians who rwo as Southern jenlleinen when tiieif infant ward falls heir to d vait istaic in Ken- :ui-ks Hoiv tho Irio bccpnies iri- >o|VKl In ^ family feud anc}' their efforts to eMrigatc thcrnEejvcs forpis a rollicXlng rpuiarice! with melotlv modem dancing by rjllnig beaiitlfs jmi a friendly vvai betv ee|i two clans vvilh qnd Renihi£toi)6 ' . v Carlklc beautiful blonde PE*DHf, Ptess the d?ngh!er of the Cofonel portrajed by 'Noah Spanky I£cParland of HI Oaip Conudy fame is scci tho. ' : the plot oj "Tlie. Lives of ,. Bengal Lancer" revolves about the conflict between Sir Guy stand nig.-hai-d-bltlcn, crusly ' cojoiiel— and three of ills subordinate affi «fs, one of vvlioin is his ton. 'James Cagney conies lo th Ritz; Satin-day, in his latest War nef'Bros, picture, "The St Kid,"which is said to bo th'i bvveet Adeline the L- musical comedy htt now comes to the bcreen ds the latest of "the Warner Biob Gigantic musical specidls, and is scheduled as the feature ultraclion at ii 10 RAt The, picture Ib laid In the glamorous Broadnay theatrical distntt a fashionable trjsting place for ••ouiig bloorjb qnd then lady lovcb iji tlie oulskirls of Iho uty and In a picturesque ftoboken hcer garden of the gai nipcties The story is the thrillni!! 10- mance of 11,6 clnimliig daughtei of a Hobolcn beer girdcn pro ppelor «lio fc, wdeiitlv wooed bv J prodd,nay ^oiig pluggfr and i >faJ 9 r in (tie U s Armi Irene Dunne has tn<> role of the beer gaiden sohgbnd with Don- altl !\oodb portroylnp the \OIUIK v ong writer * Tour of Holl>vvood5 mosl lal- entcd comedians take pan In the production They are Hugh Herbert m the role of i ntaithj dd Ictante in the secret service, Ned bparKs at, miislial tomedy producer who puts on the show for he beer garden girl Jo U )h Cavv- Ihorn as the beer gaiden pro priclor wl ( o Is tr>»ig to , n irry nis dHugiitei off to th(> villainous major and Nsriii Wcslman, .in other Uau ? hlcr vvho learns will Herbert in' n comedy role. ' sokllSis of Ihe king not as Ktpllng iaiie of ihcni, but as Francis Keats Broun described In ills remaiKable book "The. Lives of 11 Bengal Lancer" — are the lierffb of the stirrmg rcmaikablc ind colorful picture of warlarc and hrrolsm in India (6 be shown U the RIU Tlmrsdiij and Pridaj Prodilted by Paramount, the Lives of a Bengal Liihccr" features Gifj Cooper Francliot Tone Richard Crginwcll ind Sir Guy Standing 1n iho leading loles. It Is a picture rcplelo vvilh the boupds and -sights of iho m "li fca^t aj> smhchlic ;|s (He lsj?b thcmsclvcb and cqda'llr hrlllmg . ( J Last time Today &IAT. & MITE— lOc - 25c BOB STEELS in' "HIDDEN VALLEY f* Cartoon Serial— "Mvhtery Stjuarinm' Sunday - Monday I ^1 bring the Sen 7^ 'v * Jitional Stigc ™- r • Success of Tv\o Continents to SHONE I34 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE Mm^^MKm^. ^^Ef-^^fe'Aiiife; Novelty—"Thii Band Age" Comedy—"Sporliiij; Cocktiiil" s the moil •, , . r- . -->-.-.- Production • in which he has yet appeared Tlie story revolves about'a ,,,m- trust war which Jimmy i,a c ", ' willingly itailcd by a speech con.' Jured up lo get' himwu ou , ', Jail for having knocked the milk ' , The milk war leads la a store or thrilling situations '• hi which Jimmy Is niTcsU?d for a. murder lie. did not commit, his girl is kid- naped, ane| another war wljli (lie band of abductors. The breath, taking action, interspersed with hilarious comedy vviiuti up jn ;i - Dvel and astounding cllnmx. Patricia Ellis has tho rpinanllo lolc and proves as efficient in rough methods as Jimmy himself, for she smacks, him for-a row of milk cans when he smashes her' ear. 15ut she inches film like It so -"II thai he rushes' to her rescue ien she is kidnaped. She doesn't, confine her smacks to Jimmy however, bill' lets ii detective liavc it in- the jaw when lie gets fresh. Services Held Friday for L. C. Lucas, 72 STEELE, Mo.—Funeial .services v were held Friday morning foi f for y i rsday sk C. Lucas, 72. who died Thursday the home of his daughter, Mrs S B. Tate. The Rev. W. M. Duncan, retired Methodist minister, officiated, assisted by the Rev. Mr, Bradley, Interment was at North Saw- ba cemetery, near Blythevlllc. Mr. Lucas was born at Malloon, J! ., Jatuiary 30, 1803. He had live« in, this community for about f Jfc'ht , years. . . . He leaves four. "daughters, Mrs. rale, of sieelc, Mrs. rja-tjn Y cl- verton t -of Dell, Ark., Mrs) Gmcc Hedmon and Mrs. Edith •McOiuigh- sy. of Dccatur, 111., a sister Air's Emily McGaughoy, of Maltoon III 13 grandchildren and five . ijrcat grunclclilMrcii. _•:: ...Ihe. oil obtained from (he 6 | 0m _ ach of Ihc fulmar petrel Is used commercially in various ways The bird spits this oil at its 'enemies 1,11 deXendns itself, Hie .pcuetralmi; smell or the oil adding, lo its •effectiveness. . . . Saturday Only Matinee.i& NijjhU-lOc - 25c .Cartoon l—"lailspni Tomnij" Sunday - Monday MATINBE & NITE—10c-35c They iapped Kenlucky julcpaj and loved Kentucky girls... but the gay, gagging goofs who posed as colonels of ihe Mtlford clan never figured on Jeadmg a Kentucky feudl ' BERT WHEELER ROBt ' WOOLSET •Paramount ' News' Short— "Sufi |)rinks [ I . Sweet Music" with Gco. | t'ricc-'and Sylvia i''ross ( Jlarjovic DuckcU's 'Dance JecitaJ Next Tuesday Nighl

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