The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 9, 1954
Page 5
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Christmas Trade Prospects Good; May Top Last Year By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK (AP) — Christmas trade prospects, with customers believed in a better buying mood than last year, cheer merchants in most cities. Prices on gifts will be about the Mint or a little lower this year. But many store owners are expecting to equal and maybe surpass last year's dollar sales volume. Since the largest trading of the year is crowded into the final weeks, the results of the holiday selling make or break the year's earnings record for most stores. Promotion plans are well along. The National Retail Dry Goods Assn. Keports most member stores plan to match last year's record advertising. The trade is going in heavily this year for gift packaging. A large array of items will be decked out in holiday garb to lure the shopper. Some of the packages are designed for double duty — made usable as containers of various sorts after the gift is removed. One More Day This year merchants will have the advantage of one more shopping day between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some 12 million Americans will receive more than one billion dollars in Christmas club checks this month, for a new record high. Retailers expect almost half of that sum to be spent for Christmas Confederate Veteran Ce/ebrot« 112 Birthday FRANKLIN, Tex. Wl-Walter W. Williams, the oldest of four Civil War veterans still living, will observe his 112th birthday anniversary Sunday. Williams, a Confederate veteran, is in fair health. Other surviving Civil War veterans are William A. Lundy, 106, Laurel Hill, Fla., and John Stall- Ing 106, Slant, Va., of the Confederate forces, and Albert Woolson, 107, Duluth, Minn., of the TJnion blue. Jan* Powell Marries OJAI, Calif. UH — Movie actress Jane Powell Is now Mrs. Patrick W. Nerney. She and the Beverly Hills, Calil., automobile executive were married yesterday in the Ojal Community Presbyterian Church. They plan to fly to New York tomorrow and sail for a two-month honey, moon In Europe. Racio Addenda PHILADELPHIA Iffl — A hotel has a new gimmick to publicize Philadelphia's historical attractions. A public address system is connected to each room's radio receiver. During the pause between radio programs, a recording is played calling guests' attention to special attractions for the day. at such places as the zoo, Franklin Institute, Independence Hall and Valley Forge. gifts. And Americans are about as well heeled this year as last. The Commerce Department estimates that, after paying taxes, Americans will have had about 253 billion dollars to spend this year. Some of that should still be available for Christmas buying. The NEDOA reports Uireefourths of the merchants expect business to be satisfactory this holiday season. The majority say they look for enough of an increase in trade in the next six weeks to bring sales volume for 1954 up to last year's total. So far this year, sales have trailed by about 2 per cent. Some merchants are rather gloomy about the profit outlook. Rising operating costs have cut into profit margins and more than a third of the merchants expect their net earings after taxes will be lower than last year. , LEGEND Focilitici to Remain in Gas ServiCi facilities Ptapoied ro B« Available lor Oil Product Tianiportottan Affiliated Company Subsidiary Componir Compressor Stal'ioni New Cancer Test Highly Accurate BIG SWITCH FOR "LITTLE INCH"—The famous "Little Inch" natural gas pipeline may be an ace literally "in the hole" for Uncle Sam in case of war H an application filed with the Federal Power Commission is approved. It is {rom the Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation and seeks permission to reconvert part of the company's pipeline facilities to petroleum products transportation service. The Little Inch section would extend about 1188 miles, from near Baytown Tex., to Moundsville W. Va. On conversion, the 20-inch diameter pipeline could transport up to 9,870,000 gallons of petroleum products daily. Substitute natural gas lines would be constructed to maintain the natural gas system's present delivery capacity. Little Inch was originally constructed during World War II to carry petroleum products. 'Deaf Mute 7 Faces Murder Charges SAN FRANCISCO W — John Schultz, 47, faced a murder charge today following a slaying that revealed he could speak, after years of silence. Schultz's co-workers in a jewelry engraving shop considered him a deaf mute. He never said a word during his 13 years in the shop except in sign language. Yesterday he exploded in a fury of anger at a fellow worker, Clyde W. Decker, 47, and fired a .25 caliber pistol bullet into Decker's chest. Then he amazed others in the shop by saying: "For God's sake, where are the cops?" Decker also was hard of hearing und Schultz told homicide inspector Al Nelder he became enraged because Decker had accused him of "faking" deafness. Schultz said he lost his hearing after a 1922 illness, but could speak only with great difficulty. Burglar Quashed KING'S LYNN, England 1*1 — Mrs. Evelyn Wright, a 56-year-old landlady, told a judge yesterday she captured a burglar by tripping him and then sitting on him. Mrs. Wright weighs 210 pounds. The flattened suspect, Robert Taylor, weighs 135. Taylor, 40, was held for trial on a burglary charge. Premier Plans Visit COLOMBO, Ceylon UP) — Ceylonese Premier Sir John Kotelawala will give President Eisenhower a sterling silver inkstand and calendar when he pays an official visit to the American chief executive this month. Kotelawala leaves here tomorrow for Britain and America. Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Six building permits were Issued by the city engineer last week including three residences, one garage, one addition to a residence and one business permit. Arkansas Fuel Corp. WP.S granted a permit to construct an $18,000 concrete and block service station at 335 South Division. Grover N. Goldsby received one to build a SI,000 garage at 313 South 16th Street. R. T. Weeden is planning a two- room $650 frame residence at 212 West Roosevelt and Lula-Collins a $500 one-room frame residence at 1117 Jackson. Mrs. Pete Barns a two-room frame residence at 802 Dixie and G. O. Flowers is building a $1,000 two-room addition at 200 West Magnolia. Real estate transfers recorded in circuit clerk's office last week were: Three States. Lumber Co. to James Smart, Willard Smart, Evelyn Brooks and Lanelle Jones, for $1, SW quarter of Sec. 6-T14N- R10E. William and Prances Hardesty to Eussell K. Marr, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 27, replat of O: S. Rollison Subdivision. E. C. and Maxlne Williams to Prank and Mary Young, for $10 and other consideration, W half, Lot 20, Block 8, Wilson's First Addition. V. S. and Ruth Johnson to H. G. and Edith Johnson, for $1 and love and affection, a lot 150 by 177 ft.. In NE corner of SE quarter, NW quarter, Sec. 17-T15N-R8E. Will and Lottie Mitchell to James and Mary Atterberry, for $250, Lot 9. Block 8, Wilson's First Addition. D. S. and Lorena Hay to Pinkie and Albert Allen, for $10 and other consideration, E 150 ft. of Lot 2, Block 9, Wilson's First Addition. D. S. and .Lorena Hay to Walter and carnle Allen, for $10 and other consideration, E 150 ft. of Lot '1, Block 9, Wilson's First Addition. J. L. and Mamie O'Steen and Alice Qerber to Odts O. Sackinan, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 1, N 13 ft. Lot 2, Block 1, Wilon's Second Addition. B. C. Land Co. to John G. Hoyt, •., for $10 and other consideration, lot 441 by 500 ft. in NW quarter, E quarter, Sec. 8-T15N-R8E. Roxie and Roosevelt Fisher to Willie Mae Allen, lor $1,500, Lot 4, Block 9, Wilson's First Addition. Mrs. Minnie T. Chambers to Bown and Ethel Haywood, for $10 and ther consideration, Lot 7. Block 5, H. L. Chambers Seconcl Addition. Holly Development Corp., to Roy .nd Edna Koontz, for $10 and other onsideration, Lot 8, Block 2, E. O. .dams Subdivision. William and Cliffle Wright to Kenneth and Mildred McWhinter, or $200, S. half, Lot 5, Wright Ad- dtion to Manila. James and Cora Edwards to Russell and Marguerite Marr, for $10 and other consideration, E 40 ft. Lot 6 and W 46 ft. Lot 7, Block F, Richards Addition. Charles and Battle Cockle to Guy and Neda Bratton, for $9.900, Lot 2, Jackson's Second Addition. William and Loraine Reed to Jodie and Mae Veane Llndley, for $10. W half of Lot 1 and 2, Block E, Smith's Addition to Leochville. Jodie and Mae Veane Lindley, to W. J. and Loraine Reed, for $10 ,nd other consideration, a lot 80 by 155 ft. 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LOUIS 1.0— Possible discovery of a nexv and highly accurate test for cancer, employing urine instead of blood, was announced today to the Southern Medical Assn. Doctors T. C. Terrell anri H. H. Beard of Fort Worth. Tex., said the test is based on ucUmliy measuring the amount of a sex honuone culled "chorlonic yonnd- trophin" found in urine collected over a 24-hour period. They told the SMA's 48th annual meeting that this hormone occurs in only small amounts in normal Individuals but that it showed up at substantial levels In 84 per cent of 51 proved cases of cancer. Technique iJtsrTlljcd And the researchers described a chemical technique for separating the hormone from other substances in the virine. This allows a quantitative measurement of the hormone, depending upon intensity of a blue-green color. The doctors said tlus ability to America's ler-and-ChiU Favorite detect vsrylng quantities of the .substance suggested possibilities of: 1. Detecting cancer before symptoms become apparent. '2. Testing for the presence or absence of any signs of "spreading" of a cancer following surgical or other treatment of the original malignancy. 3. Differentiation between "benign" and malignant tumors. Dr. Beard tolrt a reporter that, aside from studies of cells or tissues, most tests for cnncev in the ptust Imve employed blood samples. But he said these "have thy drawback that they produce a large number of 'false positives' due to the complexity of substances in blood." 'False positives" are also posst- Ulo with the new technique but to a far lesser degree, the doctors declared. Housework Easy Without Nagging Backache NnKKlntf backache, lots of pep and enerffr. lit ad*chn und dlnineM may be due to flow- down of kidney function. Doctors «»y good kidney function la very important to »ood health. 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