The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1935
Page 3
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TO Mil Pfirninnnnl Displays Proposed Rr> il Areas M7TrJ! nock.— Acting under Jim atlvlcn of C,av. ,!. M. Fntrrtl, Oj» Arkim'M.'; Honorary Cmlr-mila) Rflebrtitlon OoiimilMSon Is revising Hid jibim for Its nrri rollout)) Jaffa so Hint a jif'rniaiii'iiL cxlilbll of Ilic agrlcirttiiral. urul lioiUciilturiH Jiro- diicls'qf thi\ slain will te iiinin- lalnwl 'at' «u'!li of Ihoni. This Miaiigc v.'ill rail lor UK- conslrnc- tlbn o( ti Inroft lifill nl r:aeh Area wliicli will ho made .srlf-.siisialnini; tlirpngl) coramprcial nxliiblLs wliwn Arkansas products will be offered for sale. The coraj>l(;iioi) of (lie Areas has fcee'ii mndc a trail or UK; (irngrimi of tlie "ArkniKa-s Phiniilns fto.iril for 1935, and Regional nirrcloi Vincent M. Miles lias Kliucdihal when ; the centennial commission hax been eranted oiilliurlly, t,\. Uin Gciimil, A&semlily. to cuter Into a contract willi (he govern menl, and nie.s Ite applications for PWA funds, Uirrn is littlft doiilit irf .'t (wing [ia«cfl ii|K)n lavorahli _ Tl](: Arkansas Honorary Cenlennlu' ' Couiniteion orlgiiwlly" planned i. o have, ten of Hie Areas, but when , It was ascertained thai ibis number would not properly distribute them iunciiB the different sections of UK state, the number was increased to twelve, and eventually may !>• fourteen . in order thai some sites of onl.staiiding Iwauly be taken In: These ai-f-ns will be operated by the commission until Ihc claso of -Centennial year, when they will automatically -|»come a naii of 111' .stole park .system. The loan «|i- pllcatlon will he iimli-r the .self- lliiuldatlng jilnn, nrjii BieiHhfr.-i «l ihc commission slate thai, complvip occupancy lor oue inonlh will produce .sufficient revenue to tore ro ihe annual paymeiil. The recreation area jilini . c.-ai.-, |or nn pxiicndlLurc of ii|ir.n (he principal sites, with n Icssei mvreUncnt, in the more remote ones. It ts iironable (hat an area for colored citizens will be in- o.iulr-rt hi iho program, Sliuidtl a •itigjesliiAr of national officials of me FERA lie considri'od favorably U will not, be necessary to applj for a lonn of tixe magmtmic Hist ncmlcd upon, as i.iie government appears anxious to supply lt con ^•Jerable- portion oi the unskilled nl'Or .tjinl will \> s . ncccs.sni : y in MIC complcfiin of the projects' The lonn njaj llm t c dcciriscd fiom fl COO 000 (o ihout SGOOOOO Tll)l matciially rcdyj^ the inmnl jnj DlpVju? _"" — **| ' 'A-. the cinsine of Ihe-arci' dining rooms will l» i reiliiro ckpended upon to adxertise them all over the United States Mi? M,m Howum who (.onducts i <iin,n» liarloi In T>irLs hns bum asked (o jupeiiisc the orgtiilntlon ind Uimlng of T lorce lo conduct uiem To the intea^e pratincitlon of Oov Piitrell Mrs Row | 0 n hns ••liown mteiest m the -liroposul Bills concerning tlie Centennial C-elebialloii nie winjr piepared us ft special legMitlvc committee and will be presented to the General Assembly withm ihe ne\i ten dajs ff ew a^ Exclusive Phot QCTh£j^^ Famous Babies nrarty for anything ihls tones ncv: world niny lii-Ing liiom. (ho brlghL eyes of in,, niomic q her haul as the cnniora MinppciU Mario, left, imd Aimcttc. Vvomic and Cccllc .so.,,,, ,„ rajoy lll( , Iluu O\er bj Own Truck HOUSTON ftx (UP)— F 1 Gibson v,ho \ns v Diking nndei Ins true! a*ed i friend fo drue the machine fomnd a f"e\ feet .ind then forgot to icmo\e hk foot from' Hie path of .Ihc rear wheel. Gibson wenl lo ilht Will) lIUXlOAlly llllCkOll Outline juice, rmr.s, mul rt )nMO ni( iWlm-Ml by New Voi'k nillk- dellvor toinn- Markets New Orleans Cotton '^^^ ni™ in ,., „.,„,„ wwlon on the slock exchange, The J!..'.V Oni,KANS, Jnn. 20 (UP)- °" ly frallim was the mnrkrl'ji dull-' Col I on wits (pilot nitil firmly mi WfK ' lltrt New Orli'inw I'xdinnxi) In « iliorl. Kfwilon toduy, Olailny wllh Old nqw Mop filmsyh)!! . llu- rftiUlnnrp. open lilp.h low elor.o Mur 1245 124T 1243 1217 \fiiy 1248 I2. r iD" l'im 12M . I240 I2fi3 1240 1S52 PA ..... 1340 Dfr ..... 1247 8ix>ta rtaml 1242 12411 1241 1247 '1241 124(11) ^ Papa Diouuo Saved Financial Worry by Picture Contract As. a re.siilt of one of the great esl "picture scoops" of recenl years, the photographic story ol Ihc famous Dionnc quintuplets wil appear • in Courier News. The story" of how Courier News obtained these pictures through NEA Service, Inc.,: Is an interest ing out 1 . When the quintuplets were torn the parents, no than Ihe rest. ,j THIS CURIOUS WORLDS William Ferguson 'AN MUST RE^^AI^1 WITHIN WITHOUT ARTIFICIAL AID/ READ AND WRITE. PROPERLY VICE WHEN A KINS CRAB GE.TS TURNED OVER ON HIS BACK, HE RIGHTS HIMSELF RAISING of the world, were stunned byahc miraculous event. But Ovlln' :D1- onne, ihe father, was faced wllh the. stern-;fact.tlmt in addition to his five older...children. !hn must now: support, ion .his rocki ftnn these five n'nv daughters, «ho (o survive at all, must have the most meticulous :care. - -• Tlial Is expciis|ve, : a prosi)cc|.- lo dismay any parciit, even lii better circumsliuices than these Pi'eiich- Ciiimdimi dwellers on the edge of the great north'woods. Many offers cnmc to the Dionnes. some within-a day of the quintuplets' birth. But most of' them involved: risk lo the. young lives in. which so great an 'interest, promptly centered. 'Dr. A. .'R m- foe \elped them. Ills wisdom has been Justified bj the briehl, healthy condition of tile uninluplels todp^. They are fast developing Into oeauUful baby girls, a medical nenr-nilracle— for no other case is known In modem times of survival of a mother and five quintuplets, lei,'alone Ihc tobies' development' into normal, healthy children. Ounrriinns were appointed, and last year courier News'was able lo present, through .NEA Service. Inc.. exclusive pictures of their development. Wlic-li this arrangement expired recently, rcproseiilativc.s of other large American newsplcturc agencies rushed lo Canada lo bid Tor fiilurc rights lo these absorbing pictures. " : After loug negotiations, NEA Service again secured the rights, paying a price believed higher ban over before paid tor a single picture feature, and one that assured Ihc parents of freedom from worry about the care and future of their rapidly growing daughters. When the wonder babies, fed with an eye-dropper, survived " e Ihose first days and weeks of GREENLAND has orltes, and from these greal mclal . . . mere flakes . edges ot their harpoon points, maleoritc from Greenland. mete- pounded bits of which' they inserted in the cutting Admiral Peary brought a 3G 1-2-lon (Uo s ciu IP ; ^(^o M C.D v DA N THOMAS GCORGF SCARBO OL8.Y DI&C-S COME TO AMERICA OF IPi5H PtAYEBS TO PUT on A SHOW AT THE- 5T.U31JIS FAlP. CLAIMS' TO BE Ttt£ OMLt:SiRt IN HOLLYWOOD SVHO^SMPPEAPgD CW STA3E. SCCEEN. RADIO AVO TEli- ' heir precarious lite, it was con>;id?red by medical authorities a ieat'-mlracl«. .Each succeeding week he wonder grew. But the greater wonder is nt The marvel of ; bare survival Is Ding displaced by the wonder of development under .ideal condl- ions of care and surroundings. As a study of wti»t can be done ly ettvlrcmmtnt for children born inder advetie Circumstances, this lory Is without' » pe«r. Under the personal supervision if Dr. Datoc, *ho will see ihat nothing endangers the babies' velfarc, the story will he told in wclure.5, the. greatest baby pictures ever mads available for lewspaper publication, These pictures, covering the most Interesting: periods of infant rrowlh,. including the (irsl teeth, i vst • step< ' the first blr ' h(i!l y. "Ow Ihey are cared for. will . rna de available . by Courier News,, through its relationship with NBA Service. ' ' . Approximately 2,656.000 gallons oi water Is used every week In KCW Gardens. London's famed bo- „; •-, \ tanlcal gardens, which cover 288 Jj,— ncres. The water is drawn direct . Thames. I'w- tidal reaches of (lie One of the . grealtst authorities on tiie designing of aircraft, Igor eiKprslcy, became inspired In the possibilities of sir «tn. 8 ,, hls fathw ' s on tlw line. while Do 'ANT-ADS New York Cotton NEW YOUR, Jim. 211 (UT- - CtiUnn- closed .slendy. oi»n lilyli low close M«f 1245 IK-J8 I24S !2t(l Mil>' 1118 1251 . 1247 1251 J"l 1249 ,1251 1247 1251 001 1240 1244 1240 1242 '«' 1247 1257 1247 1249 Hpol.s closed sleady nt 1207, im- clmiiKCd. Chicaao Wheat A. T. nnd T imnnmln C'oppev i'tli. Htcel lirysler Service ... Clou, Am/. Tank . Clcn. Electric'' .... Clen. Motni',i .... Int. -IlnrvritPi 1 ... McKesson-rfobblns Monlgomory N. Y. Cenlrnl I I'ncknnl . oiicn high low May 97 I'll n7 r.-it m Jill US I-1 us .'i-j to close U7 Ml (ill 1-4 Clricapo Corn Mny Jill open B4 7-8 110 ^-4 liBh low cli«c 3-8 84 :i-4 tn 7-u 1-4 fin :i-4 HO :i-4 Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Jan. 20 (Ul>) — A majority of Issues fluctuated In a liiullo iHlnrd of N. ,). Tpxns Co. O.'S. SmollIiiK ... U.' S, Slrol Zmilto. int 10 3-4 SO 3-4 37 fi-fl I 3-8 HO 7-8 237-fl 31 fi-C 40 1-2 fl 1-8 sti :H 17 3-4 4 3-4 15'3-fT' B 1-2 42 2t) 10'J 37 1-4.' •1 1-2 (lian Ida .yoars nuo. .the piiieon was the mosj, pnn'iileiit bird,In nil Noitli America. The last specimen died In the Chiflnniitl y.oo on Scot, 1, 1914, and LS now mounted In the Hmltli- snnlftn Institution. 160-ACRE FARM FOR SALE All In'cultivation — Vj mile from city limits and litgh- wny. Land has jjood cotton contract for 193s and buyer can havo possession Iminc'di- :Uoly. Sdf) pei acip. G. G. CAUDILL I'linnc M7 M? WASH SERVICE UB.J '" •? ABDITIONAl iB.J OMIY. <CEACH Y ; "' ':"'"'' ':' : "" ••', , " ''•'".••"• . ; " ; 1 ES, (he world is jri-owing better. Women' arc smarter, loo They ve stopped weaving themselves out—getting old and haggard before' their time. They renlize they owe it lo. themselves—to their husbands uml children—'-to lol .aomcone-else do "(he heavy work." .Mspeciully the •wash- mg—m.cwi. tiring (ami : most '.menial) ol' ail liousohold tasks. Why should any woman wear heranll' out—break down her strength—endanger her health over the family wash.' Especially now when \vc nro n.fl'erinjj Damii Wash —(ho new home washing aovvice nt i\ price cvcrvoiie can filTord. i Just Uio thonpht of Ihat weekly wash is cnoujMi to make any woman tired. But imagine having n whole day even- .jvcckfpi- yourself—to do (lie things you really enjoy do- ^ing. Isn. t that enough to make yon tlecitle right here and now that you're through being a wa'Jhwoman? That you re gome to start saving yourself—and your mourn-— letting the laundry do your washing? Of'course Then phone us, loll IK what day you want us to call tor vour bundle. Well wash your clothes in rich, wann suds of purest Map with soft water. We'll rinse them in gallons and gallons; of crystal-clear soft water. We'll send them hack beautifully clean—ready to iron. And here's the host part: We'll only cliar B c you 2!) rails- for an R-pound bundle, and ,J cents for each additional pound. Which you'll astrec i« a coal "Imrjrain." BLYTHEflLLE LAUNDRY Phono 327 "Laundry Thai's Sterilized Protects Your Family"

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