The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1935
Page 2
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C.,V. *,*«; .TWO BLYTHgyiLLB. (ARK.) Lalendai II a SUNDAY'S First Baptist Kflwlonary Society First Method!^ churcn meeting 3:39 p, m. e(. church. woman'* Auxiliary First ?f«t>- bjifrl»p church meetly st church, 2>50 p m „ Cjrc)es J, 3 and 4 W M V. Fnpl Baptlsl church meeting at church; 8:30 p. m. Circle 2 at' home of Mrs. C. W. Afflick. TUESu/.vo EVENTS Mts J Nicfc Thornas entcitoln- ing Tuesday 9ontra,cl club Mrs, vy, o, Hlggliison having Ypuijg' Matrons Bridge -club. \Vedpesday Bridge club mcetint' w)th MM. W. H. Minyai'd. Presidents Ball, city auditorium.. 8 30 p !71 Junior G At. Firrt Baptist church 4 P , in at. church Business women s circle, F(isl Baptist church Op in, at church THUKSDAY'Jj .EVENTS Mrs Russell Phillips hosiers to .Thursday, Luncheon .club. Thursday Bridge c|\ib meeting wjth Mrs Roland Green , Mrs Q E Keck having Thuis- day Contract ; club. Mid-Week Bridge c)ub meeting filth Mrs Harry W Ifalnci FEIUAVT'S BVi.«lt> VVomeru Deraocrat|o v club inccl- tnj at Hotel Nob]e, 8 30 a m SATUHDAK'B- .EVBflT^ Children of ConfederRCy luulns luncheon mtettng at home of Martha unit Bill Bobbins, of Slcclc, 12 M Solution to Previous Contract Problem BV WM. E. ... Secrel.vy, American «v ..,.,You know how arguments develop at the bridge table after - hand )ins .been plnyed, Well, ..Iph HlrshbeiJ:, one of jvjew York City's younger sl/irs, wds ilnying In « rubber gtimc recently and arrived nt a Klx-hcnrL' con- rnct. Aflcr Ihc hand was played ou!, one of the opponents remarke'd 'Well, you were .lucky id Rnd hree spades In each hand) other- vise, Uic,'contract would have been defeated " Whereupon Hlrehberg replied, 'I don't, know that It would make my cllflereiicc. . As .a innttcr of ael, . j "can make : ~ the contrail vhcthcr North or Soiilh hns Ihc onr spades. If South has HID foiir pidcs, III t-queeze him on .spadet L >yj' jljitsy und If North 'hiis the The Re; and Mrfi D B Cook, of Newport have announced tjio engagement of their daughter, Mildree) to f,1r Uc Wnrruiglon, t>oii Jof Mf apd ^^I5 ice \vairinltoii, of l|)ls (.|ty The w«ld|)is vr(il>pe Eolernnlfe^ at an early 1(11(0^ ' The brldts-elect has been, 'makllig ))er home In Meniplih but came ih,erc Januaw l to \lrit Mr »on9 ^rs W. Ouci) Blue uijtil iier marriage '•» i , > > Mf, Warripgtvn L, a ijieipbt)' 6} lhe f clty police l ' ^ ' 'To ty\£ Radio <i-»<?m j ^ A 'broadcasting" program will houf of the I'irrt ? , church Sunday tnMlt™ „„„, .... needs of tjje (ore|g^iAf$*; v wfU bo Haken «D \ja (tie wW), , A broadcasting sMlou k" behW H?°RiJ. n . %'?«!W4!S.¥ Tftji program b in keepipi *im vthe weeV. of piajer apd self denial {or foielgn llJifiston^ which 'lita . th? obsped, in all Gardtn De'partment Plaps wers fi?r forming u garden d.epaY(menl (n a uleettns of the, Woman-!, c(ub r^}^y a f, ternopli a\ the. hortij of ^rs. 3 a Sternberg . M . rae s B A Bugg, Odis Sliep- herd, Charles Crigger Jr , aijd. Edwin Robinson were appoiijted u Cojnnii$tea to qompleto arrange- es ' '" *r *T* *i*« ^ivnii , Louis Cherry spoke on gard- cJi^ and plants and following Ins tall answered questions of flowers and f"hru,b* Other hufine^ taken up includy Ed reports oj the llte^ry dtpsrt- nient by Mrs, Theodore Logsin and Qf the music department by Mre M Lee the resignation 6f Mn, JPO Dlllahuntj as treaeurer whoie Place will be lilted l» Mi s i; M Terrj. assistant treasurer • * r Pfeibylerlan AuVj To Complete Week of Fra>er The week of prayer and sell denial for foreign missions, which the woman's auxilian of the First Presbjterian church has been car rjIng out t,his_ v,e,ek, will tra completed Motiflaj In a tuectlng tt(, the 6hurch Mrs B R Allen Spiritual Life secrelary, wilt be JH chargt special nce begin T -«--«"-• vw^l ,auk.l; ut^all Monday wnu a meeting at the church Tuesday's meeting was with Mrs Eva Morrison, the mid week prajer senlce'ul Ihc tlmrcii Wedncsday_e\enliig cariicd out, lhe theme, Thvftsday members of the auxiliary met with Mrs C M Gray and at the home of Mrs ft C Holder. , ,> Amca^dors of Hie Abttmily of OoJ Church nicl biuj- day eveplnfc witfl a good nurabtr Ot*up Ko , l with Mrs refi piy cap^n, «as l n chartt of the progrwn Those la king part were. JoTiftnle Davis, Virgil Hop- k}«r/B<rl v .Loonie and Ed Bralcu.- er, t wfto coinposed a qliartel anU fetlg a special song, Mte Ml|drcd Cudd^and Mrs Irene Blnkley ''• MnUng , the sick «cre , c «cre , »L6ts Akin Jiminy ' «>».<fo<xr>laij i^ite wUU,mucl ^^d&RWA ^? t 8ri wi o Declarer Holds Squeeze Against Either Opponent ' h V 4, going | 0 - be r hohd opened, (he Jack of cjubs, TO!) \vpn ullli tho king . . twOiappilj pjiU^se'd, cjo'vn flO^cc o[ aWnond> fnlrjklng Ihc flt'Jnl'don- ft cu.e bid, had no chibs , «as « little (|tc djar)ioi]c| me HJS viltlj.tho fhreo of hearts wps won l|i dmrimy will) (he ucq amall t diamond was led, fioin niy !(($ mfled with the five tottf A swqll club was Ac" 1 l UlI "2 y *W tbe M fl«r(4, ai^d the jack 9f diamonds re iirpcd and Inimpcd wllh he ieven ol hearts The eight of heart 1 ; cnmc ne\l -nd as South liad showed mil o( eorls befoj'p, dcOnrer safely ne^d. Ihc lack Now the declarer ttafled (lif this seivloe each Siuirtay esening .. Complimented , Mrs Biooks Flowers of Bjrinlng- ham, Ala, houscguesi, of hei sis- er Mis M o Usrej, wab guest, of ouor j(, a brldgi; Iqni^non given •>y Mrs f <\ Lyr(ch ana Mrs U^ =y Friday at the L-ynch home I'ctted plants, red tapers in sll- •er holdeis on Ihc Qighl small uncjieon lable*, and heatl pimped •JlJIes decorsted. thq house A nree menu waj ^ersed with .Mrs O p Moss and Mlises Marsha Ami Lynch and. Xltidrcd Lou rlubbarti ussjsltng. Ihc .hostesses. In Ihc bridge game Mrs Max D filler \\on a cheese traj for high ^orc, second high prize, a biking -Ish, was awarded Mrs j A Leech Aiid Mrs. Flowers' gift wns hosiery .4 Bridge Party AIL5S Mildred Cook of Meniph *hosc marriage lo Mr Lcc Wa .inglon will ijlte place soon «ir Uest of honor HI a bildgc puty J\en last evening bj Mrs Clifford Ca\ltl The attractive [allies and wrappings on Ihc prfies were In Ice])- ng with the bridal j motif In Ihc bridge games Mr, Joe 3hnnks won a makeup hbs for ilgh Score, Mrs Rophlc Marshal .-eccivcd a leather bound bridge K>f second high and Miss Cock was presented silver bait and pepper shakers pec^n pic, lojiucd will) crtam, ai)d coflfcc, Here Today's Contract Problem poutli has lhe cimlraH for tl,v hearS,». West openf a umall diamond. The aeclarer pla>'« ilie lioiul • naturally und ilncHKM tlic lieiiris, losing lo the king. Now, liow can ho provcht Host from makiiiK a heart trick? 4 K S * A5 u 3 4 J 97-13 Duler * J10SO V 10 0 5 -i .* Q 106 A A3 T A J 5 S 3 A (J 3 + K7-I Solution |n next Issue. n*iUCQ4e and pliiycd Ihc ace ot hearts from dummy, disriirdliie a club-and picking up Noi'th's last triimp—the inteen. The nine of licaiti now WHS, played, declarer discarding'lhe mieen-of clubs, and North was helpless. L Jf he discarded a siiarie, de- claicrs kt l £ queen-seven, would be good, vhllc if u diamond were discarded, dummy's queen of diamonds: w:ould be established. And now you can easily sec n|at, if ao«lh hud held the four spider, he would not Jiave been able lo prolecl llio four tpades mid lhe mo of clubs. (Copyright, 1035, NBA Service, Inc.) b:? Maggie Bel] Mon'is lo Wee! Noirnan E. Houslofi OSCkOLA, Ark.—Announcement was mudo ;,cre by Mrs, Josephine ^lorrls of Hoi Springs of the ciU Bogement i})|<| upjirgachlnf mpr- pags pf her daughter, liite Mag- Ble Belle Mbrris of this oily to Mr. Nnti\ia.n E HoHSlon of West Meni,-,]•:, Alk Tllo wedtling:ls to take place, Fetiuars 10. , T|te> br|de b a. giuilUHic pf t|ie C^sccoja hlgj, c<.h,ool a'lid' for tw^o jear? has been -employed as sl,^ IPsraplipi and iWQkkceper fdr ilia Oartwrlghl'Haidwuro company -if <">s clly She Is n j»i)!(lar uiem- —• Pf (he Osccola younger set. Mr, Houston Is the son privlte \v $ , £ousto|, p{ Bajfief g^rlngs, f£ans«s a«d Mr. W. H. Houston o( Heber Springs, Ark.', He "was ginduutcd fioin Foi-rcsl. city high school \\tth lionora and attciitlfa 'he Unlveislty of Arkansas for 'two Immediately fpllawlns l(,c cerb- mouj (he joUng -couple will leave rpr a honejnioon trip .to Little Hock and Hoi Springs, nft'er which (hey will moke their home' 1 in West Mcinpblj wlierp zijj-. Hoiislon '" cinplPjsd by t'fiQ' ArKansaB Powi and Light cpmpany.' , - and Mrs Joe D)l|ghwnty (ind plan lo mpvc eooh to Mai Ic Mr. DJIlahunty is tq be In of a rehabilitation • farm, ami Mrs, E, F. 4)oijieypr ("inlly plan to mode iient week ' 10 thctv liptpe on .J}eam BC. .- IB being r-c.rnodeled follow- a (lr« u year ago. C. PattPn has gone lo New - - fpr. the weefc end.. Sheriff Olarepc* if. Wffion has frbm M.en}phl» wjierc he u tpeclajist regarding hts '--- will gp to MemphlB e; ' Wednesday for; the preseht' Mr. and Mrs. Julian fi'.-Beits, ol Memphis, ;ftro;lie'rc- /or several days Mrs. Belli' pafc'nts, Mr. and C. .M.'-Buck; .'.•'.' '• Pwigllt '. Bowcj, left vcster- (Pr Hot: apjiigi '! ... spend « .moriUi.-: "'•". Mrs. Whit Gbo'dman Is In Mem- h 's for ,a few .days.-:. • ; • Ir. uud >Irs. Keridall Berry ol Manila, have moved,.Hb this city awl are. Ht honie at 300'South s street. ] '• • ;. -'• ." . E. R. Mason, ; whd .w'a's' Ukcn -Irtdciily Ill-Uiis moriilHgi-is.'now greatly Improved.. '• . . family where chnrgc M and week . which Ing K, port Sli...,. returned consulted Mrs. Mrs. day will phis Mr. Mr. and. Mrs. William - Aiidcrfon Hre the parents pf-"a : ipii "born January, 25 at 12:31. p.m. the baby weighed ci s 'h,t .-pounds ami has been W.Wd after", hjs tot ' -i ^ ,.,,,„_ .i)d:'\y,-.i);''Hiey'h.» returned;' to ^j'c'|r i-iili Spring Young people of the Prcsbjlcriirn churches lu iiorlhcast Arkans.i5 Vi|l gather at the Ursl Pn-A'y- tcnan churcli of Joncsboro bun flay for a semi-diurnal mlij S a Patlcrson of Morillton ojnofl iJirtclof of rellgla(ib cducu- ilQtV Is lo sjieal, ou • Ybutli Has J Chancfc' JorJthe,p»|nclp!|l ^ 'w ttotivt, from Fci'rcit Ciij v-sc£oJ(S will ptesent The rally is lo begin at 4 udock m the' anertioon a»d supper «lll be senec} Tlie-'pCv. bluar(, H Salinun,-vas (or ,of lhe clmroh hefe, \\lll ac Mmpany 15 inenftieis of the people's organisation' fieie A, spring-like dress' of•: i&rc ' tiL ciepe au navy .;biue.--'wlt|i white uruitea pattern;'. hai.) a ^ matching Jacket lined' and -trimmea - with ylsp taffeta The tluih neckUue is so1lly"stilrfea:' • Bits q Mostly Persona fm!«y, forni«rly of here dnd r)ow of New Orlesni Is. Ml f " 1(( M ^ Mi . -,., . 'TfiW'aVpr'^uvltiiB 1 ansas- Termile 'Qo. ; . •• .''-'•'•- ipivight' BJackwood ' nf Mciiiiihis Is mi' Osceola.Yi*|tpr, today,:'. ' i! ' Ms- I'fssj? wiijiairt}:is 'stju- her- irjothe.r,',,'flrs; 'B. ,'.&. " " ... ,i\s .se'rtoiijiy -jl; w'i nionla. i^trs. Bozeifiah'/ Williams arc in .Tunica, ,„.,,,,,., „„ (ho jiqme. of, - ; lylrf;.. Bozeman's 4augli(«r, ^rs.-Fraiiljll- •-•-'•'^•' Joe potion .Returned frldoy n|gh't' lECn for the.pail;we«k.' -••>•" _ ^!rs. .Fiiiley Caf'tm-i'giit: aijd Mrs' 'amcs Cartwrlgril; s r '. attcndcd' life Oily Lombardo;performance at tic Stale theatre .!»; Mr"-• •-•'<-• ' y ulghf. '. : ••;-.I" K'. .HarR-aj-g -yijij q Hampton Werc/in: Meniphis 1 rtay .night. ,.•'-.•'••• \yill'; Blackwopd ; Jr.,, was p ^^^i^A ''I.i !• * e *TT m m W f"1fl>|' LuV Of (Jhrfcl, • B|b)e class,'0:30 p.m. 1 : ',• - Ev«nhig.ygreril.p,.7i3<) p.m. Str' mon theme; i'Th« purpose of'the Law." " '' ••• '• • to all, : : •''•''• Broadway staBCsuccfXs^ -15 !<?1 } wl " "Wr'grow old. it is band of abductors. The I r ,a^,i W n,e, S -c»^^ CHURCH Main «nd Seventh W- V. Mfomnck, ChHrcH school, Church school, .p ,.„,., Earl grange W fatal tel^cn «- B ^K'J«»h. ,„„ ^l.^.A'»' »"h°U im- , . Morning, worship, 10:55 Ser. mon by the pastoi'. League worship seii'lces for all young people at 6;30 p.m. >ung people at 6;30 p.m, . family, surrounded by wall, ami Evening worship, 7:30 p.m. Ser- luxury, Iho glrf is educated a ,! .Oil hv thft na« /M- !..„,] ...1,1. " ,. -_. . "'.«' , mon by Hie pastor. i. r , • >.— • milieu WHM tmujr ciirc HH watcll' Special nuislo by choir at both tulness that her constantly sun. NOT* D services. . msseA craotio ^ , \ n ™ »">•«« Visitors invited and welcome, lorth in a secreV and tawdry al- H.RST F RE 3BY™ CHOPCH & hi tp^stedoTSrdir '$ i* tf !.•••___ ''i-- n , *lt,i' ;,„! ' » *A'_- . ' * S. H. Kalmbti, Fustur 5'a.rt)., Siinady Ohureli:scliool. S. B. Va||, 6upt. : ; x>;. 11:00.-; a.m.t Morning worship Sennpn topiij, ,"6iir Marcliing ; 'Of? No young people's vesper iieryfe, as. crowd "will':go ,l,'o J6(,;sbp|-p for Dlslrlcl-Rally,-: laying -churcii-.'ai .- 7:30 p.m., Eyeiiirig .wofsliip,'- BcV- irion. topic,- "Mercy for.1 Murderers," (Lessoiip for 'iis from 'Hauptiiunih and Barnes lriiils)i f'f^ST .CIIRISTMN CIIUKCH : : Sixth:'and Slain • ' '.. 1\ Eiftmeit Butttrworth, Miiiisicr Bible. Bclipgl enters Ijveiy at^i lenilance co^fest, SMS H.III. •-•" SeriiiP)\ at, service: "ncs- cue. of,'tjif 'pfjEon'- Wardei').'. 1 .younij : Peoples' m.eetlng at 's p.m., 'Marip p|gg|ns, leader. . Sermon, at- B pijn. service: "Tho Fall of Babylon," r .conje Ijilp us to g?.l put of Iho "rcd,";anc) up:iq "par. 1 ' • V. E; 'Cjbalfanl, Pastor Sunday Ecljppl, 9:45 n.iii, Ivereon Morris, . gen'eral.'siiper'jrit'endcrit. .' Qhurch' services': Mpniliig 10:50, " : '•'•' .. We' be jin 'our: revival I ins with (he :rnpr!ijnB' service, siibjecl, 'Revive Us, .Th(it— '.' Tlic evening services will -be held at 7:30 ciicli night of the'wec^V excepling Sat- lir(Jay. Eveiilnj ' subject, "\VJierq Rod,. Has prpmjsed to - Meet tjs." The ' lime VJpr th.c 'daily service -vvili be .anndunced, Sunday. •-,; We are- counting :oii ilia )>rayerful cb oj.tralion fr|end . W. M--»in at 18th Street • ., ; J.' T. .Renfr^, Pastor '?lbic school,'. 1 .10 ; a.m. Thomas Bogan, Supl. Classes for all ages. : B. T. U., 0 p.p. : •• ..5ve^ l in ( an.d sennpn by the pastor, To-clwk.- Theme; l Tlie Vnchaiigihg- Christ.':-;: '".i ; -- : SQCIBT}- • -is: !!ic-.Object »i_:. • • '., , . •-.-... the .... — . rrf^ v*ujtv,ij ut (1LU l»Borrnpiv which wjn t«' road nhiirl'Kr.,- ^r ^ii.^,1,'•--/- .*??•? ,:: : ;,-',-•:'•• "<*!vi> i*iu o« loan !B-a)) Churchy of g\^st.[sSei)uk Snnday moniine at 'It'o'cj'ock? — -- -. Golden -Tfxt, is:, ^Teacli me ' . . . Hi .Mqnpjils THursday .ii -: ftale-Jacksoii- Was: a Meur- Ph'ls 'EuesfThu^day: '- ' - ™"' nM.^^ '^yloVv was .' in , Mem- Phis Thursday. - . •-; ,' Dr. B. J. Shcridnii.wab.iii Mem, phis Thursday to sw Dr. "S - thy way. ,O LO«| ; , i:>wll| :,\ thy truth; unHe''-}ny.-]je$rt, lo tlw^iatrie' 1 (Pfaln'is'. 86:11).' .Among' tho • c.||a'li9ire -'which prjso - Ihc - LesspnTScrnipn i s I?! ,Y" 1g ,- r !; or "; : t)ie : Bible: "prdi U Miss Eniina Co.\- cnlertaJncd her tour lobio bridge club'aiahe'home M JJre. Sum Coble Thursday ''»f- ^rnoon. Mrs/.S. perHins swn'Iilsh Score Pilze, _ an. .ETening. lii Paris iwrfiimc . set.- Mrs. Loide Walters won consolation', a Spring '.Time' m Peris perfume .set, and Mrs': J '->. Ward received it compact'.' /,' District Club Leaders Will M«t at Memphis The Forrest, City District ol Women's dubs will have n board meeting Tuesday nt. Memphis,;- it hasjbceii anlioiuiced .by Mrs. jqim W Edrington of Osceoin, president The meeting -will fco a IiinchcSn fTair at Ldwenstcin's. 12 o'clock Prcsiclcnis of Wonien-s clubs in he 15 counties of (he dIMrlcl, hre aw n ""* "'"" ofllcm of «« district group. ; • Among iiwltcrs to be dlscussc'd will be the/ program f or ,, ic „?,: uual,M.eelli,g of lhe district Ui Mississippi county, April 1 8 . "' frost the v following; . gvery .. on,;, for 7 . by MsiT.'iiaKer Exfd ' : Parks "iion - YHB'C WBgSter, • Mr.- .and Mrs.-Lewis Uiuahe'r jnd'.spi, Jimmie'Lynn. .vneril ffi aiid 8 aln ^'fc^£|| ^aViaiHarpid.r.iagg'^i^ R «d 'C^nSs^Want Ads. 'buijday , -"The Great s., SATURDAY, NEXT W||£IK at Blythwille's Theatres riotously t'limiy as well as (hi- mna Uirllllngly dramMlo. prod, c Lf', ivhlch ho has yet aprW.rtd Tl,e alory revolves about' ii milk Irust ivar ii'iilch Jimmy has i wittingly ilarted by a speech «> " Jured up to'gef himself ou( ™' Jail for having knocked the milk ' nagrmte. cold. , m " K The milk war leads to a store of Ihrillltig sltuailons-' in which Jimmy Is aniutt'd,: for a nuirdcr :ie, did not commit,-his girl Is kid- naped, and another war wllli the band of abductors. The breiilh. ii Ecreeu In u fluming picluro by Warner Pros., and, is (ichcdiilijd to' be ph.ow'n at the Roxy Sunday «nd flomjay. . : ..'.;•...,'' : : The llicme evolves about llie , , ce tric Miss Havlsham, all step ou of tho pages of the past into viviil living personalities. ' young girl. uqlor oi'cr n beautiful . Born of a 'proud and aristocratic , . (ruined with suoli'carc and watch thi! actor : Ricardo . cbftez his the role of ii, . ;; egotistical/ .and : insufferable actor who first 'attempts -to lure the mother Vlrito a clandestine (((lair,- ai;cl up'oii failing, lunis his attentions io Ihe daughlcr. Ver>*.<)• Teasdalo \\as Ihe part of the itwther iv'ho trlej to sacrl/ice her own - vcpiilatlon and her very lite to slitcld Iier daughter. V Anita Louise; the 'daughter '• is the ..flrqblrd, 'while Lionel Atwill is She. fatlier. . ; . . IMght out of tho pages of elas. sic history o»to :lhe screen comes "dreat Bxpccta'lipns," Ihc grealcst, inpst absorbing .and inosi. human story. Charles Dickens ever wrote. .''Greal Expeclailiqns" comes to the Rpxy IheUfer, "on'.TiJfalay, -\yc(ijiC5- day and : Thursday. The stoj-y.'of. ''Great'. M.igtvllcli, (he convict; "Pip, 1 the, young man of great ' ***.-, jui<n$ Liidu oj great, expjctu- i'<unum j^uts nas ino rom; tipris, EsteHa, 'Jaggerv the ecccn- 'ole anil proves as efficient I !"1C Mi.SS Ha vlsVlnivi nil ,. I**, .* rminK >nnf Imrli- ««r it.-., 1 t_i A cast, headed by Henry Hull «"-. But she nu^es film like it so America's premier. Interpretive ac- well that he rushes'to her rescue lor, Phillips Holmes, jane WyuU wilc " slle 's kidnaped. She doesn't Florence need, Alan Male, George confine her smacks to Jimmy Breakslon, Francis U Sullivan, anil however, but'lets a detective have' msnv others. fnWnmi i\,«,k <•;..,. it in-the jaw when he gets fresh Services Held Friday ' for L. C. Lucas, 72 STE-ELU, Mo.—Funeial m«"y'°the'fs7 interpret three 'famous characters John Wayne, screen' favorite o Western fans throughout the conn try, offers another of his thrilling nn^+l-rvirnlc. 1 .-.. . v. . ."'*'& portrayals, teeming „ thrills, and suspense. Steel," notion in "Ulu a Lone star production at Ihe Hoxy Saturday "Blue steel" Is the gripping slo le were held Friday morning for vy of a govern, enomr^r,- Sr^^.T? 6 ,? ev ' W ' M ' Du " Can ' Yucca City to uncovei -i bTn o^ '« tlrKl .M« hodist minLster. offlciat- omiaws which has be',, the cai'e ^ f| St - by the Rfv ~ W-'Brad- ofmuch terrorism amon» h- c 1 " IlUe l' mcnl wils ^ North aaw- •/ens. ° ' ba cemetery, near Blythevlllc, Aided by Betty Mason danslUcr 111^''; LucM svas bor " at Maitoon, of a pioneer ivho h« been mur h " in""^'' 1 " 30 ' ' 863 ' Hc Jla " Iiv '- dercd by the outla^ wSvn? « I ? B h? - ySS V™ 1 ™* 1 * rw • Bt » ul ^^ss^n^- S Se r v aii8iit - M - ' Emily Mcoaughey, of Mat oon m 13 grandchiltlrcn and five ereat grandchildren. .--r.- " . . Supporting Wayne .;„ " C " illcl " t ' i »E Hm, r- E canoi Hunt, oeoite Hayes, Yaktma Ca null : 1S( Peil, Lafc McKcc. • Ear uwire, George Cleveland, ' and George Nosh. .'••-•; «« u 'A |oulhefri leud is the' bails | "The "Rb.b'erl. Woolsey's 'HDIV Kit ingS..'? hm" 1 !sr in IHfi Pit., s,,.,,^,. ,.,;u -s— na >d-bHlcn, coining to" Ihd crusty colonel ' Sundiiv fiiiH " ~j iL "" —---.-., v-u^^> ^v/juiiui— buiwii5. iincl and three of his 'subordinate offi- Th;r inimitable comedians "-- Cef5 ' °' le of wl ? olil ^ ills ton - Ijray po'r- ck Vaudeville iiiagjoiaiis who" pote as . SoutVcrn fentlenienWhen Iheir infant : "' falls !.eir • estate in Ken- T-,r :•.•:*• TV ' *• »o\JU (.OKLH; m n.Cil- ;ucky. }low the trio* becomes, in- -ajvcd in- a faujily'-feud apd the|r ?fforts'••• to, eslrtete. themEe)vi;s 'orrits a rollicldhg ' rpmancei with say,.:iiielqdy, .modem' dancing, by •>?-fll!»IS-bcaijtles, and a 'f'rlend- '" war be,twee|i two clans with : Alary Carlisle, be;»uti{ul blond? 11£r |I)iJe.,:P"l3J ! 5; the cjaughier of th.e tj|e. Cpjonel, portrayed by Noah Beery.- "Spanky".• McFarland of 'Ouf Gaijg comedy",fame is seen' as tlic. <orphan.. "Sw?et':>,delinc'," 'the oetwatfopil nusical comedy hit npw comes'to :h,e screen 'as Warner .Bros. the lalest of the Gigantic musical ' — —.-«. •v-.j-,i.ii ll ^ jiuutivai speci.als, and' is -scheduled as', the [eatiire .attraction at (lie RHn lijy -aiid, Wednesday ,. : ,i J»|c«r?''ls laJd'iii the glaih- ofous Broadway theatrical'districi; fl_ • fnsHi/ni-iViIn fi-irr-{; n l_ _i_ , .„„ a-, fashionable trj-stin ff place for iii young bloods and Ihcir lady'loves ••'•'- 0)1 tl)e oulsliiris of, the city and iji a pielurfsque Hoboken beer i- garden ^of the gay nineties. - - The slpry is the IhrillJng ra- lance of lhe charmlug daughter J. a . Hobqken beer garden pro- prielpr who, is ardently wooed by n -Brottd.TOy jjong plugger and ii .vfalor in the. U. 8.'Army. .James Cagney conies to lila Saturday in his latest W ^V 1 which is said to be-lhe most RO3IY Last Time Today MAT. & KITE—10c - 25c BOBSTEELEm "HIDDEN VALLEY" Cartooii Serial—"Mj&ferv Squadron" Sunday • Monday •;_ ' . " "'D , - F»-.vri^c l(Uni \f\i CHrislfan .Science textb'op'k,. 1'Scl- . ,^«"=- unmic nas tne role of'the "criiihir^'?^"^'* 1111 '.'^ ^.'''i* ^ er .8«Mcn songbird, with boh- scriptures, hv \rni-u 'K«I.A^ irJ^.v/ Mt\ \Vrtrtrf t - ..u..*...,,:..- ,. . Woods, pprtrayliig u,c VOUIIK ,. song WTiler: ' ' T Four of HollyVoods inosl tal- .. ented comedians take part in the •-. ^. = ( --?-••.-.<*'•••.•• .:., ^-.f i production. They nrc Hush Hcr- • hl i i >i' r , b "^--^ lclco '--""! ssa 8e K h?rt ' h the.Voic »( a wealthy all- m*m^^ 1 S t^ssrrfe 1 k "* T ^Sfea.' ffi^^&^sMz thorn ns the beer garden proprietor who Ms Irying to mwry his itaughlei-off lo the villatnou! iiifijor, and Nyrii a \Vcslnran, sin- other daughter, who learns wltli Herbert iii' a comedy rqlc. 'l/s'tic"' Ecrvicc ' Jl ''-, -,fA' 1 ^ 1 : 5 . of "'«' Mug,- not "America's On- tl?' 1 '"" 8 ,,^'.^ of llicm, but as , __ _ , — , 10 STARS 1 bring the Sen sational Stage' E-;~p.m. -Subject: ly Hope.' ' News Notes . Mrs. • John taugltler. of iilr:.afi(i Mrs. Jam Mr- and Kyains ii arc Emtth. bert Rttftis : c of '' W . ,S«U«lay and .im With -Mrs. Carl Wallace. Francis Kcits-Brown described in his' remarkable book "The Lives bf"»; BengM 1 Lancer'— are the heroes pf'the'stirring, lemaikablc and; colorful -picture pf warfare mid'heroism, in tiidla" lo be shown n't the Rllz'Tliursday and Friday. Prorliiccd by .Paianimml. The Lives' of'a Bengal .Ldhccr 1 features Oa.ry. Copper,; '.FrSnchPt Tone. Bicliartl Crpinwell -and Sir Guy SWiidirtg • in • the.' lead jug l o!es. It-Is a".picture replete wilh lhe sounds-and~Elghts- of the nijj. t*r]ous-Ea^t,'as'.tulhclitlc u the """ themselves' and equally s. , Nelljc • lio'usb and- - baby, ?.'>m : wll ° iiave-bfen- sick rill.ll • »jfiu!ii|a,. arc slowly 1 jiiip'rov- .>%'? ivd .Mrs.'' Hoz«) Lee ! . end ,'-w(th-' Mrs. Wi lardV-' sitter, Mrs:' >y.-;;Q,- liunqiey.' '.-•":•!: •' P105-d.;Hsndley .spptl^.W^wsday light .wlUV his brclirer, , Uoiian! '• '"'-' , 'Mrs. •Janlc'/qoa^rd is: recover- ng froni an attack "of 'iiifluema.' ' FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. IKSITKANCX Continents to rhc Screen 1 Novella—"lhe Band Age 1 Comedy—"Sporting Cocktail ovcl and astounding climax Patricia Ellis has Iho romantic In ough methods as Jimmy himself, or she smacks him for a roiv of milk cam when he smashes a. Lucas, 72, who died Thursday a the home of his daughter, Mrs S B. T:itc. The fiev. W. M. Duncan, .The. oil obtained from 'the stomach of the fulmar petrel'-is used commercially in various ways The bird splUi this oil at its enemies n/derer,dn K itself, the pcnelralin B mell VQI the oil adding, lo its •effectiveness. . - Satuiday Only Matinee & Night—lOc - 25c A MAM'S CAME' U-//A livalyn Knapp •+*..l~)lr(ctcd by D. Ross Ledtrman Cartoon Swul — Sunday - Monday MATINBE & N1TE—10c-35c They Iapp»d Kentucky")ulcps^ and iovedKentucky girls... but the 'gay,-gagging goofs who' posed aa colonels of the Mjlf orcl clari. never figured on leading, a Kentucky fe KERNELS! f, N°0 A H B E E It T L , DlnttiJ fc .Gee r« i p»ni • rttfi eir>ir> i •CaranVouht •' News Musical Shorl—"Soft Drinks i iwi S\\«ct Music" with Gen. "'MCC and SUvM Fioss fj Maijouc jUutketl's Daiice Rccitul Next Tuesday-Night

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