The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on September 17, 1922 · Page 32
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 32

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 17, 1922
Page 32
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xrwi trcnojt Goon To Be BeOTn By Republican Leaders, Now Busy on Details. . ' - - ' ' ' - Beveridge MayBe on . Hand For Opening When Barrage of Words Falls on Ohio Voters. Organization Is Said To Be in Poor Shape, Due Partly To ', Hevolt of Drys Against . Partisan Activity. ly H. B. Mangtrt. ' iraout BtsraToa to tss seqtissa. ' .Columbus, Ohio, Beptombar titles! activity both from Berubllcena itrwl Drnuxrmti. Tb Republicans hav been dlsaaUirted because he gave kit eld to a faction of the party, whllo tlx Democrats have oj)ctd because be spent money gathered fiern men and women of both parti to th Republican mart.) During the IcbglslaUve session W this work Representative C. Ollbgert Taylor, of Huron County, told Mr. Whit and other that bis wife had been a regular cootlrbutor t the league, but that ah had liven her but nickel to It 7 Report . were brought that eer-lain Methodist Eplteopal church had decided that they could not kid th lwgue any longer, a they felt that It collection were It greatest Activity. In almot every church visited the con-liibutlon ar said to b showing a rteady decline, due to the dissatisfaction over rartUan aotlvlllc. '. COUNTY LACKS FACIUT1ES To To Bring 0,000 Tax Salts, , Bay Huwe at Title Hearing. Testimony In th Injunction suit J.lirought by County Prosecutor boats H. Capelle to prevent county officials from purchas Ing th data and records 'of the Title Ouarantee and Truit I Company for the contract price of ! 5250.000, was completed at th third 'day's he ring- of Jh cas befora I Judge John A. Caldwell, In Common Pleaa Court yesterday. I After both side had rested, the et- torney agreed to submit th case on I briefs, without oral argument Uarrv I. s-orlermnn Countv ' Ra- "icorder, testified at th resumption of Threads of th OhloV lUpubUcaa sUta , , Bering yeaterday that K would eaxnpalgn will b 1rathrd early next! cost $10,000 to fUOOt a year to. main-'we whn atat headquarters will bitaln the records If the eounty should re-opened after bln deed (or Bore j Purchase th.m. He said th trust . . , - i company record would provld much than 16 months. which waa conUlned In reoorda Tor th parpos of hannonUIng an j de.troyea ln the courthouse ar In Intasslr oanvass f th atat. a an- j mtt (na which cannot ba obtained log all candidate for Stat fftceiwher. - will conducted Tasday In had- j Lack of facilities for tracing down quarUrs. Friday th Republican Stat!'"' owners I. P'ntlng the couaty ' ... t, ! from bringing 1.000 fulls to collect will It Bsaontlv Committee oonreoa. Is axpet4 that OompleU plana than will be Matty for eonalderatloo by th cotBtnltta. . ytuk plana call for th campaign opealog aarty la October at a Central Obi alty. Colonel Carml A. Thompson and Dr. ilmaoa IX rasa, th re-peotlvs oandldataa for th Oovarnor-ship' and United Stat Banatorshlp, ar expected to Are th heavy guns, and plana ar la process of evolution to Import former Senator Albert J. Bvrldga, of Indiana, - This year th Ohio Anti-Saloon League, It la ooatended. Is fat no conditio for such effective work for Republican- oandldataa - as two years ago. It 1 noted that th leadera are unwilling to work so openly as In other year (or th entlr Republican ticket If th beer amendment la en tie ballot th league. It la aald, will be forced to give attention to It, and to that aztent mutt fortgo political activity. Th party organisation Is "rusty.'' du to long dius and to factional quarrela. Few of th deflated aaadl-dates ar giving active help to the ticket, although only one, C. Homer Dferand, of Coshocton, has bolted Colonel Thompeon. Congreastnan C. U Knight, of Akron, baa been silent, although hi newspaper have been critical. It Is noted, too, that la numerous counties there wer districts la which no organisation committeemen were elected. Th places were allowed to go by default This la particularly true In Northwestern Ohio. There ats ar more than th usual number of eountle In which Republican have no tickets. This failure In orgeslsatlon I attributed to the foliar of ttat headquarters to function. Failure of Independent and minor party ticket to be listed thla year Is counted as a net loss to Republicans. Thla la especially tin In th ease of the Soetallst tlckat and that of Jacob S. Coaey, of Massttlon, candidate for th Benate. Critic assert that Miller and hi aeo dates overlooked an opportunity when they failed to ftnane the Seals lists as termer Repoblloan Stat : Chairmen hav dona. IPailtlotana are wondering wtiat la meant by reported troubles within tbe Anti-season Leaa-ua. The national leaders ar reported to be dissatisfied with th work ad Superintendent Jama A. . White, and there ar reports that he may b displaced by Judge David F. lara, f Columbus, or another work- ' er wh aa re tor th lost morale. White, ft H reported, ha received More of letters denouncing hi pa- Maxes on real estate. County Treasurer Iiuls J. Huw said In his testimony. W. M. Frldman. attorney, and title examiner for th trust company, aald that he had used the trust company record sine 1111, and had found them correct In Initanc whr th county records wer Incorrect U. B. Qllett. attorney and examiner for the company, said th records were used In working out titles to property In large Cincinnati BUSINESS MEN If LINE Botarta&s and Credit Xaa. Cincinnati bualhess men are looking forward with keen Interest to the coming of Atlee Pomerena, senior United Btatea Senator from Ohio, who Is scheduled to address members of tbe Cincinnati Rotary Club at their weekly luncheon at the Hotel Slntoa, next Thursday. . j Next Thursday night the Senator Is te address members of the Cincinnati. Association of Credit Men at the Ho-, tel Gibson. While he was booked originally to appear only before the' Rotary Club, the Credit Men took ad- j vantage of his coming to Cincinnati; te arrange for an address th sains night I I In bpth addresses Senator Pomerena 1 Is expected to touch upon the tariff situation, aa It Is affected by the , Pordney schedules Because of the-, promised tariff discussion by the Sen-' ator, Cincinnati business men aesire to hear his views on th much-discussed schedules. LZAEITS S05 SROWITU). Joieph V. Morrison, tS4t Bartlett street, civil engineers left yesterday for New York upoa receipts of Information that his son, Edward V. Morrison, II years eld, drowned when In a bathtub In his home there. The Coroner, It was said, reported that Kdward Morrison had slipped and fallen In a bathtub, and. being made; unconscious by th fall, drowned before his plight waa discovered. He was employed by the Jnterborough Rapid Transit Company.' CITLP IS A0ADI! t rsriiL Marssra to tsi tvomaaa. Dayten, Ohio, September 11. No sooner had Rev. W. W. Culp, deposed pastor, been exempt from serving his entenee In the workhouse by a decision In the Probete'Court to-day than he was re-arrested by Detective John Klernan, on a charge of having removed mortgaged goods from the rounty. .THE; mQUIIlEIS, CIircnCJATI, GU1JDAY,'- ; Radio Programs mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.mmmmmmJmm.. ' ' Watlaaftooa Bads Btauaa X.D.CJL- pora 1U A te-v: M.-ervte el the East Bad Carle- tUo Church, Shady annuo, Pittsburg. Pea a. Ksv. Kay W. trtl SHUT, 11 it p. il-"Botu oey, a Bible story for the chJMrn. ' 1 P. M.-Rsdio ehepel t-)tatlea ( D.L-, eonoucud by K... a W Win jr. pastor, th I'nlted Hrsthrea Ctiureh. Wllklneburg. Open-Ins sentence. Invocation. Anthem. PssJra 1. Scriptural reading. Psalm IB. Respons. Prayer. Hymn by the enetr. Sermon, 'Th Meet Wonderful Book." fmjm IS, Aatbea by the choir. Benediction, X p. M. Cl.trslko of the signing of th constitution, asosr th susrfcs ef th Cham ber of Commorc end th Suae aad Daughters of th American ruroiuuoa. , . . P. M.-Baseball Korea. 1 : P. M. rWnrlce ( the Chry Kpls-ecpal Church, Snarly avenue, Pittsburg, pen. Rev. E. I. Vaa -ilea, rector. Jeela Poole, assistant organist, i . . . 1 ' W.WJ. DJTiOIT. gUXDAT BEPTBMBElt IT. 11 A. M. Church eerrloss at at ftul't Cntbedral. 4 P. M. Orchestra wbNUona. OtU E Knseger, euD4uctor. .. XT.W.-CHICAQOy . PUNDAT, RKPTEMBBR IT. I SO p. kt. Radio chapel srrrloss conducted by Rev. R. B. Vle. of the First PrasbytsrWa Church, Oak Park, Illinois., . . 15 RACE WITH DIATH.. Racing against death which la believed to threaten bis sister, Bernard Ballerdon, motion picture magnate of Chicago, yesterday boarded a special Big Four train In Cincinnati for Chicago. .'.Railroad, officials said last night that when In Ashevllle, N. C with his mother Mr. Ballerdon learned of his sister's lllnssa. Fearing that a delayed train wbuld oauae him to mi connections Mr. BalUr-don ordered a special by wire from Ashevllle before he began hie journey homeward. The train left Cincinnati at 4:07 o'clock 'yesterday afternoon for tbe Chicago run, which will cost mora tban I M00. . I . . . v . R n V j n r " 1 r -3 wm MbB BmWisp' eMmsfV PHB ttsnw iBl'Wrt MswTMss9BL, TO LT.3ACCAST CCr.CEBT.; Cr 017 Company To Senl TTOfns ' j r Front Kew Station. One of the most elaborate program ever . broadcasted ' from a wlreleag telepkone station has. been prepared for pext Friday evening, tbe opening night at the new and powerful radio plant of the Crosley Manufacturing Company, at the corner of Coleraln, Alfred and Cook streets. Tbe can letters .f this-.tew station win be W L W. th sam as thos assigned to th old statloo of the Croelay Company. Tas concert will be started promptly at I o'clock, when there will be aa invocation by Rev. Arba Martin, pas tor of J.e Walnut Kills Methodist ChurcK This will be followed. by brief addresses by Mayor Oeorge P. CarreL William F. Wiley. Captain Wade Mountfortt Elmer Fries ani Powel Crosley, rresldent of the Ctos- j ley Manufacturing Comp&ny. . At th conclusion of th addresses Miss ' Marl Houston. Miss Hasel ttrewsnnrh. Miss Edltb Tolken and Arthur Knecht will render vocal and Instrumental selections as represents tlves of the Cinolnnatl College, of pupils of Miss Minnie Tracy, Including Miss Rose Boden. Miss Marguerite HtikllL Mra. Ida Blaekschlsser. Mrs. Mlnetta Salman Sumtoerg. Oscar Colker and Arnold Schroeder. . Other on th program will be pre feasors of th Awanda Studios Coesv pany. who will play popular aeleo tlone n th Wano, Cugena Schmltt noted barttone, and tbe Hotel Slntoa Oraheatra. Selection by th orchestra will be played at Intervale during th evening. The new etatlon of the Crosley Comsanv will be one of tbe most powerful In the Vailed States. Four 250 watt rsdlotron tubee will be used, two as oscillators and two as modula tors, with ' the Helelng system - of modulation used ln connection with speech amplifier. The antenna Is ii9 feet long, with an average height of HI feat. :- . -, -. : in t -j-i 1 1 i i n 1 1 ij ivrcn WIBAttTTIY? CTKKKCX v fiOH K0 LO lOTTY' iJkWUHKIISGXWWVUZ I -rr aw Btnt -n.iT prm ear mi iuUlatDMX (SimVM CACI Oin You Solve This Mystery? WW h AsrM. ii ! ? PI gesepee Jset geaa. Wny.ef atane Wtn tm mwm,'-a met ramw imlns esse, easy woN saawaaged tss Wetwe m bar aes,. Hot aa k) rs-ty bWy rMM feat awst. ekw. Hmt V yea bom, ree bao M ooMi le yoar ereo k la Mory fWord MyenirT Pnnoio. .Tas tea fawny ass aba am It (as am eneagbtaa afcam eat at annl n ab aaaam f abs aweti asawa; pan tmn) eh m j7srsk7T wdl get Ml psmsj aad ma wbj me tVM rewereV, safaHetef l p Mnoi taw, bat be fna-,l .1 (MM trWrr AHP gesVw TVaWeimleJ fpimk 4anrw4BVV esUg, gmeVaTbata LmW la4ksV EVaMaj nente. W4 Aor, WA . AAos Jxos, CWki Ma. DeeaSne 'atrata, WaV m1peHaarf rleaverd, Tbesss bje an! s ie f e'na'i 185 Pointi Vint $1,000 ef ate t aktyor ra jo tea I aW tlAa. Tea wnl asm M -y be srvrW Swra a 1 yea save that tea We i TW R4 Woskbr te row Mia. Tai wil aw yea Ml aesass at . ThaBaal B nv be eswrdof by eke Jnal W saanW e ese sen 4e eaaas m (k awmeat load la yaw i were made ap Mm M a ten abe saawf ass ffrea asset sbw, Mary let mem I row est ef sw " tm W m lo tas oo so I aw m Mr oan mm ns n n aetaw ei TkMairiwskes)e'iabSi 'let at ra swaesw s) So OSlM ssTssir ' t'mSmtmT ZiimZS SMkil Send No Money You Can b a Winner ka rm 4m hea k mm m sssoy el rm sm mm to , on, . as ii a mm. Tkt M Woo to w at mm etoess, tos m m4 r,oo to tisaass aa to n'ntl mm rm mt we, ns rm mmm mm see sw a s to mm m teM ft mm, mm gisst mm. am k mm ef a mm mtmt, mm mi mm, lsaM4ilkieiMMPMilwa tosliktosa a,le.w kiAMmtH.J.UX,VKA.216 TIfaUy,3aa4l-n. Banlirupt Stock of Lien s Slifl LOT NO. 1 Man's Shoos and Oxfords Tana and blacks, calf and rid kidij Incomplete ixm Valuwi lip to $7.00. CHOICE FOR- SIM- LOT NO. 2 Man'g Shoe and Oxford 'Black and tana, rid and calf leathers) nearly all aJxa. Valuoa up to $9. CHOICE FOR- $181 es and Ok or From Walter LThornc, of No. 28 West Sixth Street, Merchant Building NOW ON SALS At the Army and Narj Gopds Store, No. 440 Main Street, . AT ACOUT ONE HALF p2) OR LESS OF THEIR ACTUAL VALUE. Thousands of pairs of Men's Shoes and Oxfords are grouped into four lots. lotno.3. Men's Shoes and Oxford In all 'color, lee there and at r lee 1 all elxee and width. ValuM up to $10. CHOICE FOR- abimi tov mm 8TD lis LOT NO. 4 . Men' Shoo and Oxford All sixes, width, color and up-to-date stylesT Value up to $12.00. CHOICE FOR ' ran 1 Next to tho Dcnnlscn Hotel. Cchvc en Fcurlli cr.d FlfUi Ct recta J..i-jAb Ai Iv- ' . ' :.,Stes-.,,.i.-.,-i-V;r'-,. ' J Te b wbe atvsly pin rodto reeetvto; atat. w aasaoet tka yoi be aar year apsarataa la ready far yea eatey tba prsrrasa t rasa W L, W this fall ad wlaie. . CeaeMtVaaw froas bow aa will be Ideal for radio reecBtJoa, . ..,'"..'.'. ' To Ihea who 4 ael asswaa radto reeetvtac wa, era eagtreat that y (asnaedlatery larveatlarat tboreaghly the wwaaVrfai' MaolbilHteei mt srtw4alasaeet t the amlasj wfater evealaga. Have a Cswaley eatat latalled la year borne r time to bear tbe laawararal ewaewrt from W Ii W laaiat oa a deataeurtrattaa mt Crosley esaarataa befere barte. " . .. , , ' Tba Crawley Maaafaetarlag Cooay la baesm -tleaally aa ana ef the larareat araelaeoew ef radio n-rataa. Row 4evlannata aad IassveBBeata artaT the Bast few aaoalka make tt better tbaw aver before. Yew will awe luaetrated betaw several dICereat oatata faearod by tbe Cbaalay MaoafaetaHac Campeiay and dls-tHbareel. la Claclaaart, br the Mllaar Bleetrte Comaaay. the largest dietrlkatora ef rak agarataa a thU aeetlea. . -'- t '-.( i- , N . . . , Croelef OrralaJ R)oelTlii( Outfit No. 1. , . ! We highly recommend this outfit to listen to W V W for a range up to 36 or lo miles. ) - The Croeley Manufacturing Company la one of tbe few concerns licensed to manufacture -Crystal Detector Outfit under tbe Plckard patent. ' Tbl set Is entirely complete with sntenns and nesa phones end reeuire no batteries or tube. Iater. If desired, additional nnlta can be added, convertfng this outfit Into a vacuum tuba set, making Unnecessary to. discard nV A'ceo the Crosley Crystal Receiving $25.00 Outfit complete Is "r " The BCarko Senior No. Tbe Barfco eoT ia. Illustrated herewith, v already is . aatlbnaii) kaowa and la the most efficient Instrument, at tht price on the market , Thousaadi have been sold. Wonder ful re-porta are received dally aa to their efficient opera, tlon. Denver-ha mmrA Bchanocta. dy: Minnesota kears Pittsburg A SAWsfeeBvoWtBl.4v lndlnnsboU and other py.iila. In Indiana hear Denver, Colo.: Cincinnati neare Chicago. Jtroit, riewar. ocne-aectady. Pltuburg. Atlanta. UmUvtlle and other stations oa this outfit. Addltmnal stages of either radio or audio frequency ampllAcatlea can be added at low coat The prlo of this one-tube eutflt Is 20 aiy T Crosley Rooslrer No. This Is. we be lieve. - tbe most I efficient receiver. for bringing In dletant broadcasting stations, , on the market. It has been ao pronounced by many leadlna authorities In alt part of -the country. It Is arukranteaa to onog IB an large Drosscsiiins "" east of and Including Denver, Colorado, In Cincinnati. It include tunar. on alege of the now famoua Crosley Toned Radio Frequency Ampllflcatlon. Audlnn Detector, and two atagea f Audio Freo.ueacy Ampleflcatlon. It works efficiently on a range of from two hundred to six hundred meters. A remarkable aet at a reenarkshle price. Without tub, batteries or $55 phone . This eit eonlalna th fanu.Hodl X four-tub paaei. aad Incorporeue In a beantlful ma-logaay.. talabed cabinet, a loua . eklng ' horn. A pair Jit. bead raeae attar hod o thla amplifying horn- will threw Ike . music from eurh r station a Kaheas .City. OrealeT Eecetrer No. XV. gcheaeatedy. etc, , la such volusne as to an Oa tela eutlt W U VT emn be bear! at a distance ef U rnllar all over the bmisa, Tbe prtaf this outfit is oaiy .m ... ... ...... ' Croaler. Bccvivwr No. XX. ..?70 . . I ' Tho Ci Betsy Hao ' ' eetvwr Ma, XX le ' - tbe sam as tas Modal X aad XT. I bat la mowated ra , I J a Soar cablset. I I . with ample root 4 I 1 i for hatteiiea. hat- . . tery charger, eta, .mabias? 4 complete wait for tan ' giving roam Preee The Crailr Ms ei Iwtng C i ay oW aBaoa oseoeej aoosrB, trs iss is. mmm. km rW. i m p iknBg a aBnae a aoan-Bssto not ov toes, bosamss aosl oawswa. Th wnoar Oni ii I WW he via o fislab a fill I i sin i . o i n e Oho mshoi Ms, frao. . TWt ow srul r - r" mm a fcr eas km.g oa too nkw 1 1 1 n,, will oa jsooisa. .... Broadcasting Station of the VV'vV'V. .... . nsnufacturlnc Company ' Formal Opening Friday Evening, September 22d, at 8 r. M. Eastern Standard Time More Powerful Greater Rinie, Better Than Ever Before, will bow sever the eatlre eeatlaeat. ieaMa trasn aewaa t aoeaa, and freaj Mnle to Alaaka. . " ' " , . ,. . tk. tmrmm ar tear ssost nvewerfal atattaaa la the eoaatry. ha keel TbJa. a of the tkree or ,,"rkrTV-Jli. anawy thaaaaada of dallara, te prevKt develoBed, erected aad lawtollea at ta "rrr' . -,..i.iit. tk vvrr beot ef radio eeitertalamea, aet only locally aat aatseaaiiy. T-tTrt e'lla Jaea far tw take, aad tkre. takw.' Tbe el"rr .T thTpragraaaa will b. w.eseelle- t r--. ta etaaatl choral llasew. the seaaater-Martla nhJ ef Kpr""" ... rZ. WLWske baa mad apreUl arraagemeata to broadcast oervteas from tke Caere, f ib Covenant ef ClaelaaatU ' '; ' ,p.5r:.yK.k " Vr--'rol theaew W I W breadeaattag ata.l.-. rJt.7X TO IVVmTl aatll anlSalakt, ClaelaaaU time (Kaatera ataadard tlase). reUewtag to th pragram ferjthat evealagt , ' PART OXK. ' uiH nrswsanrli (elsne) "PellehlnelU" .... lr. Arba Mnrtln InvoCatloa. .,- Addr.s. Mayor Ooerge P. Carrel. '',. Addreee-Wllllam F. Wiley. (Pufcll.hw ef The Knqulrer.) Andres fclmsr Frlea (Kdllov ef the PU. . ' . " Z . ... o . a ). s ar ies elam rMitun'lal W.i at . 1 PART TWO.' . (Tb ef Mueic) ' ( Ulra Marl Houston, aopraaa - . . V- , . ' . (a) -"April Morn" .A....... Ik) "Are klsrla" (wltk' obllgae.vji ....., 1 , Xlo Sdllb Tolken, violin, . (el "Sckea Boeemarln" (b "Andante Kellaioee" lei "waits' , IflM Hasel Brewsaugn. plaae. "Mlnete wsjtr Mr. Arthur Knscht. cello. "Bereaaae saine ' 1 PART TMRES -1 " ' ' - (Pupil of Mine Nlnale Tracy, ef Wsjarat Hills) Mlaa Virginia UUbert. accompanist. Mr. Arnold gehreeder. berltea. a "Ah, Te lxv But a Dr v , (b) The r'emlng ef iprln"..........-. Mlsa klsrsusrlts Huklll. sop ran s. . "On Pine Iay" (Madam ButterOy) Mia Marguarlle Hoklll and Mr. Oocar Celkev. . "Love bust" (Madame Butterfly! , Mr. Arthur Kaecht. coil. (PupU ef Oelte ef Muete.) . "Remanc" ..., Mia Res Bodea, eoprsn. la) "To Be Kear Tea" (b "Oleanl Becchr' ....... r. ) "Prarsr ef Teera" 1 t,. .' rtechnualnaf ....Sii'a Harm ...XieUW ,, . .Th ...Bran at .Crnnk Osbrtsl ksrty mm- Rsrhmsiiiial Percld , PVtl ..CaaiotfHl Cmm rVa ructw Faust pslscllene Mra Ida Lee Blaeksqhleeer. aepraae, "glower Bong." Flaal Trt Mra Mlneue ealmaa Banlberg, Bapraae; Mr. Oscar Colker. air. Arnold echnota PART FOCR. (Parnliihed by Mntnn Helel Orrliostra ahd Mr. Oaear Tether.) The arckeetrs I eorapossd ef Leal Culp. Slrsetor aad pianist; Ould Trrrsnov. Itrst .lolls; linf Brg. aseoad violin! Emit Heppa, ceil, aad Kdward Kuakei. baa, t. Th Slntoa Orrbotm. (e) "kfr Ideal," waits , Vns ' tb) ArabQU, 'Pie. .......,,,. ,....,....,.,... .,. ....Dskeaf 1 Mr. 0lkr. v -Tb Flower Tea Oeve Te Me" (Canaea) . . . . : u I. Th Blatea Orchostra. (a) "Sag of India"..... ., Rlraskr-Xsrsik! k) "All Over Nothing At AIL" A Mr. nelker. -Tea A Ions" (Dedicated ta Mr. Celker) law i. The aiatoa Orchestra "Starabling." Mi. Xusea arbmltt. harMoa. . FMAIy ) (a) "rtoee e Plrsray " (h "On the Baake ef the Mtaaetenka." Awaada gtudise (snpsu, frnlarln alsssra Uaretsr. bsrse aad Irrsvsa (a) "iwacksg re.' (b "Hot Up." . (e "Three O slock la tke Morelag " Je wr fa ervov thl anaf f Aawsemsb Aer owfveerfr Buf a Creelsy Rmdi Oat if f MILNOR ELECTRIC CO. ' t)itributor of Radio Apparatus 129 Government Squara (FifthSt.), .Cincinnati, Ohio ITKAR COXCXKT AT MILXOB) s Ss 'wtLantrs: I. W BSBtksa an u b.Ho a. a-soa on Tr nWr - ... ,i roa th Mlsaar Boa Sljh0m a -. " J v . tJs

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