The Evening Independent from Massillon, Ohio on December 6, 1963 · Page 12
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The Evening Independent from Massillon, Ohio · Page 12

Massillon, Ohio
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Friday, December 6, 1963
Page 12
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T5ECEMBER 6, 1963 THE EVENING INDEPENDENT. MASSILLON. OHIO SITE OF PROPOSED KENNEDY LIBRARY—This is the proposed site of the John F. Kennedy Tvi p rvi n r i fll T ,i hi" 1 «rv fnr whirh nlnnc tn raica £fi millinn nnii rain hi/ nuKlin enKo ***;*>*;/**• nr«^ A «« A ,.«. —e on . enney Memorial Library for which plans to raise $6 million entirely by public subscription was announced by Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., brothers of the slain president, and Nathan M. Pusey, president of Harvard. Just to the right, of the site and in the foreground are Harvard dormitories. The library site is in the Brighton section of Boston. (AP \Yiropholo) Tories Lose Support In 3 Elections LONDON. (AP) — Three more electoral setbacks dimmed Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas-Home's political prestige today, dousing rumors that he might risk a spring general election. Balloting to fill house of commons vacancies in London, Manchester and Sudbury all showed a slump in Conservative support sharp enough to give the opposition Labor party a landslide vie-,——^ „, ,.,„. ^, llllj ^ iaa ,^ ult - lory in any national poll held ! able home shortly after her hus- anytime soon. j band had left for work and the * * * ! children had gone to school. IN THE LONDON and Man-i The prosecution contended the Chester districts, the Conserva- motives were Thompson's love Uve share of the vote was down'for his former secretary, Jacque- 10 per cent compared with the i line Olesen, and the §1,055,000 1959 general election. In Sudbury 1 in insurance he bought on his it dropped 4 per cent. HUNCH PAYS OFF FOR ZANESVILLE FARMER out/i Captures Holdup Suspect ZANESVILLE (AP) — Nineteen-year-old James Priest was worried about his family, with three bank robbers on the loose. The farm youth loaded a shotgun for his molher, then mentally placed himself in the fugitives' position. Where would he hide if the police were after him? * * * THEN HE THOUGH of a perfect hiding place on his farm: A heavily wooded area with a cave two miles north of where the robbery took place. Armed with a shotgun, he went to search the area — and caught one of the robber suspects. The capture was mostly "hunch" for the 6 - foot - 2 - inch youth, who works in Newark but lives on the farm with his mother and seven brothers and sisters. The hunch paid off, and Priest's capture Thursday netted Gerald Scott Browning, 29, of Zanesville, one of three men sought in the $6,602 robbery Wednesday of the Frazeysburg branch of First National bank of Zanesville. Shortly after Browning's capture, a second suspect, John Mayo, 40, a transient who formerly lived in New Orleans, was apprehended in a haystack on a nearby farm. Both men waived preliminary of i widespread manhunt. The FBI described Flott, a felon with a long criminal record, as armed and extremely dangerous. The getaway was a comedy of errors and bad luck. After robbing the bank, the fugitives' getaway car wouldn't start. Two fled on fool, and Ihe third — Floot, the FBI thinks --- escaped in a stolen car. The car was found 'abandoned later about two miles from Zanesville. Authorities said that Browning had only a few hundred dollars on him when arrested. About $4,000 of the stolen loot was found in a field a few hours after the holdup. EDMUND E. Nine... (Continued from Page One) quivered. . still at large Paula Hamilton-Marshall, 23 . . . „— _„ .-» B ~ --- , — versary aaiuiuay or ine Japanese h-H.. on b ,™ r , cta ,es |£^S ^±^ "S^'^'S^S fr.^^rS.^Sr-Ji 1 .' Mf«« »™ed tor , C.lifor.1. ensign who died in the battle. The 7,000-ton U.S.S. England * * * .j ..j . .,, " ~— is the second naval vessel to be <. ™» MA N^ ,j._™ asiMTK-u-s; rs&re SLESS tt to await transfer to prison. who w * s killcd aboard th ' e bat ; and were held under $25,000 bonds each. They were to be taken to Columbus for U. S. District Court arraignment. . housekeeper, Mrs. Olive Brook er, 56, was placed on probation. Both Paula and Christine look identified as Edmund Eugene Flott of Columbus, was the object Thompson Murder Jury Still Out MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP)— A jury deliberating the testimony of 104 witnesses, plus 120 exhibits, goes back into a locked room today to weigh the first- degree murder charge against T. Eugene Thompson. The six men and six women met five hours Thursday night, retiring to a hotel just before 10 p. m. * * # THOMPSON, 36, a St. Paul attorney, is accused of masterminding the slaying of his wife lasf March 6. Carol Thompson, 34, mother of four children, was beaten and stabbed at the family's fashion- wife in 13 months preceding the However, the Conservatives slaying, retained the seats in London's j Thompson could receive life St. Marylebone district and Sud-j imprisonment. This could be rebury. The Laborites kept the seat j duced to 17 years with time off in Manchester's Openshaw dis-jfor good behavior and a parole, trict. Minnesota does not have the The results quickly disposed j death penalty. of talk that the new prime min- District Judge Rolf Fosseen ister was planning to go to the electorate in March. Now the consensus was that his government must hold on perhaps until next fall, hoping its chances would revive. The election must be held by Nov. 5. The voting brought back to the house of commons the former Lord Hailsham, now Quintin Hagg. But in winning the safe St. Marylebone district for the Conservatives, he shed more than 10,000 voles from the party's 1959 showing. Pearl... (Continued from Page One) tribute to the 2,300 sailors, sol- gave the jury the choice of only two verdicts — guilty or innocent of first-degree murder. Taft... (Continued from Page One) house floor leader until 1962 when he ran for congressman at large, a statewide race in which he won overwhelmingly over „_ ~™^»,. Richard D. Kennedy of Cleve-; THOMPSON JURY ROOM — Mrs. Florence Keenan, a bailiff, ... I guards the door to the jury room in the Minneapolis courthouse political unknown where a jury is considering the case against T. Eugene Thomp- d to cash in on a ertn ^vi^rvinonn n ct- r> n *»i t n ..**.»*. .^ A u n ^^« A ^ ...:i.v *: *. j . U. N. Unit OKs Space Peace Plan UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (AP) — In another show of East- West accord the U. N.'s main political committee has approved by acclamation a blueprint for international cooperation in peaceful uses of outer space. A proposal to lay down legal guidelines for space activity also was approved by acclamation in the Ill-nation committee Thursday, assuring passage by the General Assembly. * * * IT WAS THE fifth resolution dealing with space or disarmament approved during the current assembly session as a result of agreement between the Soviet Union and the United States. Following the harmony theme set by the limited nuclear test- ban agreement, the two top powers also agreed on a proposal to outlaw nuclear-armed space vehicles, a call for a ban on all nuclear tests including underground explosions, guidelines foi the Geneva arms negotiators to work toward complete disarms, ment and a U. S.-Soviet pledge for further cooperation in outer space. land. Kennedy, .«.„'' 4-j 4 .. • vviitic a juiy is uuiisiueiujg me tase agiuu&i i. jmgene inomp- f* m « attempted to cash m ° n a son. Thompson, a St. Paul lawyer, is charged with first degree famous name, was disowned by mur d er in the beating-stabbing of his wife Carol last March 6. the Democratic party because of, The slate cha rged she was killed by a hired slayer so Thompson remarks he made about racial cou ld collect a million dollars of insurance and marry another ™u u u • woman. The jury got the case after a trial which began Oct. 28. . .--- .---.----• --- Others who have oeen men- (AP Wirenhoto) diers, Marines and civilians whoitioned as interested in seeking wuipnuio; died, in a few nightmare hours, j the GOP senatorial nomination include Rep. Oliver P. Bolton, Ohio Atty. Gen. William Saxbe and John Marshall Briley, Toledo business executive. How- Launching To Mark Attack Anniversary WASHINGTON. (AP) — The navy will mark the 22nd anniversary Saturday of the Japanese Flowers, Flags Mark Site Of Assassination . In a moving plea for leniency, Defense Lawyer Jeremy Hutchinson described Christine as a simple country girl who became tleship Oklahoma. The first England was a World War II destroyer-escort which made history in 1944 when it .. , .* °'. —, — mane msiory in iatt wnun H the sexual plaything of men in sank six Japanese submarines n**r i»arl\r f*>*ine u« +rti^ *u«. . r teens. He told the in 12 davs ! DALLAS her early judge: "Miss Keeler has said quit'"i simply to me from the start: 'I know I have done wrong and I „_ , iKnow i nave done wrong and !• — Peoplejground. Apparently no scripturejknow I must face it.' I hope youriRrji-lvitni' .im but that was marked. lorrishin u,in «iu« fcn- ^^0^54 r^ 'J->cll UllUt Missinj bring flowers for him but that was marked! doesn't help any — he's dead now. These words came from a small boy, holding his father's hand near the site where a sniper's ended Uie life of John lordship will give her credit for that. * * * CEL1NA. (AP)— Authorities ever, Bolton has said he would 1 not contest Taft and may run for congressman at large if Taft enters the senate race. ^^^^ ^,**. , Briley was defeated by Sen. year-old mother has" 'been *.„„Frank J. Lausche, D-Ohio, in victed of manslaughter in the Mom Convicted In Death Of Infant Son PORTSMOUTH (AP) — A 26- con- the 1962 senate race. Brown Welcomes Taft Into Race [beating death of a 22-month-old son, her second child to die at home. A common pleas court jury deliberated only 90 minutes Thurs the child across the head or face. She did admit that she had hit him on the buttocks with a "little board" about the size of a ruler in an attempt to train him to use a toilet chair. She testified that she heard the child fall, then found him on the uuciaicu vnij av liiiiiuies inurs- cmia laii, men round mm on ine COLUMBUS. (AP)— Secretaryj dav before returning a verdict of floor next to his bed. She said of State Ted W. Brown welcomed § uil(; y against Mrs. Cora Ferrell she noticed he had stiffened his rtrtV^ rrvncinwinn nt !«..***. Tl «U t rr>«ft Of \V*ll£ R1P FShl 1T f tn tVtP Ort Q Tarter Kilt ctlll nlonA*l kvm in oi oiaie xea w. Brown welcomed »-"•••' "a"*"^ ^.na. \^u*a x-cucn congressman-at-large Robert Taft, of Wheelersburg in the Oct. 9 jr into the race for the U. s. fdeath °* her son - Mark Anthony was delayed by Judge Senate today, but said Taf t's en- Sentencing was delaj try didn't change his own plans a Earl E - Stephenson. bit. . * * * "I am an avowed candidate for the United States Senate," Browni—""-" mm. «!.«**».^ n^om noa a said in a statement moments aft- iresu ^ of a fall from his bed, 18 er Taft announced his candidacy inches from the floor: A coro- at a press conference in Cteve- ner ' s inquest later showed, how' " ever, that two skull fractures had legs but still placed him back in bed. Her husband, Wilford, summoned the sheriff's deputies after State... (Continued from Page One) moat $37.5 million higher in total when it came out of the «*nate Thursday. Funds for various universities were increased greatly. For the University of Akron, the raise was from $2.7 million to $6 million and the boost for Ohio State university was from $18.7 million to $26.6 million. Also included in the bill is $8.4 million for Kent State university, $1.3 million for state fairgrounds facilities, $2.5 million for state youth camps; $2.5 million for the Ohio Agricultural Experiment station at Wooster, $10 million for a rotary fund to help needy school districts; $1 million for the Ohio Board of Regents to develop a master plan for higher education; amd $1.5 million for a Highway Partol academy. The period covered in the authorization is until June 30, 1965. * * * THE ONLY BILL passed in the house Thursday (117-3, with an emergency clause to give it immediate effect) would prevent public utilities from delaying payment of their prpperty taxes while seeking lower assessments. It went to the senate. Sponsors said such delays, by that Mark's death was a'then to help the baby. land. "My position is the same that caused his death. F. Kennedy. * * * HE WAS LOOKING at of floral wreaths on grassy plots of each side of the sloping street where Kennedy was assassinated i cunous Nov. 22. almost caused traffic accidents Most of the flowers have been f re much smaller. Most passers- , i . _. Iriir I aL-<» -rMftfirt*Ae< ACROSS THE STREET at the „ THmirH «,««• ™,,, i, 'here continued their search today jit was when I made an announce-; Mrs. Ferrell denied on the wit- Texas School Book Depository:. ^ I »«WOH SHE may have for a ]grge quantity of barbiturate'ment that I was sending out my ness statnd that she had struck building from whlch P°^e say ^en^a ^gjl experienced m mat- jthat disap p eared Thursday from'petitions for United States Sena- — — tne latai snots were fired, there . ' T 5 > ° na remains, ^ e au ^ 0 Q£ a distributor for a lor early in November," Brown A • • was little activity Wednesday. A /. \ ??•» f*y_."' extraordinarily Dharmaceut ical firm. said. /i ^o^.oo^^"^ 'policeman stood at the door. No lmmature in what happens in the 'one is allowed on the sixth floor,| real wor1 ^ outside." where the assassin lay in wait, j Hutchinson said Christine be- pharmaceutical firm. The distributor told police that small overdosages of the drug, which disappeared while he was ..~.~ „.*, »^ ua o... .«j ... wo,.,. , •,-„->-«.— v i ?r wnicn disappeared wnne ne was The crowds of mourners and " hm ,!, iS"-"*. ^ he ? °"l y - 15 in the city contracting pharma- irious visitors which at first an J J'!' ^J? ? ubur , ba1n Barnes cists and physicians, could be most caused traffic accidents ?; p/ ? , to a , bab y. w "ich dangerous, •p mnrh smaiior Mnct r\nctmrc- Jlv p_p only a few days. I there more . are wilted. Many are strewn on' "It's settling down some," said the grass. Ralph Trostel, one of several po- Stephen A few small American flags licemen who have kept watch 24 pa th are stuck in the ground. One' hour s a day. i highiv nlaced n*nn1» large Australian flag is there, I "It's nothing like at first, but! son said Sl aC ™. b :!'_ a -™?" ^ko f-old police people still_ come_by during the 1 Christine was 16 and a ,, jn Head Of U. S. late Dr. Killed Hutchin-l Odd Fact president. The sketch was signed to, just so they keep moving "Gordon Currie." A few 'notes at the scene express sympathy for Mrs. Kennedy and her children, Caroline and John, jr. One reads: "Please do „ not blame Dallas. The good Lord cense had his reason." w A Bible lies open_on the! himself as Y painter/ FRESNO, Cal. (AP) — Mayor show Arthur Selland of Fresno, presi- tn"w»rH VWVt* "~ -"—•--« i oi Mayors, was killed Thursday ing: attorney said, add-|night in a truck-auto collision ^°° r cording Christine had U. S. Sends Up Another Satellite Assassin's.. (Continued from Page One) to the review commission headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren. The Warren commission meets Subsequent testimony in the four-day trial showed that in 1959 another of Mrs. Ferrell's children, 18-month-old Marty, had died at home. Another 3-year-old child — a girl — was in a Portsmouth hospital with a fractured leg at the time of the investigation. Nation... (Continued from Page One) administration — and later expanded on the subject in a talk before 800 top officials at the state department. * * * HE TOLD the state department spokesman would confirm i wam ', 2*. ex-Marine and Marx-officials that an increased sense only the launching Thursday "*' P lann ^ a , nd . executed alone pf hope had been developing dur- and that a Thor-Able Star com- the Nov " 22 slavin S » D »"as- VANDENBERG AIR FORCE this afternoon. Whether it was BASE, Cal. (AP) — The U. S.| to receive the report then was Air Force has launched another I not known ta advance, secret satellite vehicle from this f Th e FBI is understood to have west coast facility. 'concluded that Lee Harvey Os- jwald, 24, ex-Marine and Marx deprived of needed money until the matter is settled. The senate, among other things, completed passage 22-9 of a bill banning public disclosure of financial data submitted to the Development Financing Commission by companies seeking loans to build or expand facilities in Ohio. A recess was expected during this afternoon's house session to five the judiciary committee a final chance to decide whether to recommend a senate - approved bill on regulation of spacing in drilling oil and gas wells. and that a Thor-Able Star com-, bination was used in the launch. four miles south of here. Also killed in the crash was Herbert Ferguson, 56, president Warren has assured that the bipartisan body will reach beyond the official findings if necessary to clear up any questions that the FBI and six cooperating strongly this fact- From that dav coram ? ^nrisune Dad made m Herbert Ferguson, 56, president l " at l . ue f . ai ana p x cooperating |for four years this R ir taken fW 111 * her hfe stor V f °r P^b-jof the Fresno Chamber of Com- fancies have not answered to man denied a driver's liJaway from Murray's C?ub'by D" ll ^ n .' The P ° lice then a r«st- t merce. the commission's satisfaction in Belgrade, Yugoslavia,! Stephen Ward, who was 30 years' ed Chnstme and the other three; Selland, 57. was in his second LffYr oli , announced . Thursday, ^_ u- i _ t-i'_.i ,-, , t .. . ' * " s ou J ears nnrl ar^iicorl thom nf t**™;~~ 4 _^ 1 '_.. rr , , , after 3 2 1 A-rmnr rnmmicetnn moat. 'because he was col r blind listed u*.v«fsi*^ii TTQII.I, W11U WaS OL/VGalS J J t —'*--****i^*^\^«t >* u o 141 ^ILO ov^v.VAm_i her senior, was totally under his ^ accused them of framingjterm as mayor. He was elected dnminaHnn " ' ' Cordon. |l as t J unfi to thp rnnfprpnpp nnef ing the final months of Kennedy's life — partly because of what Johnson called a balance of power shift in favor of the United States. • "I have not become president to give away this advantage," he said. SNOW FALLEN AUTO— The ownte at thto auto gave up after aome five Inches of mow fell on his car and the r«st of WaUrford, Pa, Drifts up to three feet W*a stranded huntera, domination. * * * j NEVERTHELESS, on occasion she ran off and had a succession of Negro lovers, one of whom was Aloysius (Lucky) Gordon, the 32-year-old Jamaican she was accused of framing. : Christine's life as a call girl culminated in the affair with Profumo. This led to Profumo's resignation as war minister in the Conservative government and, the trial on vice charges ofi Ward, who introduced her to the cabinet member. Ward took a lethal does of drags and died without knowing he had bees canvicted. Hutchinson said in conclusion: "We have reached the last stage in the last chapter of this long saga which has been called i !the Keeler affair. , "Ward is dead. Profume is dis- ; graced. And now I know that your lordship will resist the temptation to take what I might call society's pound of flesh." I The judge also imposed a six- month sentence on Christine but! it will run concurrently with the longer term. * * • THE CROWN prosecutor agreed to accept a plea of innocent by a fourth defendant in the case, Rudolph Fenton, 39, a Jamaican Negro. He was charged only with conspiracy. In effect, the three women admitted they conspired to frame Gordon and then lied on the stand at Gordon's trial last June on charges of beating Christine. Gordon's three-year sentence was quashed by an appeal court Johnson said another basis for developing hope reflected what k~>cnailU| o r i Wd o 111 IIlo oct-LUlLl ti f\i t \, • * —-•»»"«•. .JH*U HAIWWXIV.A uaaia ±ui term as mayor. He was elected F 161 ^ 3 ^«-hour commission meet- developing hope reflected what last June to the conference post. ! ng -- nat congress will be asked jhe termed advanced in working - to a "n the group with subpoena with the Soviet Union. : power. Congress is sure to re- jspond quickly; legislation already is being drafted. Describing the state department as the central force in framing and executing foreign was qu J after it heard a lengthy tape re- 1 INTERDIMENS10NAL MEASUREMENT—A 16-year-old farm boy of Monroe, Win., John D. WassamrtraM, haa derelopcd a new concept of geometry, which he will demonstrate' In Cleveland, Ohio, in December, as Wisconsin's representative to the Junior Academy of Science national confidence. John calls his concept Indimctry. 'or Interdimcnaional measurement He said, "I wa* reading science fiction and got to won- _ _x ** **i»*iAi^ 0.1 iu tAti-ULiHg J.L>1 (TigXL Machinery was in motion also!policy, Johnson said he would to equip the commission with look to the department for staff aides, offices and operating "initiative in proposal, energy MTT^narliivrtc* • j- . • .''. *•* ASKS • • • (Continued from Page On*) away from the Vatican, means the pope will celebrate at least two masses in the Holy Land, both likely major religious services. All this would seem to preclude much other activity. But Athenagoras I, patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox church, suggested a summit meeting of Christian leaders in Jerusalem. The spiritual leader of world Orthodoxy, Patriarch Athena goras said in Istanbul, Turkey, that such a conference in Jerusalem would open a new road for Christianity. He added it would be "a great event, a wonderful thing." *d LINDE'S YOUR CHRISTMAS STORE WITH MORE! • Lingerie • Robes • Dresses • Sweaters • Blouses • Skirls * Coats And Many, Many More Items! • Free Gift Wrappings • Open Every Evening Until Christmas!

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