The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, April 21, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE 'COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL, XXXIV—NO. 29 Blytheville Courier Blytheville Herald nlythevlllc Dally News Mississippi Valley Lcado: HMTJIBV1LLE, ARKANSAS, WFODNKSDAY, APRIL 21, I9iY7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ECONOMY ISSUES Lists Slalchousc decked Appointees LITTLE ROCK. Apr. 21 (UP) — Will Not Ask Changes in Wagn2f Labor Law WASHINGTON. Apr. 21 (UP) — 'zed labor leaders and in- I spokesmen who attended • j ,1 collective bargaining Vonfcr- ' dice called by Secretary of Labor | Frances Pcrkiris virtually agreed ! to delay suggestions for immedi- • lute amendment of the Wagner A | Labor Relations act, It wns learn- ArCjed today. fr.i- F ili-nll' Almost all of the 30 conferees 101 rilliuij at the meetll1gi [Vie United Press informed, were willing to Vacation On Gulf Beckoning Roosevelt "hold off" on recommending changes In the law at this ses- . . . , ,, , • • ,, . sion of congress. No official stand A wholesale hrlng of state em-j h<Hrevei . w * s taken „„„ no rec . Plovcs who were first given work ommcndBUons wera ,, mde under the administration of Oov. J. M. Fulrell will take plnce within the next two weeks. It was learned today from reliable sou rets. Trusted employes cf two departments were seen today checking lists of departmental workers, noting those .who went to work before Gov"; Carl E. Bnlley assumed office • in January. ft was said vthnl 15 employes Riven posilions '-Miy Futrell had been found to fie still working • in the revenue department while the entire personnel -of the Public Utilities Commission has remained unchanged except for three commissioners named by Gov. Bailey. IJailey Issues Order Orders to remove all Futrell appointees from the state payroll were reported to have been Issued by the governor last, night In a meeting with (he heads ol all .sU'e departmerjjs. According to sources close lo the rovernor mcst of the firing will be done in the highway department and the public utilities commission, \vhcre more than 700 persons arc employed. • Demands Loyalty' , "My administration cannot accomplish those things which, the people expect of us if undermin- "tailed as n me terrnitional by, .... .„„„„„,.,„„„ president or his designated repre sentatlve. Dr.-Carl M. Harwell was elected president of: the club. Other officers are: Hotmtrec C. Bryan." vlce- ing Influences are lo J:. GovefiiSr/ Baiiey told: department ^ .--lieiicls. last.- 'rngh'.tf.- 1 j'l " harbor:- iio ~ ' nmbiliffly to build up a "political organization by the 'patronage route. I think that our success in the last .campaign .demonstrates that sucli a machine' bogs down of its own weight. "But I am •. insistent .upon the personnel of all departments sup r porting wholeheartedly, and with E1 ?"~; "~ ...... "" "•"•/»". »"-';- ; • enthusiasm, the program which we l ]r < :slflc "i': j W 1 " 5 '*-. Sounders; sec- Dave mapped for the current bl-K ry treasurer; Ben .p. But- cnniuni. Without : this coooera- "' se wa"t-at-arms;- Evcrette H. Burns, G. Basil- Scgraves. H. Jop Hale, Nathan Wcinbcrg and George Cone, directors. Other charter members present at last night's meeting were James B. Bunn, Alvin T. Bell, Samuel M. Hodges, James W. Cartvvright, David S. Laney. Carroll \v. Watson Godfrey L. White, Joe T. Cromer, Alden' V. Baker, George H Deer and C. B. Wood. , \Vcckly luncheon meetings will . bc v held at 12:10 pm. each Tues! dny in the club rooms nt the court- Dr. C. M. Harwell Electee President;' at Meeting Last Night OSCEOLA, April 51.—Organiza- 'ion -f th» Oscaoln Rotary club, formed under the sponsorship of the Blvtheville'club. was completed lasl night at. a supper meati'ii? at the high schODl, attsndel by 31. members of the Blylhevilh club nnd by representatives of a number of other Arknnsas clubs. Chnrles Lemons of BlyUisvil'e,' past district governor of Ritarv In- ' ternatloria!, noted ns soecial ren- resentative of the present district I roverno", John Briiner of Marked ' Tree, in or«anHn* ths n=w club, i Present also were anr' past, dh- t-Mnl. -ovcrnor. will Gregson of Fay- elteville, and five members of the Marked Tree club, Iraded by Milton Craft, club president. As in the cass of all new Rptarv ! c .W>a the Osceola organization will 1 tne gull, a, . . 1nt^l4rr S '^ty™,^' 1 " t;prbSpeC( ' r ° r prcsident BUoShlH oh*hLs tvTolTeek' "a'cafimT ,rcomposilel.v pictured above 1 Then be formaHy in- th « whlte House about *»".' 28. "'« president planned lo board the U. S. S. Potomac, .inset, nt New Council Picks Him From List of Applicants Suh- millccl by Mayor The diy comiell last night: Cuiillrnicd iv-np|>«liiliiicnl ol Oily Knjilncci- Joe Carney. Approved lease of Walker I'nrk Mvhmiilui; iiuol l» f'rnl s, Sulllin by Die .Mississippi t'oimtv l-'nlv imsccliitloii, |f (| l( , association rt>- slri'.s lo mukt: such a lease. Hiilsnl I lie pay of Oily Treasurer Jurk I'inliiy' linliliison by providing Hint lie should receive Sli a month as a ileslgiraled eil.v "(Tidal |o c-oo||. w l||t Hie myllirvtlle Onrden Club. 1'uKM'it an ur<llnancc, \vllh em- [1'veency rlau'st! attached,' providing for city prrmlls for the snle of beer and wines lo super- «<lc mi andn.ualcri' ordlnanre. Joe Carney, city engineer .under the administration of Mayor Cecil Shane, wns rc-api>oliHcd to Hie Says Hold-up Men Tied Him to Railroad Track KH'LEY, Tciin., April 21. (UP) —Oliicers today investigated the slory of John Bel!, 40, Nutbusli tnrmer, who said (hrce nnlitsntl- llcd 111211 tied him lo n railroad Inick. The farmer's left fool was severed, lit was recovering In a hospital nl Brownsville. "Three strangers held me ( up aboul a halt-mile south of nlplcy Monday night," Hell said. "Thsy got mat! when they found I was broke. They culled me about mid then lied my feet to the railroad track. 1 managed to get-my right fooi tree before the train cams along." WILL LOSE Up to 500,000 Face Removal From Work Re- lief'Rolls dclav lust were lJav,,S Mi»i ut luniiuiiy in~ ' --i--— —, ,.. —,,^.. v ^..».. *ii,v* LU uuuiu LILU u. o. o. rOlOnifiC mber of.Rotary,In-' Orleans, spend eight or nine days aboard fishing lor bone-mouthed tarpon and land at C s de e si.m" t te r d" I reDre- PUS ' ClM ' isli or Browlls " lle - Returning, to ..Washington by way of Fort VVorth, the presid — . cooperation, we can't expect to succeed. "We know that certain holdover employes have displayed tar more interest in former department heads with whom they were as- have in our - — a few cases, this has reached the point of state employes actually throwing obstacles in the way of progress. It must be ended." sociated than they endeavors, and in have a visit with his son Elliot. Gnlvcslon, cor- iide'nt also could Movie Film Explosion i house. Kills School Children! TALLINN, Esthonia, April 21. (UP)—Five school children were killed nnd 80 injured today wiien a movie film exploded and set fire lo the elementary school in the village of Kilinginoemme, near July Paernu. It was feared ten of Ihe children in the hospital would die. Jan Most of the deatlis and injuries Mnr.-h occurred wiien the children storm-i SK' cd the single naming exit. I nine. New York Cotton Rebels Turn Anti-Aircraft ' Guns Against Besieged Gity MADRTD, Apr. 21 (UP) — The rebels loosed a lerrific light artillery bombardment on Madrid today, 'killing at least 32 persons and wounding GO. / Deadly shrapnel .shells, apparently fired from anti-aircraft guns Premier! Hepburn Wins. ! Recognition' In Parley OSHAWA, Out.. Apr. 21 (UP)— Premier Mitchell P. Hepburn won renewed. recognition today as n vital principal in the negotiations for settlement of the strike of 3.7CO employes of 'the General Motors of Canada assembly plant here. J. L. Cohen, counsel for the Jocnl United" Automobile Workers Union, announced that he would confer with Hepburn this afler- noon. He said he would try to arrange a Inter conference' among the premier, strike leaders, and company officials. YORK, AU , 21 (W) _ Instead ' of the heavy artillery "» Cotton closed sleady. close . open high low 1331 1347 1330 13.16 1331 ISM 1330 1316 1305.1320 13C6 1322 1297 i319 1208 VillJ 1303 1321 1303 IS'O 1307 mii 1307 1323 „ .„„, ,_ io Spots closed slea-ly at HutS, up : ~" New Orleans Cotton 'NEW ORLEANS, Apr. 21 (UP) — Confidence abroad that the United I States is not considering, a monetary base change lifted cotton an early decline 9 to 12 points The shelling was the .heaviest here during the civil war., The total casualties in the intermittent bombardments , of the last IPII days were raised to an un- futures out of today to close higher. open high low- May '• 1318 1337. 1315 July 1323 1140 1322 Oct 1303- 1352 1303 Bee 1309 1327 1308 Jan 1311 U2S 1311 March 1315 133 i 1315 close 1330 IJ37 j:m 1325 1328 131) official total of 80 dead mid 260 wounded' During the bombardment Gen. Jose Miaja, commander of the Madrid forces, said government forces were heavily cannonading Ihe outskirts of Toledo In the region of the arms factory, forcing the insurgents to evacuate the civilian popu'ation. The loyalists, Miaja said, were within a mile and a half of the* city. Reports from Andujar said the loyalists advanced on the Cordoba front, occupying imporlant i»si- tlons. , A strong woman who will not only be a wiie, but a partner is a mighty handy thing to have around tr.c hocse. There's many a successful business man who wouldn't have amounted to a hill of beans if he hadn't had that kind of wife. Tve got one uncle—my Uncle Dllly —who Is looked up to by everybody down home as a smart'man, but I happen to know he never made a decision In his life without first consultin' his wife. I'll never forget the day they was married. He couldn't, make up his mtrxl .then without gettin' a little bit of help from her. The preacher asked him "Will you lake Ihls woman as your lawful wedded wife " •and Uncle Dllly started to hem and haw and sputter. Then Aunt Plu- tey cut In and says "Sure you-will —didn't we thrnsh that all oul last night?" Copyright 1937 Esquire Features, Inc Spots closed steady a', 1372, up nine. Chicago Wheat Zach Bragg Defendant in $75,000 Damage Suit JOMESBORO. Ark./April 21 (UP) —A $75,000 damage suit today was filed in federal court against Zacft Bragg. West Memphis politicn leader, in connection with the fata shooting of Will p. Matthews. 112- ero, and the wounding of B. P Nfann, Memphis automobile salesman. Bragg shot the negro when the latter caused a disturbance in n West Memphis bus station September 16, 1935. Several bu'llels accidentally struck Mann, who was bystander. WASHINGTON, April 181.. (UP) — Tlic New Deal planned a WPA pro. , t •- , .-.-•:. -- •— grmn.for the 1938 fiscal year em- nlRht after n week's | ploying nearly half a million fewer im .,,,,,,,i,,.- nf „ rcl i ef n . orkcrs (hnn lVorc on (llo work relief rolls during this fiscal year ending June 30. On the basis of $1,500,000,000 for work rclief during the year, beginning July 1, proiMsed by President Roosevelt In' his new budget message, the Works progress Administration can provide employment for about'-1,1)00,000 persons nt present wage rates If too great.tin atnbuhl Is not diverted for other relief purposes. More than 2,100,000 now are on WPA rolls. \: The .president said .nt'^hls press conference that tlie cut In WPA lid not bo-very great an In the naming of n clly . 'er under (he new admln- i-ilration of Mayor Marlon Williams, f • . Thn mayor, inslead of follow- "g Ihc usual method of submit, an ap]>ohilment for eonflrma- i by the council, read- tlio names of applicants for the post accepted the imnnlmotis ac- Qf the council In moving Carney's .appointment, and confirmation. The mnyor'f-fnlled to submit the appointment of a city health officer for confirmation vby the council,and there w'cre Indlca'tl conforenC' rolls won! • • —• -••"•i- n\,ii_ iiiMiv,ukii/iu-i |>uji.i k^uuju iiuir uu. very yrcni nii; thnl the position might not im-|,tlmt the $1,500,000,000 was Intend mediately be filled. . ;• • , led to provlde'cnough money In th '•Ihe -question of the,. engineer's I 1938 fiscal year (o JiVold'a dcnclen appointment was actually thrash- cy appropriation: ed out In a pre-councll iiicellh" From that rinibnnt should come gathering of the '.aldermen and $75,000,000 for'.the use of RcsoEtlc- mayor In the mayor's office and iti^ni AriminicFt-nM.*,* .1.. r~.. i-_ only' 1 ', the formality of going through the motions .rbtm^nod incnl tllOlffiS UIILIT1IETI Tells Executives That Labor Misunderstandings Can Be Avoided HOT SPRINGS.' Ark, April 21. — Arkansas utilities executives were urged not to forget their responsibilities to their employes by James Hill Jr. or Blytheville, newly elected president of trie Arkansas utilities Association, at the closing session of the association's 2Cth annual convention here yesterday. To'a large extent the labor misunderstandings which rtow confront industry cou!d have been avoided If council met in ope'n n In farm tcn- employers h themselves .IIIH^JCIA imu iwnu£« inemseives ~"J ii "-'»'«; uuiut'ii L.U >f the opportunity ' to know their I to beautify Ihe city, vorkers better, he said. received $25 a month when the session. . Mayor-Williams read n list of applicants'Tor the nosltion which Included - Leonard Taylor, Turner Simpson, Hallle Craig, C. A. Tant, Blllle Hesse, Mr. .Carney, and E. J. Henton. He then' nskcd the council to make Its choice and E. R. Jackson 'moved Ihe an- FOlnlmrnt of Carney with John C. Mcllancy Jr., seconding tW motion. Carney's salary was reduced from $27.50 a week to $110 a I month. No explanation of the re- j ductlon was made in the open session, the matter having been Informally voted upon previously. 51,000 Kenlnl for Pool The city's dollar-a-year treasurer. Jack Finley Robinson, enter- Ing upon Ills third lerm, was Inducted Into office and then given a $10 a month pay raise In a resolution which In broad terms designated him as the city's representative to cooperate with the Blytheville Gnrdcn Club In plans Robinson during his ancy relief, Mr. Roosevelt said, IMI, deducllons ' for other purposes should: be small. first "the electrical industry serves j irst tcrm . a dollar-a-ycar dur- -ui Anmr^«> ~.,j i. i _* .-__ ' iriff htS SCCnnrt Jnrtn niirT n.n $10 n month pay duties expire Club open high close MajllSG 137 131 rj-8 134 5-8 Jul 121 1-4 121 1-8 120 1-4 120 1-4 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III,. Apr. 21 (UP)—Hogs: receipts 5,500 Top 10.50 170-230 Ibs 10,35-10.45 light weights 7.35-P.90 Bulk sows 9.50-9.75 • Cattle: receipts 5,000 Slecrs 8.25-10.75- Slaughter steers 7.00-10.75 Mixed heifers and yearlings 8.00-10.00 Slaughter heifers 0.75-11.25 •Beef cows 5.50-7.60 Cutters and low cutters 4.00-5.00' Zoivlle. Closinrj Stock Prices •NEW YORK. Apr, 21 (UP) — Stocks today made their third consecutive advance with volume light. Steels made the better showing with gains to more than 2 ]»ints. A T and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coea cola General Electric General Motors International Harvester McKessnn-Robbins Montgomery Ward .. .. New York Central Packard I Phillips Petroleum ! ; - Radio Corp 1 St. Louis-San Francisco I Simmons Bed I 51 1-2 Standard of N J 10 1-8 Texas Corp 65 U S Smelting 92 7-8 U S Steel lift 5-8 Missouri Senate Votes Automobile License Cut JEFFERSON CITY, Mc—Tb3 senate, approving the cope bill to reduce pleasure automobile licsnse fees one-half, effective In 1939 ycs- terdny refused to lower bus 'nnd truck fees. The cop; bill, which wns only perfected 'yesterday and remains to te acted upon for passage by the senate and house, proposed n reduction In llc«nse fees on nil classes of automobiles. Senator Paul C. Jones of Kennett offered the amendment to' deprive commercial vehicles of the reduction and 11 was adoplcd by the senate In calling up the bill today. Senator Cop: said he intended to abandon a companion bill lo IncrMsc 'he gasoline tax rate from 2 to 4 C038' C<V T- S " ?' ! ° n «iii Cre ls l> cn <"»i in the sointc =w J-J| However, n 3-cent gasoline lax bill »•» which has passed the house, and which IE expected to pass the sen- nf *\ f ' Bl 1-4 108 3-4 14 3- the comfort and happiness of human kind," he said. "We should not evade or allow ourselves to forget that our employes are the ones who are responsible for the success of our endeavors." Mr. Hill, president of Ihe Arkansas-Missouri Power company, w'hlch recently was awarded a Irophy for :lie best safety record among utilities companies in 1S3G, urged n program for the protection of both employes and 1)12 public against accidents. Besides Mr. Hill the newly elected officers of the association are C. B. Wilson of Little nock and A. R. Watson of Helena, vice-pres- „„.,„„„. BM)er idents, and R. A. Ritchie. Little fit lo Saiiba. 10 1-2 7-6 at«. and Garden - automatically At the close of his present term as clly treasurer. Je.sse Taylor, attorney for the Mississippi County Fair association, rend the proiwsed lease between Fred S. Sallba and Ihe Mississippi County Fair association for of the Walker park swimming pool to Sallba, lessee of the pool last year. Tlie lease provides for n rental payment of 51,000 for 130 days and Ls similar to last year's lease except that it- entitles the fair association lo tone-half of the profits above reasonable expenditures and ?3(K> pro- Rock, who was reflected secretary and treasurer. All selections were by acclamation. Commit tee Approves Permanent Enrollment of 300,000 WASHINGTON, April 21. <UP>The house labor committee today unanimously reported favorably a bill making the civilian Conservation Corps permanent with a strength of 300.000 enrollces, as recommended by President Roosevelt. • < The measure wns reported favorably over objections of a group of house members who hoped to Increase the number of enrollces to! 3SO.OOO. Chairman William P. Conncry of the house labor committee said "we simply followed the president's Congressional Group Asks Billion Dollars More for Work Program WASHINGTON, Apr 21 (UP)— 'resident nocscvelt's 'first tfTsk'.'.ln Is budget balancing economy rive, It was leaincd, today, Is'the cnsklcrnllon of a new nulhorlVa- lon of more than $000,000.000 for lood contiol piojccts, appiovetl the war department. ' He faced also a drive launched oday by n group of liousc llb- rals seeking a work relief bill arrylng $2.500,000,000, or $1,000,000,000 moie than pioposed by|the ircsldenl. right lenders of separate house blocs" decided at a. conference "to"' Irculate n petition among nicm- joisifoi suppoil. In line with, he move, Rep. Jcrc Voorhls '(Doin:, Cal) Inhodiiccd n $2,500.000.000 relief bill in the house. Consider • llortionlnl' Cut >. Thcie was Informal dlsrimlon among some legislators of im'n'iilb- malic cut of ten per cent In nil appiopilnllons at this session of congress That could be achieved by joint resolutions making mnn- duloiy retroactive rcduclloiii,. Mr Roosevelt prefers lo e bis own discretion In curtailing - nendltures after congress ho-i voted the money. Mcnnwhllc treasury figures re- Icawd today showed that government expenditures ciossed tlie $6 000000 mark for the r first time in the current fiscal yeiu, of which two and one half months remain. The piesldent's revised budget estimated tola! oxpsndltuies l tor the >cnr at 51,181000,000, leaving ap- proxlmntcly $1 IIS.OOO.OOS"still'lo be expended - - » v Must Cqrlull Projects Ponding legislation whlcfi" probably must bo modified, postponed or dropped altogether If the presl-' dent's economy plan Is effected Includes: 1.—Farm tenancy, $135,000,000.' 2 — Ediicallon, $100,000,000 3—Low cost 1 housing, $30,000.000. •I —Crop insurance, $100,000,000 5—Flocd control, approximately , $550,000 000 .v Reduced treasury Income, Increased expcndituies, a weakened bond market and gehernl monetary Inflation fears moved the president yesterday to propose economy iif5T revised budget message submitted"" to congress. Almost cOInddentnlly the trea's- ury began n borrowing pro»rani"'qf." $50,000,000 n week which will drive, the national debt beyond $35 000-~000,000 within a month •""*"* The president and congressionai leaders are agreed now that the nation, must economize or •pay >,,.,.*u>,. itnioir viyikumi£u or. 1 pay higher laxcs—and probably both The message practically assured"o, new tax bill nt Ihe next 5ession"6f congress Attack on Bond Fund Transfer LITTLE ROCK. April 21. (Tjp'>— '_ The hearing .on the suit of W: G: Scougalc, Lrttle Rock ta\pa>er. to . .. -------- ..... ^ ^.tjiucitw.-. , \pa>er. o wishes In the matter." He said I prevent the transfer of S100000 Ihe committee look no vote on In- 1 from the bond refunding account crcnsiiT" ' ^ n ^nw MID Av.u>ii<-n -*• •----.. ^i-_i « , " CCC enrollment Rep. Jed Johnson (Dem., okla.), leader of the fight for increased enrollment, said he would continue the fight when the measure comes up on the floor. Denies Acquittal Verdict in Gshle Fraud Trial LOS ANGELES. Apr. 21 (UP)— Federal Judge George Crosgrave today denied a motion for a dl- ,,„ 1M . K ordinance those selling rected verdict of acquitlnl In the beer must conduct their nlaces of case of Mrs. Violet Wells Norton, business properly or thev would charged with attempting lo ob^be closed, lain money from screen star Clark | Alderman to know if Railroad "street "beer gardens would be allowed to reopen and said he was opposed to Chicago Corn open high low close May 130 130 1-2 123 3-8 123 3-8 Jul 119 119 1-2 117 1-8 117 1-8 ut g vi || tj . O f fraud. Gable by claiming he was Hie father of her child. The jurist held lhat a showing __. „..„ „ c of intent wns sufficient to hold I opening them up. Some" official Mrs. Norton for trial, even though responded that the places had actual fraud did not exist. •• • Defense attorneys contended in — 'he nlen lhat the midde-nged them. . Canndlnn woman received no' Guard insisted lie wasn't In money from Gable nnd could not favor of nllowing them to oper- Missouri Senate Passes Bill for Gas Executions JEFFERSON CITY. Mo.—The bill providing for execution of persons under death sentence by lethal' gas instead of hanging was passed by the. senate Tuesday without debate, by a vote of 29 to 0. The measure now goes to the liousc. The bill, sponsored by Senator Paul Jones of Kennett, also provides that all executions be conducted «t the state penitentiary in Jefferson city. At present death -cntenccs are carried oul In the counties in which the convictions are obtained. Tlic original bill, Introduced by Senator Jones, proposed to continue state executions by hanging, but an amendment offered by Senator Donnelly of Lebanon, substituting J. L. Guard wanted i " 1C 11SC of ' sl lial gas. was adopted. to pay the expense of Gov. Carl E. Bailey's refunding program, scheduled for Itiday, was postponed until April 28 by Chancellor Frank Dodge. The postponement \\as made at the request of employes of the attorney general's office, because At- torncj General Jack Holloas con-',, fined to his home and unable to attend the hearing % 1 - Mayor Warns Beer Dealer* Tlic new beer ordinance wns passed unanimously, with emergency clause atlnchcd. It replaces an old ordinance which had been rendered practically Ineffective. Mayor Williams announced that beer permits would be Issued lo Bll applicants who meet technical requirements but thai under llic new ordinance those selling Mrs. John D. M. Hamilton Charges Neglect, Cruelty TOPEKA. Kans., April- 21. (UP) —Mrs. John D. M. Hamilton today filed suit for separate maintenance against the chairman of the ria- tlonnl Republican committee. She asked .continued custody of their two children. Mrs. Hamilton charged abandonment, gross neglect, and exlreni" cruelty. WEATHER 1 „ ~»ub till. |jm(.i£ Jtuu never been closed anyway, despite the city's onc-lime efforts to close (Continued on Page Three) Arkansas—Partly cloudy, somewhat cooler In east portion tonight,. Thursday fair, warmer in north and central portions. Memphis and vicinity—Fair .anct Mucha Ross Indicted ( MB11 for Violinist's Murderj^ NEW YORK, Apr. 21 (UP) -| The matimum tmperalure liera Mischa Ross. Broaday booking | yesterday -was 84, minimum 58, agent, was indicted -on first de- partly cloudy ftith 20 of .in Inch gree murder charges today In rainfall last night, according to' connection with the hammer slay- 'Samuel F. Morris, ofllctnl weather, ing of Tanla Leelovn, violinist, observer.

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