The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1935
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-.ti _*""*• Served by the United Press VOL, XXXI—NO. 207 HOME EDITION OP KOBJTHEAST ARKANSAS AND Blylhovlllc Courier nivtlirvllle Dally News niytlipvllle Dally News ; ,-'. . • ~~ — — Mississippi valley uader BI,Vrilt^Vll,LR, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 1935 -^ .•><l+'*j*ti _• . «ifi£fc"'1 SINGLE POKES rtVE BATON ROUGE Aid Refused bijf 1U Fate^Uhe* , .. 4* "T—•*—~*—•——-—-—____-„ _, r ^^^rt , i - " * " , 11 • MBfiS Missoui'ian>'Hurt >When Car and Transport Meet 1 One man mis Inni, when i cai and. nn iinlomrbile lianspoit (.ol ildr-n on K HiRhufiy ni cum vteil or Vai-bio lias iileinuan, 1C. J. ,l3nine;> of Collonnood Point,--Mo,, uis eiuiicd to the icvr.M! |ii.«.i t il -mrtiimr; fmm nnd I.'H.ISP nljriit the hrid The extent of Ills injmlcs V is mi determined pending eMunlmtlon Barnes' son, M L Baines clrhei of th™ car, n ii ar cr,ieil on ijin plaint of K. Schmidt, 211 South Dudley street Memphis Imn unvtr .of lac transport. Charged with- reckless di-ivinjj, he will ue tried Wcdnesdnj Eddie B. Diilrt depnij sheiiT ivho Investigated the accident slid that the car Mas damped con .tlderably while the transpoit was -amaged but little lour cais on | Hie heavily loaded transport wer; 1 "o; damaged hut the 'transport aiinasl, turned aver when it cot- lided with the ci Congress May Be : Askfcd to Hold Ward Lme Vessels in Port . .NEW YORK, Jan. 20 '^UP)—Although the Ward liner. Moln'vk ivas sinking so rapidly 40 lives were - lost, the master flatly refused ail offer of assistance from the freighter Talisman, willi which It hnd collided, it was testified today, before the steamboat Inspection Inquiry board. Rep, fiamnel nicisteln (Dem., N. Y.) meanwhile announced lie would. Introduce a resolution in the house Monday""d'esi°i]ed to deny clearance to any Ward line vessel until the line "can satisfy the. government-thai it Is fit to si-lid'ship's to sea without jeopardizing :thc lives of passengers." A close observer at the Inquiry, Dlckstein came here In his official rapacity. - as 'chairman ot the house Immigration committee to investt- imte the employment , of alien seamen on the ill-fated vessel. In laconic phrases 'Captain Edmund Wang of the Talisman told' also now'he had failed to get uny aiiwer from tlie bridge of, the . ' Molmwl: when he repeatedly shout- LITTLE ROCK Jan 15 mpi— ed-no-oss, presumably in an effort R ep. O. E. G-ite? of "cicielanrl lo learn whether Captain Joseph county claimed adequate sunnni-i E.-Wood 'of (He Ward liner wanted 'oday' to pass his bill taxinc elec • liliiutg/keep the. vessels locked to- [f'clly, bauxite oil and Special. Tax Pioposed by Representative f i o m Cleveland County Dni'(iiVg Along Great White Way This arge of graft hi.u 44,000,000 cairal project in Texas/ The Inquiry '. may e\lend to olhcr. PWA projects, • District Attorney ; Leslie C Clrtr- world-famoLs limes Squaio at the rush ncmr-dunng n n-a^recofd" bltaa.d that pllc7almo»l 18 nf snnu nil MOTJ Vm I .. rivoo* iwi.ti- n,— «r,._. ,. . -^ . IJ"*.« ujuiuni 10 -^i.-^rl^s^^T-^c-nr'Av,- . ^-; - !' }rtO-_n9t-.-intend J:o>-tax n ; J V t i}' '••:-'- — <;'..!,S"' p T ltio! " ; imJusUj "he said Uetendant Is Victor I »"'''«* the numo ot Arkansas • 1 , r • "• f, I Ul AUtO InjUry t,aSC held - licfore nilttee-ot Defendants had their.turn .In cir-r filled against plaintirTs.. , pan Stout -wa's the'defendant hi " " I- u "" 1 "- " ".•» 11JL V1L I LllUdlll- IEL '"•• ••—•••.! i^nuiv. .- ivcir . Ul I ml U Till a '..personal'-, injury -action .broiight S" s "distributed^ :and-SO : cents a as' Hie result ot "an 1 accident at !pu on'-bauxItK • -.t '-.-••-,.'•.(he .intefseellpn .of Kentucky and Plist ; •slrcets. ., The -Jury:, -found aealrat. Melvin alover, C. .W. Oo- fdrlli. and . PIpyjl p.: .. Robinson, pla Intifl s , - 1 ' who ••-' sougl it-' ' $1 ,600: Claude -P.: Cooper was flllorney for [lie plaintiffs ; and; P. c'' Douglas represented . Stout,'' '. In. the: ojhcr. action, -a. municlual court appeal,' a ; jury .Tailed to lip- I'.old Marvin Forlner's elaiin against ' George. , ren- . ., - dered. . Cooper was • a'ttomey tor Portlier -and /Harrison; .Smith and Taylor for the defendant.: '• •' •• '- An agreed judgment, was entered in the personal nhjinyisuit' brought by Clarence Morris vs. James Terry, .'Oscar Hnrdaffay -anrl .wjii.t uoodman, owners of 'Terry Service Slnllon, for.. $1,200.' A ....,.. ""\VlientlierA piibllc' service', corporations cni-e.--' ;for- v posterity. • aiiil their -rflwu- preservntlon' depends solely "n'pon lhelr:,-nblllty_lo.nride'i- stapd the. previous altitude of the dlscip'.tenl,.. nnd;-•unrest -- extant, everywhere n'galrist"lhciri,'" tieiirc- setitative aates'sald The tax .on 'oil, he said bfi' much lower than In „„.„, states. It would be on oil actua!l>' prortuc'ed instead of the present ad valorem biisLsl. jury O , .. ,.' y a been selected j-esierday morning bu(. trial was suspended by agreement of counsel, followed by the agreed judgment. Harrison. Smith ami Taylor -were counsel for -Morris. and Reid, Evrard nnd Henderson for Hie defendants •'' '- Reassessment Ordered in Poinsett County - HARRISBDRG, Ark.—The Arkansas Corporation Commission, meeting _ nt HID courthouse here Friday, 'ordered reossessuicnt of the personal property of-Poinsett counij*. The commission also ordered that the county Equalization Board, to- gether'with'a member of the Corporation Commission and lawyers for; the,- Wcodmeh of .the World and'Poinsett comity, equalize the real estate assessments for: the .county:,' These"' Investigators were authorized to' summon any witnesses w.hom they consider necessary In determining a fair value for real estate. , The 'commission-at. its meeting here today heard several witnesses and examined many exhibits, that presented by" lawyers for the Woodmen :of •• Hit • World. , Thc he death"'sompnr |nx ™ l) ," ll - v l11 ? 1 Woodmen oreanlzluioh' oivn 'sfconds out on t e dite ,"'" te 01 " TlKl lss «<tf-*y Poinsett county 0 ,,d has appeal hive be 5ct '. pla " s for an complained of both personal• and Execution of Bill Barnes on February 21 ; Unlikely BUI Barnes, convicted of the murder of C. A. Martin and sentenced to die Ttbruary 21 by Clr-' nm Judge-Nell Killough here last ' 'las been removed ' to • (ho at Tucker prison week, "death farm. house that the 'education com—*e 'next Tuesday -: — , *..- ' nf Bhi:-' He proposed-a-Jlfth of one L-nlt court, yesterday,-;' (lie jonlv^tiyb ? C1 >1 [ax on each killowatt hour of cases reaching. .ti'^Jiiry;- being l lde- electrical' nil-rent, tliree:-cents pelbarrel: on crude oil; two-- cents' pci thousand cubic:, feel or natural al tile cur), m place, «or*. obscured In r Be Named AVednestlay would other .. v -.."...s. ,,.^.., & pilots of llie world :haVe been approached' by' a grbup"'-of 'aviation enthusiast's . . headed by - Elliott.'-Rooeev'ell, son ,,Election, of -.tomishlp committees °.f ...ll,ic. •natlon's-..-alr-mI'nded .n'rst lo handle (he cotton acreage re- '^Hy.-.and ninny., have indicated ductlon program in lh e Chlcka- i" le ' v ' Intenllou to conipele. Us 'major tributary, ;Little -River were ,s!lll ..rising, observer The -group. has. been • negotiating Mississippi Flood Toll --- • --".""^t^ti, lul kylCill Lake, Bowen, 'Hector, Bi s : Lake natt. When appeal i ill receive a s •nding action r r re i» rt ot exe- . Besides alleging .errors in arnr' trial his appeal will also " to mvo his conviction set r,sMe on the claim that court was not properly In session at the u mc the trial R-as held. Will Buy Gravel If Money Is Appropriated LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 20 <UP)_ " $32000 Is made available by he legislature for highway maintenance before June 30 It «',| L used to buy gravel, a hlxhw"'*! partmeiil official said totlav ' An. appropriation bill fer the money to the to 'trans- anc fund has passed the senate bivi sioi, engineers of (],„ department would determine which roads need the gravel, the official said today Chicago Sportsman Asks Plan v20,000-Mile Race Arounil Two i Continents ' WASHTp?GToW,.;'ia'h. 26' CUP) — Pla ns .for "Die, "greatest' air. race in history'"—a '20,000 .niile'do'sharouml the Anier.lcus—.were revealed ex-' " ' C Q'li'n t y "Gomrnitfee :{ov ^^f'^^.^^ BotK, Little Riv^aiifi'St. Francis;.--: Expected; lo ' Gvest Below Danger While .the St/Fraiicis river and , , e weal and Hickman townships were announced , today by Ira Crawford, special cotton assistant : in the office, of County Agent J. I B Prlz. The neiv committees 'for Chlckasawba and Canadian townships,. Uie nrst to be elected I were announced early In the week. ' . Committees .nnnomieed arc: Big Lake township: Lewis jp.- -awaV- Eptcr Davis Threlketd. with alternate. Continiuies.'to Increase MARKS, -Miss.. Jan. 26. (UP) — 'Icy Rood 'waters' of the Coldwater river were"given major credit to- -dajv.rp'r a : known death list of 24, :appY6xirnat%-'-','$5,000.000 . property damage'/ "a'ifd: Sickness and siitTering ihjthe northern Mississippi flnotl '"is and ; Reei--^ : As the flood'peril lessened on Its aitcnioii. - "•'•• "^ CoWBn >asi: upper course- lhe; Coldwater river NMi- Q ri ' « .SJ,|spread..over, lowlands south of here niii? \f ^ n ' , Br(lnnllm ' ,Prerl v t«lay,-drI«ng^th6usnnds'from their uavii. ML), need, Bruce Ciilp, w.> homesV "endarigertag lives and m- T"P'I?« -o „ •-• Plercc ' wlth a'mg'nev" problems for relief of- mir."^;.™..,:. Cartet ' " Kl T om,ncials, already taxed with work. Alabama Reports Cut In Relief Rolli Hilt as alternates Hlcfcnian:, VV. B. Loflin, C E Mkisson and W. E. Hagcn. with P. E- Tale nfj altortmtc' Clear Lake: Charles Lutes, A. T long, and J. A. Erayncs, with ,T M._Aycoclc as "alternate. ;«.: Q. W. Potter, Harvey C. Wndley, as nlternotc. with Hector: Lest Cane section, otto Brudberry, Marshall stutts and BIRMINGHAM, Aln. (UP)-Relief rolls of Alabama were reduced several thousand In recent months, according to Tliad Holt, state relief administrator. About 25,000 families were re- Divorce at Hot Springs!^ HOT SPRINGS, Jan. 26. tUP)— John s. Condon, Chicago sportsman ivho has'a large Interest in (he ooklawn race track here, today filed suit for divorce from hla wife, Mrs; Emma W. Condon, under Arkansas' SO-day divorce Inw. Mayor Leo P. McLaughlin, Condon's altorney, said divorce Would bo sought on grounds of "general Indignities." The petition said they- were married at Cincinnati, O,, .. August 15, 1926 onri separated Sep- ropollfan Police, tember 1. 1934. ' , . - Capt. Mllltken — "^-'.ii •»ui*»iuit oiuilo ailU ,"•«« ^i/,vuu iHiniitf^ *\ tn; ic- Clem. Whistle, with Roy Lawson mov ed from direct relief since last Kcchler, with F. A. Owens as nl- tcrnale. Husbands Accused of . Nagging Their Wives , WASHINGTON <Up)^-Husbands may bo Just as Irritable ns the wives they have bawled out for "aggliig, says Cap). Rhoda Mllll- ken of the Women's Bureau, Met- saw her office Showboat on Auction nock OUTTENBUROi Iowa (UP)—The "Manltou," last of the floating palaces which we.rc a symbol or the halcyon days oh thc ; Missiislppi when £hoif-and ; daiice bpala-'dlcl a fl&urUhljlg businoss. Is on 'tlic : auci 'CioW WocX.-• '- • ••' . - "•• ' —4— »»,»* «-H\LU iitii uiiict; I had studied lhe nagging question for two years, she said the Investigation .revealed that husbands nag os much as wives. Sire believes -nagging' contributes toward.. sending children on the rqiid to crime, she pointed out that .constant .nagging sometimes forced children- to 'run nway from August, and 23.000 other families- have been transferred from direct relief to rural rehabilitation, Holt said. Approximately no.OOO Alabama families were on either direct, relief, work relief or rural rehabilitation rosters last August, Holt expected fully 14.000 more .mllles to bo transferred from state relief to responsibility ot counties and cities. Tnew are In the unemployable class, it is Mid. .WASHINGTON, (UP) — Helium gas win be used In a stratosphere flight for the nrst time In June, when the expedition of the Nn- tlciial Geographic Society and the Army Air Coi-pa takes off Hear Rapid City, s.- D. Heretofore nil balloon nights Into tlie sirato- spiierc have, been made v.Ith hy ....T v UVtll drcgen gas. The ol helium will eliminate the danger: of [explosion ff ; llch wa , possible witn hydrogen, , and will probably bring 01. additional loot of water there, but army engineers anticipate no trouble unless heavy rains come. A little sand Lagging Is being done at points where .seepage lias developed. ..... ',; The Little river gauge at Big Lake, west of . Blythevllle, read 248.4 at eight o'clock this morning. The lake will probably reach 247 at the crest, expected Sunday night or Monday. J. W. .'Meyer, engineer for. Drainage District-17, said this inornlng Mint he.expected no trouble-;'unless there should be additional hcai7 rains."scon. '.'.. Rbanoke Vets' Hospital To Take Patients Apr. 1 ROANOKE. Va. (UP)—The Veterans Hospital near here, dedicated last November by President. Roosevelt, will begin receiving patterns suffering from neuropsychlntrlc ailments April I. i- TiVc hospital will serve Virginia 'cst Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee,.': and the District of Columbia. on the hospital workln? , staff, " which will consist of 200." person.'!'. mid-February. Farmers Kccri Half Dnl'.irs . . >. Hill of Lenolr. county has kept a half-dollar for 60 yeara. Thief Slolo r'les HOUSTON, Tex. tUPl-Simple Simon, the nursery rhyme hero wno liked hla pies big and numerous, has a counterpart here. When a, pie company man left hi) Iruck to tnkc an order from Mrs. Jim Brown. .a thief stole 72 luscious dishes. . ...'••'' tiers Knifed by . •. f L ; : *^ Indications I Ai ; e May 'Reach High Places Inquiry In i special District.' of Icderal, grand Jury-tlie iinnelcd in lo ' yeaiu— loned today to Coiumiilii 5lrKi h« " rk,Wi) 20 (UP)Orr, M, vsas | n „ critical, condition today, her llnvwil "?ni b Y , tlin ' SIl " lr ' ttss a"'»>l« killed lier elder shlei, Mis.-, His Asbassination Intend* J "-••>.»- -in inufl- *il.Siei, JVDS.S I « «»ii^ M vA ^e^^^'^J^f .^ «• &WK Louisiaria n .. ' "yiuu L-igni *-vi, ni^c nlles Kouthwcst of here last night i I/' /• I ' Sheriff Virgil A. niickcr said llir- Kmgfisll house hnd been looifd befoic tho' ^ — robbers.Ml me to 11 and left the UA'ION KpUOE La, Jan 2j) victims .to be burned. Neighbors < U ^-A 'gaieinl martial law" or* tun, ||' C5cucl1 "W woman from the flam- <l" was issued by Ooi. O K AI,™": l !'B .house but Miss Louha On al- I«> !»< East lialoj> Rouge palish. re ''; | y ,«'. lls i««>d. - Officers were '" 10 a m I 0 ilay 3 in Louisiana's .lotined- at midnight. threatened armed revolt against There i was no Indication of tho United States Sennjoi Huey P. ictt 'Cbrnary. ed to . -..v,.u^ ,»n.i ,i w jii»ii;aiiun 01 UIG wi i"cu oLuies aeiujjoi Hut amount of money, If any, taken lougt statewide dictatorship from the .staters' home. However It T 'm oidci cnlne after a nljht o Involve eight or (en PWA'of- oboiit Riieker nclals.-lnchdl g ever i in hfgh ' , '" "'"*" MA " c position's . '- ° h| 8», clues as 'to the Identity of Summoning of the special grand Irn-y appeared to, Indicate tho hnrges- wore coiuldcred of great erloasiwes. A special Jury 1ms not been :nlleil In .the Dlslrlcl of Columbia ilnce the famous Fnll-Doheny oil cnses .were'' Instituted' about 10 ,ean ago Neither PWA ndmlntelrdlor : Hnr- old I Idles noi louli P Olavli chief of the Interior and PWA iletectlve forces would meai the PWA project about nhlcli Iho nllcged graft centered -. and morning of unpiecedented de- lelopmenli brought to a head b$ action ot the Square Dealers or• - - j ... i,.i,- ganlpnllon mill-Long, in ejecting roblicrs and killers at noon todaj L°»B follower!, from public office by. u nil ed- force! v The flerj Klngflsh, Incensed by ich u threat against hla auto- ciatk ])ovpi4 called out Louisiana national gHardsmeu who mov*d. Into tile capital at dawn and gen* frnlly took charge ot affair? ,* Square Dehlei 1 ! were consptijumu! by thch nbsentc duiing the mofn- Ing h on 11 KJOIC than 30 ot their leaderi were linderstood [p be P Olavli D ]• t \lt Wl n n 1 1 i deportment Kdiet ( IVIoneY Will DC Used ' *_ ° Infoimation. M Necessary 28 (UP __ natlona New Rates for Mississippi ^County 4 Have Not Ye{ Been Determined WASHINGTON Vail a Finns for n coordinated _..„ sjslcm of public rxmei projcctv aro lo be deieloped with funds from the 14880000Odd lellet bll now noting Senate acllon, It was learned today Use of part of the appropriation In that manner would put the administration in a J position to go ah * a 4 .lWn?*!ilWS i»lth kotUU Unmjdtotel «ltnoflt- ftl re tlpns. ^al -iurvcji alreadj — mjdc There remained assertitillng -' •—' '-"- of / the itate FERA heodquarleri announced today Rural lalor lie 15 cents ________ ..,. ...... per hour under the na» ; Tale, It \as determhiejl by countj ' com rnlttces In 'to^ni under, 2fXlO population common labor nill g*t 20 cents per hour The maximum for common labor h 2 1 ) cenfs at Foil, Sinltli. Rates for Mississippi count} Little. R.ock' and .;Oarla,nd county tfave not been determined. Fklllcd rale-, mrtse from SO cen^s to one dollar per horn Tho skilled rite clnnge-i include the fol- and Jackson Independence lowing counties county, ty, 02 Arkansas 50 cents 60 'cents; 'Cralgheod. conn cenls-to,$lJ». Ohio Pastor Called To Serve 'Church on Wheel*' ALLIANCE.,O. (UP)—The Rev. Howard Perry, .pastor of Alliance First Bapttst church,, lias been granted a leave of absence to accept a call lo Colorado's "church on ivlifels," the chapel car of the American Baptist Publication So clety. Rev. and Mrs. Perry will go to Peyton, Col., where, they will.- be inducted into service by the retiring missionary, the Rev. F. I. Blanchard. Tlie chapel car, "Emmanuel," which will be both home and church for the couple, is 85 feet long, fitted lo accommodate 100 persons. It has facilities for religious services, Including organ, pulpit and pews. : Diesel Racing Pioneer to The hospital will serve Virginia, p I ur 11 c i n i West Virginia. North Carolina, ^eek World Speed Record WASHttTOTON. (OP) — Dove Col. E. W. Jordcj, regional man- Evans, famous automobile speed- "gcr of the Vcteryis Bureau,-an- *voy driver and Diesel racing plo- iiouhcert that Ife has racelvcd n.eer. will attempt to break the 10,000 applications for membership world's speed record for Diesel motors at Daytona Beach, Pla., in . Plans for the record-breaking run have been sanctioned ' by the rjtrraers Keep Half unl'.irs •"". "«"•• urai sancnoneu by the KINSTON. N. C. (UP)—Al least Contest Board of the American t»o North Carolina farmera have Aut °nioblle Assoclallon, national Hot been "broke" for over halt a 8 0 £« rn 'ng body of racing. cEiitury. j. j. Blizzard, of Deep Evatls became famous through Run, possesses a half-dollar which "!f «search with the high-speed he has owned /or 53 years. H. l>. Ol '-Wi™ng Diesel type motor. He T-I1U nf r „,,„>— i_ < . _ i , _ . IfLI RM. tlirttntiTTnl.r tr-v. i * t- *n . las set tentatively fieb. 14 to 22 drly= •Because of llils progr'am (i was llltld lltellhood, ahy of ll« bills fig» before congreis for e<i tabllshmenl Ih 1 othej^ pails of thi couritrj of'pfojects''iirilllnr to tin Tennessee Vallei Aulhorih will b, patted bj cdhgfes.'! ' ' Petniscot Farmers Will Name Cotton Committees CARUTHERSVILLC Mo—Jifeet- Itigs at uhlch Pemlicol county signers of cotton acreage reduction contracts uill elect commit teemcn to handle the program this jc^ar opened here Friday The Carulhersvllle ipecting was held al 1 c/c)ock Friday' afternoon h't the coufth'oiisc. Other meetings ore scheduled as follows. Holland—Saturday, Jan. 20, 10 A. M,, high school. Cooler—Saturday, ,Ian. 2G, 1 P M., gymnasium. -. Cottonwood Point, — Saturday Jan. 28, 10 A. M., school house. Steclc—Saturday, Jan. 28. 1 p Ivf., high school. Denton—Monday, Jan. 28. 10 A M., Keathcock's, store Deerlng—Monday, Jan. 28. 7 P M,, hlph school. Bragg City—Monday, Jan. 28, 10 A. M., church house. Micola—Monday, Jan. 28. 10 A. M., high schcol. Havti—Monday, Jail. 28, 1 P. M, city hall. Concord—Monday, Jan. 28; 1 p. M., high school. Wa'rdcll—Tuesday, Jon. 20, 10 A. M,, gymnasium. Portagcvlllc—Huosday, Jan. 29, 1 P. M.. high school Braggadocio—Tuesday, Jan. 29, 1 P. r-L, high school. Peach Orchard—Tuesday, Jan M, 10 A. M., school house. UBC Ilnib}- Becomes Big- Busin-ss DALLES, Ore. (UP)—A spare- lime hobby, that of making iltth woolly cuts,-has turned Into "blp ousliiess" for Mrs. Andrew Irwln. First made for friends, the dolls have created a demand far exceeding the supply. "Belling the cats" proved a sales bonanza. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, warm— --- —...-,...' in South portion lonlijlit Sun* Waukesha Ootnel"'da'y partly cloudy, probabh colder ..i »«.-« i ? f ' the fastMt D "H Memphis and vicinity — Parllj MMnotors In existence. jcloudy to cloudy and colder to r.. in n,,^i „ ' Cliicmnati was known - pcrature tonight 5.8 to 32 Thc yesterday was , according rls .o«'?!« tcmperatuto here 37 minimum 19 n, . ^air center In the world, night the tiilnihitun oterver Last ' iw^ttivi • <nv>t MHUCI.-VHJU^L ty utj maikecl ?of anesl.hi a general cleanup on charges of, an'assorted plot to assassinate Long ' <£ Long Charges Murdtr Plots ' Troops rushed In from ull par}? . of the stntc and Ihrev heavy iuauls about all public buildings, including tile courthouse \\hlch nas seized and held, foi fotif nour? .lost nlghl by 400 armed men and nomeh "i Long said a* widespread consplri icy of Intrigue, mldnlglit njsetl ngi, and plotted assa'stiifttlons iad leen exposed ' Herald a plot to ambLsh otxjU^^tj,n notijic^e* JiOrl^.,,.. ighwav ahd tniirdei nle and "my companions with gun^ from the ccal sheiiffs 6fflcs' had beeniun-* oiered and thft'arted \> ! » "Follr Jhcflffij, a dWrlot'attor- ney and probably & 'district Jiuge re iniolved In ,(li!s > i&surrectlon." Loitg snld ' * General Louis F Guerre, comi Wider of the national guatd, '< '•' placed, Jji.'cilqg ol tne cntito Eajlt Baton Rouge pafish in which ihe capl^l Is situated ^ The maitlal law proclamation, signed bv Go) p K Allen Loni's Jly said 'conditions of vloUnce> nsuiTcctlon, disoid'i und defiance of state aiilltority preiall The chlet leaders and largest rvumljar ot those exorcising such \lolenee are ofricara nnd agents of the Standaid oil companr "^ Censorehlp Inioked •• Mllltarv headquarters were set up In Peabody kail on the ' old uniiersity campus General Gueno aued orders prohibiting the bear- ng at- arms by any persons except Baton Rouge police aim o,., V3 , 0 certified by Long s bureau " of tfimlnal identification. . " No nrearms are to bo sold, bartered or exchanged,' another order said ' -^ ' No publication either bv newspaper. • handbill or ' phamphlet" or otherwise renectlng In any way the stale or Its officers ,or tending lo Influence the public mind ogalmtn the state or its officers and no article, reflecting*-in any • way on the work of th'e irillf- :ary authorities will be permlt- :cd r Sell* CourthoBse j The army ot anil Huey Loruj Citizenry who Eelzed the East Barn nou;-> partsh cotLthouso Bri- day afternoon from Longs dcta- orshlp nlth shotguns dispersed ust before 8 o clock last ni ht and declared their purpose "accomplished ' ^ Afore • than 200 armed nien tormed the coutlhouse late in tha fternoon and barricnded them- elves within the bj'^lng for t'\ree lours unUI they-were informed by their leaders that a truce'had been rranged. ~ "• The crowd Inside the courthouse vas told by a man who Identified ilmself as John Appel that they were called out to "de/end a fe!- ow citizen who was p'ckcd up last light and threatened ' ~ 'We were called here tonight In he event anything happened to hat man," Appel said. "Incidsrit- lly, there vras supposed to' hara been some ' warrants .-Issued for ther men This man has been reused. .When he was released, -we ,'ere assured no warrants wouW e Issued for any one In thl» ro\vd Our purpose h&s beer- ftc- ompllshed BU be sure >ou have- nough ammunition and be ready or the call at any time" *> Senator Long; had gone to New Means after three, days spent ere directing the seizure ot,tti» ast Baton Rouge -parish goronK lent frorrt thejiands of a hostuif political grou^,"'

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