The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois on October 6, 1904 · Page 11
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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 11

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1904
Page 11
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THE IXTEH OCEAX, THURSDAY 1I0RKI20, OCTOBER C, 1904. 11 COUNCIL? 1Q f.:TBADMl.B&"g . KUA- OROVER GRAVES. Attorneys, HTATG OF ILUNOIS. COUNTY OF COOK. 88. Kntwrfor Court of Oxk County. October Term, A D H. Kmlly Bolvln. formerly Kmily Daude-tin .n.i J.xrnh I-roiold Daudrltn by Kmilv Bolvln, his' nxt friend, vs. Arthur Theodore. Daudrlln, Felix Kucik Daadeltn. Hum K. ureenebaum, trtiMirk JuitiM K. Oreenebaum. iOn'Mair In trust and the unknoo'n owwr or bolder of a certain note fr th sum of Eleven Hundred Dollars lll'UXI ooi, - dated the 2Tib day of March, 1.V signed Joseph Daudrltn. Arthur Daurteiin and feux uaultlin. rninora, by Kmily Bolvln. their guardian. Kmlly Itolvtn in ner own rignt. ana u. uid ttoiwn nevabl to their own order and by taeen ewdoreed due three (.1) rear after date, with In te real at tlx rata ox six tut er cant par aaaum.-aa.a KfM - rured bv trust deed of even date to Moaea VI Oreenebaum, - trustee, recorded In the Recorder' tnce of Oxk County, as Document Number . 2-'!M7a. and the unknown owner or owners of t.rt fourteen (14. In Moore. fatten Jr Hair's Sub division of Ixits forty-ona 4l, forty-eight I4IM, fnrtv-nin 4 and tlrtv-slx .X). In the Rub- division of the Wt half of the Northeast quarter f of Section twenty-six (W) Tovnehlp thirty-nine (W North. Range thirteen (13) Eastot the Third Srd Principal Meridian, and Lot twelve (12). In Block one (IV. In Tolford'a Subdivision of the East ten IO acres ot he West half (W) of the Southeast quarter w of Section twenty-three, lonnimip inirir-nin t.wt xsortn. iuhkc thirteen all in roox iwuniy, Illinois, and u. Alfred Holrln. In Chancery. BlU in Partition. .No. 2 (VKI. Notice la hereby given to the said the unknown owner or holder of a certain note fur the sura of Eleven Hundred Dollars tfltUO.OOt. dated the 27th day of March, ln: signed Joseph Daudelln. Arthur Taudelln and Felix Deadelln, minors, by Kmlly Bolvln, their guardian. Kmily Bolvln In her own right, and O. Alfred Bolvln. payable to their - order and by them endorsed, due three t-tt years arter date, with interest at tne rsie of six ner cent per annum, said note secured by trust deed of even date to Moses E. Oreenebaum, trustee, recorded In the Recorder's Omce of Cook County, as Document Number 22uti7:i, and the unknown owner or owner, of Lot fourteen tl4. In Mnnro Vat Inn A'a Uuh.ll vlkktn of IOt forty on fin ik fnrtv-nin ftu and ftftr-elx In the Subdivision of the West half S of the Northeast ouarter of Section twenty-six f2tl. Township thirty-nine (: North. Range thirteen (1.1) East of tha Third -ird Principal Meridian, and 1-ot twelve 12l. la Block one 1. In Tolford'a Subdivision of the East ten (101 acres of tha West half (HI of tha Southeast ausr-ter a of Section twenty-three 2H). Township thirty-nine i:l North. Range thirteen ll.t). ail In rink Counir. Illinois, that the above named Complainants heretofore Bled their Bill of Com plaint In said Court, on tne I nan eery siue inrmiu and that a summons thereupon Issued out of said Court against the above named defendants.- returnable on the first day of the term ofl the Derlor Court of Cook County, to be held-at the Court House In Chicago. In said Cook County, on the First Monday of November. A. 1, IKtH. aa la by law required, and which suU ""'"rt JOHN ft. Hl'MMER. , . . Master In Chancery of the Circuit Court of Cook County, T10 Title and Trust Building-. MASTER'S SALS-STATE OF ILLINOIS. COl'N-t v of Cook. as. Circuit Court of Cook Count v. -In Chancery. J. Henry Krause and John O. Krauae. trustee, vs. Bertha K. Chrtsttaneen. Individually and aa administratrix with the will - annexed of the estate of Christian Christiansen, deceased. Gen. No. 2.i2K.'hI. I'ublic Notice Is hereby (riven that, in pursuance of a Decree made and entered by said Court. In the above entitled cause, on the Third day of October. A. I. 1904. I. John 8. Hummer. Master In Chancery of the Circuit" Court of .Cook County, will, on Friday, the- Twenty-eighth (28th) day of October. -A. D..11MM, at the .hour of one o'clock In the afternoon, at the Judicial salesrooms of the Chicago Krai Kstata Board, Number 6? Iear-, born Street. In the City of Chicago. County of - Cook, and State of Illinois, sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder for cash, all and singular, the following described premises and ' real estate in said Decree mentioned, situated In the City of Chicago. County of Cook, and State of Illinois, or so much thereof as shaJI be sufficient to satisfy said Decree, to-wit: It twenty-Hv (2Ti in Block three 3 In Taylor's subdivision of Lot one 1 In the Assessor's Division of the East half of tha Northwest quarter of Section eight (8. Township thtrty-nlna :) Xenix Range fourteen (H East of the Third ' .TTinciiial Meridian, together with, ail bulldlnas and Improvements thereon, and tenements, hereditaments, and appurtenancea thereto belonging. - ' ' " iwtrd. Chicago, Illinois. October th. A. T. 1904. . - - JOHN 8. Hl'MMER. Vaster In Chancery of the Circuit Court of Cook . Vunty. Illinois. WHITFIEIJJ A WHTTFIEL1X- Complalnants' Soricltora. LEGAL NOTICES. . , MORSE IVES, ATTORNEY. ADUrNISTRATRIX-S SALE 6TA1TB CF1 HJtJ. " iKinty of Cook, as. Probata Court of Cook County. In tha matter of tha estate of Almlra Al- iV'T??1. Jdr Wholes, admlnistratiia of i-.T. . " 'mirm Allen. Oeceaaeu, vs. Chicago ti me Trust I ompany. a corporation. Trustee, r?" ?,"n4, 1. 8. McFmll, Olney Allen, pon--2 n' Isdor BhoJea, parsonally. and Ed- petition ta sell real ax tats to nae debts. . V nMif ! hereby srlven that by virtus of oroer. inaaa and entered or racoru oy f" .-",rt tn abova-entitled causa on tha twelfth (12thJ day of September. A. D. 1W4. tha aald administratrix will, at tha hour of eleven o clock A, M. on Monday tha seventeenth (ITth) day of October. A. D. 1IKM. at tha judicial salesroom of the Chicago Real Estate Board. No. 67 DearWn street, in the City of Chicago. County o. Cook and Stats of Illinois, offer for sale and ell at public vendne to the hiKhest and best bidder for rash, to pay the debts of said estate, all tha right, title, and interest and estate which tha aald Aim Ira Allen, deceased, had at tha time of ber death, in and to tha following described real estate, to-wit: Lots twenty f3m and twenty-one f21) of Etaanue! IT. Wheeler's Subdivision tn'Blork twenty-seven (27) la Lee and others' subdivision of the southwest quarter of section twelve (12) township thirty-nine M north, range thirteen (18) east -of tba third principal meridian, situated in tha City of Chicago. County of Cook. Illinois. Kald above described property will be sold subject to a trust deed to the Chtcajro Title St Trust Company, a corporation. Trustee, securing a principal promissory note now owned by said Oeorge VS oodiand. la the amount of Fifteen Hundred Dollars (1600): said note bearing data tha 13th day of June. A. D. 1102. payable three years after data ta aald Almlra Allen, and by her Indorsed, and bearing Interest at the rate of six per cent per annum; there being due and owlnr on said data of said decretal order to said George Woodland on account ot smia pnncipar note, interest thereon, taxes, and other expenses Incurred by said Oeorge vfoauiaan in aororaauce witii" tne terms of aald trust deed, the total sum of. Nineteen Hundred r-orty-eisat Doners and ;'.'thlrty-nlne cents aiwfl wi. Ana tne smia sate arm be made subject to said last named amount.: with legal interest thereon since the said date of said decretal order. No deed or deeds will ha delivered to the nne. chaser or purchasers until such sale has been re- poriea to ana approvea oy satd frobate Court. I'aiea LnictfO,. Illinois, tteptember loth. A. D. TSAnnnr Rum pa Administratrix of tha estate of Almlra, Allen, De- MOKSE IVES. Attorney LEGAL NOTICES. ' BOBATln T. WAIT. Master In Chancery of t- Clrouit Court of Codk County, liilnola, 1201 Stock Badinage Building.' '' MASTER ij bALH B1ATM Or UXTNOIS. Oook County, aa Circuit Court of Cook Coo o IT. In- Chancery. Gen. No. TB.''J. Term No. fc. Tha Northweatera Mutual I J fa Insurance Com- panr vs. Warren Knrlnger and Marguerite Bpringsr, nia wut, cmcaga rtaal aetata Loaajk 't-rust t,oin- pany, a corporation, Td SchuitXv tjnrisl r-onuiis. aooba, sola aurvivlna Trusts of the aetata of Newton Case, deceased. FTaneee Da Wolf. Harry Datllngton. sole surviving trusts of tha Kstata . D. R. THOMAS, ATTORNET. Kir! SI Srv (Mark Street. : 8TATTS OF ILIJNOIS. COUNT! OF COOK. PS. Circuit urt of ivoi t-ounty. septemoer -i erwi. A, u. iwk. r reaencK irvioe vs. i neress irvine. In Chancery. No. 2A44JS ' -Notice Is berebr aiven ta f ha said Th .Irvine that the above named Complainant here-' tnfore gird his -Hill of CorupJaJnt In -said Court, on tha Chancery aide thereof, and that a summons . Jhereupun isnued out of said Court -against tne abova uncq defendant retumatite on the nrwt day , or tn ierm ot ine tireuu-wr4 oi vuva teuiuv. to 'be held at the Court House In Chicago, In said Cook Coantv,- on the Third Monday of wjtnbr. : A. I."lu4. eg ta by lew reoahred, and V'11 auH U .til, pendrnny , , A: cOOn -derk. u. it. inyXAo. t grotw i s nm r, MICHAEL KOCH, 'ATTORNET, - . Cl-t Mork nchitife Htlllrtinr. FTATE OF BKltNAKD AVILLKMS. ' ALSO known as Bernard P. Wlllems, Deceased. All per- . sons having elarms agatnet tne-eatata or tsemard .Wtllems. also known as Bernard P. Willeme, 4e-ceaeeL are hervbv notified and reuuested to attend and present such claims to the Probate Court of ook County, Illinois, for tha purpose of having the aajne adjusted at a term of aald Court, to be held at the Probate Court Room, in the City of hk-ajro, in said cook ountv. on tne third Mon day of November, A. JJ. iw. Oejng the Zlst day thereof. . - . Dates) Chicago. Oetober -nth. tfOt. ' JOSEPH A. WILLEMS. Administrator, MICHAEL KOCH. Attorney. ' CHARLES B. PAVLICEK. ATTORNET. T2rt Ttmmnrr ltl,r-lt TATE OF ILLINOIS, COUNTY OF COOK. SS. circuit uwn of jooa i.onnry. August Term. A. V. IMM. Anna Ptnaer vs. Frank Singer. In Chan- cerrir'No.- 2RB.'S. - Notice la hereby-' given to th said Frank Blnger that tna above named Complainant heretofore til-d her Bill of Complaint In said Court, on the tuancery si fie thereof, and that a summons thereupon Issued out of said Court against the - aoovs uvnei aerenoant, returnable on the nrst day ot ina wns at w circuit crourt ot vok county, to be held at th Court House In Chicago, in said Cook Crtuntr. 011 the Third Mondav of nrtohp - A- O. IWUA. as is by law required, and which suit IS S1IH pesniing. . ' JOHN A, COOKK. Clerk. ; CHARLES B. PAVLICKK, Complfa iol'r. i - ; ANTOINETTK FITNK. ATTORNET. ' , 12 I'-nlty BulWIng. KTATE OF ILLINOIS. COI NTI OF COOK. RS Superior urt of Cook County. October Term. A. D. I4. Ounda Hansen vs. Christ Hansen, in Chancery. No. X-OvlAC. Notice is hereby given te the said Christ Hansen that the abova named Complainant heretofore fl'ied her Bill of Complaint in said Court, on the Chancery side thereof, and that a summons thereupon issued out of said Court against th above -named defendant, returnable on the first day of th term of the Superior Court of Cook County, to be held at the Court House In Chicago, In said Cook County, on tha First Monday of September. A D. Jie4. as Is by law required and which ANTOI? fTK FT-N'K. Compi't's Sol'r. . JAMES A. BRADT. ATTORNET. 12 Ashland Block. Oik-agn. PUBLIC. NOTICE W HKHEBY tllVEN THAT at a special meeting of the stockholders of th Chicago -Parlor Furniture Company, a corporation, organised and existing umler tha laws of .-Illinois, held July ).- llH. to Chicago. Illinois, the following resolution was adapted, at least two-ttalrdsof all the votes represented by the whole et irk of such cortoratloa voting In favor thereof: "Resolved. That the capital stock of this corporation be Increased from Twenty Thousand Dollars f 2.H to Thirty Th.HJ-snd Dollars g.'M.Wi. and that the Board of iMreciara of sock corpora I loa ae Increased from three to fonr." CHICAX PARLOR FURNITURK COM PA NT. R. F. PETTrBONK, ATTORNET. .lilS AshUnd Block. KSTAJTE.f?F CAROLINE 8. MOODT. DE-cs-ast-d. All persons having claims against th -''' Carokn 8. Moody. deceasedIre hereby luMlOed and requested to present such claims t th Probat irt of Cook County, Illinois, for the puri. of having the jam adjusted at a term "f said Coort. ta be held at th Pretmte Court Room. In the Cltv of Chicago: InldCook Coun-ty. on the third eioaday of Kovmb?. A?D llS5T belag ta 21t day thereof. ' Dated. Chicago. September 2Cnd. 1904 FRANK K. MOODY. ICxecutor R. F. PKTTIBONK. Attorney. W' - D. M. BROTHERS. ATTOKNKT. 201 North Clark Street. ; ESTATE OF JOHN CHRISTIAN KTXTC. EE-ceased. All persona having claim against th estate of John Christian Ruck, deceased (n) hereby notified and requested to attend and pre-e-nt such rial ma to th probata Court -of Cook County. Illlnota, for th nurpos- of having the same adjusted at a term or said Court, to be held at the Probate Court Room. In the City of Chicago. In said Cook County, on th third Monday of November. A. D. 11). being tha 21st day thereof. Dated. Chicago. September SSnd. loot. HKNK1KTTK t:. C. KCCK, Administratrix. D. M- BHUTliKHS. Attorney. G McINTOSH, ATTORNET. ..- ADMINISTRATOR'S BALE TATE OF ILl.T- nois, tounty ai coo, as. In tha I'robate Court of took County. In the (natter r h u.,,- n v narirs una- rvierson. oeceased. I liar M- w Smith. Administrator de bonis nun of the estate vnsriMjoao feierson oeaeased, vs. John 11. Peterson. William O. Peterson. Kmma M. Pater- sou, enu juwaro c rierson. fetitlon to sell real estate to nay debts. Public notice la berebv s-lven to t hv vlHn ne a decretal order made and entered of record hv said Court. In tha above entitled cause, on the iweniv-nrst (xisw day of September. A. D. 1WI the said administrator de bonis non wilt, at the nour oi 11 o Clock A. Ad., on Haturclav. the Tmfv. second 22dt dav of ttrtnher A 11 1US t K Judicial salesrooms of tha CTiicago Real Estate Brd, No. 57 Dearborn street. In the City of i " """ij w v goK, aaa Dial or Illinois, ofTer for sal and sell at public vendue, to- th hlaheat and best bidder for cash, to pay the debts of said estate, ill the riirht titl Inter est, and estate which th said Charles John Peterson AtMmmmA W . i . . v. i j . l . and to the following described real estate, to-wit: till ' I 1 1 1. ' . . . . . ) of that orrtala subdivision mad by the Calumet and Chicago Canal and Dock Company of iiwounsi Knioni six mt and seven i In TownshtD Tlilrtv-seven 17 Knnh Knn Fir. teen (16) Raat of th Thtrd Principal Meridian ""'m in ine muniT ot t-oog and State of Illinois, a piai ot wmcn auodl vtaton was tiled for reeorri June 2Sth. 1S75. In the office of the Recorder of i uui or sain t (nc Miniv nr. ,. , , ... ., ii i,.. Ten IO of Maps at ten eleven flit. Th said sale shall he aiaite tnr h K- h nr. a v- "Pon ine approval or said 1'robate Court. ,w u"-4 vr umw win o ueiiverea to tne pur-rhaser or- purchasers until such sle has been re ported to and approved by the said Probate Court. vruiuago. Beptemner rjnd, a. i. iwh. - CU 1 Til 1.--J XX7 BUITU Administrator d bonis son of the estate of Charles jociu x eiermm, aeceased. M. C. McINTOSH. Attorney. WILLIAM F . wivurna ' Master In Chancery of the Circuit Court of Cook ixiunty, . , i . C An.,. U..t, T.1 1- MAStER'S SALE STATE OF ILLINOIS, C'junty of Cook. s. Circuit Court of Cook County. In Chancery. Edward H. Marsh vs. Almlra L. Rogers. George D. Rogers. M. A. Brown. Aaron Whitney and John W. Burdette. Trustee. 43en. No. 2S2787. Term Km 1o4?7. . Public Notice is hereby gtn-that. In purtuance of a Deere made and entered bv said Court, in th above entitled cause, on the Ti v-ai!rth day of Sentember. A. D. 1904. L WliliHm F. Wlemera. Master In Chancers- or the Circuit rnm-i of Cook County, wilt on Friday. the Twenty-flrst day of October. A. D. 1V04. at the hour of Eleven o'clock In th forenoon, at the Judicial salesrooms of the-Chicago Real Estate Itoard. Number 57 Dearborn Street, in the City of Chicago, County ot cook, and state of Illinois, rell at public auc tion to tne highest and best bidder for cash, all and singular, tbe following described premises and real estate In said decree mentioned, situated in the County of Cook, and Stat of Illinois, or so much thereof as ahall be sufficient to satisfy aald lrIT.1 1",". I V- W HI La Seventy-five T3 In-tha. Re-SuMlvielon ofl tLlolr - ll.rAMl lu TT- mill. Illinois Portland Cement Paring Company, a corporation,. Latham Machinery Company, a corporation, J. Manx Engraving Company, a corporation, Sterling Fisting Company, a corporation. Porter storage Battery Company, a corporation, Chicago Nut Company, a corporation. Tha Campbell Printers, a corporation, X I 'rice Sooa Company. Schroeder Brothers, a corporation, Daol-II art man Company, a corporation, Alexandsr T. Bagiey, K. D. SU Oeorge Manufacturing Co., a corporation; MoOllI Ticket Punch Company, a corporation. Bsm'l Bingham's Son Mfg. Co., a corporation, Jess Redrup. Holliday Manufacturing and Engineering Company, a corporation, A a ranee Machinery Co.. a corporation Amerieaa Plat and Picture Company, a corporation, Benjamin Church and Walter Holies, co-oartners doing business as Church Holloa. 1. E. Smyth. Geo, K Lloyd and Company, a corporation. Acme Electric Company, a corporation, ISdwarda, Deutsch A Heltman, a corporation, Chicago Last and Dl Co.. a corporation. E. J. Decker Company, a corporation. Sanitary Office Towel Company, a corporation, Oeorge O. Simpson. V. E. Havana and W. - H. Nteman. co-partnara doing huslnes aa Simpson. Bevana Co.. Wagner i Hanson Co.. a corporation,- Cow per MXa Co.. a corporation. Herman Rosenthal. John C. Burraelater. Henry M. Flik and Simeon F. Newhall. co-partcera doing business as Flsk Newhalli Chicago Plating Cnram mv ,uwuu- . I L'r4 T f--... 1 r- f- n tury Engraving Co.. a corporation. Sweet. Dempster ft Co.. a corporation. Western Insulated Wlra Company, a corporation. Chittenden Leyda and Frew, a corporation. Merchant's Lithographing Company, a corporation, Fred M. Dlckhut, George R. Rich Manufacturing Company, a corporation, A4draaograuli Company, a corporation, Reubea Malxer. dolnkbuslnesa as R. Mslieri Co.. Preston Frame Mfg. Co.. a corporation, Monasa Yoonkar Company, a corporation. -American Electric Telephoo Company, a corporation, Herbert ; B. McCinlland, F. G. Jungblut Co.. a corpora tion, Illinois EJctrle Specialty Co., a corporation. Stout Mfg. Company, a corporation. Electric Calculator Co.. a corporation. Golden Novelty Mfg. Company, a corporation. American Battery Company, a corporation. Walsh A Fisher Mfg. Co.. a corporation. .Charts K. Reed. Fink Newhall Telephone Co., a corporation. Carrier Loot Co.. a corporation. Van Auken Steam Specialty Co.. a corporation. Odell-Toung Typewriter Company, a corporation, Ferdinand E. Xammert and Arthur 8. Mann, co-partners doing business aa Lammert A Mann, and the Equttabi Trust Company, Trustee, a corporation. Bill. Illinois 'Portland Cement Pm vine- Comoany. a -corporation vs. The Northwestern Mutual Life xrtsuranc company, et ai. croea Kill, Th George R. Rich Manufacturin Company, a corporation, vs. Th Northwastern Mutual Llfa Insuraaoa Company. Warren-Springer, et aL Answer and Cross Bill. i Public notice la hereby given that In pursuance of a decree mad and entered by said court In th above entitled cause, on th 0th day of September. A. D. 1SK4, I Horatio L. Walt. Master in Chan-, eery cf th CLrcnit Court of aald Cook County, will on Monday, the 17th day of October, A. D. lleX. at the hour of two o'clock In the afternoon, at the Judicial Salesrooms of the Chicago Real Estate Board. Number 67 Dearborn Street, in th City of Chicago. County of Cook and State of Illinois, sell at public auction, to tha highest and beat bidder for cash, all and singular th following described premises, and real estate. In said decree mentioned, or so much thereof aa snail be sufficient to sattsry said decree, to-wlt: Lot Number Flva 5l and the North Forty-four 44) feet In width of Lot Number Eight (8) In Wright a Subdivision of Block Number Fifty-one (51) in the School Section Addition to Chicago. Th South Five-sevenths (5-7ths) of Lot Number Seven 7 in Wright's Subdivision of Block Number Flftv-AA l-M t in the Hchrat Mllf AAtlltiAn to- Chlcaajn. ewepting therefrom tbe South Seven and Two Twelfths -7 and 2-12ths feat in width. or satd Lot Number Seven . Lets Numbers Three CM. Five (Hi six fA). -Seven (7) and Eight 8 and the South Flftren f!5) feet In width of Lot Number Four 4). all In Block Nnmber Fifty-two (32) In th School Section Add! Hon to Chieas-a. Together with all boilers, engine, heating ap paratus, steam pSpeavshaftlng. Axed and movable machinery, and all other appurtenances and fixtures of every nature, which are now or may here after be placed on or used In or In connection with tne ouiidinm. or eitner or any of tnem now standing or which may hereafter b erected upon tbe premises hereinabove deecribed. or any part there of, together with tne privileges and appurtenance to the same belonging and all of the rents, issues and profits which may arise or oe had therefrom said premise oetng situated in tne ctty or en) can. t!auntv of Cook and State of Illinois. . Lated. enicago. Illinois, September ZZd. A. jj. lvwe HORATIO t. "WAIT. Master In Chancery of the Circuit Court of Cook county. HOTKEY O'CONNOR -HOYNE. -. - - - :. Cumplalnaat'a SoAlcll-nrs. MACHINERY, ETC FOR SALEh-REAL ESTATE. duplex porxrn tee pump x?x4 iv. Good for CO If. P. bol'er. I r orur, r4r-yaln at DATd-JoHNbo.-i CO.. 47 8. Canal st. - .... . CITY. TOn 8 ALB GREAT BAR0AIN!" 9 ACRKS, HOI9TIMO ENOINSS. CARS, team anovat. aaa maoniaery fHAW, Cblcago. Telephone . LoeoMOTiyr , generally. WllXii Ttnlnl 1TIU1 " trltnla six miles courthouse, near i!lwanev. A. DUNNINd. lit iMsrtwn SC. tnioaga. NORTH SIDE. OASOXJNS ENOINB. H. V., NEARLT NEW, ysea. w". cnewp lur caen, Kl Ola, inter UCH OASOLINB ENOINX3 STATIONART. PORTA- Di. traation. utvanaugn at Jjariey.a w. Randolph. FOR BALE ROGERS PARK PROPER TT. ROGERS TO U H T. "Or 1 gfnal Owners,'' M La Bella SOUTH SIDES. MEDICAL. FOR WOilEN OHLY: AKI SEB US FIRST." Our monthly regulator la th moat efflciant. oast, and only reliable remedy for delayed periods; It relieves the most obstinate and complicated ease I in-es noura, or to o days, without pain, dangsr, r intarferelMr srltti enrli, W K kmiLht feapplnass to hundreds of women, and have never Known tnis remedy to rati, xou win save time and failure hv callln hare before nslns? med1clna that injur tha health and do no good. Prion, $1 Lady la attendance. Obtained only at ofic or oy mail. VH. R, A RAYMOND REMEDY CO iw . o aouii ii., za noor, opp. tn ratr. Hours, A to T: Bunders. 10 to Is. FOR SALE PROPERTY ON SO. STATS ST. building-.with danc and inwating hail. 40x100. three stories: can b used for manufacturing pur- poesg: aplendld condition; good Income; aiwaya rantadi a6M. worth edO.twOL ARIUUli. 144 IS Bv, . FOR SALE MUST SELL MY LOT ON ITAIH at., south AM. west front i maka oOasv Addraaa. V sos. x n taw ucean. ABKAalAl. t OWN A FEW IMPROVED FARMS IN THH trlotnlty f Stuttgart, Ark. which I d esle te sell to uvmu awtuers; aiso amau ana large tracts of prairie land and hardwood timber land: send me your address, and I will mail you my Illustrated booklet ot (arasa la Arkansas, frs of charre. Ad- oraaa t . ... - a. box sen. 17Y Washington St., Chicaao. Hi. DR. McORATH. DR. McORATH. IIIXIXOU. THE LADIES' PHTtUCTAN. . Orfice. 78 Stat at,. Room SX Third Floor. -. Hours. 0 to 6: Sundays. 10 to 1. (Ooo. Msrshall Field's.) Ijdles are rMiiieatjMt tn Minmll r Xrfriretlft mi all diseases of a delicate nature, confinements, eta. Patients from out a town m.v writ rve U wlrs t K in ZU1I conndonce. Mil h will tve nlMtMl to Mnlv giving all information possible. . . " T8 "TATK ST.. ROOM S2. DR. McORATH. DR. McGRATK. 3S ACRES, WELL IMPROVED: 4T ACRE3 Prim commercial apple orchard; balance In grai and grain. Price. 137.00 pec acre. 8HINN BARRON. Flora, ill. v GET OCR FREK LIST OF ILLINOIS FARMS, full of haraaht WVItetodav 8. H. Morton A Co.. Land Agta., S04 Lincoln Trust Bldg. 8t. Louis. Mo. rOH LARGE AND SMALL FARMS WRITE TO WatUI -4k ACUIUMJLN. Fitagarr!!, 111.- MDUIA. - LADLES $500 REWARD for any female disorder onr well nroven method falls to rellAVA CMP nalnl.M In.lhml -4 v a trnmaw dlat relief without operation or danger. Obstinate, long standlnr cases yield within 24 hoar. SAFE RELIEF, to; at O.Tlc or by mail; particulars f re. Our NOTED GERMAN- SPECIALIST, who rata women only, offers f re. advice to unhappy women. Honrs. 9 to ti: Sunday, to to 1. WOKEN'S PRIVATE INSTITUTE, 185 Dearborn at., room MS: next ta the Fair. FOR SALE FOUR CHOICE FARMS. MOSTLY second bottom land; 40, 80, 77, 16S acres; well Improved, well dtalned; grows biggest crop of alt kinds; best of onion land. WIL C. HILLABOLD A CO. 17.-1 S3 La. Salle St. 'IDAHO. FOR' SALE IRRIGATED STATE LAND IN Idaho, 59 cents per acre; perpetual water right. 18 per aer: beat opportunity -in the country; Productive soil, healthy climate, good market. .. - JANSON'S LAND AGENCY, i - ; l&io N. Clark at.. Chicago, I1L V iricocele or Enlarged Veins - CI'RED ' ' IN ONE. TREATMENT, without pain or detention from bustaesa. Nervous Debility Successfully Treated. Office Hours: Dally from 9 a. m. to H p. m. Sundays from a. m. to 8 p. m. J. H. OREER. M. D 62 Dearborn at. - KANSAS. KANSAS LADIES SOO REWARD FOR CASK OF OB-stlnate suppressiorl. any cause In pathology, my monthly regulator fails. to relieve: sate, harm-leas; mail; bow long suppressed : bank reference- beware of frauds. DR. JOHNSON MED. CO.. S4. Ho Dearborn. Chicago. IRENE HOW SANITARIUM. TO JACKSON bvld earner Honor. . elegantly equipped comfortable, and homelike arivate aanitanum frr la dles during confinement: adoption; tobyslclana of enner sex that treat female trouble, fS. FARMINO AND GRAZING LANDS, neat la countrv. S3 to (12 an acre. Earr ttma navmenta. Send for RANCH NEWS and other literature. SH ELTON NYE. U. P. Land Dept.. 8v Dearborn at.. Chicago. FOR SALE-" ONLY 11. GO PER ACRE FOR ONE or flva full sections lnnd In Kansas. J. 8. MUKUKU, aiz. wo tiearoora at. FOR SALE SOO ACRES OF KANSAS OIL AND gaa land: also good farming land; golden opportunity. ARTHUR, 148 State at. MI CM IO AN. t!7t feet -thereof in R'Hrki. Il:.hwar'. .,K--( 1,-1. slon -the-Northeast Wuarter-(Nr-E.-Ak4 of Stctt si V T welve 1 H2). Township Thirty-nine-' i&H Nr-rta, r- Ji xnineen (iat lamt ot the Third Prtnclpa Meridian. In the Cnuntv of Codlc ami ttetstA rtl -Illinois. togeAer-arrtth ail" 'buildingsn- iieBrove- qsrnts itkereone atal tencnto la -1 iMfrdl taroln auu fuunuuiiTs inereio Belonging, -j..- Tated. Chlc. . I !l t n,U, -A -flk: H "WYT.T.T A Xf" - tnF-TIl"RI Master In Chancery , of the Circuit Court .of Cook uounty. Illinois. - -A. R. GATES. Comslainaht'g Solicitor. HOWARD COLLVER, ATTORNEY. - 1:222 I'nKv Vtnilrfln STATE OF ILLINOIS. COCNTY OF COOK. SSL Circuit Court of Cook County. To the November Term, a. d. IV4. Robert Skelton and Edward Lloyd, copartners trading under the firm name and atyte or reiton Liuyd. T8. Erirk Lamlbeck-Hulda Lundbeck. his wife. Percv V. Caetle. truete. the unknown owner or owner of the notes secured by a certain trust deed recorded In the neceroer s onto) of Cook County. Illinois. In Book 5"i tf Records at page 510 as Document number 2oinin, jtmi t. i,inogren. true tee, and the unknown owner or owners of the notes secured be a certain trust deed recorded In th Recorder's Of- nc of Cook County, Illinois, in Book All o recoros at nare z.i:i as itemment mnnir '.tu itt tn Chancery. No. 2rAH,YL Th reoulait adltiavita haviaar been flleJ In office, notice is hereby given to th said, the un known owner or owners of the note secured by a certain trust deed recorded In the Recorder's fflc of Cook County, Illinois. In Book ft'lft of ""r a page i aa ocumeat number zaiwrtO, John it. Llndgren, trustee. - and th unknown owner or owners of th note secured by a certain trust oee4 recorded in the Recorder's office of -oo omy. nunois. in norm ot f.l nr records a pag zm aa uoewment number 2B70TT. that tha above named Complainants Sled their Kill of tempiuiii in saia court, on tl). Chancery aide thereof, and that a summons thereuoon isu out eaiu touo against ine a Dove named de fendants, returnable on the Brut day of tbe terra ot tn circuK court of Cook County, to be held at th Court House In rhinavn. la i-t County, on the Third Monday of November. A. IX IH04, aa la by law required, and which suit la still PBHUUII. ... ... ' JOHN A. COOKE, Clerk. HOWARD COLLVEK. Compl'ta' Sol'r. L. E. B ARTLETT AND JONAS C. HOOVER. AT- ft HI Ashland Hlock STATE OF ILLINOIS- itrt.'NT V OFCnonr B9 Circuit Court of Cook County. To th October Term. A. D. 1904. Kethryn Mill! va, Frank Duan Mlllla. In Chancery. N. StrCwWg. Notlc la hereby given to the aald Frank Duan auis inai iiw aouv namei tMnauiBMi aMtA- for filed her Bill of Complaint in aald Court on the Chancery side thereof, and that a summons thereupon issued out of aald Cuurt agalaat the above named defendant, returnable on the first day of the term of th Circuit Court of Cook County, to b held at th Court House in Chicago, In said Cook County, on the Third Monday of October. A. D. IU)i4. as iaby law required, and which suit la uu pen i tig. . - ' ' , . JOHN A. COOKE. Clerk, L. E. BARTLETT AND JONA8 C. HOOVER. . . - Oomprfa Sol' rs. FRANK P. LEFFINOWELL, ATTORNEY. ' TtrWMM 7lMl 1H7 I Q, fTTATB OF ILLINois. COUNTY OF COOK. 8& In the Superior Court of Cook County. In chan cery. Beatrice Estella Austin,- complainant, vs. William Harry Austin, defendanc Gen. No. 2SU.VW. NOTICE Is hereby given that there Is now nend. Ing In the Superior Court of Cook County. lilt nols. on the chancery alda thereof, a certain suit in which Beatrice Estelle Austin is comuiainant ana v uiisra nirry jkusun is aexenasnt: summon, oar muw out ot sata court against the above named defendant, returnable on the first day of the term of said Superior Court to be held In th oou rt iwua In Ch W-s go. In said County, on th nrst Monday of November, lttu, aa required bylaw. JOHN A. LINN. Clerk. rrtAK. l . LKf risun r-iLs Bollcrtor for oouiplalnant. KRACS. ALBCHULKR i HOLD EX. ATTOR NEYS. . . " Tribtme Building - ; ElfTATB , OF CHRISTttPHKR RICK. DR. "-,,KrTu. n-etwon bavlng r la litis aaalnst the e- . . . lll.her Rick. Wased. are hereby nv lift-d l rm-iMt to attend and present such claims te the probata Court of Ceok County 1111-f",rJr" " aa tbe same adjusted ;ort. to be held at th Probate Court Room, la the city of Chicago. Insaidt'k County, on the third Mondsy of November A IIXkt. beintr the Slat day there-w - - w' ' H' Dated Chicago. Septrniher vuth. I9l4 ' . . , . . THKRESIK tll'XKEL, Administratrix with will annexed KRtrajtLjt;i UK t noLDEN, Attorneys. . - F. T. SI'LLIVAN. ATTORNET. " 1017 Ashland Hlock. ESTATE OF DELIA PAH KY. PEfTAlED All i-ereons having elarms agalnut th estate of , AM-lla Pshey, deceased, are hereby notified and r-nirrTiio ig lurBV " rwv-it l seen Clatlpt to tha Pmbaie Ceurt of Cook Couny. Illinois, for the ..-. -purtMisa- of li.vmr the same adjustt-d at a term of aid Court, to ! held at the Probate Court Room. In -the ctty rrf Chlt-sgo. In raid Cnog Couuty. oa the -'' trMnl Morwlity Ijf November, A. D, lu4, bjlng the ,'. ' Slut dy thereof. t'l'.t i Dated Coli n... at,tmhvr ??d IHU ' . JACOB URAF. Aiimlnlstrator. F. T. IlLUVAK. Attorney. J.ij WALTER 8. WHITON :ANP THADDEU8 B. ALLEK, ATTORNEYS, 1 -V. Ir.. ... Ill . ESTATE OF DENNIS KEN NET. DECEASED. All persona bavins; dalma against th ret at. f Denala Keaney. deceased, are berebr notified and requested to attend and nreaent such rlalm. to th Probate Court of Cook County, Illinois, for th purpoe ot having the nam adjusted at a term of said Court, to be- held at th Probata Court Room. In th City of Chicago. In aald Cook County, on tha thtrd Monday of November. A. D IPO, being tha zlst day thereof. Dated, Chicasro. September 22nd, 1004. PATRICK 8. DL'NNJbL Administrator - WALTER 8. WHITON AND THADDEUaTg. ALI.EK, Attorneys. . n. . F. T. BinXIVAN. ATTORNET. 1017 Ashland Block. ESTATE OF EDWARD FAME Y, DECEASED All persons having claims against tbe estate f Kdward Fabry, deceased, are hereby notlfted and requested to attend and present such claims to the probata Court of Cook County. Illinois, for the porpoa of having the sam adjusted at a term ef said Court, to be held at th Probate Court Room In th City of Chicago, In aald Cook County, on th third Monday of November. A. D. 1U04. using th 21st day thereof. ... Dated Chicago. September 226. 1004. JACOB GRAF. Administrator. F. T. SULLIVAN. Attorney. CHARLES AV-. ESPEY, ATTORNET. 1 1 Reaper Hlock. ESTATE OF P. PETER JENSEN, DECEASED. All person having claims against the estate of P. Peter Jensen, deceased, are hereby notified and requeeted to attend anil present such claims to th. Probate Court of Cook County. Illinois, for th purpoe of having the same adjusted at a term of aald Court, to Be held at th Probate Court Room. In the City of Chicago, In said Cook County, on the third Monday of November. A. D. 1104, being the 21st day thereof. Dated Chicago, October uth. IfKH. 11AX-NA1I JENSEN, K "et- uu ix. CHARLES W. ESPET. Attorney. W.A. HAMILTON. ATTORNEY; 12S La Salle Street. ADMINISTRATRIX'S BALK STATE OP ILLI- nois. Count v of Coble . In th Probate Court of Conk County. In the matter of the estate of Georr -Love, deceased. . Anna M. Love. Adminis tratrix ef the estate of"eorare Love, deceased, s Annie L4ve, V iniam Love, and James Love.- I'etltton to real estate to par Oeots. Public .notice is hereby given that, by virtu of tne oecretai oraer snaue ano enierea oi recora oy saui court in tne a oove muum cause on tne twenty-eighth (SUiin day -of aWptamber, A. D. 11KH tne said administratrix will at the hour or l o'tlodk iA. Mi e Katurdar. Ixiie .TV-en t.v 4 nth 2th)-lav or-OCtObeV. A: D. l!r.MtM iilh-lal rirtienrovim or tne cntcas-o kmi .srsre nosra. No 1 oT" T )rm-w e-ft? in heXH t v of c K-iA. County oi'uwx.1 ami Ktateorrirmour. - loxsale and antt'lt .pubucvemtueeo-tbe itlgheat and ber a4dV oan-Tor eascw to say tba debts or raid estate, all tne rient. utie, sntereert. ano estate wbieh Uir ss Id Qeorg Love, decraerd.. -had at th tkm f his a earn in ana to tn following deserinetl real estate, to-wlt: - - - - - Air of Lot one hundred and alxty-ftve -fl6S 1h B. M. Larmrji'a subdivision of block three 3 In me canal irusiees Kooaivisinn ot section thlrtv-three 33l. Townshln thirty-nine 3ii North Range fourtera f!4) East of the Third Principal asencitan. in cook county, liunoia The above described property will be sold free ana cicar or tne eaiate ot notoeeteaa ot the-widow of said deceased and of her minor but subject to tha dower right Of aald widow and to me--interest ot Annie ixve by a certain deed dated May 25th: . and also subject to the title or interest, conveyed by -th following conveyances: On May 24th. UfflS. th decedent, then re- siuing on aata property, msae a conveyance there- or, in wntcn nia wire am not Join, to Hannah Brady, and on May 25th. 1S98. said Hannah Brady conveyed said premises to said George Love and Annie Lore.- his wife. ' . N deed or deeds will be delivered to the rur- chaser or purchasera until satd sale has been re- lwim v ano approvea oy tne saia rronat Court. taiN, A.acan-o, peptemoer zittn. jitoe. ansa m tjrxrv Administratrix of the estate of George Love, ge- W. A. HAMILTON. Attorney. '-'r . FREDERIC R. DETOtNO, ATTORNEY, i 13u8 Chamber of Commerce Bldg. RSTATE OF EDE LUCRS MEINDER8. DE-ceased. All persons having claim against th estate of Ed Luurs Metnders. deceased, are hereby notlfted and requested to attend and present even ciatms to in l too is court or Coos County. Illi nois, for tbe purpose of having th same adjusted l m imn t .am uuri, to oe nr in at tne frobata Court Room, in the City of Cblcago. In aald Cook tounir, w int mini aioiuiey -ot November A. D. 1104. being the 21st day thereof. Dated Chicago, Sentember 22nd. 1904. T ANDRIES VodEL. Executor. FREDERIC R. DKIOUNO. Attorney. FREDERIC R. DE TOUNQ. ATTORNET. 130H Chamber of Comaneree Ride ESTATE OF AQNES ORAY. DECEASED ALL persons navtcg claim against tha estate of Ann uixt. oeceaeea. are nerenv nntlflMt en.f requested to attend and present such claims ta the Probate Court of Cook County. Illinois, for the purpoe of having the same adjusted at a term of said Court, to be held at the Probate Court Room. In the City of Chicago, in aald Cook County. on tne iRini muuunj ot xovemoer. A. 1. tbva, b Ing tne zist aay thereof. . Dated Chicago. September 22nd. 1904." " SAMUEL ORAY. Administrator. FREDERIC R. DE IOUNO. Attorney. . FREDERIC R. DE TOUNO. ATTORNEY. ' lllH Chamber of (Vimmere. I Irl ESTATE OF HENRY C. RIOkbAS. iKCEtJirr -All persons having claims against the estate of y ivumiM. qeceaseq. are nereoy nottned and requested to attend and present such claims to the Probate Court of Cook County. Illinois, for the purpose of having the same adjusted at a term of said Court, to be held at the Probate Court Room, in the City of Chicago. In said Cook County, on the third Monday of November, A. D. IVOA. being the 21st day thereof. . . Dated Chicago. September 22nd. I MM. STELLA T. RIOKDAN. Executrix. FREDERIC R. DB TOUNO. Attorney. FREDERIC R. DE YOUNG. ATTORNEY. 1S0S Chamber of Commerce nml-lin. - ESTATE OF. JACOB HEINTZ. DECEASED All pemons naving claims against the estate of Jacob Helnts. deceased, are hereby notified and requested to attend and present such claims to th Probate Court ef Cook County. Illinois, forth. purpose of having the same adjusted at a term af said Court, to b held at th Probate Court Room. In th. city of Chicago. In said Cook County, on th third Monday of November, A. D. 1V04. be lns-the 21st dsy thereof. " Dated Chicago. Sentember 2!Mh. 1904. ELISABETH A HEINTZ. Executrix. FREDERIC R. DE YOUNG. Attorney. FREDERIC R. DB TOnNO. ATTORNET. iao Chamber of Commero. Hirf. . ESTATE OF JAMES R. TH.I.uaw r.i. ceased. All persous having claims against th estate of James R. Stfllman. deceased, are hereby notified and requested to attend and r J. claims to the Probate Court of Cook County. Illi nois, iw r"wMi m naving int same adjusted at a term of said Court, to be held u ik. t. i Court Room, la the City of Chicago, In said Cook County, on the third Monday of No v. caber. A. D Dated Chicago, beptemner zzi. 1904. ; ,,' . SAMUEL DANIELS. Administrator with the Will Annexed. FREDERIC R. DB TOUNO. Attorney. LOAN OFFICES. FRANK'S COLLATCKAt.XulL muv Tha eldeat. th richer, the Most wi 4 - ki. v . most llberaL and the losreat rate loan office in the tr-ntteu Diaise. tnreaema aiaxaosae and Aewalt-e at half Stat street prices. TV saqison sr.. iwt ciarit at.. la dark at. LAUNDRY. WATTE LATJNDRT rV 9aa-i rwt nsnra at-; tel. S. 804: et. 1870: fine eollarand ens work MACHINERY ETC. nsls Cklcuagf rims. .v PTTNCH PRESSES. DIES, SPITCI AL MACHIN-erjr and metal specialties. 60-M W. Washington at., cor. Clinton. , Kohler Die and Specialty Co STEAM PUMPS VARIOUS SIZES. DUPLEX and single: nw and second hsnd U',-tta 1.., urness Broa, Ca.. IU M. Dasplatas at. Monro IwA IDA VON 8CHULTZ. 4 N. CLARK ST.. NEAR Division Regular arraduate and expert In obstet rics, female complaints. Irregularities, etc Scholar i tTHeanr aim in aieriin: za years" experience. Ladle in trouble -call or writ. Tel. Dearborn 2. - . drTjp. bennetT SPECIALIST IN DI8EASES OF MEN OlfLT. 48 K. VAN Bl'REN ST. . . Hours: a. m. to 8 p. m. ; Suaaays. 9 a. in. f 12 m. MRS. HORTA FAUST MAN, 484 N. CLARK ST. I Keralar rradaal of obstatrice: ail dlfncult eaa day and night: instruction given in all delicate; csssa prior confinement; zu yeanr experience. DR. w! F BRINEN-13 DEARBORN BT.l room 418: treats ladle only, by his new. scientific. painless method; many return home same day or remain in nis private maternity noma. MRS. WHITE. 2509 WABASH. AV.. FORMERLY Mrs. Tanne Regular-graduate In obstetrics; fe-male complaint, eta, 1 1 infanta adopted; ladles ! taken before and during confine meat. MRS. DIETRICH. 69 OGDEN AV., GRADUATE University of Lelpxlg. takes ladles during confinement; all female diseases treated: sure help and nt cure guar. : tnfaitta aoopied; IT years exp. DR. WOOD. 121 LA SALLE ST.. OLD GRADU- at physic las ; private aem before and during confinement: infanta adopted; advice free. H. 9 toft. FOR SALE 10, 20. 20. 40. OR MORE ACRES, $10 per acre: ft down, 2&e per month until paid; best potato, peach, grape, plum, cherry, pear, apple, or small fruit land; Muskt-gon or Lake Co.. Michigan would take part trade: what have you 7 SADJUER. 121 La Salle at. - FOR SALE 40 ACRE FRUIT FARM. NEAR Hartford, Mich.; all covered with fruit, except IS acres for truck garden: owner Uvea on It. JOHNSON A SULLIV AN. 14S La Sail at. TO RENT APARTMENTS. IOITU SIDE. - Tn BrvTUJiiM CALUMET A V.: STEAM HEAT hot watsri gas rangs: no children: 2 R. up; 812 up. TO RENT ROOMS. - - SOUTH SIDK. TO RENT-MICHIGAN AV. AND 22D ST.. LEXINOTON HOTEL flraproor. nign graae. few rooms, at 4- (0. ST ner Rooms have hot and cold water, with private er week each and up. bath.. lo.B0 ner week and ud. Clothes closet, electric light, finely furnished. Prompt bell service. ... . Oentletnaa'a bathroom on each floor: no extra and new. popular priced gentlemen's Long distance telephone la every room. ST. LOIIS. " v BOn-f DELMAR AV. I HAVE 6 NEATLT FCR-nlshed rooms for World's Fair visitors: residence district, on direct car lines, eight minutes to fair grounds: ! per day, with bath. Go direct from station to MRS. H. M. WATERS. WORLD'S FAIR VISITORS NOTICE ROOMS BOe a dsvr meals 2Sr; take Laclede car at Union station to vanoeventar a v.. bloc aoutn to MJ4 Mr ore st ran nivo.. t-t. luls. Mo. HOTELS. , HOTEL MADISON. Opposite Brevoort House, v on Madison St.. between - La Sill and Clark at. ' i . Room with private bath. IJ per day. " . Other rooms. 81 per day. - '.. This house la etrictlr first class. A LI. UtON AND BRASS BEDS. Hair Mattrssses, Electric Lights. . , Jilerator.- eta, HOTELS. . . ST. LOl'IS ACCOMMODATION. Chlcagoana deafring accommodations for Chicago week at St. Louie Fair will find first class rooms. with or without meals, at va :-MnoH-house, :m - 8025 MORGAN STREET. ! C01 1 tapondence aolicttad. Two car llnea direct to around. SAURYJANS LOANS TO ALL CLASSES SALARIED PEOPLE; also on furniture. Easy payments: quick, con ft - SeatlaL K. u. iz la Salle st. Tel. Market 671. LOAN EMPLOTES WITHOUT INDORSER and give low rates and confidential treatment. M. MT MITCHELL. 134 Monroe. Room T07. RAILROAD TIME TA3LES. - Michlnan Central Aiafsra rati 7o.: N.Y.C. O IX. and B. tj a. KallroadA NortttfotTi V:nerT,.rarur.ra August 2 UOt. - fcv. Ckkag. Ar.C.ciur Kslsmoo. Battle Creek, .lark- f I" --" am ?. aia eon. Aaa Ar'ot. l-etr-.n, M. I x x.1.0 pm n I wai Tbmwas.Bafl.lo, ltorhM4r, I - fna 17 n . eyracu", I ilea. Albssy. New I "swjcsut e iifipm sot K Jtost .and AaataraPU. I ... iltput I Trains marked " pas) lunar rifV" TVtroit Nieht K Ksiamasoo sod lotennedista DetroU sad Main Lin aolats... ' Ralamasoo Aeeonintonacloa.... Lsnalag, Owpsi, Seglnaw, ny f CU. and bagmew Dlvlslo points I CasKoolls. Tare Rivera Air I Line Divuaua pnlnta, Jarasea and Air I tn Hr.PnNKa . Oraad KapldsTlrwToskey. Harbor ( epnnga, aa Mackiaaw 1 1 .. fi Craad "-.'O im norm Uam S S" bin 10 am M.Mfea 11 M ant .13 am Lue pin fVtitl pm pnl am 4)ptn t-Kv pm iLliiant A40 pm t Mput Cam a 7 Mam t put t lt.Mpia tia pm I Kan and Tiatetag Ctty tllJvnni TJBarn bApkU lUpresa t LUput a An) bob Union Ptssranr tutlon 1 -. . 1 . -- Ison st Ttchet ornce at start 00 and 248 Clark st cor. Jackson, 'and Auditorium hotel. Through trains run aa follows.- .Uairr. 1n.11. From Chieam Tn-i Fort Wayne A Alliance...... Leave. 4 V taO Indiana noils A Loulevllle.....l ix am Davton a Cincluiatl titi-iM Columbus. Ilalto. A Wash.... 10:06 am Philadelphia A New am Th Manhattan Limited Irt-Opm Pittsburg Washington 1 -00 pot Philadelphia A New York.... 1:00 pta Plttsbure. Balto. A Waal. a a i k Philadelphia A Nw York.... OO pm in fennaylvania Limited...' O0 pra Pittsburg A Washington 6:00 pm Philadelphia 4k New York O0 pm Pah.. Y'gatown A New Caatla e 1 In n Columbua. Pgh. A the East... i-.on Cincinnati A Davton.... tl-Uu. Indianapolis A Louisville...... :oo pea nttsourg sr tne aat 11:4S pm Arrive. 7 -as am o -so pm 6 so pm S:l0 pm 5 :00 pm . 4 :ti0 pnt 4 : pnt 4 :tH pm :S pnt :4S pm 8:29 am 2o am 8:29 am T:S9 am T M am 1:10 am T:10am 7 am ILLINOIS nrNTRttlT.f.rmnnnii -n . Xrotn CentraistaUoo. 12th at. and Park row. 2700. : " SL Louis and Springfield ' Leave. t f'r opeciat 1VI am Daylight Speclal........12.fr4 pm rvtiecisj. ............ u:ZI pra Midnight Special HI ': pm Memphis. New Orleans., 8:23 am P...M11. -. . . - . . Memphis, Hot ttpritigal New Orleans e a Evansvllle. Cairn. South.. sion pm noutnera Fast Mall. 2-60 am Mtnnnanotla and St. PanI a -on . unuiu. council Hknrrm Arrive. 4:60 pm T M ant "04 am 10 .60 pm t 8:30 pm U: am f:M ant 4:30 am a-SK an. g -OH b r-. Dubuoue. Sioux City. S Fall 00 pm e a:.ig m Dubuque. Omaha. C. Bluffs.. :1.1am 0:63 pm uDBque m auty raat Mali.- 2:66 am - T:0n am Dubuque Local . : pm t 1:28 m- sar an-w lAiva waaw t 1 Tor j--r a - tow rates. NATIONAL FINANCE COMPANY", room ait", zia la taii. st. SALARY LOANS 810 TO 9200: EAST PAT. an.nts. Call or write. Room 816, 77 Jackson bird. CHICAGO ALTON RT. "THE ONLT WAT - City ticket office, lot Adam at. 'Phon Harrison SHOES TO ORDER. Catalan Sxtetoaaakers, Union psasenaer atation. Canal at k.i.u. Adams and Madison sta. "Phone. Main 2123. Ar.Chgo. 8:02 pm 5:O0 pm 7.15 am 8:10am 1:40 pot FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE MICHIGAN farina for fruit or general farming, with tools and machinery- 121 La Sail. at.. Room 82. . - FOR SALE THREE FORTIES, CLEAR. LAKE or Maakegon couoty; lana.wtu gaiae anytning grown In Michigan; (10 sera; fl down, balance 1 1 per month. HOKE. 121 La Salle at. VOLK BROS. .11 . nr AWAkan. - araln. and stock farms. 218 ia saiie ac. Chicago. FOR SALE FARMS. ALL SIZES AND PRICES, tn famous Michigan fruit belt. Send for 1904 catalogue. Just out. OREEN. 703. 218 La Salle st. FOR SALE GOOD LAND. 8-1 TO 810 AN ACRE; crops pay $10 to f 100 an acre. Lieu ire. "BRANCH." White Cloud. Mich. WHITE LAKE. MICHIGAN. JUST TO GET tnem stancu. uhi. aa. r iv. acre, as montniy. aiu REED 4 IORTO.V". li7 Dearborn et. FOR SALE MICHIGAN FARMS. ALL POINTS; easy terms: others: list free. L Reppert. 84 Clark. LADIES DR- LA iKANCO'-S COMPOUND; safe, speedy regulator.' 25-cents. Druggists or matt. -Moo let tree- pkta ritAti, rnuadeip'a. MR8. PLENZL SI 53 K EAD3TED ST. EXPERT In obstetrics: 20 years' -exp. ; all cases; ladies' prl-vate sanitarium; very best care. DR. STEWARD, 84 ADAMS ST. DISEASES OF woaaea; to ; Bunsays, ia to 4; prtvata-hospitaL j BRlNTOl ABSORPTioN TREATMENT- FOR paralysis.. Cent.- 213uT, R. 607. I'M Dearborn st. aflSSOrRL. FOR SALE MT 800 ACRE GRAIN AND STOCK farm. 42 miles west of St. Louis, at a great bargain; 3 (JO acres Is to crops; balance fine timber pasture. D. E. BUCK.L1N. 149 La Salle at-. Chicago. FOR SALE IMPROVED FARMS NEAR epringtteM: Mo.'. $11 to (20 acts, with half tha fruit and crop: fare refunded. 40. 90 Washington st. LADIES TREATED SUCCESSFULLY. 89. DR. Arnold. 48 Van Buren,' R. gll. next Slegel-C'p'a DR. STEWARD-DISTzASBTS OF"' MEN; CURE, j so. mm ajearoora at. , aoom ami v to o. - - ' MAHITOBA. MUSICALJNSTRUMENTS. -C-silegre)'a ;! xleadJxtgr Di tlera. - Buj a Piece of tie Eartli In MANITOBA 'or WESTERN -CANADA-, (ram ...... DOUOLAa "LAND O. .- - " O. 910. - 18S Madison at:; Chicago -- T MANITOBA' BUY ' SOME farming Is Oct. 18. ' t'AND. '.WHERE and very profitable: excursion CHAS. COOK. 100 Washington, Chicago, LaasUasT ttnmi svtn TBI! I.AME Chicago Custom Shoe Hoaset 64 8th av. eatalotru - - - - - - Send for STAMPS, COINS, ECT rrmJt Cklcr ' iMMtl-ers. BOT OR SELL ILLUSTRATED COIN BOOK. ; 10c. BEN G. -OREEN 13 jaAaonio tempi. ST U "TT E R 1 N 0 ETC CHICAGO SCHOOL OF SPEECH CURES STAM- mertng. etc. : call or writ, xat wabasn a v. KSt.Lous-Springnid Train Lv.Chgo. Prairie State Expreaa...,. M OO am Alton Limited. ., ,n am Palace fcxpreas...,..M.... Midnight Special ll:40ptn Bloom gton-Sprgfleki LocaL 1 uJO pm Streator-Peoria Trains - - Peoria Expreas ..t 8:00 am' Peuria-Chicago Llmit'-d t 4:20 pm Peoria Midnight Special ll:4upm Jackaonvllle-Kansas City Trains Kansas City Hummer ..... :oo pm Midnight Special 11:40 pm Bloom-tton-J-k'nrin. Local. t P:uO am onAu TRUNK RAILWAT 8TSTKM DE A It- station. 'Phowe Hai-r TtW m. ti-l., ST?' t-'11 i- and Jackson bird. 'Phone Harr. til :6B am : 8 5 pm T.Uaai 8:85 am 1:40 pm . t B.-O0 pm 797. All trains stop at 47th at Jew tori an Fbllarl.lnlilB via Niagara FaIlathe"Orand Trunk-Lrhigh Valley Route" Portland, Toronto. Montreal. STEAMH EATING, PLUMBING, ETC GEO. H. KIRK. HEATING ENGINEER: REA- aonabi price; first class work, frxia Wentworth. Oueb- anH Kn.ina Niagara Fslls, Bul "London, and flatniitiia Detroit A Ate. Clemens i Saginaw and Bay Cltr... Local Hlrlilna .1 atlwm Local, Cemeteries A Harvey! Lcoai. Valparaiso. Leave. Mlsm 2:02 pm 8:19 pm 8:30 pm 8.13 pra . 8:02 pm 8:19 pm 11 : -5 era 8:19 pm Til :oe i Arrive. T:Mm 1 :. pot 86 pnt 7:20 am :6 pm T:2oam . 8:66 pm 7:20 am t 66 pm 7:20 am 8:19 nm ' v.:66 n t 8:S2ara t7:19 pm 12.00 n'n 3:18 pm - 4t! pra :40ara TRUSSES, APPUANCESETC. Bltatsls) Chic Flrnas. RKJFTURE CUEEBI WABASH RAILROAD DVPOT nn A n nnn-NT station. Polk and Dearborn sta. Ticket oft ice. tT Adams St. and IS Conirress St. Telephone Cite swuvej, nir. ttfru; or pot. ta. Ian. World's Fair Special 8:43 sin Banner Blue Limited . . .it. on rwria un os-nnroeui r in T t-i.i mm St. Louis Limited Express.. 5:17 na To- star cured by Dr. A. H. delist in Hernia for over 30 years loo rewi greatest skill and offers 8100 i of Rupture his Retentive Truss fails to retain. ami nation and treatise free. Parker. Leading Brie rs. He applies the am tor any case s to retain, ea se State sc. Chicago. jhtpewr Chicaaro's ! Ala; Deatlara. , ' "-'TTPEWRITERSLj -:- - i . Greet bergs lets in-all make. , .Reasonable rentals. Expert repairing; c" f DfW 11 X.- T V U A tl W.T C a-J-V V Har. 8076. H. 207-4) W abash a. St. Louis tc Peoria Express.. 11 :.10 pra Peoria and Texaa Limited.... 9:49 am jr arrest Accommoaation 4:35 pm Continental L td N.Y.. Bost.ll :oo am Detroit. N. Falls aad Nr. t-no r Pittsburg Expresa..., S.tiOpm Montpeller Accommodation.. 2t pm Detroit N. FaUs A Host. F.x.ll :00 pm Toronto, Mont. A Can. Exp.. 3.-00 pra Arrive. 6:22 pm 0 :DO mi V j: pm 7:30 am 8:fi2 am 8:22 pm :47 am 8:60 pm . :.W pm 10:2 am 10:02 am 7:15 am 8:30 pm 'Tei A. B. CHASE PIANOS ARE SOLD ONLT BY Groevenor, Lejsham A- Co., 203 Michigan av.. 6th noor. tne Fine Arts bug. Plauoa for rest and good i secona nana pianos st bargaia prtcas. on easy payments. Tsl. 2U Harrison.- - : UIKHEtOTA: SPECIAL. BARGAINS- IN NEW AND SECOND .-V.. IlAll trtllliHTriANOII. - - ADAM SCHAAF--ESTABLISI1EP 1871. MANUFACTUREB OI" HIGH GRADE PTa'xOS. 819. 8105. S17S. s20A-each! new tmrirhf Pianos: snaitogaay. walnut, and oak -casea; every piano warranted lor tea rears; en terms you can pay. - - '1 PAYMENTS 810 CASH, $3 MONTHLY. . -1; Including handsome stool and scarf. -- .. ; ADAM SCHAAF. " - 147-11 W. Madison sc. Comer Union st. - FOR SALE FARMS. ALL SIZES AND PRICES famous Red River valley of Minn. WILKIN CO. LOAN AND ABSTRACT 'OO., Breckenrldge, ai i n n. . or jua. UAniz., vi pwiwni St.. vnicago. NORTH DAKOTA. OUT THET OO - .- TO NORTH DAKOTA. BIO CROPS AND FREE homesteads. Ticket from WH. H. BROWN CO.. 1H1 Ija SaAle at., cnicago. - - - - - WISGONSIX. SCHDBEM.T- PIAHOS . - T7 WArlASH AVE. 8HEKTMIIIC. POPULAR. SHEET MUSIC " . : . , . .. .ISC r-EK ton. TH'S RAY CO so Washington at. MINES AND MINING. THE LA BAL- MINING REGION. IN SOUTH - tern t tan. Is tne best aria in tne west todar f or peopie of limited means to ber-ome latereeted in gold mining properties on a reasonable basla. I desire tn co-operation of parties ta assist an tn ths development of a good preperty. jterereac given, ii necessary. Aoqrssa. MANAGER IOWA GROUP MINING CO.. B la. Grand Co.. Utah. HAVE YOU H01TEY.TO INVEST? Her. la rauf chance.! 1.840 acres of excellent - hard wood timber land, on which ts a town site with a larae store, hotel, barn 38x80. and about 20 log houses: two trains cany: tun acres la valuable timber: balance not so beavllv - timbered clone to Northwestern By. Owner must sail; can b nougat lor. a per acre. A-ai on GEO. KNOBLAUCH FARM LAND CO. Suite 207, 115 Dearborn St. FOR SALE THE BEST CROPS J "a-. ,M WISCONSIN are In Marfnetta countr. when we own and offer 1 0Q. OOO acres of the most desirable and most con veniently locate, jarnuug lanua ten ror settisment In Wisconsin: there is no better grass or clover In America Tor aneep. atoca, aw airymg: enotc large and small tracts at reasonable prices and EASY TERMS: arrange for a trip NOW and you will be well impressed with the country; EXCURSION RATES DAILY: call or write for free Booklet. pKlllstUKB bAhl CO.. - 634 Tribune bldg.. Chicago. BARKER HOSES L. COL. . . 188 La Salle St. OO an. line Operators. , mn SALE WOOD COUNTT rwiSCONSINl farming land; call in and get excursion tickets and go op and as any lead; also the flaa growing crops: they will tU you waat ine eou a. . J. M. SECRIST. owner. 128 tat BaMe at. I. DUN RAVEN TOUNO. ANALYTICAL CHEM-1st and aaaayer. 17S3 Monadnock. 'Phone Har. 242a. Viv BAI.K A BIG BARGAINr 120 - ACRES Wleoenata farm land, frame dwelling with stone basement: good barns and outbuildings; 70 acres in cultivation; machinery, crops, team, and 14 cattle; only S2.&OU. Morton I . uuwr. Any., to la nail St. OPTICIANS. - LetdUaigr CrlalcsBarai Optlelaxts. ... . nv rw at an n . wrw-.. wmv .bnn n. nmni w v-v.. . . ri. i wvri.1 n b i . Eyes Carefully Tested-rSatisfactlon Guaranteed. viIA IV . VAMCAftP. anirnoiuaurrLIKM. IT COSTS ONLY 8H TO INSPECT OUR PROS-wraam NEW FARMS. Clark Co.. Wis. Hardwood timber land: soil equal Illinois: 815 acre. - Write for booklet. HARMON CO.. 171 Washington st MISCELLANEOUS. BORSCH CO.. SPECTACLES AND EYE glasses a specialty; -consult as snout your eyes and improve your sight. luS E. Adams at. PRAIRIE LANDS IN ARKANSAS. NEBRASKA. wMna atliinrants and the Dakota. Chean ex cursions; mapa and price Ust free. LARS JOHN SON, 1023 Chamber of Commerce bldg., cblcago. PERSONAL. FOR SALE FARMS IN MICHIGAN. SUMMER homes in Aiicnigan; tanoa in taaaua. n . i. LUKENS. 1218 Chamber ef Commerce. PERSONAL ANY POOR GIRL NEEDING A home, friends, or advice, call on or address STAFF CAPTAIN M. LOUISE COGGESHALL. matron Salvation Army R9sru and Maternity home, lv-21 Lane pi- Chicago. UL - ' - WIDOW. HAVING COZY FLAT ISOI'TH Rinri will rant rooms to quiet, select parties: 16 minutes to business district. cnone Douglas 27 Hi WIDOW DESIRES TO MEET A FEW SELECT people la ber owa home; confidential. Address B ooo. n laiw vttm. WIDOW WILL - RENT - ROOMS TO oriRT couple and jrentlemen; coaOdenUal. 743 W. Madl- nax. WANTED REAL ESTATE. LIST YOUR PROPERTY OR FARMS WITH Us; will -act eulck. Have buyers st hsnd. Call or write to A A. JAN KOWSKI A CO.. 121P Ck amber ef Commerce; 3tM Milwaukee av. Opea evening and Sunday afternoons. REAL ESTATE LOANS. TO RENT IN DESIRABLE LOCATION, FOR nrst-ciaas people, elegant room. Tel. 17U2 South. TO RENT FURNISHED ROOMS FOR PRIVATE ' couptea, anal ass -d ai. n wir vcean. SIX PER CENT FIRST MORTGAGE REAL ESTATE AlOLD BOND - FOR SALE. - - ' lf AND 8500 EACH. WE REPUROfcLAnE TH KSS AWANDS AT ANT J EN N IN OS" REAL ESTATE LOAN COMPANY. First National Bank Building. Telephone central soow. Lt?,lfJJl1,l? T 8SS - CAIRO. CALL J LOUIS FREUDENBERG MAKES PRIVATE at IJ-iw Michigan av. ..... j fpom 4 CTnt up t commlasion; no LADY WANTS J'bone ltutt eioutn. FEW QUIET COUPLES. patents; chargea lor SRortgags papersi tnree-ioia secure first mortgages to sell on naSrO. Forenoon. 377 N. Hoyn av., corner Cornells, near W. Chicago av. ; afternoon. Unity BMi,. Room Iff! 4. T Dearborn. - RrllabI Chieasra Ptrnaa. PATENTS AND TRADE MARKS FOR ALL enuntrl: reUabie servic: reasonable n tes: free booklets; free eoaaoliatloB, AC WILLIAld UJ'l'Z. U1 na-Cl(M.IM liwaav. MONEY TO LOAN - . - " ON IMPROVED CITT PROPERTY. From 8 to 6 per cent. ' aeeordlng to amount of security." MEAD A COE.. 100 Washington St. PATENTED AND UNPATENTED IN VE .4TIONS houi-ht and sold for the highest cash nrlM n. Annuri patent wimuiun, otate St.. Chicago. NO COMMISSION. NO DELAT LOANS ON Chicago and suburban real estate, improved and vacant. Telephone Mala XStt. ti. O. 8 TONE A CO.. 206 La Salle St. - . PATENTS AND PATENT LAW. an iearTiMM-n ik., Advice free. SITES A (XI Chicago. II U A. C. TISDEIXK. BANKER. 84 LA SALLE 8T. 200 TO tVl.OOO TO LOA N ON REAL ESTATE JNO. L. KINDT, PA TE NT A TTOR N ET, 85 RAN-dolpb. St.. Chicago. WRITE FOR BOOKLET. PRINTING. Reliable Cn-laagra lrnaa. OOO CARDS. B"C: STTEMENTS. BILLHEADS, otehesds. 8I.S5: letw-heada 81.S0: bond lYnen! tint St.. Chicago. STOREJIDJDFFICE FIXTURES. BANKS AIID PUBLIC BUILDir-TGS are' most elegant "when equipped with ''" Andrewa Perpetual Furniture. A. H. Acirews Co., IT 4 Wabasn Av. not l.Tii; eampiea. Tte KOltniS-SARTTffilt CO, Pristinr 140-148 Monroe St.. Chicago. 'Phone 427 Central. QUICK PMIJTiliG"; 8. PiRKl-R an . I'boo. Cent. 2ul(L CASH REGISTER BOUGHT. SOLD. Exchanged, and repaired: hitcheM prices rsj-l for up to caie Natlonels. WALi.-I.EY'S CASilKLUIS-TKR EXCHAiSJE. Ia3 E. AmJIson t. . PICTU R ES, FRA!ES, ETC. F. A: flRYHEN - CO.. trgiiUlng. lei Michigan PICTURR FRAMINQ, lt central buwO, 100 OR MORE NGL 1 SMITH PREMIERS AND ro. z tteminirtons. fully warranted, at (20 each. tne typewriter E-xcnanite. lii ta sanest . Ch'go. CHASE A 'LITTLE, ROOM . 122 LA SALLE at. - aiain eeiu. ;rypewnter renting and repairing. FOR SALE FINE HAMMOND TYPEWRITER, tn AI condition: (18. C O. BASSET. bS La Salle at- ' JALKING MACHINES. : ' . Cktlcava'a - Ladlasi Dealers. E ERYTHING . IN TALKING" HArRfvrji, wholesale and retail. : JAS. L LYONS. 73 nth ay. PERU MA EOrKTTK-c, rt C10fflce,Mn.ciark8t. Tlckmome im A-wltoVlsn. Bote! and Annex. Ureal Kmk. Tl rv ! saan lionse. Snbnrbaa Statioe7Doodf Union fcaatton). lirand Creasing and South ciiraaii. vsnis stsOons. - ' Grand liaiHdl TTrer. . . J iiir. Iii?? " Grand Rapids ExoressI I i - 1,7. ' Grand HauKU Mirht tipress lliia I.m. M I'm! j au,urii ibb, opea at .-us nBDC2E(SlTMU2m of ndlablo Firms. ; a r-n intrr a vr awn Atrnrmn TO. KENDALL. SOO. 22S La Salle St Har. 48 Tl. MONON JSWUTE DEJPOT. DEARBORN STA-tion. Ticket offices. SM2 Clark st ud rtn.ii hoteW.' 'Phone Har. 127. Leave. Arrive IBaiamiwiw anil vincmwu.- a:to am Lafayette and LoulaviUe 8:80 am Indianapolis, ctncin.. Davtont 8 .10 am Indianapolis, Ctncla.. Dayton12:0 n'a Lafavett Accommodation a -en m Lafayette and Louisville..... ;00 pm inaianawiu, v-lociu.. tayton- S 7 V I pm French Lick and W.B. So'ew. n un .rU lAft. A F. L. A W. R. Sn'n French Lick and W.B. Sp'gs. :O0 got 120 n'a ; o to pm :p3 pm 1:40 nm 10:88 am r.-lOam T 23 am BBSpni :rn nm 7:23 am CLEAVE RS AND DYERS, . . COOK A McLAIN. SO Dearborn. M. 8047 Oak. KM. T. H. DIAMOND BROKERS. DONNELLY 4V CO.. 118 Dearborn. . FACB SPECIALIST. RELIABLE. ALL FACE "DEFECTS" REMEDIED IN ONR etail; hours 8 to I dally, io to z Sunday a, TeLCeat. 44118. DR. W. A. rai lT, 141 eitata at. . GASOLIWB A.f D Oil. TANKS.' C WILSON St CO.. 238 and 241 Laks St. " :rr-OPTICIAKS. - - - . .. . a "led1"0" St.. Tribune Bldg. FlIM I VVt Spectacle. Eyeglasses, ArtiO- lilMIIMOOt. claAKyes.: t-jre tested free. OLD COLD BVYKRS. ' A. LIPMAN. P8 Madbmaat Pater Ocean Bldg. PRINTERS a BLAHK BOOK MAKERS. S. D. CHILDS A CO., 2O0 CUrk Bt. P11.00 GREAT WESTERN RT. MAPLH Leaf Route. Oraad Central elation. 6th av and Harrison st. OOlce IIS Adam. phooe 36o3 CenC Minneapolis. St. PanL Du-1 " buque. Kansas City SC I B:3 am :S0 pra Joseph. Des Moioes. Mar- :30 pm 8:55 am shslltown. Fort Dodge. I 1 1:00 pm 1:40 ana Council Bluffs A Omaha.. I Sycamore and Bvron x-tn i ttn-m . Bt. Charles. Sycamore. DaKalbt 5:48 nan -1 7:46 km BALTIMORE A OHIO DFPOT nnawn r-v-v. . tral Passenger station. Ticket offlcee, 244 Clark st. and A suitor! urn. No extra fare on limited train r Leave. Arrive. Laical Express....... ....... ...t 7:16am Kl-ISim N. Y. A Wsan. Vest. Limited. 1 0:40 am T SO aea N. T., wash. Pitts. V. Lira." 3iM3 pm 8:00 am Cleveland. Plttsbuig. Colum- bns A Wheeling Ex... 7:80 pm T:40 am BIG FOUR ROUTE DEPOTS. CENTRAL RTA. tlon, 12th st. and Park row: 22d." SUta. bad, and BHd ata. Ticket oft Ices. 2.18 Clark si. and Auditorium. Daily, t Daily except Sunday. Leave. Arrive. Indlaaapous and Cincinnati "s (HI am "ft so nm Lcolsvllle r:O0am 1 5 :30 pm Cincinnati and Washlna-ton....i rOI) pm 8:40pra Laayette and Louisville.. . ..8:SO pm. T:I0 am Indiana polls and Cincinnati '8:30 am 7:10 am NICKEL PLATE THE NEW YORK. CHICAGO A &t--Louls Ii. R. La Salle St. station. Vaa Buren. and La Salle sta. All trains dally. Leave. Arrive. New Terk and Boston Express.. 10 15 am a:ls pm New York Exnresa. 2-JtO not B -2S nm New York and Boston Express.. S:1S pra 7:40 am City ticket office. Ill Aflnmsst.' and Auditorium -Annex. ,'Pbon Central 2067. TRUSSES, DEFORMITY APPARATUS. nw wnt.TFBTI. SPECIALIST. SO FIFTH AT. mnMfr 1 1 naa fitter. Rupture and deformities nosi. tlveiy cured with my latest appliances. Trusses bOc ta 8Ml- AasUaatockings, etc ; also Sua. open till 12 TOWEL SUPPLIES. SANTTART OFFICE TDWEb CO., ixe sj. CANAL iC Clean towels supplied te offices and washed In OUT own uiuowr " nwiiwwia Tel. 4082 Harrison. . . . VARICOCELE CUREDw $ J. B. GREER. M. D.. B2 Deautxera 81. MllUaery-CONXKU.T TURRANS fara. Mai son Noavelle SOS Wabash A v.-Aoditorl ua ' eoat-wt-tavrst readers wkte da stat ftatdl 'what ker waat la tkts dlN. tery adslrwaa Waat AsL It The later OMaa, Calemsrw, TICKET BROKERS. t rtrv wars! ntrxrvezn st .warrr. w --. City, at, Asuui. sroii, ana I, otner points. auuii uua, SMVltrt It. ; OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. ltfEniS). LI2E. PLYMOUTH -CHAKHoURd SOUTHAMPTON. DU I I A T TJ 1 1U I A n I IT L" V OTr-illl KT a r r- n we U6srlLG.ael M TA UtiQ.lOIUTT fe--L p. MM let ATLAlTiJ Tni:,SFC3T UE. NaiiV YORK LONDON DIRtCT. c:"r;;i use. MONTREAL Li V tiuAiOL short sea passage, RED STO LI"E. MEW YORK ANT Wfc HP LONDON PARIS. Vraitins; at imvw ior Lamaon ana t aria, I7KITE ST41 LI2L ' HfW TOR K. QU F K NSTOW N Li VFRPOOt, BOSTON Q U EE N STOWN LI V E H POOU NEW YORK ANO BOTTOM DIRECT TUB I ,L.I Lit tt ACOHFTS. vlbnAtiisn, nari.ii., taluAOAm. FROM NEW YORK. REPUBLIC... .Oct.. 2X Dee. 1. Jan. 14. Feb. t CRETIC........rNov.n8.12. Feh.4. Mch. 18 CANOP1C Oct. B. Nor. 1. Jan. T. Feb. It ROMANIC Oct. 20. Dec 10. Jan. 8. March 11 fr c sfHuwa. wssxsrn nwnrtr Agent. Tel. Central ISA. fttt-e Dearbora St. RAM-ROADj; DAILT. ' tKXCEPT FTNDAT. ' t EXCEPT SATURDAY. i 1EXCEPT Monday. v - ('SATURDAY ONLT. " ' .SUNDAY ONLY. LAKE SHORE MICHIQAN SOUTHERN RT, XM. X. c . r. bw o. at A. hji is Bail fct. Station. Vaa Buren and La Halle ata. aavd Slat St. City ttcaet oiuce. lou .tara St. Lesve.' Pay-Express ...'... "..t 7:o0am Buffalo. Albany A N. York.. H -Ioim New York A Boston 8rectal..10 K0 am Twentieth Century Limited. .'12 -to pm n.w i-.n ana bii-resu..... z:vo nm Buffalo and ths Kat. .....,,. 8:15 pm Arrlv. t T:00 pm - 7 .do am lAke Shore Umlted ... B:3U pm F.lknart AccomiuoOAUoo. . ... T s:iipm 8:30 pm :48 am 12:lil nm 8 :00 pm 4 1 utn T W::io a f:10a levotand Toledo, Cleveland. Cnlumbue. Cbarieeton. w. va; Mew York - 10:AA ran S no in, t i ...... ...... :utti Dally. T Daily except Sunday. . WISCONSIN CENTRAL 13th st. and Perk row. St. Paul. Minneapolis. ...... J 2:45 am Hiiuin :!S pm itu Claire. Chippema Fllv.tS:iiS am ahkoeh. Fond du Lac 1 : : , i r.rn Waukesha Local ..4:00pin RAILWAY DEPOT isve. Arrive. :40am 'io T.. pm T o 15 pm T l:l:4 10;: pm 0 am Sean I-Weekly- Twla Screw Srr-rlo. FOR PLYMOUTH. CHERBOURO. HAMBURO. I 1 Pretoria Oct. SVWsldersee Oct. 1 Hamburg Oct. lJBIuacher Oct. 2d 1W1M call at Dover for London and Paris. . L I WW A M A " Oetwv'fatav vall.KfcH.ail Wvi ll.J New TerkXsplts Ueasa. 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