The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 25, 1935
Page 6
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Visilois' Rccoul slve Bui Have Way of Makmq l.ocalt, Stop. BY .«. r Th? niytUevlUc chlckasaivs will fo a/K-r tliclr seventh virlorv ol I In: basket bull .season uinlglit when ihey mspl HIP lilijli school Diilltio^s sit Hip Nndriiml Cliniri'l armory.. Acllvlih", will."sol w'ay lit 7 P. .M., with: a. pivlinilii- ;iry, preccdSiiit.'lhi; varsity' coulee Only AVVInei-. (listiict champion' lias K-eii able to cin'inucr tin 1 Oiicki dining tlu (tmpilrfii l.ccchvlllc, Osce'olfx, Sluuvnc'c. Slk rstcn, L»xt»-A -ilwfcw have bowtvl lo the luddioV ol Coach Camel 1-aslic. M<i*ley In Sbapi With' llcnlifl Mosley, c-y:ti forivard In good chape again after a scifi? of Ulncf.i. Hi; trine will present their .stronuest five against His visitors. Moilf.v plnv- ul Ttwstllty nigl'a iiuninsL'ijiixorn mil cQiitrlljut'ed fivo jmms lo 111 1 : vie lory. The improves • work of Herman Kcolilcr, elonuau-d slr/-.vbciry blond canter, has l;cin an outstanding feature $[* -the Week's work. • Tn the . earlier games of llip season his MnidlnB las ill lo be (le- 'iiert but hc'ii not lnitin K the taskrt us regularly as Coacli Lai.-, lie liked ,Si\ in Id go-iK nRiinst Linoin ho«e\ri, indicates he Is retaining ht, cj^ unit is expected to idd mucli lo the woims, punch. Gene' Blackivell and Dick Tip-on guaids and j \v Ptiule hive performed tonslstentlj Pintles of- fcnsiic mirk Is not high but he ha* unselfishly passed the bull to mates In tetter 'scoring positions. He can hit the basket though, ind h a constant Ihienl Bullilo-s Record U'rak Coach c.cnc Hnuis is IjiJiigjng eleicn Bulldogs foi HID flay They, haic won onli OJIL game, that 01 ci Luvora vliiie dtninnns 'K, Howem deiplii. pmil lecouls Wilson tcims hiv- po\cn tough Wal^ I Swan! that's Pretty Action B^VTHBV77.J..'Ei (-ARK.). COuRnSR .NEJ75 .'. • - •' '' ' * • •' • • * * ne?/?" jrjqul«a Marks. . ' '" j .„"*' *2 m f t ! lln r «ry Jucky," re orfert Zuppte. "only the Btan- forrt ends rushed the 'pass*;. On? good guard who mild hnvft piled In mere In a hvury wpuM have Chang. ea HIP wnple gninp, "AlBbninn. «nl only thtop win on (ho .'pn.v^j. TI, C o( ),V r ' 10 out tlle c '* Tiw passfti'v/cfro Ihiow/i ul . H«i <?<! Mm-fe. -Wfint'K '• nwe, ' he them. on the ,i;r,. if tliat good fortim ¥ iJ)»n nood , rm 80 in, o S cnn tag." Not a few coachV. hnvo felt like wn tho uat^y nf . to Vn-y MIMIC Cards' - ••: Taylor'fioiillili..'and'pcpp,,,. N |,.. ui worn so competent In center holt! HUH 1)10 .St. .(.outs Cflrdli.V Jiavft upiKai-cd comparatively weak 1 ' "lor- pai ' li<> " • si " ec <!i:> .WiV Douttilt' and Martin vww •HOWS lo,follow, Thi; rai-ioiis Ciir mil managers Have trl-d a-no?,',',?',', llluvks : l".fe roltlfile garlic. iuciuaip.£ .such , n-- 1 -— i -"--'•' •' tlsfle:i the . ms customers;.: .av.™ tli. These alhlctc.s are bM. coinpl lmt J. B. Whitworth Rising Fast in Collegiate Coaclitng Circles ._.UNIVERSITY, Ala.-aomc limb I During the summer months of wly . P. 01 ' 1 of . J- 834 « stor y IBM • "BiVs- miuintjcd (ho Mont- __ ... ,^ t — . , „_ .v v . ,, 1.%-^i j *^vi-» tw\ir> linn iii uuij venl.rorwortl from this press bu- cdmery , • semi-pro club - " ' . reiiii mid of the fastest- If . MVT11.01 II SCCOIKl , one J. B.'-EUM" Uhltworih, Hly- 'o'. Hie ' Capstone 'So thcvlUe,; Ai'k., .boy, - W l, 0 ,U tlmt , Lime lm«l , , hts nthlelh, ea- hnrt to • e ,,,uu' to ll "" iw» n I t le Harry Graysori J ..,...: J • . • i. "r '- ^ SB e ' : '-'• "''" cond tio »'" Mnn- now 'tetan nie,,, n aiilc\i ife fiimiiinrtwith lh» An'ier •* - '•"-•• •""•••"-** 'no tikiucLiu vu-. LusujjuLeiii" t>lHU*u.S 10 1'GpjftOO UlC -•cer at tin- Unlycr.Hlty of Alabama brllllnnt nll-Aiiierlran Tom uumjke ant! \vho.hiid.Rerved i two years In and the coually brllllKnt-tUI-Soiitli- a hlfilily satisfactory manner 1 as eastern H'HO Klrltlnnd Tiotv' ivcll varsity yuurd cojicli of the fool- Whltwdrlh iicrformed 'li'is duties- UfVil KtlUrUl. flllfl ' flfio \rnni- nn \,r,n,l f(t 11 linct 1m. * «. _.•.-.«' i '. ' . . . ' . -• . i ]/ <j>i;ii kUllgJI • i ---~.. J n«xi\i LU^IV,!] ui 11 IU IOUV- >» "1HVUI III IXJI 1 assignments for the' Chicks, they! bll!1 squad, and otie year as head can best bo-ans sceivr . tn. ninv inctiivi.ii ,.„....- basnlinll cnnrii At ii, n <!...„ ,'n!(.. nt nK^^n^ **_. jo- Play Inspired B i, m against Jlaroon and wiiii'c entries! It will be iccallcfl Hint dining the ]ast footbill cnmpilgn tnljc Kiis n(od w .nc sK o. 1112 fioi touehdcmij Lctloi linn Ihe Wilson onlfll Din n fighllnfe ne\ci die sphit era>«l much of thiil mai- Eln ami UIB niml Uilsllo fouurt (he Chicklings \\inners only b n Crimson Title bascballers were just Pionshlp eleven. Milch closed Its '"" "" n .campaign lhat season In -a blaze of -'glory In thnt ivilh thc'in initllsputetl brllllant : classic'at' Pasadena Cal J " veal's. r canl mnrgin of lo(icliclo\MK. . Lack of consistent goal loosing hn s linHrtlc.ipped Hie loivrr roiintv cagers in so\en gnnns lh"j have chilkert up but clghij on" p' Mult thur oi-ponents haie - lilt. Hie. wlckei for H3 Then record for the seison is blranec 24 ' Wikon 10 Kcissi 23 Wilson 18; Luxoia 27. Wilson 10 UI Wilson 12 osccoh n \v , bnsobnll coach At Ihe time story forward Charlie Marr by mihl)ccl Tyronza 12, Wilson 8; Oweola Wllsdii I!' , The probable slaiU'mr Wilson Easl'cy "(c) Sliiuv Dlakc Womlsldc 0 '- v" .<^ui^iJui(.Ai —......i,v LJ.I.^,!^ ai. t asaciena ual boiuiieasleiii conrcrencn cliamploiis oniNew 'Year's when •Altibaiiin vcv- agalnst (he stlfrast competition 'Wbly ranted Slanforrl by the livne here Imtl been In. the conference!of,29 lo 13. Man- and Morrow were '" *""""> acknowledged the :peer of all the • guards in tlic South during the sensoll just closed. -Man- ' being placed on mil • tlic alUsouthchstcr'n i» t -m». clBW ' K " Ilci bPlng given honorable "niythnvllle " 1C » (| P»."'< pvactically every a]l- 'Mnsicy ^f ricn " , «lectlon, Morrow, wnii Purtlc J l a M*l* h .?l'li«I''MniT.- •Kociilcr ' •"• ^ "° «'°»aer : •'(hen"•: that re-' "•'"-. Tiriton cent •"Wvs-'.rtLipatchcs carry the iimqimccraeiit- thni- Ltiuls'innri State 'Tllil'nrt'it 11 li*A« „ J.t_ .1 '^- : ' I'D* F •SALESMAN SAM NO UMiec •«. Womlsldc ; " a "'" Tiriton cent " c «'s- (ILspatchcs carry the Mlson IB; c. Lynch ! 'g , -plack\vt!| ? ! ) llt ) im .«n.''eiii-»ini-iqul3'innri State ,«w.i 11, Rcfcrcc-M'nrvhi Sandmbn '•• (Ark. "'"^ty-lifts adtlcd Coach'Wrilt- VilMJii 12; state). - ...:•-.-.. her ilaff- of coaches «« ~— —— r -' x " '..' ' "'" ''e«tr rresliinnn mentor: AJa'biima's AfiOUT IT, SAM! Hy Small LUCK AT-CHE IMM PLftCETft WpflK, ' P,LL KNOWS H ^ tllOULD I OB BUT m mis cfnse, \ THIMK IMN PUueMca WOULD BE 'Rlsliig Son" in Soulhenstcr'h conference nlliletlcs- ''Just 'aiiollier 'of he• greats Iho good-old state 'ol Arkansas-has 'furiikhed, 'and Just another ivho had ''10 leave the U'oudcr sintc - to innke, his mark tog his sifined conlract froih Ilous(.011. "Kye'r since I. returned from New York' 1 have hEc'n hunting in (he Rid Clrande valley and living HID outttoor life. I weigh IBft pounds, bat;" mSn ^ " J ° b bchln<1 lho Terry . lautled Harry the Horse Panning at the : close of the 1034 CQinpaiyn. panning became 'Carl IllibbelKs .'rcijular bjil'tcr}' male, and batted ,3'JO.lh S3' games. Tiie best Maiicitso could do was .245 in 122 co'ntcsls. . tt was an old story. Horses .'ted to Mancuso's downfall, While mt- tpiitllng (he races at Houstoii' just winter, ous, contracted typhoid (ever, whlcli causeii him to report laic, anil Hi n v weakened condition. Trying [o .pick .Dinners uiust have lyorh'.piis; oiil^ Aliyway, -he • SiVore'.'orr the "race liorses and bc- eaii. cpncentriiling . on • one knbivn "• "-•'•" Hie Horse'. inais nave a ecnlcr. rielder who-wil 'Meet every requfremcnt. Tjie SI urnis chain .stoves ccrtainlv t them out. ' '' The aspirant In' Terry B-rford Moore, a resident of si Luis and a IT CofumbT'"* the ° tt -*™ m two outrieljers covered the fo» hues, leaving the rest of,the terrain to Moore. They declare l-lint the coliimbu- Tangeuicnt, was due to. the f ac | lat,. Moore's.ncWing'. wenknes?': |. ie same one they used to hold ..jaiiiit Doutlilt ns n ccnt!>i-ncld>r weak on foul flics." Enacted Life Drama Of Colonial ,„„ n - n -, enac . tc<1 a human onW C, m V '° """ ° tco1 ( The Pentccoslni -Assembly worshiped i,. a htrcd hall until I hey had enough money lo purclmse J.inti upon which [ 0 build a church Unrt ° Cn i " l= ' ail[i . w ? s Purchased .11111 n church was ; built by volun- lary Hands. Suhstantral contributions of lumber, bricks ami cement were given to constinct the colonial designed building which seats frl~ nilrt . 1 - s34 - fortwi ' b :' 47 . mas icss is Louisiana's gnih; Tillsivrit- Frn - ' dncs not, hesiiale: to pvedlct llml -Ihe years 'WliiUvbrlh will serve -as. asststnijt : coach - anywhere e vcyy few,-- jind-soinc coach on e;tdp wriing'-of : -|iic' ladricr can I- -ready to be' pushed ojr, for" ' B.: "Kara" ' whltworfh i s u.lttwpll to llnfson . an Jimmy-Marks/of Klsi:I, : ii'nd Bob Zuppke saw- Alabama p'ii.Vili way to'victory bvcV Stanford'in liic Rose Bowl. 'Marks .sent/Monk Mis-' cilp . and Bones Hanilllon lo Ihe Palo Antq ilisUliillpn. : "Did you ever'sec niiylhlng like Iliose -,Alabama passes?" Marks asked the Illinois play designer ;;NO," replied the little Dutchman. Then they wer c something brand THE SOUTH'S UESt COAL sui'RinoR COAF; i MINING CO. Phone 700 WINNING BASKETBALL By'Nat Holman - " Nnw Located at Ipl North "jecond ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor < Repainnj—Parte—IUbbons Particularly' ciie'ciivc .is iiitsi'plnv fcnliiring the 'double back-lap ' The forward, X-4, feints' hi for the tap, .culling..dose behind ccn- '"'• °-l- X-l makes, a back-tap ' \" II 5 5 to r X-2;: the latter while in mid- sir ta;«,back again to x-ll x-l immeaiately after the cuts around X-4',ond O-4 ( o receive a loop pass' from X-3. Read Courts news Wnnt Arts. -CROQUTGNOLE OIL CUARANTKBD WAVKS St Tip - . None B«(tfr Finger Wave - - 250 Barret Beauty Shop last Uons« on NW 5th.' .UPTIME Use.WALLHIDE The (xiinl that brings \,,'n One-day ! Painting WALLHIDi TKVITOUZED OIlfAIHT ''"ISBURGHPlATEGUSSWl With Wallhlde your room ^ „ sellled the same day walls and ceO- Ing are palmed! Only one coat osn- ally required. Free color card show* the IS petal-like Wallhidc shadS Uomes In the modern "flat" satin finish; also in semi-gloss for woodwork, bathrooms and kitchens. i Quart UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL ... While SHELLAC Gal, $2.60 Quick-drying, clear WATERSPAR VARNISH e. For interior exterior use. Will tint uSVij l.unmhite.Dries Lfssl 12-Quart PAIL 30c Each CALCIMINE, All Colors, .... Per Lb. TT Hubbard Hardware AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCE AGENCY MAY COST YOU 2 MILES OF GASOLINE ARKN'T you amazed to learn that ii> warm-weather starts of the erajje car take as much gasoline driving it for 20 milei! KtK W«UI Brdei M Ui, sArtii, Phllllpi M MOTOK OIL 30' „.' h Clfll ... (Utuurr-Sliltl Slow cold-weather starting uses • up still more of yout gasoline mileage. Kecent tests indicate that each slow start may consume as much motor fuel as driving your car two miles. • ' Hence the way to increase miles is obvious. Switch to Phnrips"^ " la any^either, cold or warm, - your motor performance is pro. »['. e ,, . against cl '"«i>c changes bi Phillips piooeer achievement CONTROUED VOLATILITY. Thii meihoU of refinery control so per- lectly matches your gas to your weather that Phillip, 1 6 ;, re ££ ™ the J0 °* "«""»-/« Remember that ; e«ra high te:t Philbps 66 costs nothing extra So K« the money-saving facti about taster starting and more mileage by getting a trial la'nlcful at any Orange and Black 66~Shield. : 70 OCTANE MR. MICAWBER beautiful budget and the i • " l , "My otnei- piece of advice,'Copperfield/'-said Mr..Mica wber, "you know. Annual income twenty-pounds, annual expenditure nineteen • six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds, aught and six, result misery! The blossom is blighted, the leaf is withered"the'God of day goes down upon the dreary scene,-and—and in short you are for ever floored. As I am!" v. Ju: \_ Take it from; Mr. Micawber, or from ariy;6ne of thousands who know it foj the truth,;'there's;-jip friend' 1 i ke cash! And: ther e^s no ^way: to be so Certain of 'cash as to spend within your budget.' . ;r . .' Begin today! Say tp^ourself-^so riuujh will|go for food, so much for rent,"sbjnuch for;fueirsormuc)Tfor charity...Stick ; withih;-your b'udget-and'you'lNfind it bountiful enoughi to leave'yOu something over! ••' One of the best' wayV'to budget as you go is to read the advertisements in this newspaper. Daily, as in a parade, the gopdi;yalues of the good-stores march b,e- Roast^beef or chops for Sunday dinners, a special style in men's shirts, new drapes for the living-room . i. the advertisements will help you'choose" .them all, and often at-a.saving! .

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