The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYfHEVILL!! (AftKJ Biiy Me Some Peanuts and Crackerjact TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 1937. DIFFER mm IIMlENl Pilots, Use All Kids Of Melhods To Achieve Their Ends KY RICHAFtn McCANN NBA" Service Sports Writer KE\V YORK -J CpnnW Mack, fatherly, klnuiy, apologetic in his orders; Rogers Hbrnsby, stem, biting, arbitrary. Bill Terry, cool, insolent; Mickey cdchranc. excitable—as jittery as the morning after. H takes Bll types, this business' of inn ringing a ball club. One man will whip a team lionie, another will whoop it In, One will curse and drive, another wilt cajole, another will sls-boom-bah, fight-tcam-fight; to a. championship, nnci still another will laugh his club down the home stretch. Take the 1C major league pilots who have led their teams Inlo the newborn 1937 season... ] Connie Mack fs the most dis- ttncllve of them all, if for no other, reason thnn" that he lins been managing baseball teams for 43 years. The years-have mellowed Mr. Mack. Scholarly,• gentle, soft-voiced, the old gentleman iicver barks out n command. He never tells a player to do something. He always asks him..."Oh, say, there, Keltey," Mr; Mack will snyibn the bench of nn afternoon, "would you please go out to the bull pen and warm up? Cnslci may be needing some help out thfre soon." • • . k Mack Inspires Respect •Mr. Mack (that's how" all of them address him) gets results from his players through respect, not fear., His plajers lo\e him . as n father. And he doesn't like ,to quarrel with them, or quibble over. pay. For Instance, when Wallc Hoyt was released by the New York Yankees and picked up by the Athletics he iejected the Philadelphia contract... "I don't," said Hoyt, "think jou me offering me what I nm worth I could get mote on nny other team." Hoyt had a reply in two days... - "We are giving jou >our outright release," wrote Mr. Mack, "so llmt you will be-able to get what you are worth." Hornsby Is the direct .opposite of Mr. Mack. Hoinsby is the hell-for-leather leadei. He's the boss and if you don't like 11, well stand up and try to do something about It Under the threat of fines-and. now and then, fist*—Hornsby posl- k lively forbids his St. Louis Browns to smoke, or gurgle soft drink:,, or , gobble up .sandwiches in Hie club house befoic or nfler n game. Nor can (hey read newspaper? and talk about anything else but baseball—none of this idle chatter about "Klial happened In the fifth at Pimllco" or "did 5011 see how Sarazen sank them putts?" 'They're here to play baseball; is Mr. Hornsby's rather sound reasoning, "and they can't do It . their minds are on something else I not only want 'em to play I want 'em to talk, sleep, ca baseball." Hornsby lias one wonders will his system; so has Mack. It takes all types... • * * Terry Dislikes WIiOop-i!c-ilo There's Bill Terry., cold, busl ness-like as a banker. He docsn 1 want any whoop-dc-do on or ol he boys just what he thinks about hem; Hnrrls hints at It, handling; very player differently to suit he temperament. Joe McCarthy is quid, nloof; Charley Oilnnn Is gay, palsy-walsy villi his players. Buileigh Grimes is nn umpire- baiter. He's been thrown out. of more parks than One-Eye Con- solly. Bill McKechnle, : on the ilhcr hand, is almost priestly In ils dignity and reserve. Pie. Traynor is fidgety, fluslcry; Ice Cronln and Mickey Cochrane arc fidgety but always, have their wits about them. 1 Both are furious fighters who Imte defeat. Both however, have one bad fault— they jlay favorites.•.. Or maybe both lave changed now—Cochraho has sold Al Simmons, his Philadelphia pal, and .Cronln last fall consented to the release of Al 'chacht, Heinle- Manush, and Jack 3USSC-11, three comrades of his Washington days. Frankio Priscli is hot with .vorry inside, but : cahn and rather .-old outside.' Jimmy Wilson Is -inc of the most regular fellows. He can take a Joke.: Maybe that's why he took the Phillies Job. Have we got 'cm all?...Oh, yes. we clean forgot Steve O'Neill. But, then, knowing\how Cleveland Is wIDr managers, 'likable old Steve'; Hnble not to be (here by Ihe time this ink Is dry. Locals' Big 13qss Southern League Memphis .....2 Chattanooga 2 New Orleans 2 Atlanta 2 Knoxville 1 Birmingham '. i Nashville i .667 .001 Bobo And His^ Blytheville Squad To Work Out Today Bill Terry, manager of the New York Giants, who looks like he's just lost his . best' friend, or both ends of a .double)lender, in this picture, Is the big tots of the Blytheville QinhUs. Bill Is far, far n\vay and has many more Important matters" to attend to, particularly that of trying to push his .067 New York Giants first under the .333 .333 .333 Little Rock ............. 1 2 .333 National Philadelphia New York 2 0 0 ....0 0 1.000 0 0 0 0 the ball field. He wants nine- Brooklyn' c'clock and maSter-of-fact ball Pittsburgh P^ers I Cincinnati Color and showmanship don't Chicago „ v show:up; in the batting averages,, St. Louts 0 0 and so he doesn't v,a'nt any part'Boston 0 2 of it..."Shut up, out there, and ()lay ball," l,e once shoulcd at Dick Bartell, his shortstop Charley Dressen, however, says New York get out there and fight, pep it ' Boston .. up, shout, whoop and holler and j Cleveland . 0 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 000 American League Philadelphia 1 o 1.000 0 0 wire again In the National. race but those who know him say that Bill has a keen interest jn his newly acquired farm clubs, of which Blytheville is the Infant. Bill hopes to have some younfiste'r from the local club playing in the big town some day. We hope to too. Bill! Yesterday's Results Southern League Open date. 1 . I; jump around—scare 'cm. if you' Chicago 0 6 'em any other way. IDctrolt .""!!o 0 Jimmy Dykes is blunt; Bucky'st. Louis"""!""""!!o .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 National League. Philadelphia 2-1, Boston (first game 11 innings). Only games scheduled. 1-0 American League Philadelphia 4, Washington Harris is a diplomat. Dykes tells Washington 0 .0001(10 innings). —0 1 .0001 Only games scheduled. Arriving here , lost night from Greenood with 14 members of his Blytheville Giants baseball squad, Manager Hcrschel Bobo announced this morning that his players would start working out nt the fairgrounds athletic Held, which will be their home' park, this afternoon unless rained out. Bobo, making his first trip here since he assumed charge of the Blytheville squad, inspected the park and expressed himself as well pleased with the layout. He said the Infield was not In shape for practice today and that no batting practice would be : held but Indicated that he would put his charges through their paces Just the same. All members of the squad have been in training for some time and are already far advanced. In fact two of the boys, Mancuso, younger brother of Ihe New York Giants' Gus Mancuso, and Pavlch, shortstop, accompanied the New York. Giant squad that worked >ut In Cuba before going to the julfpprt training base. <; Manager Bobo brought along iix pitchers and will probably get *wo or three more prospects, at ast to look over further before ic season opens. Bobo hinted nit he had high hopes of land- ig Carl • Hubbell's younger biro- icr, John Hubbell, righthander, ow nt Greenwood, before the sea- on starts. A Hubbcll-Mancuso nttery should be considerable of gate attraction. :...'.' Bobo . seemed especially pleased Kli his pitching prospects, indt- allng that he has a lot of faith i the .potential ability ' of his roundsmen. '. All are righthanders ut the former Jackson, Miss, Hot'will .probably have a left- nnder or two on hand by the me the season opens. At pres- nt his mound staff is composed f Kelly, Hempiiill, Pullig, Lingte, Harrington, and Artmiit. The* Blytheville club, under Northeast Arkansas: league rules, an carry 1 '.only H players, 1 which neans that there will be only vc players on the bench when he Giants are on the field. Bobo Oans to have two catchers and vlll probably use a pitcher hi the utfteld. Bobo. himself a versatile ack-of-all-positlons and .300 httr sr, may play thiro nase r outfield r may even catch, 4 if necessary, ut is certain to be In the line-up. Right now the Giant squad lines i|> with sis inflelders. Miller, first »se; Russell Stewart and David- PA.IS MILD, BUT THERE'S PLENTY OF BODY AND GOOD RICH TASTE.' equal of Prince Albert for smooth, cool 'makin's' cigarettes. I smoke steady all day, but P.A. is always mild and tasty. Never bothers my throat or tongue." .~ Around here Prince Albert is the choice says what most everyone for those TASTY "makin's" ciearettes -*irtn» " Pi.rt ~«..—. .1 . T^ .. , , _- „. ^^""-il^o. :, burns SLOW and COOL because "crimp cut." The specinl <v no-bite" process makes it EASY on the tongue. PRINCE PRINCE Aiiilr -£tLE NATIONAL jor SMOKE'! •MIM'MHUBM . ALBERT MEANS RUAL PIPEJOYTOO! *1 A fine toll.your. I • W own «!«relte« I in every 2-cunco tin of Prince Albert. Pete Pavlch Byrket, thin son, second base, •iliortstop, Charley bnse. Bobbins and Boto, infield e«. Incidentally Davidson anc. bobbins arc the only left ham jattcrs on the squad. Pratt nm Liiinok are outfielders with at leas two of his pitchers capable o liming in a good Job In the pas tures and at the plate, Bobo says Bobo comes here with a reputn tlon of being a hustler • and o producing hustling ball clubs. HI -ecord as a pennant winner i: the Cottdn states league is un surpassed. . Reputed to be th possessor- of n fiery temper, par tlculnrly hi his younger days Bobo lias that indelible somethini called color that helps to pac! '1111 in. This morning Bobo recalled hi experiences back about 1021 whe lie played with an Osccola inde pendent team against a Blythe ville independent team In a coup! of games or more. Bobo also play ed with Forrest City and othe Welch Pours It On Dago; O'Dcnvcry Too Smart For 'lex BY J. P. FK1ENI) Dago Baker, Racine, Wis., mat villain, met his match last nleht. Roy Welch, the Canadian Wildcat, and a touehie In his own Ighl, gave Baker a whipping he robably will long remember—us Ml the crowd that jammed the American Legion arena. Baker took '.he first fall with'' ils newly discovered and per- ccted "Norwegian back breaker" after 20 minutes of vicious wresting during which he tried cvery- hing. Trying for the second fall, ie worked Welch Into position 'or it again and applied the lold. Roy caught him squarely on the chin, and in my opinion <nockfd him out then. But to nake the Job secure the Wildcat began to slam Baker. At the conclusion of the fourth slam it was quite evident that Baker was really listening to the birdies sing. But:Welch was not ready to stop. Seven more followed and the ica- son he quit then was that he was too far gone. to pick Baker up again. Baker didn't move. Referee Mike Meroney called for some ice. He didn't respond to that, so Mike nulled him to the edge of the lifted him to his shoulders and hauled hlin off to the dressing rooms. ; . At the end of the ten minute rest period Mike announced that Baker was "quite upset" and "sick .at his stomach," and unable to return. No one doubted It. ' . • Baker has had something like this coming for some time. He has been getting by with little short of murder. Maybe it will teach him a lesson. At least, it. should cause him to respect a "wildcat." Riley, O'Dowdy Star Tex Hiley and- Irish Patrick O'Dowdy. two of the best wrestlers ever to appear here, gave the fans something to shout about in the first match—one of the f/ncst 'exhibition* staged in • li BlyUievllle ring. About on a par In size, weight and skill, they threw caution to the winds. The result WOK a first class match. O'Dowdy won, two falls to one, thanks to his ability to apply his ler Is $5, with $3.50 extra If the man wishes to dance after that. The fee Includes Intelligent conversation on any subject from politics to dog racing, and a readiness to tauah at any quip, however ancient. kules of the club arc strict, the ilrls accepting a cigarette' but never a cocktail. Escorts are not allowed to see girls home. Cards containing full particulars of [he club have been placed In a number of Brisbane hotels. TOLEDO (UP) —Toledo harbor ligliLs were manned this year 20 days ahead of the earliest dale In any previous year. Several vessels, carrying coal, plying between Toledo iintl points on the Detroit River, opened the shipping season. world, reputedly a member of Robert "Believe It Or Not" Ripley's ;roupe in New York, received a severe cut on his forehead while inaklng a bottle bursting demonstration, and was hustled to tiie local hospital. He was not seriously hurt. An action-filled battle royal with six local youths taking part opened the fine program. Mike Meroney officiated in the wrestling, while Willis" Pord was the boxing arbiter. northeast, Arkansas clubs when 1 Just a youngster, fresh out of college. ' Bobo recalled hi particular one '— ganie here which stands out In the memory of old time ball fans in which 'Jakie May, southpaw borrowed from the St. LoiiLs Cardinal? for the occasion, pitched a ' fair to mlddlln' Blytheville club to a 1 to 0 victory over the Osceolii 'club, well packed with the. pick of 'raid-south minor league and. semipro talent, such as Bobo, here at Blytheville. Bobo remembered -that Osccola 'got 'a runner as far as third with no one'out three times.during that same only'for the imported Blytheville pitching ace to pull out of n bad hole and win his'own game. drop' toe hold, Hugh Beclient, right-bonded pitcher for Ihe University of Alabama baseball team, is a chip off the old block. Hugh is the son of H. C. Bedient, former Boston Red Sox hurler who defeated Christy Mathewson twice in the 1912 world series,' IN THR COUNTY AND PROBATE COURT FOR THE CIIICKA- SAVVBA DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Ill the Matter of the Estate of J. M, Anderson, Deceased. W. M. Williams, Administrator. ' Notice Is hereby given that as, administrator of the estate of J. M. Anderson, deceased, I will, between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and three o'clock in the afternoon on the 4th day of May, 1937, at the front door of the court house of i Mississippi county, Arkansas, In the city of. Blytheville. offer for sale at public auction to the highest bidder upon a credit of three months, the following lands to-wlt: The North 45 feet of I/its Eleven and Twelve, Block Nineteen (19). Blythe Addition to Blytheville. Arkansas, also Lot Nine (9), Block Eight (8), Chlckasawba .Addition to the City of Blytheville. Purchaser at such sale will be required to give notes with securities to lie approved by me, and lein upon said lands will be retained for the payment of purchase moiiey. dated 14th day of May 1937. W. M. WILLIAMS Administrator. • Neil) Reed, Ally. 14-20-26-3 Gigolette Club Offers Service to Australians BRISBANE (UP)—"Gigolette" is the term coined for a band of Brisbane girls who have learned a lesson from the Japanese geisha. Twenty girls have been enrolled as foundation members of a "Hostess' Club." For a modest fee they provide entertainment and pleasant companionship for men. The charge for accompanying a lonely man to dinner and the tlica- WAIT! WE'RE FORCED TO MOVE! Today's Games Southern League New Orleans at Memphis. Atlanta at Knoxville. -? Birmingham at Little Rock. Chattanooga at Nashville. American League Chicago at St. Louis. Cleveland at Detroit. Washington at New York. Boston at Philadelphia. National League. St. Louis at Cincinnati. Now York at Brooklyn. Pittsburgh at Chicago. Only games scheduled. AT STUD Registered Imported Spanish Jack Registered Saddle Horse As Good As Walk Located on my farm south of Blytheville. Fee $10.00 and $'l5.00 cash. Two returns allowed C. G. SMITH Drs. Wert & Wert OI'TOMETRISTS Orer Joe Isaacs' Store "We MAKE 'EM SEE 1 Phone 840 '•' •- otherwise he din't ' SEE PAGE 5 THURSDAY. lave u thing on Riley. ."Hard Head 'Reeves," ''said to mve-'tlie hardest head: in (he .You k'now How. a good, sound, itraighi whiskey should taste-zestful, full-bodied and rich. That's' the way WINDSOR' tastes. 'And you k'now what 1 ^ a mild whiskey is like... soft, smooth, easy to | .take. That's the kind of mildness WINDSOR has^Taken neat or in mixed drinks, WINDSOR is giving men everywhere real satisfaction . '. .and ' at a price that's truly thrifty I ' A .. .,.' •' STRAIGHT BOURBON WH(5KIY OOOD UQUOtl

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