The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1937
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APRIL 20, i ( J37 BLYTHEVILLEi (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS ^ tfta HIT1B (I Na/.i Cliiei Looms as Important World Force for Years to Come Adolf Hi tier BY MI1/TON' 11KONNKH NBA Ken-ice Staff C'orrcsixniclcnl LONDON, April 20 — Today, a: Adolf Hitler celebrates his 4811: birthday anniversary, he Is at th< apogee of his fame and power, The years have not sol'tcntd him. Responsibilities as leader of Hi Cicrinan nation and chief of th Nazi pariy have not moderated his nithiesi'ness. Rather, assurance of Ijis gri en Germany, his firm hold (he armed forces, his still cf feutivc- mEiynetism 1'or the masses all have armed him with a su rjteme confidence In his star aiu his mission He will brook nc rivals. He will permit no 'oppoM lion. Men" and forces that slam in his way must be crushed with- cuf pity and without misgiving. He bids fair to be the undisputed master of Germany for many years to come. He also promises to be an incalculable -1'orco .In European and world politics for many years to come. Those who hoped for a revolt against him among Germans realize it was a vain illusion. Those who hate him and hoped the polypus in his throat would cause him to fade from public life, have seen that desire smashed 'by the healthy boom or 1 his heavy voice as he talks' to his assembled thousands. Hitler, at 48. is very much on tcp. His power is growing instead of lessening. Misfit in Youth The chances arc that, when ho was very strong born in th? simple home of a 1 minor Austrian customs official, neither parents saw any around, .bringing a Rifts Ado!'.' his good fairies multitude of for the child they named And the chances are equal- . Ancient Landmark HORIZONTAL I Huge land> mark in Egypt 6 It represents n —— with » Ip human head . (Pi.). 12 Ache. 13 Fish eggs. 15 To unclose. 16 Branch. II Ventilating machine. 18 Person wllli n powerful voice 20 Right. 21 Fodder grass. 22 Regretted. Answer to Previous Punk His portrait on new Reich postage stamps symbolizes the great power which-Adolf : Hitler wields on his forty-eighth birthday. 37 Curse. 23 Form of "be." 38 Clever. 24 To come In. 30 Withered. 20 Useless plant. 40 Rhythm, 27 To free. 28 Eternity. 23 Dry. 30 Part oi II 'is —- granite, 32 To peep. 33 One in cards. 34 Chaos. 35 Exists. 3G Monkeys. at its base (I'D. 54 Miracles. VERTICAL 42 To remunerate 1 Extra tire, 43 Slack. i 2 Colleagues. 44 Common verb. 3 Pronoun. 45 Preposition. '1 Within. 47 Neither. : 5 Hoenlgen roy 4811 is near the G Myself. 'I Famous, 8 Hurried sx 10 To impose 52 Laughter, sound. • 53 It hart :. • n Ulcer., 14 Upon. 17 Distant, 18 Brought legal suit. 19 Customary. 21 Female fowl. 22 Portuguese coin! 25 Plnylhlnfi 26 Those who wrestle, 27 To dewy 2!) Maple shrub 31 Snml hill 32 Coloring mallei. 33 Armadillo 30 Last word ol n prayer. 37 To throb. 38 Tcmpcsl ' 39 Paroxysm 41 Tree. 44 Secondary 46 Fuel 48 Plural 49 Mother 50Inlo, 51 To accompllsi 52 Pronoun. FITE.OF mm NT IN Scmltlsm into, it as one of its main planks, nnd by and by became boss of the tiny organization. . Also lie rcchristcned it with pompous and Inah-sounding name which indicated it was both nationalist and Socialist and which was quickly abbreviated into "Nazi"—Ihe name which was to become famous. 1'arly Grew Slowly The Nazi party at first' did not shoot up like a sunflower. In fact, ils growth was very slow, until Hitler combining with Hermann Goering. who had joined the party, and General Eric Luti- cmlorff, who the republic, ly great that for many Adolf himself did not believe thai ;my miracle was going to be vouchsafed him. A common school education was followed by a short attempt hlmsrir for the career o>' an architect. Then a little space when he hoped to be a water color artist. But even a Hitler must cat and Ih 1 ^ young man eked out an existence as p. house-pa Inter. ; >. Hfis,,wander,.yeor 1 ; ; and his'.inclinations brought him from Bavaria. So it, was that when the v.orld war broke cut, being in Munich, Hitler joined the German army : and thus [joined one o! his greatest assets --he became a front line soldier, a fimplc soldier who never nclilev- rd any higher.Tank than.thai of corpora!. He was gassed oh. Ihe French I'rbnt'- anil for' a ttae was in danger of losing his sight. The war over, he • was .once more 1 at a loose end. He might have become a • mere bar-room orator but for the fortuitous meeting in one Munich, saloon with a few humble fellows who vtre trying to -J'orm a new political party which hated the newly- organized German republic and yet had no love for the monarchy v.,bich had disappeared. .-Hitler, joined this party, injected,, antl-i tried the abortive puisch of 1023. It looked as if all Hitler got out oi' this was the mild sentence of five years confinement in a fortress, the republic being Rentier in its punishment than the Nazis afterwards proved themselves to be. Quickly released, after one [ of tlic frequent amnesties then Fatted Calf Reduces so common in Germany, Hitler found that his party was growing, thanks to the advertisement it all Europe by a scries of defiant deeds. He lore (he Treaty o.' Versailles into tatters by build Ing a big army, a powerful air fpj-cE and a iictent navy. Elc mnr- chcd German troops into the ile- mitHartecd Rhlneland region. He took Germany out of the League of Nations. He denounced Soviet Russia . in terms of excessive bitterness. He alarmed both England und France by his loud demand for ttie coloiiics "stolen" from Germany under the Versailles Treaty. Today the whole world listens when the hoarse voice of Hie onetime house painter booms out. His every word is weighed by anxiow ministers. His every accent ij analyzed. At 48 Adolf Hitler hold! a power for good cr evil which may prove a turning point ir the history of white Christian civilization. 200 Pounds in 19 Day* irovLstons of that section were (Conlhuicd From fcijo 1) exercised by the federal • govcrn- 'iicnl?" | i- 11 l.uwym raised tliclr eyebrows when the 80-year-old Brnndels handed Duller nn Implied rebuke. It was the latter who sugge-sled Oml If the soclul Security Board could regulate terms of state unemployment Insurance • laws ( Hie time ml|!hl not bo far nway when Ihe federal government could set up educational requirements tot- stales. "We've got to decide whether this particular purpose and theso particular limitations exceed the power of Congress," Briindcls In torposcd. "it Is very interesting to sec Just where the line should be drawn, but difficult lo nee .how It is Involved." Hughes, Uraudels. Stone nnd CardoK) all participated In what In less dignified circles might bo called heckling of corporation law- I'eis atlncklug the act. The besl reason for believing thnt Roberts will join them in .upholding iho act Is Ihe fnct that when the .-oiiii full fulled to kill similar New York unemployment Insurance net lu a four-lo-fo>ir lied decision. 11 was generally supposed that Roberts, Hughes,- llramlcls and Cnnlozo bad taken tho liberal side. Slonc was 111 and absent. Tho old age benefits section of the Social Security Act Is not yd before Ihe court. But .Attorney General Cmmnlngs Is getting It there as rapidly us possible, following the lirsl circuit court's rtc- Mslon thnt ihe all-Important lux Century-Old Doll Kept ' In Memory oi Child SEATTLE tUl')—A golden-halr- cd .Dutch doll more limn 100 years oldp !lr,s In an nttlc here, preserved with care. ' . • , It wus sent, from Holland u century ago for n young girl on her Mrlhdny. But two dnys previously, the girl died. Mrs. Gertrude liro'Aiio $1111 keeps: the (loll In memory. Not one of the fivu |«Hlcoals nnd pantalettes under the doll's rtrcss, worn In those days, lias been removed, \ Students' Speech Tested .J NEW 'CONCORD, O. (UP) -i» One-third \ of the worth In the' English language are mispronounced and 95 per cent of them are, everyday conversational words, be'-' .loves 1'iof. W. H. Ewing of Mus-J klngum College. To prove his, point, a sixicch-recording machine was Installed In •. the. college by the speech department." Registering; students are required to make a ; speech, ' / "BEIWAT" KNITTING YAENS; FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring nnd summer yarns « Latest Styles • ,•* Classes, Friday, <2:30 P. M. '~ MRS. T.ESUK HOOVER 1169 Chick asawba Phone 752. Just Received GOLD FISH MINNOWS UNCOlXWRn G01-DFISH OC FOR FISHING : KACH L For Your Outdoor Pool! 10 C H15AUTIFUL COMKT (iOI-DKISK .......... ur KIRKINDALL'S 5 -10 - 25c Store Britain Takes Stock Of Home Foodstuff bad received. From that time, the Nazis inert ased_ in power, what with a strong representation in the Reichstag, the orgaiiip-alion of- a large private army (the famous Brown Shirt " outfit), the' round a lion -of a fighting press and (be build- ing''up of Nazi units in every part, of the Reich. The culminating point came on January 30, 1933, when President Hindcnburi made Hitler chancellor of the Reich. ; There , followed a succession of dizzying strokes which demonstrated Hitler's dating will lo p'ow'er He made the constitution O:' the country a scrap of paper. He converted the Reichstag into a simple assembly cf yes-men. He abolished free speech, free press and free assembly. He squelched all political parties except his own. trades unions.' Jews a set of outcasts. He made war upon orennired Christianity. Poiycr Is World Hitler next proceeded to alarm HARRISBUUG, III. (UP)—/i 530- 3und calf tUat disappeared from farm near Carrier Mills, III., wus found after 10 days in an old straw stack. It was 200 pounds lighter than when it strayed. When liberated, the calf, though considerably weakened,' manage 1 la evade two nish and ran to a nearby pond to quench Its thirst. Read Courier Hews Wane Ad( THE PEER OF ALL! He smashed the He made of the LONDON. (UP)—It would take Hires years lo increase the output )f beet in Great Brilai.n two years .0 increase mutton,' and one' year to increase bacon production in a national emergency.' •'*'" Those calculations were given to lie House of Commons by the Minister of Agriculture. . - : , Vandals Take Bronze From Grave Markers BUCYRUS. O. (UP)—Police am county officials arc searching (01 vandals who have been taking brass and other metal plates from tombstones in at least Ihrce Crawford County cemeteries. . On one occasion,-a to-Ioot stonr with a brass plaque ^ was removed from its base and hauled away. 3-MOVING-PARTS ROLLATOR MECHANISM EASY TO BUY ... ECONOMICAL TO OWN ...THRILLING TO DRIVE! Now, for as liittc aa §1095, you can own a V-8 La Salic—andlbalisllicrfcluTroipriccatDctroil, including all standard accessories. Only tran=|x>r- talioti, slain and local sales taxes need be added. At tin* low price, V-8 La Salic ownership is open lo everyone. In all probability, your present car will more (ban cover llie initial payment, und *bc monthly terms are well within reach of ihe average faintly budget. lititbcsl of all, a La Salic V-8 ia actually more economical lo opcr.ilc . . . for'gasoline, oil anrl upkeep .,. tli.ina greal in.iny cars of Imvcr price. And when yon learn hou- nnicli it means in pride nnd pleasure lo own a Y-8 I«T Saltc, no other car will ever do! It&CadiHaoliiiill qualily isobvions^insidft and out. It is powered by a 125-iiorscpower \"-ft engine. And it give* you n fmoolli, rcslfnl ride tlial only a big built by Cadillac can provide. AVhy not come in today—and look at La Salle? MODEL ILLUSTRATED 2-rASSE.\GER CONVERTIBLE COUPE. DELIVERED PRICE AT DEIK01T *I2?0 W. T. BARNETT AUTO SALES BLYTHEVILLE,' ARKANSAS VvOnstantly improved, never successfully imitated, the Norge Rollator cold- making r-Avichanism is the basis of 3. new, scientific standard of food preserva- tion. Come in today and see the manycxdusive points of superiority about Norge; • »M,w,6,MT,eni. Phone 233 Appliance Co. W. Adams, Mgr. SIMMONS awau opens to a bed in 2 easy motions Exactly as featured In The Saturday Evunlin: Post. ON CONVENIENT TERMS % Simmons Mattress. • •. Handy Bedding Compartment. Simple and easy to open into, a" bed. A comfortable Simmons inner-spring mattress. A concealed compartment can keep bedding. A back to support pillows and convenient arm rests. Opens to twin or double beds. Theso are the features that make the New Tiltaway a big /value at-$49.50'.'Offered in a choice of beautiful now covers. Convenient terms arc yours for the asking. A gentle lift of the arm and the front of the couch raises. Inner section slides out for use as a bed. Note the spacious Bedding Compartment. A gentle lilt of the arm and the front of the couch raises. Inner section slides cut for use as a bed. Note the spacious Bedding Compartment. > l 2nd & Maisi HUBBARD FURNITURE CO.

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