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The Sentinel from Carlisle, Pennsylvania • 5

The Sentineli
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
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Feb. 15. J. Lusene i I ek.r.. I eran Hew F.

A. Lundahl. wtstor. road to Ikmny Brook, alone the' rKrm. i ueaoune Kuruaa.

1 1 miies soum- west of Carlisle, horses, mules. a short dlsuace south of Trindl i cattle, shoau. implements. Every-, gprine. horses, eattle.

hops, srru-! thing will be sold. Sale at 1 p. m. jng implements anJ housetoold Fry. auctioneer.

Sale at 1 o'clock, noon. J. C. Snyder, the well known brick wasoa, residing on Graham tret. will observe a birthday on Sunday, ia bis usual quiet On March 13 he will have another anniversary, when he rounds out 51 years at bu trade, never having engaged in any other.

Mr. Snyder says he remembers the days of "Banty Jim," the little, old colored niah who used to amuse people ou the streets by making funny faces, and also "Old Joe" Gou- 9:15 Sunday School. 10:30 Worship and Communion. Center: I 1:30 Sunday School, i 2:30 Worship. Saturday, penruary zz.

T. Fred Myers, auctioneer. Heiser ill sell at his farm in Thursday, March 13 Christ Lower Frankford Charge. Luth- pialnfield rns sonal property, horse erai Rev. C.

S. Messner. pastor. farming implements, household Both for CJxRviCE Stores ri-inncig. ieoous.

hii t(-n manv other ir. i These Horn will sell on the Nywonger farm in Middlesex township, near the Elliott School House, BiilM north of BermVUel's bridge, horses, cattle, hogs and farm in- A Pound Box of Mammy Lou Peanut Brittle tides. Sale at 1 p. m. Terms day (Of Fry, autctioneer.

ger. who delivered the morning i 10c Cigars papers as regular as clock work. On Monday, February 24, 1930, pigments. Geo. Deitch.

auctioneer. 9:30 Sunday School. 10:30 Worship with sermon. 6:30 C. E.

Samel Stone Church: Sunday School. I 2 30 Holy Communion. Box of 50 4 for $3.75 30c 9c Fresh, crispy brittle, made of pure count i molasses a(id filled with carefully selected Virginia peanuts. i U. M.

bhulenberger will sell in township, one mile souta-jwest of Churchtown on road from Mr. and Mrs. -A. O. Wellshans.

of Jersey Shore, have returned! lioaie, after a brief visit with Mrs. Wellshans' sister, Mrs. Ira E. Zelgler, 311 South Pitt street El Producto Manueh Henrietta La Palina Friday, March 14 Chas. Salisbury will sell on the Henderson farm at the end of N.

West Street at the creek, horses, cattle, sheep, hogs and farming Implements. Sale, at 1 o'clock. Geo. Deltch, Phila. Hand Made United Breth-'York roaJ 10 Lutztown, all his I farming implements, corn, oats.

Carlisle Charge, ren Rev. Lester n.uuuiiui, Carlisle Store hay and household goods. Sale at i Mrs. Wellshans attended the State School Directors' Convention at Harrlsburg. and a Pound Box of Mammy Lou Cordial Cherries 1 p.

m. Beitzel, auctioneer. I Auct. Tuesday, February 25, 1930 Friday, March 14, H. A.

Fair will These 5c Cigars i pastor, Mt. Zion: 9:30 Sunday School. 10:30 Worship with sermon I 6:45 C. E. Two Pounds of Pure, Fresh Candies at This Special Price Just for FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Box of 50 25 $1.95 30 West High Street "Shop Here and Save" for Large luscious cherries, rolled in delicious cream and coaled with wholesome velvety chocolate.

I Harry Keigel ill sell in South sell on the Harry Paul farm In Middleton Township, 1 miles north i Monroe township, 1-2 mile nortb-lof Mt. Kolly Springs on hat is i est of Brandtsville, 1 mile south-j known as the Ladner farm along I1 ot Churchtown. 1-4 mile off 'the Carlisle and Gettysburg high-the ork-Carlisle pike, horses, tu-iway; mules, cattle, hogs and farm i tested cattle, hogs, farm-jing implements and corn. 1De implements, gears and hbuse- I Sale at oviork Frv auction. hold goods.

Sale at 9 o'clock. Middlesex: 9:30 Sunday School. 7:30 Evangelistic service. West Hill: King Edward Bold Sino Havana Ribbon Cinco lieutenant bmith and wife, form erly Miss Myra Shearer, and their children, are here on at visit from North Carolina. TUf will spend about a month here' with Mrs.

Smith's mother, Mrs Shearer, Arponne and then will po to the Philip-j pines where Lt. Smith will be! i 9:30 Sunday School. Carlisle Charae. Reformed Rev. i eer.

I Terms day of sale. Myers, auction- Friday. February 28. C. A.

Etnckler and Boyer clerks. oney-Saving Prices! pensteel will sell on his farm in Everything ill be sold as' Mr. Penn Township, 1-4 mile south fair is quitting farming. of Mount Rock store, stock, farm-, Friday, March 14, John fcvar- D. A.

Brown, pastor. Allen: 9:00 Sunday School. 10:00 Pleaching. Carlisle Springs: 1:30 Sunday School. 2:30 Preaching.

7:30 C. E. ing implements. Sale. 12 o'clock.

man will sell at his farm near auctioneer; Heberlig. Greason, 13 head well-broke mules I Friday, February 28, 1930, C. H. and about 30 head cattle, lnclud- Eaty to Taht Ety to DeVenney wil sell at public sale! ing young cattle and milk icows. in Middlesex Township, along' Sale at 1:00 p.

m. George Fry, State highway, 4 miles east of i auctioneer, E. J. Negley, clerr. Carlisle, and 5 miles west of Me-'1 Saturday, March 1b, W.

F. Snydel chanicsburg; horses, cattle, sheep, 'will sell, 5 miles west of Carlisle, pure bred Berkshire hog, farming i 1 1-2 tniles south of Greason, on th implements, and household goods. Chambersburg Pike, horses, eattle, Sale promptly at 12 o'clock, noon.jsneen- nPs- fanning implements Frank Kauff man. Auctioneer. G.

C. an household goods. Sale 11 ijorrx" stationed for two years. Sheatev 1 ill accompany Jheni i to flie islands and live wKhl them, W. L.

Romberger, formerly of Car- lisle, now residing In Gettysburg where he is proprietor of Hill's Coffee Shop, was the guest of! honor at a birthday party given Roniberger at the res tauranl, Wednesday evening. Sixj teenj guests, including several from Carlisle and Shippensburg. attendance. After Ciu-i ner, cards furnished diversion. I l'liies for high scores were i awarded to Mrs.

Perry Tawney.i Klinefelter, Horace! Bender and John George Manherz. Shippensburg, won the draw prize. I Joe Myers and Red Williams were' the Carlisle boys who left with' the Dickinson basketball squad Westinghouse Light Bulbs Priced Lower 25-Watt 20c 40-Watt 20c 50-Watt 20c 60-Watt 20c 100-Watt 35c Mt. Rock Charge, Evangelical Rev. R.

L. Lundy, pastor. Greason: 9:00 Preaching. 10:00 Sunday School. Bloserville: 9:00 Sunday School.

10:00 Preaching, baptism and reception of new members. McAllister: I 9:30 Sunday School. I ML Rock: 10:00 Sunday School. Ends Agony of Piles Quickly Pile Foe Is rrcommend-pd in the treatment ol blind, bieedinc. protruding or itching piles.

Relief comes Quickly and the soothing. heaiiDB process roes on for days then your pile asony will leave you or money refunded. $1 PILE FOE Conquers OQ Piles 07V Strickler RavFteVf-nnev dorks liock suarp. ry, March 15 Harrison Satnrrfav March 1 Frlu-ard i Saturday, Swails will sell in South Middleton i 1 ITdl will on 11 nf Viio nlana in TMofn. 17 7 LAXATIVE LLtmLi field; horse, farming implements i iow sniP on "T- 1 ,3 lna amitn rf far to a hnrsoa rABLETS I and household goods.

Sale at 1- 'aGf4F0 lohn aR o'dcSf I Tuesday, March 4 1930 John M. auctioneer. Chppinger will sell on the H. J. m.j,..

Ot a supply of bulbs now to Veep on hand Id case of emergency. Electric bulbs usually ge broken at lUe wrong time. Upper Bermudian Charge, LutheranRev. I. W.

Trostel, pastor. ML Zion: 9:00 Bible School. jDubbs farm 7 miles south of Car-; Brechbn, wjn gell on hig farm Jn One or two on retiring at night vvlil keep the liver functioning propel l.v. They or mild but very ef-fflotlve. no nausea.

I'ut up in airtiftht wooden vials to insur their strength und fresh new. CO 25c Peoples Imported sermon. at 10:30 this o'clocV this morning on a two day trip to Swarili more, and P. M. Chester.

Rev. U. E. Ewing. of IndianaoKs.

iisie. 1 miie souiuwebi oi oaiuii. Boiling Springs, horses, T. B. test-horses, cattle, hogs, and farming eu caUie, hogs and farming imple-implements.

ments. Universal milker. Sale at Sale at 12 o'clock. George Fry, 12 o'clock. Devenney, auctioneer, auctioneer.

Monday, March 17, Mrs. Dora C. Tuesday, March 4, 1930, W. A. Comp.

agent, will sell on the'Dan- 10:00 Worship with. "Paul's Victory." 7 30 Luther League. Upper Bermudian: 1:00 Bible School. 2:00 Worship with sermon. will sell at l'i miles north lei Weary farm, 1 mile north of 'east of Hogestown miles north- Plainfleld.

near Burgner's Mill, Promott Ptrtonat Hygttn 1" Aitringeni Powder The ma's School House, cattle, hogs, 1 horses, cattle, hogs, farming imple- "Paul's Victory." 7:30 Missionary Society. Biglerville chorus will sing a 01 me I uitej lire, church, has assumed his as district superintendent of the! Penna. Anti-Saloon League, loi the district of which Cdnibe- fcuni County is a part IfV wi'lj conduct an educational cam-' paiga particularly among hlax Bay Rum 75c Pint Bottle, 59c An excellent preparation for applying to the face after shaving. Smooths the face and prevents chapping. Extensively used by the better barber shops.

chlckens, and farming implements. ments and household goods. Sale Sale at 12 o'clock. Free lunch, at 12 o'clock. Geo.

Deitch, auct Charles Ritter, Auctioneer. Tuesday, March 18 S. A. Wednesday, March 5, 1930, Fred; Brownawell will sell on the Elmer F. Shughart will sell in Middle-1 Shank farm, between Greason and school and college students.

Generou Bos Cumberland Charge, Evangelical i Rev. E. S. Hill, pastor. 1 Letort: 9 30 Worship with sermon.

Middlesex: 50c SI sex township on the J. P. Shug-' Kerrsville, horses, mules, B. I hart farm, 44 miles north of Car-i tested cattle, sheep, and Eitr Siie G. Prank Wetzel and Samuel S.

Rasehore. prominent members of the Bar, attended the meeting of) the Frankiin and Marshall W. M. S. Day Prayer.

lisle, along the road from the i farming implements. Sale at 11 2:00 Prayer meeting and meeting Sterret's Gap Road to Wolf's o'clock. George Deitch, auctioneer, of committee to revise preacU-1 Bridge, horses, mules, cattle, hoes.l Wednesday, March 19, R. H. chekens, farming implements and' Meixel will sell on the Meixel ing schedule A harmless antiseptic healing powder of frreat merit.

Thousands of women are already using this powder as I re-' freshlnc. soothing- WILDROOTI household goods. Fry, auctioneer. 1 mue wesl 01 ooiuug opnuga on Sale at 12 o'clock. tn York road, horses, mules, T.

New Kingstown: 7:30 Revival service. These vival services will continue all WAVE SET week. endorsed by hairdresser a Thursday, March 9, 1930, A. L. Bishop will sell on the Irven farm, in Middlesex Township, 3 miles east of Carlisle, near Middlesex station, on the road leading from Middlesex to Hickory town tlong Rev a.

testea cauie, inogs. cnickens. corn, oats, hay, implements and household goods. Everything will be soid as 1 am quitting farming. Sale at 10 a.

m. sharp. Strickler, clerk; Myers, auctioneer. Wednesday, March 19 Edgar Bear will sell, in West Pennsboro HOME REMEDIES At a Real Saving 60c Pertussin 39c $1.20 Scott's Emulsion 74c $1 Lavoris 63c $1 Miles Nervine Tablets 59c $1 H. K.

Wampole's C. O. 59c $1 Ovaltine 64c $1 Horlick's Malted Milk 69c 60c Bromo Seltzer 36c $1.50 Gude's Pepto-Mangan $1 Lysol 67c Bladder Pains, Men and Women Thousands of men and women feel tired, depressed and dtsoournped because pimple, functional bladder irritation frequently interrupts sleep, of causes burning, smarting, backache, leg pains, muscular aches. lt you sutler, we suggest tryinK the Oystex 48 Hour. Test at our risk.

Thousands of our customers who had suffered a long time have been delightfully surprised and completely satisfied with results. Does not contain dopes, narcotics or habit-forming drugs. List of pure ingredients in every package. Get Cystex (pronounced Siss-tex at one of out stores. Use all of it.

See for yourself how fast it works. Monev back if it doesn't bring quick Improvement, and satisfy you completely. Cystex, special, only 57c TOILET ARTICLES Priced Very Low 65c Pond's Cold Cream 36c $1.25 Wyeth's Sage Sulphur 75c 50c Packer's Tar Shampoo 34c douche. It iH invigorate and torn-nil the liMuri leins 1 mny it used often nt Ke) AM- incent Powde a necessity dnintv ti-althft women of tiwlnv who lh 10 rtl th'ir t.atural churni. npHEYtnowitis the highest Hickorytown M.

E. Church i E. F. Hallock. pastor.

9:30 Sunday School. 10:30 Worship With sermon Lloyd E. Rider. quality. It gives lasting by railroad, horses, mules, nogs, waves.

Not sticky or greasy. alumni at Harrisbi'rg last Basehore was elected vie-1 president of the association. One of the speakers was Rev. Robert J. Pllgram.

formerly pastor oi the Reformed Church of Carlisl and now alumni secretary of tin college. and Mrs. M. T. Dill, of Bigl ville, recently observed their 26th wedding anniversary.

Nellie ('. iMcDermott, lira ham street, is spendiiiK the; week-end visiting her daughters) at Gloucester. N. and iMiry, at Philadelphia. Both Sana and Mary arc feaeMng school, 1 DEATHS township, 2 miles west of Plain.

Boiling Springs M. Church-, "3.. '31. 11 Dries qiiirkly. Wonderful for field along the concrete road.

Rev. E. F. Hallock, pastor. clock, terms made known day of resetting your wave $1 Bottle, 84c Devenney, Auctioneer, Wise i 7:30 Worship.

Service in charge isa1' horses, mules, cattle, sheep, hogs, and farming implements. Sale at 12 o'clock. Geore Deitch. aiic and Preston, Clerks, of the Boy Scouts. Speaker, Rev.

Blanchard. of the Carlisle Army Post. comes from-wiiris 1 nursaay, mircn -irs. u. u-, tioneer.

Bear will sell, 2 miles west of! Wednesday, March 19, O. D. Lay Plainfleld, along the concrete sell, 5 miles west of Carlisle, large lot of household goods and and one mile northwes of Stone garden tools. Sale at 1 O'clock. I House, on Newsham farm MlHa Correct the cause Break Up That Cough Now thru the blood-' Geo.

Deitch, auct and hogs. Sale at 12 o'clock. Fry, auctioneer. tad pimples Thursday, March 6, Mrs. S.

M. Kitzmiller will sell at her farm in Thursday, March 20, Earl W. Advertise Your Biislneao boils.eciema willdisap-S Dickinson township, 4 miles wesWert will sell, five miles north ol of Carlisle, on tie Spring Rroad. Carlisle on the Long's Gap road, near. Ask us for j-- known as the James Line ranu; horses, cattle, hogs, farming 1m- i ne woria Beit Blood Medicie horses, cattle, hogs and farming piemen ts, household goods.

Sale Implements. Sale at 12 o'clock, Hall's Expec- torant 35c, 60c and 1 Regular Size 99c Double Size $1.67 at 1 clock. DeVenney, auctioneer; Myers, clerk. Thursday, March 20, 1930. Noah George Fry, Auctioneer.

Friday. March 7, W. F. Mulgrew will sell at Bonny Brook on what W. Cockley will sell on his farm ts known as the Uushman farm, at Lutztown.

niidwuv hetw-pen S.S.S This delightful cough remedy is pleasant to take and quickly and surely relieves roughs, and smiths and heals the irritated hronrhta! tract. Sure pure that il may be given to children with absolute sjifely. The dollar familv size is the most Mrs. J. Silas Strohm Mr.

J. Silas Strohm. died Wednesday night Ht the home ot her (laughter. Mrs. S.

J. Rife, at S33 Market street. Lemoyne, She 78 yeara old. the widow or J. Silas Suohm farmer of Cumberland fTwft, sons and six daughters sin vixe iher.

a follows: Wiliner, Strohm, of Kansas; GeorRe Strohu. Miss Mary) Sifohui of Kansas. Mrs." Lyniar. gad, of Colorado; Mrs. Mary Buchanan, or California: Martin Myers, of Williatns Grove: ft.

J. Rife, of l-emoyne. and! Mrs. Robert White, of Harrlshui c. Twenty-two, grandchildren al.o, survive her.

i service "will be lit hi Saturday afternoon at 1 o'cIock from the residence at R33 Market street, leinoyne. Rev. I. Mil i ler, of Winding Hill Mennonito' Church, will officiate. Further set vices will be held In the Plainfleld Mennonite Church with burial In the cemetery at Plainfleld.

50c William's Shaving Cream 29c 25c Listerine Tooth Paste 17c 35c Frostilla 20c 50c lodent Tooth Paste 25c Mrnnen's Borated Talc 15c 60c Forhan's Tooth Paste $1 Princess Pai Face Povrder 65c horses, mule, cattle, hoes, farming Churchtown and Boiling Springs, implements and some household entire stock and farming Iniple-goods. Sale commences at 11 ments, household goods. Sale al o'clock. Fred Myers, auctioneer. a.

m. Myers, auctioneer. Strict Saturday, .8 Clarence ler. clerk. Cornman will sell, on the Wolf Friday, March 21.

O. W. Eppley farm along the York road 3 miles gen North Middleton town east of Carlisle. T. B.

tested Hoi- khip, at Hays Bridge, opposite ste4n cattle, registered; lot of good Meadowbrook Park, horses, cows, sheep, and hogs. Sale at 12 o'clock, sheep, hogs, farming implements George Deitch. auctioneer. I Frank Eppley aud George Fry, auc- Monday, March 10. 1930 Robert tioneers.

Blosser will sell North Middle Moniirt March 24, F. D. Randa-ton Township I mile north of Car- Daugtl 8tn on tue Sbntt lisle on the G. W. Bnnd.e farm.

Urm ia Monrw, Toh, ,4 DON'T FORGET Listen to DURANT RADIO PROGRAM New York WEAF Every Sunday Nifcht 7 o'clock E. S. T. MARMON ROOSEVELT HOUR Cincinnati WLW Every Monday Night 9 o'clock E. S.

T. Carlisle Keystone Motor Company 203 S. Hanover Street Carlisle, Pa. UUI91-. uuir uun.

liiiii" tnt Mwhanir.hiir 3 Sal? ments and household goods. miles south of Churchtown. au? miles east of Carlisle, south of at 11 o'clock. George Fry ttioneer. Dinner for all.

BENCOLINE A Salt Antiseptic and Prophylactic for Daily Use An antiseptic drtxlorant slid pmph) luetic, ncxi-elled as a muih wash. IiuhIumI'Ic in the treatment of irritated membranes. Will not irritate. Hs a very pleasant taste. It seetns hr breath.

i iarK crossing, norses, mules, r. "Elmer Terry" Loop Wash Cloths 15c -2 for 25c Tlit'sc w.tslt lot lis ale "made of cotton liciilllt In dainty colors of pink. Mw, Kivrn. nuilzr uml liits to wliti ymir Imituoom lit tines or each mi inhcr of thf family tm Iihm- their own Itnll-l(lilall coloK-il rlotli. Tuesday.

March 11. C. R. Adams' a lPsted urnlxui 'tin and household NONSPIL Nose and Throat Spray Spray your nose ami tliront daily and krei out harmful du.t par-titles ami prevent coniatlon and Infection. Special $1.49 Everything will be sold of Carlisle, 1-4 mile south of the .7.

State highway at Middlesex, i young cattle, hogs, fanning 11 ork- Implements and household good. Clayton btrlckler and boo. 50c Size 43c IL 63c at 11 1 It V. lemS. i tvvenn.

auctioneer; Wlso and Monday, March 24, John D. Iau1 ill sell, on his farm, 6 miles west SALE REGISTER Mrs. Margaret Morrett i Mechanlesbuig. Feb. 6 Private! funeral service for Mrs.

Margaret Men-reft. 75 years old. wife of A. A. 1 Morrett.

will be held tomorrow af-I ternoon at 2 o'clock from Hie My- rrn undertaking FiUMMaln street, with the v. Walter- E. Wapgoner. pastor of the Shrpherdstown United Church, officiating. Burial will bo In the Churebtown Cenit-iery.

The body may he viewed tonight from vf 9 o'clock. Bt the Myers under taking establishment. 1 Mrs. Morrett died on Wcdnes- day morning aft an Illness of Just fifteen-minutes. Death was due tc a heart attack.

She was a native i PUBLIC SAifc Tuesday, March 11-naymoni 2 horses, farnilng Im- Saturday, February 22. 1930 U'bo will sell, on the Shughart Plenients automobile, chickens and The undesigned will at pub-! farm In Frankford towm-hip. close on lie sale in Boiling Springs on Hurgner's Mill and 4 miles wesl k. OeoW try, auctloneer-Kourtli street personal property 1 Carlisle, homes, cat lie, hogs, 1J- ru rK- UIVUIV SlRVKt QUMflYBlYM Shearers LOWrRKIS! SERVICE STORE Carlisle, Pa. ta it of kitchen cabinet, farming implements.

faie a iueay, mmn ijw, nay f. consisting tables, Vteorge lciicn auc- i.uu.uuu ni urn ii uiri tables. ICWTRIttSi frigerator, desk rVTRY PAY 0jj tioneer. 1 r.ppiey larm a'-j mues east oi canned fruit, Victrola furnace. 30 W.

High St. u.f.. iw wonesoay, marcn u. nine somn nisif cles. i Fppley will sell at the brick barn road at Hickorytown; mules, cat txr.

imer iiinea wesi hi vi uir aioiijc iw, iiuk. laiiiiiiiK iuiiieiutuia am. perty at public sa gotxl lot room house, electric lights and." Z. of Vermont and before coming to Slicpherdslow in icsldi with her daughter. Mrs.

Elmer HtHkenbeirj she lived In Juniata. household K'khIa. Sal al It o'ekK-k. Charles Ritter, auctioneer, Wise. desk.

Tueeday. March 25th, 1JJ0 lUr- per J. Wetjel Will ell in HoUth Middleton on the J. Andrew Coyle water In house and stable. Sale 'r.

wi- I auctioneer. ti ,4. it Wednesday. March 12. Foster 11.

DOUGHERTY FUNERAL He wh a natne of thin l(inil Ida Nicholson of ion iiinl for a number of eis sn I Funeral services will bt held at iShuahart will sell on the J. 11 the home at o'clmk and Jri- i lie ootiy ot -Mllia KlliaOeln i'Teuuey, nun i Strickler farm. 4 miles east of Car farm, at Craighead, lot of aheep, 'lisle. 5 miles west of Mechanics- brood sow a and shoats. Chbken burg.

1 mile south of Middlesot houses and other articles, gale al IoUithert (Who died Wedni'mlay I at Mt. Holly Springs may be lew- PUBLIC SALE ii t. i. (inn Can. Moiling it.

I. 1. Mr Motr liXtlt. Holing Spiinus. f.rinnn.

lioil-iit lrnt three Ktanil hildii'ii mill to Ri't graiulilill In-'i. Fuih-ih! iiniingi-iiii'iit! cre tot I'liiplctid todiiy Cdtneilav nmrnihs' dsy afternoon. Ii. Stewart Glen will offlclMte nt the funeral and burls) will be made in Spring Hill enielrr. At lo a.

m. will be sold the Station, horses, mules, cows, young 1 I.H Fry au tlonr "attle. sheen, pure bred Berkshire: Thursday, March 27, 1930, I. V. hogs, farming Implements and (Mo and W.

M. HigH will on household soenls. Sale to begin at the Otto farm, miles sou'h of ire lot of furniture and household cmls The property of Etta tlsugiriisn at the Ulncsmlth ,11 o'clock promptly. C. H.

Lcn- Carlisle, near ISolliLg Rprlngs, rd tomorrow night fin 7 to 9 iVoltM k. Private ftinersl win n' held Mitiday 2 n'rlinli In sililition to a and sU daughters Mrs Is siii vl veil by II and 31 great gfamlf hlliiirr, Mrs Antilf IVITer. of Ml. Holly Springs, is (ni of simliina daughters l.arage. wesi laxusi rireei ne-r JtrifkUr andt.a,l Iii ney.

auctioneer; stricaier aau neaa registered noisiem came. employee of the Shi'ensburg KnlllttK Co. Mild th" IoiiU Kream-tr I'oinpsny. later the I'enn I'ants Colnpsny He Ims Ined rrttied the pHiif two )i'Sic Mr. Juroh) a fulthful member of the Mes- luli I'nited Hi-eihren eliuiih snd Sm.ilsy Si hool ami ntitil his rectnl illness Im I not nesrlon of the Slllul.i Si hool In four )pats.

The unloi. ate two ilnuchters und one on. Mi Minnie Jacob)', Mls Ktliel Jseiiby ami Wayne J-toby nil home; lo one brother and thiee sisters. John Jrob. To ledo.

Mts. Ilnry lt snd Mrs. Jennie IVfler, Kenton. Mr William E. man William K.

Gurnisn. of r.ol'.lm 8i'ilnti. K. I). 1.

( thin niornlm (1r o'clock si the home of hid nm tlrnjsmin limiiun nl Lutttowr aflcr a to reks" lllnecd Wed nesdsy night suffered a sliokr He was sged 7 tars. He was a number of the I'nlted flitllinn Church of llolllng Spring! snil lli Dolling Spring t'anp. Modem Woodmen of Anier-la. He ts snrvitcil by the folio In? children: Mrs. George L.

fnyder, of CarlHle! Mrs. Robert ShMron. Iiolllog Springs. R. Mrs.

Frank M. Frejr. Carlisle. John Gsrmsn. HII Si'rinjrs--Jir.

Jolin lil s.reei aisu ai uir o.e u.or sye b'Jifl foW sn bulls. AlsOfami and place another complete lot of Thursday. March 1J. Harry 1. machinery and fenc poata.

rrl furniture and household goods.) three miles west Myers, suet. Machinery sata. It ronsistlng of living romi suite Carlisle along the Moiiy Pitcher a. tn. Cattle sale, n.

tn. REV. MOLLINCER TO PREACH AT BOILING SPRINGS lie. Albert Holltnger of Kind etsle). Sask Canada ill sh' In the Church of the Brethren st Hoiling Sprinss on Sundsy morn-ln Feb 9.

st 1" So oilofk li will be recalled by many tint Ke Hollinger held a revhtl at this place a number of ago A cordial lnltstlon Is emended Alficd F. Jaccby Miipiriflniig, Kb. All ml g( il 7 1 )( Hrs. almost a Ifrlolia rcoid' Hl of Shi'CIIbiirii. lie) nt hlx liomc :17 Knot GsifU-ld ilreel.

nt 2: "7 o'clock Wednesday mil Hint? jHciby sitfTered sn of rrislpelss iibout ten d) ago fnlloweil steep- Hlshwsy. horses, cattle, Imple- TsuMday, March il, at II o'-ments and boss. tlork. l-evl Moun'i all! ail on th Thursday, March 11, Wm II Waster's Oap r1, tulles Cornman will sell In Middieaei of Carlisle, horses, cattle, hots tad township, 4 rni's east of Carllsla.l ftrn.lnt; itnplemeQ's. G-)r Fry.

5 4 rail" oor.h of Hickorytown, surtloneef, THE SENTINEL: The one paper in every home. cabinet, bureaus, beds, spring. 'Victrola. stands, chairs snd many other article. Sale at rain or shlbe.

Lhitry. AucL The oel paper Is pian he-net th j.uhlji- tp sen Ire," pcon is iateftion. 1.

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