The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 15, 1948
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MAY 15, 1948 etad. Phone 4161 ^Musical Tea' Is Given At Woman's Clubhouse The K'itll from three Woman's Club eiUertatned ;i,.^l mm Informal Dance Is Given At American Legion Hut - M Mr. and M ....... "" """ "" u • llin ' r - «- JOl'llL-I 1 , All'. WMerdriy and Mrs. Bernard Good, and Mr. Bits of News L s. Hartzoe. Mrs. J. H. Scema'iv Mrs. Louis Hubener, Mrs James Roy and Mrs. o. B. Kmidsen. A pink and while colo, scheme I"" 11 ' J> " lix , cd £prin * " owcr » >» a . tulul .M.[lt.JIU, J nw f.,^^^, l, rtu .l fl-in^rt.] U.. ...L.;,.. earned out in the decoration s of ihe clubhouse. The tea table. co-sloi bowl, flanked by viia icrvru uuii-L Mrs ' H D - I ' yle allrt daughter ' t iWe Ivhich « ,s Jo:ln of Knnxvlllc, Tenn.. are 'white linen doll. s| ; c " dln « , 1lwo * eeks ll(>re •« K«esU of her father, R. J. Collier. Mrs. Norman Bunch and Mrs Annabel B. Fill mid son Johnny "fl -. coverc'- and centwed with n novel arr«n»e- ..—. .,...„. .. 11 jw vj }iniii i;in\j, jjHjjAeri tty WniLti — ••«" w.rnnu^ - n tapers burning in crystal cnndcln- y tcr lj " llp Rot ' k nnd Cliivn bra. , l ° spend the weekend with frlnds • raiiBemeiu of pink'and while snap"- I anrt M '' S ' R C ' Allc "' W ' M ' McK *"- wrimI.T,?m n> ,*iV ° \}",'.""l S °" W " s dracons in a low crystal bowl The : li! 0 ' Fl '"" k ''""""'"son of Houston. ,',.''*'" l luc ' Mflho< »-« Hospl- ^aSsa^JsOTSK^tA'^KSj-sa % |i.s. Towlcs presided at Ihe punch i """•"epw-sl of Dr. and Mrs. H, o. £,?"* h * a"" 1 "" 1 « convention for W.d and was assisted i,, ,,-i-i-lno- Sims. Mi-, nnd Mrs. Monroe Cram, ,. ','"• ^ , '-' ' -- - --- - - Harold Ranrt of New York Citj sen. Mrs. W. B. Cobb was in charge of the program of poetry and mu- I ... sic. "ShuberU Serenade" was the M.-e Wallarp Hn<;lp<:<: prelude played by Mrs. Rouse b ' " dl 'ace noSlesS Harp, after which Mrs. Cobb, who read all the poetry, during the pro- CI.M of «he Chnvch . -— -•--•.. J...|J^U Illllllo, 11IUIY1UII4I cakes and olher party foods artried '" "ne attractiveness of the setting. Towlcs presided at Ihe punch ...... and was assisted in serving i-" " ""•'• ..«"muc v^imn, by Mrs. Hubener and Mrs. Knud- i ^'- a ' ld Mls - Eric Whltlcy, Mr. and --- - --•-•• •-'•" —J. special guests of tln> MPII, I Mr,, freeman Robinson and Rus- ^ ^^'h"hf. ^? ™<^ '!»« "> "-' Mr. "£ rD ^. •„„ R1.VTHEV1L1.R Air Base Theater Opens May 19; 45 Films Booked Some 45 picture 1 * have been con-' •.""" "•"• K '-»i «"<• MMiinr fiuopn i \vn\ ri-n*-t» hf^r.,^ > _ (.acted for the Air Base Th,a,e , *' K ?, A "", Cn "«*. *•" ">f high i a lomc ", flower/I I *' ™ ^^z:r^»^^ " ~~~ "—— Seniors Present Plays, Crown Queen in Class Night Events «*J± *- ! a=SSiM« £i=&23w June i • —•• " » chisel in, J lit) n tic Ti, 01 '*'"!"'' Do " )lll >' WrlRlit and it WM aald malinger, said today, •• ,....m ou ^m'r^i', 1 ""' 8I " )1 » 011 f:1 - "'"" ""• '"«'»"«tur«r miking d'e Holt, Bill Doolln, Bill Btncv. .Mnnm. ilveilM frnm iv.. ,.i..., i. ~? "? ' "••• ""^ "wi urcn previously open to the public. u W(ls lllos ', when the base operations ccasocl In vv >- i "Kilter Diller" ts the first picture * r < rliertnlnrl („ ,.. ,, ""• l'l"Uie, MARGARINE »f tlio product aince these two P ants will be the only Uo of Iheir klnn hi AilcansM, Tennessee M!s- MMlppl. LoulsUn* and Oklahom.i (Iranm. l! 3^'?™;,,,,™; ;;:;i ,is ,s%. , = „=? # ss-sfss,=?"»•"• «fre foi nlcht shows only during! lnrii<ls "'"I their eseoi-ls wcre'MIss '"" ' il . - --.. in the woek, and matinees nlK | 1( , >.••• i ni k ivt illKI 11U sho«s on Saturday and Sunday ^Thls theater was Included | n ° 't|, e ,.^S 1 . C J'"^ <5 '' 1 '»« •»"'i «wly J "" e »M';l>»»nn «nd Hoy smith. Two Men's Bible Classes To Hear Jonesboro Man ,J. 8 ^ es E; McDanlM, jone.sbmo »l- Icach the Men's nible 1 .sell H'jynes Farr. Club, ' ,days here with hk parent. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rosenthal. Carl Oanske and Bill Crafton are spending several days In Pine Bhlfl Ark. Mrs. Mickey Armstrong Is now able to be out after havitiR been gram, gave "I Am Music" and "The Mrs. Paul Wallace was hostess "",'",- '". 'T T' "'" 71 " HV '" K neei > Fingers" by Longfellow. Mrs. Worth | yesterday when she entertained Ihe ?°"" n , ed '° h ' r ho '»e two weeks Holder sang two selections entitled. | Alpha Beta Bunco Club anrf two follo "' ! "f a " operation at the Walls '^"« W B Parted; and -Bird Song guests, Mrs. Eddie Ford and Mrs.; H °, s '!' lR !; . a rt ong At Even Tide". "Old Songs" by Sara Beaumont Kennedy was the next pnem read by Mrs. Cobb, followed by two violin selections by Mrs. Harry Bradley, Her numbers included "La Cinquantaine" by Gabriel-Marie and "Song of Songs" by j orate the home. l The hostess served a sandwich Moya. The next number was poem, "Beautiful World" by Mrs. J. M. Hunter, alter which Carroll Evans sang, "Loves Old Sweet i "=." "I" 11 ".' Song" and "Those Endearing *» T , 'it Young charms." The concluding- Mrs. Lendennie Hostess number was a poem entitled, "The TT V M D fl t r> Day I s Done" by Longfellow. 1 ° ' • "'• o. Llub, LiUCSt During the tea. Mrs. R. C. Allen, guests, Mrs. Eddie Ford and Mrs ; Bill O.ilbow. at her home. During the afternoon games, Mrs. Fred McGregor won high score Mrs. Joel Francis, low and Mrs! • ^'"nT^'^i "" A °' Jack Marsh, bunco. , '™.™ d ™- *™*»« nd "_«• Arrangements of Spring flowers in mixed shades were used to dec- Mrs. R. A. Copeland has relm/xl her home from Memphis where i spent several days visiting Mr. Copelands sisters. Mrs. w. C. Phe- C. ng e ea. rs. . . en, violinist, prcsenled a medley of Victor Herbert's compositions. Mrs. McCalla Entertains W'iday Bridge Club, Guests Mr s . KavRnaugh Francis of Tuscaloosa, Ala., was an out of town guest yesterday, when Mrs. Farris .McCalla entertained members of Friday Bridge Club and four other guests. Mrs. Sanlord Boone, Mrs. Joe "P. Pride Jr., Mrs. Blan S. Heath and Mrs. Albert K. Taylor, at her home. When afternoon bridge games ivere playeo". Mrs. Oscar' Fendler won high. Mrs. Toby Long, second and bridge and Mr s . Joe P. Pride Jr., guest high. Mrs. Francis was pre.;en«;d a gift by the host. Spring flowers in attractive arrangements were placed throughout the home for the affair. and family and attended the Cotton Carnh-al Festivities. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pryor left today for St. Louis, to spend several days. They will return home Thursday. Miss Jean Barber, accompanied by Billy Crowder, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Gray, are spending to- tained members of the Y.M.B. club and one new member, Mrs. Charles Hicks at her home. The dining table, from which the pot luck supper was served, was centered wilh an arrangement ol - Obeischmidt and son Charles. They will also attend UIB Cotton Carnival Festivities while there. Mrs. Louise Yarbro returned to her home here yesterday niter , •••i~i t kiriLi.x. ^[Illicit her,; tomorrow and members of the Mens Bible Claw ot the First Chris- Han Church have been invited „< rl',f« ( el i rRU °' ""• M^l'Odl.t' class to hear Mr. MeDnnieJ The cla.« meets at 9:45 a. m. in lh e p nr l soiinge, 709 Main Street, n. G Partlow Is the regular teacher of the Coming Events Sociol Calendar Monday Evelyn ?,!H < '',\n and nll - •. • o nnri Muddy !l«!wll, M fs« Oiinn(ii B lmin Knd nioi; " """ Miss M « r ""> "'"•<•« y way,,, McKnrlrmrt. Train • Miss Luna B. Wllholm was pl llv director nnd was a.-.slsied by MI,', Frances Uowen, Miss nelly sjoyil »)>d Miss AiunmrlB Jolinwa Uiheis were Mlsies Tlu-lma nice nctlyc Snyder, Maxine l/-ndf,inle' . --'—..... win 1-1 n in ik ii iv ue- ilveilM from the ;.l«nl In Osceoli i» the sloirs. hu'oriwratlon are to id riled In a shoi ArtlelM of l>e pr'pnird liine wiih Socn>laiy"o'f Slate C.'"a Jlnll Ir. Unit Rock for the $150,000 concern. Inn Onrwilc. Wldner. Cnrwlle, Casllfo. Rue Ann lanscinents hnve I (o be In.Htnllrd In thc nniv -..i a contract Is lo bo let somi for the. inaclilnriy and lor lh_> Father E. J. Flanaqan, Famed Founder of Boys Town, Dies tdward By ,7<llin B. Mrllfrmotl 15. lUPl_^ »o.vs Town HI . own , died here early today follow- a linui ndack, n e was 61 The priest, who came here ' o,-.. »iiu j „; ^"-'uii/. AMU sonu tor tin Sr.h.m " SllOU " ml °«' h »"« coiudi-cHor ol a plant lo ho,™ -. I the new " | Tuc lilanl Ls to be creeled adjacent to the Osceola Allalln MtlllnB Company on AUernnic Us. Highway Hi on n site which will al!o>v lor ciibiKemcnt ol the plant wh5:i sales volume Jnstllles fxpanslon. The pactaglnif equipment luis been ordered, it culls lor inncliln- Bry wiilcli will pul iiinrgai-lne in lioimil packages and the product run i>» svmpiH'd in n'iailcr-pouii'1 lour lo thc jixckiiKC. DIs- Sunday for a two-wcrV J0 ' 11n ' l1U "' s - tli « l studv 'lie i (Berlin llme.l a few- hours belore . s eore mis scheduled <o pitch the first 0 p.m. ™™.. «t ileaners Sunday School ClRM of First Baptist Church will meet the church for a pol-lm* Sllp - Women's Missionary union - i ball In an Army baseball game Col. p, T. Chamberlain of the hospital stall, said Ihe priest died at corunnry occlusion. He was stricken Thursday nieht during dinner at Hnrnnch ' House the Army's uest, Wllh ihe when lie died were Patrick Norton, his assistant Boys Town, his nephew, Sgt. Patrick MurUrty, of youth orgnnl/.cr In E ^KSK^^.^^^ n ^. Vl-nar,,.. _ I „..,., "")HI .*]C1 VlCf NOI'lOll Sold Mini I,,,,... Program at 2:30 p.m. Women's Society Service meeting In Circle One will meet. circle Norton said that funeral fh,-I«ti.n me " ls wt " be m »«'« l»ler ( f" ^ *"'.!!' w »? »'"" »">'-' Town T; Circle Two, Mvs. Circle Three, Mrs. b * reUm)<!<1 thc '' e 1K' a - - *. H Obituaries The hostess served course with coffee. t dessert Rook Club, Guests Meet With Mrs. Blankenship Mrs. Dale Horn and Mrs. Leoii Scheier were guests yesterday wi'.h members of the Thursday ROOK Club when Mrs. Haskell Blankenship entertained at her home. Mrs. Blankenship won high score in the afternoon rook games witn Mrs. Neville Blakemore winning second high and Mrs. Wendell Eaton, rcoko. Bouquets of roses were arranged throughout the home. The hostess served A dessert course with coffee. Mrs, W. Orin Green Jr. Honored With Parties Mrs.- W. Orin Green ,Ir the for- ' P'Cf'C Supper Is Held mer Miss Vernell O'Neal, who has Bv Youth Fell been honored with several parties, •> Iuum J cil was again complimented when the Future Homemakers of America, entertained with a surprise tea and shower Wednesday . noon m the Home Economics «„.- tage. Hed roses, which are the cluo flowers were arranged throughout varies. Jr.. and Mrs. W H. Shelton te -« and Circle Six, Mr? R A Mel ind son Tommy Joe, are spending;-?™ with Mrs. Don Smith as co- he weekend In Pensacola, pi a ., w iii, hostess. heir husbands u-hr» a*-^ •TTmin\. A ^l T | th _^,_ their husbands, who are employed there. They will return home sii day night. Nicholas Wright has relumed to his home In Benton, Ark., after spending ten days here us guest of his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs Farmer England. Mrs. risk Miles Jr. and daughler Sallie. arrived In Memphis by plane yesterday from Chicago to vlsil with her parents, Mr and Mrs. c. W Ramey. She was met In Memphis by H. N. Swearengen Sr. of Senatobia, Miss., are the weekend guests of her mother; Mrs Oglesby Thomas, and her aunt Mrs Warner Hawkins, and Mr Hawkins' Mrs. Turner Is lhe former Mfss Kav Thomas. Mrs. James Barksdale mid daughter, Shirley, Miss Butonne Jaggers, the Tuesday La Neuve Club meeling home of Mrs. M . A i saacii l uesday Bridge Club being en- lertalned at lhe home of Mrs. Jesse Man Home in a Sister C. and N. Club will meet home of Mrs. M. Emde 01 Ash Street at 7:30 pro Thursdav Mid-Week club bein* enlcrw'ti- ed at the home of Mrs. M. O. Us- j Cooper, pastor of the First Bap| 11st Church In Cooler will conduct Mr. Boswcll. died yesterday «bont 130 minutes after he suffered a j stroke. He lived with his sister Mrs ' Rhodes for the past tour or five years, but had previously been .V. ! ..... " ••.»*. iJn-viuuhiy D«en Thursday Night Club heir,,. „„ engaged In farming around Cooler. rtained a * "* ™~ ' " *° '" A1 " m °' Tciln h " 1 tertained at the home ei s h Sylvester Members of the Blytheville Youth S r \?.h d " Tle Sw ™r«n«n. Bill Wun- B - R- C. Club meeting at Fellowshipship had a picnic Thurs- ?„ 1, Jr '', and N athan Wade are home of M rs . Russell Wert day night at Walker Park at 5-30;,?,, mp toda *' to attend the Avalon Bunco club men « — ,,-nv. en i ..... ,. tjocion Carnival rnppHnir -t *<__ , ... » h( , " le jl" : rooms. The tea table, draped -...j ...^..v HI, tYnlrvt. [ OIH tit 3 f~- \ p. m. with 50 members attending. "'- Softball games were held and other outdoor games were played before the supper was served. Immediately following the picnic with lace cloth, was crjstal bowl centered — ,- u.j^^.i uuvv^ ijiiuu witn roses flanked by white tapers burn- Ing in crystal holders. As the honoree entered, she was presented a shoulder corsage of red rosebuds. She was presented her gift* by Tina Carwyle. GuesU included Miss Rosa Hard." Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, ant Mrs. A. E. Caldwell and Miss Molly Guard the club sponsors. Mrs. Green was again honored . Jesse i of . cha P^ r D . p - E. O. Sisterhood, supper the members then went to the bank of thc lake where a vesper service was held. Rabbi Vise of Temple Israel gave a talk to the group on "Democracy in the Bible" and the group sang vesper songs following the talk • • • * Chapter N, P.E.O. Hostess To Chapter D, P. E. 0 Members of Chapter N. P. E. O. — „„., « btt ,,, ,, ullurca Sisterhood, entertained 18 members Thursday night when Mrs. Jesse of Chapter D. P. E. O. Sisterhood Mosley and Mrs. H. E. Austin en- with n luncheon yesterday at the lerlained with a surprise misccl- I home of Mrs. J. w. Adams Jr. ianeous shower at Mrs. Mosley's I The dining room table was over- home m Hslf Moon. There were 25 '~' J "'" ' guests present. During the evening games were played and prizes won by Mr- Letha Beavers and Mrs. Eric Ray Cotton Carnival. At The Hospitals WALLS HOSPITAL Dismissed: Mrs. E. T. Griddle, Holland. Mo Mrs. Magdaliiie Faught, Cooler Missouri. ' Jess White Jr., city. Mrs. Quenten Taber. Kennett Mo Mrs. Wesley Stallings citj,- Shelva Jean >!erce. stcelV, Mo Christine Grady. city. Janie Bowling.'Armorcl Christine Kellar. Cooler Mrs.'Union Holmes, city. Baccalaureate Services To Be Held in Osceola Friday Alpha Beta Bunco club being entertained at thc home of Mrs. Ebb Reynolds. Alpha Beta Bunco Club meeting more ^ °' MrS ' Nevill<! Blake- Civic Calendar Junior Chamber ^of Commerce Board of Dfreclors-7:30 p.m. Tuesdar Lion's Club, Hotel No p.m. In Alamo. Tcnn., hut (o Cooler while very young Survivors Include Ihree brothers' imes Boswell of Mobile, Ala., El-' n and l,ee Boswell of St. Louis In - " .....7. Ul it i\ti£, GifU; were presented Mrs. Green by the hostesses, after which a falad plate with iced drinks were served. Mrs. Green wore for the occasion s blue crepe dress with white accessories. « « » Mrs. Hardy Is Hostess ! ToC. B.C. Club Members' Mrs. Ross Moore was „ gi,(, st yesterday when Mrs. Alvin Hardv enterlamed members of the c B C Cluh at her home. ' ' Mrs. A. A. Hardy won high. Mrs. f :e. Dowdy won rooko. when rook ncs were played during the afternoon. Bouquets of snapdragons in Spring shades and rests «fr* ,r. ill the ...t i......L£, tuunb mujc v^HS overlaid with a cut-work linen cloth and ! OSCEOLA. Ark.. May 15—The G centered with an attractive floral baccalaureate services will be held decoration of white" sweetpeas and tomorrow night at 8 o'clock In the R blue cornflowers. . First Baptist Church with the Rev. t p.m Bououets of nansios nnrf tnnUi. Russell J. Clubh naetn^ -_ . L '! ^ nm "•"'• The Hoit Funeral Home charge of lhe services. '. Blytheyille Man's Sister I Dies in Peru, Illinois i O. C. On;«ke lo?0 Chlckaaawba and son. Carl Ganske, will leave 'or Peru. Ind.. tonight to attend the funeral services of Mr. Ganske's jistcr. M| ss fYclda Oanske. MIs!s Ganske died »t her home in Peru Friday nlg>,i SO on a/ter she suffered a paralytic stroke Funeral .service.? will be conducted al thc Presbyterian Church in e5a vl R ,led in % XZV^™ rCC brother * " nd one and his son will re- - »•«• vi ic n,c\ . i [j.iu. J. Clubb, pastor, R5 the Chamber • "»i AU4Y lotary club, Hotel Nobte-1210 Doiuiueis 01 pansies and multl- "-"sscn j. uiiiob, pastor, ilorcd sweetpeas were arranged ( Principle speaker, hroughont the home /or the occa- I T "vocation will be given by the '"• ! Rev - H - J - Couchman. pastor of the Following the luncheon, the guests ' Methodist Church and the Rev L went to the First Methodist Church a Stl ". pastor of the Christian n,!*.*«•« ^T... T~\ f, .... . _ _ r*V.,.._l. ...J,l _;. .. . -""'Ivltlll thh sion. Directors—2:30 p.m Commerce B,, nr d of Production is of cultivated ' confined almost — --•---•-^muu.^kuinjn.,,, . , „. ii4t vjju iana r where Mrs. John Caudil! and Mr.,. Church, will give the benediction. United state, C. M. Smart, who are members of A program of special rr<islc has Chapter N, entertained with B pro- been arranged by Ihe tlgh school gram of organ music. .glee club under the direction of H The program included the "Over-! G - Daugheny. ture" by Handel: "MonueUo Mozart: "Romance" from Vi,,im | Concerto No. 2 by Wicniaw-ski: and j'"Andante" from Piano Concerto bv Mendelssohn. Mrs. Smart's numbers were "Wie- gcnllcd" by Bohm; "Idilio" by Lack"Evening Prayer" from "Hansel and derry Air" R folk tune:'"rdyl" by Purvis and "Poem" by Zibitcli. Mrs. Caudill's numbers included "Jesus, Joy of Man's Do Bach: "Andante" fron i,- a i,. » .u He]y to the Attend Church at THE FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Corner of 1st. & Sycamore Sunday, May 15 PROF. HAROLD C. THOMPSON, 11 A.M. »l • i l? Pe e al haSS S0 '° by °' B - Smi( h) Little Fox Thqt Spoil the Vine" 7:43 Spscial sin.^i»pr hy Quartet a-irl ' Daniel Stafford, Pastor .Mrs. .Inhn (;l«rk Word was received here today ol the death of Mrs. John Clark, aunt ')f C. G. Redman. 904 Hearn Street. home in King city. Mo. Funeral services will be conducted • in King City tomorrow «t 3 p.m. Healthy nerves and healthy spine R ive good health. Lcl Chiropractic restore and maintain your health. Dr. Torsfen Lindquisf Chiropractor GUARD BLDG. PHONE 3170 BLYTHEVILLE.ARK. Onmha, probably by a special Annv Pinnc. he said. A solemn lenucm moss was to be .vm K for thr- priest al 7 a.m. al Hoys Town. Father Flnunanaii's death left hundreds of resident* and alumni of Dr WHS t . ............ ' »• "* l ur i[MLM Army Sladon Hospital at 2'U5 am "I l as a I Mini 'Op Town orphans. His view '•at there win "no .such thinx f»d boy" nnd hi, treatment ,,[ WHS klnilnm nml plenty uf food and care. Friends Vnllitt Flann K nn tiivinivjiL 111 L[II.^ luint i. 1 ) {)i:iimc?kl wtln Hie hope ihnl federal luws will be rcpciilpti which require the sale of iimrnnrlnr in imcolorcd form. Keen thouKh the leileral law for- litdc.lllK coloring of nmrRarlnp Is not repealed, we plnn lo mntmfnrlu; 1 !* fiOire ot the colored margarine and pay the Icderal lax", Mr. Young suld toiluy. UlUini fbut Sturtrd J. H Crnln of Wilson, malinger lor Ijit; H. Wilson nnd Co., .said today Hint the foundation is heinK placed lor. a $1,'250,000 umrKHrli>e and sliuncnlnt; plant, which whon complutcil will be out ol the hni'est in '.lie United Stales. ConsLi net Inn was stiiiicd In-il week on a site adjacent to lhe 1>1- ia I'roihici.s Company's colltm oil mill, uhlch la a Wilson Ealale en- terpri.s^. lhe new concern l.s H subsidiary nnd will operate unilr-r the name of Uelpru Hellnlng Co. Ill uvu seiJuralt; buildings, one witii u lloor apace of 3^,000 H|U«re Icet', nnri the oilier 5,000 square leet. • Cniulrucllon will be rushed, Mr, Cram suld, mid It is hoped lint prodiiDlloii can be .started within fix months. The Wilson plant will have a c-npncll)- of 4..WO |x>tiiid.t .if muigiiiluc prr hour, arid 8,500 pound.! of shortwiliie. Tne platil will include eciulpme'lt lor the refining of lhe crude oil mcluclinK a hytlroRcnalion process ,whlc)i makes lhe refined oil ready for the additional Ingredients to uinke either shorteuliiB, or mm- yarlne. Delpro will set up Its own mnr- „ kctlng oiBiinliallon and seek dli- - t . ...,,,_, uj, i, lc muwtiics. l (l'Jbiitlo)i o;i a tiHtiun-wlde basts .,.= second class and proflclency i npcrati.ig out of general offices m badges will be awarded In the Rflcr- WiUoii. noon. . I This was announced loday by Mrs. 3lenn Lartd. president of lhe Bly- '.hcvllle ]>one Troop Association. ,..,,,, . n ,,j^, f, ftti[fiKHIl suffered a previous hcnil atliick l«st week In Vicnnii, wlicre he made » ninmii-lmiK study ot youth conditions In Austria. The priest was immcd a man- slftnor In the Catholic elitireh hi 1937, but he remained "Pnlhei- Flnnagiin," ibe name he loved He borrowed $90 and established Boy, of town. As donations cume In, slowly B l, Pnlher FlHinignn purchased IliO acres of land 111 miles West, of Town. H was lor boys of every race r-rowl. color and religion. Tn 1!):|7 t became an lm:i>rporalcd com- niinliy with Its oivn postotftce and i governmenl by the l»ys them- In 19-17, Father Flmuujaii served is an expert constiltunt l o the Jap- ineae BOverninenL at lhe request of Cien. Douglas Mac-Arthur. Awards to Be Presented To Girl Scout Troopt A Courl of Awards of the Olrl Scouts will be held lomoirow nfler- noon at 4 o'clock In the Little House at Wnlkcr Park. One of Ihe features will be the Fly Up Ceremony by IJie ll ' blUU)11 ln PACK nv» — -... GOP Lawmaker Lauds (UP)—A it.— >tomlc pla,,t»l Oak Ridge in™ ^3d the management here l< "very un- Usiisl for a government opertUon " Rep. Waller PJo«,r, Midori made th, .utement u h« anTflyi colleague, of a "House Appropri." tlous Siibcommlllee Inspected Ten. "".see Valley • Author]tT in««S- tlons nnd other government, op«. aliens In this area. riocser added, however, that »o fur as power for the atomic center Is concerned, he Ihlnioj Oak RLd«. cnj «H along all right Without** posed jstenn, plan for TVA at Ne'w Jacksonville, Term. Ploeser li » member of Ihe subcommittee whleh voted down Ihe steam plant pro- | You Are Cordially | Invited to Visit | The I Accessory Shop J Feminine Apparel • Malic! Hn K an Jessie Srlte i Hotel Noble .Hldg ! Hlylheville, Ark. " "ITT the BEAUTY BAR Mrs Nor* H[>rfc4]«jr, : Own«r Ulrncoo Hold Building photl. MM narnnr«t D M II amlth, p«uy LUC» Box Office Opens «:M Show Slarls 6:45 Opens Sunday 1:00: Starts 1:11 Contltiuiiui Shows Sat. A SIB. Bargain Nljhl Every N| t ht Except Saturday No passes hiinured on Sunday •( Koxy Theatre Methodist ChurchServices ToBeHeld in Gem Theatre OSCEOLA, Ark., May 15—The _, „. , .,.-.-j <,|—.me my in inr cnurcn prevents noldn moj-nhig jiwvtee^oM,he_Flrsl, Mclh- of regular services In the church. odlst Church will bt held In the Clem Theatre «t II a.m. it was announced today by the Rev. H. J, Cbiichrnan, pastor. Sunday Sclnwl will meet at the regular time In trie Sunday school building. Construction of the new san /i- ary of Ihe church prevents holding Don't Be o Spendthrift! Save That Hard-Earned Cash! You can save up lo 5(1% on all your aulo body and fender repair at HOT'S T10DY SHOP. PAINT JOBS—$35 & up. Complete upholstery service . . . Headlining . . . Door Panels . . . Floor Mais . . . Complete Hody Trim. Take advandi K e of our low overhead expense and have that old car repaired now. Any model from 1919 to 1949 HOT'S BODY SHOP 110 So. Lilly Phon. 3456 ee the amazing-, new MASTER MOWER The Milncr Master Mower's 24" swath cuts cost, in ,,|| ]awn maintenance. It whisks through thc highcsl and loughcsl in „ fr" c " sily as U - Aavcs tendcr trass to goU course evenness. Check Theie Out.Undinj Fe.turei ' Quick-slatting, I'.i ] IP four-cycle air t cooled gasoline engine • ,j!? y ;_ c . c =1 n . or !V Ci '. 1 ' «<™ble-f r ee operation. MASTER MOWER Miny iiwj fiai-e en- lhu>i«nic«lly tndori- «d llif Mifnft M,i5t*r Mover. Tlnt.'i r() ttttfr power mower . "Makes mowing a pleasure" SEE THE MILNER MASTER MOWER BEFORE YOU BUY We're Soliciting Dealers—If Interested Call or Writ* ARKANSAS GROCER CO. BLYTHIVMULE, ARK. Saturday Bells of San Angelo with Ki.y Rogera Serial "Tex Granger" No."* t: Short : with font. Shows Sat. 1] ».m..,|]:3« p „. Sunday and Monday FaranroinU News and Shorn Cunt. Sliuwlnj Sun. 1:M-1I:I» p. B Shows Kvery Day Box Office Opens 1:45 Show Si arts 2:00 LISTKN TO KLCN »:M a.m. 12:45 p.m. 4:3» p.. SATURDAY Cassidy of Bar 20 with William Bo.vd Serial "Dick Tracy Reform" No. and Short IZ:.?n to U:3« Continuous Showing S»tard»y Sunday and Monday DOUBLE FEATURE MARJQRIE REVHQLDS • BIMNiE BtfHES Fox M«TM<nw Nen Conl. Sliowinf S>n4j; 1:3» U

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