The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 25, 1935
Page 3
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\ AMorbUCd MISS LOUISE DECON MBS. RUTH CAMPBELL HSS, BERTHA H. HARRIS UBS, EDNA B. CRABTREE UU8 EDNA M. FERGUSON MOD E R N-H O M E-N F WS <*-—*»-^"i*i^^j aa -2t^JL^J, TV ^ Dishes You^Wiil Like for Buffet Suppers ' H.S.&C. Helps Solve Problems lhal Arise in I'reparalion o( Poods. Dear Frirtiils in Illythrvllltt Why is H you old reliable cooks cannot learn how to make a mer- Ingitc? O! Ihe Itumliecls of rutes- llons received by me during a Cooking School session, one out oV every five is: "How do you ntfike a meringue v/lilch will not .shrink or fall?" . 1 liave answered this question hundreds of times from the plat- j form and many times here, but; once again I am setting down the j steiw. in preparation of nuM'inmic i topping for a pie: A slow oven should te used. The usual cause of toughness Is too high an ovr-u teniperauire. If no sus;ar Ls added to tllc .egg, • the. latter will bo .tough. If the meringue to cooked too fast it will toughen, wrinkle, shrink and llii- uefy or have tears on II.-If cook- fd too slowly, the result will be the' simie. - . . \lff. Lvio egg.s;. one fourth The jellied ham loaf, caiseroh; i.-f cscallopcd potainrs, .1 IJOH) of sahid are wislly Im t trifrttirr and ready for Ihe. after-bridge nr after-church supper. Ham Loaf; Two (nblcsYioons atine; one. half cup cold .H'nteV; one liken, »& MANCT ROTE »n«.CEORCETHTON MRS. EMILY M. LAUTZ MRS. J. WATSON SHOCKLEY URa. FRANCES N08THCROSS ItnKIn llre:iil One CM; «,„. ru]) Mm .,,.. ()11R foiiith ('up niDlawos; OHO ni|) KDIU- '"Ilk; iwo lal)li>s|ioons im-liMl slior- iiiK; mil! clip bum; two funs ir: lino half teaspoon .sodn- on<> lcr; one linlf cnn mi- slliditly, adil sins. Heat . mo!as. o (.';, and 1mm. Sift llour.'so(ln""ii'(ili"nni'i biitlni! pnwiliT. Mlv jalslns with Hour and nclcl to tlrst, nilxturo. H well. Dnki. 1,1 well «|-CIIK«I loaf tin for one and one fourth liours in a moderale oven Wo degrees P.). Makes one Inritc tail'. One cup brown su^ar; two ^'•s; one inblcsuoon inellcd butter; one fourth cup milk; one half Icn.spooii vnnlila extract; one half leasjiocm clnnainon; one half liai- sixion clovt's; UHV.C fourths cup wulnut meals; one half cup currants. , | ; . tl Jl Beat suijiir »,itl 'rKUS 1 togeth'cr nnd iidd 11,0 molted butter. Mix | J( , r s O f u'ouijhly. Add remalnilnv of In- so nme - C . nincll y Cookies to Feed Conversation .Million ?11 pr Cobles :,,-„ :,),„„* „,„„,„, , u <„„„„ ^^ ^ ^^ I.V MA.tV ,;. UAOUIJ m , ra „.„„, tll( , , iunlc(|re M'.A hervlce Stuff Writer ment of nncknitrd cookies, Vlrst, I siigKi'.'il you ;mi cookies, Thc'reVi really nothing the mcm- ' my I'liilw like to'do mute <l«IHmi a i\ur Conklcs add ) . other Ingredient*. flnke e"P-cup boilingwater; two tablespoons should ,lie powdered or the fin-1 eighth es't granulated, sifted in either g rol ; n ^ case. Have the egg whites still naif teaspoon each cayenne, lemon gelatine mixture; one cup nutmeg; one chopped apples; thrie fourths cup and one diced celery; one half cup chopped walnuts; one fourth teaspoon .paprika ; ,one fo.urth teaspoon .salt; let- i/;t tuce; crenm; powdered sugar; may- wit h the egg whisk; add flavoring; .spread on the pic at once. lYIfilflpfl Tnllv ^s'll'irl Alur'iiTC 1 C'nnA' IS fancy..shapes are wanted put ImHUUI jUiy ScllcUl.AlWctyS UOOfl through {he paalry tube. 'Set in the lower • part of a slow oven (about 300 degrees, P.) to brown (ten ;minutes to twelve .minutes). The meringue should not begin to brown until eight minutes after being;put in. When a mcvinenc of three or, four eggs Is made add one eighth teaspoon of ercam of tartar to each two eggs. You may increase or. decrease the sugar, and vary the flavoring to tnste. ,' More Questions Here • are some other questions ..which have come hi recently; '''HOT? 'ete' : yojt" prepare Beef a - la Mode? . This-is beef well larded, usually boiled or. pot'roasted, 'or at least cooked -'hi •'.' water;-' .-.until tender. One 'recipe .calls; for-., adding fif- teen'suiffed a; four pound roast; insert rolivcs.Jn .deep sash• es -. made .with a'Sharp'knife. Then lard it with strips ! of; bacon. ' ;. Another recil>c..cilli,-for cook- ia» ^tiie.:hee[;;iii'''.haif''ivvalcr, half Icrn.alo Julep,' /wllli ".chopped rjrecn Ittpliers added. Bits'of garlic may be added : before the cooking be T giiis.' When .'the. beef Ls tender, serve hot,.with sonic, of the sauce Irotn the keltic. 'For' tlie best cut.! select a piece from between the | top .and .bottom ro>md, although] - .... • . .... tile' chuck ami -neck are often j For Parlies .where, there is no nmld to help sen- it pays to have used;'lard with,salt pork or ba-1 rushes, reaiiy. In >clvanc= and easily handled. Such "salads'as this: one lettuce, arc ' always Let the [;cl{iti:ii: stand until just ready lo stand; .then add the apples, celery, mils and scasonines. Pour into individual molds wet with coid water, when [inn remove from the molds and place on crisp lettuce. Add. a little powderci Tn pla ( Orgi< ,, nl ,, ,, P 10,. nn n V.) loi .me Un ""«" >»» lire out of To make corn flake u'sslvy: roiti- ctijk; corn (lakes; two lii- ilespotms shmlonini;; hvn tnlilc- I'm, the corn ilakc.'i tliroiiRh a Slial:o.s|n>iire or needs of : jlimnte neighbors. ' And there's iv?»lly no meiiL thiit lel.s cimvri'Mxi | on iinhmnpcrrd ll):e ( crunehy cookies. Kiln's Three rsi's, z cii)>s giamilalcd - sugar, t cup btitteror other'short- ii delicious crlus enlns, \-'i cup sweet milk, 1 tea- nshloned will, ,m niilldnft spnfllls vanilla, 6 cups nom. Crenm shoilunlnp; and slowly mid simar, cionmlng well Add e.KKn well binUn. and as much flmiv us baltci will absmb and le- n sllv toiUoi Add salt to reinninlni! floui, DKxilvo tai- 11(1(1 iimlnhifi'' (loui, mrili!i 4 .' a ilounh onpuBli lo loll cm Dil,iU,m s ujr; , f for- c(l 0 " 1;c IltJI "'. - 1-a tciwwooiw biik- llnB powder, 1-2 tflnsponn .salt, 2-:i """,' irali-- t: " J) '"' Un ' Ci ' '>"""• KllorlenhiB t'iow ' '" 2 (: " !>ri ""ft" 1 '! 2~PSB». I tea- on I S)J00 " "iiiIMn, 'I lr- """• Sift Hour on,.,., ing. dish.. Add lemon .juice mid about one third of a cup of cui-- rnnt .Jelly . (o, the .juice! In the baking ;pan and cook .until ii jells. Pom-, over, the -apples. '-Serve very cold ..with . boiled . custard. Siiow rourins In preparing mushrooms do you boil them first or. riot? How can! I cook them without their liirn- ins dark? """ ' ' ; ' There ,is no reason • mushrooms should not turn dark, in [act the gourmet knows , that fresh mrtsh- roonis are always dark .when properly cooked. ..The . canned rntish- """ wclcol «e on simple momis. ing water ready in n • deep saucepan, iatld Ihe salt, slowly'drop in Ihe rice ami allow to boil for twelve to twenty-five minutes, or'.. .„ until a grain-pressed between lhc chilled after thumb' and forefinger Is •entirely soft., -•- • coll, about four.'tablespoons,of butler, melted and ixnirco over the '-" ~ Lift the rice with a fork rooms which arc. prepared by.from time to time. Do not, stir eicaming in the can are the but- mien tender, turn the rice into torn mushrooms, found only in ! a colnnder or sieve. A little hot Prance, and of a different texture; jwnler from the faucet or ten ket- they arc a delicate, pale brown.itle may-be run through the rice But fresh - mushrooms, as prcpar-'lto wash ': the starch away after cd for creaming, or-for, adding to i the hot, water hns rim through, over a sauce or chicken a. In king first cover with - a cloth and set Have their caps peeled with n : n pan of hot water on the back silver or stainless steel knife, and of the. range or, in the oven or good, addition and wlicn cooking, makes n to a salad. :. Popovers One'cup /low; one' fourth teaspoon salt; one cup milk: 'two eggs; one tablespoon ' melted shortening. ', Mix and snt ine nonr" and silt. Add milk gradually. Add beaten eggs and melted shortening. Beat the batter five minutes with wheel (or Dover) egg beater. Poi their stems cut oft. Then.they are turn the rice into a shallow pan . the batlcr '"to greased hot iron Eautca in melted butter until very and Piace in a warm oven for alP°P° vcr Pans or hot earthenware dark brown, on the outside; those (short time. Treated this way " cut in half show n delicate creamy | grains are separate "'"^(oe^Kale '. «oV-Wcook'toocom, How do you cook Kale? .. Kale I is something like spinach, b«t coarser; shake a few leaves at n lime In running;' water to free them or sand aiid' insects. Repeat naked 'apple.5 Hre. rtl\vays wel- cbiiic 1 for ccononiy's sake, but they arc so .nourishing and worthy that they .deserve ' u yarfiitloiii in trcat- inent. Try. these' bnkcd'fn felly Cover. 'peeled and': coi-ed apples " 11 V,"- ™"?', c " ll ° llli. one cimni '' " |)npcr> if; powder; one teaspoon vnnllln extract. Blend the .shortening, add .sugar and mix thoroughly. Add the egg. salt, melted chocolmc nnd milk. Add the oatmeal which hns been tolled fine. Bid U\e Hour uiul baking powder together ;xn,i ndd to the Drst mixture. Add the va- nllln. Shape into tolls nnd wrnp r aria ''tlic eiVtp.1 and 'take 8 unt endjtr in a''moderate, .350 degree veif: Theh turn' liilo a "glns-s Serv- lace in refri- or until (Inn. and bake in n moderate oven (3SO degrees p.) about, Hfleen minutes. Klnl-r- smnll cookies. Cliccse Take ' One fourth ciiri shortening- Ihrcc fourths c»p sugar; n vc css yolks (well beaten); : two teaspoons lemon Juice; one 'teaspoon lemon ~- . . - . . rind; one uouml cotldee cheese* Grate one -sour, apple.>add three two loMwpWf - con.sliircH <in c ciin powderejl.^Biigsv, two half cup cream; five |]]|l II * flutTi'r ; ll.nV.'i I.LI^ , ' _ _ ,, . ~* lltt ' " Jl'-lIK fllKl of f.ove'red or '•, ?! leTn 1 ,,' l!!!n A°i Iflblcs l 100 " s ° r ctct "»- Combine with the first mix- lemon juice atyl- one tablespoon lure. Fold in beaten c0« whiten. luice.-:.Place in (he re- Press pa.siiy in the bottom of :i ii.-Tn,' ' ; i £ '"?"•".'}. "' m " sl> sprillg f0 "" " lol<1 . Ol ' l )ie I""' wills them ami beat '.adding one half slanting sides. Pour in the rake h»?i.£ OWd i e i r . • SU /" r cind thc ""• "•'• xl " rc - nakc In moderate oven ceaicn whites ..'of three eggs, one (350 degrees P.) untilaflrm at a tune. Beat until light and one hour), fluffy,..then teaspoon va- Before baking A Main-Dish Salad, Creamed and Sandwich of Turkey To inn he a delicious i-.ind for Sunday night supper .use; one cii)> ciicinntor, diced; 0110 clip cold left-over iurkey, dlccil; one cup cold coo!:cil ]KM: me?.;;;, llnely chopped; one cup fifty mayonnaise. •CpinVjIni! Irgreclleiil.s In ' prclci- jjlven. Chill, serve OH crisj)' icliiico wjlh additional and whole -.vnlmibi. Servo's eight. Turkey ji ni Kiiiff Onu half cup finely chopped mushrooms; one fourth cup. butler; two tablespoons (lour; two CBB whites. c "l >s mllk . °"e hall: clip, urecn 5W p- I)H or.. (ahoul. nllla.'Sefvi one top. ... = sprinkle ' with m,jj]nsscs which have finely eraiccl nlnroiids. sugar and third filled with any cinnamon. Lemon juice and lem- camied. berries or fruit, on Una may be omitted ami one wllh, flnelj{, ground nuts Icaspoon of vanilla cxlriict. usod a,.green .mint candy on Makc.s one eight-inch cake Idaho t Set for Gold ., Rushjlut tacks Source BOISE.' Ids. (OP)l-Failiire lo discover the source of the gold is all tlmtiprevents Idaho from hav- - Only Five Out of 300 table- SIMOHS of Hi,, butler nvc minutes Melt rfmalning shorlenlng in tio'ii- ble boiler over ln w flamo. -Add Hour ami slir to n smooth paslc Add milk i;nulually, stiri-in B constantly. Add mushrooms, green pepper, olives ami turkey. Cmi- Ifmic stirring and add mayonnaise and seasonings. When thoroughly blended, remove from fire and serve oil hot toast. Garnish with snrif-s of parsley. Serves s|v (Iniycre ami Turkey Club Spread hut tousled bread light- ly wfth mayonnaise, sprcnd one slice of toast with griiycre 'cheese sofleiicd willi,. ninyoiiimlsc nnd \vorce.stevslilrc saiice lo taste I'liite two crisp .lbnvcs : :0f'lettuce on. tlie dieesa and.nover'. with, thin slices,of htcuM n[ turkey." Cover with anollicr slier rf-toiist: •• - • Chicken or. cluck nmy lie used In' Ihe nhtivc rerjprs. ' - Maanchuselis'-Is taxing. nil male citizens .'over 20'. one dollar n yenr for Ihe lionelH. of the stnte'.s Inill- Rent nnd' the upi-csp br its-Qld- pension ' system. 5HCODAN. Hour, spfccs and salt Dissolve 1 teaspoon soda in molasses and add * to flit mixture Arid half of flour and mis well nissohe icmnlnlng «Kln in sour milk nnd <ith In Add fcmalnlnK no»u and ml\ lliorougli- ly. Hpll nnd cut nnd bnje ns In preceding Vules To-Night' s Milk while it's FRESH •"•'in lime for your Breakfast CRAIG 3 DAIRY Phone 74 Lnxnllvr Malic of I'laiils Thcdforrt-s Black-Drauglit con,-.,_, i In ochool Read Algrerl ls :ictlv " |)lunt |n grcdient.s 5 ird . to «imnlaic sluggish, castivc bowels to do their work In passing ing- • nn • old-time gold rush. C. Er. Faust, employe of a local small pieces of gold in the glzznrd of a chicken he cleaned. But since the gold bearing hen was not. buys them sections of the doesn't - ,ducc thc .heat to moderate 325 .Flowerets,, tiny leaves and the' d 5 grc ^ P ' »>«l .oake tci-M-ille. N. C. "I gecl like a new he declares, describing he yds from tnkiiv; - lltc • »> " ol <"«» Juicy'portion of iblc. I ' PC|IIC fflnswcr s the t!ils washing until all .> t i • , -•-*.. i- nucslions which have come ii: carded; cut oft the tough Joivcr °u °" C ' covercd >:(1|tlc - Test " scaso " ! tenderness; some varieties cook ™t-imoi-e quickly than otheh. Whan R€GULAR PRICE OF CALUM€T BAKING POIUD€R 15 NOW ONLY 25^ POUND/ COMMON COLDS tilll.H Mon. Wed. Fri. 6:ir»r. si. CASH AW AIMISt Relieve Hie distrcuing sjTnptoin* by applying and rubfclng on cb*»». Add enough Iresh cv to co«r Cook S mhutt^ sen e from the pan. Other good season- Ings which may be added lhc last few minutes of cooking are chopped chives, minced green pepper ' ' EACH VVH ILE THEY LAST We now have a complete stock of these special items for Ihe balance of January. UTILITY POT 3 qt.—Loop or bail handle. Domed cover. Regular $1.50. * DOUBLE BOILER Y\ qt.—For baby's cereal, icings, etc. Regular $1.50. -A- SAUCE PAN WITH PRAINING^COVER ., ,'3qt— &o stflldin'j. 1 Regular $1.50. ' , . * KEftV* FRY run Sinch.—Heats, bi-ow.-.s evenly. Regular $l.3S. X S»UCE P^H sn Yi, 1 and \M qts. .51 A Rico (Ineslion How do you cook rice properly so that the kernels stay whole 1 ) First buy good rice, the ™rge unbroken kernel quality. Th p n ' for one cup of rice, have rcadv two quarts boiling water and three teaspoons of salt. Wash (he rice thoroughly m several waters until all the loose starch I Is removed. Drain. Have the boll- ' HEEP FAT fRYER qt.—Fine mesh basfcct Regular $1.35. HENTHOLATUM HUBiARD Blythcville, Ark.

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