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Council Grove Republican from Council Grove, Kansas • Page 1

Council Grove Republican from Council Grove, Kansas • Page 1

Council Grove, Kansas
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ttistor iitata sovlal JJ' PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SATURDAY AND SUNDAY VOLUME 80 COUNCIL GROVE, KANSAS (Birihplac of the Sanla Trail) MONDAY. MAY 11, 1953 NUMBER 93 WHITE CITY WINS TO MUSIC CAMP SCHEDULE HDU SPEAKERS THIS WEEK Home Run Figures In WaMoCo Bronze Star For SSgt. Jaime Three speakers, for observance of National Home Demonstration League Victory Dwight, White City Grade Exercises This Week Week are scheduled to appear be Cal Hunters home run with two men on base in the fourth inning started White City off to a 5-3 fore clubs in Morris county this week, it was announced today by Miss Neosho Fredenburg, home Mrs. Patricia Jaime, widow of the late SSgt. Antonio Jaime, victory over Burdick Sunday in a demonstration agent.

was presented the Bronze Star WaMoCo league opener. Mrs. Will Randle of Diamond Medal at ceremonies held last Five Morris County 4-H Members Chosen For Encampment At Rock Springs Five Morris county 4-H club members have been chosen to attend the 4-H Music Camp that will be held at Rock Springs Ranch May 25 to 29. Those who will attend are Lyle Dean Strand and Larry Johnson of Burdick Hustlers, Bob Wallace of Prairie Schooners, Nellie Mae Bowen of Dwight Sunflowers and Dorothy Nielson of Neosho Valley. An adult leader also will -accom MSGR.


Reidy, Hutchinson, formerly pastor of St. Rose church here, was honored last week at a dinner commemorating the fortieth anniversary of his ordination as a Catholic priest, and the newspaper account of the affair said that the popular pastor "had them rolling in the aisles" with his humor. Approximately 400 church and lay leaders of St. Teresa's parish in Hutchinson attended the dinner and presented him with a gift of, $1,000. Speaking of his pastorate here, he said, after telling of being at Oswego for five years, VFrom there I went to Council Grove for nearly eight years.

I knew everybody's Sams was the winning pitcher for week at the U. S. Naval Air Sta- White City and Weber the loser. Several Missing In Great Lakes Tragedy Cleveland A Great Lakes freighter sank in Lake Superior early this morning, and 23 of the crewmen either are dead or missing. The freighter sank in winds and high seas of near hurricane force.

One lake cruiser reported rescue of eight crewmen from their life boats, and hopes are held out for more survivors. At least ten are known drowned. The ship was due in Cleveland this morning with a shipment of iron ore Springs will speak before the Ki-wanis clubs tonight and she will be introduced there by Mrs. Don tion, Olathe. John Scott relieved Sams in the seventh, and the two combined The medal was awarded post humously to SSgt.

Jaime for he Cress, president of the county home ec advisory committee. roic achievement and valor against Mrs. Andrew E. Olson of Dwight the enemy forces in Korea on Au gust 13 and 14, 1952. to limit Burdick to five hits.

White City held a 5-0 lead in the seventh, when Kohler tripled and scored on Don Hunter's single. All three of Burdick's runs came in the seventh. Junior Schlesener drove in two with a single. Serving as a supply team lead pany the group. er with the First Marine Division, will speak before the White City Chamber of Commerce tonight, and she will be accompanied there by Miss Fredenburg.

Mrs. Ross Blythe of White City is scheduled to appear before the Burdick Community club Thursday night. Jaime continued to supply front line troops even though heavy Leading off with commencement exercises in elementary schools of the county having nine-months terms will be Dwight and White City. Dwight grade school commencement is scheduled for the high school auditorium there Tuesday night at 8 o'clock. Eighth graders at White City high school will receive their diplomas at a program scheduled for Thursday night at 8 o'clock at the high school auditorium.

Dwight Program Tuesday, 8 P.M. Dr. O. Kenneth O'Fallon of the Kansas State college faculty will deliver the address at the Dwight commencement. Those who will receive diplomas are Ralph Anderson, George Ar-nett, Robert Brown, Nathan Hill, name even those of the dogs on COLLISION ON EAST MAIN Mary Louise Ek Valedictorian enemy fire was brought to tsar the streets.

And in those days, you know, dogs were allowed on the and he had sustained wounds which subsequently proved fatal. streets." from Duluth. Survivors indicated the sinking occured after high winds ripped away hatch cover- Leading the Dwight high school Lt Col. H. E.

Cook, command ABOUT THE SAME ing officer of the Marine Air De graduating class jn scholastic standing is Miss Mary Louise Ek, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roland tachment at Olathfe, maae the pre- Mrs. Carl Campmire and Denzil ings, allowing the lake water to pour into the holds. Chicago At least 11 persons lost their lives in Minnesota and Fisher visited Camnmire at sentation following an inspection IMPROVED SLIGHTLY Mrs.

B. F. Cress, who has been critically ill the past few days, was said today to be doing as well as could be expected and to be slightly improved. All of her family was home over the weekend to be with her. Included Ek.

She will deliver the valedict of the Marines stationed there. SATURDAY NIGHT Cars driven by Willie Green and Barbara Lane Miller were in-an accident at the intersection of East Main and Fourth streets about 8:15 o'clock Saturday night. Green, who was traveling south on Fourth street, told officers he stopped at the stop sign and did not see the other vehicle approaching on Main when he started across the main thoroughfare. His car was pushed across the street, where it jumped the ory address at the annual com the Veterans' hospitaK in Topeka yesterday and found his condition to be about the same. Mrs.

Jaime is the daughter of Wisconsin over the weekend from' mencement exercices there Wed Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Warner of this nesday night at 8 o'clock.

high winds and tornados in the area. Tornado warnings are out city, and she and her son, An Salutatorian of the class of 1953 HAS X-RAYS MADE tonio Jaime, reside at the Travis Larry Miller, Patricia Ann Moritz, Bill Rapp and Martha in Texas and Louisiana today. Walter Buchman of Wilsey en home of her parents. is Miss Geraldine Larson, daught er of Mr. and Mrs.

August Lar Seoul Another allied truce Jane Strom. tered the 'Morris County hospital SSgt. Jaime was a native of son. The program tomorrow night were Mrs. Merl Nichols of Lawrence, Mr.

and Mrs. J. F. Cress and Mr. and Mrs.

John McWhirr of Topeka, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Cress and Mr.

and Mrs. C. Sullivan of Wichita and Rea Cress of Junction City. meeting is scheduled in Panmun-jom tonight. San Antonio.

last night to have x-rays made. He was released this morning. Kingsley W. Given, professor of Accompanying Mrs. Jaime at the Columbus A race track fire speech at Kansas State college, will be as follows: Processional Mrs.

Morris Peder-son. Invocation Rev. August Aden. in which 16 horses died is being presentation were her 9-months-old son and her mother. will be the commencement speak Meeting Of Powers er at Dwight.

"Your Future Is investigated today in Columbus. The fire occured last night. Now" will be his topic. Lose 13 To 10 To Wichita AFB Wichita Air Force Base took ad BREAK-IN AT WHITE CITY Asked By Winnie "The Halls of Ivy" Martha Strom, Patsy Moritz, Maxine Ek, Dallas Earl Stewart, an un Given has been a professor in the K-State department of speech Kareh Ruth Johnson, Karen Bur Make Away Cash Register AT FORT MONMOUTH Lt. William V.

Schoof, who entered on active duty in the army recently, is now in school at Fort Monmouth. His address is: "2nd Lt. William V. Schoof 2104905, since 1950. He had previously ton, Joey Saunders, Louise Rey- It Is Presumed He means The Big From Person Cafe There vantage of a seven-run inning to noso and Ina Wood.

served there as an associate pro outlast the Council Grove Indians Three A Powerful New Allied Weapon Unleashed In Korea fessor from 1930 to 1939. From Address, 'This Is where We Be Saturday night and win a wild A cash register valued at about gin" Dr. O'Fallon. Officers Mail Room, Bldg. 436, Sec.

13-10 ball game which featured at London Winston Churchill has "Be the Best of Whatever You 1939 to 1942 he was director of public relations and professor of speech at Park college, from 1942 483, Fort Monmouth, N. least three rhubarbs. $200 was taken from the Person Cafe at White City Saturday night. It was said to contain little cash, known, became the top money winner in golf this weekend. Stewart moved into the top spot with total winnings of $10,850 for the year to top second place Lloyd Mangrum.

Washington Tuttle Creek dam opponents are expounding their views before the House agriculture committee today. Topeka Kansas postmasters opened their annual convention in Topeka today. ENTERS HOSPITAL Are" George Arnett. Presentation of Class Prin, Dean Larsen. to 1944 assistant director of pub' however.

called for a meeting of leading world powers on the highest level possible. It's presumed the British prime minister meant a' big three Both sides used three pitchers during the Evening, with Wichita's John Smith receiving credit for the victory and Jud Brown taking Mrs. Nadine Dierking of Alta Vista entered the Morris County Presentation of Diplomas Mrs. lie relations at Western Reserve university, from 1944 to 1945 director of announcements at Union college, from 1945 to 1950 super Entrance to the cafe building was gained by breaking in a back door according to Sheriff Elliot Smith, who was called after the hospital for observation and treat meeting between himself, Malinkov and Eisenhower. i the defeat for Council Grove.

ment The lead changed hands three No comment has come from the times and was tied once before TO CONVENTION break-in had been discovered yes terday morning. White House so far on the Churchill announcement, but Eisenhower the seven-run sixth inning which Postmaster Velma R. Crowley sent Council Grove down in de has often said he would go half of Wilsey is out of her office this The front door was unlocked, and the cash register apparently feat. way on such a meeting. Wichita sent 11 men to bat in week attending the state conven tion of postmasters in Topeka.

was carried out that entrance. visor of lecture and exhibit bureau for General Electric company. The program Wednesday night will be as follows: Processional Nellie May Bowen Invocation Rev. August Aden "Without A Song," vocal solo-Chad Clemens Salutatory Address Geraldine Churchill told the House of Com Charles Goss. Benediction Reverend Aden.

Recessional Mrs. Pederson. White City Program Thursday, 8 P.M. Seven, are in the class that will be graduated at White City. They are Albert D.

Bell, Sandra Bowman, Robert Dwight Choate, Karen June Kandt, Donna Lee Orr, Myrna Ann West and LaMyra Erichsen. Commencement program will be as follows: i "iu the sixth with the score tied 5-5. Smith led off the inning with a Win In Regional mons this morning Anthony Eden will be away from his foreign minister post for several months due to two operations. Churchill single. Christiansen sacrificed to make one away, and Braham was TO PURCHASE HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT A community service program to raise funds to purchase hospital equipment for the home use of Morris county residents opens in Council Grove this week under sponsorship of the Herbert S.

Steward post of V.F.W. Commander Lloyd Roswurm says the post will purchase new equipment to add to the present hospital equipment being kept by Sharpe furniture. It is for the free use of anyone in Morris county who may J. Smith of Wilsey and W. Fiflton indicated he wijl handle Eden's of Dwight won blue ribbons in Larson.

hit with a pitch before Park sin gled to score the first run. With Gesell at the bat interfer job as well as the duties of Prime competition in the class regional track and field meet at Manhattan Valedictory, Address Mary Louise Ek. Processional Mrs. Lester Ef fland ence was called on Indian Catch Method and procedure prep Invocation Rev. Omer Stanton, Friday, and "other Morris county athletes were in the money.

er Fritz Brown when the air force tried a squeeze play. Both arations are all that stand in way of a truce in Korea summed up Twister At Kahola Five or six cabins were damaged when a small twister hit at Lake Kahola just after 6 oclock Sunday morning, but no, one was injured. Heavy roof damage was suffered by two of the cabins, and the side was caved in on another. The porch also was torn off of one structure. The wind did further damage when it touched down south of Dunlap at the place on which Claude Mliller lives.

A hog shed was torn up there, and a garage and another outbuilding were dam Class History Sandra Bowman Class History Shirley Arnett. "Look for the Silver Lining," vocal solo Mary Louise Ek. "Your Future Is W. Given. and Myrna Ann West.

Churchill in his speech this Prophecy LeMyra Erichsen and need it. Crutches and wheelchairs Wichita runners crossed the plate but were called back to load the bases when an argument ensued Seoul A powerful new allied Karen Kandt. Will Robert Choate. are now available for the asking. The drive is being financed by Presentation of Class Prin.

Joe weapon was unleashed in Korea over the ruling. Hendrix. "Selected Poem, "I Will" Donna the sale of subscriptions to farm publications. Presentation of Diplomas Ever today. It is a 240-millimeter howitzer capable of firing a 360-pound shell 15 miles.

Lee Orr. Second rhubarb occured on the next batter when it was ruled he stepped over the plate to swing ett Clemens. Presentation of Axe to Seventh Smith clipped off the mile in 4:44.5 to claim a blue award, and Fulton put the discus out 126 feet, 7V6 inches to win. Parks of Wilsey was third in the discus with a throw of 117', Myer of White City was fifth in' the mile, and McCreath of White City placed third in the 440-yard dash. Parks was second in the javelin, which was won by Schlesener of Hope with a toss of 160', Gerboth of Council Grove placed fourth in the Class A half mile, which went to Swanson of Abilene, in 2:00.7.

Chicago Rocky Marciano took a 'jAfter Graduation Day" Class Grade Albert D. Bell. NIGHT TRAFFIC SIGNS at a pitch out. The decision made aged badly. day off today- before final sparring Address Don McNeaL Council Traffic signs which will glow A large cottonwood tree was it two out and the bases still sessions tomorrow in preparation of 1953.

Benediction Reverend Aden. Recessional Nellie May Bowen, Grove. loaded. Council Grove's relief was blown down and the top twisted out of an elm tree in that vicinity. Presentation of Class Prin.

L. G. lor nis xiue ooui wim jersey joe short lived as the next four men under the impact of automobile lights have been erected on both sides of the Elm Creek bridge. The curve at this point is Wolcott iriday night Chicago. Singled to send across six more McEnterfer.

Clay Center Poker tables, dice Presentation of Diplomas Ray EMPORIA RANGERS HERE TUESDAY NIGHT Sharpe Speaker dangerous to motorists unfamiliar and money were confiscated Saturday night at the Pioneer club in Clay Center when law enforcement Emporia's Rangers will furnish Cryderman. Benediction Rev. Walter George. Luther E. Sharpe, president of with the street and who come off Sampletown hill at high speed.

College of Emporia, will be speak the opposition for Council Grove tomorrow night at Ben I. Smith The warning signs are on high er at Dunlap high school com Recessional Mrs. Lester Effland Albert Bell is president of the field as the Knights of Columbus- steel posts and outline the double mencement exercises at the gym officers from the attorney general's office staged a raid. Harold Fatzer stated his raid was staged on request of the Clay county attorney. About 200 persons were in the club when the raid occured.

curve. sponsored team meets the Indians for the first time this season. It nasium there Thursday night at White City class. Other officers are LaMyra Erichsen vice presi 8 o'clock. "Winning the Victory in will be a non-league dent and Karen Kandt secretary runs and send Jud Brown to the showers.

Leroy Sanders came in to pitch and got Christiansen to hit into a force play and retire the side. Wichita opened the game with a 1-0 lead in the first inning which lasted just long enough for Council Grove to bat. Wasmund opened the Council Grove first by getting hit with a pitch, and after Sanders flied to center Sheehan singled and went to second as the throw in was too late to Wasmund at third. Fritz Brown singled to score one run, and the second run came over on Jud Advance" will be his subject. DAM MEET MAY 15 TALK ROAD RELOCATION The program will include the treasurer.

Motto of the class is "He Climbs Highest Who Helps Game time is scheduled for 8 o'clock. Collins has been scheduled to pitch for the Emporia team, Relocation of many miles of roads WIN SCHOLASTIC HONORS AT EMPORIA STATE Four Morris county students were among those honored for scholarship and achievement at the annual honors convocation at Emporia State college Friday. Receiving honors were Richard Lee Albin, Wilsey, for scholastic achievement during the first semester, and Doris Riley of Council Grove, Robert Peterson of Wilsey and Marjorie Strouts of Wilsey lowing: Processional Mrs. Lois Wirsig Another Up." in Lyon county now located in the proposed Strawn reservoir district Invocation Dr. Robert L.

Swaim will be discussed by army eng WILSEY HIGH GRADUATES TO COLORADO SPRINGS which took second jn the league last year. Anderson, the strong arm right hander from Hartford, will hurl for the Indians providing the game does not interfere with his Sousaphone Solo Paul Harris Address Luther E. Sharpe ineers at Emporia next Friday. Representatives of farm owners, Wilsey high school graduates, Presentation of Class Prin. Edw, who received their diplomas Friday E.

Dickerman. graduation exercises at high school. county commissioners and the state highway department will meet with W. W. Parse from the engineers DUNLAP IS WINNER IN NON-LEAGUE GAME Dunlap picked up a 7-5 win over the Council Grove Chiefs Sunday afternoon, but the game was billed as a practice session and will not count in WaMoCo league standings.

G. Hayes was the winning pitcher. Hayes was the leading batter for Dunlap with three hits, including a double and triple, in four times at bat. Leroy Sanders 1 led the Chiefs with two singles in four at bats. The Wilsey-Americus and Bush- Brown's fly to left.

for scholastic achievement during the second semester. night, left-Saturday morning for Colorado Springs, where they will Presentation of Diplomas C. W. If Anderson is not available it will be either Sanders or White for The air force overcame Council Cobb, director of board. corps.

Grove's 2-1 lead in the second Council Grove. "One World" Mixed octet com with the aid of a wild pitch, a A "LAST DAY" DINNER AT DWIGHT GRADES enjoy an outing. The group is scheduled to return Thursday night Accompanying' the graduates were Mr. and Mrs. George Cusick, posed of LaVerna Hayes, Joanne passed ball and an error sand A big "last day" dinner is be Wingert, Mary Bacon, Dorothy wiched between two singles.

Nielsen, Billy Dick Harvey, Paul TO FORM A JUNIOR BASEBALL LEAGUE Cy Apperson, Herington, has announced a meeting to form a base With Wichita leading 3-2 the Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dalquist, Mr. and Mrs. W.

Lay and Henry ing planned for all patrons of the Dwight grade school district when Harris, Gail Lee and LeRoy Prit- Indians rallied again. Harkness chard. ong-Germany tilts were both post opened by reaching first on an GAMMA GLOBULIN AT NEWMAN Parents of children in Council Grove may be interested in knowing that Newman hospital at Emporia has been named as one of 25 hospitals in Kansas to serve as a storage and distributor of Gamma Globulin, the new polio treatment. Emporia is the closest point to Council Grove where victims may be taken. ball league for youngsters between poned due to wet grounds, leaving Benediction Dr.

Swaim. Recessional Mrs. Wirsig the term is ended there Friday. Feature of the afternoon program will be a ball game between the boys of the school and their fathers, according to Prin. Dean Lar the White City win over Burdick as the only WaMoCo game played error Hylton sacrificed him to second and Junior Hunter singled to right to put Scotchy on third only to see the rally die as Hark Miller.

DWIGHT SENIORS TO VISIT NEW ORLEANS i Dwight high school seniors are scheduled to leave Friday morning on a trip that will take them to Npw Orleans. Not Finished, Just Begun is on opening day. the class motto. Paul Harris is All cancelled games will be sen. class president.

played on June 26, the next avail ness was cut down, at the plate when Wasmund was on via a fielder's choice. Sanders loaded the DELIVERS TRUCKS able open date for first round the ages of 11 and 14 will be held at the Chamber of Commerce office in Herington tomorrow night. The meeting is scheduled for 8 o'clock, and Apperson has hopes Council Grove residents will sponsor a junior hard ball team to make up an eight-team league. Towns already indicating an interest in tomorrow's meeting are Marion, Lost Springs, Lincolnville, Hope, Woodbine, Chapman and Herington. Actually they will be graduates Bert Grauel Chevrolet has de FINED FOR DRUNKENNESS play.

livered a new -ton truck to Frank A fine of $10 and costs amount TO PLAN PROGRAM Rasmussen of Bushong, a 1-ton ing to $3.75 were assessed against WINNER OF RUG Carl Stover, 400 North Washington, was winner of the 9x12 cotton broadloom rug which was awarded by Litke Furniture Saturday. Four hundred eleven persons registered in the contest for the $83.40 rug. Rotary club' officers and direct bases when he walked, and Sheehan singled again to plate two runs and give Council Grove a 4-3 lead. The Indians made it 5-3 In the fourth when Wasmund walked, Stuart Spence of Emporia when he appeared in police court Fri truck to Clarence Cowden and a half-ton pickup to Phil S. Dix of Delavan.

ors for the coming year will be guests of Pres. Ellis Rumsey to day night on a charge of drunk night at a meeting to formulate enness. went to second on a balk and HAS NEW BUICK plans for the 1953-54 term. In E. M.

Shewmaker has taken del cluded in the executive group will BACCALAUREATE SPEAKER ivery on a new Buick sedan from be: K. O. president; Ger The Rev. Merle Whitlow gave Meyer Buick company. ald Ridenour, vice president; War the sermon for the baccalaureate A $9,680 LOSS White City suffered a $9,680 personal property valuation loss on the tax records this year.

Assessed valuation of personal property now is $143,395 as compared to $153,075 in 1952, ner Harris, secretary; C. H. White, TITLE TO NEW CAR service of the Bushong high school graduating class last night. treasurer; Marion Alspaw, Lawr Pete Smith of Wilsey has taken ence Brown and Rumsey, direct ors. title at the court house to a new Plymouth four-door sedan.

by the time they leave as tneir commencement program is scheduled for Wednesday night. With the young people on the trip will be Coach Sorondo Panesis, Mr. and Mrs, Roland Ek and Ruth Aspelin. SHERMAN BOWMAN HOME Sherman Bowman, Washington grade school faculty member who suffered injuries in an auto accident on Hospital Hill recently, went home from the Morris County hospital Saturday -afternoon. BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT Mr.

and Mrs. Paul Robinson of Wilsey are parents of a 9-pound son, born this morning at the Her-ington hospital. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wigle and Charles Robinson.

BUYS NEILL HOME Vi'lrl Butler has purchased the Neill home at 712 Hays. He is to get possession by July 1. scored on Sander's single. Wichita tied the score in the fifth on three successive singles after two were out, and then came the fatal sixth to the air force a 12-5 lead. The final Wichita run scored In the eighth when two walks opened the jnning.

Roth forced one man on third before Corbisiero stole home to make it 13-5, Roth was out in making the same attempt, and Lemitz struck out to retire the side. Cal Hunter came in to JAYCEES START WORK ON HERMIT'S CAVE Work on the Jaycee project to improve the Hermit's Cave on Belfry Hill got underway yesterday, with considerable progress being made and another session scheduled for the near future. The cave, was cleaned out and a rock wall constructed on the south side. In the work crew were Bob, Scholes, Mike Knott, Warren Ghere, Pat McConnell, Axel Peterson and Dr. L.

D. Jernigan. TITLE TO NEW TRUCK Harry Granzow has taken title HAS NEW CAR COLLECT BOUNTY Coyote bounty payments were M. I. Perkins of White City has to a new Chevrolet -ton trucki purchased from Bert Grauel.

START ON WILSEY GRADE Work was started by Blaser Construction company this morning on the Wilsey grade school project Contract was let recently for an addition to the building. a new Chevrolet sedan. made at the court house this morning to Boyd Bacon of Dunlap for four and to Roy Holaday for five. 78 HIGH TODAY TO TURNPIKE OPENING Maximum temperature reading Burlington Highway boosters pitch the' ninth and struck out of this city have been invited to BEEKEEPERS VISIT attend the formal opening of the Five beekeepers from Abilene new Turner Turnpike at Stroud, this afternoon was 76 degrees, and the minimum today was 41. High and low marks on Saturday and Sunday were 84 and 50 and 75 and 58 respectively.

Rainfall over the weekend amounted to .36 inch. THE WEATHER Scattered showers and clouds reported moving into the southeast part of Kansas tomorrow with a low of 50 and high of 70 expected for Tuesday. the side. Sheehan walked to open the Council Grove ninth. Fritz Brown singled, and Kaiser walked to Continued on Pag; Fouri.

DRIVING NEW FORD Lafe Edwards of Wilsey is driving a new Ford four-door custom-line that was delivered by McConnell Motors. May 16. The toll road be visited J. W. Admire here Friday afternoon to study how to handle tween Tulsa and Oklahoma City cost 68 million.


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