The Sentinel from Carlisle, Pennsylvania on November 21, 1913 · 2
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The Sentinel from Carlisle, Pennsylvania · 2

Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1913
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THE EVENING SENTINEL SECOND PACE 0. R. THOMPSON, Editor A Prop'r, A. D. THOMPSON, Managing Editor CHAS. H. KUTZ, City Editor lu regard to th polio fort one rule should be laid down. That is. that the chief of police and each patrolman should be a man ho? n?c-ord will command the respect of the ommunity. It is useless to eoJM on auy other kind of appointment uniting with favor. Entered at tho Carlisle post Office, Dec 1, 1881, at aecond-clan mat ter. J U.S. WEATHER BUREAU REPORT np UK essential part of our national 1 Thanksgiving Day is the public worship of Almighty Gcd and the re turning of thanks to Him for the i 1 ... .1 t. . . . - T. nii.ilJ For Eaatern Pennsylvania: Rain to- u'ks -- - night: Saturday unsettled, probably tn Ife-sMenf proclamation: "The local rains ( season Is at hand In which it has been our long respected custom as a people FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 21. 1913 J l l? '"'f ttMTn" Almighty (lod for Ills inunifo.d m-r- cies and blessings to us as a nation. Governor Toner's salary of 125.000 ( a day of thaukglving and as president of the National baseball ' prayer, and Invite the people through- league should open the eyes of Pennsylvania to the real worth of the man who occupies the executive chair as a baseball president. The Sentinel exposed the weakness of the milkmen's agreement to raise prices a week or more ago, since which time there was no question hut that the agreement would be practically of no effect. William Barnes, Jr., leader of the Republican party in New York state says: Theodore Uoosevelt is a candidate for the regular Republican nomination for President," The Democratic party could ask for nothing better than a straight-out fight betweeu Wilson and Roosevelt and would have no fear of the result. out the land to cease from their wonted occupations, and in their several homes and places of worship render (thanks to Almighty Ood." It is possible to lose sight of the ' real significance of the occasion by ulaciutr too much emphasis on the holiday features of it. Our community should all unite in the union church service which it Is customary to hold here on Thanksgiving. We owe it to ourselves and to our coun try to do this. FAMOUS MEN ON COMMITTEE Will Act As Advisors For Indian School Athletic Ass'o. GUMP AND SULLIVAN INCLUDED BOLD THIEFT AT FRAIIKLItl GROCERY About $15.00 Taken From The Cash Register NEWVILLE BOOMING Star and Knterprlse Frank Mitten who purchased one of the Landis lots on the north, has the cellar dug and is hauling lumber to go ahead with the erection of a new-house. J. E. Lehman has the foundation The amended railroad ordinance, in J w all ready for the brick w ork to go on the second paragraph, in reference to the West High street track uses the words: "did construct with the consent of the municipal authorities. " These words should be struck out. If the construction was with the borough's consent, they are altogether superfluous; if uot with the borough's consent, the borough does not want to give Its consent now. CONGRESSMAN PALMER states his position very frankly as to being a candidate for governor or senator next year, In the following statement given In a Washington dispatch: "I have no statement to make at this time regarding my political intentions. Personally, I may say that I prefer to remain a member of the House of Representatives and I think it will he for his splendid new home in the same section. Charles Lehman who was the purchaser of a corner lot is having material hauled to erect a stable and the home follows a few months later. SUITABLE CHRISTMAS GIFT A Sentinel subscription makes a suitable and acceptable Christmas gift. The custom of giving a newspaper or magazine subscription is now quite common. Nothing would be more appreciated than the Sentinel Carlisle's home newspaper. DON'T DOPE A PUNY CHILD Parents don't give that puny, ailing, under-weight child any of those so-called "tonics" containing alcohol or dangerous drugs; such stuff won't give relief and health to grown peo- posrtiblfl for me to be returned from my district. Hut a number of Demo-1 pie, let alone children, its purpose is crats have said they believe I should t0 Emulate tor a short time after each . ... ... , 0 dose, just as whiskey or morphine make the race either for Senator or .... ' A,.,.. ,i,s., .... kh,. i, i0 An i n g real good. Give that child something that will really build It up replenish the wasted tissues feed the stunted, dwarfed, puny muscles make it lively, strong, well full of the animal spirits children are meant by nature to have. Give it Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion. Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion is wholesome, nourishing, free from alcohol and dangerous drugs. It's the Ideal nerve, blood and body builder. It does the work it is planned to do better than any other medicine we .know of, and our faith in it Is so great that we cannot only urge you to use it and give it to your children but we guarantee that it will do all we say it will, or cost you nothing. Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion should he given to children who catch cold easily. Begin right now, and use it to build up the child's system to such strong health that it can resist colds, croup, grippe, bronchitis, catarrh, pneumonia, and other cold weather liuseases. 1 ou who are weaK ana run down, and you who are well now, but are libale to suffer from various cold weather ailments, use Rexall Olive Governor, and if 1 should be convinced that my duty to my party demanded that I do this) It might influence my plans. However, at present I have not yet been so convinced. That expresses the true situation. The chief interest in the political situation on the Democratic side at this time Is whether or not Mr. Palmer can be prevailed upon to enter the race. The matter is as yet not finally decided, as he says himself. His many friends and admirers are hopeful, however, that when it is It will be that they will have a chance to vote for him. ELECTION of borough officials by the new council is being watched w ith much Interest by citizens generally. Especially is this the case with respect to the police force. It is not our intention to take up the question of appointments at this time . nil l.'... ..i 4 . ,1 i ii i We presume the majority members of I ,', ,. alu 7y 'Strong. I' or the tired-out, run-down, the new council will caucus a sufficient nervous, emaciated or debilitated-length of time before the organization the convalescing growing children to allow anv reasonable objection to aKed people it is a sensible aid to be made on the merits of any appoint-1 eh?trenKth' bmer 8PirIt8' g'W" ment agreed upon. At best the ques-) Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion king of Hon of appointments is a difficult the celebrated Rexall Remedies is for matter to solve and it is not proper ' freedom from sickness of you and that the members of council be em- I your family. You'll be as enthusiastic I about it. as vp nre when vnn lmvo barrassed in making their selection so noted its pleasant taste, its'strength- long as the final result is good an! the appointments of such a character as to be acceptable to the people. "Lazy Livers ana High Livers" need our Effervescent Phosphate of Soda, 25 cent3. Jay Benfer, the druggist. 29otfd ening, invigorating, building-up disease-preventing effects. If it does not help you, your money will be given back to you without argument. Sold in this community only at our stores The Rexall Store one of more than 7,000 leading drug stores in the United States, Canada and Great Britain. Shearer's Drug Store, Carlisle, Pa. ( A1 verriswnent) The authorities of the Carlisle Indian School announce the affiliation with the school's Athletic Association of an Advisory Committee composed of the following gentlemen: Mr. WaKer Camp, author. Athletic Authority. Advisory Coach to Yale University. Judge Frank Irvine, Dean Cornell University College of Iaw, and former President of the Cornell University Athletic Council. President E. A. Noble. LL. I)., Dickinson College. Chancellor S. B. MeCormick, LL. D., University of Pittsburgh. Mr. Jas. E. Sullivan. Secretary-Treasurer Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, and Secretary to the Olympic Games Committee. This committee was formed so as to obtain in the conduct of athletics at the school outside counsel and the view point of leading college men, besides the immediate supervision here and through the Indian Office. While there is on Athletic Association at the school, regularly formed and incorporated, which has been in existence a number of years, most of the Alumni live in the far west and the student members are boys and girls of limited education with little (knowledge of the ethics of college and school athletics, except what they learn at the school and by their contact w ith athletic teams of other Institutions. It is felt at the Carlisle school that the Advisory Committee composed of prominent men associated with col-lego athletics w ill be of great assistance in the determination of questions of athletic policy. A bold theft was committed in the heart of the town Thursday night or early this morning when a thief gained entrance to the Franklin grocery, at Hanover and Pom fret street and stole from the cash register about $15.00 in money. Entrance was gained on the Pomfret street side. It was thought by the young men who closed the store Thursday night that this door was locked." This morning it was found open. Nothing else was missing which shows very conclusively that all the thief wanted was cash. The cash register was not broken . LETTERS TO THE EDITOR SHIPPENSBURG HAS SOME LIVELY DOINGS Shippensburg, Nov. 19 Quite an excitement was raised in Main street yesterday morning when a small child, who said her name was Clark, got lost. She raised quite a howl until Burgess-elect Barbour came along and got her located. Robert' Angle is building a new garage at the foot of his lot in East King street. The men of the Lutheran Church made a canvass of the members of the congregation on Sunday afternoon . There were two run-offs in King street yesterday morning, the one being the team of Liveryman Goodhart, and the other belonging to a farmer who had a load of apples. No dam age was done. Miss Lillian Ocker is spending the week in town with her cousin, Mrs. Clarence Strohm.- The postofflce plum Is about to fall. Some people think the new postmaster will be a Bull Mooser. Thieves broke into Mrs. Flora Hayes' chicken house on Sunday night and stole all her chickens but two. FIGHT ON BUTTER NEXT The Eighth Semi-Annual Dividend Carlisle Trust Co. Carlisle, Pa. NOVEMBER 13, 1913. The Board of Directors have this day declared a Semi-Annual Dividend of 5 per cent from the net profits of the past six months' business. This Dividend is free from all taxes, induing the new United States Income Tax. Checks will be mailed. - MERKEL LANDIS, Treas. State Authorities Getting After Cold Storage People Pure Food Commissioner Foust said that the facts that all eggs stored in April must be out of cold storage in December, and that the pure food authorities are on the watch for violations of the law, have caused the egg ow ners to endeavor to get rid of their eggs as soon as possible. Pure food agents in the field since the ultimatum to the egg speculators, are sending telegram's, Commissioner Foust says, telling him that cold storage eggs are being sent out on the market, especially April eggs, and that it looks as if all April eggs will be out before the time limit expires In December. Commissioner Foust, having got his A Citizen Suggests a Candiate For Chief of Police And Hopes The Non-Partisan Plan Will Be Carried Through To the Editor of the Sentinel, Sir: There Is evidence of a scramble on the part of certain persons to secure the position of Chief of Police under the new borough government. In this connection permit me to suggest two things for the consideration of your readers. FlrsL Could a better man for this important position be found than Daniel Fought, who served the borough so well some years ago? So far as I know, there was never a complaint against him save by law breakers and never a suspicion that his position was not used on Uie square. The character of the man makes this probable, and his conduct -while in office was up to this high standard. Second. I hope, however, that the appointment this time may be by the Burgess-Elect, and that the force may be virtually under his control during his administration. I say "virtually" because I know that council must elect the officers of the force, but they could in effect delegate This flity to the Burgess with the assurance that they would endorse his appointment. There is good reason to believe that they will do this very thing this year. A goodly number of the members of the Council-Elect, and the Burgess-have expressed themselves as favorable to a non-partisan police force on the basis of putting police appointment into the hands of the Burgess. It ought to be unusually easy this year for most of the new councllmen to carry, out this plan to which they gave general assent during the campaign. It is made easy beacuse of the fact that the new Burgess will be of their own political party and they are freed from any possible fear of party advantage on the part of a burgess of the other political faith. This being the case, and a number of them having expressed their desire for such a policy, failure on the part of these councilmen would seem to indicate that the old spoil system is dear to them and that they propose to keep our police force in the same unsatisfactory condition as of yore. I believe, however, that we are on the eve of a change In this matter. CITIZEN. nRPBEDH TJMIR The House of Feature Pictures With a Special Feature Picture Program for Every Day This Week 5 CENTS TO ANY PART OF THE HOUSE TO.MGM P 7-REELS-7 'The Message to Headquarters" War Drama in 3 reels "Good for Nothing Jack". 101 Bison Western Drama "The Priceless Treasurer" Drama "Gocd for Evil" .... . ........ Drama " TOMORROW . 'iThe Wild Guardian". . . ;.' .Ambrosia Drama in 2 reels "The Waif" Kay Bee Western Dramo "Lake Darby and Joan" Comedy "Red Sweeney's Defeat" Western Drama "For Her Loved Ones" Drama Also another good reel. - Daily matinee 2:30. ' Evening 7 and 9 P. M. Admission 5c to any part of the house. RUB RHEUMATISL PAIN,. SORENESS, STIFFNESS Instant relief with a small trial bottle of old "St. Jacobs Oil" What's Rlielmatism? Pain only. Stop drugging! Not one case in fifty requires internal treatment. Rub soothing, penetrating "St. Jacobs' Oil" directly upon the "tender spot" and relief comes instantly. "St. Jacobs Oil" is a harmless rheumatism .cure which cannot burn the skin. Limber up! Quit complaining! Get a small trial bottle from your druggist, and in just a moment you'll be free from rheumatism pain, soreness, stiffness and swelling. Don't suffer! Relief and a cure awaits you. "St. Jacobs Oil" lias cured millions of rheumatism sufferers in the last half century, and is just as good for sci- campaign against cold storage egg atiCa, neuralgia, lumbago, 'backache, gamblers well started, is now going ' sprains. to get after the butter speculators (Advertisement) and are waiting for a scarcity j article for the purpose of placing the j accumulations on the market at big prices. On the first of October, according to the reports made to Commissioner Foust by the agents of the Pure Food Division throughout the State, there were 10,500,000 pounds of butter in cold storage in this State, the greater part of which was placed in storage in June. Under the new cold storage law this ibutter can remain in stor age nine months, which mean3 that it must be put on the market in Feb ruary. BOQER'S SALE Of and JUSTICE -ELECT KEPHART EXr PRESSES THANKS Hon. Johh'w. Kephart, who was e-lected to the Superior Court on Nov. 4th. has addressed the following letter to the students of the Dickinson Law School: "I wish to express to you my sincere thanks for the loyal support g'ven me by "the boys In Dickinson Law school in my campaign for Superior Court Judge. "I trust that the future will confirm the confidence reposed in me and that the Dickinson School of Law will always be able to point with pride to Uio men who of her graduates have been called by the public to fill responsible positions in life. The suc cess of Judge Heck, Judge Moser and j myself should be an incentive to all I of you. "All honor to Old Dickinson, the best of all Law Schools; all honor to Dean Trlckett, the grand old man, who made Dickinson Law School what it is. Sincerely yours, JOHN V. KEPHART." . COMING EVENTS November 20 & 21 First Reformed Building Guild Bazaar in Boas store room. Nov. 24 Address by Sherwood Eddy In Allison M. E. Church. Nov. 24 Moving pictures In Opera House, benefit Carlisle Hospital movement' " Nov. 25 Sandby Concert in Mentzer Hall under auspices of the Civic Club. November 26 Suffrage meeting la Court House. November 27 Fair begins at West street A. M. E. Zlon Church, with a Thanksgiving supper from 6 to 10 p. ni. Nov. 28 Musical at Y. M. C. A. December 4 St John's Ladles' Auxiliary apron sale. December12 Address by Mrs. Falconer, of Sleightington Farm School for Girls, auspices of Civic Club. Dec. 13 Church of God miscellaneous Sale. AS IT IS TODAY Do you know the Youth's Companion as it is today enlarged, improved, broadened in its reach of human interests? You may remember it as it was. You ought to know it as it is now. You will be surprised at what a year's reading of the Companion will do for your family. No American monthly magazine offers such a quantity of readin and it comes weekly, too. . i Father can find no better editorial page published. WTith its impartial comment, its Nature and Science, it will keep a busy man well informed. The Family Page, the Boys' Page, the Girls' Page, an the Children's Page, in addition to eight serial stories and 250 other stor'es for all the family, sug gest the lavish promise for a year's reading, and every line is published with a purpose. No other American periodical covers the same field of interest or offers such a quantity of reading at as low cost. No other publication furnishes more inspiration or entertainment, or enjoys greater confidence. ! If you are not familiar with the Companion as it Is today, let us send you the Announcement for 1914, with sample copies containing the opening chapters of A. S. Pier's great boarding -school story, "His Father's Son." New subscribers who send ?2.00 for the fifty-two issues of 1914 will re ceive free the remaining issues of 1913, and a copy of the Companion Practical Home Calendar in addition. YOUTH'S COMPANION, 144 Berkley St., Boston, Mass. rAdvertlseraent) OPERA HOUSE " 'TONIGHT The Home of High lls Vaudeville "My Uncle From India" Always the Select of the Licensed Pictures "Bunny's Dilemma" featuring John Bunny, Flora Finch & Lillian Walker. "His Mother's Son"-Bio-graph Drama. "The Man in the Hamper" Western Drama. "Jimmie's Finish"-Kalem Comedy. "Betty Buttin and the Bad Man" Lubin Comedy. 2 SHOWS 7 and 9 P M. Carlisle Hospital Benefit, Monday, Nov. 24th. "Daoie's Inferno" With music by the Metzger College Pipe Organ and the Eighth Regt Band of 25 pieces. Get your tickets early only a few left. It's funny If Horn doesn't hare It. ' 44vrttasnMt Home Theatre TO-NIGHT Always the Best Pictures Live Stock, Implements Household Furniture On Saturday, November 22d, 1913, i t . ; 1 1 ,i c. fcU If! J ' vnas. jrioger win sea w oouiu uu-dleton township, 3 miles southwest rff Carlisle, along the Valley Traction line, horses, cows, young cattle, 2 fat hogs, farming implements, and a full line of household goods. Sale at 12:30. See large bills. C. H. De-venney, Auctioneer. Bntd Eastman N. O. Films are the Best at E. & H. Pharmacy. Lots of Hot Stuff to drink at Hous ton's DENTISTRY AN OLD ADAGE-" A Stitch In Time Saves Nine." This Is especially applicable when applied to dental work. DRS. BASEHOAR & MORRISON, Office Open Evenings. Lady Assistant. DR. BASEHOAR I DR. MORRISON Tuesday and Satutdsy Erenloji Monday ana Thursday Eveoloti 8:30 O'clock. 7 to 8:30 O'clock. PROGRAM "The Daughter of the Underworld" A 2 reel special featuring Carlyle Black well Kalem. "As the Tooth Came Out"-A good comedy Edison. "The Lubin. Fatal Scar" Drama- "Grand Canyon of Arizona" Scenic Travelogue. "The Mistake"-A Good Bio-graph Drama. OLD PICTURES OF CARLISLE HOME THEATRE TONIGHT The Old Episcopal Square. Olden Time View or North Hanover Street. An Old Time View of South Hanover street. View of Old Market House From Main Street. "Banty Jim" a Cumberland County Slave. And Old Time View cf East College Building. Dr. Nesbet, First President of Dickinson College. Old View on West Pomfret Street. Old View of West Main Street, showing the original Biddle Home. The Old Court House destroyed by fire in 1846. A reproduction from a drawing. Tomorrow SpecialMatinee & Night THE EVIL EYE" A Great Two' Part Special by Lubin SHOW STARTS 7 P. M. ADMISSION 5 CENJS

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