The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1937
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL BLYTHEVILLE PAGE THREE Oucslion Hox Q 1 have nn old-fashlone-j sink raves \vilh wooden boards on each | und 1 want lo cover them wllli would yon overlook-In; n lawn or uiiixlcn. I'YoiU ixirelii's are little used uny more because of Ihe luvk of privacy horn nulnino- blb triillli- am) bfuiuse they keep out tin 1 simliuht ilurhits (lie lonv, winter months. I'OjeclS Started AlniOSl «. If the boards are not growil or l( the urooves are not too deoo. linoleum can be cemented OH lop lo muke a nice surface. The present FHA Program, However, Offers Opportunities for Investments WASHINGTON. D. C.—Development oT a national home-construction program, financed by private capital under terms of the Federal Housing Administration's . Insured Mortgage System, creates a condition in the real estate market where good real eslate investments rather than good real eslate speculations are available to the public Administrator Stewart McDonald said today.' While the widespread adoption of the insured Mortgage System lias given further im|>etus to the factoi of neighborhood control, thereby creating better environments and decreasing occupancy costs ond removing to a great degree Investment hazard from home ownershi] and mortgage investment, any idea.* on the part of the public that such operations open a field for speculation are misguided, according to the AdniinisTrator. Reasonable Return LOW COST HOME an eye design To the homf.sceker with for the different, this should make a strong appeal, placement of the entrance and bay window are among the distinguishing features. The home is of stand- ) ard construction, ,yct within Ihe cost reach of the modest income. .n Ihe Godfrey White farm nortl ' 'own bv Ihe same concern. Haymoud Carlwright is remod- j cling the large store building I which he recently bought from ' Brlckey Mercantile company. Tlic work is temporarily j5lop]>cd while Mr. Cartwright Is in i Ihe Baptist hospital at Memphis. Upon com.!l operation and own- Sinclair Company Con- > llctlon "• ls lo be occupied by n nnl ncl/ita ni*in« n ri i,n_ 1 ' iriillph nf 11i(» Rtprlhiif F"ivn iiiul ership of real eslate, financed under the Insured Mortgage System". - he said, "Is predicated entirely upon an expectation of a reasonable return from the direct services of the property, rather than from any form of real estate manipulation. The Insured Mortgage System makes such properties a successful investment, rather limn a spec- 'ulalion. as it assures stability and a minimum of mortgage risk. These factors represent security, on the other hand, speculation docs not structing $10,000 Service Saliou OSCEOLA, Ark. — Construction of a modern $10,080 service station, remodeling and repainting, installation of cooling systems and the digging of artesian wells mark building activities in Osceola for April. Sinclair Refining Company ot Fort Worth, Texas, for whom R. require security but Is inevitably L - Maxwell Is the local agent, Is related to the presence of risk." Elements of uncertainty which existed in out-modcd forms of mortgage practice have been eliminated, he said, and have been replaced by a definite system of amortized mortgage payment—payable like rent, covering interest, principal, taxes, and fire nnd other insurance. No longer, under (he Insured Mortgage System, has the home purchaser any worry concerning payments on second mortgages. It is also unljkely for a home purchaser io 'fin'd himself In an em-* barrassiiig financial'' predicament' under tiie phn. fis the limitations of the Insured Mortgage System tend to prevent a person buying- a home beyond his means. ' ; 'Stability Sought "It should be thoroughly understood that, while the Federal Housing Administration has promoted marked Increase in the real eslate market, it has in no way encouraged speculation. Every factor in constructing an up-to-date service station on Highway O'l, one block south of Hale avenue on n lot leased from C. C. Haraway, negro supervisor of Smith-Hughes work for Arkansas. i . • i The building is to be • of Spanish style architecture, white stucco Around with $500 green tiled root, is to be spent In jranch of the Sterling Five and Ten Cent Stores. I/auclj-enpes Hroadway 1'roperty John W. Edrington has 'recently bought the block of negro rental property on Broadway, facing his home. The houses are being moved nearer the levee and the block will be landscaped, adding much to the appearance of that section of town. Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Wort 7, have bought an acre of land on the west side of highway 01, north of town, upon which they expect to build a home soon. The J. E. Buiiii hdme has been repainted this month. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Coble have sold their home lo 13. S. Laney and will move into a five-room apartment, being built in connection with their new store and '••"cri'l home. The entire building including the chapel and apart- The modernizing of Blythevllle dralnboards should be scraped <ir homes continues wllh some new planed lo get an even surface und work started almost daily In va- to remove Hint portion of the woud rious purls of the city. Uuu may have btfconic - saturated When Mrs. Parnswoiili Black re- with soap and grease. TU'-' him- pairs her home, at 015 Hearn street, leum should be cemenli';! to t.lie which was badly damaged by flic boards anil bordered with 11 wocil Sunday, she plans lo mnkc a mini- or nielal molding on all sides .-.«:- bcr of Improvements. Work start- cept that overhanging 111-' sink. ed today on the rcshingling of the I roof, and (he Interior will be lin- Q. 1 have Just had a brick lions; proved wltn new plastered walls, remodeled and find llmt the wiOls psssihly wllh Insulation, and new are terribly damp. In fact, the floors. The kitchen mid bathroom new wiUlpaiN-r lias become baJly will be modernized. In the kit- stained and in places Ims cume then she plans lo move Ihe sink loose, m doing the nll-jrni.l<inf 1 under a window, and to install bad lo Imve u new roof put on. lUitl same built-in features. She will Hie house was well soaked while also make ' oilier improvements Ihe roof was olf. Do you suppose throughout the house. lliis Is ihe cause of Ihe wet wnlti? The Cecil Shanes are Improving' A. It undoubtedly has something their home at 1001 W. Main street |r, ( i o w m, | l; U1 tac ^ ((. llmy ),. with a new roof, of the .same de- |h 0 major cause. Hun your furnnce sl<jn as tiie old one, changing some [ or „ wcc ^ O r two an<l see if laie windows, making minor changes on , walls do not dry out. If you Invve the outside and redecorating the " interior. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Robinson are having their front screened porch lorn away and will build a colonial entrance. Tile house will be repainted white and oilier minor improvements made. They live al 91C W. Main street. The Ike Miller apartment, at 1003 W. Walnut street, occupied by Mr. and Mrs. W. A. ArTll 1 *. has been redecorated nnd minor repairs made. The. E. b. Jones bouse, at 509 re p](| S ( CrC( | n le | 10 , 15ei especially if the piaster was placed directly -:)n the brick walls. It will take several months for Ihe plaster to dry out thoroughly, even without'the niUU- tional moisture Hint limy be In t^ic walls from the soakinj they got. You had b'.'tter strip olf the \n\tcr and wait before rqxipcrtng until all Elgai of moisture have dlsa.p- ponrcd. when you feel 'nullc sure it is entirely dry. wait nnollvcr month and then rcdccarate; to do It before that is lo Invite trouUe. landscaping the grounds.' Work is ment on the second floor, is air to be completed June L '. jMUtltioned. C. L. Orlgsby. and R. S. Bowden, owners of Mississippi County Motors, Dodge and, Plymouth (•ealers, will j operalc : trie'' new' station and will probably build sales rooms iii connection at a' later date. " The heaviest load psr square fool :''• Redlinger aim Hanseri are the of " ls entire liouse is usually car- contractors for a complete i-c_; ri -d by L';a bathroom floor, the rca- uicunuing of the telephone binld-! son for tllls Mn S tllc weight of ing, inside and outside, at a cost i " le malcri(lls llsj d in the room- Strong Floor Beams 'Needed in Bathroom of $1500. . Htd Cross Repairs Houses About 50 houses have been rebuilt and repaired by the Red the governmental Insurance of Cl ' oss "} fn f, ir . rehabilitation pro- mortgages has been evolved with | g)r " the express purpose of increasing stability. In so doing, speculative factors have been discouraged to a great decree, eliminated. if not completely "The requirement of a 20 per cent down payment and the long- term equal monthly plan of mortgage payment Is further, evidence of the check rein placed upon speculative and unsound mortgage practice. .This, coupled with minimum property standards with which a home must conform to be eligible for mortgage Insurance adds to this general stability. Therefore, sound building, financed , through a stable system of mort- | gage financing, produces a large field for investment, but scarcely can be considered a desirable field for speculative enterprise." ' in this section of tiie county. Three houses washed away by the flood waters at Rill's Landing, are to be replaced next week. All the wood work in the interior of the court house has been recently painted. The county jail is being renovated and painted with prison labor. J. T. Driver lias ihe contract for painting the home of Mrs. Kale Chiscnhall nnd redecorating the interior of the William Nickols home. A modern store front and new windows are being put in the Hyman Welnberg Drygoods store. Corliss Well Company of Mem- phi's completed last week u four- Inch turbine engine well, producing 100 gallons a minute, at the rear of the Gem Theater, to be used in the air-conditioning sys- One performance of Beethoven's tcm bci ng installed in me iue.tu.-r. Fifth Symphony by the New York i Tllc theatre will also be re- Philharmonic orchestra cosls about' recorated. S300. ' A deep well is also being dug concrete, tile, and fixtures. Unfortunately, this is one part of the building in which tlic floor beams are usually weakened by careless cutting for the installation of pipes. It is possible to avoid this error by proper framing for Un. pipes, and this extra support shoulc be orovided to avoid settlemeiv cracks in the tile, between the tile and the built-in tub, nnd on the ceiling below. Homes may be financed throng] the Insured Mortgage System o: the Federal Housing Administration. BUILD THEf [HOME YOU WANT We can help you plan your home and negotiate for FHA low- interest long-term financing. Rents nve high and good rental property scarce ... Its better to build! Quality Building Materials THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 Building of Chimney Influences Heating £ound chimney construction essential lo the efficient operatioi of any heating plant. Many com plaints rogardinj heating plants are traceable lo faulty cbimnc construction. Attention given lo thi important mutter combined wit adequate heating facilities assur the home owner of a comfortabl house..during- tiie Winter month Protection against, fire is affordet also. V. Walnut street Is being painted 'hite, the front porch screened ml minor Improvements made o the outside and interior. The Dr. J. C. Elaine building, t 105 N. Second street was rc- ccomled for Billy Hurst's Beauty hop. Vails Remodel Home on East Davis Ave. Extensive \vork it the liomc of Residence at 801 W. Main Will Be of New Knyluiul Colonial Design Work was stinted loiiny on lbi> New Unwind colonial house to b.' eri'cU'il (or Mr. nnil Mrs. A. Conway at, HOI W. Main street, Thr house, wliich will hnvc n llvlii" Kiym, dining room, breaktust room, kitchen, two bedrooms. dress- Inj ream »iu| two bulh.s on I'nu first Iluor and a third bedroom on ihe si'cond Iloor, will be of whit.' washed brick with an asbestos shingle roof, on Ilia cast side will \ii a screened porch, opening onto a Inrijc terrace from which will l::nJ a covered to n doubl: Q. Are built-in incinerators pnic- lical for a private house? A. Yes; they are. There arc two types: Those lliat use no fusl other tluin liousa trash anil those that are gas fired,,,110 sure to locate yours in such a position that •he prevailing wind \vlll carry the fumes nwny fr*om the • house. :as there is apt lo be n slight oibr from It. is beln? done Dr. nnd Mrs J. M. Wall, (CO East Davis ave- \ue. which Is bcln? completely remodeled. The living room' was extended to the edge of the jcrcli, making the ropm . 14. bv..21 "ect and a side |X)Vch, vvnlolV 1: ,o be screened, was originally , o portion of tile old porch. : This 1 vns widened aiul a door opened into the living room. Mi enclosed sleeping porch is jeing erected back of a bedroom. Tlio liouse formerly had two bcil- rorms. one' of them very small and there, \vcre no closets. A part ot tiie small bedroom was taken for (he bathroom and the other part was used for making two closets. Tile former bathroom wa; used for u part of the now sleep- Ing room. ' The kitchen Is being thoroughly remodeled with built-in features. The entrance of the house was torn away and there will be a new small colonial entrance. The entire house will be-painted white over tlie dark brown paint and the new shutters will be green. The interior of the house Is being papered and painted throughout. Q. I notice so many houses built nowadays without nny front parch. Are front porches out of style? A. Many have porches or Icr- (Janice. will) servant rcom above. The porch, terrace aijd pussayewny will imvc floors of llnastonss, Tliere will be 11 basement inr.l'.T u part of the lious 1 .', which will bi- 1 ui'cd for healing mid the laundry. 'Die IIIIIIEU will have ntr conditioning for summer nut! winter and will l:e weiUi'orstrlpp^d und InsulaU'd. Homes wiring will bo used with nn unusually large' number of receptacles and other electrical conveniences. Ttio 15 by 2C feet living . roum an;l the adjoining illnlin; room will be fashioned in the true cnloninl imnmi'r. with paneled wdlnsvoUui nnrl a colonial patterned -wall p;ipcr above. Most ol Hie Hoars will be carpeted. - The kitchen will have all built- in fixtures of the latest design. The outside door will open onto the terrace. The two bathrooms will be finished in tile will) all ^vhtle fixture*. U. S. Branson Is tile architect,. Scientists Say Destructive Pest lived Millions of Yeurs Ago Von hav:> lii'iud much hl'.'iy "bout I lid termite-tlint IIUIc pK',1 which r,oi'in.s nliiiusl. like n mortem nvi'inioii to si'ure >;ood householders out ol ill] /.siinp approach to ie so-ral!c:l "cir.'my." To \M Hie truth, HID termile l:t>s livi-d in tills purt or Die world lor sine .M.OM.OOO years, Fossil iinilli's liiivt-; \iffH found, which irrimlln^ to sili'iilUu lt>:llcnt.i> llir sisUMire of lormlte folonbs-|ony i'fnii' the human race. Termlti' <lainai'» oacli ycur ean in- easily I'ontiollcd, according to Dr. T'liom- "s H anvder, M'liltir eulomolo-jlst, Ituvenu :»f ICntoinoloijy nnd Plant Quarantine, United states Department of Agriculture, Todnv we know Hie termlti! chlof- ly by his small mud Innnels rnn- •>iur. over Coim:liilloii5 mut wnler |'||KS. lie comes through-cracks in all kinds of ImlUlnjs. No mnterlu 1 M'cms powerful cnoiijih to keep oul tills aiublllous liwe:t in his senrcli for food, lie has one great weakness an;| this (jives a clue lo methods of 8''lling rid of. him., Tin- tcrmlta needs moisture. He cannot live without dampness. Uncover him or cut oir his \viiv home lo (he dlunp ciirlh anil tile lermlto will surely die. Therefore, the llrst step In i.i'ttin'! rid of lovniltrt lit iny building Is to nnd their shelter lubes of I'urlh and waste ma- crlal, bulll lo jjlvis free access to round mnlsltirc. D;slroy these ibrs and you destroy the tsrmtle flf. In piiillnir up n aw buildings, it a mallei or uielliod rather limn f material, whlth is elfectlve as n afesuard nualnst termlfos. Tile •lit olt all outside entrance from he urouiui. Still further precau- .rs the removal ol all loose Olive's nnd debris from around 'itia foundation walls'.- When Infestation may Imvc already occurred,' the treating of ; loosened .soil with"' 1 chemicals will jibtson' the Inssc'ts. Free Illciaturc on kiinlte cqn- irol can be secured frimj '(he of- " Ilccs of Hie National Lumber Mnri- * ufactin-ers Association, 1337" Cori- neellcul, Avenue, Wnshington, n.'.C. Prizes to Be Given - . tfor Cottage Dosign NEW AUK, N. .J.— Prl/es arc to • be awardei! to;- the vxterlor 1 ' and Inlcrloi designs f,0j- a model ~ cotlugo to be erected at Cape Breton, N. ,j., according to nn an-" nomicement of n contest made; by • Howard W. Vnii Ness, president 1 of-> Ihe Van Ness Corppratioii. Win'-' uers will be announced at the New Jersey National Home Show. Anyone may compete. The specifications for the 'ciiUnuc call for a four-room'- structuro incelliiK the requtrcments • of Die f Klcr'itl Housing Adinlhls- - '.rnlion. ' Rend Courier News Want Ada Large frame houses in cities on ordinary lots where there arc few trees should not be painted white This tends to increase their apparent size and bulk. To make Ihr building look smaller, a misty neutral body tone with n slightly lighter or darker trim is suggested. The Modernisation Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration program makes tile painting of buildings possible. TO BUILD We are now in a position to accept applications for FHA loans on new construction in desirable locations. If you plan to build get your money through us. We can also make regular monthly reduction loans on dwellings already constructed. COMMONWEALTH FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N. First National Insurance Agency , INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS PHONE 12 Clarence II. Wilson Harvey Morris SHERWIN-WILLIAMS; HOUSEPAW up fafrw duty, makes fouse wtfty sick! : • If costs more 'not to paint. when your house •: needs^p&iritingl Raint, is protection . •,„ prevents rotting, decay. Be sure you 'paint, with famous old SWP ... the house paint so widely used for ' its extra ond longer-lasting protection. Paint too, for beauty — you'll be prouder of your home in a beautiful dress of SWP. No other paint can match it in sheer good looks. It's smooth, lustrous — and washable. Let us show you our card of 32 beautiful SWP colors. Ask for our book, "The Truth about House Paint". It's free. Lead and Oil has advanced— Our price on SWP has nol. SHOUSE- HENRY HARDWARE CO. I'hone 35 ,i'sl consldcrnllim Is lo build, In tich a manlier us to prevent the nlry or termites from the ..round. ^lutulaltons sbou'd be or mnsun- y or of approval pressure treated. r nalliriilly Icrmlle-reslslalit lu'm- >er. BiiEcnicnl should be re- nforcccl lo prevent cracking. liase- nent floors should ba sealed, and eriiilts sh|elds should be used to PLUMBING! COMPMOTB STOCK OF STANDARD Sanitary Kmimclwnve SINKS, HATi'ltU.iiS, CLOSKTS, hAVATOIU'KS • HA TRRMS "PETE" 'I'Hl'J Phone -103 /I, Styled and Tailored In The Latest Mode You can buy one of these guaranteed roofs Tor as little as $6.44 per month. Let us make you an estimate J? A' I 1 N T H*e A D Q U A R T E' R S

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