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FIRE ON DAIRYMAN plainly. In the center of the room were a group of 15 or 20 Korean women, near relatives of the deceas JAMES EPPLEYS FARM Co To Your Doctor impossible to wcfl, simply impossible, if the bowels are consti- ftrtod. Waste products, pocnous subiiances, must be removed ed. They would take their times at SEVERE BURNING 10 ITCH ALL THE LATEST NEWS OF IE, CHANICSBURQ Mechanicsburg, Sept. 14.

-Delayed material for the Arch Street school building arrived In the early part of the week and Contractor Dougherty added a large force to his workmen FLAMES OA MAGE SUMMER KITCHEN CONSIDERABLY frora Lie txwy least ence each diy, or mere will be trouble. Ask your doctor about AVer's Piils, gently hxatfve, all vegetable. He knows hy they act directly on the liver. tfnfc' weeping, and each would wall for fifteen, minutes by the clock. Aio.her woman, whom I took to be the com-forter, would pat the chief mourner on the back and all the while kept Family and Neighbors' Worked Hard And Successfully and the building has progressed with remarkable rapidity.

Unite showers prevent it will be about ready for LETTER FROM KOREA THE EVENIHG SENTINEL singing the most weird dirge Imaginable. Every once in a while another woman would beat a kettle drum. The roofing by this evening. l.J PAGE iNotwithstandicg crowded condi Pimples on Back of Shoulders. Very Red.

Formed Scab. Scratched Constantly. Could Not Sleep Nights. Used Cuticura Soap and Ointment and Was Cured. CIIO Marie St; iifladelphia;" r.

About two years ago I begin to notice small pimples on the back of my shouldtra. Carlisler Write Interestingly of Oriental Scenes And Customs combination of wails and music (if It tion of the school' rooms occupied. Ux t.n. 6ATUBAYr SEPTEMBER- 1912 Fire broke out between two and three o'clock this morning in the summer kitchen or wash house on the dairy farm of James W. Eppley, of near Boiling Springs.

Miss Ka: her ice Eppley was awakened by the eoise of the flames and soon the whole household were astir and ftehttnsr the has Mrs. Liggett, of this place. can be called so), was very uncanny. receiveJ a very interesting from her daughter in Korea. letter The All along the front of the altar, before the Gods, were tabels of food.

METHODIST CONFERENCE BEGINS most of them two schools occupy one room, the schools are getting along very well, but all are anxious for the completion of the Arch Street building, when the schools which were there can return to their rooms and letter says ia part: piles of cakes, surmounted by trees MONDAY of gaudy paper flowers, nuts, fruit. Seoul. Korea. April 20. 1912 1 I candy, -cooked rice, fish, beans, etc.

Dearest Mother: What do you flames. The telephone exchange was resorted to and the operator helped to mobolize the farmers In the vicin-1 The pimple looked very red and at times they would ooea a watery fluid and then formed a scab which I would Uac down by scratching constantly. It looked like an open ore all over my bark. Within a few month It matuwl mini or tnis paper! is it not great? offering was to propitiate the the Grammar school will remove from the high school building to their new It is a Japanese and all hand colored The Japs surely are an artistic peo evil spirits in favor of the departed spirit. These offerings cost a lot of pie, but they do not use their paper! money, the Koreans often going in- Jty.

Robert Eppley. a young son galloped away oa his pony, across the fields into the darkness to summon the aid of neighbors. George, the popular driver of the milk delivery, v.NH. 1 such a degree that I would 1 not be able to do anythin as we do. You know all these Ori to life-long debt in order to make ential people write with a brush, and rooms in the Arch street building and relieve the high school of its crowded condition.

Work on the new U. B. church ia also progressing rapidly. It is now all floored and will soon be ready for the plasterers. this funeral display.

The evil spirit are supposed to get the food, but in First Session Will be Held at 2 P. M. In Allison Church The Harrisburg District Convention of the Methodist church convenes here on Monday.for a two-day session and to which the public is Invited. The first day's program la as follows: Monday Afternoon 2:00, Devotional, J. K.

Snipe, Boiling Springs. 2:15, Organization. 2:30, The Preacher' Spiritual Life, J. V. Royer, McConnellsburg.

ink that is thick and resembles paint. reality the priests get it and flourish They spread the paper out crosswise instead of lengthwise, then begin at on it. Christianity is doing much the right hand isde and write in col toward wiping out these heathen cus umns frotn top to bottom, one char toms. It is almost miraculous what pumped water for an hour, the father rang the dinner bell with one hand and with the other used an axe oa the burning structure, and the women folks succeeded In saving the contents. There was fire in the place Friday afternoon when apple butter boiling was In progress but when the family retired last night, everything acter beneath the other.

Often one the Word of the Divine doctrine ia The remodeling of the lecture room of the Methodist church Is now completed and services of the church which have been suspended for some time will now be resumed. Regular character will mean a whole sentence accomplishing in this country. in English. Will write more next time. This A queer idea they have which Is without Interrupting myself to scratch my back.

It used to Itch awfully. My clothing certainly Irritated the trouble especially when the sore were just lorn by scratching the scabs off. Finally I got to badly affected that I could not sleep nights on account of the severe burning and itching I bad to endure. I spent a considerable amount of money for medicine and all was in vain. Isentfora sample of Cuticura Soap and Ointment and obtained reaerfrom a few applications only.

Then I bought a cake of Cuticura Soap and box of Cuticura Ointment and used them according to directions for six weeks and was completely cured. There Is no trace of pimples on my back. (Signed) Aaron Rochlls. Apr. 8, 1912.

Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment are sold throughout tho world. Liberal sample of each mailed free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address post-card "Cuticura. Dept.T.

Tender-faced men should use Cuticura Soap Shaving EUck, 25c Bamplo froe. Is a wonderful experience for us. horrifying to us, they think that Your affectionate daughter', EMMA. 6eemed to be all right. It is believed however, that the fire used to boil when eating they must show appre services will be held tomorrow.

All the services will be held in the lecture room until the remodeling of the auditorium is finished. The Brethren in Christ held very nation ror tneir rood by making a loud noise quite a contrast with our the butter heated the bricks of the chimney to such an extent as to set fire to a wooden cross piece and this idea "soup should be seen and not THE FORGETTERY Georgetown Sawtelletown. 'New court house. started the flames. The interior was Interesting Harvest Home Services in the church this afternoon.

Visiting ministers were present and assisted heard." It is very funny to watch them. Tho(e who can afford meat make a broth which they use with Waiting room for" Valley Traction considerably damaged and a hole 3:00, Discussion. Opened by W. W. Banks, Enola, and C.

C. McLean. Harrisburg. 3:20, The Manhood of the Minister: a Study In Personality, J. V.

Adams, Hanover. 3:50, Discussion. Opened By A. 9. Williams, Harrisburg, and W.

B. Watkln. Llttlestown. 4:10, The Preacher's Intellectual Equipment, President E. A.

Xoble, Carlisle. 4:40, General Discussion. 5:00, Adjounrnment. Monday Evening 1:30, Devotional, H. J.

Schuchart, Stewarts town. 7:43, Spirituality: What Is it? Is in the service. company. Merchants' association. vermicelli.

When made with chick Troop No. 2T2S, Boy Scouts of this en it is delicious. 1 have eaten it place, which recently reorganized, were out for a drill and parade on nice is ineir cmer aiet, ana a a burned through the roof. The building is situated close to the house and there was an unfavorable wind blowing at the time. The bucket brigade did effective work, however, and coped successfully with the destructive elements.

The loss is covered by insurance. condiment to go with it, the Jauanese and Chinese use fish or meat, while Thursday evening, under the direction of the new Scout Master Dr. S. Sewerage system verdict. Lively trade on market mornings.

Beer saloons in basements. John Boney who sang bass. Banty Jim who drank croton oil. "Gouger" who posted bills. Mule rido in orcus by "Hen" Bids For Painting Hospital Building, Water Tank and Supportt For The ame: The Property of the Cumberland County Poor District.

The Directors of the Poor of Cumberland County will receive bids up until noon of October 3rd, 1912. for the Koreans use universally a favorite D. Eisenhower. They made a fine dish called "kimchl. This is not appearance.

unlike our own sauerkraut, is made Our three fire companies the Wash of a heavy kind of lettuce or, Taylor. ington, The Rescue and the Citizens a contract for painting at the County red pepper and fish, and more than Medicine 6hows on the public attended the State Convention at nome as rollows: FIRST Two coats of Standard anything else you have ever known its square. Lebanon this week. Lead Oil Paint for the outside wood roxlmity can be detected without The old Louther and St. Mark's Lutheran church will and iron work of the County Hospi LETTER LIST The following list of letters advertised at Carlisle, Sept.

11th, 1912, will be sent to the Dead Letter Office, Sept. 1912. Gentlemen Bellecourt, Andrew. Dolostosky, Max. the aid of the eye.

East streets. tal Building for the Insane. hold Harvest Home services tomorrow. Decorations from field and gar SECO.VD Two coats of Standard The Oriental mind is so different -Union fire company band Em There a Lack of It In Our Members? J. D.

Fox, Harirsburg. 8:15, Discussion. Opened by W. W. Bhool, Duncannon, and S.

S. Carcell, Shlppensburg. The Influence of Amusements on the Religious Life and Christian Service, J. E. Bell, Chambersburg.

9:00, Discussion. Opened by II. D. Mechanicsburg, A. C.

Shue, West Falrvlew, and D. L. Dixon, Lewlsberry. from anything we have ever expert pire band. den, appropriate to the occasion, are enced.

For example. iNo one over Winter skating rink at Hanover being arranged in the church today. and McBride avenne. The pulpit of Grace U. B.

Evangel Show lot at Hanover and South ical church will be filled tomorrow by here can understand that a man can ever do a good ded without there being some motive back of it, some hope of reward. That is one of the streets. Ridenour, W. W. Ross, ,11.

Woods, J. L. Zeigler, I. E. Ladies Rev.

Earl Markle. The days when most children Charles Shriver returned to Frank- Adjournment. went to church with their parents ilin and Marshall College and Lynn Ir- hardest things the missionaries have to contend against. These people CARLISLE SQUAD DRILL IMG- LATE COL. SNOWDEN NATIVE OF HOGESTOWN Lead Oil Paint for chimneys on eaid building.

THIRD Two coats of Standard Lead Oil Paint for the wooden waier tank and structural iron work connected with the same, situated at the County Home. FOURTH The refitting of all window lights, (that need repair) in windows, located in the Hospital Building. Contract awarded the above specifications to be completed on or bwfore Nov. 20th, 1912. The right to accept or reject ail bids is reserved.

George E. Lloyd. Sec'y-AUy. for Coard of Directors of the Poor of Cumberland County. Mechanicsburg Pa.

Sept. 5th, 1912. casnot possibly believe that a person would voluntarily give up wealth and Caldwell, Mrs. W. A.

'Johns, Ethel. One cent will be charged on all let ters advertised. C. S. BRINTON, P.

M. comfort, family and friends, in or Coach Warner Puts Football Men At der to come to a distant land just to Chasing Punts teach the "Jesus Doctrine." Oh, Hard work has been the keynote of no; secretly there is some reward, SURPRISED DR. AND MRS practice for the Carlisle Indian foot SWAL- some material gain behind it all. The ball squad starting with last evening. Father Was a Practicing Physician There The Sentinel in noting the death of Col.

A. London Snowden said that he was born in Carlisle. We learn now that he was born in Hogestown, Silver Spring township. His father was a practicing physician there, and one vin to the University of Virginia where they will resume their studies. Clyde Orris and Adam Orris went to Gettysburg in the early part of the week, where they were enrolled as students in Pennsylvania College.

Mrs. Frank Stehle is very ill at her home on East Main street from the effects of a stroke of paralysis received on Wednesday. Among our Lutheran people who attended the Lutheran League Convention in Harrisburg this week were Bev. H. Sharp, Rev.

Dr. H. N. Fegley, H. Mefcer, Mrs.

LOW Dr. and Mrs. Silas C. Swallow were The Redskins do not lack Interested idea of reward for a good deed and revenge for a bad ono Is strongly spectators, a3 every afternoon 6ees grounded in his mind. And, me coaches from prominent eastern football eleven on Indian Field, looking thinks, mother, that I have known some of our own kind who are not over Glenn Warner's methods of given a surprise visit Thursday evening at their summer home, Crest Xest, Camp Hill, by a number of the long-ago employes of the old Methodist publishing house, which stood on the ground now occupied by the Union Trust Company building, opposite the Bolton House, and of which Dr.

Swallow was superintendent and training and preparations for the sea unlike the heafhen in this common and base idea. Let me quote a few son under the new rules. Warner always has a warm greeting Jacob Fisbel, Mrs. E. C.

Gardner, principles which are controlling fac tors in their daily living: and some advice for his brother Miss Edith Fegley, Miss Katharine Seigeft, Mrs. Fandi, Mrs. Elizabeth Blessed is the child who honors his parents, for he in turn shall be editor for thirteen years, from 1892 coaches, who generally leave expressing their qualification at the Indians' training methods. Hetrtzler, George Hoover. honored by his children." The Senior class of the high school to 1905.

Reminiscences, music, games and "Blessed is the man who treats his Friday afternoon's cool breezes were of a number of high class men who lived in that neighborhood. Col. Snowden, who was no doubt named after Archibald London, moved to Philadelphia early In life, and was prominently identified with the government of that city for many years. Hon. F.

E. Beltzhoover recalls that when he was a boy he heard Col. Snowden' make a democratic speech (Mr. Snow-don was a republican) to an open air audience in New Kingston. Mr.

Snowden stood in a wagon as he spoke to the crowd gathered a-round. He recalls the fact that Mr. Snowden was fa-ultlewily and fashionably dressed, and greatly impressed his hearers on this occasion. held their first class meeting of the friends well, for that is the only way refreshments helped the hours to pass welcomed to the aborigines who went year on Thursday evening at the home of Miss Ruth Howard, West Locust to get treated well himself." rapidly and pleasantly away through a thorough drill at tackling, A Big Reduction 25 to 40 Per Cent. STRAW AND PANAMA BATS Cleaned and bleached by sane method, no quick, destructive acids used.

Our method requires several hours to do the work and has lasting qualities. A FEW OF OUR REDUCED PRICES Pants scoured and pressed 40c Pants steamed and pressed 10c Straw hats 25c We guarantee pressing done by ua to hold creases and shape mucn longer than any other We give garments 700 Ib6. pressure; can this be done by hand pressing? Think It over t-v i 4 Union Steam Dyeing and Cleaning Works 120 W. Main Opposite C. V.

R. R. Depot, next Door U. S. X.

Office. Open Evening passing, punting and falling on the ball, which has not been eliminated street. Miss Howard is a member of the class. "Blessed is the country gentleman who persistently declines to become Prime Minister, for he shall never be cartooned by the opposition, and incidentally shall have no taxes to Miss Elizateth Byers and Miss BORN A SON A son wa3 born to Mr. and Mrs.

Wallace Denny, at the Indian school Thursday. from Carlisle's work. Warner chased his warrior down under punts for a full 30 minutes. Florence Hartman, both former resi dents of this place, now of Harris pay." "Blessed is the young married wo burg, were guests this week of Miss Mary Fink, North Market street. ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED Mr.

and Mrs. John 'II. Webbert, of Mrs. Samuel Martin and daughter, man who suffers patiently the infliction of a mother-in-law, for she ia Miss Martha, spent yesterday with Churchtown, announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Mary turn shall have the felicity of pinching friends in Harrisburg. her own daughter-in-law black and 'Miss Lile George, of Harrisburg, is SERIOUSLY INJURED WHEN BUGGY BREAKS Dillsburg.

Sept. 13. While R. L. 'Nesbit, a South Baltimore street hardware merchant, accompanied by Charles Wiley, of Second street, and Frank Smith were out driving in Nes blue without remonstrance." Gertrude, to Clarence J.

Heagy, of Johnstown. Miss Webbert, until recently, was empolyed in the large de here, called by the death of her aunt, There are many others which I do Mrs. Hoerner. partment stores in Harrisburg. She Miss Hattie Hopple was a business A Warning To Many Sa.Tie Interesting Remarks Regarding Health Statistics Few people realize to what extent their health depends upon the condition of the kidneys.

The physician in nearly all cases of serious illness, makes a chemical analysis of the patient's urine. He knows that unless the kidneys are doing their work properly, the other organs cannot be brought back to health and strength. When the kidneys are neglected or abused in any way, serious results are sure to follow. According to health statistics, Brighf's disease which is really an advanced form of visitor to New Kingston yesterday. was formerly employed in the Imperial store of Carlisle.

bit carriage, last evening. Wile; not have time to quote, but do you see the spirit of revenge or reward goversing all-or them? Of all the Interesting things we see, nothing is more fascinaunr fTian to Mrs. Emma Houston is visiting in The prospective "room is a Carlisl Philadelphia and Atlantic City. er, now employed in a shoe store in watch the children With their dark Johnstown, fie was a former clerk in Stuart's shoe store and Captain of the Salad Birds' base ball team. sustained serious injuries about the head and face.

The men were descending a hill, when the front of the carriage broke down, throwing all three men heavily to the ground. Mr. Wiley fell on a rock, causing severe cottusioa of his head and driving several of his teeth down into the lower Jawbone so that they had to be removed. The other men escaped. Eyes examined carefully at my office or your home, (if you drop me a card.) The place you get satisfaction fiW.

H.Dinkle Graduate of Optics 29 E. Pornfret St, Carlisle, Pa. HEAVY BUSINESS; MORE MEN HIRED skin, black eyes bright as a mouse's, chubby cheeks, and odd dress, they urely are attractive. They play games and fly kites, and have a good, time in general. Like our children at home they like to tease each other, and you win be surprised to hear that they have a ditty which they hurl at one another, which runs just like, ''Sally's mad and I am glad, and I know what to please her," etc.

Business- ini the Enola railroad yards has been quite brisk during the kidney trouble, caused nearly ten thousan'd deaths in 1910,, in the state of New York alone. Therefore, it behooves us to pay more attention to the health of these most important organs. An ideal herbal compound that has had remarkable success as a kidney remedy is Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the gerat Kidney, Liver and Bladder Remedy. past month and a larg number of PRIZES CAPTURED BY FIREMEN AT LEBANON Fire companies winning prizes at Lebanon were as follows: 'For the Finest Appearing Uniformed Company1 in the line of Parade, $100 'To the Liberty Fire Company, of Reading. For the Largest! Uniformed Company, First prize, $100, to the iran-rywine Company, of Coatesville; second, $30, to Liberty Company, of Reading.

For the Company (of not less than twenty-five men) coming the greatest distance, accompanied by a band of twenty or more men $100, to the Pitcalrn Company, of Pitcairn. additional men have been given em ployment. CANDIDATE'S CARDS Two new shifting engines have been placed in service to haul cars from Enola to the Rockville yards and re FOR THE LEGISLATURE turn. On account of these two crews. HORACE C.

BARNER of Southampton Township Democratic Nominee Respectfully solicits the support of all voters at the general election on November 5th, 1912. five extra firemen, have been transferred from Harrisburg to the Enola yards and five additional men have been employed. The mild and healing influence of this preparation is soon realized. It stands the highest for its remarkable record of cures. If you feel that your kidneys require attention and wish a sample bottle, write to Dr.

Kilmer Binghamton, X. Y. Mention this paper and they will gladly forward it to you absolutely free, by mail. Swamp-Root is sold by every druggist in bottles of two sizes. 50c and $1.00.

It is very Moreover, there are children's stories about "good little boys and girls" who never ateal birds' nests, nor play "for aor tear their clothes, nor tie tin cans to dogs tails, etc. These form the "Sunday School literature" of the Korean, and are treated with the same contempt by the healthy Koreon child as "goody-goody" talk is treated by children the world over. Last Sunday we took a walk to the summit of Namsan, one of the high REV. AND MkS. M.

E. BARTHO-LGMEW WEDDED FIVE YEARS About 200 friends from 'Leesburg, Jacksonville and surrounding country helped Rev. M. E. Bartholomew and wife of Leesburg celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary on the evening of September 3.

Having taken the couple by surprise the company took possession of the parsonage for the evening, Early in the evening the pastor and wife were called into the reception hall, and after a neat speech by H. J. Briakerhoff were presented with a handsome dresser and oak rocking chair. The evening was 6pent in renewing social ties, before and during an informal luncheon. On invitation D.

E. Cover and J. Rickabaugh responded with brief speeches, Mr. Cover closiag with a prohibition song. WILL WED For the company having the largest uniformed band, $50, Brandywine Company, of Coatesville.

For the finest appearing apparatus, $50, Montgomery, of Mbrristown Kodaks, Films and Phcto Supplies -B H. PXarwacy. Jlmtl At Hagerstown a license) to wed Issued to Charles M. Goodhart, Shlp Ansco camera at Belters. pensburg, and Bertha A.

Rider, Me chanicsburg. PROF. BRYNER ILL Prof. Ira L. Byner, former Superintendent of Cumberland County Schools, Is quite ill at the home of est mountains surrounding Seoul.

A. small temple is located there, and a service was in progress for the soul of ome one who had passed away. The whole front of the temple was open, so we could see everything very his mother-in-law, Mrs. Lottie Elm, IFUNERAL OF IMRS. Ft HO ADS The funeral of Mrs.

John Rhoads, Boiling Springs, Awill be held Monday at 2 p. m. instead of 10 a. m. as reported.

Friends and relatives will attend without further notice. in 'Shippensburg. Mr. Bryner'a wife is with him but the rest of hia family Is in California. Fin Farms Hor Sale! I have for sale a number of fine slate, gravel and limestone farms which caa be purchased worth the money.

Write or call at the office for particulars. $oth phenes. Also a number of fine town properties for sale. R. E.

SHERAER Real Estate and Insurance DR. J. C. KISNER 136 W. Louther Street EAR, NOSE.THROAT and RECTUM NOTICE The undersigned will open their cider press at Craighead station, Sept.

5th, for the season and will make cider each Thursday during September and October. KLINE REICHLBY. 6sl2td apeciai care given to Pile, Fixtures, Etc. Office hours until 9:30 a. 1 to 3 p.

6 to 7:0 n. C. A. BINGHAM. Civil Engineer and Surveyor Lot and Farm Surveys.

Maps and Grades. Buildings etaked out an Supenlntended. Plans and Specifications Estimates and Reports. Sewers, Pavements, Roads. Sentinel Building, Carlisle, Pa.

Telephone Connection. Sunday 3 p. m. Other hours by appolnneVu. I.

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