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The Sentinel from Carlisle, Pennsylvania • Page 6

The Sentinel from Carlisle, Pennsylvania • Page 6

The Sentineli
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
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THE EVENING SENTINEL! PAGE SIX DAILY FASHION HINT MUSICAL CONSERVATORY To Be Opened In Carlisle By Mr. C. M. Stauffer CONWAY HALL BOY GOESTO WAR Schoolmates Give Him Rousing "Send Off OX ROAST AND JWRBEQUE Moumentous Event In Carlisle October 8th. THURSDAY, OCT. 1, 1914 Kick of th. Mule. A trlse man, in bis own estimation, announces that a luule kicks because It doesn't know any better. will greatly surprise many students of contemporaneous mule life. IS ever there was an animal with low cunning ex pressed In Its eye and its twitching nostril, that animal Is the mule. Its ability to place a kick where It wil give the greatest offense to its victim la something marvelous. Cleveland Plain Dealer. BAND WILL PLAY A momentous vent In Carlisle will be the ox roast of the Pomfret street A. M. E. church to be held in Armory Hall, Tuesday, October 8th. The ox, it is stated will be roasted whole by the champion ox roaster of America, the Rev. J. V. Peyton, the pastor Arturo Schueg, Santiago de Cuba, a graduate or Conway Hall class of 1911, visited the school yesterday to meet some of his friends before sailing from New York on Saturday to jin the army of France. Mr. Schueg's father Is a citizen of Conway Opens Season on Saturday The opening of the Conway Hall foot ball season will take place Saturday, October 3rd, when they will meet their old rivals the Millersville Normal School. This game will be hotly contested as both team.i are evenly balanced. Conway team thi3 year is one of the of the church, who is an adept in the France, and his son Arturo has been The Spanish Flag. The red and yellow of the Spanlst flag Is said to be derived from this oc currence: In 137S Charles the Bold lipped bis fingers In the blood of Geoffrey, count of Barcelona, and drew them down the count's gulden shield In token of his appreciation of the latter's The shield, so marked, became the arms of Barcelona, hich be came part of Aragon. and its arm were taken bv kingdom. strongest that has ever represented the business, and who will roast it as nice summoned to join the French Army Mr. Claude M. Stauffer, for many years band master of the Carlisle Indian band. leader of orchestras, and organist In the First Lutheran church, has leased the property. East High street below Pedford (nort'i fide), and will open a conservatory cf music in the near future something new for Carlisle. He will organize a Conservatory Orchestra, and a professional orchestra and will teach music. The location Is an excellent one, as Mr. Stauffer has a wide and long established reputation as a finished musician with extraordinary a-bility to instruct, the venture can-not help proving a great success. Mr. Stauffer will make an announcement in a few days. -t vf He expects to go at once on his ar- as a good cook would roasi a lurxey, institution, having many stars of various school teams in their line-up. Game will be called at 2:45 p. in. Biddle Field. Admission will be 25 cents. The Dickinson college baud has been engaged for this game. --h It mm Striplin's band of Steelton will fur-j rival at Havre Into -amp drill for a nish the music and noted orators will period of three weeks before going to speak. Dinner will be served from the front. 5 to 9 p. m. and for a grand supper Mr. Schueg was a very popular man 30 cents will be charged, and 10 cents in Conway Hall, standing high in his extra to see the ox, but a 30 cent ticket class. He was a member of the foot-will permit you to see the ox. The ball and basebah teams, ox will be on exhibition at 11 a. m. Very nearly all the boarding stu-The grand function will be concluded dents were present in the chapel last at 10 p. m. by a grand march led by'evening where there was held an in DEMOCRATIC CLUBNOTES Headquarters will be Opened in The Snyder Room Mrs. Anna Mosten WW and Dr. Peter formal reception for Mr. Schueg af- i tor ihtx nravpr mwin? Mr SrhllPff lae coninnuee npiiuuuru tii iuc ic- ijro0Vg House cent meeting of the Democratic Club committee of arrangements Wm. BOUGHT A FORD Mr. Harry Hance, of Mt. Holly, has purchased from D. S. Wagner, agent, a Ford Touring car. to secure a meeting room has rented and three members of his class stood in line, and shook hands with all the boys as they left the chapel. Enthus-siastic school cheers were given and best wishes extended. H. Jackson, Noah Pinkney, Levi Richardson, I). V. Wilkinson, Reuben Davis, Jessie Caution, Peter B. Hodge, Kugene Gatewood, Geo. Kell, Geo. Frazer, Joseph White, Jas. Travers, Alex. Bowman, Joseph the Snyder room on South Hanover street, corner of Market avenue, formerly the Stevick and Barr hardware store. The room will be put in shape for meeting purposes nd will be open OPERA HOUSE! Change of Vaudev ile To-day 2 Acts PICTURES "Little Mary Pickford, in the Twisted Trail" -Western Drama. "Stolen Fortune," in 2 parts, featuring Francis X. Bushman. "Buddy's Downfall," Vi-tagraph Comedy. "The Mystery of the Fadeless Tints," Edison Detective Story. fit ARRESTED Officer Rentley today arrested Harry Kitner on a bench warrant for failure to comply with an order of court to pay his wife $2.00 a week. BOY DIES AFTER OPERATION day and night, beginning on Monday. 1 jaciiSon, Wm. Boswell. Herman Cloyd, Another meeting of the club will he Jordan, Foster Cloyd. Albert held on Tuesday night next, October -white, Samuel Jackson, Chas. Jordan. 6, at 8 o'clock. Good speakers will Xhere wm be luncll and refresh-be on hand and arrangements will be ment tables under the direction of a made for a big mass meeting. committee of ladies: i Albert Lebo Of Town Died In Harrisburg Carlisle Opera House Monday, October 5th A Gigantic Laidslide of Buttons, pictures of the candidates and campaign literature will be on hand for distribution. THE DEATH RECORD FUN! Lunch table Xo. 1 Stewardesses. Lunch table No. 2 Blooming Lilies Lunch table No. 3 Daughters of Allen. Lunch table No. 4 'Daughters of Webster. Lunch table No. 5 Daughters of Grant. Lunch table No. 6 Daughters of Waymen. Rev. W. II. Jackson, President; Noah Pinkney, 1st vice president; Keuben Davis, 2nd vice president; Thoa. Jordan, secretary; James Travers, asst. secretary; Herman C. Cloyd, asst. secretary; B. F. Owens, treasurer; Joseph Jackson, head A. Hi aw Matinee Wed. and Sat. Night 2 Shows 0. 45 8.45 Admission 5 10c Monday, October 5th "The Movie Girl" Musical Comedy. -PRICES- Albert Lebo, a bright lad of twelve years, the son of Jerome and Minerva Lebo, residing near town, died in the Harrisburg Hospital at 9:10 o'clock Wednesday morning after an operation for appendicitis which was performed at 1:15 Monday morning shortly after his admission to the hospital. A Harrisburg paper states that the hoy's condition was very serious when admitted and that he suffered with gangrenous appendicitis. His remains were removed to his late home Wednesday afternoon. Albert Lebo was a popular little a 1 Hot Waves! Cold Waves Continual waves of laughs The Mozart Music offer 25c 35c 50c and 75c i fellow and was a member of the First PERSONALS Advance Sale at Benfer's Drug Store. 'Reformed Sunday school of Carlisle. TTtffffHIflffl Mrs. A. P. Stover is spending sever- Besides the parents he is survived by al days with friends at Harrisburg. two brothers, Robert and Charles, and C. R. Miller and wife, of Wormleys- two sisters, Catherine and Reba. burg, were visitors at the Church Funeral Sunday afternoon at one of God parsonage last night. 'o'clock, interment at Springville. Mrs. W. C. Peters, of Harrisburg, is 5: See Rid it "The Movie Girl" 0 visiting In the family of her son, Dr-! WEDDINGS Duncan David Duncan, who had been in declining health for some time, passed peacefully away at his home, near Middle Spring, in Newton Township. Tuesday morning, aged about 32 years. Mr. Duncan is a son of Mrs. Linn Duncan, of Newville, and was one of Newton Township's most successful and progresisve farmers, and enjoyed the respect arid esteem of a large circle of friends. He is survived by a wife, his mother and one brother, Ray, of Newville, and one slsetr, Mrs. Charlotte Brinkerlioff, of Newton township. Also by two half brothers. Rowe William H. Rowe died at his liom in South Middleton township, Wednesday morning at seven o'clock of pneumonia after an illness of only three days. He was 79 years of age. He is survived by his Mrs. Mary Rowe, a son George E. Rowe, who lives in the west, and a daughter, Mrs. Geosge Boyer, of Philadelphia. He was a member of the Methodist church. Funeral services will he held at the house at two o'clock Friday afternoon, interment in the Holly cemetery. C. R. Bliss is undertaker Lackey The funeral of Mrs. John Lackey. Who died in Harrisburg, was held at Boiling Springs this morning at 11 o'clock. Interment in Springville ceemtery. Her husband and two children, son Lawrence, and a married danghter survive. Services were held in Ot-terbein U. B. church. W. E. Peters, West Ixmther street, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Heiser, South Zimmerman Stone Bedford street, went to Lancaster: Joseph Zimmerman Camp Hill, city today to attend the big fair, (and Miss Myrtle Stone, of Lower Harrison Nor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jo- Swatara township, Dauphin county, seph Nor, of this place returned were united in marriage Tuesday ev-from a trip to Europe one week at 7:30 o'clock at the Church go today. He was here on a visit 'of God parsonage in Harrisburg, by to his parents after his arrival the Rev. II. F. Hoover, frnm fnrpicn shnrps. hut has rt- with Billy Carlton, by Matthew Oil A Sure Cure for the Blues the Grouches I Quiet and chic in its simplicity Is-this costume in dark brown repp combined with velvet in a darker shade. The front waist extensions of the it cross in Dirextoire fashion and he skirt has a two-piece tunic, with -ep hip yoke. Average size require? -to make 5 yards of 44 inch repp and Vk yards of 40 inch velvet. Pictorial Review Costume Xo. uS-'. Sizes 32 to 44 bust. Price 15 cents. The Pictorial Review Patterns are for sale by the Imperial Department Store 1 1 Whiskey or Beer Habit i RELIABLE HOME TREATMENT Any wife or mother who wants to her husband or son from "Drink" will bo glad to know that site can purchase OIl-3JINE, the standard liquor habit remedy, ihat we have sold for yca-s, find if no benefit is obtained after trial the will be refunded. ORBINE is prepared in two orris: No. i. secret treatment, a powder, absolutely and odorless, given secretly in fonj or ORKINE No. 2, in jiill is for those who desire to take voluntary treatment. OKKTNE onlv $1.00 a hex. Come in and get a free booklet about RHINE. turned to New York. See Dinkle You are not fair to your eyes unless you pay for the service, That should be a part of every pair of right glasses. Glasses are more than just merchandise. Their use determines their value. You cannot get the right use from glasses unless they correct your visual defects, and the will not do that unless they are built to your special needs. I examine yes ard fit plnsces without the use of drops, that i ves satisfaction. Ask any of my many satisfied customers. Spectacles and Eye Glasses as low as $1.00. W. H. Dinkle Graduate of Optics 29 E. Pomfret St. Carlisle, Pa. Harry R. McCartney and Miss Carrie iGoodyear left for Mt. Gretna, where they will visit Mrs. C. P. Addams. Mrs. Francis A. Dunn accompanied It Pleases the Classes and the Masses MR. TIMMONS RETIRES James Timmons, well known in Car-, lisle, who has l)een in. the employ of the Pennsylvania railroad for the last l'2 years, retired Wednesday. He, was born and reared in Auburn N. Y. He requested retirement on accoun' of his physical disability, having It has the Punch and proves it A Girlie Song Farce with by her sister, Miss Myra Mentzer, of Springville, left for her home at Elkin Park, near Philadelphia. Rev. Edward W. Canoles, of Bigler-I ville and Rev. J. P. Koontz, of reached his 6Cth year in August last. a Catchy Music. ma utrcw iida utruuiue impanel! ana he is unable to stand the strain of constant travel. PRICES-25, 35, 50 and 75c Advance sale at Benfer's Drug Store. Carlisle, ministers of the U. B. churches in those towns, spent Tuesday night with District Superintendent W. H. Washinger. East METHODIST MEN MEET TONIGHT e5328SSE25Z 'King street. Chambersburg Re- VALUABLE REAL ESTATE AT RALLY DAY The annual rally day exercisea of Biddle Presbyterian Sunday School, will be held Sunday afternoon, October 11, at 2:30 p. m. The school's aim is to have 550 present. There will be a special speaker and music by a choir and orchestra. 'GOOD WAY TO DO BUSINESS Orpheum Theatre-Tonight P. MAQAR. Manager Two Features Admission 5c pository. Daniel S. Bursk, a prominent merchant of Lancaster, spent Tuesday night with his brother, John S. Bursk, of Carlisle. He is a delegate to the East Pennsylvania Lutheran Synod at Harrisburg. Jesse Rice and wife, of Carlisle, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. M. Smith, in this place, the past few days. New Bloomfield Democrat. Miss Virginia Gotshall has returned home after spending several weeks This evening at 7:30 o'clock the Men's Bible class of Allison M. E. church will hold a meeting under the direction of the Social Committee of the class. Dr. Springer has consented to give a stereopticon address on Bible scenes; and addresses on practical church work by men, will be given by Dr. Hauck, Dr. Price and Dr. Kisner, the able teacher of the class. Some new plans of work will be presented by Dr. Stock, of St. Paul's and Rev. Bernhard, of the Mission. Special music by Miss Ruth Andrews, and Mr. Reed Mowers will W. R. Shearer and W. F. Horn Sell Reliable Remedy at Half-Price and Guarantee a Cure When one can buy gold dollars for fifty cents, it is a good time to pur PUBLIC SALE SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1914 The undersigned attorney-in-fact for the devisees of Henrietta Albright, deceased, will offer at public sale on the premises of Tract No. 1, on the above date, the following real estate all of which is situate in Middlesex Township. TRACT No 1 The Well-Known Albright Farm, situate along the turnpike leading from Carlisle to Harrisburg, now the improved State Highway, about 4 miles east of Carlisle, adjoining lands of Jacob Kiteh, Charles Hetrick. John H. Paul, D. W. Sunday and others, containing 105 ACRES, 80 PERCHES, rrore or less, of limestone land in a high state of cultivation. The improvements are a large Stone Dwelling House, Frame Tenant House, wagon shed and hog pen, the bam having recently been destroyed by fire. A never failing well of water a large apple orchard and an abundance of other fruit on the place. Fences in good condition. The land is level and free from ob chase. In ordering a 50c bottle of Br. in New York and witli her sister, Mrs. George L. Weir, of Morris- add much to the pleasure of the even "The Trey 0' Hearts" The great serial drama by the great author of modern times, Louis Joseph Vance. First episode, "Flower O' The Flame," in 3 reels, presenting Cleo Madison and George Lark in. The great modern problem play. Full of punch, suspense and action. A new plot a new theme. "A Sublime Deception" A Society drama in 2 reels. TOMORROW "FIRELIGHT," Eclair drama in two reels. "THE SONG OF GHETTO," in two reels. nrd's celebrated specific for the cure of constipation and dyspepsia at 25 ing. Refreshments will be served. I cents W. R. Shearer and W. F. Horn are giving one of the greatest trade chances ever offered to the people of Carlisle. DR. NEELY APPOINTED Dr. Neely, of Newville, has been appointed State Medical Inspector of Schools of Newville, Upper and Lower Mifflin. If food does not digest well, if there is gas or pain in the if the town, New Jersey. Mrs. George L. Weir has returned to her home in Morristown, New Jersey, after spending some time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. Gotshall, of East Pomfret St. Mrs. James M. Moose, of Anderson-burg, has returned home after spending week with her brother James E. Gutshall and family of East South street. Charles Hetrick, postmaster and merchant of New Kingston, was a Carlisle visitor today. tongue is coated and the breath bad, jectionable rocks; and the loratin: of Evening 6:30 to 10:45. Daily matinee at 2:30. if there Is constipation and straining LADY MACCABEES members are requested to be present at a special meeting to be held Coming, "For the Honor of Old Glory" or The Stars and Stripes in Mexico, in 4 reels. the farm coupled with its fertility and productiveness makes it one of the most desirable which will be put on the market this Fall. TRACT No. 2 A Tract of Mountain Land adjoining lands of A. Rodzers. at the homo of Mrs. Raymond Hoover, East Penn street, this evening at eight o'clock J. C. Eckels returned last evening Neiswanger and others, containing 20 ACRES, more or less, covered with a from Middletown, where he was attending Presbytery and left on the Dr. Howard's specific will cure you. If it does not, you have druggists V. R. Shearer and W. F. Horn's personal guarantee to return your money. Dr. Howard's specific gives quick relief and makes permanent cures of constipation, dyspepsia and all liver troubles. These are strong statements, but W. R. Shearer and W. F. Horn are giving their customers a chance to prove their -truth at just half the regular price sixty doses for 25 cents. If COUNCIL MEETING lot of young oak, chestnut and hickory trees. Town council held a meeting at one midnight train for New York on a I' r. DANCE ARMORY o'clock this afternoon. The soions'tl' ei l'T refaFainK (these lands, persons interested are went to the II C. Brooks Company requested to apply to the undersigned business trip. He will be home Saturday. headquarters on West street io in who resides on Tract No. 1. spect a machine offered the borough with which the spring may be cleaned. ATTENTION, GOOD WILL! There will be a special meeting of Sale at TWO o'clock P. M. Terhis on day of sale. II. ALBRIGHT. Attorney-in-fact. Elmer Beilzel, Auctioneer. T. Ralph Jacobs, Attorney. they are not found true, all you have to do it to ask for your money. A3 vrtUematl Saturday Night, Oct. 1914 MUSIC by BRASS ORCHESTRA 1 MAY HAVE NEW ICE COMPANY It is reported that a man from Harrisburg is here to sell stock in a com- the Good Will iFire Company this evening at 7:30 o'clock. Every member is requested to attend as plans for the Harrisburg parade will be You can get it at Horn'd Drug Store. Adv. nanv in known at Tho MONEY TO LOAN i Un reasonable terms, tor long or Poison fly paper at Shearer's, 6c AdT, ice anu uom storage com- Bbort Unje cn Logan pany I Loan and Insurance. you'll find It in Tub Sentinel

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