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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 47

The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 47

Cincinnati, Ohio
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If OTilm ft SPRING FASHIONS fl for Indoor and Outdoor Wear SUITS -r COATS CAPES FROCKS DRESSES BLOUSES SKIRTS SLEEVELESS SWEATERS I 1 0 dkr life in Paris, which Is now a Beefed tome to them both. liere is lust off the press of thi.Cln-Bttntl Mueum Association a charming Mnphlet, which between Its grsy-brown (or conceal the works of the spirit the heart and the very life of the late uc-ja nciuj ivr mv mail jr tonnerted with this hlstorlo Institution. First Mr. Meakln is recalled to mind as the artist and the man. This Is followed by the essential parts of several fore-wof Is, written by request by him for the cttaloirufs of various exhibitions at the Art Mufeum and reprinted for their rare liKMItr and charm of which deplcta Mr. Meakln's conception of his art, and does so with such broad-mindedness and In a way so admirable as to make them of value for the light they throw upon the whole field of an artist's effort, one far beyond his own Individual ork. As a member of the Art Academy tsff from the time of his return from Vunk In 1KK2 until the day of his death last, summer Mr. Meakln's Intellectual (rasp, his conscientious service both to student and fellow artist; his patience and generosity, sincerity and honesty ere all reflected In his association with those about htm as they were also mlr-tortd In his paintings, which recently held a place of honor on the museum alls. His presence In the galleries this long period of usefulness was 1rs felt through his distinguished' errlce in the selection, ear and the hanrlng of pictures. The present oollec-Hon of his own works on view there was wt a small part of that to Which he de-trd his life. The examples of his tai nts are chosen to show his rang agd 'nny, ana, although many other can- us are equally good. It seemed wise U'e only enough to make a 'clear In lin of the many-sided beauty of his M. Its power as well as Its subtlety, and. hove all. Its sincerity. Some etchings re Included, but his water colors could ot be shown for lack of apace. The forewords which accompany this "Interpretation" of Mr. Meakln, are something than a medium' for the expression the artist and his work; they show gift of the essayist-that of clarity, ugment and charm In a running com at once delightful and Instructive. ft" Alliance Francalse and Its Wends win enjoy something rery chic id fhnrmlng on the 25th at the Unl-rstty of at 3:30 o'clock. ln M. Urrleu and the admirable Interpreters of his 'Chansons, Mme. Le-wmte and Mme. France Ariel, give a Program of M. Larrleu's oeuvres. M. Urrleu, whose songs of France In varl-w Phases have been much In vogue Paris, comes her with the most ardent recommendations from the Presl-dnt of the New York Alliance Fran-Mle, and from M. P. F. Olroud. of the Philadelphia In th East his concerts have been a ftrore, and th members of the Alliance her, to whom Privilege has been accorded of nngtn. their friends on this occasion. jr locking forward to th day and th our with much Interest and Mme. Anatole Le Bras hav rn at the Blnton ior the past 'lays, having arrived from Nashviill Mme. Le Eras's slitter, Mrs. (Kittle Pnrtn.) mA inlnaA 'ni In the South, fell 111 of appendicitis a urought home to Cincinnati, at Bethesda Hospital, she will uomu to an. operation. En'Bn Anthony Bullock, who was al e. a leave of absence soon after re- nis commission, had this nrlvl' sjJ.lenly rescinded owing to certain JweMties of the War Department, and one of the battle shlpa now the high seas. Harrison Claney and Ml ftty falr-halred bride left on Sunday 'r Mr. nnw uw WklU ui ry. his transfer having Just been ffect. oe to Douglas. wher he ee in tralnin with th ThrM fTun. pM and Eighth Division. Lieutenant "nrcomb Taotapsoa another of th old Emphasizing the simplicity and individuality for which the Styles of this Shop are so ire koton. Troop boys transferred from the Three Hundred and Thirty-second Infantry, at Camp Sherman, for service In the cavalry, his station, however, being Camp Frenfpnt, at the Presidio, San Francisco. was ordered abroad soon after his mar riage, about six. weeks ago. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Sutphln and Mr. and Mrs. Ben W. Lampson. Mrs. Jessie T. Whately left Monday night for Southern California, where, In Los Angeles, she will remain for the greater part of the coming year. Bhe will be greatly missed here, where she has been actively engaged In many of the war relief societies and on various committees concerned with good works. Her sister and brother, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Christie, ar thlnkln of Joining her In Mlu Elizabeth Cleneav. Mr. and Mrs. Tootle have three sons. Mi. George Duckworth, named for Mrs. Tootle's fsther, a man well known In his 'day in the finan cial world of Cincinnati; Mr. Milton who is the namesake of Mr. Tootle's father, and Mr. William Dameron, named 3 aTCTKW Mi that Urn PoUock now Is also 111 She 4 member of many war relief bodies, notably that of the Colonial Dames, and her absence from theie committees la a lost to them and a die-appointment to the 1 WOMAN'S IRISH FELLOWSHIP CLUB THE ENQUIRER, CINCINNATI, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1918 'i Mra Longworth and Mrs. B. A. Wal- llngford. who went on to New York to meet Mrs. Longworth's attractive granddaughter, Hller Buaanne da Cham- brun, who was due to land last week from Frances Mrs. D. W. Clancey, who has consecrated two sons to the natlons''needs for two years. Is now farther removed from both of these than at any time since the strife on the Mexican border. Both Lieutenant Harrison Clancey and Mr. Powell Clancey were members of Troop In' Its peaceful days, and they have ever since been Identified with it, either on the border or as part of Its dispersed organisation when the cavalry was dismounted at the. beginning of America's part In the war. General Pershing, however, has now asked for three regiments of cavalry, and these are being speedily assembled. Lieutenant Harrison Clancey made application for reinstatement as a cavalryman, and, winning his spurs, i now stationed at Douglas, Arlsona. Mr. Powell Clancey, who applied front the division at Camp Sheridan, fori the third Officers' Training Camp at! Camp Stanley, Leon Springs, Texas, Is now In the full swing of- his duties there. Their mother therefore Is left alone a long ways from her only sons, whom, however, the follows In splrllt with pride and satisfaction, forgetting her own loneliness In their participation In their country's sacrifices. Mr. Stanley Lawaon has that buoyant dlsDosltlon that makes friends every where. This has been true of his days of training near Chicago, at the radio station at Waukegan, where friends of his family. In Chicago on business or pleasure, have constantly managed to spirit him away for luncheon or dinner, and whore- Interesting people In and about Waukegan have helped make his preliminary days of service quite lacking In dut'ness. He is at present at "Champ-marle" on a thirty-day furlough from Camp Perry, and Is looking extremely fit In his blue sailor's uniform, driving his grsy car about, his reunions with his friends being many and. absorbing. He was ready for supplemental training of four months at Harvard when an epl-demla of measles and mumps broke out In his unit of about 100 men. and they were all put In quarantine, while others took their places In the classes at Cambridge. Aa there will not be plaoe for the orlsinal number for some time they were given this furlough, which the fates have denied their fellows. It has been a great pleasure to the friends of Mrs. Learner Harrison (Frances Koblsaat) to see her In town once more, her arrival on Tuesday, to be with her devoted grandmother. Mrs. Clinton Crans, giving- her Intimates ample opportunity to be with her. She Is looking particularly handsome, and whether at dinner at the Blnton before new units, and Captain Learner Harrl son, a brilliant pplo player and one of the founders of the Cincinnati Polo Club, was among the. first to be chosen! He Is already On his way to Texas, where he I to train, and Mrs. Harrison has dismantled her attractive house In the country near Chllllcotbe, hl luel. kk wr 111 ertan si for Mrs. Tootle's brother, who died om p-ederal amendment through the Scnat. years ago, and who was a greet favorite cv. uinxi bv the Women's In the fashionable Mra Tootle Is Naltonai party to Interview various re-a cousin of the MUsea Trader, who often senators who do not believe visit her both at St Joseph and on theth(U tn millennium will 'arrlv with ureal Laaea. Th Tootles and ill VVlA i Viv I Wl ft mi of MTbs O'Bellly, of New York, will gly an address at tha banquet of tfc Woman's Irish Fellowship Club in the Slnton ballroom on the nlghtof Karch 17. w. ur 'Day In th Morning" and "Mother Ma- rew weeas nere. a. v.api-.n chree." Ura Charlotte Callahaa NeeS. movements are for the moment uncer tain, she will not rejoin him until Is a fixture soirewhere. Captain Frank Ellis, th son of Mrs. i.u i Olst Blair, of Washington. Is now In 1 France, having sailed for the firing line "7'M quite three weeks ago. He Is In the Kn- 1 nnounce i a. was no surprise to her friends, who ous unit of the fighting forces, and he know that 'he as preparing for as CBI I UVrW mmt av mvm.m ment and the powers that be In the management of the war would permit .1 Un. mm one is Liie cicvvr wt v. ZTrJ I rd. Stanley. Kenneth and Frits Hooker. Thursday for French Lick for the week-, lariJtr abMnce 7 viwlll be under Miss Arm Morgan dlrec- thls lntlmat group a brief respite from tton th American Amhulanc Corps, their war and philanthropic dutlea In, Miss Hooker spent some time In New the party are Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence York last spring and also this winter Jones, Mr. and Mrs. J. 8. Craydon. Mr. i preparing herself by prescribed courses and Mra William Horace Schmldlapp, for this moment of departure. She Is an expert automoblllst, having driven her own car for years, so that as In other respects, she will be an addition to the alrea'dy large number of women near th tiring line. Word has been received In Cincinnati from Mr. Tork Sleeth, who4 postal cards, bearing th red triangle, with Its Y. M. C. A. In white on a black crossbar, and the stimulating words, 'On active service," across the top, Indicate that he 1s en th firing line. Mr. Bleeth arrived In Franc on January 28, after California later on for a few months, but I training tn England for a month. the unsettled condition of the country makes tjielr plans most Indefinite. Mrs. Milton Tootle, of St Joseph, who Is so well remembered her as beautiful Lllllah DuckwOrth. where In -her made many friends while here for two years, returning, to his native Canada last summer, to enlist in the cause, of th allies. lira. Mr. Captain and Thomas Hethering- nravifan after a little visit here at oay ens reign ea a oeue ow neiies, wu their apartment In the Crescent Avon-recalled to th minds of her friends last haT, returned to the East Mrs. week by toe announcement in Tuesday's Grardon t0 th- Waldorf-Astoria and BNQtJiKrB of the engagement of her Oraydon to his battery at Ayer. ond son. Mr. Milton Tootle to aiMri- omydon spends the week ends In lovely and clever Grand Rapids girl. Miss Bton. where Captain Graydon Joins her. Natalie Gilbert, who Is also well known InA th, meantime she has been en- in Cincinnati, for- she nas often visited tn, chlcaao Opera Company tn New York, where she hay had a box during the past fortnight while In the day her time la given over to Red Cross work. MrsT John Couper Edwards remains In Washington, engrossed In seeing the Arrangements for th third annual banquet of the Women's Irish Fellowship Club on the evening of "March 17 i at 6 o'clock In the ballroom of Hotel Slnton, have been completed. Miss Mary Boyle O'Reilly, of New York, the- principal speaker of the evening, will recount her experiences during 1,000 days In the war son. i Mrs. Thomas Moran will be Chatrmin of the Finance Committee, and Miss Mary Lawler Chairman of the Reception Committee. The proceeds of the banquet will be devoted to the Red Cross war fund. The program for the banquet of th Woman's Irish Fellowship Club will the play or In costume trotteur bent, as follows: "Btar-Apangled Banner," upon war work, she Is equally radiant Mra Charlotte Callahan Neea, acoom- When Oeneral asked for aiuw Dsaie vauauan; narpisi. three regiments of cavalry from America there was a general stampede of the former members of the hls- Mrs. Hennessy-Vols; songs, Mra Elisa beth Durllng Langhorst; address of welcome. Dr. Nora.Crotty; toastmlstress. torlo Troop for applications In the 5eu0Wihlp ciUD Miss Alma Plats; Song, "Kathleen Mavourneen. Miss Marguerite Burroughs. accompanist Miss Badle Callahan; "OemsFrom John Boyle O'Reilly, Mrs. Mary Reglna Callahan; "An Irish Love Song," Miss Nan Corcoran, accompanist Mrs. Grace Grennan Donovan; toast, "Response of the American Women to the War," Mrs. George Hoadly; songs. "St Patrick's accompanist Miss Sadie Callahan; toast "Our Boys In Khaki and Blue." Mr. Anna Deasy Nugent; toast, "Ireland's S. O. 8.." Miss Zoe Fleming Dunlap; address. Miss Mary Boyle O'Reilly; "My Country. Tls of Thee." Miss Mary Boyle O'Reilly, of New York, who will give the principal address at the banquet Is the daughter of the late John Boyle O'Reilly, and seems to some years had beautiful placee on the thoroughly attuned to the I coldset place on earth." but Just where at II If 111 rtloraa am ka I itnMsat r1 mtm am Kll lltat VVaaflak upper ridge of the Island Macklnafl, which now possesses it, she will that spot is to be found none can say, where thef spend their summers, and acC0mpllah their conversion, 1 any one I let of all Lieutenant Holllster. Prob- wher they malntnln an abundant and Meanwhile she la comfortably rn-lably If It were left to his family the delightful hospitality from June to Oc- in her usual suite at the New. opinion have been unanimous tober. Th groom-elect who was cMhnn, where she sees her many that their own charming drawing room. Culver Military Academy last year, will frlend8t for Washington 1s a secon.ln- ita hlarh celling and lovely ob- soon be caUed to" the colors, and the ome ,0 her. At the charity, ball at the I matched ther- wedding will, therefor, take place March 'New will.rd th. other night her l1: 20. verv ouietlv. In Bt Thomas's lovely th.f of p.i,w 1 mometers with Lea Vosges or les Alpes Chantry In New York, where th organ wlUon and troth are warm friends i durln' the fhortag last month is one or ue mosi ueauuiui in me of Mra. Edwards's slstor-ln-Iaw. the two world. sroups made merry together. This was Mr. and Mrs. Hilton among smart people anywhere at present The dinner gown has completely replaced It for It la a solecism of th most striking sort to be wearing ball dress with a soldier In khaki. In the undress uniform of field service, seated beside one In the same party. America Is not famous for its very great attention to the appropriateness of dress, but ilk the assembling of the eighth session of the longest Parliament In modent times, that of England last week, the loyal devotee of the May Festival may well hold In mind the fact that in that country, wher tradition la a part of the Gospel, this year, In view of a state of wsr, th Peers and Peeresses did not wear the gorgeous; titular robes to which tbey are entitled, and to which they have always from time Immemorial been accustomed, while the naval and military members of both Houses of Parliament arrived In service uniform and not In that of the gold-laced full dress which times of peace would have made obligatory. Propriety fs mad for the world at' large, and no Individual can hope to alter it by reason of a sense of superiority or contempt It Is usually founded upon good taste, and Its purpose, like that of kindliness la the basis of good breeding. Is to make the majority comfortable and not one or two conspicuous. To be conspicuous by virtue of simplicity carries a cblc all Its own, and this will be the sartorlcal of th festival. Judg and Mra Holllster's three aons, all enlisted In the service of the country, are now widely separated. Captain John vu va un vv.iv. unaer me aoie uirecuon oi me great v.nicago ner nam. dimuucu iu uwuih In leisurely veyaglng to their native Y.v. above the Grand Ooera House land. I helnr snnuih to assure a house overflow- Mra Albert Krlppendorf, whose daln- Speaking of th May Festival, th mind ng In numbers and quit Irresponsible naturally turns to thoughts of clothes, as with mad enthusiasm aa to sentiment ty little girls hav not been very well does that of man to love In Spring, after Murator and Galll-Curci hav. been ln for the past month or so, are taking the fashion of th poet. In conformity Chicago two names to conjure with. Both them RnuLh this week for a chanere and with .11 other countries at war th. hve been a sucoesfou with the opera a rest from their usual routine. i Festival Board desires that all display mPny of. that city established and I co-Incident with these great concerts, and ra0 am. a Us ana Vfai TAaanli aA al nnronria late at any other time, shall be tai vw ri in inenua ouniiH js.ii Kouns Pollock, who hav. missed them replaced this year by th. greatest slm- orchestra that It du the from their usual haunt for th past pllclty. For th evening the sort of din- uLm kh- oinin. have Inherited in large measure th magnetism, the fortte, the passion for Justice of her distinguished father. In her case also, similar results havs followed th translation of phlnclples Into actio. 8i has not like her fsther, been condemned to penal servitude, but she has the honor of being barred from Germany at' every frontier. Bhe has suffered arrest In every country now at war, save Serbia, wher she has never been. Few women hav had such varied and sensational experiences within the war sons as Miss O'Reilly. She was the first American correspondent In Belgium at the outbreak of th War. Bhe was th only know alien la Louvaln on the day of Its burning. Bhe was tn Parts during the battle of the Marne and at Calais during the battle of Loos. She walked across Belgium during the fortnight of frlghtfulnee. Bhe worked for a month with Edith Cavell among th refugees In Brussels and for months at Warsaw during the siege. Bhe was active In re lief work along th road from Warsaw to during th flight of 2,000.000 Poles from their country. Miss O'Reilly has a wealth of unpub lished and thrilling stories of her life of 1.000 days back of the front which In clude personal experiences with Edith Cavell, Cardinal Mercler, Burgomaster Max. Brand Whltlock and many other notables. At th earnest request of several well-known and patriotic Americana Mis O'Reilly has relinquished a lucrative and congenial occupation for the purpose of telling her war stories to her own people. They ar remarkable stories den, who la very versatile, with a certain I and ah tells them well, as would be individualism which gives llf to his eon- fx expected from her father's daughter, venation as to his lectures, presented Miss O'Reilly's father wss editor of a'Copeau's "theater du vleux colombler" newspaper In Boston for several years, with a maglo touch which awakened In I his bearers a strong desire to take th i 5 I first train to New York and see the latest what all the world knows. But th fes- i of tha tlv-e New Tork critic Is, after all. the wtrr. 'ht court of last resort-particularly when wUhV, 1. -n ivi denied th Cincinnati public, fot It Is To therefor, repeat whatVyWestew- '3 and to ling says of Galll-Curd's recent armear- rance In Meyerbeer's "Dlnorah" Is to say mat if any flaw could have been found ain4 UwiA rfli r.m-m tJlnnouneingf' I th Spring Summer Line if TheNewFforrt Gc. i smooth back, aD-aajr comfort, yw sale- II jj An Accent Under the Butt ruardea health, and a wearing sarvk that I that emphasizes the delicate enrr of worth the price 70a pay, whether 1 Flat Back and Hip Linef The best stores bt rr dtr sell the fenum thst give the slender liOionett of Gotaard Corset, where highly specializes vrT completely conform to Fashion '1 lines. faction. cvi fRPr surt yo Voy leada GossarA Look The stem wffl not try sell ym sssm (V Wl aatee of the original window. The H.W.Gossard Co. IhtV VA0Vl iSFHx 1 Ldrttrt bitluri of lint Cofnit AlvY wimss v.u.v. I pose as that which Isador Duncan salient facts of this hlstorlo week. De- Holllster, who is soon to finish bl spe- occupied, may perchance overlook, for v.o, mi cial training at the school or nre at these are the day of a routine so ex- KSLt, Ft. Bill, will then return to his post at acting that even dramatic sensation Cincinnati, If but for a brief period. Continuing his exposition of what "le theater du vleux It is very possible that It would not have colombler" means In comparison with the been omitted, sine OalU-Curd came outi0. ofth theater Dr. Ogden said: Chicago via Italy. "Her florltura." I Copeau'a theory la to produc the clae-criea ahls authority, "her bravura, her I th worthy Lwl5r absolute dominance of scales are un-1 utnor' however unknown. His actors equalled In our Urn. The applause she wlth. th f.UT orce got was deafening. How many times role "IT she was called before the curtain to ao- tM' of IntonaUon and knowledge It who ahall record? From V'0" an Improvisation. To assist beginning to end sbs got an ovation. h. to -EEs fcta own A. an opera In our time of considering 'wh ttta ZZ SutTprra r-enrrmor; vvizr. zzsz ii'z. memory 3o let the. Terdlct sa iuuvu VI gajiug myn 1 vi waasa. wa jrwa In- Society now look, forward to th. May JZjlTm tS lSTlt .7 Ll.tT draperies with a series of screens and ind'Volcmr lZ thGarr. wMnffS- nofes will from now on unUl the open- In, night Indicate In a form almllarto the nt a 01 stag and that extending into the few thf dltorlura and about which the seat of eTi h. nlTtn the audience semicircle, affecting an ln- n.Ln tlmate relation between the audlenc and pi.y.. which on.vof copea. will endeavor to review some of the main themes of propaganda. One great principal of the author-manager Is that ceptlon to the present day. through the Plec tray convss across the back which a mist of violet tull enveloped gracious co-operation of various tns fKe, Copeau says. It la not be- her lender throat The program waa tlea on this subject, available In Clncln- cause believes gray canvas mor beau-1 deToUd to of lleder and1 natl. These felicitations began with Dr. tlful than anything else, but that In order gon Miss Ruth Morris and a 1 Eattlo's clear exposition of the Greek to reincarnate the author's creation fori rt Violinists jso aotlv. mm-1 drama: they were continued spontaneous- the audience It Is sometimes necessary to th artist of1 ly In the success of Dr John Burnum's make the surroundings not only simple. discourse, very witty and delightful, upon but nakedly austere, and so focus the at- Tootles ar In Tk. ss i ncara ur. i-iiuiip viuen. wno nu ome I 19 iinwrwiunB iu kiivw uiav luiwbu mourning owing iome. oeaui uonal capltel. for Len came Ufa day of hln flalr 'r theater, describe nd his player, ar. In this country In a last November, and for. this reason, as soc etv bein nui.tMt rM chsracttriatlc of every officer or A. well as for tne saxe or propriety in ln Washington ty certain forms and war limes, tne msirsg win ceie- ceremonles, Ash whom one hears. H. 1. In the Field r-7 in inn he Wednesdav nut a t'llery. ana evidently nis responsioiiiues A brated with the greatest The UD0 yety even when there those of authority, for bkdirecta th. 1.k w. inMM theater were much better This honeymoon will be spent In California. any. One's leisure now tn 'Whl'e m8a 01 Wa battery, wheraver he may be. wher. a boat of good wlshea will follow tiou, circles goes more completely ad interpreted for the happy pair ttnm i all parte of the than eVer to the engrossing problems That th. lovely Galll-Curcl has come; araroaUo and fin- was therefore at terestlng things, said that while Copeau frerea aet up 'their stage at the Oarrlck waa classed wltn Adoiphe Appla, Gran- Theater, continuing th. foreign name vtll Barker, Max Relnhardt and other taken from the obscure little street In "reformers" of th tet Ideas of their day the Latin quarter of Paris from which regarding the theater, he resembled Gor- tt originally took Its till, and where In don Craig, the founder of modern stag eight short months It succeeded In 11113 craft more than any on other of his fel- ln becoming a factor In the theatrical low revolutionist life of that center of dramatic art While holding similar Ideal to thos It waa announced by Mr. Orevi that Dr. spoused by Granville Barker, he and F. W. Chandler's talk on "Drama and Copeau wsr really at parallel ends of the War." which Is the nett delightful their common Ideas, declared Dr. Ogden, lstmie to be discussed before th member for Barker lived but to return to his of th Drama League, has been changed playwrtghting, while Copeau, having from March at 4 o'clock at the Hotel week or regret to learn that Mr. ner gown whloh one might wear In sum- atl tor th first Urns, and to say that wn both author and critic, had found Olbson to Weflnesdsy. Marrh 13. at the Pollock, after a sever attack of la mer at home will be rlgueur. Full her marvelous notes ar shear- boautv hi arreateat aawtr for aelf-ainresalon In u.m. knur nluc. Th a. with Mr. Front Ruo do la IalgN To Rao Stroot. EXQUISITE, EXCLUSIVE, EXTRAORDINARY Parisian Millinery! $10, $12, $15 p. Defying submarine, thos Woaierfal Bavts hav. orossd 1,000 miles of troubled aeaa to adorn th head of a fortunate few, who know that the genius of Franc la a. Inextinguishable as It la unoopyabK Itrittly Uaatted ealy ea of a ktadtm-possible to approximate la beauty or to duplicate by and by. earnestly advise yon to Inspect these rare and remarkable Hats at th. earliest possible moment Smartest style and hlaest atsalttr without a price-penalty. mm aay gertasmte apstalrs lcatla. i 01TB FLIGHT TJP DIRECTLT OVER MY FORMER STORE. "GflRL filPPEL BECOKD FLOOR, 411-413 Race Street Opposite PogueV finish this charming aerie of Informal cause lies upon oertaln aspects of the theater, tta history and Its tramuona. jting. I wnicn, wun jot. num Re" forbidden as Being a i- of th. erttte's point of view. wlU to th. best Informed hav. tn rn the climax with a fitting u. Tr rA TTlll.t.r hn llttl. Ilm. fo. k.l. i ana a uasiaru, nui 10 mm.j tioins a chi.rfeom navV; now" in paOonaT I "that on actor dissemble nna The meeting of th. Mud- C'-T- Qrv. President, of the that Copeau never allows himself what ale Club at the Hotel Gibson a 1 jraiiiiBB. xt'H un tii ssrwai i- mi nnan 11. 1 v. v.l jul suffimn nd Mn. Edwards LmiI cnter- Pn Tery corgeoui effecU of "La CarroM du Saint Ww mt Vfi very clever and charmlnir woman, with 1 ior nn aamiraoie iaea or rur- a. 1L.1 a. a la Is Ua eacrement," but It la scenery that repre- mailing the members of that organlsa- sents the spirit of the play quit as much tlon the mental stimulus of a birds- as does the text Itself. eye view of th dram, from Its In-1 When this Is best done by drawing a mountain" and much Tngrsed In hi. lXZ 'MtCek tenUn 0n'r- i. hi. letter. rew as an enthusiastic audience duties ther 1. no doubt His letters J- nc TTL oa Thursday morning brought out a representative number of th. jn.mbers to hear Miss May Peterson, who looked very fetching In her pale gray gown with Its violet hat en suit, and from th day. Th. usual tabl. d'hote Served In th Cascade Room of th. hotel com-' pleted the occasion and assembled many of th. for luncheon afterward. Mr. and Mys! Nelson Perln (Rebecca Anderson), of Berkeley Springs. W. havs been In town, th. guests of dress dealt with th. newest "revolution- the people of the United States than wss. M. Mr. Tvlor Field. They arrived i M. Jacques Copeau. litterateur, the spirit of his own native land. It f. K.i.e mreu iimi promises io rem 10 incinnau ior tne uuu uirts jvmrm ui ui, wuuiu uw i France an Idea of the theater of the fu- talented both In art and music, and the May Festival, being much thrilled, as 1s -New Tork acclaims aa though It whch ha- undoubtedly com to li anun i.wv I.UIU. Ik il. country, for both bride and groom hav tnat faoe the worid. Mri Awards Into her own at last Is Interesting. For alIy and who ha, lven Ooverament Witch released from war duties th members of his company, I. I W. K. 4aii 111 viuci mcj ifiii.ii. iiiu'vm- t.V in. h. VJ vrytoay. lm greaiNeveni is nas.creaieo. ner, nas uie luri. gi tar Qgden, among many other in- ney that Copeau and his con- lng In mourning their days wer d- voted to seeing their lntlmat mentis and relatives and enjoying their host and hostess rather than to any sort of gaiety. Mr. and Mrs. J. CiHobart and their son, Mr. Robert Hobart, who have been for the past alx weeks In Florida, ar once mor at home, Mr. Hobart and Mr. Robert both of whom wor threatened with pneumonia before leaving for the South, being quite well again. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Harris (May Mellsh) ar to be In town foe th May Festival, th guests of Mrs. Harris's father, Colonel Wm. B. Mellsh, of Clifton. They will desert their beautiful estate at grippe, la sUU confined th bouse dress for -tho, moat part unknown oondeoaed Into melody la but to Vole th. role of director and actor. Dr. Og- J. HUlhouse's adoras later on, wlU Champagne, 111, wher their park, their big swimming pool, their acres of laws and myriad parterres of flower ar be-' ginning to manifest their first hint of spring, hut to them it will worth while, sine a gllmpa of their friends and relatives and a view of th Festival la to be their compansatlon, Th many friends of Mrs. Blaine (Fanny Owsns) ar Interested to team that ther la a prospect of ber early return to Cincinnati, at least for th May AN. INSPIRING NEW BOOK Ta Bltaia1 kerirw. recounts th. success of Helen Keller: W. Llndsayi Hon. T. W. Bchall and Rev. H. N. Oouden, of Congress; Adam Oelbsl. th eomposwr. and many othera Bend II to-day for this, new 14-page book beautifully printed on hlgh-grad paper. We pay parcel post The Blind Review Pub. Co. 100 Bell Black Clswlsmarl, O. Money back If not satisfied. Couden Studio of Millinery in Room Gibson House Hair Removed ssialres aa ta Mali staat Raalts I. bwk If fella.

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