The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 25, 1935
Page 2
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WU5E TWO /" ^ BLYTHEVILLE, CQUKIER NEWS C De>len-l»den ' s Mrs. K^therine *^hP mair)ag« of her daughter, Helen, fo Xti. Rob?) I' Cabot EeatOfi, ot Los Angeles, Calif, which tool; place at Marion Junuaiy H. Jits- tics A, B Wjlio read the service, AUer a shot I honeyinooii In Memphis, Mrs. Peotori Is at her homo preparing for, n trip to Los 'Angeles, where .they will mate their home ineir nome. ci w»i, t, IUCKKNM.V Mrs. Dcaton Is a graduate of Secretary, American Bridge' IxkfW Blythevlllc high school. Mr. Dea- I was playing with n new purl. . ton Is a graduate of Tech HI school of • Memphis . and received 'his later education at- (he University of Mkslsslpp! * * • Daughter Horn. A daughter im bom yc*tert|ay to Di rfnd Mrs Ficfl Child at, the St. Berrjaid hospital of Joneiboro. The baby, who weighs seven and three-fourths pounds, has been •named' Marguerite. Son Born. Mr. aii'd Mrs. Clyde Fowler iin- noimce the birth of a son yesterday. at their home on Rose street. The baby, .who .weighed eight, nnd a hair pounds, has not been nuin- ed. * « » Hat, Clifi, Mrs. Edgar Bui-urn • mode high score in the bridge game at the weekly party of the Ihuisday Contract club when Mrs, r. B Joy. ner was- hostess She v,on linen pillow slips. The hos.c&s cervcd a plate lunch * * 4 Club JlMtt. Mrs byion Morse |ud Ihi- Thursday Luncheon tlub th|6 week for lunch, served In, two courses, nnd a bridge game Mrs Max D Millei won the pjlze, , O tlub His, Guests. Mmcs W, D McO|urkjn, Hiram, Wylle, Doyle ftadereao, Joe ~ Trieschman and O H Willey i guests of Mrs. J K she had the Thursday Bridge club Bid Good Minor Suit First Unless You Have Strong Hand Solution to Previous Contract Problem ' BY WM. E, '*t' • x.-unvij, Mint m; OH m nj I]IU| 'Is your, reversal of suits showing a forcing bid?" I said, "I prcMimi: what you arc referring (o Is the bidding of u minor 'suit firet and major on (he next round." He said, "Yes, ts Ihtil a foroins bid with you?" My reply was, "Not is a'conventional bid, bill, naturally, on (i -common 1 sense basis, -I certain times I am showing ;\ good liand." So today I wnnt-to explain tills type of bidding. Let's lode up hwul No. l first. . • We have four spades and five diamonds, and both suits biddable. Now we do not just bid the minor suit first because U is a five-card suit. We do a little analyzing as to what may happen, So you say to yourself. "If I bid;a diamond, It looks ns Hand No. ) 4 A Q 0 7 ; V K 7 3 * AKJ SS *7 ,••; Hand Xo. 2 A K q 0 7 V 7 3 * AQ9 7 2 *Q7 23 If. my partner's response Is going to .be two. clubs, because I hold'a singleton and, ir he ht. 5 a bid'at all, |1C' probably hits a preponderance of .clubs. . . ".Nosv, it; ha .bids two ; clute; my icxj, bjd.Cai) : (wo spades and my; pnrtntf .will know tJ)»t I linvc a strong'hand,- because, 'when I bid two-cnnctcs. i a ' ic IIBM inu ir^irsaay ^rioge duo \, , j> L *~y ,' *"" I ^*»HK lum Shi used Valentine tallies tind )£ ' he> '' hss 1)CtlB r cllambiiris 1ft rnrmnv Imlirln., , «i— .._ than iipadCS". llo'is nprrpi'fTv vnfr, In aenne aes hud. . ' ' the coming holiday uilor wa« na- , , ," ^ cs ' ll( ='is perfectly safe in led in the refreshment plate of "? lhe ' COIllr " c t to three dla- molded fruit salad, date bars, cook- I D)0 " 4s -- ' - ies and coffee Therefore, > with a hand as strong Linen \\cut to Mrs Willey mid ' ls tllfs , w ^' arc safe In opening the " ' ' Mis awards H Moore for high score , .... Aid M«(t The Jew|ih Aid «^. p 41 , a tpfeting last evening at the home by you), this d'ocs norii'eces- sljovv' u bjg hniid. because ,o,, s ^,^S^^nnf WShW ^^c^c. .,.^,,.3 mot uiumug at W e home »«<"• x°u can still bid n dlamohd, of Mrs S Joteph, made plans for 1] °Pl»g that;'your partner can bid a joint meeting of the B'Nal Brith °fic of the .twoMimjors If ht bid? * and aid members, Thmsday nb- '"'" «••••--—- niary 7, at the home of Mrs. 6 S Sternberg Plans were ako dtous^eti to i benefit bridge party to be held m Osccoln at an eurly date The hostesses, Mrs Joseph Jnd Mrs c B coultei scned t salad sandntches, caRc and lo the members w|i|ch included Mmes M Rubinstein. Koath Harwarg, Rose Goldberg and A Wcln- Misses Ruth Goldberg nnd Rose Rubelnstcln, of Osceola and fhese guests Mrs Dave blatt of Osceola aftd Mn, U Steele-Cooter Society — Personal Mr ant) MJ-J ^f J5| ln £on, 2*. Jtid ?tnj, Pete Colemon, Chuilc-i Ycri. ind M)ss Joiephlne Holly spent yesterday iu Memphis at tending Ihe thcatcw Rev. ind ^frs .M A Masscy arc spending today In Slfceston attending a coufcfenco £or odlst miBj^tors Makoj Sunday, February -3. . . Eneii night .tbc, first : period . will sin rt • a t 7; o'clock . with conferences "i each department. .Mr' son will tod Uic.B.tuH a .. departments: «K« will' consist. of /c. The tecond period will start.' at T 45 .with .nil departments meeting rtu. ^ ric. Strict v*n8nager of the Life and casualty Insurance companj, wlio "2? , M O|I KC In Csruthersvillc. will leave next Thursdjy to attend an annual incoting at the- lioinc office at Nashville Tenn He 'Kill »!*o be guest in the home of Utc president, A M Burton, at a dinner FUday oicnlng m honor of Mr. Burton's birthday Mr and Mrs G ,W Cook nntl Flora Lee Graham s-pcnl m Mem- lo , Mal ' 3halls ^r was, stolen Main street Saturday ulpht and was found 111 a part, near m , «"noo, James A XJrquhart was taven. to B '5'he,,Ue hospital , u 1 - A " ner « ' " Spei ' t «f were the S jT'- a ." d Mrs A- t- Me f» Cr«» .Chapter Although manj''ha\e responded, to tht tall for, clothing to iegh: en. Hw > needy ol- blytl,evil|e,- the minor suit'first. Now let-us change the deuce ot diamonds, (o tiic deuce of--' -"'•We have foiir.sDadp.-i.- fnm • four club. -You-e'lin^rifSiH",, riiSmonft Today's Contract Problem West ts playing tho contract ai blj; heartH North oporin a club, Sou til wins with tho aco and plays tho aco ol diamonds. Can yon ilovoloi; (lie squeeze piny ihat will rnako tho coiitriict? ' 4 A S 6 A J 9 6 1 V None « AS 7 63 * A K 10 8 G< Solution In next Issue, .23 Improving. IA M, ROSS, will know (hat you have u four- curd aparte suit anrt a good hand. Now let us take hnnd No. 2: Be- Mostly Personal nay WorUilnston, of Memphis JB in tUc «lty tod*/, Mrs. Worth'"-"••- who lb 111 at tl-ie Methotl- of that city, fs 'daily , who has been In Equality, III., for a visit wljh his brother and oilier relatives In expected to return here within a short time. Dr. and Mrs. Paul L, TlpUm and son, Dick, will go to Memphis tomorrow where Dick will undergo «n operation at the Baptist nosp]lnl (or removal of a bone Sunday afternoon. Mr. and'Mrs. Everett B, Dec Mr «,!» h M m',i ^'^ Q 1 '!" 1 '". ' J»Ck Marsh Bill Aflllch, John Williams, Bill Craven and Raymond Forrester arc in Memphis 'today the men having gone down for a W- Watrc meeting. FJIlSlMHNTIItl FRIDAY, JA^UAtlY '25, 1935 . (continued From 1'agc One) :" the jiousc-'and approved' by the farm real ratate.'.' The governor. The purpose, of the bill .'is -to make available for Immediate use the unappropriated accumulation enrnjni't;. DanksTjn';' 25 litr-cent regions reiwrl t!ie;'bcst OF 1M- (Continued j. One) . —•>•», * »-^ii ( , f. atetj . viiipi flay Is Ihc relief'.of pressure oii farm real ratal* , 'n>h» ,.~,;,- :•: . . Foi State ' liquor , Stores ^;; ,; Among the 16 'new blilp (ntr<K duced were two by. Senator. Eftrft to tax soft drinks and to legalize sale of liquor at slate-owned pa'ck- go liquor stores. The stale revenue coinmWion- cr vfouto, admtn^w tlic .law and. and'Mre. s. j. cohei) Jiuvc Mr. returned, plils. Mrs..-'Charles froni o( . .ected In .,. The scnnte passed four oilier to make •., _„„. win damage suits; farm lands In years. •Prices' rising and, Interest payments are becoming more - • for lawyers . saved by the Increase In farm Income. This 1ms a far-reaching effect. Not only does it relieve thsi government, of, farm' mortgage aid but (t strengthens the position ot those Insiiuiicc companies and banks which are heavily Imohcl In farm moifgages ; Outlook Jor lOJj, -.., .»,. ....... llic diought dealt most faun , .-»-.«._ wherever ho crs a good hand In 10J4 but its ,.. irtyiuitagwiis .. to - 1he cnect on 1935 Is n We Quesiron f|5«;.,Jfept. M in ] counties .where Murk. The most impcTlanl lesS " ' °i the <ilnu S hl from the \lenpolut provisions of Ihc law arc - cd by a.\local option -;vote. 'The state's net profits' qpuld not' ex- teed 15 per-cent. • ' The soft-drink':iax bill would of the comm a crop jem Is (ha necessity for rainy fanneis to buy new seed The latlei Khcn not adapted to the !oc<illly ma> bimp ]„.„. ', 4 - J".- " "«ujv« <n.n|jiL-u tu UIB ioc<ii l levy a ta^ of ,76 cents per gallon: exUemelj pooi jleWs on fomitaln synips and one cent ->™'- --'-- "--• -' heat on five-cent bottle, drinks. end .drought, of last A committee o( eight represent- seriously injured State farms west of U,c 100th meridian. bills to legafee betting on hbrtt tell my pnrlncr Unit 1 Miss Belle Whltsitt rotiiriied rd have 'a slrang hnnd and safely go to three diamonds, Chicago and New and bigger expoiie ubroad. nixing world prices nnd reciprocal tariff agreements hold the most promise for Increased exports, hence while the outlook for tin next few months is excellent, tin. weather »uu\ is the bij "IP" for t|ic farmer In' the' "secbfid half of 1035. • Business, - us registered by the Babsonclvm, is 'rising lapidly. It Is now 11 -per cent above a year ago and only la.jier cent below normal.' . -•' (Copyright,^ ]n35, Publishers . Financial Biircau) : Fire Fighter for 48 Years Answered Last Alarm WASHINGTON <UP)-FircIighl- «• Andrew Jackson (Yank't Sullivan, who fought every big blaze in Washington from his appointment in 1879 to his retirement in 1!)21 has heard his last-alarm. He died In his sleep. He wns 81 years old and In his time had received the Giles Griffith Mednl for "if outstanding fire htro Sullivan was known to his ci'on- les at No •> Engine House is the Majo. of OeoiKctown AHtaugH feoblt he visited his former comrades abnosfc dalh When nlnimi were turned in he knew immcdi- atcly_ftl)at^box each came truii. A Three Days' Cough ~~" h Your Danger Signal Dont let them get i strangle hold Tight them quicklv CreomSl- "But It I bid a diamond »nd my ".." p. • uui u uiiiinuiui »nn my mi»» njiziinctl) B actwrii ni pnrtncr bids.two clubs, lean sofjly Memphis, hns arrived to bn'^in, sign the hand oil by bidding two her sister, Mrs.' Jesse' H wnhh diamonds. However, if 1 bid a dla- ""d Mr. Webb, whcie "on died niond and my partner bids a heart, today, '; .:', " •' "• mcn I can bid a tpade, and as this Is ' Judge and Mrs L K Minarri still-In the one zone,: it will not of Clareiidon, 'Ar' 1 ; and:'dajchli>r' show u big-hand nnd the bidding Miss Ella Menard of DeWltf Arit will not B et too hlah." will bo ih* ,,Ui"L:T v ! 1 "', Ark -;. fmrt that, U you bid a minor siiit and Uien u major, and the wcond bid .is In the two zoiie (for ex r oniple: one diamond, two clubs by , you must bv vnii nnV"hi«H"V! v "'"-,'""'" u "" ' pi "' lUer ' °" c Baptist. Ghurch :Will Hold Bible . SciiooJ; Jtlevival .•>•- ", state Sunday school .sccretnrj', and the Rev - Ed- Ear \vmiM,son,,of :p ani gbaid- ™m - , .iB Mabrey, the. juniors and primnrirs, .and Mrs : E ''' and crafllc prcac . -,.- -. u new 1 seliool enlargement v:ork ; and Has rro^'J^^.V.'^^v-crt.sed. Babe Is Local Woman's 31st Male Descendant the 34 children, ••f»t ,,?, nd grettt sn>iKl t .,,,ui C i ol Mrs. Elizabeth Fowler, 77, there are only three, "females and 31 males. ' She Iin 5 (H'o daughters, one o •Ihem Mis. Mi G. Goodwin, nun Mrs. Ooodvrin ha's.oiic daughter Nrs. Randolph Smith. All of Mrs Fowler's sons'nncf her other daughter hnd sons and their sons had sons, the most recent of these being the son bom yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Fowler Fred awl byfus Fowler, who also live hers, nrc among her other- sons. Adopt Homeless Boy 'Mr mid Mas. V cs Lawrence ol me Jiat Lake coniinuiitty have dc- euied to adopt J. \v. "niidttv' Brown, 11-year-old homeless youth ^v±"' ^..^UtaDg. cbiintj iuccc.wnl wherever used. """• a "- Mrs. Lawcnce are riic Rev. Mr. OTIltanison conduct- oul 'WWven ot their own ' - 0 " 11 ' ls . . in M , , Br , cily wi<lc «»"?«» -, In Memphis, last week. A tarec r «S«l«rly. number iirBlythevillc • alrcailv ~ oirlcer, has teen teek- a home. >ir. aiiu Mrs. Lawrence are with- Ttic »««KllnB school „ „, - «'"l l>c .compJetcd Sun-i day. Thc-.rtcv.. Alfred. Ciirjicuicr. Mil' ll!IL't.\v .-!..!_.. .... • . '. -S the gold Is ouu average sllcndili(! for • the -week. Legion Meets Tonight to Consider Constitution Ilic mectiiiB date of 'the Dud ,asoir. Dost -of -the American- U- jioii 1ms been chnugcri from Mo,i- clay -to Friday nlghls, n was „,,. uounced lottny'. by: .the post coiii- mander,- c.,-J.; JUUlc..> ••' • ' 60 ... * BOStON (UPV-rrWhat is bclievca ta a recoid- : !h »ie undertilfins is .hcW-hcre-by' Restr 0: - ' Positive Relief For Itchy Skin n &" U »f ami soulhinfi Blw. Sl^ir Olnlincnt nicllb on Hie skin, sradiiK- iMtcd medicines dcoply into pores "here U quickly kilfs llch left™" rasli. ct'zcnm, foot licb, riucwornj etc. Moui-y bitck u jj rs t jar Tails. ««<= « KKia uj can U4 an one jRtfjj come for them. "- VICKS COUGH MOP Don't Forget GAUD ILL'S AGENCY/ *\. ; . • . Geneva} Insurance cHv ^.H,.^!^' 1 " 5 ^.. -Bl«ck«'ell, of be the wcrid ,«j v,. ..^ ^T^ ..- of 01 ... vwl UHLLII J|| 1[]|IL5 c.illy lai-ge nu'inbers this winter 1 long-range -.-.-..,„,,.„ .j «jn» nio junii ^vntc Jung-Hinge weather fore meeting, the House committee met casters are prcdictine another Imi and agreed 'to have Representative and dry summer Short crons Hampton of Leo sign a bill draft- again in 1335 will bring still hlgh'v MII • - ^ committee from three prices ./or farm products but Kiev bills introduced ^^- -« m-_ .«.,.. ,._, ,. ,. . v '*• i "Ci approved the bill. The committee may not I total bring- another gain In r-l-r -*> i-w IM/V- UHi, l tt/(if I ICJt'UillC, 111 1934 t II f frtVlll"'* The Benate committee took no ! benefited from his 1933 canv over action on; a racing bill irenditif »«t (here will be „ ler , \ m £« •*W* "y .; ,.' cm-ry-over this yew On thi otl'i , ^ '•'-.••• •"• ' :'•— - —^ • fr" 11 * Jf we have normal crops vc A German .has;invented an au- cannot expect a furtliei ii«e ill lomallc .paintli^, tiinchlne to .be prices without increased consume used in decorating walls and cell- ,11011. The latter m "uun depends a P° l! ' mol 'e employment at home Kflmscy hospital. . i, . Is. lit at her home oil Kentucky Aye - 'Mrs. J. D. 'Swift,' Who. Is 111 at !ivcnue ' .'-inow Mr iincI Mrs. .'p. L; Englcr \vcnt to Memphis, test-evening .'to i, fnr Guy Lombardo and hta orchestra. Journalism School Has Yenching Scholarship COLUMBIA; Mo. <UP)~ incorporation of (1 10 Missbu'rt-Yenchlne I'xmndatton was' nlmbiinced rec'eiU- h 4', Fl ' flllk L - Martin, dean of the Missouri .School of Journalism. Ihe incorporation petition dc- Bribes the foundation, os^ an or- ganisation for promoting -journalism education at Ycnching University, Pelplns, China. Exchange nrsl!l|)s between Yenching and Missouri Journalism School now arc In- force. • ." In addition to'Dean Martin,: the direclois of the corporation include Dr. Walter L. Williams, president of (he University of Mfc; soiiri; Robert J. Clark. Kansas City; James Wright "Brow ' ; Uic slon (.orobliiM 7 helpi'in one. Povr erfur but harmless, pleasant t take. No narcotics. Your a\m druggist is authorized to refund your money on Die spot if your cou*h 01 cold is not relieved by Creo- mulslon. * - - IT I) Last Tiriie Todayj Mai.'2:3(1, 10-25c Niit (i-.15—,10-35c WILL ROGERS the County Chairman By GEORGE ADE . ; Spotlight Series— "Miles Per .'Hour" , Dumbbell Letters Novelty—"Hollywood Movie I'ai-iidc" Saturday Only 4 ROXY Friday & Saturday MAT. & MITE—lOc - 2 BOB STEELE in CHIDDEN VALL Cartoon Serul— Sunday - Hondas New Method of System Cleansing Brings Relief to Thousands If you ayo one of .the many thousands who aic umlcnvcight—feel.. dreggy—have, no appetite— suffer from constipation, indigestion, headaches, dizziness, bad breath, liver and gvil! bladder nw£& l r C -" lh ' 5 SPECIAL PURATONL JREL UH-hR brings good news, PURATONi, is lie- signed to nd your system of accumulated poisons .mil waste matter which, if allowed to remain in your Kystcli), may cause serious trouble ' Not only, dees PIIRATONE help rid your svsUm o llicse poisons, but it acts as an aid to digestion and helps convert food into new strength, weight and energy. It-wakes.up la?.y livers; rrall blad- SS'MS. i ? lp , s you l ' csist othc >' Disease PURA- Tt i 11 ? i F ° , tllous ?'« ls wl «rc «U else failed. Ills the ideal system cleanser and body builder PURATONE LIQUID, LAXATIVE AND TONIC APPEARANCE Is Important! Your clothes will liavn a "e»- life and freshness when clcaiipd by the Dri-Sheeh. Prcce-ss. \\'o are licttiscd to use ihis sensational -new odorless method, of -xlry clciiiiingV Send usi yoiir dothus «iid notice the ciilfer- encb. ': . ' Barnes' NuWa Cleaners Phone 180 .' i ; i ,,, J "" ual:K on the road to licaHli. To make it easy rfpr -™«^'9 try we arc making Una SPECIAL KREE OFKEK. JJuy ONK full sire ImlLTr nP PUKATONB for ?1 00 (regular J'rtcc ?1.'<J5) and get one full s izo bottle ABSOLUTELY 'FREE. • VALUABLE COUPON • r. n r?f a 45! m 'u"! i] "" ! ' h!s COUPON ^ cniillca the holder In receive OMF • Tolib J-'i?? Sl -' r ' "OTTI-B VU11A. • Sp.w^^nf^'sss?^ Illcgiitar Vrlce SI.S5) nt !he Special IMW 1'rcrc of tl.OO. Act lodar— bripir Ihu coupon—2 full 5125 bottles for only 51.00. * USE COUPON NOW S O $1.25 $ TOSTARS bring the Sen 'sitional Stage Success of Two Comments to the Screen! •-'. FOR SALE BV Blytbevillc, .Ark. . Bell Pharmacy Corner Main & Division Borum's Drug. Store . . 205 West Main Fowler Drug store • Corner Main ft; First Klrby Bros. .Drug Store- Corner Main Jt Broadway Klrby -Drug Store • Corner Main & Second Robinson Drug Store Corner Main & Railroad Robinson Pharmacy •* 310 E. Main •' St. Francis Drug' store. •HT W. Ash I.HXOT3, ,\rk. 'Wllklns' Dnig store Bogan's. Drug store Osceola, Ark. City Drug Store iMussenglll Drug Store Welborn Drug siore Davis Drug Store Ocll, Ark. Nccl Drug Store Manila. Ark. People's Ding store I.cachvillr, Ark. Ebllti's Drug store Armorcl, Ark. Armorel Drug store Stctlc, Mo. Highway. Drug Store City Drug stole Coo|er.. Mo. Cooper's Pharmacy Holland, JIo Coopers'Pharmacy Sunday - Monday \UTTNEE & NITR—inc-35<- They iapp«d Kentucky iuTeps," and loved Kentucky girls. '.•* but the gay, gagging goofs who posec! as colonels of the Mi|fpicl clan • never figuredon 1 eading a Kentucky feud! ' ' ', VERREE TiEASDALE I KtCARDQ,-CORTEZ s LIONEL ATWlLL gAN,ITA,tOUISE ' — "The liaml Age" Comedy— "Sporting Cocktail" WHEELER ROB'T , WOOISEY OTtL CLARIDC MAPf CARtlSlt "SPAflKr WtTJKUnD' « 0 A'H B HR V DiiukJ, ly Curst Stittni I Cariimouni News. Musical Jjh(jrt--"Sof t ' Drinks and Sweet; Music 1 .' with GCD. Price arid Sylvia.' 'Frbss . .e Recital Next Tuesday Night

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