The Sentinel from Carlisle, Pennsylvania on May 14, 1921 · 3
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The Sentinel from Carlisle, Pennsylvania · 3

Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1921
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THE EVENING SENTINEL PAGE THREE " CONVERTED BY VISIT TO RUSSIA Farmer Champion of Bolshevik Theory of Government Returns : Completely Disillusioned. ? MRS. ALBERT EINSTEIN ? - """ . GOLDMAN WOULD COME BUCK 8ay She'll Be Good Little Girl If She Can Only Return Rubin Narrow-ly Escapes With Hie Life Living Cendltione Horrible.' Milwaukee. Jacob H. Bubln cf this city, who recently returned from a visit to Russia, says condltlous la that country are appalling under Bolshevik rule. Mr. Rubin has for a number of years been a prominent socialist and went to Russia convinced that the Bol-shevlkl had set up an Ideal state there. "Conditions In Bussla today are almost Indescribable," he said. "People in this country are made to understand that Lenin and Trotzky are democratic to the extreme and every one love? them. The truth Is that the government over there at present Is no different from the one under the czar and Rasputin. Just as the. peasants feared the tyranlcal Romanoff before his overthrow, they fear the Soviet .leaders now. "There are nine antl-Bolshevikl to every adherent to Sovietlsm In Russia today, even In such cities as Moscow and Petrograd where the Bolsheviki are considered powerful. But the peasants had to submit when the government was under the seal of the eagk; and they are afraid to do anything dif ferent while It Is under the red seal. Uprising Called Futile. "We read recently of an uprising against the government In Kroustadr. Nothing came of It because the Soviet officials there' are too powerful. Likewise there could be no successful coun ter-revolution in Petrograd or Moscow. The only places where Jthey might meet with a little success are Odessa, Kiev and Charkoff, which have not yet been made Soviet strongholds." Mr. Rubin told of meeting Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman in Moscow, where they are working for the government compiling data on the industrial movement since the present government has been established. They are both very much dissatisfied with their lot and Miss Goldman had complained to the interviewer frequently that she was sorry she left America, he snld. "Hut you have free speech now and should be satisfied," Mr. Rubin said he told her. "Forget It," was her reply. In the course of her conversation with him, she said : "Mr. Rubin, If you use your Influence In getting me back to Amerl'" I promise I'll he a good little girl." ;::nmn Is only one out of many who has seen the mistake ln Bolshevism, said the former socialist. Every one in Russia Is eyed with suspicion by every one else. Even Americans In Moscow refuse to talk openly to other supposed Americans for fear they might be spies, Mr. Rubin snld. And he was no different from the others. . When It became known he had a brother who Is an officer In the American Federation of. Labor and a daughter who hnd been active in collecting money for the various drives In this country during the war. lie was looked upon by every one with suspicion. But when they leanied that he had sent a letter to a St. Louis newspaper saying thnt he was disappointed with prnctlcal socialism, their suspicion became greater and ho, was thought to be a spy. Surrounded by Spies, "I knew I woidd be shot If I let them know what I thought f them," he said, "so I decided to be careful with whom I spoke. One dny a tnnn who said bis name wns Williams came to me and declared he, too, was an American nnd occupied the room next to mine. When he begun denouncing I,enln' government and praised America I realised lie wax a spy, so I praised Russia nnd complained nf conditions In America. I thought I hnd convinced him, but apparently I hadn't." Itcgularly every week Mr. Kuhln's room wan entered either while he wns out during the dry, or at night while he wn asleep, nnd tin raider's searched for apers which they thought he might have In his possession, lie wns put In prism three time, while he was in Moscow, he declare I. hut was never kept longer than one night. In Odessa, however, Rubin did not fare as well, for he was forcitl to spend seven weeks In a Jnll at the orders of General Iieiilkine, who accused him of being h spy for the Bolsheviki. He was arrested on Oct. II. li'lft Just n few days-after he landed and was tienteticed to be slio! on Jim. 21. Snne weeks befo'e ihe BRONCHIAL TROUBLE CAUSED ANXIETY No medicine has a better reputa Hon than Foley's Honey and Tar for quickly relieving roughs, colds and croup. H loosens the phlegm and mu ctis, clears the passages, eases hoarseness, slops tickling throat. John G. Heking. 195 Burgess Place, Passaic, N. J., writes: "I was suffering from an acute case of bronchial trouble which gave me considerable anxiety. Foley's Honey and Tar deserves all the credit Jof my being well now." Bold everywhere. v . ; LET DICE DECIDE Newlywed Have Bright Scheme for Keeping Happy. Mrs. Albert Einstein, wife of the famous scientist, photographed In New York, where she is stopping wlfh her husband, who Is a member of the World Zionist delegation. Mrs. Eiu-tstein, in an interview said she does not understand her husband's "theory of relativity," but she understands him. But Would It Work if One ef Them Should Hav a Persistent Run of III Luck? This U a story wherein the dice rule Cupid. For some time the apartment neighbors of the Newly weds have been wondering what constituted their recipe for marital bliss. Those only a few years married declared they hud never seen anything like it, and the old-timers asserted that no pair could be so happy and still be married. It wasn't dune iu this day and age. Not until Just the other day did the apartment neighbors learn the secret of the Newly-weds, and now everybody In the house is trying it The old-timers still have some trouble, even under the Newlyweds' system, but those married only a few years say it has promise and may eliminate the divorce courts. The .Newlyweds had been having trouble. Married for almost a year, Mrs. Newlywed had discovered her husband dipping his toast in his coffee iu the morning and made a gur gling sound when he ate It. Such a breach of breakfast table etiquette might be tolerated every other morning, but every morning that was too much. On the other hand, Mr. ; Newlywed had found his wifc did not TEA-DINNER GOYN Garment Many Women Have Wished For but Never Found. THE SHADOW FOLK OF TAHITI Pretty Legend Full of the Peculiar Romance of the Fascinating South Se.s. Classified Advertising FOR SALE ! threatened . execution, the American - .J V, . . I n nil kin on amDassaaor uuuum-u ,uvpare the steak just the way he j emng oi ' wanted it, hid his slippers In the dark corners, and in general committed particular things which irritated him Soviet capital, Rubin said that all houses were nationalized, even the ,.. ....... . : - .. c t . r. i 1 large, cusuy umupiuua m wc-iu- i do. Every worklngman, he said must Thes; (h vm troubu the go to the housing emission for an I Xewlyweds wnen Mrs New,yWed apniicuiioii iur ruoiua. il ite una u ; wife nnd'one child he is permitted to Outfit Has Made Most Favorable m pre scion Because of Becomingneta, Smartness and Comfort. A new dress creation comes to us from" New Fork the "tea-dinner gown." Just the garment which many a woman has wished for and has 1 never found. A new firm of custumers solved the problem and put such a gown on the market. The tea-dinner gowr." has made a great hit because of its smartness, be- couilngness and great comfort the three requisites every well-dressed woman demands. The "tea-dinner gown" is" true to name. It is worn for tea in one's own home and U kept ou for dinner, if dinner is an informal affair. The American woman will be quick to appreciate this advantage, for M one time or another every wom an has had an awkward rush to change from an afternoon to dinner jjress. Be not alarmed by the name. The gown absolutely has no resemblance to the old-fashioned "ten gown" (husbands will not think you in negligee), where lace and ribbons were iluttering adornments. Effect In the new gown Is by color, wonderful combinations of color, line and materials. There are three types of "tea-dinner gowns." One of all chiffon georgette, the handsome velvet severely plain, and the combination of a velvet coat worn over a chiffon slip, fashioned very much on straight lines. A gown which has been greatly admired was Chinese red chiffon with a coat of lade-ereen chiffon velvet, -teid with REAL ESTATE erties for gale. C. O. Minnich, Real Es tate and Insurance, 67 East North St., Carlisle. have only one room; if his family consists of five, two rooms are given hi in. i There is not a house In "the entire city which is, not in need of repairing and replumblng. struck on an Idea. "You want to be fair about this?" asked Mrs. Newlywed. "I do," said Mr. Newlywed in a solemn voice that almost made him think he was back at the altar again. "Then we'll get rid of this head of the household question which had been WON POPULARITY BY FEAST disturbing us," said Mrs. Newlywed. I "Have you got a pair of dice?' i "Sure," said Mr. Newlywed. "W How New Hebrides Outcast Chiel Contrived to become the Big Ruler of Vao. Many of the Inhabitants of the island of Vao in the New Hebrides nre refugees from the big island of Mule-kula, who were vanquished in battle and literally driven off the earth bj their enemies. Soon after our arrival a powerful savage named. Tethlong, one of the Small Numbers people, arrived on Vao with twenty of his men. All the others hnd been killed and the wornen and children had boon taken captive. Martiu Johnson, write&j P'aaue of Wolves in hat for?' Mrs. Newlywed took them "See," she, said, "we'll throw them for a high point to show who throws tirst. Then the one who gets five naturals first rules the household for a day. The other will do just what the winner dictates. In that way there'll never be any argument as to who is boss.' And there hasn't been. The dice find their boss for Cupid every day. New York Sun in Asia Magazine. The natives ol Vao received the newcomers as a-wel; come addition to their fighting force and Tetlilong set about to Insure his position among his new neighbors, lie invited the eiitlre population to n feast, and at once sent his men to neighboring islands fo buy up pigs and chickens for the occasion. The devil-devils great, hollowed logs, carved roughly to represent a human face, which nre erected everywhere In the New Hebrides to g:;ard ngninst evil spirits were c "suited to find a propitious time foi 'he feasting and on the appointed !;; the celebration began with much shouting and singing and dancing and beating of tomtoms. It lasted for several days. Hefore It wns over, 720 pigs hnd been slaughtered. The island hnd never before seen such n fenst. As a result of h!s political strategy, Tethlong, ihe refugee, became the big chief of Vao. taking precedence over the chiefs already there. MISCELLANEOUS For Sale Piano. Inquire Noith St., Carlisle, l'a. Wesi Baby Chicks Why not have your own eggs this winter. Buy some of Kirks chicks; they are bred to lay. Barred Rock 14c each. White ami Brown Leghorns 12c each, mixed chicks 10c. For early delivery order direct from thisj ad. or write for circular. J. W. Kirk, McAlisterville, Pa. For Sale Yankee hay ladders, 17, IS and 20 It. long. J. A. Handshaw, New Kingston, Pa. HE GOT THE "BUG LETTER" Discovery That Made the Victim Madder Than Before He Sent in Original "Kick." There Is probably no easier way to get a laugh out, of an average American audience than to mention an Englishman's sense of humor, and to read what an American may have to say about the I?ritlsh humor may be exasperating to an Englishman, but the reverse is not always true. An Englishman, J. C. Squire, for Instance, may write about American Jokes and not lie the least bit Irritating. In his "IJfejnd Letters" Mr. Squire's chap-tor. "(Joiiks ami Humour," contains several line American Jokes, and among them Is one that concerns a traveler on a sleeping cur who had written a complaint to headquarters about the presence of vermin in his berth. "He received back from the administrative bend a letter of Immense effusiveness. Never before had such a complaint been lodged against this scrupulously careful line, and the uinn-agemeiit would have suffered uny loss rntlier thnn cause annoyance to so distinguished, a citizen ns, etc., etc. He was very delighted with this nl-Ject apology. Hut as he was throwing away the envelope there fell out n slip of paper which had. apparently, been Inclosed by mistake. On It Mexico. Man-eating woJves have killed more than a dozen persons In the San Pedro and Cuatro Cienegas localities of Mexico. Never in the history of that ' region have these depredatory animals ! been so numerous and vicious as now, j It is stated. They run In packs and i l!o not hesitate to attack travelers ; upon the roads and trails. Only recently a party of five Mexicans were making their way along a well-traveled highway near Cuatro Cienegas when they were attacked by wolves. The men made a desperate resistance, hut were finally overcome by the hungry animals. The skeletons of the victims, stripped of all flesh were found the following day. At the Ta-cuba ranch, near Sun Pedro, a night watch. .ian was attacked and killed by wolves. Many cases of attacks being made by the animals and in which they were killed or driven off are reported. France's Hunt for Timber. Numerous practical experiments have been made by the French government In order to determine the resistance nnd durability of the vnrlous woods obtainable In French colonies. Contrary to the general belief, the timber which abounds in the colonies is not the hardwood employed by cabinet makers but common varieties which are adapted to ordinary construction purposes. A uniform commercial name has been given to the many varieties of timber which are closely related from a botanical point of view and suituble for the same purpose. The timber has been divided into categories according to Its character and the purpose for which It may be utilized. Scientific American. Betwixt and Between. Elsie Did yoU accept either of the men who proposed to you last night? May No; father wouldn't let me. Elsie Why? May He said he didn't know any. thing about Mr. Truclove, and he knew too much about Mr. Twolove. 1SOTICE Sealed proposals w ll be received at the Office of the Board of Commission- iers of Cumberland County, Pennsyl vania, at Carlisle, Pa., on or before 10:00 A. M., June I, 1921. for the General Construction, the Plumbing, the i Heating and the Electric Wiring of a j building to be used as a Home for the . Poor of the County. Plana and Sncciflratlons mav be wn n memorandum: 'Send this guy , seen on file at the County Commission- the bug letter.' " Mortland Won. The Itev. It. P. Jones, of Franklin. .va liilkiiik' rmlier M"rloniv to his V.:.r year -old son. Mortland, Sunday, on iii1.'ciMVir, when the child In-erruptcd him by saying: "i'liddy, you know you make mi le my heart n In n you talk like :hst " The father savs the talking stopped. lnd'unnpo;is News. ers' Olhce, or may be had from P. O. Kahnestock, Jr . Architect, 401 Patriot Building, Hairisburg, l'pnna., on deposit of a certified check for Twenty-five ($230(M returnable on the return of the plans and specifics tlons. The County Commissi: ners reserve the tight to reject anv or all bids. j WALTEit lunn, JAMES A. PUYOll. DANIEL H. HELLEK. County Commissioners. ATTEST: JAMES W. EPPLEY, Chief Clerk. We were iu the land of the Llitiej People of the Shadows. We I. ad l.evu j told that we must cffcr them all ojr i I-tssessious, but that they would take for themselves only the shadow of the things they wanted. So we put slender. slicks on the roiii 1, all uloiig the open iUe of our ntn. between (he high tree-nxits, and hung on them for Sale Seven building lota on S our tupH garments, our neck!a-es and I Pitt St., near Baltimore St. Apply ornaments of feathers and of pearl i Jos Lockman, Ridge and Hanover end of green Jade-stone. One precious) thing we could not offer them, and I that was the bracelet of lriie-eut Itearl-shell set with cat's eyes of toe sea. It hud been put on my suivt- heart's arm when she was a little girl. and now ."-he could not take it off. We hoped the Little People of the Shadows would understand thut the bracelet also would have been offered them if it bail In en po-sioie. I feured and resolved to s ay awake, to pro-ect iny sweetheart if they did not understand, but 1 was tired and soon fell asleep on the soft mesa beside her warm body. Suddenly I awoke. The itihbons of Light were all about, going and com ing, rolling and uiu ollinj.', lighting up the open spaces, ulieiv hundreds of the Little People were currying off t lie shadows of all the ornaments we had hung on the slender sticks. They were dancing In the light of the Boiling Blbbons, and the place where my sweetheart had been lying was no longer warm. She was dancing in the midst of the Little People. ... I saw my sweet heart my full-bodied woman, my beautiful one, the Flower of the Moun tain becoming smaller and smaller. . . She became us a little child. As the bracelet of shining pearl dipped from her tiny wrist, the Little People picked it up and hung It on ne of the slender .sticks, where its i at s eye glowed. Soon, as they lanced, my sweetheart, was no larger than the other Little People and was imong them. The Ribbons of Light rolled away imong the trees and ull was dark Hgaln. The Shadow Folk were gone; my sweetheart was gone to be with the souls of all the other people who have been lost in the forests of purple Hroheiia. From the Shadow Folk: A Tuhitian Legend, by E. Lloyd Se-rhrist, In Asia Magazine. FOR RENT APARTMENTS, ROOMS Desirable Town and Country Prop- For Rent Furnished room. Address Box 5 Sentinel Office. For Rent Third floor apartment, 2 rooms, private bath. 123 W. High. For Rent Front room, with convenience. 129 S. Pitt 8L For Rent Two rooms, second floor, with conveniences, 272 S. Pitt St. STORAGE STEEL CLAD STORAGS SAFE, CLEAN PRIVATE ROOMS . APPLY SECURITY STORAGE 168 W. HIGH ST. For Sale A Bucher C Melody Saxophone; line condition; suitable for band or orchestra. J. C. Noaker, Boll Phone SOU. Far Sale Iarge safe in good condi tion. O. Deckman & Son. For Sale Child's desk and revolting chair. 127 N. College St. Bell phone 237R. WANTED MISCELLANEOUS Wanted Alan or woman, salary $36 full time 75c an hour spare time, selling guaranted hosiery to wearer. Experience unnecessary. Internation-al Hosiery .Mills, Norristdwn, Pa. Wanted Reliable man to book ordere. lor Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Roses, Shrubbery, etc., and engage sub-agents. Exclusive teiritory, whole or part time. Pay weekly. Apply at once. Fruit Growers' Nursery, New- For Sale White Wvandotta ea for hatching; hens bred to lay; 75c t ark- New York "li5: 'o50 fr 10- Sl M- Str0hm IWANTED-CALVES-Paying IOoTp. Creason, Pa for Sale S C ha'ching. E. College. R I Red Eggs, M Mounts, 449 for N. COUNTRY OF SWEET SCENTS French City of Lyons Center Region Which Supplies the World With Perfume. Of Has Own Idea of "Progress." 4 different idea of progress from hat usually held Is given by A. Ed-.vard Newton, who, iu the Atlnntlc Monthly, writes: "I was dining once in London, quite informally, with a ,'reat electrical engineer, a very trig maid iu attendance. On the table near my host's right hand was a small block if white murble and a tiny silver mallet. When he wanted the maid he struck the marble a resounding blow. I was somewhat amused and asked him if he had ever heard of a push-button Tor the same purpose. 'My boy, I have,' was his reply, 'but I get enough of dectrlcal devices in the city; I don't ivant a single one of them In my own home. I've not yet come to using gas; I prefer candles; they are not s1 likely to get out of order. I hate this push-Inn a dlmnle and wait In? for some- j thing to happen. When I make a noise 'iiyself I begin to feel a sense of prog ress that's whtit we stand for In this country' with a knowing wink 'progress.' " Tailleur of Black Velvet, Showing New Loose Coat in Vogue This Season. the chiffon -a combination of colors marvelously becoming nnd effective and a delightfully comfortable garment. Some of the lovely gowns In chiffon would suggest to one a Maxfleld Parish picture, with Its color, brilliant yet soft and harmonious while the 'tea-dinner gown," which makes the older woman look dignified or the younger woman en trancing, is one designed In black chiffon velvet with long straight lines and no trimming.- THE CHIC 1921 SPRING SUIT "Safety Net" Worked Well. The thrilling rescue of a four-year-ld hoy occurred In Brooklyn a short inie ago. The boy hud his tonsils iml adenoids removed and was on the bird floor of h hospital. The nurse eft the ward for three minutes and vlien she returned she missed the hild. The little patient hud climbed o one of tin? windows, squeezed hrougli the bars and was hanging utshle. The flutter of the child's ilghtie attracted the attention of pnss-'rsliy. Two young men stripped off iheir coats, knotted them together by ihe sleeves, and stretched them out is ii makeshift A moment later the boy's grasp on the window ledge relaxed and be went hurtling lown. But the safely net proved effective and he dropped Into It unlu-lured. M. Walker, Middlesex (Home Phono 620K). Wanted To rent two or three fur nished iwms itor light housekeeping by young couple, no children. Address P. L. B. 584 Louther St. HELP Wanted Board by an invalid lady in. a respectable private family where they have the conveniences. Terms $15 per week. Address Miss N. F. Ulman, 144 E. Broad St., iBethlehem. Lyons, in France, Is the city Of scents. It Is the center of a region which supplies the world with per fumes, and has the only university that offers a course in perfumery- making to students. Within the last few years Lyons has developed a great laboratory system for the manu facture of artificial perfumes Ijythe process of synthetic chemistry. Thus its technical experts convert oil of verbena into violet and lily-of-the- vnlley, oil of cumphor into heliotrope, aniseed oil Into hawthorne, oil of clove Into vanilla, and oil of rosewood Into bergamot. Toluene (a derivative of coal tar) they transform Into Jas mine nnd artificial rose. From xylene (likewise a coal tar product) they obtain artificial musk. Roses are grown on an immense scale in the region about Lyons for the manufacture of perfumery. Like wise sage, tnyme and sweet mor" i Wanted CLERKS (me nor women), Joram. That region produces 90 per ovpr 17 for Postal ,Maii Service. cenr or tne total worlds output or $120 month. Examinations May-June. Wanted Man in or near Carlisle to sell guaranteed tshrubs, roses, trees, plants. Weekly pay. .Permanent. Experience unnecessary. Write now. Barry Nursery Co., Rochester, N. Y. Automobile Mechanics are always in demand, Enroll now in the largest and best equipped Automobile end Tractor School in the East. Write for Free Catalogue. Petz Automotive School, 29 N. 20th St., Philadelphia. Pa. Wanted A first-class barber for a Carlisle shop. Address Box 6 Sentinel Office. Wanted A steady, dependable girl or woman, 15 to 50 years, one from, country preferred, who can do housework; a good home And pleasant location. Apply Sentinel, Box 7. real lavender oil, representing a value of 20.000,000 francs a year. One concern has 10 square miles planted with lavender. Nothing Staid or Dignified About Clothes for Season in Advance of Warmer Days. There Is nothing staid or dignified about the l!)'l spring suit. A gay and fetching little affair is its Jacket, falling only a few Inches below the waistline and opening in front to reveal a bright-hued vest. Most of these little Jackets have loose three-quarter sUwes and many models are collur-less. They are decidedly feminine in style und resemble not at nil the uiuntilsh, buttoiied-up coat with long t'ght sleeves that accompanies what Is known as "a plain tailored suit." Far from plain I the spring tailleur. Embroidery, buttons, buckles, und even tassels make It aenptlvutlng affair -If you frefer feminine effects In tailored clothes. If your fancy Is for sterner, more mnscullne tailored wear, you must confine yourself to n sport suit this season. Sport suits hold to boyish effects; to collars with lai-eli. to .Norfolk belts, pockets nnd plain sleeves; nut nil tailored models In- Monday and Tuesday of each week tended for more ronmil wear are gay j beginning May lfi and 17. at. the ns gny hii be. ;i!i'ri m" Jacob near New K:restfn. Draneriet, i Wednesday and Thursday of each i .. ,i ,.-. , i.i. i..... , week, beginning May 18 and 19, at thp ..,A." . . '.' I, - f . barn:mU'm !"" f I'hiliP Snyder, three miles Old Almond Trees Bear Well, That age Is one of the assets of an iilmonil orchard In point of hearing Is I'laimed by Edward Wyckoff, pioneer resident of the Woodland district, who has on display In the hoard of trude rooms limbs from almond trees on bis place planted In 18S7 by his brother, lnvld Wyckoff, former sheriff of Yolo county, writes a Woodland O'allf.) correspondent. Though 04 years of uge. the orchard Is the best bearing In the valley nnd the trees are strong and virile. Records of the production nre heltig kept for grandchildren that they may make some comparisons of er p s when the orchard renche the century mark. NOTICE TO FARMERS We have purchased of ex Sheriff Charles L. Johnson a high class Spanish Jack, weighing close to 1.000 pounds, which we will stand for service as follows: ALMOST GAVE AWAY SECRET Little Girl Would Have Had Sweet Revenge If She Had Reached That Toupee. A prominent Vigo county business man wears a toupee. Only his family and closest friends know. But recently it almost became a public fact. He was dining with his wife and some friends at a large hotel, when In walked another friend with his four-year-old daughter. The business man likes to tease children, so he Immediately began on this one. He called her a little boy. and persisted In addressing her In that way. It wns erldent she was not enjoying the Incident, and the Vigo county man's wife came to the child's rescue. "If he doesn't stop calling you names I'd pull his hair If I were you," she advised. The little girl started to follow that advice, and then fun did begin. The way that man ducked and begged the youngster to desist threw the crowd Into paroxysms of laughter. But the people who knew about the toupee nearly went wild. They were almost sorry when he Anally persuaded her fo be friends and leave hl9 head alone. Indlnnapolls News. Experience unnecesary. For free particulars of instructions, write R. Terry (former Civil Service Examiner), 201 Continental Bldg., Washington, D. C. . Wanted laboring men to work on small show; good treatment. CARL H. CLARK'S SHOWS. Biglervllle May 12. Bendersville May 13. Idaville May 14. Mt. Holly Springs May 15 and 16. Wanted Forelady for hard silk wlnd-i ing; also one for doubling. Apply to Piedmont Silk Co., Shlppensbur. Qlvi references. Wanted Erperiences butcher for Saturdays. Apply at Black and, White Store. j Wanten Capable white woman for CHILDREN'S NURSE; good homo and wages for right party with references. Address Box 293, care of The Sentinel. -i '. Wanted Housekeeper in family of 8. Inquire Box 286, care Sentinel. LOST AND FOUND Lost Gray Squirrel neck piece. Finder please return to 129 W, South. Reward will be given. Britain's Great Sailor. t An admlrul's sword, which had been surrendered to Nelson by the Spanish admiral on board the Snn Josef after the battle of St. Vincent, has Just been ' sold for about $'J.". The sword wus worth much more to Nelson, and to ;reat Britain. For this victory of 17!)7 ! Is of poetilinr significance in Britain's mix ul history. In that It first revealed the full capacity nf Nelson nl ready well known In the navy to nil bis countrymen, and led to his appointment as rear admiral. . In this action, when the Spaniards seemed likely to ecit pe. Nelson, w Itt'out wiiitluc for or-d"i. threw Ills ship. Hie t'nptain. scr.f t;,e!r bows, a movement which led to their eoiup'e'e defeat. Nelson receive ! the snord of the Spanish of. fleers on the deel, of ll,e Sail Josef and lieiame af ow p n popular figure. Lost Automobile chain. Return . to J. A. Raudnbaugh, New Kingston. Our Advertising H vnmrtrA rt a i if I w Means More Sales for You, Mr. Business Mas When you begin sdTertlslng In this paper you start on the road to more business. There Is no better or cheaper medium for reaching the buyers of this community. We can also provide Artistic Printing of every description. dU terluN with plain walls. This plan prevenK a room from a louring over-Oetoruted or u Jumble of colors. northwest of Carlisle, on the Mc- CHrc's (; Read. Fr day and Suturday of each week, May 20 and 21. at the stnbies ol Kainucl Dunne!), at. Don nellytown Kre $10. flamiH Donnelly, keeper. NEW ICINGS TUN JACK CU , Gwners Rent or buy an Apex Electric Cleaner, or have ua clean your carpets and rugs. Buy a Rotapex Electric Washer ; and make washing a pleasure instead of a drudgery. Have your worn-out brussels and ingrain carpets mad into boautiful rugs. . Call, phone or write INDIAN RUG CO. B and Pitt Sts Carlisle, fa.

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