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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 10

Chicago, Illinois
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Wednesday, March 25, 1896
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10 THE RAILWAY WORLD Officials Talk of Bupreme Court Decision and Jails. WILL BENEFIT RAILROADS Warner Car to Supplant Pullman on the Omaha Line New Lake and Rail Rate. Chicago railroad official, wore a trouble! look yesterday. The were all thinking of the Supreme Court decision in tbe Brown case, and ita possible effecta. The dec li Ion waa looked at In rariout Ilgbti hy tbe railroad men. Some aaw nothing but Inea and Jail ahead of them, other appeared pleased, and aaid they were glad the commission bad at lat been clothed with sufficient authority to demonstrate It ability or inability to put an end to discrimination and cut rate. It was tbe general cpinion that the decision will baTe tbe effect of demonttrating or rather finding out jut which road deelre to maintain tbe tame rate to all shippers and wbich road do net. Id voicing their opinions yesterday the officers of tbe "good" linos could easily be picked from those of the rate-cutters. Tbe repreaeBtatlTef of previous guilty line were, without an exception, open in their declaration that the Supreme Court bad erred; tbey ail ihowed a disposition to evade tbe searchlight. On tbe other hand official of the well-meaning road a. those that do not cut rate unless they are forced to by competition, asserted that tbe decision was a Just one. and would tend to protect the railroads as well as the shippers. "I am not disappointed In the decision." said General Traffic Manager Bird of the Chicago. Milwaukee and St. Paul. "The greatest evils railroads have to contend with Is the rut-rate, secret, of course, competition of roads that can get business do other way. We could earn more money and there woulJ be less trouble all around were all roads to conduct their business open and above boari. "I believe that more than nine-tenths of the railroad companies of tbe country want to deal fairly with tbe public, and make the aame rates to all shippers. The roads that do not want to work fairly are those inferior vstems that could not pay operating expense if they did not hold out Inducements in th way of concessions from tariffs, rebates cn shipments, and other underhand baits. "As I understand the decision, when a railroad officer la summoned before the commission be must tell tbe truth, go to Jail for contempt, or commit perjury, and take chances on being found out. The result Is that be will tell tbe truth. Tbe witness will tell all be knows, and that meana that no shipper or railroad company will be safe in violating tbe law by giving secret cut rates or other discriminating concession." .Mr Bird voiced the opinion of most of the traffic officers of the other big roads running west from Chicago. Waal the Law Chaaged. Railroad officers generally are vigorous In their denunciation of the law as it now stands, which makes individual officials instead of the corporation liable for secret rai rutting. Anybody who is at all conversant with railway affair know that freight officers would not cut a rate if they were to receive orders from the executive bead of the company not to do so. But under tbe present law the latter shuts his eyes and allow his subordinates to use whatever mean tbey seo fit to capture business; the president, knowing that be Individually, or his corporation, cannot be. punlabed If tbe rate cutting is discovered. -Nor can these subordinates be persuaded to, testify agalnat an official holding an equal position on a competing line. But were the corporation Instead of tbe Individual liable, no officer would hesitate to testify against another road as a corporation. A prominent general freight agent of a Western line aaid yesterday that if the corporations instead of the officers were liable be would at once bring case of rate cutting against two or three of his competitor. An amendment to the Interstate commerce laws providing for tbe liability of railroad corporations instead of their Individual officer 1 now before Congress. POO LUG AGREEMENT ADOPTED. It Affects All Texas Baalaeaa (rasa Sea-hoard Xarth and Xerthwest. New Tork. March 24. Tbe representatives of the various lines in the Southwestern Traffic Association, held a conference at the Windsor Hotel today for tbe purpose of voting on tbe supplementary agreement, wbicb provides for a pooling of all Texas business from the seaboard North and Northwest. Tbe resolution waa adopted. Voder the new agreement tbe association it virtually reorgan-lsed. although tbe old agreement stands. It I understood that tbe aew agreement provides for a money pool. This is denied, however, by tbe members of tbe association. They claim that It will be strictly a president agreement, and It Is expected that under it rate cutting among Southwestern lines will be entirely removed. Tbe organisation will be governed by a board of control of three members, of wbicb Chairman Day will be chief member. A penalty forfeit of 15.000 Is provided In tbe new contract. and the measure follows tbe Joint Traffic Association in many particulars. The recent ruling of th board of traffic manager of tbe Joint Traffic Association ia regard to elevator transfer charge caused considerable dissatisfaction among tb lines Interested. There was a meeting today af tbe offices of tbe Grand Trunk line In thi elty. attended by General Freight Agent Brown of tbe Chicago and Grand Trunk, Freight Traffic Manager Mitchell and Assist ant General Freight Agent Hand of tbe Michigan. Freight Manager Crammer, and Commercial Agent Clark of the Lake Shore, Commercial Agent Brtgg of the Nlckel-PUte, General Freight Agent McCable of tbe Pan Handle, General Western Freight Agent Bonner of tbe Fort Wayne. Traffic Manager Harriott and General Freight Agent Thomas of tbe Erie. General Freight Agent Knight of tbe Wabash. General Freight Agent Coat of the Big Four. General Freight Agent Lasaru of the Indiana, Decatur and Western. Assistant General Freight Agent Gowen of tbe Rock Island. General Freight Agent Mowatt of the Toledo. Peoria and Western; General Eastern Agent M os her of tbe Baltimore and Ohio. No positive conclusion waa reached In regard to tbe rates to be sdopted and another meeting waa called for tomorrow, at which it la thought some definite understanding will be reached respecting tbe rates to be put Into effect. WAG.1ER SrPPLAXTS PILLMA. Latter Sleepers Will Be Displaced Oaaaka LI a Hay U. Tbe Wagner Palace Car Compaay I about to make a further eoeroeebmeat apoa tbe preserve et tbe PaDtnaa Compaay, and take to Itself a aice slice of business wbicb tbe Utter ba held tor a Dumber of years. On May-25, under a contract recent: y closed, fifteea Wagner car wlU be put la service on tb Chicago, Minneapolis St, Pullman. Thi addition to tbe a umber of Pullmans. This addition to tbe n amber ot roads served by tbe Wagner Company will give It an Increase of about 1.&00 mile over Ita present mileage. Tbe ubtltutlon of Wagners for Pull man on tbe above road la but a natural one. a tbl road ia a pan of tbe Chicago and Northwestern, wbicb Is a Vanderbilt line, and It Is intended that ultimately nothing but Wagaer cars h;i be operated ever Van-derbiit roads, as tbe Vanderbllu practically wa tbe Wagner plant Fawarwel with Heelaeeel Sates. Roads f th central pssssager ewmmltie (easl-bound lines) bare agreed ta allow red seed rates (or tbe feUewlag msetlaga. etc.: Repih- j tUaa College Learu. Chicago, 11L. April ; Drawing Teachers Association, ladlaaaiksns, AtrUtt lo May t: HtmltU oratorical contest. Topeka. Kan., May ?; ceuacil of Improved Order of Red Men. Stressor. HL. Mar 11-1: coagi of Bclronsta, Kiuw City. Mo.. May IV 17; Baa. flat nulTfruriM Aslturv Park. N. J.. Maw IS-77: Opeala of Sew Barllala Ui. Saaday, April 11 the Burilagton roa4 trill Traffic Manager Bird Says Good I tor trac lu w UM TU aiiob. nrnni "Will ReSTOlt. I By Ut of tbl aew liae tba Bnrtlagloa will be able to avoid the Bt, Uouls tunnel, watra la now aaed aa a mesas of entrance to St. Loala. On tba ume day tbe Burlington will begin rwo-ntng a morning local trail from Boardstowa Into 8l Loala. returning ta tb afteraooa. Thai will pot a large itretch of territory betwea Chi-eago and 8t- Loala Into muck cloaer coBaectiea with that city. Lake ill Kail Bale far ISM. Wbea navigation opeaa tbe rate oa flrst -class lake and rail freight will be M eeala per 10 poondi from the seaboard to Chicago. 7 eeata to Dolotb. and M eeata to Be PaoL East-bound tbo flrst-rUs rates between the polata named will be the name aa tbe west-bound. Rates aa grain by lake and rail will be: FYoia 6L Paul to New Tork. 2S renta per 100 pound ; from Da- loth, 20 eenta; from Chicago. SI cent a. Tbete are the rate agreed a dob at the recent conference of the lake line manager and the repreaentatlTea of the different systems of raiiroada interested. Sew Traaseeatlaeatal Aaeaclatlaa. New Tork. March 14. The mala features of the new transcontinental association were agreed upon yesterday at tbe meeting of the traffic officials, but there are several points which will have to be submitted to arbitration. On of these is the question of differentials which ar demanded by the Northern Pacific, Great Northern, aad Canadian Pacific. It la not settled yet whether the Canadian Pacific will become a member of the assorlatioa. bat It agrees to come in if a satisfactory differential la allowed. Ceaeral Rallrnud Sews. Ores earning of the entire St Paul system for the third week in March were asS.kil. an increase of 1113. oJ over the corresponding week of last year. - The roads esst of Chicago have agreed to allow a rate of one and one-third lint -clan fare for the round trip for students of colleges, seminaries, and universities going home for the Easter vaca tion Tickets will be good for ten days, but in no case later than April li. The annual election of the Pennsylvania Railway Company waa held in Philadelphia yesterday. There waa no opposition to tbe present officers of the company and all were re-elected. Western roads have a Breed to make a rate of one fare for tbe round trip for the national contention of the Republican League, to be held at Milwaukee Aug. 25-27. Between Toledo. Ohio, and Andrews. Ind.. the new Wabash mail trains sre scheduled to ran at the rate of fifty miles an hour. For the first two days these trains reached ail Indiana point on schedule time Tbey make only one station stop between Fort Wsyne and Toledo. The Railway Cripples' Association Is a new organization It Is made up of railroad employes who have bees crippled In the service. It appears that such a club has been in existence In tbe vicinity of Pittsburg for some time, bat now it has been decided to branch out aad invite membership all over tbe country. COMMERCIAL MAX TIRED OP LIFE. J. I Crawl Aitesspls ta Caaasalt Sal-elde at Wawwakee. Win. Madison. Wis.. March 24. Special Telegram. J. L. Grant, a traveling man for tbe wholesale grocery firm of McNeill A Hlgglns. Chicago, attempted saicde at Waanakee Monday by shoot ing himself in the barn of tb hotel at which he was stopping. Tbe shot look effect In his breast but the doctors are hopeful of saving his life. It Is said that despondency led to the deed. He has a wife and child in Chicago. Weal TAX COLLECTOR IS MISSISG. lata a Peoria Saloea with gTOO aad Sever Caase Oat. Peoria. III., March 24 Special Telegram Gaven Ren wick, lax collector from West Jersey, Stark County, disappeared from here yesterday morning. He had 1700 with him. and left Jiis wife in froat of a saloon while he went Inside. She has nol sees him since, snd fears thst be hss either met with foul plsy or has desVrted ber. Tbe police were unable to get any trace of turn. Mrs. Renwick went borne today. MARRIED FIFTY TEARS AGO. Mr. aad Mrs. Barllagins Celebrate Their Aaa Is rrsary al Maasnaalh. Monmouth. III.. Msrrh 2. Special Telegram. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Burllngim celebrated their golden wedding today. They bay lived ber twenty-seven years, and nave been residents of Illinois aeerly sll their married life, living in Chicago. Rocbelle. and Monmouth. They received the congratulations of many friends. Bike aad Blaaaser. At a recent sal of the asset of a riding academy ia thi city the saddle-horses brought oa aa average less than 130 apiece. This Is said to be th lowest price on record for horse of thla description, and tha tact was generally noted that la New Tork the market value of a horse is lower than that of a bicycle. New Tork World. Watts I hear that Willis has withdrawn from membership la the church. What was the trouble T Potts He and the minister got Into a row over whose wss the best bicycle. Indianapolis Jour nal. The Legislature of Maryland is considering a bill which require railroads to check bicycles as personal baggage, and, falling to do thla. to pay th passenger P0 and collect no fare from him. Aa English nobleman bas publicly expressed the opinion that no woman over 23 years of age ought to ride a wheel. The Outdoor Olrl Dainty as a sunbeam, royal aa a rose. How th outdoor maiden in her beauty glow! Eye like morning dewdrops, cheeks like evening fire. Toics like liquid raptor of th sunrise choir. Round of limb and supple strength allied with grace; Sparkl of health's rubies in ber winsome fare. How she seems to qneen It over all the land With the witching magic of her (leader hand: Juno In her chariot drawn by peacocks gay; Aphrodite rising cloudlike from the spray Goddesses outrivaled! Now the poet kneel To the charm of beauty pedaling a wheeL Womanhood supernal beauty at Its height-Hall the outdoor maiden, viaioa of delight! Spin and flash and glitter, steel of burnished thews. Thus through woman' Ilfeblood God the race renew. Harper' Baxar. It Is rt ported that President Cleveland disapproves of bicycle riding by the wive and daughter of member of hi Cabinet. Mr. Cleveland tbould remember that everybody doeaa't rua exclusively to dock shooting. New York Press. Mr. and Mr. Drew, the soa-ln-lsw and daughter ot Mr. Gladstone, are ardent cyclist. Outsld th Cabinet Now doth th unofficial dam Some IKtle comfort feel. Sine (he may go with bob to blame And ride the festive wheel. Watblagtoa Star. A clever aad plucky teat waa that ef John J. Gillie, a Pi eye Is patrolman, la New Tork last week. Two wagons, drives by saea aader tb Influence of Honor, wer dashing sloag ea the boulevard. Glllla ordered them te slacks speed. They yeered at him aad lashsd their horse te a rua. The patrolman gave chas. aad actually seized by tb brtdl sad stopped tb hers of lb leading wagon, wlthost losing control af bis : wheel. Tbe driver coatiaaed te lash tbe animal, hoping te be able te break away fro tbe policeman; trot GiUla weight waa too mock tor tb borne, and be gave up tbe straggle ef trying te obey hi brutal master. Tbe other driver pulled ap wbea hi comrade waa caught, and the two worthies were marched to the police station aad locked ap for the Bight A crowd ef cyclist gathered to witness the capture, aad gave tbe hero ef It lusty cheers. NEED GO NO FURTHER. Tbe bemeseeker wb will Investigate the claims made for tbe Bear River Valley, who will read carefully tbe publications, consider tbe terms, will waste more Urn, but wU either so and conflnn th statements by a personal visit ta tbe valley, or will take tbe testimony at tbose who bare go before and are th ezpeaee ef a prospecting trip. Bead for tbe particulars lo Cbarlea W. Creeae, ilMlt Tba later Oeeaa building, Chicago. THE DAILY 1 INTEIl OCEAN, WEDNESDAY' MOBNING, MABCn 25," 1890. INSURANCE CIRCLES (OB tickets sold fU New York City U odd!- I MaachTlett8 BWftt lift PoliCY- fUnal tn k M&JhlHl fa ra a Ha tl k oka rfc4 I Chriatiaa Mlssloaary Society, Toledo. Ohio. May M-a. Tko following application ha boea declined: General conference of tba Chorea of Christ, Ktrtland, Ohio, April t-li (lasamcieat at-tendaace anticipated). Olrard holders Revolt DISLIKE THE ASSESSMENT Secretary T. J. Browne of the Oar- den City Mutual Resigns. Iowa Houm of Representatives Passes Standard Poliqr Bill Gen era! News. Boston, Mass.. March M. All New England la following with the liveliest Interest la progress of events la the Massachusetts Benefit Life As sociation. The policy-holders, or at least a part of them, have appointed a committee to laves- tlgate tbe management, salaries, expenses, pa' meet of assessments, etc, of tba company, aad to report to the policy-holder, who sanction the arrangement Th committee thus appointed consists of Charles H. Cole, vice presldsnt of the Globe National Bank: Oliver H- Darrell, at Brown. Darrell A Co.. Joel Goldth waits, Benja min L Pag of Haverhill, Benjamin F. Peach Jr.. of Lyna, K. Otis Wetherbe of Boston, aad John J. Whipple of Boston. The organisation of th committee of poller holders waa only decided apoa at a lata boor Saturday. Its appointment waa announced ta the Sunday papers, aad a request was mad that policy-holders la the company who approved of th appointment and Intentions of the commutes should algaify that Intention to th council named by th committee. Messrs. Btrout and CooUdge, Exchange building. It was requested that In order to cover expenses each policy-holder of 4o,eo or under should subscribe Jl. and th subscription for those holding policies over that amount waa to be n. Th committee, however, wish to have It understood that their objection Is aot to embarrass or destroy tb Massachusetts Benefit Association, but rather to Inquire whether tbe salaries paid are aot excessive, the amount of the calls too large, and the means of contra' on the part of the policy-holders Ineffective. If not altogether lacking. These ar th objects which tbe committee declare they have la view la taking the action they have taken. A prom! nent member of the policy-holders' committee of th Massachusetts Benefit Life Association said this morning that the Idea sf tbe disgruntled policy-bolder was not to break tb association but merely waa to obtain some idea of Its finar-clal workings, which necessitated aa Increase of 41 per rent In the assessments between Jan- nary and March. As this la a cloae corporation. it seems no more than reasonable that the balk of the policy-holders. Including prominent men in every walk of life, ahould have some Idea ui ww mt Business or in corporation la eon- ducted, and not leave tbe matter entirely in the hand of six or seven o facers, who do no: consider It necessary to aak advice from any one. It is tbe intention of tbe committee to thor oughly Investigate and ventilate. If necessary lamp oi ine association, simply aa a precaution, and to satisfy themselves of tbe condition of affairs at th officea of tbe Maa-' sacbasetts Benefit Life Association. Th president was away today aad tb attorney was im uii omce. wbicb waa run oi policy-Bolder. e whom he was explaining the necessary reasons tor mcreaseu poucy assessments. PHILADELPHIA PREV.Il MS Herelrls at Leading Conapaales Oar. In. Co. of N. A . .. In. Co. of 8. of Pa. Jefferson Iinb men a. Pa. Mechanic. Pa .. Pennsylvania .... Reliance Ppring Garden... Teutonla. Pa Colon. Pa t'n. Flrem a. Pa. Kereinoe. Mich . Merran . Mich... Mutual Ass.. Pa. Mutual of Oct Phila. Coo Mfs. A Mch.. Pa. Germ. Am. Pitts. German, Pitts... Reading Western. Pitts... American, Boat.. Hprlngfteld Capital. N. H.... Granite Plate New Hampshire. Eouhable. R I.. Merrh.. Prov Pmv.-Wash Aetna, Conn Connecticut. Ct.. Hartford. Conn... National. Conn... Orient, Conn Phoenix, Conn.... Security. Conn... Agricultural American, N. T.. Broadway laa- 1MOS. The following show th premium receipt for IK of tbe leading companies doing business in rniiadelphia: American. Pa. . . M UTTI CItlsen a. N. T... Delaware 44 .Jr Cootrnental Fire Association. lM.n',1 Ger.-Am.. N. T. rsnklln Il.! Gerraama. J. T. jos. io,. vo. mil. auni Glens r aila , 7.n Globe 117.4-AOr-enwich Sl.Kt Hanover 1S.HJI Home. N. T 41. H Mutual Fire. N T. t.ic N. T. I'nd lr.evn Niagara M.M Pad he. Phsnta. N. T. N. T. American. S. J. 11. fir Mer.. N. J 12.7- Newark , ll.: Virginia ts.474 American Cen lt.fX Firemen's. Chi.., !.' Firemen' Fund.. 7.IC 8t. Paul F. A M, :.v Atlas t.tJi British America.. S.n Caledonian 11. K; Comm. t'n.. Lon. 9.7NCU Hamb.-Brem.. ., ".sen Imperial 7. Saw Laancaahire W.S4--Hl US 14.0M4 1! M 4. TOO 17.-4 n KfJ . Z3.72T Ct4 S.S' SO ? s.oc: .1 LtLi a.... Lon. and Lane. Manchester. . . . North RAM.. Northern Norwich I'nlon.. Palatine Phoenix. Lon... Royal Scottish I'D , Sun. Ene I'nlon, Eng Western. Can.. IOWA STANDARD FORM. SECRETARY BR0W5E RESIGXS. 11. W 0.7K 7a.i .IM 1S.JM ASAX 14. "; M4 xv : 23. XtS 7.?oi IS. IBS M l urn t,!7 ' 17V n. n am .S4 22.4Tt tS.177 1. 7S 47.TT! S.SO 22.7? B.3 7.rvt HA2t 2. 71 it 20.SSI 40.141 n.tao 2 n SS.SO 11 KG 17.S f 1.J9J Bouses Passe Aastker Bill Ohasxlss 4 laaaraae Mea. De Moines, Iowa. March 24. Special Tele gram. Th House pa sa-d a standard form of policy for all Are insurance companies doing business In Iowa. The greater part of the day waa a pent la lu cona I deration. Reprssenutlv Finch drew the bill up la conformaae with th New Tork standard form, but wbea tbe House bad finished amending It K was quite a different measure. The Insurance mea will bitterly fight lu paaaage ia the Senate. They say they did aot object to a standard form of policy, but they consider th amendments extremely sever and they will work hard to defeat It or get the obnoxious amendment struck oat In th Senate.-Th vote waa S ot tL It provide if the assured desires to place aa incumbrance oa bis property h Is simply compelled t grew notice to the company; it does not require tae consent of th compaay, aor doe it require that th notice be written. Tbe policy can be canceled oa tea days' notice by either party. A long Mat of cases voiding policies common to the New Tork Toms 1 concluded by a provlsloa that Boa of th specified clauses can prevent a recovery if It can be shown that none ot them contributed to the loss of tbe property. Losses ar mad parable wish-In thirty days after due notice ta gives. Th company must make lu decision within tan day after notice of tb loss if it desire to uk any or all of tbe property remaining. Tb company Is compelled to pay back a pro-rata of th premium on th excess of the amount of the policy abov tbe amount of the loss. All of these pro visions were Inserted in amendments and all of tnem ar oojected to by ue companies. A. B. YVIlsea Chase a Secretary af Gar- lea City Mataal. T. 3. Brown ha tendered his reslgastloa a secretary of th Gardea City Mutual Fire Insur ancs Compaay of Chicago to th board of direct or. It baa beea accepted, aad A. B. Wilson. a director aad the attorney for tbe compaay. baa beea elected to All the vacancy. Mr. Browne baa so connect lon with the Garden City Mutual. H. H. Helmlck of tb brokerage Arm of Hear H. Helmlck A Co., has beea chosen as manager ana it is anaemooa win wave virtual charge of ibe underwriting. Thornton Ware will continue aa president Mr. Browne wss the organiser aad promoter or tbe compaay. H baa beea secretary since It began business. March U, 1ASA. Recently be was sppoistse general a rent for th West snd South of the Niagara Mutual Fire Insurance company ot rniiadeipuia aad the Commoa-w salth Mataal Fir sf tb sums city. His tarrt-try eomprls eight states. Mr. Brown will pea aa offlc la th Calumet building sad devote bis attention te the mtsresta ef these coov-psaies aad do a general brokerage basin ess. Th mala Item will be Ue placing ef surplus Use. Mr. Brows will do business for th twe mutaals through eofrespoadesos aad ea personal sollciutioa, aad will net locate local ageata. Mas Verrel B14s. Te outsiders It looks aa If sosne bidders for tbe county laauraaea had strained several potnta t win tbe smile aad gifts af tb cnmsillonrs. Fee tnatasc. one bid states that tbe ageacy will agree to tarnish diagrams aad forau without aay ex peas to tb cauaty, aMaeugh It waa aot stated, yet It la preaad tae policies Utemservs aad tbe nscssssry iak for Slilng la the blank will be givea gratia. Aaother guarantees te stand liable foe tb loos la case a compaay tail and ia usabls ta remit ta fall. Again ta aaother ts-staac a bidder sger te stand the etpeos la ta sdJustsMot 1b can af a laa sad stat-n that th county will bs to no txpeaa la printlog proofs ef loss and schedule. A ess la cited wbare a Arm ta a rwcent toaa bad to pay fTV for a priatlag bill, along tbl lias, Claltaee. They Ba4 Jl Baalaeaa. - Cincinnati. Ohio, btarcb It-Special Telegraas. State Ssetiateadeskt tt tesuraaa WllHaai ht, Haha caae down from Columbus today and ewer eat warrants against T. J. Waddlnrtoa. atlas K. Wilson, and Charles Moor. solicitor aad agwat, respectively, of tba Iateraatloaal Fraternal Alliance of Baltimore, charging tha with violating taw lasaraac laws by writing busl-aess without a license.. Waddlagtoa wrote a risk oa 7-year-old Michael Carrlgaa ta malar in iweivs years. Tbe swperlnteaoeBt nay taw pouets eoataia ail Us fwaturs oi aa old U instrument aad tba company claims to do Both. tng bat a fraternal t business. Tb eas now la police cowrt Superintendent Baha win prosecute ta case wita vigor. Elect Thr Sew Dlreetar. New York. March K Special Telegraav At a snooting of tb stockholders of tb Niagara Fir laaaraae compear today thro aew directors were elected to take th place of Awstla CorMa. tiaras, ana ta prwaiaeni, 1 nomas t . Good rich, rb hav resign ed. Th new directors ar Mecry K. Co. Joha Nouns n. aad Osorg C How. A directors' aaeetina- will be be id tomor row for th election of officer aad ta slat la for president. Harold Hersick: for vice nrewldeat ueorg v. Howe, aad for secretary, west Pollock. This mean th pronsotioa of th company' prwseni sincere. Washinatnn Mam. - Hrenien Allemanls Agricultural .. Penn. Fire Phnenlx of Lon Aetna Firemen'- of N. Ceateat far th Olee. T. Albert Karta, who was recently appointed Btata laaaraae Coamlsatoaer of Maryland by Governor Lowndes, and who qualified tor that position, baa filed a petition la th Superior Court for a mandamus requiring Thomas P. Towaaead. tb fueambent of th office to tnrs over to mm in book and papers. Tb peUitow states in i a ovmaad waa mads oa Mr. Townsend for the office, and that be refused to turn It ever to Mr. Karta. Judge Ritchie signed an order requiring Mr. Townsend to show cauae on or be fore March W why th maadamua ahould not be issuea. Applies far Sew Trial. Th Niagara Fire Insurance Company baa ap plied to Jadg Austin at Milwaukee for a aew trial la th suit of tb T. Dohmea Company. which was recently decided agaiast th Niagara la that city. Th motion waa to bar bees presented Saturday, but a continuance was. granted la order to enable tb attorneys to pre pare ui argumeata. in event of tae motion being denied tb caae will go to tbe Supreme Court. CsUey Gets the Rellaaee. Boston, Maaa., March 24. Special Telegram. W. H. Morris A Bona, agents of Reliance of Phil adelphia, have resigned. President Chubb of th company waa hers today and appointed Prank A. uoliey as agent for th city and metropolitan John II. Law of the Royal has returned after (pending an extended vacation at Tallaoaaaee, ria. W. S. Warren of the Livervool anJ London and Globe left last evening on a protracted business tour isrougn toe .Norm west The Fire Record. Philadelphia. Pa.. March Jl. -Special Telea-ram. This city waa toe scene of another disastrous Bre. which broke out aboot S o'clock yesterday afternoon In the six-story building occupied by tbe Thackara Manafartufing Compaay. at No l'-U Cbesuuc atreet. The fire waa started In the basement by an overheated dynamo aad quickly spread up throuch We elevator -baft to tb entire bulM- Ing. In fact so fast did tbe Are gain headway that ine employes bad eonalderable difficulty In eses Ing. The total loss Is estimated at about itrVUM. Tne Building, which Is sta-eiortes blab snd over mm leet tons. diiMml to that avianl nf era . . on which there was no liwuranoe. The loes -iocs oi ine ntcura Manufacturing will be total. Tbe Uwucance was placed In r lreman m Fund Hartford Royal . J.. waa dk-trtbuttd anvng .So New Hampshire.... II. Sa 2.W) Westchester ." Z iHO national . 2..VM I.lverp) a L. A U. two Xt&O North Amertra ASM i.n ttun l.r i.BV Northern li L nlon of Lon.. 1.HJO . Total CSOOi The liaker bulldlna. which adlntned the bonding cupled bv the Thackara (Vimmnv waa alar, slightly damaged, the loss on tbe building being eetlmaJed from 7 ta 1 per cent. The Insurance one following companies Franklin " Kmttiah I'nlon IS On dens Kali- Fireman's Fund Phenlx. N. T Hanover ........ Hartford Pprlna-fleld Aetna Dwernoort. Iowa. i.i Pennaylvants Lite Ibw Phoenix. Hart 2.V I as-Lon. Assurance.... tan , Home ltiue fc.0041 Total rs.0 jo wo March 24. fr-cial Telerrs Insurance on the atorh of the Waehburn-Halll ran r ompany. placed as follows Traders II. an Palatine .........Iron Hamnru ions New Tor Under.... x.i Fpriiurfleld L N'laarara l.eoo Phoenix. London... lasolAtlas 1 maun z.eo Caledonian. X.uo Wlllfcsra R. Weir: Pboearx of HsrT.TT.CW Americsn Fred P. Hernia: -A Mit4 ' Mechanics'. C.oVWestern fader t2.o American .- 1.0U0 Mercantile i.Su0 W. H. Snider: Msnchester ti eiA'Serurltv of Daren 11 National Hartford. l.ow lirtc Mut 2.00 John McSteen: Btata. Des M SI) Reliance, Cn There la S4.e on tbe stork, which Is Placed In mutual companies, insurance on stock of lrder puiidinc la . 40. as follows: Pnoenix. London... D.SOS Hertford 11. ton Phils. Cnder 1.300 Queen las) Phenlx. Brooklyn.. l.Ono. Northern Jou0 Bpnmrneiu i.hwu Both bulldlnsrs sre owned bv Fetemrr a Tate Insurance on one occupied bv Waahbnrn -Hallisan company is scon. H.un in Liverpool and London and Globe, and fl. In North American. On Leader building insurance la 10.00. placed aa fol lows: North American n.nTHartford 12.00 moenis, LKmaon. . .ai.uuw McHenrv. flL. March 24. ftperiaJ Teleeram i ne isrse sua ooinnaoaious resiaence or 1 w. owen, in Ibis vllisce. was totally d retro red h lire at 1 o'clock todav. toarether with ail the furni ture in ine unner part or the bntklnbr l.aiknui Hiw. partuuiy inaurec Ha Una. Kan.. March 14. The Mr vraa hrmisrht under control at 1 M o'clock this afternoon The exact losses are not Known, put are believed In aggregate aouut gw.uiw. with alight insurance. Clyde. N. T.. March 24. Fire todav In the kiln room of the Warner malt bouse did damage esti BKBiev at e-aj.vuo. -T-e. wis.. March 24. A very osstrurtire Whicn si one time threatened to fleiirav the entire northern portion of the cttv nernrml nere toaay. a nre wss suneu in the lumber yard of the N. B. Holwar estate, shout n Bo'rWk from a spark of a passing locomotive on the Chl-oaso. illwaokee i ml Ht. Paul Rsllwsy. A Seree gale spread the name wKh lightning rapidity among the hure piles of lumber along toe east era task of the Black River. Inside of three hours over leet or lumber had been wiped out. The wind carried burning brands to the lumber rim oi ine Lai I ue L omnanv nM entia K snd the lumber snd wood piles ber were aio destroysd. together with the bridge over the Black River. Another Are was started at tha Ra-a-ree and Austin Mill, but here tbe damage was not a srasu. i ne entire toss is estimated at over tSW.PH. The Insurance ia N. a Hoi way: Hartford Palatine North R and M CI e i ii S.H A mer. . Phenlx of Brook Phoenix of Hart aa follow a: .RfMOrtrBt . 2.M Home. N. T . Afcw L. and L. and O... . 160I New Hampshire.. . tin Queen . i.i Aetna La Oosse Lumber Company: Atlas Mut Traders Itr Mul Central Mutual Mutuai.. si.rmaneiard Mutual .tl.M . l.V") . 1.M0 . 2.M IIM1 2.s Broadway Lloyds.. 2.KH leX N.f. tanrtl's. 2.iu i.m: 2.iW Total tS.Wi CADET MATERIAL TO BE VIEWED, teat at Greeaville, I1L Oreearille. I1L. March 24. Special Telegram. By direction of Congressman W. F. L. Hadley a competitive examlaatloa of applicaau for ap pointment or cadet aaa alternate te th Annspoli Naval Academy from thla district will be held la the county superintendent's omee ha this elty aa Tuesday. March tl. Th examining committee will consist of th county school soper-lntandenu ot Boad. Fytt. Madleea, Montgomery. Shslby, and Moultrie Counties. Several applicaau will be p reseat from each of the shove counties. Those who will compete from Boad Coaaty are William Wright. Reuben Deany, Dewitt Dsfrees, Harry Murdoch, and J smes Carre li, Jr. MISI TROXELL ASKS f 10.OOO. Clalnss im Hare Beea Greatly Wrace hy Defadaat ta Her Salt. Marion, lad., March 24. Special Telegram. Oeerge W. Gander aad Dr. T. C. Kimball, twe ef the moat prominent rltixeaa of this place, were made defendanu today la a tlO.OOe damag suit Sled my Miss Dora TroxelL ta which ah male erica charges. Mr. Guuder le a member of one ef the moat prominent dry good flrms of thla city aad bs Co Wo si of ta Fourth Ksglmeat la- usaua naoeasi ussuru, ana aao caarge ot the camp at Hammond twe years ago. Dr. Kimball Issargewaef Ue same regiment Both gsatlemea pronouac the sail blsckmaiL Tbe suit waa lied by Kokomo ettoraeym. local attorney refusing U take Ue ess. iCutSTU DALT DRITES HI3H OUT. Heary E. Dlxey Will Mm Laacer play Th Lattery ef La re." New Orleans, I-, Marcb K-pKUi Tele- eram. judge pariang of the United Statea Circuit Court today handed, aowa his declaloa la th injuactloa presseediaga breught by Aa-gsstia Daly agalaat Hsary B. Dtxey t restrala the sitter from producing tb play, Xetiery of Love. Judge Parlaage Uwnied tbe writ. Dlxey ba canceled ail Ala eagagemeata ana will cnstriuAs his ssasoa bar a Batardav next, aa ka say K la useless tor him to eosnlsa oa the road with tae cloud hanging ever aia company, cause by tbe processings InsUiatsd by Daly. - A WAT AHEAD - - of anything to date are the aew free chair cars a the Chicago Grsst Waetara Railway fMaple Last Rouuk. Oa all tralask. Tteket sfflcs, Ui Adame auwat, .... SUIT OVER A CHILD A. V. Tilling Seeks to Regain His Six-Year-Old Daughter. GRANDPARENTS OBJECT Mis. Elizabeth Burkni Testifies in Her Own Case. Motion to Advanc Hearing of Dun. lop Writ of Error Before Supremo Court. Oa April 4 Judge Gibbon will pass on th habeas-corpc rase of Albert V. Tilling agaiast William Bent ley aad hi wife, Mary, to recover poeion of Bertha H. L. TUlng. his c-year-old daughter. Tilling Urea at Cheltenham, aad la employed aa aa engineer at th works of tb Illlaol Steel Company. Tae Ben Hey are grandparent of tb child, who ia tbe daughter of Tilling 'a first wife. Tb mother died bortly after tbe little girl waa bora, and Bertha bas since been in th bom of tbe o'.t couple. Tilling told tbe court yesterday that be baa remarried and baa a good bom and wanta tbe child. Mrs. Bentley testified that tbe father bad never, until recently, manifested any desire to have tbe child or pay for ita keeping, aad b de clared that be can take better care of Ber tha thea any otier person can. s A Jury la Judge Kohlaaat'i court yesterday listened to evidence in tbe case of Mrs. E '.tu be th Burklll, for wboae estate a conservator la asked. She answered the question put to ber by ber counsel promptly and denied tbe testimony given by ber daughter, Mr. Deltcher, on Moaday In regard to ber mental powers. Mr. Burkfll aaid she bad trans ferred ber property to ber son, Scott, of ber own volition. Or. Chunch also teitifled that be bad examined Mrs. Burklll oa two occasions, end waa of the opinion that her mind waa clear and that she was In as good mental condition a any woman of ber age. He aaiu her memory waa excellent, and told tbe Jury of various tests be bad made in this regard. Judge Koh least will place tbe caae in the bands of tbe Jury thla morning. Notice waa served on Attorney TV. S. For rest, representing Joseph Dun lop, yesterday that oa Monday morning, before tbe8upreme Ccurt. tbe Solicitor General would move for tbe advancement of the bearing of Dunlop's rit cf error before the court. Cnder tbe rule ot the court. It could not have been beard before October next. If the case ia advanced. It will be beard before tbe adjournment of tbe Supreme Court, wbicb will occur in May. Tbe Solicitor General telegraphel to District Attorney Black yesterday to serve tbe notice on Mr. Forrest, which wa don later la tbe day. e s Thomas Parker, Jr.. was brought before Judge Tuley yesterday morning oa aa attacB-ment for failure to pay a dividend of 13.000 e receiver In tbe Deimel esute of Ignatius Del met. Mr. Parker told the court that, through the dishonesty of an employe, heba been robbed of $10,000. aad that be wa en deavoring to borrow money on bl real esute to pay tbe dividend. Judge Tuley. however, waa not pleased because Mr. Parker bad neglected to reply to tbe rule isaued by tbe court previous to tbe attachment. He said be would require Mr. Parlrer to enter into a recognisance of $4,000. In accordance with tbl. Mr. Parker left tbe courtroom with a bailiff to bunt for a surety. Soon after 2 o'clock be gave a bond, with S. W. Raw son as aurety. Attorney B. M. Shaffner will apply before Judge Grosscup. in the Federal Court, tblt morning for a rule oa Major Stuart ollie postal Inspectors' department, ordering him to' return tbe money, said to be about $2,000. found on Charles Herd. Albert Gray, and Frank Smith, who were arrested on March on a charge of operating a "green-goods' game. Cmmrt Calls Judge Tuley No. 414 Judge Payne No. far Tsvday. and 12S( on trial. . 1T1S !?. 4oS and 234. Judge Bali Nos. 47L 2Sr. tl. 1417. 227. and 247. Juda-e Ha peer Nos. 1rs. . 774A B04. ltacL Hut, snd 7M; 171 on heann. Judge Brentano Nos. lust, lf3. 10M. 1151. 242, and 1329; 17)17 on trial. Judg Gibbons Nos. U42, 727. SItf. OH. 200. mt. 2472. sad C74S. Judge Ewlng No. 174. 147, 1K2. VHi. 22. 1M7, F24. 2W2, 2057. snd 2tM; ITS on trial. Judge Clifford No court. Juda-e Dunne : 20 s. m. : Nos. 711. 7SM. :-. M77. IIS. SIT. 14. UtB. &212. U30. SZ3. K7V. iA S311. S347, 3 MUL MIS. Ml, and M2S; 731 on trial. Judge Wlndes : a. m. : First csll: No. 1U1 to ISA. Trial calendar: Nos. StiO. S41. . .. srre. stss stu, is. bsts. mix. k. sku. r. d, lonri lonH. i(4 looM. lerrs. 10142. 10U2. ii. 10827. HCA 1-C44. 10272. and KB 12. Judse Tuthlll Nun. CIS, ahat. tlC. T77 u?. MaZ. 47I. and 4T.I1. Judge 8mUb Noa. ICS. .127. SIX, S144, U44. &2sS, 40S. and 17WU: 2142 on trial Juds Burke Noa. 14;i. 14UM. and 14170: 12747 on IrUL Judare Neely ie a. m.: neclslon In No. 411 Trial call: Noe, 512. S12&, S192, 5227. &227, 1274. &2aX. S210. 2.Ui, and &21S. Judce Cbetlain Nos. 772. 1124. 2327. 2214 a IV Mi. 221. 2332. 2322. 232A 2324. 24IL 2412. 24A 243. 2322. 1X974. 2U. snd 17 on trial. Judge Hutchinson .M OS- 1334. 1431. 1434. 1.13. 1MT. ISIS. S91. 143. 143. 14-1. 111. l4i, 1447. 1141. 1741. 4. 1..L l.4 W, llui. U4. 11,34. Judare Bteln Nos. 441, 5144. 434. 57. S91. 22. S47i, urn. 14, tx7. m. 7. stax. &. sen. mux. Jiadare f4esrs No. 1724 on trUI. Noa. SC. H9. e. tin. 51. si7. Bi-e, 5191. 51. Sl7. BlrS. IS14. 4145. 479. fiOta. Sl. 510. uu. net. u. MIA H. TOl. Judge Cart 12742. 14ML U7. 12, 5 OS, !M. UH. MU7. 441A COCNTT CO CRT N a. sn.. nos. Uass. 14134. ltsc. Judge Donnelly (County Court) 1 a. m. : Nos. Jndee Xohis ism.: jho. itui. PROBATE COtHT. aat eneral business. INITBD BTATES CIRCUIT COURT. Judge Showalter No call. V. 8. CIRCnT AND DISTRICT COURTS. Judge Grosscup No court. Judaes Halter snd Seaman Alternating ia Noa. K, 42. a. 42. 19. Nos. II and It on trial. 1 i ' H rii. Judee Oearrin (F ranch No 2 Nos. 227. 224. 1152. ITA. 21, D4. 174, 419. U4. 107. 74. 6M, 1404, tut, 124. udHortonBranch No. 4) No. 2227. 231S, udM Adsnis t Branch No. IV Nos. 2?. 2J-J. IM. K!7. !.'.!. Tnx 2217. 1415. 2444. 2417. 102, K3A 1440. 2714 IM. 242. , . iuage ruiaer itsrsncn . o. i v ai 1 001 rxicnovu. udge Freeman Branch No. 7) No. 9C. saperlnr sal Clrewlt Caarts. JCD-JMENT8. Jndce runn- 7jM. l.'llaiaheth Mer.e vs South Chtrs- Cliy Ry. Cn. : or. Cnd. II.7.V. judge rturse z3. nusm uretsec vs vi iinnn LeotMld: by dent, II 477.14 Jodse Stela 4474. Henry F. afartrn rs Ous Rostrbergr, Henry Hesse art U. iboenemai:; on rem. Jndge Cbetlnln in, J. Hamilton narrar vs nam- aei P. Psrmley; on vera. lo.00 sn sppid. judge winoes Bivr.uromme a tunu ser Friend: by dent, 41.044.41. Brockway va Caorw et ai; oec vsLlad- Judgo Tuthlll 402, Nelson A Moller Co. vs aiusaet Fnmitur Co: on verd. 4297.1. DECREES. Jsdre Ball 17371. Martha Warner from Orris Warner: div. deeertioa 1;044. May KtUy from Thoma J. Kelly: same. Jods Brentano 4a. Lsnpronny et si vs Camp bell et si; deo sale rf.a4. Weir vs Worth et al; same lira. Brow sell et al vs Lamoreaua et al; za. ueiger nun Aioen et at: same Lanrsrorthi et al v H albert et al; same 171729, Link et si vs Link et al; dec 111414. Judge nancsy sous, wnger et ai vs menu er si; ec 4407. Sennits va Hofmaa; dec sale. Judra Payne Com sssreial L aad B Assa vs Csrr et al; dec Judse Tn lev 407. Bcarsca et si vs afueach et al: dee ITU, Baker et Bl vs Farrell et al: dec sale 1MV4S. in re neta f canstiaa anai-w et ai is adopt Emma Krwea-er; dee of odoptlon. judgw uirvooas uieos, reaa et ai vs wegser; sal MSia, uros vs aaeurer; sasia. Illlaala Sayreaae. Ottawa. I1L. Msrch T. Special Telerrs Th proceedings fcs laa aupresus court today were: FWoolo's Dcfket-a t Peoplo vs Allen; motion by relator for leave i I vntBdraw recoru. rirl Dockef 109 Uphsm vs Richer: asntloa Vr appellant for i ear t tut reply oners lastaatsr; sootioa ia uryer rs ooiaiei sam oroer. 124 O'Doaaell vs Doer Bavarian Brewing Cons- s r axrsr; sass oroer. nyder Bros, vs Bailer; sam eerier1. ilmlnatoa Water Power CoanDsnv vs ssssioa br BDoeOs far ssav to Ai brief njetaater. 222 City of Joliet VS Towags; sppeal dlsmitd Cail ef Docket JiJ English vrnktns: taken. Ill Hays vs Hammond: takea. , l: 4 Peterson vs Currier: taken. - 125 Kesler vs Clifford: takes. lit Hake vs Nstroaal Stat Bank: takea. 127 ralth v Dennia: taken. 324 Bigelow sa Csdy; taken. L"9 Chicago Edison Company vs Km Bine; take. 124 Hscker v Monroe: Ukea. 1.-1 Chicago, it, Paul sad Itaxtaas CHy Rsllvny va ityan; laaen. IH Hat ley vs Pik: taken. , in Drree vs Goldle; taken. m-O-Dofutea A Dtasr fiavnrisa Biwvrbag Ceas- nur rs rsrrar: tnsen. US Ryaa vs Sua aung Chew Pny; taksa. rM Toltsnaa v Hire; takea. - ' 1 - W Hareew vs KeClosky: takes. la I1 so une aad Maataa Caioa Drainage tXs-trVt vs Adasas: lakes. 13 (Mlvermaa vs Krtstafek: taaew. l-sulth vs Btlllnn; takea. a-'?"! 4" tela. sn. tosMsrrew. Call. Von. Ml to W. Inclusive. , Call ftatea layreaae. Washington. D. C. March M-Bpectal Telegram. Th Buvrern Court of tb united States today transacted the follnwlac business: SOX Kortbers purine Kallmad Company, pta latin" ia error, vs Jeresauvh Builivsa: ia error to tb tnlted -e)tate Circuit Court of Appeals for tlx Eight Circuit: disroi 4 oa authority of counsel for tb plaint iff hi error. IM Joeep C. Mitchell, plaintiff ta ermr. rs Th Htaio of Booth Isko(a: In error lo th supreme Cowrt of the Stale of South Dakota: dismissed with costs pursuant to lb teath rule. Northers Pad Ac Railroad Company, plaintiff la error, vs Gooes a. Lewis et si: argued bv Mr. WUUena J. Curtis for ine plaintiff in erne, andbyMr. Tboeaas C Bach fur th defendants m Rncere locossotlve Machine Works et al. plalntlffa la error, vs Th American Km grant Cotnssnr: a rented bv Mr. niarlea A. cisrk for i Km Plaintiffs, and by Mr. J. i. Davis for tbe wafendaal la error. 17 MiawuuiL Ksnsaa mmA Teaa Ttaltwa fnmm. pasr, plaintiff n error, vs J. B. Cook et si: sivwM by Mr. Jelaoa Case for tbe defendants ia errot. sad submitted by Mr. James Hsgermaa aad Mr. T. N. Hedcwlch for tb pie 1st iff la erme. 1 Lowe, plaintiff la error. s Th ft ate of Ksnsaa: submitted by Mr. Georwe Cbaadkrr for the plaintiff la error; no counsel appeared for tbe defendant la ermr. 177 Henry W. Biejnreet al. administrators, etc . plaintiffs In error, vs Francis N. Batch, administrator, etc.: snd . 17 Augustus R. ft Pooe et al. plaintiffs In error, vs Th Women's Bosrd of Misssoos. et si; ana 14 Wlllism Orsy Brooks, sdmlnrntrstor. etc.. et St. plaintiffs In error, vs Knfeert Codmsn. sd-sUnlstrstor. etc.. et si: ordered thst three hours be allowed counsel foe the plaintiffs In error in tb argument of these esse, snd that three coun sel ue heard on each aide: argumesl commenced by Mr. (crg A. JClag for the plaintiffs in error la N o. 177. Adjourned unlit totnorrow at II o'clock. The day call for Wed needs r. March B. will be ss follows: liT-.!!7 l,Bd and sm. tea. en. m. is, u. 17. ue. ue. aad ue. Mlchlgaa laprease. Lansln. Mich.. Msrrh PL Snectsl Telerrsm. Tb uubreme rtourt handed down the following pinions this afternoon: Affirmed WooU vs Michigan Maarmle Mutual Recent Association: Cottrell vs Hsthawsy: Berry vs Ttnsmaa; Webeter vs Byrnes: Rvsa vs Meyer: At well vs Ksrnee: Fuller"Vs Lake Khore snd Miwh-ie-sn Southern Hailwsr Company; Collins vs Township of Grand Rapids: Fountain rp Leveone: Alton vs Meeuwenberc: Walker rs Tbompsoa; Peoole vs Weaver. Revtraed People vs That ker: Lonsrvear vs Minnesota Lumber Company itwo enseal. Clark vs plllmsa: Pluecal vs Lards: Eaton vs Glad well. Lewis vs Emery. Jn Ti-avls vs Culver writ M enlnrrt - euaahed. Mandamus wss denied la Rtebbtns vs Juris Ku-peTtor Court of Grand Mapuhi snd la McKmgbl vs l urorr. In Hort Huron favincs Bank vs Csrleton motion to dismiss granted unless tli costs of motloa be ps Id. In Detroit v Donovan motion t modify order denied. Applications for rehearinar were denied la Rohde v Lilggs, Wheeler vs Meyer, and Brown vs NeH bold. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. The following tranefers of city property for fl.OuO and upward wer Bled for record yesterday: t.onaioration, Dlversey al. 51 w of Hamlls a v. f. 2123: March 2 J. J C. Holdnrf 10 E. 8tk t20 uniw oiva. s ot st. e r. btiiizh: JSarrh 20 J. C. Belte d to L. Lepnua 14.M " . nameou ex. -i e cv enrrsi nrs sr. a r. 24x120: March le A. 8. Bradley lo U. Reck- rodt Myrtle av, 1- n of Franklin st. w f. 24x125: jaarcn im. nauerie to w. jtrueger W till pi, e cor n 42d at. w f. exl2(S: March 20 W. Bramman to G. S'.einhaus.. Michigan ar 14 s of HJih at. w f. 27xl5: March 20 Esc of A. Bur chard lo M. Holm- OOt 72U pi. 271 w of Ftony Is sad sr. f, 5uxI2S; ir a. . aijiioi. as. msey Sangamon st. 20 s of etth st. e f. 25x1244; March 14 A. B. Larson lo C. Tocst Wsbssh sr. 224 s of 5h St. w f. 24x191; J ' r . aacciror lo wi . .Tie Hatsted at, 71 a. a of 59th st, w f. 25x112; March 22 W. G. Scott to J. Harper 41st st. 12 w of Butler st. n f. 5xl24. snd other ppty: March 20 W. U. How land to Ashland av. s r cor 14th rt. w f. 21x124: Feb. 9 Master in Chancery to Est. of A Haur. Armour av. 191 n of 2Mb st. e f. 20xlss: March 22 T. C. Kemmler lo W. M. How- ana 24th at. XT- of Princeton av n t KlK- Feb. 12-P. Connell et al to W. C. Schaefer Troy st. T9 n of W. 24th at. w f. Sxl3t: March 19 V. Fabian to K. Jrdlk-k Same ppty: March IS Est. of J. Jedilck to V. Fstolan W. 14th pi. l e of Union st. n f. r.xios; March 12 J. Krhmerknetta in 1? I. OHearne 21st st. 171 w of Princeton r a f. 2Sxlu4; reo. av l. ronnensc nein to rj. volts... Paulina pt. 14 n of W. Taylor at. e f. 25 12.1: March 24 J. J. eVnleldver to A. Nathan N. Clar st. 17 n of Dtrlainn et. w f. TlHx I. 2.10 IMj 1.212 in 175 1.50 too I a;o IM 2.S J.ftj 1.10 2.201 2.C . 149: March 9 Rstate of Joha D. Williams to B. Latthrov 22.434 Ewinc st. is w or !. Hoyne av. n r. sxl57: March 17 Master in Chancery lo H. U. Hoelacher N. Taltman av. m of Fuller ton ar. w f. 23x91. : March 14 C. D. Ussawsy to A. H. Grunewald Cortes si, s e cor Central sr. n f. 4Hx 125: Dec. 11 115 H. Hushes to E Annas . Dunning st. 7i e of Perrr st. s f. 2x!2S: Jan. 2-W. R. Moulding to W. J. Moulding Herndoa st, a n of Melrose st. e f. 24x125: March 21 R. S. Elder to E. Bovwrmann . Wall at. 94 s of 21st st. w f. 24x124: March 22- P. Janetske lo H. A. Kralt Jefferson st. 141 n of W. 2ist St. e f. 12tts 97. : March 21 Master in chancery to K. A. ten L504 LOCO 1.20S 2.0a Wells 14411 Shields bv. 54 n of Tth st. f. lealH: March 2-E. J. Fitts to W. W Toser. 15.004 W. Harrison st. 75 of Franclaeo t. a f. 2Ss 124: March 12 J. Smith to J. A. Brady 4 934 Harvard st, M0 e of 47th sv. n f. 20x125. March 23 A. Nelson to C. E. Holies 2.U0 Waehlnctow blvd. 120 w of Csmobell av. s f. 72xlul: March 2 R. W. Tanslll to J B. Overmeyer 1.202 N Hamlin av. 94 n of W. Ohio at. w f 24x121 : March 22 U Lynch to D. E. Poneonbv 2.504 Claremont av. 95 n of Potomac av. ef. 24x125. Jan, la. 1W6 J. St. Wstson et al lo A. W. Bnnkmaan 1.109 N. Francisco sv. 75 n of Tnomaa st. w f. 25a 125: March 24 Master In chsncery to Chi- caro Permanent B. and L. Assn 1. CI Le Movne sv. 240 w of N. Homsn av. n f. 24X 124: March 17 Master In i ham err to O. W. Murtson 2.522 N. Lesvltt st. M s of Ccurt land st. w f. Its 124: March 191. Shde to W. Baustian ... . 141 Kedsie av. 57 n of Muflett st. w f. 25x125: March 22 D. Tnomaa to O. Hoe frier Bpauldine av. 215 a of Armitage av. e f. 44x 1S: March 24 G. Hoetner to D. Thomas .. Wsnnatta av. a e cor Dickens sv. w f . Sxl24: July 90. 14 R, ststher et al to bv Morgan N. Western sv. 20 n of W. Dunning st. e f. 2r.xl: March 22 Estate of J. Bodtlee to A. S. School' st,'525"e of Hairted'st'.'s'f.' 25x125". March 14 M. and uua Ulome to u. . so- kemseller Esranann av. 271 n of 90th St. w f. Stm2V Feh. S r. C H,-rton to O H. Cantweil... La Halle rl. IM a of itb pt. w f. KHx 122: Nov. 1. ! E. c wentwona to J. A. Bromberg 72d nt. Ill w of Stony Island sv. s f. 25x1 25: Feb. 21 C. M. Pusev to M. A. Crow Greeley sv. 107 n of 04th st. w f. 25x114: Oct. H. U9S Master in Chancery to E. M. Ray-net Emerald av. 195 of 75th st. e f. 40x144: reb. 24 J. E. Kullerstrand to E. Bennett See ley sv. 1V7 n of Mth at. w f. 2AX114H: March 9 E. M. De Wees to L. Krohne Calumet av. 72 n of 4Uh st. e f. 25x127; Mirrh 24 J. N. Dribarh et al to M. O. 7.064 4.20 1.14 1404 1.009 Collins 12.509 1 nw-niaaa Vn 115 Johnson St. SxlM: Msrch A504 1.W0 2.5-M 1.1-M 2.040 24 M, Breman to P. J. De Rudder 7X5-14 Curler st. 90 w of Sholto st. n f. 7x100: Msrch 24 H. Westerdale to F. A. Arryle st, 100 e of Evan-ton av. n f. 50x104: March 14 P. Brown to E. K. Engel Csrmen sv. 174 w cf Ashlsnd sv. n f. 23x122: March 14 O. F. Kokemullev to ML Blome.. 8. Canal st ITS a of 12Mh at. w f 17x123; March S American Trust and Savings Rank to C. Peto Wisconsin av. 291 n e of Etston av. s e f. 25 117: Jan, 24 E. 8, Hotcbkiss to J. B. Jobn- 2.3W I 2.K4 Lice L1W 1.409 BUILDINO PERMITS. The following building permits were Issued yesterday: Cost. Christ Snoonbolts three-story snd basement brick fists, al 2a Augusta st I A0M Carl Brie tike, three-story an nasemeni brick flata al 1404 Elston av B. S. GrafT. three one-storv brick cottsges at 1273. 1227 aad 1221 Elk Grove av J. Gablepkl. two-story snd basement brick fists, st sot North Marah field sv F. B. Carbell. three-story snd basement brick residence, at 4724 and 5712 Wood lawn av I McLowth. twn-story snd basement brick flats, al 4X3 Rhodes sv Neil A Mahuke. tbree-storr snd basement 4.500 AM 1004 brick apartment building, at 1154 and 1154 East Ulh al 14.404 B. Howard, two-atory and oasenaeni artca Bst a. st 212 Wes Adsms si F. W. Takea. two-store and basessent brick IM flata. at 444 Cornelia at AM Estate of R. J. Lehman, four-story snd basement brick apartment building, at a te 75 Fwilertoa av 1M.M J oos Ruddy, two one-story brick adds, at lit and 121 Center st O. Bauer, two-story snd basement brick residence, at 477 Hampdea ct Mrs. M. Junk, three-story and basement with' store, brick flata, at 1104 aad 1102 West list st Mrs. M. Junk .two-story aad basement brick flats, at 249 Laurel st A. Sibests, three-story and basement brick flata. at 222 Union av T. Nscswevaaaa. four-story snd hss ma at, with store, brick flats al 204 Wallace st.... Board of Education, three atorr and basement brick add le school, at Kll t 1421 Wallace st ; Ed Whit, two-story frsja flata. al 114 29th 1504 1404 154 AM IM IM AM M4Q st lay Albert Straus), three -story and baa mi at brick Data, st 124 Oak dale av 4.504 Richard Tyson, dx-story snd h earnest brick apartment bairains. at 14 and 204 Goethe st. 48. Sot Joseph D. Balaaan. two thru story snd basessent brick Aala. at 20 and 2uo4 Cat-met aw AM Wss. Funk, twelve oe-stery frame cottsges. st 4314 lo 4134 Hamilton a 1AM F. Bcsjmer. two-atory aad basement brick flats, at 4ja Ellis av AM GOING TO M0YK MAT it . Beaattful snburhs ea the C. B. aad Q Railroad : axeelieat train servics: AOs Chicago business asea live ibare. esioylng rural pesc. economy, aad - trssdom. with city eoavsolences. IUus-trstsd pamphlet asalled free by P. 8. Csstia. gtaarai passsagsr sgeat. No. 204 Assam atrest. iDESTirics omexm jobhsto. ertrwe Heller, toys Ha. Taak Her m lataass. At th East Chicago area a notice statical lest Bight Gertrae Heller Identified Charle Joaa-stos ae the police maa wke took her ta a sales aad engaged a reose ever It for ber whoa ska applied t aim for aasistasc Saaday Bight, The girl, wke is not cults 11 years ale. readily P'cksd Johastoe oat from the raaka sf the poll at roll call aad positively identified him. He waa takea iat ta private Bce sf Captain Larsea aad subjected to a rigid qnestioaing by Inspector chaack aad Captala Larsea. OOcr Johastoa did aot to deny that be took the girl to the aalooa aad offered ta pay for a room for her for the night, bat declared that ble oaly motive waa on sf charity. He said the girl came ap te hint, crying, abotst 10 o'clock at sight, aad begged him te send ber te a place where she could May ail sight. He said he told ber b woaid take ber to the nolle sta-tirss. bat she said h did aot want to go there. Thea a took her te th calooe sf AP. Rosa ea th southwest eorser of Wells aad Oak streets sad told in aaioo a-keeper to giv her a ream for tb night, aad he would pay for it. "Did you bay whisky there V asked Inspector Scbaack. -We all took a drink. Ill admit," replied Officer Johastoa. "Thea what did yoa do? "I told th barkeeper to bar her givea a reesa snd I went oat oa my beat The girl waa aot well aad I went hack is shout as hoar to ss how aho was getting sloag. 1 west back a sscoad tlaae, ' about aa boar later, aad found the girl occupyiag tb room with tb barkeeper." Th policeman positively denied aay criminal aetioa. The girl did aot accos him or th bar-lender of aay crime, bat declared that wbea aw found th bartender ia th room with her a ordered him out, and he went. "I hav sot decided what to do la thi caae," said Inspector Schaaek last algae 'According o ine siaiements oi BOta IB gtrl asd ta OBccr. he committed so crime, bat his actios la the ess was more than indiscreet, to say th lease Hi doty was to protect the girl wbea sn appealed to him for assistance, aad take her te ta station aad nowhere else." Officer Johnston Is s married maa aad has bees on the police force four years. H.a previous record is said to be good. Ta father of the girl was also present wbea Officer Johnston waa examined. His aame ia frederlck Heller. He la a shoemaker by trad aad live st No. St Rosco boulevard. He say hi daughter has been hard to control for some time, ssd left horn several weeks ago. fthe was found wsndering about th scree ta by Sergeant Kerwia of the Harrisoa street police station aad sent to a home for unfortunate gtria at No. IM Peoria street. She would aot stay there, and Saaday n.ght ahe met Officer Johnston on Well street. She will be detained at tbe East Chirac svsas -Cation aatll Inspector Schaaek complete kis invesUgstloB of tb ess. GRAXO RAPIDS MAT SECVRE IT. Michigan Stale Fair la Likely, la B Held at That City. Craad Rapid. Mich.. March 24 Special Telegram. The executive committee of tbe State Fair Association met tbe directors of (he West Michigan Association in this elty to discuss tn holding of the next state fair here. Th tat committee. In view of the (access of ths fair of last year, i anxious to return, the West Mlrbt- 5aa society Is willing, and the basis for th ivlstoa of th profits waa agreed soon. No conclusion was reached, however, aa th slat committee must submit to tbe general committee for rati! ration. It is believed to be certain that the state fair will move here, aad th fact that the Kent County Association will run a competition snow south ef th city at about th sam time will make no difference. C1IC Dweller la Aaeleal Alabaasa. Recent archeological discoveries along th valley of the Teanesse River ia Northern Alabama have led to the belief that tbe region wa one Inhabited hy cIlS dwellers: and aa expedition from the University of Pennsylvania 1 sooa I explor the eaves la that region. Professor Mercer will bead the expedition. Lydia E. Pinkham'a VcgcUble Com-. poand. It speexiilv' . relieves irrrgTi-larity, aripprt'saed or painful men-' almationa, wettkneaa of tbe stomach, iiitilgestioii, bloating, leucorrlKra, womb trouble, flooding', nervous prostration, headache, general debility, etc. Srmptoma of Womb Trotiblea are dizziness, fain tn ess. extreme lassitude, " don't care" and " want-to-bo-left-alone " feelings, eacitabilitr, irritability, nervousness, aleepiessnesa, flatnlency, melancholy, or the " blues,' and backache. Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com pound will correct all this trouble aa sure aa the gam shines. Tliat Beariflt-tlowii Feeling, causing pale weight, aad backache, ia Instantly relieved and permanently eured by ita use. It ia wonderful fear Kidney Complaints In either sex. PERFECT MANHOOD Health, Strength aad Tlgar TO A RIPE OLD AGE. NERVOUS DEBILITY LOST VIGOR, NERVOUSNESS VARICOCELE, aad all wealcaes that prov a bairlar to business or marriage caused from excesses and Indiscretions quickly aad permanently cured. I will gladly Bend free) tha recipe of this wonderful remedy that cured ma after everything' els had failed. Don't delay bat writ) m aft oace, and I will send tha recipe tnm securely sealed In plain an re tope. CH.MCLLEsUBiaMKs)asaeaoo,Mtclfc : Pennyroyal pills ar a-aTV 44 ay laM SO . Ma raSaata. um aak a4 iat ar tVilnia a m " 4-inrJ Seaaw st Mod ss 4Md swaHMaV4jS ain wn Naa Nllia. Tat I W JfZTZZj, S jmimHSyt VJ B sawIWLawtes,-aSu areas 4 rails USiYrl DR. KEAN , 157 a Clark St, CMcago. ?DBswltattsa pai sun-any ar br asaftV res ot ebargs oa Pnvste.Nervsus. enrotue an hpscisi tnseassa. Hour a, as. is s P.BS. auskssr a u i

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