Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 15, 1895 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1895
Page 4
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|-v.-.-',:%-aa John Gray's CORNER ON HOSIERY! The best hoao for the money ever «hown in LoganBport, we buy our hoee direct from the factories for •ash. BO you have no jobbers profit to Please come at onco and oblige. State Nations Imliaim. CAPITAL $200,000 J. ¥. journey, Pin*. S. W. UM.KKT. Yrra PHIS H. T. UKITBUINK, CASUIKII. —|JIKKCTOI«.— l.Tt. Johnson S. W. Cilery, ,1. T. Elliott, w. M. Elliott, w. n. sriiuer. Bay and sell Government Bonds. LOAD moaey on personal security Mid collaterals. Issue special cer- tlfloates of deposit bearing 8 per cent when left one year; 2 par cent per ftnnnm when deposited C months. Boxes in Safety Deposit Vaults of this bank for the deposit of deeds, Insurance policies, mortgages and other valuables, rented at from |J> to f!5 per year DIBECT10N3 tor uslnj; Cream Balm. Apply a rifinlcloof tli« Wm well up Into tln<- uutUrli.M. .Alter it mo merit ilruw .sirntin breath tliroiiRti tlm •oie Usetliri'ptliiHi.i a diir, iilti-r mi-ills p: tv lerretl, and bt-roro ro- Orlrv. - ItV'S CBEASI BALM OpeiiH and clH!inst»s the Nftsml Pas.siiKfS. Puln and In- CATARRH COID'NHEAD • lammntloii, foiild tli<> Soros, ProtwM t'lifl Mwn- br»n« from Cnlds, Itotort-s ttio Sunsp of Taste and Smell, The Biilm Is uulckly atoorlifd ami •lies relief at oncn Price SO cpnts at Druml*' or by irml I. lay DItuS.,M WarreaSt,, N. Y. Lake Erie & Western, 1'lTll I'lllOll StlltlOll, ThrotiKli tickets sold to points In tlio United dlntt»» iiinl Cmiadiu SOUTH.; Arrive. .Depart. • No. SI Indianapolis Y.X., D 7:tW-im No.23 Mill'& tixprtws 8 ll;C9aui ll:4>(im So. '& Toloi.'o KicTK.ss. S 3i'0 p in No. lit) Kvenlug Express S S:]0 p m . No Ul Local Kri'lutii-jt -I.-U p in •VOltTH.I Arrive. Depart. No. 20 Mall & Kxpn-ss S 10:12 am ]0:v£am NO. SB ilk-til «uiClt.vD» -li'Mlplu -h-kipm No24 Detroit Kx"rt>.isS....... 0:05 p m -No. ICO Accommodation -if.. ":00 am D. DiiHj, d. Dally excppt Snndny, m*® »No, 23diio.i not run north of l\>rn Sundays. fRuns irondiij-.i, Wvdiiesuays Jfildiiys mid Su I Surt- , Tuesilw, Thurjulayand Satur- "t'ulon dopot connections at Bloomlncton nnd Vccrlufor piintu west, snuihwpstiind northwest. . Dltcvt connection.-! miiile m Llum, yosiorlu, Tremont or ^niiduskj for all points taut. IiniiKMliiitucotnii'iiilotisiit Tlpion ivltli trains Hf£ : , in-Mum Lint'mid I. AM C. Dlv,, for all polr.ts &'•/North.Soulii, Fust mm West- •*', For tickfiK. civt»>s and Kenonil Iiuormntlon cnii ,','on THUS. 1'OLLKN, TlCKi>t ,ira>i,t L. E, ft W. R'y : Pelu, IndlAnn. C. K. DALY, licn'l PUSH. Agt. >;•-. INDIANATOLIS, iND. DAILY JOURNAL PnbUtned erery day In the week (except Monday) LOaAOOTOHT JOOTlh'AL CO. f IMOOBFORATXD. PlUMrDKHT W. S WRIGHT A. HARDY C. W. GRAVES S. B, VlO« Price per Annum Price per Month TRXASUMK . $6.OO . BO THE OFFICIAL PAPER OF THB CITY. [Enteredaa necond-clasB mutter at tue Logsnfr- [>ort t-ost Office, February 8, THE AND DEMOCRATIC TARIFF LUMBER. Tne evil effects of Democratic tariff tinkering have no! been confined to a few industries or to any section, but the whole country ba» suffered. While one community has suffered in one way another community baa been affected ID u different way. An Erie couDty, Now York correspondent of tUo American Economist ehows how the lumber trade has iuilered, Ha •aye: . "There are flyo sawmlllo in our town of a capacity oi from 250,600 to 1,750,000 feet of lumber yearly, which have In former years been run to their fullest capacity. Owing to the reduction of the tariff duties on lumber and logs, the two largest mills will not purchase logs thie year. Last winter these two mills purchased and sawed into lumber 1,673,833 and 1,751,912 feet of lojfs respectively, paying from $7 to $9 per thousand feet for maple and beech logs, which gave a revenue of between $110,000 and $115,000 to the farmers from these two mills which, In a community of 259 farms, Hsaisted quite a little toward paying taxes and meeting ordinary expend! tures, and n revenue that the farmers will Badly ml8a. I had a conversation with one of our largest mill owners concerning the shutting 'down of the mill, asking him the reason for BO doing, and his answer was the following: '•Com. 1 petition in our home market with Canada has ruined our prospect3 for selling our lumber. If we saw it, hence we must not buy logs this season." This is the general feeling of all the lumbar producing mills in this town, aud the annual product which, during the past ten years, has averaged about 4.3^0,000 feet, will not exceed 1,500,000 feet this year, which will mean to out town a loss of $224 000 cash,a sum that the farmers can ill-afford to spare. In thirteen towns in this vicinity I verily believe tho loss in the lumber trade alone will roach a total of $2,SOO 000. So much for humbug Democracy's tariff tinkering. Highest ofall in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov»t Report A mix before the legislature of Illinois provides that insanity shall be a cause for divorce. The measure is being fully discussed by tho press of that State. Ttifc later Ocean says: "The question of divorce for insanity la an exceedingly difficult one. No ono is in favor of it except in hopeless cases. The difficulty is to determine when the case is really hopeless. Tho moat expert alienist is far from being a prophet with unerring power to look into the future. But, on the other hand, the percentage of recoveries after tho exports have had ample time to study tho case and then pronounce it incurable, is very email. "Very great cure must be taken to guard against abuse." i : "" FREE THE postoffice department Is endeavoring to Btop the fxpress com- ranies from carrying lottery adTer- lisementB and to this end it is said IB about to issue a circular to express companies warning them against carrying matter in envelopes without a stamp, as this is first clasa mall matter, and according- to law should not be transported except In stamped envelopes. Baking Powder PURE SHORT OF SEAMEN. Lack Which. Is One of land's Gravest Daggers 8om«. IntrreKtiiipr F»et« About Great nin'H H«i;t! N;iv:il sifiundrons—X KuouKh Tr:iluoU ."Men to JUiKlli- Tlii'm. Open Day and Evening 616 BROADWAY. Welcome To All, WANTED. THE three women legislators of Colorado are attraction much attention They are said to be above the averag-e of members oi the legislature In ability. One of the three has created somewhat of a sensation by refusing to sit for the legislative court photographer. She does not desire her picture to adorn the capitol of the Centennial State. This lack of vanity is noteworthy. It may be said without exaggeration that the question of the hour is the supply of seamen for our Hc-et. says, the I'ull Mall Budget. Ko jug with figures can conceal the fact that in case of war we cannot send even ::!' our modern vessels to sea. Ihou every nerve was strained at the maneuvers! though the depots were depleted of seamen and stokers, we had to leave in port no less than 1133 fighting craft. In this total are included ten first and second class battleships, ten third-class battleships, seven coast defense ironclads, four old ironclads, seventeen cruisers, eleven torpedo gunboats, forty destroyers and sixty-nine serviceable torpedo boats. Many of the vessels in this enormous category are of the newest construction, and, though some are not yet completed for sea, all should be finished by the end of the financial year. We have none too many cruisers us it is, and when war is upon us we sliull want every single one to protect our colossal trade. All the older ironclads will be needed to convoy ouv slow- ocean tramps, all our coast defense vessels to protect our unfortified ports nnd towns on the coast. The French are known to contemplate the bombardment of open towns, and this is the only means by which we can prevent stray cruisers doing us terrible harm. Our battleships will be wanted for the combat and to watch our enemies" ports. Our ironclads lack their proper complement of torpedo gunboats and torpedo boats; ind ced, our first line, the Mediterranean ' fleet, has still only two. The crews required for tho ships which woul d not be able to put to sea amount to no less than 22,610 men, or, reducing them to the lowest possible limit, i!0,000. Ships we can build in three years and less, br.t sailors can hardly be trained for war in twice that time. Since 18SO we have been building faster than we could obtain seamen. We have on the stocks, or projected, to-day another mass of vessels which rcquive at least 10,000 more men. It is true that the naval estimates for 180-i contemplate an addi- tiod to our personnel of over 0,000 men, but this is a mere drop in the ocean to tho number which we require. Wo must understand that the Englisli fleet disposes of practically no trained reserve. • Though the naval conflict of to-:norrow will be bloody beyond belief, involving holocausts of ships and men, we have not merely too few sailors to take our effective ships to sea, but no one to replace those who fall in the struggle. Year by year the proportion of !>-£• lish seamen in our mercantile m:u'i:it dwindles, while tho proportion of foreigners increases. Of our 80,000 .Tb:<! seamen nn less than 07,000 are foreign crs, and half the romaiutior havvj had less than four years' service. Nor ib it a question of wages, prom tho ship owners goes up the ominous co-.vipla.mt that the iwvedc or the Germaa is butter educated, more sober, more respectful, lie does not desert, lie is a better sailor, and his physique is superior. "The supremacy of the English sailor is waning," says the chairman of the West India and" Pacific Steamship company. These are terrible words for us, whose pride and whose heritage in tho past has been the sea. Our naval reserve numbers in its first class 20,000 men. Their training in . limited in tho extreme. They, are, j many of them, ignorant of the manlpu- I lation of the breechloader, for roch is tue wisdom si our rulers that thoype** : Bist in drilling our reserves with ob- ! soleto guns. At Wick, where 1.160 wen arc trained, there is not a single. modern weapon. After t.M« they |ret a month at sea on a war ship. And thaft is all. The trumpet will eonadi aa ' many of them as can be obtained In- ; our home ports will be huddled on board our ironcla'ds; lieutenant* and officers will be borrowed from ablpa la ; commission, and our fleet will b« putt ; to sea—to sure o.nd 'certain defeat.; ' Abroad there is readiness for action, at home unreadines*. - A DnUMMER'S BLACK £YE. >" »f Annoyiinoa (1 Crriiu:d for Ui« and \\-yttUmi. j Loinuie tell you soaielhing. said the ' di-ammer as he slowly e;i ressed the bandage which held the piece of raw boe£ lightly over his right eye and got 'iis right knee up where he could clasp but'.! lu'.iuls arinin-.l It. You may have e -,v!iisky nose, a b.-.iil on yor.r neck, a ;.ut out ol style, n pair of bowlegs. or the mnrk of Cain on your brow, but notiiiug gives you Jiway like a black eyo. Jr. ihe lin-a place, it is something you can't conci::!!. Jn the uc-xt, every mt-n forms an opinion as to how you n-ol. it, anil all your talk onh- makes h'ui wniie the mori-. Arc 3-0:1 "oa" to (I-i'.t fact? '.'.'he iijtJTviuwer pulled out his pock- i,t,;i;:w .Mi;i looked to see if liu> eyes \vcro all right and answered *l':it. he ur.-.iibleil. You see. continued the aillicteci, I h:xv;- to take a certr.iin amount of exer- cisu with the clubs every night before retiring. Doctor recommended it for. my lungs, 3 - ou know, and 1 carry clubs in iny trunk. Expands the lungs, braces up tho spinal column, and ji^.i-engthens the arms nnd shoulders. You follow mo, I presume? lie was assured that he was followed, and after wiping a sympathetic tei-r from his right eye and heaving a heartfelt sigh he said: Last night, while I was practicing as usual with the clubs, I accidentally hit the bedpost with one of them and it flew up and hit me in the eye. The clerk of this hotel knew that I was in my room, and that it was my habit 'to practice, and yet when I came down to nsk him for a bit of raw beef he smiled »nd shook his head and asked how long I lay unconscious, -and whether 1 had the fellow arrested. I bad to go out and hunt up a butcher shop, and as tUo butcher cut me oil' a piece of round h> inquired whether it was an uppercut or a straight blow and where i landed when I countered, i met live or six of the boys when 1 came back to the hotel, and despite all I could say each and everyone would have it that I had been slugged. Can you realize painful position a man with a eye is placed in'.' The interviewer said he .;oiild, and after the bandage had been tightened a little the drummer remarl; sd: My time is limited and I can't stop work for a black eye. I generally put in three days in Detroit, but to-morrow I leave for Grand Rapids. I have got as much nerve as tbe average man, but I cao : t stand the pressure. Here is my notebook, n.nd hcr.e are a few of the interesting inquiries and observations culled out during 1 the day: "Hit .you with his right, did he?" '•|!o\v did you feel when it iler OF BOYS Overcoats and Ulsters. Don't let your boys freeze when we will sell you a good Overcoat for $1. Remember we mean to sell these goods at Your Own Price BUY NOW! HARRY FRANK, TO BB SURE,. LOGrANSPORT. DELPHI. FLORA. NEW TORE. ENGLISHMEN DO NOT READ. the black The Few Deeply Learned, th« Many Avoid Book! Entirely, Tho great bulk of the English read nothing, litorully nothing, and ho who knows something of rural England will agree to this, says thp Forum. The entrance examination for any. college nt Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh or Dublin is trifling (is compared with tho entrance examination for Harvard university; but, on tho i other hand, -both the'' classical and mathematical men who take tho highest rank here go through nn ^oJfi^Jnt of reading that our men hardly NJruani'of. England has nothing like-Uic number of average well-read men that one finds i in America, but America has nothing 1 | like the number of thoroughly well read, widely travelled, highly trained men in politics and in all the professions that one find* here. In America, there is a widespread od- IT WAS A MALE MOUSE. Tlie Sex or an IiitrmliT nt tlio filrl Uach- dors' CIul) Cl<-nrly IJ«t..ibllHlic<l. It was the regular monthly meeting of the M'.irrny ll'ill Giii Bachelors' club. Miss Sophia Greengoggs hail read her uble paper on •'Man as a Failure, With, a Great Dig F." -Miss Posse had recited nn original poem entitled "Wa.it- jnjr-'—,, 0 t an old maid's confession, by any means, but the autobiography of a female waiting a t tho seaside. Then, followed a touchi'.ig song- by Miss llighsce, entitled, "She Had to Darn. Her Own Silk "Hose, ISccause Her Husband Wouldn't.' 1 After this came a debate: "In Kussian tea. should it be .four fingers of gin to one of tea, or rice versa'. 1 " Then' came a thesis by a Boston poetess entitled "Man as Woman's Stepping- Stone to Higher Things." Then it was moved and seconded that the sorgcant-at-arms expel and forever after exclude from tho uca"tion'of the hare; in Englandthtre is, i s^rcd precincts of the club everything 1 ^ . ..i x_ i:..,:.^ «!.„ m ,i.,,,o. ! m:i.liv fveii to "Buttons anu me tom- "Splitting wood, and a stick llcw up, Q ^ a torto j se confiucd to .narrow limits, tha education of the tortoise, and there is a fable that the world is poised upon the back MKS. LEASE, tbe noied Kansas Pop. uiist does not intend to retire Into obscurity on account of tha defeat of her party in that State. She will write a book: in order to keep her name before the public. She IB im. luting'"your Uncle Billy" Holinan ,ln (his particular. r lHTKi>— Jin lnt*lH»nt actfr « man or lady to truTel for rrll»bl0 boon* with pxpens« -paid. tMO. KlTaneeinein for faithful and suc- Be" w*«*.Mi>clos6 sell addressed Secretary. lock Drawer f C*IO. THE daily report! o( the Hay wood murd-sr trial,are.M. interesting, at a blood and ihucder noTel published by listallmcnte.' Verily.vlrutb It stranger thaa notion. i 1 .-. Wonderful C*lifornl» Cuvei-nn. The series of caverns recently discovered by prospectors in the rocky Bides of Cajon peak, a spur of the Cuyamaca range, San Diego, Cal,, have been partly explored, and are found to rival the Mammoth cave of Kentucky in interesting features, as •well as in the size of the chambers! There are several external openings, from each of which a vertical ascent is made into a chamber, with several lateral openings extending to other chambers, some of gigantic size. The roof and floors are brilliant with stalactites and stalagmites. Other passages leading in -various directions into the .heart of the .mountain .were trar- ersed for considerable distance, and several'mlneral springs of strong saline qualities were fottnd. Steps have'been taken by the eiploring party to organize a corporation and to secm-e title-to tho land on which* the eh trances.. wer« • found, which *rnment. . -rested in .the {TOT*; of course What made you call him a liar before you got your hands up !" •'You'll gut over it in a. couple of -vccks. and next time you'll know enough ti> turn the baek of your head." "Run agin a lamppost in the dark! I sec.' Have done the same tiling-my." •Jt was always a wonder to me why a man who can't fight should go around sing folks,'' night in the eye, eh? Lor', but if ,liat'fiat had landed on your nose you conlil never have even scented a, skunk in !" 'Train ran off ttie rails and you were e;i nght between two cars, ol' coarse. \Vell, you have got a good wise and ought to get at least three thousand dollars out of it." ; Y-e-s—been there myself. Ko excuses or explanations needed. Prob- tbly had you. cornered up, with no sh»w to dodge or run: but why didn't you offer him a dollar not to do it?' 1 Those, sighed the drummer, as ho reached for his notebook, are the samples selected at random from a tremendous fall and winter stock, I had to give up about four o'clock and come in and' lay down. Didn't dare show up in the dining-room, and the j waiter who brought up my meal wanted to know whether I was Bob Fitzsimmons or Jack Dempsey." Yes, I'll be going in the morning. I know a lot of fellows at Grand Rapids, but they are not tbe— At that -moment along came an acquaintance nn his way to the billiard room-of the liotel. and at sight of the bandaged eye he halted, threw up his hands and exclaimed: •'Holy smoke, but if you can't fight or bluff or run why clon'tyou put onroller skates and fall down before you are hit?"—Dp.troit Free Press. Who forgets how small were tho libraries ar.d the opportunities of Washington, Lincoln and Groat? The English people arc slow—in the main, dull, and they care little for abstractions in print; but if Mr. Benjamin Kidd-'s view of social evolution be cor maie. even cat Felix. It vras then resolved that •n-oinan was the only true inheritor to the privileges of the earth and that man had stolen her 'birthright. That fhc alone \vas at onco the wisest, most diplomatic and heroic of all the creatures of the mundane sphere, tlic only undaunted and true heroine in all exigencies and cmer^encics of life. The resolution would have been fin- AV1UU C5 VIV1V Vi :3W,,u.i w-VJLinv** - x, ~~* . , . , 11' rcct, and the consensus of the compe- ' 'S"cd and carried with overwhclminr favors it, then the ; eclat had not at this very moment tho ' paused tent apparently prosperity of a nation is not dependent primarily upon its intellectual alertness, nnd John Bull has little to fear from his lack of book learning and his love of the open air. REMARKABLE RUNNING. An Acconnt of the Fast Traveling Don» by an Indian. A, W. Anthony, a mining engineer and naturalist, now living in San Diego, tells of an instance of fast travelling so extraordinary as to put all six-day go- as-you-please records in the deep shade, says the Los Angeles Times. We were In Stin Fernando, Mexico, several hundred mHes below San Diego, f says Mr. Anthony. A band of renegade Indiana held up tho camp, stealing nil portable property. It was desirable to get a message to the nearest governor, two hundred and sixty miles away, for assistance to chase the outlaws. One runner, Jose, a mision Indian, six feet two inches tall, weighing about one hundred and eighty pounds, all muscle ha .f r 1 " ske "', iiTirl hmi/i WH* rrivon the distJEich and ^°' rc P^ le< l president paused in the recitation, turned a deadly pallor and, sln-ieking, mounted a chair. Confusion reigned, four of the heroines fainted, nineteen others mounted tables and convenient furniture, while two climbed up the chandelier, just as a wee little mouse scampered across the floor. Instantly the sergeant-at-arms f our'.shcd a small poker above her he-d and with that the little mouse made a bceline for tho nearest hole. After q-.iict was restored the president put the following resolution: ".Resolved, That the. reason the honorable body arose in such consternation with the advent of a mouse in the sacred precincts of this castle of feminity was not because it was a mouse, but because that mouse was of the opprobrious sex which this estimable body has sworn to repudiate once and forever.' 1 "liut how do j'ou. know it was a man mouse?' ?' 1 inquired one of the more cour- of the council. "Because he The war in Cored, has just brought out prominently the control which England has over the submarine cable system of the world. English companies crtvn lines having 1 a length of more than 150,000 miles, which cost over £30,000,000 and produce a revenue of more-than £4,000,000. The government- has done everything in its power to facilitate the laying of these cables by subvention and patronage, a;ad the preliminary 'surveys have beeji nearly all made by the' naval authorities. In return <. the: - companies are obliged to give, priority to, the dispatches of the imperial.,and .colonial, governments over all others, to employ no foreigners and to- allow no wire to be under the control of..foreign govern-, menta, 'and in case of vrar to replace •their servants by. governn&ri't official*' ' bone, was given the dispatch and •urged to make haste over the rugged and sometimes mountainous road to the governor. Eo made haste. According to the official records now La the" Mexican archives, our message asking for help was delivered in j-ust twenty-four hours after Jo'se left us, . Such a record of two hundred and sbrty miles afoot in twenty-four hours is, I believe, unprecedented- This courier pr runner traveled ninety-five to one hundred and twenty-Jive miles daily on foot as a regular business, carrying maiL He could easily carry two sacks of ore, weighing one hundred and fifty pounds each, to the ore dumps. When running he was clad simply in ovorallA and shirt; TTi.i feet were protected either bv sandals or thick-soled mocca-- tins. He carried a leaticr water bot- (!«, and depended upon ranches along the trail for food. ' Some time ago a man went to visit a friend who was an inmate of a lunatic asylum. After a prolonged chat in a humorous if not very edifying vein, the .visitor thought it about time to go. ,"Is that-clock right, Jock?" he asked . of the -inmate. . Jock gazed at hi™ for a -minute or so In speechless amazement,, then, laying his band compassionately, on his shoulder, said: , . '. ,' , '••' "Man, djieye'tbinlr it-widlJO here'tf it was right?"—Household TVordm. .: president. I knew if. must be a male mouse be- e3.use it v.'as proved here that in his game with woman it only takes a little poker to put him in ;.i hole." There was a dead silence for ten seconds and then the samovar exploded.— N. Y. World. administration has a tariff .war on its hands, and it hardly knows what to do with it. Had the reciprocity system been continued it would know precisely how to handle it; but it threw away 'the weapon of defense which it held, and now it is shaking" before the bulldozing undertaking oi Germany and other countries- That it will submit is quite probable, and that the continental countries, even if th« differential sugar should be repealed, will continue then- differential war i* also quite probable. All this comes at an incompetent congress and an incompetent administration. — Cincinnati Gar tette. !. Covered Both Cue*. . Theatrical Manager — I regret, gen- . tlemen, that I cannot put your. productions on the stage. *• . First Author— Why not, pray? ' "Your -play, yoa see, i» »o awfully " ' 'And mine?** ' • 'la mimply awful!"— Fliegend* BU*> ter.'

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